Armed Government Murderer Now Teaching a Class

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Do you remember Betty Shelby? The armed government worker who murdered an unarmed man in Tulsa and – of course – got away with it clean.

Now she is teaching a class on “surviving the aftermath” of officer-involved shootings next week at the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office.

Shelby will inform participants about “many of the legal, financial, physical, and emotional challenges” that may arise after an armed government worker murders someone.

After being acquitted  of first-degree manslaughter, Shelby “returned to duty.” She then  left the Tulsa Police Department and joined the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office.

Scott Wood, an attorney representing Shelby, said the class “has nothing to do with the specifics of the Crutcher shooting.”

“The class is instruction to officers on how to plan, fiscally and mentally, for a critical incident similar to the one she was involved in in September 2016,” Wood said in a statement. “Betty will receive no compensation for the class. Betty is, continues to be, and will always be a faithful public servant.”

Hut! Hut! hut!

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  1. This person is Exhibit A as to why you do not want small, and diminutive of stature, persons as police officers. Someone who is 5 ft tall, 105 lbs sopping wet, with no upper body strength can only respond to any physical threats with their “great equalizer” – the firearm. Someone who is big, tall and burly simply doesn’t have to go there. (Of course de-escalation and proper handling notwithstanding….)

    • Hi Tom,

      Yes – agreed. Also, this is a textbook case of gratuitous escalation. There was a time – the ’80s, even – when cops had to be severely provoked before unholstering their guns, which they did as an obvious last resort – not to enforce obedience but to save their lives from an imminent, obvious mortal threat.

      Today, they are itching to shoot people – any pretext will do.

    • Thanks for this bit of happy news, LW!

      The conviction apparently hinged on the testimony of the other armed government worker- who stated he did not “fear for his safety.”

      • That’s a first, both the conviction and the other piggy admitting he wasn’t in any danger. That one is probably facing a worse hell now for not “backing the blue”..

  2. It’s bad enough we gave them them shoes, a car, and access to lawyers. Who was the fucking genius who thought it would be safe to give this hysterical cunt a firearm? That’s the SOB we need to hang!

  3. Hero’s: Here is how to plan for your future in LE.

    Don’t kill or even beat a civilian.

    There you go. Saved you and taxpayers a small forture.

  4. “Oh it’s no biggie you’ll survive but they won’t LOL everybody dig into the free ice cream and pizza y’all are goin back on duty after this and ya don’t wanna murder unarmed civilians on an empty stomach y’know”

  5. Perhaps one might be interested in turning this class into a movie or tv show: How to Get Away with Murder 😉

    I try to avoid all interactions with highway men. Too many ways that things could go wrong (for me).


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