An Accidental Incongruity?

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President Trump is getting grief from the leftie press for threatening to bring out the military to stop the riots spreading across the country like, well, a virus.

But why isn’t the leftie press caterwauling about the indifference of the Lockdown Mafia – i.e., the governors and mayors, et al who’ve been siccing armed government workers on moms walking their kids in public parks in the name of a virus they claim is an open-ended threat to “public safety” – to the very real threat posed by this virus? 

It’s not as though the Lockdown Mafia hasn’t got the stomach to use force to “stop the spread.”

It’s a question of who the Lockdown Mafia deems worthy of stopping. Apparently, moms taking their kids to a public park for a walk are worthy.

Also gym owners who open their doors to people who want to work out; restaurants that want to serve.

People just trying to make a living. People just trying to live.

These affronts to “publics safety” are dealt with severely.

Deadly riots, on the other hand.

Apparently, it’s ok to be upset about the Hut! Hut! Hutting! of one man. But the Hut! Hut! Hutting! of millions is . . . what was it Stalin said?

A statistic.

Is it an accidental incongruence that the most ardent Lock Downers are also the most laissez faire when it comes to rioters? The Coonman in Virginia, for instance, hasn’t done much to enforce his social distancing diktats upon the violent mob that descended upon Richmond. But he sicced armed government workers on the owner of a gym in Roanoke who threatened his authority by ignoring his decree to keep his doors shut to people who weren’t being forced to walk through them.

Atlanta is under siege by a latter-day Golden Horde that has been given leave to open businesses . . . with bricks.

The same businesses that were closed with threats of government force two months ago.

There are scenes of AGWs in full riot gear standing not more than 20 yards away from rioters  . . . but enter a train without a Fear Mask and you’ll be “taken down” by a Tacticooled storm trooper without mercy, because of an assertion that you might be sick.

Which is sickening.

If government has any reason for being, it is to keep violent thugs  at bay – or at least, make the effort. But then, the government has no legal obligation to protect your person or property from violent thugs, including government thugs.

The Supreme Court saith that it is only obliged to enforce the law – via thugs.

But what about the laws against arson, theft and general mayhem? How come those laws are suddenly just guidelines – as it were – while at the same time, decrees without legal basis (other than We Said So) commanding people to emulate Michael Jackson in public or else are enforced with such zeal?

It makes no sense until you recover your senses and realize that “public safety” is not the object but the excuse, selectively applied. It is applied to people who present a threat, all right  . . .  to the government. By being not-dependent on it; i.e., people capable of paying their own bills through honest work (as opposed to government make-work). People who question it authority to decree they may not work.

The rioters, on the other hand, present no threat  . . . to the government. They enhance it. They provide the pretext for more government, which the naive will clamor for the more the rioters are allowed to run amok.

And they are being allowed – precisely for that reason. War being the health of the state and all.

Each state in which these riots are taking place has thousands of armed government workers at its disposal and enough Tacticool gear to Hut! Hut! Hut! Mexico, probably. This gear – and these AGWs – could be used to protect property and restore peace. So why aren’t these heavily armed Hut! Hut! Hutters! being used for that? Why, on the other hand, are they being used to “lock down” millions of people who’ve never harmed anyone?

The incongruity ought to make people angry.

And it might just wise them up.

The rioters show us what the government doesn’t want anyone to see – but most especially those of us who have not been rioting over the things we probably should be rioting about.

It is, simply, that tyranny never gives way to obedience.

And that the lock downs were never about “public safety.”

They are a test of sorts. Of our obedience.

Well, enough of that, eh?

If the government is going to allow people to riot while locking us down then maybe we should be rioting, too.

Over being not allowed to live.

The Lockdown Mafia that has already cost tens of millions of people everything they had and is now costing them again, in the form of burned-down cities and cratered real estate values.

Someone is going to have to pay for this.

And someone should.

Why not the captains and consiglieries of the Lock-Down mafia? Aren’t they responsible for all of this? The misery of going on four months of economic destruction; the empowering of thugs like the one that Hut! Hut! Hutted! George Floyd to death – and which triggered the riots.

It is all their doing – whether by the overt act or as a result of malignant neglect.

Maybe it is time to lock them down  . . . in the interests of public safety.

Perhaps the Orange Man will do just that.

He surely ought to.

. . .

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  1. I was told in government school that anyone is allowed to be a President so long as he was born here and at least 35 years old. That was obviously a big fat lie! All recent Presidents, including Obama, were apparently high level Freemasons (they publicly used the Masonic handshake), except for Trump. But Trump seems to put the interests of Israeli Zionists ahead of the country he is President of.

  2. From Lew Rockwell
    Author unknown:

    I’m sorry but anyone that thinks that social distancing is a good idea for the next few years, actually wants to be micro-chipped or thinks that a ‘benevolent’ dictatorship is for the good of humanity, I don’t want to give that point of view any of my energy.

    I am a free Human Being and if you want to stay home, stay home. That’s your sovereign right to choose.

    If you want to wear a mask, wear a mask. That’s your sovereign right to choose.

    If you want to avoid large crowds, avoid large crowds. That’s your sovereign right to choose

    I am not required to descend into poverty for YOU.

    I am not required to abstain from human contact for YOU.

    I refuse to participate in “quarantine life” until there’s an unsafe, untested vaccine released in eighteen months.

    I refuse to receive a vaccine to make others feel more safe. That’s my sovereign right to choose!

    If you’re convinced the vaccine is safe and effective, you can get it yourself.

    Some of you are allowing fear and policies devoid of scientifically accurate data to destroy the country you live in and ruin your life.

    We have a constitutional right to take risks. Life is full of bacteria and viruses, many of which spread before symptoms manifest and after they subside.

    We have a sovereign right to receive OR refuse vaccines.

    The data was inaccurate at best; purposely overblown to justify government overreaction at worst.

    Stop allowing the government to destroy:
    The food supply;
    Small businesses;
    Medical autonomy;
    Access to healthcare;
    Mass gatherings;
    Privacy rights;
    Our mental health & freedom

    When the “new normal” is filled with starvation, depression, suicide, child abuse, domestic violence, imprisonment, governmental spying, and pure DESPERATION, the “virus” is going to look preferable to the world you helped facilitate.

