Ohio Hero Rams Motorcycle

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Here’s a video of an Ohio State Trooper plowing into a motorcycle:

Luckily, both riders survived the crash.

Of course, no charges for the Hero. Who hit the bike from behind at high speed. Who appeared to have not been paying attention to his driving. Or driving too fast. The bike was operating legally, had brake/tail lights on. The fault here is indisputable.

What do you suppose the consequences would have been had an ordinary citizen rammed a bike exactly the same way?

Yes, exactly.

Any ordinary person would have been charged with – at the very least – reckless driving and would be facing very serious criminal and civil consequences.

But an armed government worker can do this and probably be out driving in his government-provided vehicle the very next day, carrying on with his “official” duties. The costs incurred will be transferred to the taxpayers, who will pay any civil damages awarded by the courts as compensation for this Hero’s negligent/reckless driving.

PS: Aren’t Heroes supposed to be “trained” and thus superior drivers?

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  1. Looks like the trooper nodded off and wasn’t paying attention. Driving sleepy is probably as dangerous as driving drunk, if not more. However that wouldn’t be an excuse for any other driver. He should be charged with the same things a civilian would be charged with. He didn’t even see them until he ran them over. No trying to stop, or trying to dodge them. Hit on a otherwise wide open road.

    But your right, if the victims ever get any compensation (it entirely possible they don’t get a cent), it will be from taxpayers not this cop. And yes, he will be behind the wheel again.

    And the myth that cops can drive better then the average person and shoot better then the average person needs to die too.


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