“Open Container” = Dead in the Street

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In San Francisco, armed government workers confronted several men whose only “crime” was being out in public with “open containers.” They were not bothering anyone, apparently. And they were not confrontational. They offered to empty the containers – “spill them out” – and “that’s the end of it.”

The armed government worker would not allow such a de-escalation of the situation. He had to get his pound of flesh. “No one’s going anywhere,” he intones. Whereupon one of the men decides to flee.

The armed government worker chases – and shoots the man in the back several times – on a crowded public sidewalk, bystanders all around.

Apparently, according to news reports, the man who was shot had a gun. But the point is that it was – as usual – the armed government worker who set match to the gas. Would anyone have been shot had the men with “open containers” been left the hell alone?

The guy with the open container – and the gun – wasn’t looking for a fight. The armed government worker was.

Maybe instead of armed government workers, there ought to be peace officers once more. We had them, once upon a time.

They dealt with crimes – not “offenses.”

If you weren’t a criminal, they had no business with you.

Now, we have armed government workers – who think everything is their business. And we suffer accordingly.

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  1. Only one issue. This dude had pulled a gun on cops in the past (and had been shot). I’m not normally the one to excuse the fuzz, but if they say he pulled a gun (and the video seems to indicate that) and he has done the same exact thing in the past (and been shot for it), I’m inclined to believe the official story. There are hundreds of stories to highlight where the police are 100% at fault. This doesn’t seem to be one of them.

  2. Several questions after still several viewings of this disturbing video:

    1) Did the officer draw his weapon and fire on the suspect BEFORE or AFTER he believed he saw a weapon? It appears that there’s no way he could have seen a gun when he was firing (with bystanders around, on a busy city street, no less).

    2) What are the SFPDs “rule of engagement” regarding firearms?

    3) Were the suspects hand and/or fingerprints actually FOUND on the purported weapon? If so, then this was a legit “collar”, though the use of force appears excessive AND with utter disregard for public safety. If not, then this is a THROW-DOWN, and the public, even over some punk on the street, ought to be hugely outraged at the SFPD. At minimum, the officer should be fired AND prosecuted for perjury and obstruction of justice in the FEDERAL system with a rather lengthy stretch at a Federal “Pound ’em in the Ass” Correctional Facility!

  3. Let’s say a criminal has a gun. Let’s say that criminal steals something. Let’s say that the owner of the item sees the criminal and the criminal flees. The owner of the item gives chase and shoots the criminal dead. What happens to the victim of theft? He gets charged, convicted, and goes to prison. The criminal’s possession of a firearm is irrelevant under today’s law. But a cop gets to kill someone because of a non-crime because he fled and had a gun? A gun that was probably found and first seen after he was dead. Also the gun was likely why the guy ran.

    • It’s very likely the gun that was found was some unregistered gun that the cop himself hides on his person (perhaps some evidence in an unrelated case that never made it to the evidence locker?) and simply planted as evidence.

      • Agreed, Hawk.

        All these laws which criminalize so many things have the effect of putting us all in the gunsights, so to speak (as well as actually). What then? Do we simply submit? Or, flee? Make some attempt to defend ourselves?

        What will I do, as a for-instance, when they send the thug scrum to my place, to collect the “shared responsibility” fee?

        • I am guessing they will just take the money out of a savings or checking account you may have at a bank at some “random” time. That’s what I am expecting will happen for me, since it will likely be the only way to steal it from me. You won’t even know it has happened, until you see your monthly statement or a more likely a check bounces.

          You know the bank won’t do anything to protect your money either. They will claim innocence of the deed, may even offer their sympathies…… But they will comply with the government, no matter, since they won’t want their “license” to operate to be threatened.

      • Could very well be a drop gun, my argument about the possession of the gun being irrelevant I just give the cops the benefit of the doubt there. Because it’s irrelevant what was in his possession. What is relevant is what he did. He ran away from a ticket for open container in public. Proof that all laws are punishable by death.

  4. Der Tag kommt bald when one of these Schwein is the gonna shoot someone in the back in a public venue and then, not fifteen seconds later, gonna feel a metal slug tear through his own back.

    Pig worship will continue as long as SWPLs feel that they’re immune from being on the receiving end of porcine violence. The good news is that the swine are becoming less discriminating by the day in their choice of targets. The tipping point will eventually be reached, eyes will be opened, and the realization that “the Law” is a scam will result in some unpleasant changes.

  5. Click on the youtube page. The comments show just how screwed we are, All Hail The Blue, All Hail The Empire!

    Rev. Niemoller, call your office.

