Suzuki CEO Commits Seppuku

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Well, he’s quitting…

TOKYO — Suzuki Motor Corp. CEO and Chairman Osamu Suzuki will step down as CEO, the Japanese automaker said today, after the company revealed last month that it had used false fuel-economy tests.

Suzuki, 86, will stay on as chairman, the company said, adding that Executive Vice President Osamu Honda, 66, will retire.

The company said it has not decided on replacements for the CEO and executive vice president roles.

Japan’s No. 4 automaker by sales said in May it had used incorrect tests to calculate mileage for models going back to 2010, submitting figures compiled from indoor tests performed on individual parts, rather than vehicle coasting tests.

Japanese investigators raided the company’s headquarters last week in their probe of the improper tests.

The change to chairman Suzuki’s role and the retirement of the executive vice president will be effective June 29, subject to approval by shareholders at the company’s annual general meeting, the carmaker said.

Osamu Suzuki’s monthly compensation after July will be reduced by 40 percent for six months, while his son, President Toshihiro Suzuki, will see a 30 percent cut for the same span. Directors will fully waive their bonuses for 2015, while senior managing officers and managing officers will see theirs cut in half.

Osamu Honda has spent over 40 years at Suzuki.

Suzuki said it plans to introduce improvements including better training for engineers and strengthening of its mileage testing systems. It would also encourage whistle-blowing, it said.


  1. Perhaps a place to start. Is to start fathoming and plumbing the unseen that is keep you living paycheck to paycheck and shivering in the cold as one of The Latest Iterations of Stalin’s plucked chickens.

    If your beloved pet dies. An average great dane that weighed 160 pounds. You dispose of it. Spend some time reflecting and thinking about it. It doesn’t have much debilitating financial impact.

    Now consider that your parent, spouse, child died. And they were also 160 pounds. Now how much are you going to be crippled to dispose of this dead flesh.

    Why is it any strangers business. Why do you submit and have the “coroner” do who knows what to the body. Then the mortician and the casket and funeral. And then the loss of their pension and annuities and property rights that terminated upon their death.

    Why make it so easy for “Them.” What if we all stop telling anyone that one of us died. Make our own arrangements without enriching them and impoverishing us.

    Surely there are enough of us with the stomachs and temperments to do what needs to be done. This doesnt require heroes or superman by any means.

    Why have we consented to be their children and bitches and victims without so much as even a whimper. Where is the honor and dignity in any of that. It’s beyond pathetic, when you stop and think of it.

    This is just one small facet. Where there are hundreds more of similar needless facets that keeps us locked in their prisms and distorted unrealities and servilities that do nothing but keep us barefoot and impregnated with their idiocies and monstrosities. All of it alien lifeforms we should never even consider nurturing and bring to term for them.

  2. People who believe in flags are cartoons. Maybe that’s all Americans ever were. When you get to the moon, or any frontier, you make a stand there and survive and plant crops. Colonize. Or you die trying.

    You most assuredly don’t plant a flag. And make movies like a fucking tourist. And play golf. And say a bunch of silly meaningless things. All the while all that stolen loot to prop up the Platinum People is spilling into the vacuum.

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    If we don’t have our own dreams that don’t include the Rulers the Nobles the Gods and the Masters, we have nothing

    How To Channel Your Road Rage Into Cold, Calculating Road Revenge

  3. Why isn’t the simple faithful garbage man, truck driver, or farmer seen as an honorable man.

    Is it because he lacks all the shiny bling. And doesn’t command the supplicating vows.

    Where is the honor in expecting or providing such empty falseness?

    A cleaned area. A trucked item. A grown crop. These are objective and tangible good things in themselves.

    Where as an honor gesture is an empty nothingness. A waste of time foolishness. A child’s play carried much too far into adulthood and something to stop indulging in.

    • You have listed several honorable men, Tor…
      The problem is their reaction – call it a prejudice – in dealing with the DIShonorable. Economic man, looters as Ayn Rand would term them.
      Why make anything, only to have it taken from you? No purpose to that…
      It’s not about the bling, it’s about the integrity.

      The Looters have none. They want to steal from others’ labor. Rent seekers…

      • You are talking only about the seen takers. The golden horde looters.

        Do you dispute that there is a class who takes far more. The platinum horde looters who have been given a back story and asserted to have the God Given Greater Good right to steal as much and as often as they like.

        If only you deluded dupes could take your loathings of the dirty and debauched “poor” who steal from you if they get a chance.

        And better focus your ire and disgust at the gleaming spit and polish sanctified “rulers and public servants” who steal from you at every turn, always more and more until the fairytale reality that the worldbuilders have constructed falls apart
        and some other false worldbuilders come on the scene to conquer the rubble and build anew yet another false reality on the old reality that has finally collapsed from the weight of its absurdity.

  4. Honorable men cannot understand that the system is specifically meant to destroy them.
    Makes me question myself. If I see the game, does it mean I am honorless? Or simply that I’ve been abused too much?

    Not like there’s an answer forthcoming, but the questioning itself is useful.

    • If you trouble yourself to ask the question, I doubt you are totally honourless.

      I think the problem is that (most) honourable men simply can’t fathom the the depths of depravity and evil intent of the dishonourable. It is simply beyond their ability to accept. The few of us who have witnessed, investigated and possibly at some point even ventured into the ‘dark side’, can’t unsee these things and thus notice the evil among us that your average ‘good’ citizen will actively avoid noticing.

      Of course, “Morality is just a fiction used by the herd of inferior human beings to hold back the few superior men”, kind of rings true with me so I fall somewhere in the a grey area. Non-agression, sure….. but not exploiting those who clearly are too stupid to even notice…not so much.


      • “[…] but not exploiting those who clearly are too stupid to even noticeā€¦not so much.”

        Then you and I are in about the same space.
        I’m facing discord because so many of them actually NEED to be led – and despise us for knowing the way. But I know, if they go it on their own, we all get damaged.
        I don’t really want to be responsible for them, either – but they’re playing with dynamite, thinking it’s a sparkler. Someone screws up with a sparkler, worst case? Lose an eye, maybe, or bad burns.
        But they’re juggling dynamite and trying to light the sticks.

        That’ll kill us all…

        So I’m becoming an Elitist.
        And part of the concern is… Maybe those in power are in fact doing what MUST be done? I don’t exactly have a great view here, I see the mis-steps but might not know the dance.


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