    I’m going to turn this around on people from now on. Those that say I’m (or anyone that supports this) putting money over lives by wanting the country back open for business…

    Hear this:

    -YOU don’t care about the people that will kill themselves out of hopelessness

    -YOU don’t care about small businesses that’ll close their doors (THEIR LIVELIHOOD) permanently

    -YOU don’t care about the children/women/men that’ll be victims of domestic abuse

    -YOU don’t care about people defaulting on their mortgages

    -YOU don’t care about bills going unpaid by families with ZERO income right now

    -YOU don’t care about people wondering where their next meal will come from

    -YOU don’t care about the people that’ll lose their sobriety and slip back into alcoholism

    -YOU don’t care about the people that will starve

    -YOU support the inevitable looting that’ll take place

    -YOU don’t care about anyone that’s murdered the longer this shut down goes on

    -YOU don’t care about people’s mental health

    -YOU don’t care about the children that DO need teachers and educators to guide & educate them

    -YOU don’t care about the economy crashing down around us


    -YOU love your shackles

    -YOU are pathetic, begging your leaders for MORE shut down and MORE regulations and MORE handouts

    I will NOT tolerate another person telling me that I don’t care about lives.

    I care about the situation in its entirety.

    But YOU don’t care about any of that so…
    YOU stay home.
    YOU wear a mask.
    YOU live in fear.

    I on the other hand will not. As is my sovereign right to choose NOT TO!

  3. Minstrel Man Northam’s executive order on masks is being ignored in places outside of Richmond. Page 3 of the executive order states that nobody has to wear a mask if they have a medical condition that precludes wearing a mask, and it also states that nobody can be questioned about the medical condition and that no documentation is needed.

    Never mind about anything in the ADA, the exemption is stated in the EO.

  4. The more this goes on, I am reminded of Mengele’s quote, “The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it. ”

    Drum up quietly a “virus” epidemic in the background during the impeachment. Impeachment over, here comes virus. Fauci says it won’t be a problem. CDC says no to face masks. (Get sick everyone)

    Outbreaks start to occur. Governors of some states say let “let the covid people in” to senior centers. Deaths occur as planned, lockdown ensues. Fear of virus leads to the emptying of jails and prisons. (Riot material released) Government is easily able to tell the rough percentage of sheep in the population due to mask wearing. (Their thermometer of whether the pot is hot enough yet and to give future rioters masks in which to hide their faces)

    Destruction of small businesses ensues while centralized national chains stay open. People lose jobs. Get angry. Stay in, don’t socialize and separate from society. (Ready to riot anyone? If it doesn’t seem like this is your cause yet, just wait, its coming)

    Next there will be false flag Trump supporters being agitators in these riots. I heard one today of a person in a bullet proof vest with motorcycle helmet carrying a MAGA flag inciting the protests. (continue to marginalize both sides) Military will roll in. Things will continue to get much much worse. Wake up people. This is being done TO YOU!

    • Just an add on to my reply:

      It should be noted as well that police are getting a whole lot of bad press for bad actions as well. Not only is antifa and such taken a role in the riots, please note that it looks like law enforcement may also have been infiltrated by such groups and are bad actors as well meant to paint law enforcement in a bad light.

      We have Ahmed Arbery death in my state and no one is protesting over him. No one is protesting the black deaths that have occurred during the riots. Yet, when I see all the “propaganda” occurring over this incident, I have to wonder if it too was staged. When I see that mural painted on the wall that so clearly looks like it was as planned as Obama’s Hope poster, I have to wonder.

    • That Mengele quote…despite map not being territory, symbols trump reality – including actions. Humanimal is waterlogged with symbology, & is faith-positive symbol manipulation is ipso facto & sine qua non proof of thinking. So autopilots for autopiloted was always just a matter of time intersecting tech.

      But the manual says…

      While the book says…

      The Aimee Mann tune, Wise Up, in the Magnolia soundtrack, would be good advice, if there were such a thing as good advice.

  5. Some excellent points, Eric. We don’t have ANTIFA or BLM supporting rioting over lockdowns against a virus that are at best purely guesswork. Like the fake virus pandemic, these riots are planned events designed to further divide us, for or against, and thus through fear depend on the government to ensure our “safety”. Creating lockdowns and riots is the preferred method of thuggery being used by the Democrats, socialists, Communists and the hard left as a means to destroy capitalism and freedom, which is their most cherished goal. To have this much hate within oneself is a testament to a mind that has been propagandized beyond any rationality. These people cannot see that it is themselves that are going to be destroyed.

  6. Despite nearly every last one of these Race Porn stories they’ve relentlessly smacked us in the face with for the past thirty years eventually unraveling to some degree after all the facts come in, yet again everyone is a know-it-all and is absolutely confident that four white racist Minneapolis cops murdered that poor wholesome black man and if they don’t all get the death penalty, they should all get life in prison, where they will hopefully be raped repeatedly by righteous black revolutionaries.

    Even though hardly any of you ever seem to listen or learn, I feel compelled to tell you a few things they’re leaving out of what has become a drearily familiar sculpted narrative about George Floyd’s death:

    • The first two Minneapolis police officers to arrive on the scene were Thomas Lane and J. Alexander Kueng. It is almost suspiciously difficult to find pictures of them online, but judging from the two screencaps here, Lane looks to be a light-skinned black man and Kueng appears to be Asian. There’s no disputing that Tuo Thao, who showed up along with the unfortunately surnamed white officer Derek Chauvin after George Floyd was already handcuffed, is Asian. A brief search of his surname suggests it has a Thai or Cambodian origin. And Derek Chauvin—the white cop with the creepy glower who “took a knee” on George Floyd’s neck and kept it there long after Floyd was unconscious—was married to a Hmong refugee and beauty-pageant contestant; that is, until he was arrested for third-degree murder last week, whereupon she promptly filed divorce papers. But there was only one white cop out of the four—one and a half if you want to speculate about Thomas Lane’s mom—and the only 100% Caucasian one was married to an Asian. None of this has any meaning beyond making the “four racist white cops” narrative look stupid. Not that the narrative will be affected—it’s stupid to think it would.
    • At one point during the clip where Chauvin has Floyd down on the ground with his knee on his neck, one of the cops says, “This is why you don’t do drugs, kids.” There were originally rumors that Chauvin had said “I can’t breathe” before he was on the ground. The police report also states that he bizarrely threw himself on the ground. The official charging document against Chauvin states that Floyd was not choked or strangled to death but may have died from a toxic cocktail of arrest-induced panic alongside a heart condition and drugs which have yet to be named:
    The autopsy revealed no physical findings that support a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxia or strangulation. Mr. Floyd had underlying health conditions including coronary artery disease and hypertensive heart disease. The combined effects of Mr. Floyd being restrained by the police, his underlying health conditions and any potential intoxicants in his system likely contributed to his death.

    Again, I don’t expect any of this to change the narrative that he died from his neck being crushed under a racist white man’s Knee of Hate. I will also state that the entire knee maneuver was stupid and probably illegal. That’s an entirely separate issue from whether America should be burnt to cinders as a result.