  6. Jesus man I was just reading about open container laws not but 12 hours ago on Wikipedia and it didn’t say anything about the risk of getting shot over it..someone oughtta update that article.

  7. Talk about a threat to community safety! Running while shooting? On a crowded sidewalk? The first shot was fired while the guy running was next to a couple standing there.

    People will ask how a person with such poor judgement got “through the system”. I would say it’s not a fault in the system, it’s a feature.

    Recently I tried to set up an interview with the ACLU on police relations. They only wanted to talk about black v white issues. When I told them it was larger than that and people needed to understand how pervasive and universal it is, they declined the interview. They just wanted to stir the racial pot, not get to the real problem of the emerging Police State.

    • You’ve explained a huge problem: Absolutely nothing will ever get fixed/corrected when this stuff is made out to be racial. Hell, I think the copping bunch knows this and actually welcomes these incidents to be racialized.

      You will trust American copping at your peril, ESPECIALLY if you’ve done nothing wrong.

      • It’s robot vs human

        I still don’t care for all the piggy support that came out of the woodwork when society was told to choose between black folks or piggies. Your fellow man or The Man?

          • Hey thanks! I let loose on Tumblr with that line once but I was just shouting into the void.

            Growing up my family taught me that piggies are nothin but trouble. But they were also horribly prejudiced towards black folks. I was pretty sure they’d mostly gotten past that over the years. We were borderline poverty level white folks, and the Man hated us too.

            And then came the great divide, and so they changed their view to “support cops”…

            Ever since then at every turn I stay vocal reminding them about what the pigs did to us then, what kind of sick shit they’re up to now, how they personally fuck up all our lives and how we are all in the same boat as far as color’s concerned because it’s robot vs the little guy. They are not your friends, fam.

            • And 13hrs later my car breaks down out of the blue, giving piggy reason to show up, harass me about why I’m sitting in the passenger seat and that “it sounds like this happens a lot” then immediately threaten to tow her :”'( I said plllllease don’t do that my friend is on the way with my jump. And he wants to push it into the nearby driveway and I say nooo don’t block their driveway and besides my Hyundai manual says “no pushing!” And he bitchingly tells me to ‘tell my friend they better hurry up’. So I get him on the horn “You need to get here now, fuck the traffic, I got company” bf knew just what I meant, gets there in ten, I give it a pathetic jump start–get rolling again only to realize she’s breaking down with the fucking pig right behind me, so I signal and go left onto a side street– the pig assumes I’m impeding him intentionally and stomps on the gas and goes around me and speeds out of my life…baby rolls to a stop dead in the street and before I can panic I see a dude in a truck alongside me and flag him down like “please please please help me push her into this church parking lot the mean cop’s gonna tow it if he sees” oh they believed it when I said how mean he was and they kindly helped push my scalding hot disabled vehicle safely into the lot where nobody there seemed to mind phew.

              Cut to me and boo waiting all afternoon for AAA. No fun. But with a little help from the locals I protected her from dark blue! She later attained safe passage to the dealership. And here’s hoping the warranty covers whatever it is.

            • I was taught to respect the police from my Dad, and he gave the sage advice that when pulled over exit your vehicle and walk to the police cruiser. This was standard practice in my area during my youth and the officers had no problem with it, but it was in the midwest in a small “Mayberry” type of area when the police were actually here to “Protect and Serve”. Fast foreward to the early ’90s when I was pulled over by a Hero because he suspected the tint on my windows was a bit too dark, and when I exited the truck the asshole was yelling at me to get back into the vehicle and keep my hands on the steering wheel. As he approached the window he was saying some retarded crap about how he could have pulled his weapon because I dared to get out of the truck.

              Since then even the local police have morphed into bald headed Oakley wearing “Respect My Authoritah” clones. They all seem to need the costume that includes the shaved, or “High and Tight” heads, sunglasses and tactical vests. Back in my youth the police looked like your next door neighbor with normal hair, no tattoos, no tacticool toys and the old blue cop uniforms. They would also cut you some slack and not throw the book at you for a minor infraction. Many times we had to pour our beer on the ground and received warnings instead of tickets for speeding or exhibition driving.

              I wish I could go back to those days.

              • Hi Guerrero,

                Those days were my days, too – and it wasn’t that long ago. Cops were still human as recently as the early ’90s. The current archetype – “high and tight,” BDUs, locked and loaded – would have been (was) considered cartoonish. Remember Neidermeyer from Animal House? Like that.

                As the profession has grown ever-more-thuggish, so have those who seek this sort of “work.”


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