Amber Errata

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Well, it appears the good news posted yesterday is less so today.

The murdering armed government worker Amber Guyger has been sentenced to just ten years in prison for barging into an innocent man’s home and shooting him to death. She will be eligible for parole in just five years’ time.

The judge coo’d and gave her a Bible.

To put this in context: The Orange Man’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort got a heavier sentence – an effective life sentence, given the guy is 69 – and he didn’t murder anyone.

Or even trip them.

A better context to consider: What do you suppose the sentence would have been had Botham Jean – the man shot to death by Guyger in his own apartment – entered Guyger’s apartment and shot her to death?

Cue the North Korean Dear Leader-style funeral for the “fallen hero” – and cue the life in prison for Jean. If not death, by lethal injection.

Do you imagine there is the slightest chance Botham Jean would have been given a ten year sentence for murdering an armed government worker? In her own apartment? How far do you suppose the argument that he was “tired” would have flown?

Cue microphone drop.

It’s even more enraging when taken in another context. This Guyger creature had apparently posted murderous statements prior to the murder of Jean about dressing in black – for the funerals of the people she seemed eager to murder – and being ready with gloves and shovel.

Shades of Shaver – another innocent human being murdered by another creature (Phillip Brailsford) who is now collecting thousands of dollars per month in “disability” for murdering Daniel Shaver.

It’s also hugely dangerous. Societally, culturally. People are growing weary of the Blue Discount. They realize our lives don’t matter. That  armed government workers can ululate “officer safety” or “stop resisting” and get away with murder – literally.

We tire of the North Korean-style Dear Leader funerals for the “heroes” – who are literally nothing more than armed government workers. Hired mercenaries who enforce the laws of an increasingly brutal, illegitimate government that does whatever it wants to because it has the power to do whatever it likes.

Poltroonish mercenaries who hide behind their BDUs and body armor, cringing in fear when a car backfires and then Hut! Hut! Hutting! the baffled and entirely innocent of anything driver.

It’s out of control – and it’s explosive.

A point will be reached – and it’s probably close – when people give up on the system and decide to deal with things themselves. No one with his head screwed on straight – with any sense of what that will mean – looks forward to this. But it becomes inevitable when things like this Guyger business aren’t aberrations but the expected and given outcome of such things.

It’s a measure of how bad things are that most of us were surprised that Guyger was even convicted. Shaver wasn’t. Most AGWs who do things like these two did aren’t. Most of them are never charged with anything or even docked pay.

That degree of in-your-face can’t go on forever.

It probably won’t go on for very much longer.

. . .

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  1. I guess this would qualify as errata.

    “ A key witness in the murder trial of Dallas police officer Amber Guyger was shot and killed at an apartment complex late Friday, according to an attorney representing the family of the man Guyger shot.

    “Joshua Brown, the next-door neighbor of [Botham Jean], was killed last night after being shot several times by an unknown assailant,” S. Lee Merritt posted to social media on Saturday.”

  2. I’ve followed this case, but not intensely. Here is the question to which I have yet to hear an answer.

    What were the results of Guyger’s post-homicide blood tests???

    Was she Really just “tired?” Or was she drunk? Or did she have other drugs, either legal or illegal, in her system?

    • MikeP,

      “ What were the results of Guyger’s post-homicide blood tests???”

      There were tests administered?

      Hell Mike, they never even searched her apartment after warrants were issued.

      But the Holmes was found to have the evil weed near his approaching room temperature corpse.

    • I remember the initial reports right after this happened, and seem to recall they mentioned she had been out drinking that night.

      If it was up to me there would have been a gallows constructed, and a hanging at dawn.

  3. The fact that she only got 10 years is sickening. The fact that they even let this bimbo carry a gun and a pair of handcuffs is even more sickening. Just prior to the shooting, she had been sexting some guy who she wanted to bang her and was so hot for it that she walked into a stranger’s apartment (which is burglary) and shot him dead (which is murder).

    Just YOU try that, white man. See if you only get ten years (which means she’ll be out on parole in eight). You’ll get life without parole, or death.

  4. Shit. Once the family of the victim is paid off, and the brouhaha dies down, her conviction will be overturned on appeal, and she’ll “cop” to a lesser charge, and do perhaps a year in the county lockup and several on probation afterwards.

  5. Morning Eric,

    It’s a measure of how bad things are that most of us were surprised that Guyger was even convicted. Shaver wasn’t. Shaver got the death penalty, Brailsford wasn’t convicted.


    • Jeremy,

      That verdict will be reversed.

      The DA violated the gag order something like the night before the trial started.

      What you are witnessing is the placating of the people who fear cops getting permission from the courts to Willy-Nilly enter their home and kill them.

      I’ll give you the ruling Jeremy. “This court can find nothing more egregious than the prosecutors office…”

      Plea to a “lesser included offense” with time served to satisfy that misdemeanor.

      Perhaps backpay because she got fired for something done after work.

      Coin for PTSD? Maybe, that is a thing now. Why not, the status quo is expansion of government and increased tax/spend.

      • Hey Tuanorea,

        I failed to put quotes around Eric’s comment where he meant Braislford but said Shaver. I expect the amber assassin to be out long before 10 years.


  6. Well, now I do wish her harm in prison. Beaten to the point that she needs to be fed and changed for the rest of her life seems about right.

    • She will likely be transferred to a Federal or State facility reserved for the wealthy and powerful and other criminal government employees that happened to get caught. These are Prison Condo’s with all the trappings, Tennis courts, Pools etc. They do not put cops in with the general prison population,,,, period.
      They’ll wait to announce the transfer for several weeks or long enough where the issue has disappeared into the average American’s memory hole.

      Some animals are more equal then others… .

  7. “…the North Korean-style Dear Leader funerals for the “heroes”…”

    Many examples exist, but the Joe Gliniewicz funeral extravaganza in Illinois set the standard for this bullshit. The AGWs really had egg on their faces after that one.


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