    • The news isn’t saying much about the fact that Floyd had done jail time for a 1998 theft, a 2002 criminal-trespassing charge, a 2005 cocaine possession beef, and a five-year prison stretch for armed robbery after he broke into a woman’s home with several male accomplices and held a gun to her stomach. They also don’t make much note of the fact that the only reason police got involved with Floyd that evening was because a store owner called 911 and said a man fitting his description had tried passing off a counterfeit $20 bill.

    • And again, they don’t talk much at all about that whole “resisting arrest” thing, which is a crime in itself and seems to be the flashpoint of so many of these high-profile Race Porn cases that media hyperbole and aggressive cherry-picking of the facts help to get blown out of any lingering resemblance to reality.

    So those are a few of the facts that they are either ignorantly or carefully slaloming around as they yet again pitch you a hopelessly simplistic religious narrative about another white demon slaying another black angel for no other reason because not only do all white people have a racist virus in their brain, but this white-supremacist nation encourages cops to do these things and also lets them get away with it.

    As a bunch of certifiably retarded shitheads burned his city down, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said that this wasn’t only about “the five minutes of horror” involving the knee, but about “400 years,” of course! He also said that Floyd “would be alive if he were white.”

    He has a point—remember when the racist whites who rule the streets of Minneapolis rioted in 2017 after a Somalian cop shot dead a blonde woman who was only calling 911 to report that she thought she heard someone being raped? Remember when all those beer-swilling rednecks in Dallas looted and stabbed and raped after video emerged of officers joking while a white man died in their custody? Remember when an already riot-prone Los Angeles erupted in flames again after video emerged of rifle-toting police shooting a white man to death after he’d shown no resistance?

    Do you ever remember hearing on CNN that black cops are more likely than white cops to kill black suspects? That cops kill twice as many white people every year than they kill blacks? Do they ever talk about racial disparities when it comes to committing almost every crime in the books? Do you ever remember ANY major news outlet even ATTEMPTING over the past 30 years to explain these endless national nightmares beyond a tidy prism of “this was caused by a white supremacist system that needs to be immediately dismantled”?

    • Bobster, granting all of that (but another autopsy found, that he *had* died from the injuries inflicted) and granting that the Progs corporate mass media, has been priming this tinder for decades. That STILL does NOT justify the use of that control method, for the period of time that it was used, on a perp that was already restrained. It was neither professional, nor necessary.

      But thats neither here, nor there at this point. With the Progs, symbolism is substance, and those dunces played right into their hands.

        • True, but given that 90% of the corporate mass media is Prog, the other sides have many fewer eye balls and ears.

          Humans are symbol fixated. Its a hard wired g lich, but all long out of warranty.

          Expect major brand re call soon.

      • Exactly, BJ!

        What kills me though (and also shows the duplicity of the media) is that they always choose to publicize victims who are criminals/drug addicts/etc. when there are so many better upstanding people off all races/ethnicities who suffer the same fate, but whom they never even mention- much less make a poster child of.

        With the former, they create a dichotomy in which there can be a division, because some will dismiss the abuse because it was perpetrated upon someone who is likely someone who they would not want to encounter- thus they can justify the abuse by saying “He deserved it” and they feel that the abusers are “keeping them safe”.

        But, if they did the latter, and reported on all of the abuse heaped upon victims with whom the average person could identify with and support, THEN we would have a united front against the police state, as the majority would then realize that such a thing could just as easily happen to them or one of their loved ones. i.e. the reality would become clear to most.

        And of course, such a thing can happen to anyone- but by portraying it the way they do, it creates division (Keep us divided, so there can be no real resistance) and so they can actually create support for the police state- “The victims are always bad people, so I don’t care; they are keeping me safe; it can’t happen to me, since I am not a bad person”.

        The MSM is the Devil incarnate!

        • Puzzled look; I thought that was Bobby Kotick? ^^

          The Progs identity ideology is based on a core of envy and hatred. One of its basic tenets is divide and rule. It works with their allies, the globalists agenda as well.

    • Also, George Floyd was trying to clean up his life, and had remained out of jail for over five years. That said, the optics are just terrible, regardless of the facts…

      • I think they just keep killing the same person over and over again, ’cause every time, since the freaking 80’s, the victim always seems to have the same resume: “…an aspiring rapper who was in the process of turning his life around…..”

  7. …Did I just read

    “That’s enough of that, eh?”
    Well this hoser is hooked.

    Really enjoy reading your articles sir.

    • Correction, Anon. BOTH parties are! Who just consorted with the Dems and signed the BIGGEST spending bill of all time in the history of the world, thus ensuring the bankrupting of the USofA? Who has further militarized the fuzz to the point where he makes GWB and Obozo look like pacifists? Who signed the biggest military budget ever? Who said “Take the guns first, then worry about duie process”….etc.- but you get it….

      The Dems are like the school bully who says “Give me yo money, mutha-effer, or Ima rape yo mama and yo sister, and put foot up yo azz every day!”

      The Repubs are like the school bully who says “You know, for a modest contribution, I’ll make sure your mama and sister don’t hassled, and your ass remains boot-free….but if you don’t contribute, like Louie over there, something bad will almost certainly happen [wink, wink. laugh]”.

      • Morning, Nunz!

        I realize we disagree on this, but . . . why not support the lesser of two evils (Trump; as bad as things are, how bad would they be if she had been the head warden during this national “lock down”?) when there is no other choice? It grates on me, too, that we haven’t got a free choice – or rather, that we can’t choose to be let alone in general, across the board. But life is not perfect. Would it be less or more so to just cede the field and not even try to rouse opposition? I prefer to make the most of what I can. Thus, I support the Orange Man over the alternative – for the same reason I’d support trying to keep the pumps working on Titanic, to delay the sinking as long as possible so as to make the sinking less lethal. Perhaps more people could get off the ship; perhaps another ship will arrive in time – etc.

        I’ve mentioned before the lessons in practical politics I learned from Satan himself – Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov. That bastard understood the value of seizing every opportunity, making use of whatever expedient crumb came his way – in the furtherance of his cause. We can use the same principle. In a fight with a mortal enemy, there are no rules. Kick him in the balls. Gouge the SOB’s eyes.

        The left has always understood this. It is high time our side did, too.

