Armed Government Workers Running Amok in NY

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Here’s a news feed from a CBS affiliate in New York detailing run-amok “law enforcing”:

Dig the costumes these “heroes” wear. Ernst Rohm would be envious!

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  1. wow! Check out the uniform! David Clarke (Former Milwaukee sheriff) is going to be jealous and Joe Arpaio dresses like a bum. Both should take note.
    Seems the last time I saw someone wearing such a uniform was Mohmar Quadafi. I kid you not.
    Jesus K. Rist! What is this country coming to when cops dress like they were ready for combat in Afghanistan ( or protecting the poppy fields) and sheriffs dress up in Halloween costumes.
    Bloated ego? Narcissism? Delusions of grandeur?
    That all three of those asshat clowns have been taken down speaks volumes.
    Time to put an end to government run law enforcement.

  2. Palisades Parkway is on the New Jersey side of the Hudson, but close enough. It runs through Bergen County, a place with a bunch of rich white people who have fled the city. One of the most expensive places in the country, the average income is $75K annually according to Wikipedia:,_New_Jersey

    I’m sure they have far more police (police forces) than necessary, and the majority of voters probably feel pretty good about that fact too. After all, if you’re not doing anything wrong (or look like someone who once did something wrong that was witnessed), you’ve got nothing to worry about…

    • Another fun fact:

      The county’s African American community is almost entirely concentrated in three municipalities: Englewood (10,215 residents, accounting for 38.98% of the city’s total population), Teaneck (11,298; 28.78%), and Hackensack (10,518; 24.65%). Collectively, these three areas account for nearly 70% of the county’s total African American population of 46,568, and in fact, blacks have had a presence in these towns since the earliest days of the county. In sharp contrast, African Americans comprise less than 2% of the total in most of Bergen’s other municipalities.[101]

  3. If you think “retraining” and a few classes on not abusing the people that pay their bloated salaries will fix this, you are deluding yourself. These are inveterate thugs…with guns and badges.

  4. That local department near me (Hammond, Indiana), is in the news YET AGAIN for an excessive force complaint. This time the victim, a 15 year old at a local festival, likely hundreds of witnesses to this one.

    They are “investigating” themselves this time (they have been investigated and cleared by the FBI in the past).

    This is the same department that made national news a few years ago over a traffic stop that lead to a hero smashing out a passengers window and tazing him. For the crime of refusing to id himself. This is also the same department that was videotaped abusing their own K9 as well.

    In spite of all this, this department has been trusted with a video system that records every vehicle entering the city. There is not one road you can take into the city, that will not result in your vehicle being recorded.

    • Morning, Rich!

      Disgusting. The kid apparently was trying to break up a fight between two girls and dared to not defer to a “hero.”

      And then this “hero” and others pile onto a scrawny 15-year-old… not wonder Caitlyn is the new avatar of USAmerican Manhood.


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