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Hi All!

I should have the 2018 Nissan 370Z rant up later today; I am hoping the rumors are wrong and that Nissan is not going to give up on this car. It deserves better, which I will get into in the rant.

I also have the new (2018) VW Tiguan. Should have a video walk-around up today, too.

But the main thing for today is getting the Kaw triple in the house. I have built a ramp but the angle is steep – too steep, for comfort. I put a lot of sweat into restoring this one – and if it toppled coming up the ramp it’d hurt me more than my divorce, I think.

I plan to do a rant about this, too. About bringing a bike inside the house. It is something every man ought to do at least once in his life.

And now it is my turn!



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    • Hi Rich,

      Ideally, in – and out.

      I’m not mothballing this bike; would like to start/ride it once a month. A normal store bought aluminum ramp won’t work due to the incline of the steps. I need something with a more gradual slope. But that means larger – and heavier – and more hassle.

      I am working the problem!

  1. Eric, you’re right to avoid a steep ramp unless it’ wide enough to put a foot down on both sides.

    I had one and it bit me one day trying to go slow. The corner of a financial knocked off was my comeuppance.

    The ramp came up on the porch where I normally left it and lined up with the front door, a good runoff safety feature till the b&c shuts the door.

    I moved the ramp to the side where the yard was much higher but I then had to turn around which was a pain.

    I got back at her. She was off visiting. The back porch was ground level almost so I just eased it right into the kitchen.

    It was nice. …till she came back. When the light was right you could faintly see a narrow tire mark. I never admitted to bringing it inside though. Naturally, she tries to break me by saying the house smelled of exhaust….which it didn’t as I walked it in…

    The bike was always a source of friction any way since it wasn’t the cruiser she thought it would be. So why she thought that when a friend had one like it?

    His wife rode behind him but she was a good rider. My wife drove me crazy not trusting me and constantly tried to lean the opposite way. Everybody with a bike knows how frustrating this is.

    Powering through curves then twisting it wide open and having that big 4 Rev to 10,000 and catching the next gear always had her screaming in my ear and chewing my ass when we were stopped. If I wanted to put around we’d have a Motorola Guzzi like a friend had. Every time we rode together he’d lament not having a bike like mine. But you’re a family guy I’d say. Fuck you he’d reply. I’d just smile and drop the hammer.

      • Autocorrect sucks allright. One time I was grilling and my wife texted me that she wanted a stiffly with cheese melted on it. I said WTF is a stiffly? When she got home she said the autocorrect on her geniusphone must have put “stiffly” in place of sausage probably because she left out a letter or something.

        I still call sausage links “stifflies” just to pick on her over her phone’s autocorrect.

        • Ed, no doubt you’ve punned it to death which might precipitate my own if I did that to my wife.

          Her sense of humor isn’t what it could be.

      • Morning eric, do you have enough porch to come from the side? Our porch was 20 ft wide. The fly in the ointment was its 6 to 7ft depth. It was a pain to turn around on.