        • voting for the lesser of the 2 evils is like choosing between getting killed with a gun or a knife. I totally blame the fake right for the destruction of the country. the right has been losing for 50 years never won nothing. GOP makes believe they are against the democrats but they are allies. OP lying for 50 years all the fake right cares about is israel and not being called racists. they don’t even belief in the 2nd amendment as they hand their guns over to the cops they worship. the right says I am law abiding and I will not riot. well the whites better start rioting being they are being overtaken by people that fight for what they believe in even if it is wrong. the right think the cops who caused this disaster will save them

          • Hi SP,

            I agree with all of that; what I meant is that for purely tactical reasons, I’ll support “x” if it furthers a strategic goal. Hence, Orange Man – who enrages all the right people; who to his credit has done a great deal to delegitimize government, whether he intended to or not.

            • Exactly right, one thing at a time. I don’t think anyone wants to ‘feed the beast’ but there’s no sense fighting two adversaries at once. Use their own tactics against them.

            • Good point. Trump has done a great service by peeling back the veneer of phony politeness from politics and exposing it for the sewer that it is.

              • Trump has a pattern, for anyone who notices. This is observed over many years. he is polite to those who are polite to him, and he is rude to those who are rude. He tends to escalate. when attacked. In that regard he is quite refreshing, when compared to the faux civility of the so called “elites”.

                Politics is power in application. How can it be anything but ugly?

        • Hi Eric!

          Eric, I don’t really see any lesser evil. I just see another evil, who differs in word only. I’d rather call-out and oppose evil- as opposed to supporting it just because it may be ever so slightly different than another branch of evil.

          And think about it: Although I’ve always sided with the Repugnantcans, one has to admit that the destruction of liberties as well as the growth of government have GREATLY accelerated under DJT’s reign moire so than has been the case under any other administration excepting possibly FDR’s and LBJ’s. Ditto GWB. Words are cheap, but actions and results tell the real story.

          The presidents of my lifetime: JFK(not for long), LBJ, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, GHWB, Clinton, GWB, Obozo, and Trump. I can’t figure out which were less evil. The only differences were the words they spoke, depending on the audience they sought to woo.

          Instead of supporting some perceived slightly less evil, why not oppose evil in all of it’s forms, and refuse to support not only tyrants, but their very office, and pretexts for their existence?

          Why support the very thing which we oppose? -Government.

          Don’t get me wrong- I was glad when Trump won, instead of the Hildebeast- but really, in actuality, we have the same thing, just with different verbiage: Massive multi-trillion dollar spending (Call it a “Green New Deal or COVID-stimulus…it amounts to the same thing, the money goes to the same players, tyranny and surveillance and size of gov’t increases, and a pretext for UBI is put in place); Massive damage to the 2A. Massive unprecedented militarization; massive increase in surveillance infrastructure: 5G. No staunching of the influx of invaders; No accountability for the Clinton’s crimes, as well as a sweeping under the rug of all who were involved with Epstein, etc. etc.

          I fail to see any lesser evil, or even a different evil. It’s just the same old evil, but in words which sound a little better to us. The better liars win.

          • The Economic tsunami that is rising is the result of Government actions. It is both parties and all 3 branches of the Evil.

            America should Not be defined by The Swamp creatures.
            America is regular people living their lives Mostly In Spite of government. Truly I believe we would all be better off to ignore DC in favor of local, more controllable governance that actually has our interests at heart. As for the rioters, the right to self defense of life and property with a militia of shop owners and local citizens is all that was ever needed.

            • Hi Just Sayn,
              Yes! The part about Americans just living their lives. THAT, my friend, is the entire crux of the matter. If most people would do that! That is, in essence, Libertarianism.
              Unfortunately, most people these days are (largely unbeknownst to them) collectivists. They have been raised for generations to believe in being subjects -“Democracy”, you know. So rather than just living their lives and pursuing their interests, and advocating that everyone else do the same, they instead want to be part of a collective- and thus spend a good deal of their time and efforts to get the collective to support their interests and to force others to conform to those objectives. Thus they support tyranny- and have no problem with that tyranny as lonmg as it is a brand of tyranny which they are comfortable with.
              In short, it is the belief in government that is the problem. The desire to be free of government is the solution- but “believers” don’t want to be free of government; they just want a government that is agreeable to them- so government stays enthroned. That belief is pounded into us before we can even read- we are taught to pledge allegiance to a flag as we are regimented in public schools starting no later than the age of five! We are told how wonderful the leaders of our national cult are, and that it is our duty to obey them, yada yada……

          • Nunzio, I grant you all of that. I differ in some of the slight details, but that’s simply different perceptions.

            But your main point that lessor evil is still evil, is an excellent observation. It bears examining.

            Currently, what we are engaged in doing, is akin to re arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. While the band plays stirring music, the wise are getting as far away as possible, so as to avoid the under tow.

            But that doesn’t mean that we turn off the pumps, that are hopelessly attempting to stem the rising tide of water in the hold.

            I think of Trump as a rear guard action. He is buying time, for the wise to prepare and/or get away. What is coming is Inevitable at this point.

            Unless we get another crisis (war with China, the Big One, Meteor strike… ^^) I suspect we will start seeing really nasty economic results in the August/September time frame. That will escalate matters, and cause even more desperate measures.

            All of which, will no doubt make matters even worse. At some point,
            the faction battles of the Oligarchs, will come out of the shadows, and then all bets will be off.

            I suspect that the next few months, are all that we have left, to finish our preparations. Make the most of it.

            • Hey BJ!
              I agree! Great Titanic analogy! And yes- our time is short.
              The one thing I would like to clarify: While I would agree that any actions to lessen evil are a good thing, what I have been saying is that merely voting for a candidate who says things that sound less evil is in-fact NOT lessening evil, because the things they say are meaningless, and ultimately (as should be painfully obvious with Trump- for just one example) anyone who occupies the office serves the whole system and ultimately those who control it.

              Which candidate will not serve Israel’s interests?
              Which candidate will not obey the globalists?
              Which candidate will not serve and further the military-industrial complex? [Well…Ron Paul- which is why he never went anywhere…).

              So we can support a candidate who says that they will get us out of/stop funding NATO; Stop the endless wars/regime changes; Stop the invaders; eliminate the plethora of red-tape and regulations which have destroyed small business; repeal Obozocare, etc. etc. -And we now have such a candidate in office….but instead of being free of those evils, we instead have the very opposite; and the only positive things we can cite are so minuscule that they are akin to having affection for the guy who mugged you and cracked your skull because he didn’t take the pennies from your penny loafers.

      • Voting Republican is like playing Russian Roulette with one chamber loaded.

        Voting Democrat is like playing Russian Roulette with six chambers loaded.

    • So is the GOP. But that having been said, who really cares? Just so long as the Money Printer goes BRRRRRRR! All will be well, Citizen. Until it isn’t…

      • Hi BJ,

        A friend of mine told me the other day he received a debit card from Uncle. Not a check that can be cashed. A plastic “credit” card fungible for goods and services to the tune of $1,200. Apparently, this is the prequel of the UBI we’ve been hearing about. Does anyone know anything about this?

