TN AGWs Torture Teen in “Restraint Chair”

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Armed government workers in Tennessee who were caught on video torturing a kid in a “restrain chair” – and were charged with multiple crimes – appear to have gotten away with it. A mistrial has been declared but one of the AGWs, “corporal” Mark Bryant, is headed back to court to be tried again.

Back in 2018, Bryant was charged with multiple counts of Excessive Force Under the Color of Law and two counts of Destruction, Alteration or Falsification of Records in Federal Investigations. The other armed government worker, “Sergeant” Gary Ola has also charged with two counts of making false statements to federal investigators for lying to them in August of 2017 and again in May of 2018.

In September 2018, Ola accepted a plea agreement for two counts of making false statements to FBI agents in connection with the incident. He has yet to be sentenced.

Bryant was facing a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison for the color of law charges and 20 years in prison for the obstruction charges, three years of supervised release, and a fine of up to $250,000 but walked after a mistrial. Maybe this go ’round the AGW will get what he clearly deserves – as the video clearly shows.

The victim of this attack – 18-year-old Jordan Norris – began in November 2016, when a SWAT team raided his home because he was allegedly selling arbitrarily illegal “drugs.”

After Norris was arrested, he began banging his head against the cell door. To instill some respect for their Authority, AGWs dragged him out of his cell and strapped him into a restraint chair.

The AGWs can be seen holding Norris down with a gag while Bryant sadistically and repeatedly Tasers the kid – at one point shocking Norris for nearly half a minute.

“Are you ready?” Bryant asked Norris?

“Would you like to comply?”

“Stop resisting!” one of the AGWs screams at Norris, who was strapped into restraints.

“You don’t like it, do you?” another AGW can be herd saying.

At one part in the video, you can hear Bryant tell Norris, “I’ll keep doing that until I run out of batteries.”

Norris said he remembered deputies asking him, “Do you want me to do it again? We got a whole bunch of batteries we can drain into you pretty much. We will do it over and over until we have no more.”

For three hours Norris remained in the chair.

When Norris was eventually released, he was covered in burn marks from the Taser. Tony Chapman, Norris’ stepfather, said he gave AGWs the benefit of the doubt when he saw his stepson’s wounds. He thought Norris must’ve been resisting in some way. However, once he saw the video, it was entirely clear that Norris was in no way resisting — as he was buckled down in a restraint chair.

“I said, ‘Jordan what is that?’ It looked like he had the measles. And he said, ‘That’s where they Tased me.’ I could not wrap my head around that,” William Chapman said.

Chapman told News Channel 5 at the time that he counted more than forty burns.

Norris eventually received a taxpayer-financed settlement after filing an excessive force lawsuit against the department.

“The lawsuit alleged that the deputies used excessive force in repeatedly tasing Jordan while he was restrained in a restraint chair after experiencing a mental health episode,” Norris’s attorneys Ben Raybin and David Weissman said in a press release on their website. “The terms of the settlement are confidential.”

The settlement involved only the civil lawsuit and had no bearing on criminal charges against Bryant, the release stated.

“It is troubling that nothing was done in the eight months before this case was reported in the media, but Jordan is satisfied that his lawsuit prompted action to be taken against Deputy Bryant. Most importantly, the Sheriff has stated that steps are being taken within the jail to help ensure this never happens again,” Raybin said at that time.

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  1. Did you hear the last news statement on the video? Probably not (no mention was made about it in the article or the comments): The victim is now dead!

  2. Morning Eric,

    I wonder if any of our resident clovers are more outraged by his use of a cell phone while driving than the Hut, Hut, Hutting.


    • Hi Jeremy!

      Our new Clover – “LH” – is up to 76 posts in the Spam queue; I haven’t had the stomach to read through most of them yet but I imagine they’re spectacular. I may be “autistic” – the Clover’s diagnosis – but at least I’m not illiterate. “LH” is upset with me because – as he sees it – I’m a hypocrite for not providing him with a forum to air his views at my expense. The Clover considers this evidence of my failure to abide by Libertarian principles. I suppose he also believes he’s entitled to sleep on my sofa!

      He certainly believes that AGWs have a moral right to force others to pay for their “services.” He’s said so, several times!

      Probably, “LH” is himself an AGW – or has a family member who is one. He obviously respects AGWs and esteems the “work” they do. Which – as such – is his right. But – as I have tried so many times to explain to this victim of government schooling (and perhaps fluoridation) he does not have the right to force others to finance these “services.”

      Instead of being rational and replying – ok, then you forfeit any right to those “services” (fine by me; I’m happy to look after myself) he goes on a tear about my alleged “autism” and other proposed defects.

      This is what we’re up against.

      • Hi Eric,

        C’mon man, freedom can only exist when everyone is forced to cater to everyone else, you know, Bastiat’s great fiction. I asked my question seriously. LW was clearly more outraged by the burnouts than the beatdown, which is morally perverse.


