Why “Heroes” Are Hated

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Here’s a video depicting a guy being harassed by three Heroes who appear dressed to invade Poland:

The driver was apparently pulled over for a seatbelt “violation” – one of the growing number of petty but tyrannical affronts to our status as (allegedly) free men and women. This became the pretext for Hero #1 to demand that the driver submit to a search of his vehicle for arbitrarily illegal “drugs” (Hero #1 and the other Heroes no doubt consume/partake other arbitrarily legal “drugs,” like alcohol, which is ok).

The Heroes force the man out of his car, then a four-legged Hero is trotted out to suss out the presence of arbitrarily illegal “drugs.” The four-legged Hero is allowed – is encouraged – to jump on the guy’s car and scratch it with his got-damned claws. And if, through some process of inter-species dialogue, the four legged Hero “says” he sniffs arbitrarily illegal drugs, the two-legged ones will proceed to tear he car apart looking for them. If they find none, the driver is eventually released and given his now-scratched car back. Hut! hut! hut!

Note that all these Heroes are jacked-up in black military-style web gear, and wear dark sunglasses to add to the Intimidation Factor.

You may be one of those “law and order” types whose reflex is to side with the Heroes – especially given that the victim in this case is a black guy and not particularly literate.

But – an old song – if they can do this sort of thing to them, they can do it to you, too. All of us are threatened – but many of us do not grok this.

You are a fool if that’s you.

Those white Heroes will be just as happy to do to you what was done to the black guy in this video.

Wake up, wise up.


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  1. Eric,

    “My chainsaw cut has healed nicely”

    The tree brah, the tree. You should aim for that wood, not yours.

    At least we know why they have all the saaaafety crap on chainsaws.

    Do we find out the real reason for sixteen airbags is because they know you are going to test drive the damn things? That and your chainsaw prowess. 🙂

    • Yeah, yeah, yeah… 🙂

      I got careless. I’ve been cutting wood for 30 years, since I was a kid. Not an excuse for inadvertence (or for not wearing cutting pants and wearing shorts instead) but – as OJ says – it happens. Almost every guy I know out here in the Woods has a scar like mine… same place, too. Left thigh.

  2. Eric,

    Here’s a link to the Jack Yantis “investigation” result. Surprise! No charges.


    Interesting that there were only 4 eye witnesses. What about the emt people? At least 4 recording devices on scene, neither of which recorded a thing for varrying reasons–lies. Apperently, Yantis’s blood alcohol content justifies shooting at him 20 times–landing 12–after they were worried he was aming in the direction of the emt’s. Interesting that they unloaded a fury of shots like that.

  3. Maybe we can breed “Clover sniffing” dogs, and “Hero Detecting” guard dogs and then have them around us to protect ourselves at all times.
    – –

    The risk is you fall into the loser boozer lifestyle. The reward is you fish the delusional watering holes long enough to rescue a worthy female from the din of sin and partner with her until she becomes virtuous and productive and then she can support your writing and cars and other expensive hobbies/avocations. Win^2.

    Places for over priced liquor and video surveillance by low life tavernkeepercreeps nearby

  4. if this wasn’t such a sad and frightening comment on the way police treat their “subjects”, it’s almost comical. While I applaud this guy for speaking his mind and telling these pigs what a bunch of bullshit pussies they are, he’s very fortunate that this didn’t turn violent. Always a dilemma when dealing with the cops – do you speak truth to power and risk a beating or even death, or do you just put up with their bullshit and be on your way, humiliated but (hopefully) alive. I had real hope that after Ferguson MO, people in this country would start waking up to the fact that we have a COP problem in this country, but unfortunately all we got was black lives matter and the usual Jesse Jackson racism bullshit. Also unfortunate, the recent “assassinations” of police officers, instead of sparking a conversation about police attitudes, militarism, and brutality, has become a rallying cry to “support our heroes”. Just wait, let’s see how long before we get new legislation that gives cops even more power and protection. Officer safety, you know, far more important than anyone else’s lives, black or otherwise.


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