        • Eric, that was one of the options of the program. Its a pre loaded debit card, like a gift card, if I remember right.

          But UBI is still a possible option, given how bad things are going to get. Hell, whats a few trillion dollars more debt? Its not as if its ever going to get paid back any way.

          I’m thinking a deflationary start, and then a slide into hyperinflation. The next few months are going to get “interesting”.

          Did you listen to the testimony before the Senate today? Lots of grandstanding, but I doubt much will come of it. But they still have months to go, while the
          Progs get ever more desperate.

        • Hey Eric!
          I remember hearing that deb(i)t cards would be “distributed” to people who either don’t have a bank account, or who have one, but one which has never been accessed by Uncle, via electronic deposit of “tax refunds” or Social(ist) Security payments, etc.

          Since I’m not a “client” of the IRS, nor on the dole, etc. I haven’t gotten anything. I’m glad! It’s a pretty good sign that I’m doing a decent job of protecting my privacy and avoiding involvement with Uncle and his minions.

        • You don’t get checks even for unemployment now as I understand it.
          They want micromanagement ability. Furthermore it generates all sorts of fee income for the crony banks that checks never would.

          • More importantly, Brent, checks, once cashed, become a dead-end. Cards and access to bank accounts makes things trackable!

            I am very happy to not receive their filthy lucre! I am not for sale…much less for $1200. The only detriment I will suffer is the devaluing of my cash….

  8. I think it’s interesting that “protests” occurred more or less simultaneously in 200 US cities. Just coincidence, right. No one would plan and coordinate such a thing let alone incite some of the “protesters” to riot and loot. That would fall under the negative connotation of “conspiracy theory”. Stuff like that never happens, right? Why that would mean a group of people would have had to meet, plan, coordinate, and spend money to make all those spontaneous protests happen. Just not possible. Absolutely ludicrous, ya tin foil hat lunatic. Why that would imply that these secret planners have names and addresses. Nah. What was I thinking? Wrong-think? Did I forget my medication again? I’ll bet there’s an approved news web site that will tell what to think!

    • It’s gone beyond the USA with protest all over the world. Just like the wuflu hoax was worldwide so are the riots. Must just be a coincidence.

  9. Odd that among the many kinds of businesses being looted — AutoZone, Target, jewelers, pawn shops — bank branches seem to be less prominent.

    Unlike other businesses, banks are being lavishly cosseted with the direct aid of “digitally printed” vapo-dollars administered through illegal Special Purpose Vehicles supervised by the Federal Reserve and Treasury. Corrupt insiders are in charge of the daily dealing.

    Meanwhile, today Wells Fargo announced that it’s cutting off financing for non-franchised, independent auto dealers. Some of these dealers specialize in the $5,000-and-under segment of the used car market — exactly the vehicles many people are going to need for transportation after banks pull the plug on them too.

    Much like NahnLeven, there appears to be a controlled demolition underway. Assets don’t disappear; they just change hands. Into the hands of the kakistocracy, that is. Mnuchin, Powell and Kushner are the faces of organized crime with government badges.

    As for the Orange Man, with the hard hit that commercial real estate is taking, I suspect that he’s bankrupt again. At least the busted mogul has got a meal plan, free haircuts, and a warm place to sleep till next January.

    • The $5,000-and-under segment that the big manufacturer-connected dealerships won’t touch. Heck, most dealerships want nothing to do with any car that’s more than 10 years old or costs less than $10,000; that kind of money will theoretically buy you a pretty nice gen-4 Camaro with a V8, but in practice you’ll only get it from a private party.

      On the other hand, after some of the price-gouging I dodged on the way to a Veloster, I find it hard to have much sympathy for these little car lots. $10,000 for a Neon SRT4? $5,000 for a 2.2L/2WD S10? Seriously?

      • I have lowballed car lots before because I wasn’t interested (not so nice at 5′ as it was at 150′) or the car was not (even close to being) worth the asking price. Twice they bit and I bought a car anyways…
        No sympathy from me either lol.

      • Chuck, those independent car lots serve a very useful purpose: They make it possible for people to drive who otherwise wouldn’t, because those people can’t bothered to save a few grand and then take the time to search out a good old reliable grandpa car from a private party; People who can’t be bothered getting a car checked-out by a mechanic before purchase, or even doing a little research to find out what the car is actually worth- even though it’s easier today than it ever has been, what with the interwebz and everyone having a li’l computer in their pocket; the same people who “buy” a TV from Rent-A-Center or Aaron’s for $40 a month for 4 years…’cause they can’t be bothered to wait a week or two or do a little extra work to come up with $400 to buy one outright at Walmart for $400. Thye people who drive a 10 year-old car, and who have to carry comp and collision on it ’cause it’s financed….

        Seriously, without those lots, those people would be thumbing it to the food stamp office.

        Buy-Here Pay-Here lots; check cashing places; pawn shops; party supply places; Beauty supply placers; Rent-A-Center; Military recruitment offices…..these businesses all cater to such people. There’s a reason you’ll always find those businesses in the ‘hood- even where no supermarket can exist. (Except perhaps for the recruitment centers)- Their customers all have something in common: Messed-up priorities!

        • Hi Nunz,

          Seedy used car lots are fun! And not all used car lots are seedy. Some provide a much better alternative to dealer lots – which can be just as seedy but which are often much more pricey. I have a buddy who has a small used car lot. He goes to auctions and buys cars, fixes the big stuff and makes them roadworthy (he’s a professional mechanic; also a state “safety” inspector) and then resells them for a profit. Nothing unreasonable there as there are people who don’t have the knowledge or the time or the ability to go to an auction or fix up a used car and are legitimately scared of buying a pig-in-a-poke used car that might have all kinds of problems. My buddy is an honest guy and well-known in the community; he doesn’t rip people off. He provides a valuable service and makes money doing it. Win-win.

          I think it’s valuable to have alternatives to everything. It gives people choice – and that choice fosters competition, which is a benefit to all concerned.

          • Hi Ya Eric!

            No arguments with ya on all of the above, Eric! The dealship lots are definitely the biggest rip-offs…but even they’re not putting a gun to anyone’s head to deal with ’em.

            Funny thing about the psychology of some people when buying cars: I’ve mentioned this before, but in case ya missed it:

            Before leaving NY, I had to mind an acquaintance’s small used car lot (The part-time mechanic there was the spitting image and persona of Danny De Vito’s “Louie De Palma” character from the great sitcom Taxi 😀 ).