        • Jeremy, it’s obvious LW only got on here to show everyone else how wrong they were about everything plus he puts words in people’s mouths to suit his own ramblings. Cue NOT pissin on the guy on fire.

          • Hi Eight!

            We have really punched poor ol’ LW’s buttons.. he’s up to 79 blocked posts! A new record. Even the original Clover wasn’t this persistent.

              • Hi Jeremy,

                He did! About half a dozen times, at least. Poor ol’ Clover… this one’s a real maniac, too. He is closing in on 100 posts in the Spam queue – knowing none of these will ever be published (as there’s no point in publishing incoherent accusations of “autism” and “butt licking”). I would send him a signed picture of me to light some candles in front of and create a shrine to my Cheeto-ness. If he sends me an address, I will do so!

                • Morning Eric, he-he-he

                  Jeez, talking about character flaws that come out under stress. Somehow I don’t think that I have been the only person that have felt your autistic wrath. Do you have an order of protection against you?
                  Yeah, I’m incoherent and a maniac? Do you really think that the people who read this will believe what you say just because you say so. They have read my past posts and they know it’s not true. Now the visual that they have of you will be stuck in their heads forever. And I have a “C” word to pin on you. No, not that one. You’re a carnation. LOL I’m sorry, but I’m not going to take any of your baits. Like you bait people to rail against the police.Clover
                  Are you similar to Eightball? Yeah, both anal, you know what that is right? “Butt licking” comes from a long ago post. I’m glad that thought stuck with you though. Like my diagnosis of your autistic/sociopath behavior.
                  Cheeto-ness? What’s that about? I really don’t care if your lips are yellow. I really didn’t know that they were. Too much info for me there.
                  Yeah, I’m going to build a shrine to you. And I’m going to put your picture up on my shelf with my baseball cards, KIss collection, and Elvis figurine. LOL As for the candles and whatever else you need to build a shrine with, I’m unaware. Sounds satanic.
                  And good luck with your therapy. Don’t move around on that sofa too much. It might sound that your intestinal problems are acting up again under stress. A real tell there. LOL

                  I Alex, you……….

                  • Clover,

                    Interesting that you accuse me of sociopathy given I’m not the one advocating or defending the use of aggressive violence against people – as you have. Your ad hominem attacks aren’t arguments – but you seem unable or unwilling to understand this distinction. Even if I am “autistic” – even if I’m a sociopath – it would not invalidate the arguments I’ve made, if the arguments themselves are factually sound. Do you see? If Ted Bundy states that 2 plus 2 equals 4 it equals 4. It does not equal something else because Ted Bundy said it equals 4.

                    Poor ol’ Clover!

                    Why not just defend you position that its morally legitimate to use force to compel people to pay the salaries of armed government workers? That’s a debate I’d like to have!

                    • Defend what? A position? Oh yeah, he likes everybody backside up and prone. He continues about anal. Next thing he’ll be bringing up “rusty red”.

                    • eric, I loved it when he asked “Are you like Eightball?”.

                      Yes, he is. He’s a man that loves freedom and detests those who don’t.

                      He’s the kind of person who doesn’t get any guts until he has “backup”…..and plenty of it.

                    • He’s the kind of person who doesn’t get any guts until he has “backup”…..and plenty of it.

                      I wasn’t clear at all here. The “he” in this statement was LW.

                    • Like wow, you have the patience of Job, although I never read about it as the book had too much intertribal holocausts for my taste.
                      I do not use cuss words or sexual references on your board. I do pay up from time to time, and my time seems to be up from my faulty recollections.
                      Your playpen is a fun joint until some creep with bad parents starts throwing sand.

      • Eric,

        Are “LH” and “LW” the same poster? If they are I strongly suspected they were a badge from the very start. Something about the way they thought just screamed cop.

  3. A mistrial…..with that sort of evidence. Amazing. And the Just Us system is replete with ex LEO’s and prosecutors ready to be the chairman of a jury. They browbeat hell out of anyone who is “non-compliant”.

    • There is one case that stick in my craw. I would have paid to be on the jury.
      Some black enterprising young man was caught offering to sell “good shit, his words not mine) to the polizia. He sold them some bits of drywall that was never described as anything but the “good shit” aformentioned.
      The jury and judge put him in jail for a year for claiming to sell fake drugs. I’ll bet that he did not know of such a stupid law. Once I was able to contact him he got some spending money. I hope that he didn’t blow it all on gypsum board.

  4. A substantial number of active and in active AGWs have already been compromised with the promise of logistical supply and support, when they decide to pull the plug on the rest of us.

    These same AGWs are already embedded into militias across the USA, waiting for their call to activate.

    The Tree of Liberty is thirsty.

  5. “Chapman, Norris’ stepfather, said he gave AGWs the benefit of the doubt when he saw his stepson’s wounds.”

    Thar’s the problem in the USA. The worship of authority.


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