            This lady comes in one day, looking for a car for her college-student daughter (Daughter not present). The lady took an instant liking to this…ummm…(((what do you call that color that would be hot pink if it were a few shades lighter?))) mid-80’s Firebird.

            That Firebird was beat to hell! The motor was well worn; and the body and suspension were showing all of the obvious signs of having been driven very hard. I proceed to tell the lady that that car is really not suitable for her daughter, unless her daughter likes working on cars- and that if she were just looking for a reliable car for transportation while attending college, this is not the car for her.

            I tried to interest the lady in some better alternatives for the same price or even cheaper than the Fireturd- like a nice Toyota. The lady just gave a glance at the other cars….than left. No thank you…nothing. She acted annoyed that I had thwarted her from the Firebird. (Had I said nothing and had she bought the Firebird, she would have called me a crook a week later!)

            I also learned in my early years when I used to flip used cars, that it didn’t pay to make a car mechanically perfect. “Oh, you rebuilt the engine in this nice car? I’ll still only offer what a worn-out, ragged-out one would go for- well…IF I were going to buy it, which I won’t because it doesn’t have the best stereo!”.[Proceeds to go two blocks over and buys barely-running POS from shady curbstoner because it has a decent stereo and Playboy air-freshener].

            I used to loive dealing with Mexicans when I was minding the car lot! They were always so nonchalant and trusting. I’d always hook them up with good vehicles…and I was glad that they came to me, ’cause I could only imagine how some of the other places would have reamed ’em. What a pleasure they were to deal with though, compared to “regular people”. They’d always do what they’d say. Come back on Thursday with the money? They’d show up!

            The Firebird lady though…I think she was the original Karen! And the Louie De Palma-esque mechanic! He drove a Ford Fairmont! -and this was right arounbd the turn of the century- I think it was the last one in existence. I had to go somewhere with him once in it…it was surreal! 😀

            • Hi Nunz,

              I’ll catch Hell for this – but you know how much I care about that! I really like Mexicans and Russians; the ones I’ve met and dealt with have all been among the most straightforward, no-bullshit people I’ve ever met. Also warm and kind – unless you screw them. In which case, you get what you deserve!

              • So true, Eric! Yes…the Russians too! I had these Russian customers when I was doing salvage. They’d always come in a group of 6. 3 guys and three girls. I always remember them, because although our business transactions were very insignificant- they’d just come and get a few cheap parts now and then- just little things; and since I knew what they drove, I’d always hold stuff that I knew would interest them, that I’d otherwise scrap. So one day the group of ’em show up…but they didn’t want to buy anything. They had just come to say goodbye!

                They were going back to Russia. They said there was no more freedom here than in Russia (and this was in the 90’s!) only a lot more crime and government intrusion here.

                Russians who’ve experienced communism, or whose immediate relatives and ancestors have, seem to appreciate liberty much more so than most Americans these days.

                I never realized the quality of people I was dealing with, with those Russians, until the day they came to say goodbye. That they would do so, to the insignificant junk-monger, when they had no other reason to even be in my vicinity that day, really was illuminating, and made me wish that I had been able to get to know them better while they were here.

                • Nunzio,

                  There was a shortwave radio program I used to listen to, and the host was a biker. He related how he and his friends took a bike tour or Russia. At the end of a ride, they got a nice camp fire going so they could relax, drink, and BS. He recalled that one of the group said how they couldn’t do that in America; since they didn’t have a permit, they’d have been jammed up by the cops here. I never forgot that story…

                  • Hi Mark,

                    Yup. When I was in high school in the ’80s, I was able to ride a motorcycle without a helmet; cops (they weren’t AGWs then) were not a threat unless you did something blatantly illegal in front of one and even then, unless it was a violent felony, they didn’t scream get on the ground! and draw a gun on you.

                    I miss it, a lot.

                    PS: Would you believe that maniac “Alex/Les/Winnie” continues to post – straight into the trash? He/she is alarmingly obsessed with me. It must be my nappy locks…

                  • Yep, MM.

                    My former Russian customers couldn’t believe how the government here interfered in family and inter-personal relationships- and this was the mid 90’s- so they had experienced Soviet Russia…and our tyranny wasn’t even as blatant at that time as it is now.

                    That really says something.

  10. We are living in a time when we are seeing before our very eyes the full-blown evil of government, and all that it is capable of. And still, most people think that the government is there “to protect them”- while that very government ladles out more and more evil and violence against the non-violent who aren’t harming anyone, while at the same time giving free reign to those who destroy the lives and property of others- and why not? -since that seems to be the chief product of government these days as well. Birds of feather; professional courtesies and all.

    And my, what amazing coincidences!
    Trump signs a MASSIVE budget to further militarize the pigs to a level far beyond the absurdity that already exists…and what do you know? A convenient “need” for such force arises! (Of course, it is not yet being used….but what better way to get the plebes to demand that it should be? And thus it will be…but on us…not THEM).

    Likewise, the 5G network is erected through the auspices of government (Hmm..funny how that’s now the province of gov’t, rather than the private market)….and what do you know? Just as the system goes on-line, a “need” for the capabilities it will enable magically arises, in the form of contact tracing!

    It’s nothing new, of course, twenty years ago:

    A couple of trillion bucks go missing at the Pentagon….and not only does the very office where they are doing the audit get crashed into by “a plane piloted by a terrorist”, but the only other place where a record of the wrong-doing exists, WTC7 just happens to suffer the same fate at the same time.

    My, my, such coincidences!

  11. Eric,

    Who is the public?

    Who is society?

    Who is protected when someone is arrested for DUI or given a ticket for speeding?

    The answer of course is person or persons unknown AND UNKNOWABLE.

    However, the representatives of the public are KNOWN. Ergo, they are the ones who are “protected and served.”

    It’s NOT “a question of who the Lockdown Mafia deems worthy of stopping”, rather a question of who is worthy of protection.

  12. Regarding the Floyd incident, both red and blue state governors are guilty as hell of letting their cities burn. While I am not clamoring for any additional government, only a stupid idiot couldn’t have seen the riots coming. You can’t say that state emergency management agencies haven’t been wargaming this exact scenario. Of course they have.

    If I was the president, I would perp walk and march these governors, emergency managment personnel and city mayors and councils into jail. That’s where they belong. We could all breathe a little easier when that happens

  13. Yeah, Governors Whitmer, Cuomo, Murphy, and Wolf are guilty of MURDER for putting COVID patients in nursing homes, where it would be most LETHAL! Governors Murphy and Cuomo have no excuse at all for doing this, since they had access to the temporary field hospitals. Cuomo had the hospital at the Javits Convention Center and the one in Central Park, set up by Franklin Graham’s Samaritan First. Also remember that the USNHS Comfort, the hospital ship docked in NYC, was also available; NJ Governor Murphy asked for and was granted access to the Comfort, since it was right across the river from Jersey.

    These governors are guilty of cold blooded murder, plain and simple. We knew early on (from what the Italians told us) that most COVID deaths were from people averaging 80 years of age. These governors, rather than using PLENTIFUL AND AVAILABLE hospital space, put COVID patients in nursing homes; they put COVID patients among those most likely to DIE from it! Moreover, these acts were deliberate. Can someone please tell me how that’s not murder? Anyone?

    • I have had that same thought myself MM. Why aren’t these murderous government officials in jail? At least the guilty copper has been sued for divorce by his wife, which leads me to ask why any sensible woman would marry a police thug.

      • Joeallen,
        Sick thing is, there are a good number of women out there who are turned on by cops. They get off on seeing a man wield power over/abuse other men. Usually the same kind of women who enjoy seeing guys fight over them, and will even provoke such circumstances.

        Of course, such women end up with exactly what they deserve- morons who abuse them (Wives/girlfriends of cops have a much higher incidence of abuse than the norm), cheat on them, and generally treat them like crap, the same as they treat other men, ’cause when it no longer suits them to be Mr. Nice Guy to win a girl’s affection, that girl becomes just another person…and thus is treated like anyone else whom they might abuse or exerci8se power over in order to feel important/respected/powerful. (Not to mention, so many of ’em are alcoholics too).

        It’s a sick, sick world out there. So many people have evil motives, and don’t care who they abuse, as long as they get their jollies.

        • The cop who killed that guy and thus became the official starting point for riots and looting is married to woman who won ms. Minnesota or something of that sort.

      • JoeEllen,

        In the case of the murderous governors, they appoint the department heads, which includes the attorney general. Since the AG was appointed by the governor; since the AG works for the governor; since the AG is of the same party as the governor; the governor won’t be prosecuted. He/she SHOULD be, but they won’t be…

        As for chicks digging cops, I never understood it. I can understand them liking firemen or first aiders, since they help people, but I never understood how women can go for cops. In fact, a woman I worked with was MARRIED to a local cop! The same goes for the woman who helped me at my bank; she’s engaged to a cop. That’s sad, because, at first glance, they both deserve better…

  14. Seems like just a week or so ago, folks were endlessly expressing their reverence for ‘heroes’…doctors, nurses, EMTs, police and fire. “They’re keeping us safe from the beer virus!” My how quickly things change.

    Let’s see…first, prime the populace using TV to brainwash people to believe that they should be scared s#!tless because they’re “under attack” by an “invisible enemy”. Next, inform them that their human rights will be suspended for the time being in order to protect them from said “invisible enemy”… and be sure to loudly and publicly mock those who do not comply–dissent sucks. Work it like a sheepdog…keep the herd moving in the direction you want. Then, shut down all the schools and most of the businesses so people have plenty of time on their hands. Throw in a dash of free government fiat (one lump sum and bonus unemployment through July should just about do it) so they don’t have to return to the drudgery of working the 9 to 5. Stir at first, add an inciting event, then start whipping furiously and voila! CHAOS! Now just wait for the HARUMPH-ing of the working middle class to “do something” and sweep in to take any remaining freedoms and/or rights they may (think) they have remaining.

  15. And like everything else,,, they’ll want we the people to pay for the damage these nice antifa citizens burning the place down have done. And speaking of damage,,, the hoodlums cannot hold a candle with the governors, mayors, and commissioners who have done trillions in direct damage to the economy, 40-60 million lives shattered and thousands of what today are considered useless eaters killed. Of course, like the coppers, with Qualified Immunity gifted by the US Supremo’s,,, none can be tried for their crimes against humanity. Interesting how that works…

    • Yeah, Governors Whitmer, Cuomo, Murphy, and Wolf are guilty of MURDER for putting COVID patients in nursing homes, where it would be most LETHAL! Governors Murphy and Cuomo have no excuse at all for doing this, since they had access to the temporary field hospitals. Cuomo had the hospital at the Javits Convention Center and the one in Central Park, set up by Franklin Graham’s Samaritan First. Also remember that the USNHS Comfort, the hospital ship docked in NYC, was also available; NJ Governor Murphy asked for and was granted access to the Comfort, since it was right across the river from Jersey.

      These governors are guilty of cold blooded murder, plain and simple. We knew early on (from what the Italians told us) that most COVID deaths were from people averaging 80 years of age. These governors, rather than using PLENTIFUL AND AVAILABLE hospital space, put COVID patients in nursing homes; they put COVID patients among those most likely to DIE from it! Moreover, these acts were deliberate. Can someone please tell me how that’s not murder? Anyone?

  16. The angel Floyd had already been in prison for home invasion. Orange chump or more accuratelty President Kushner has prersided over the greatest health care hoax in history and the greatest level of social breakdown in history all over nothing. All without lifting a finger but lots of tweets. What a fucking joke.

    • I am becoming convinced we are seeing coup in action.
      First the Russia nonsense, that failed.
      Then the impeachment over Trump talking about Biden’s Ukraine dealings. That failed.
      Then the COVID, that failed.
      Now riots.

      This is a coup and the insiders are using it to enrich themselves while the top of pyramid is looting the economy and crushing smaller competition to their businesses.

      Just as the people were saying ‘f-this’ and opening up the people whom the government has weaponized are unleashed to smash small businesses. The corporate chains can not only absorb the losses they now have an excuse to leave various neighborhoods. For some stores having them looted, collecting the insurance and never coming back may be better to the bottom line than closing the stores. All without suffering the bad press.

      • A coup against who or what though? There is no unified leadership; no far-reaching monolithic administration or party. Trump has been lame and has accomplished virtually nothing other than a few miniscule signatory deeds- so what would be the purpose of a coup against one person, who at best has done nothing, or at worst has cooperated with the globalist rulers just as much as anyone?

        And riots only help add to support for “the law and order” candidate…….

        • What we are seeing, is the result of a war in the shadows, between factions of the Oligarchs. Those backing Trump, are starting to close the noose on some of the others. Thus the various distractions that we are seeing.

          Of course, none of the major Oligarchs are in danger, but some of the minors are, and that is what all of the drama is about.

          The factions that lost in 2016, have been trying to run out the clock. They have kept the Orange Man tied up, and managed to block most of what he hoped to achieve. But now evidence of the coup is coming out. It remains to be seen what (if anything) will come of it.

        • Morning, Nunz!

          Trump is something unusual. His many flaws notwithstanding, he isn’t a partie man. Which makes him dangerous to the establishment. He’s not as under control as, say, Mittens would have been. He does unpredictable things and – worse, from the standpoint of the establishment – appears to have instinctive “nativist” and “nationalist” ideas, which they loath. Also, whatever else one can say about him, he’s a man. Not just genetically but constitutionally. And that really aggravates the establishment.

          • Eric, what you describe about Trump is what I like about him- but sadly, whether by ignorance or design, he is certainly playing his part in the globalist agenda. Remember, they use the old Hegelian dialectic. They have two sides advocating different “solutions” to a made-up problem(s)….neither “solution” being a good choice, because it doesn’t address the real problem- but in the end both parties accomplish the same goals, just with an emphasis on different aspects and different language.

            A supposed Maverick like Trump fits the bill perfectly for speeding things along. The Dems have already morphed into something different than what they ostensibly used to be; and the Republicans are in the process of doing the same. Trump is merely to the Repubs what AOC is to the Dems.

            Remember, the “party” BS is just theater for the “believers”. In reality, there is only one party. The image that we ascribe to Trump would be nice if it were true….but unfortunately, as much as we’d like for it to be true, it isn’t.

            The spectacle of a hatred being directed at Trump is just part of the show, to occasion the loss of confidence in elections, which is another necessary step in the globalists plan- which plan I describe here:

        • A coup against someone who was actually elected.
          This is punishment for the people of the USA for choosing someone the elites don’t approve of. Never mind that Trump isn’t so bad for them or anything else, Trump was not approved.

      • I agree, Brent –

        Because it all lines up. I do not believe in serial coincidence. What is the first question a detective asks?

        Who benefits?

        All of the things you’ve ticked off benefitted them.

      • Seems clear to me. The current catastrophe is nothing more than “destroy private business” part 2. How convenient we get race riots at the very moment that the folks started waking up and determined that the corona flu was bullshit.

      • Only the “privileged” need be locked down, closer, distanced, required to wear masks, traced, and demanded to stay home for safety of other’s grandma.

    • Trump had an amazing opportunity. The Presidency in the twilight of his life. He could do anything. But he had zero guts to follow through on anything he campaigned on. End wars
      ?? yeah right. build a wall and mexico pays for it. yeah right. lock her up? yeah right. take another look at 9/11? yeah right. And he always hire people who laugh at him and/or hates his guts and instantly turn on him. Like Esper today. Nikki Haley compared him to dylan roof —during the 2016 campaign, Fauci openly mocks hium basking in his ignorant adulation. Everyone thinks hes a joke. And theyre right. The only candidate that could possibly lose to joe biden. I wonder if he survives the republican convention.

      • If a crisis could be engineered better to show Trump as a weak indecisive loser surrounded by snakes I cant imagine how

      • Mark, all that you say is true. But it misses the wider picture. Trump may have actually intended to do that. But campaigning, is rather different from ruling. He is only one man, playing a VERY dangerous game. He is surrounded by enemies, seen and unseen.

        He must rely on many others to get things done. All it takes to slow things down to a snails pace, is to follow each and every policy, to the letter. That is the ploy the “Resistance” has used for years now. Not to mention out right sabotage.

        Keep in mind, that we are screwed no matter who gets to wear the Funny Hat™. but its likely to be MUCH worse if the Progs take power.

        Here are the Rules for Rulers. Perhaps you will be different… ^^

        • agree regarding the dems getting power. The thing is trump is so bad he might take down the senate with him. Then its full blown communism. Completely unstoppable. open borders – reparations – the death of small business even more than now. Hate speech laws. Gun confiscation. An Orwellian police state

          • M3, What’s the difference? We’re in the process of getting those things right now (Take down of small business, communism, etc.). It doesn’t even matter what the turds in The Swamp do….when 97% of the people you encounter are for “socialized medicine”, etc. because their lives are ruled by propaganda, and they’ve lost the love for liberty; the belief in independence and self-ownership, and the values of justice, morality and sanity.

            Trump did have a unique opportunity to do good though, if only he had really wanted to- but it became obvious just by whom he picked as running mate and for various cabinet positions, that the things he said were just calculated to garnjer the supported of the disaffected and disenfranchised who increasingly feel like the same old candidates aren’t worth the effort it taskes to drive to the polls. And it worked.

            Hey, I’m sure that Trump at least sincerely believes in a practices one of his old mantras: “Grab her by the pussy!”. 🙂

            Truly sad though. With the initial support he had, he really could have made a difference.

            • Hi Nunz,

              In re Orange Man: I agree with Mark. The forces arrayed against him are daunting – and willing to go to any lengths to stymie and ruin the Orange Man; rather, ruin the resurgence of the things OM represented – especially his still-obvious aversion to the “globalism” and other pieties of the establishment. I am willing – perhaps foolishly – to support OM one last time, in the hope that if he manages a second term, he will do the things he said he wanted to – and more, including prosecution of the Russiagate entente, perhaps even Fauci as well.

              Besides, what’s the alternative? Biden? And the dead reckoning certainty things will get much worse?

              • Mornin’ Eric,

                I’m surprised at you. DJT has done EXACTLY what the globalist cabal have decreed. Signing NAFTA II, the COVID stimulus, 5G, refusing to secure the borders, unprecedented militarization ‘at home’; same old wars; etc. etc.

                Four years, and he’s done virtually nothing which he promised, and caved on virtually everything, even when he had the power to do them.

                Thinking that he’s magically going to suddenly turn around and start doing good, after having done as much or more evil than his predecessors is….with all due respect….a false hope (You know I was thinking “delusional” 🙂 ).

                Trump has no more interest in liberty than the Hildebeast or biddy Biden. He never even made a pretense of having any- he wanted to make America great…like Hitler made Germany great- It’s about the collective effort to advance the collective…..

                So what if Biden wins? Do you really think there’s any difference? Is he going to out-do Trumps trillions of corporate welfare and UBI? So maybe it will be called something different. So we get a different label.

                Maybe if Biden wins, those who were delusionally pinning their hopes on Trump will become more realistic and figure out that their salvation is not through “democracy” and the government, and maybe any remaining lovers of liberty will actually start taking matters into their own hands.

                Regardless of who is “in”, the globalist/NWO agenda is forging ahead full-speed (It has actually gained more ground under Trump than ever before) and this country is going down, and we are not going to regain any liberties here, but will continue to lose them. Considering that, I really don’t care which player is in office, or the carefully chosen words they use to woo the believers-in-democracy- because those things do not change the facts, actions or outcomes.

                Nero or Claudius…Stalin or Hitler…..rather than busying myself with worrying about the trivial differences between ’em, I’d rather spend my efforts extricating myself from involvement in their systems.

              • I am willing – perhaps foolishly – to support OM one last time, in the hope that if he manages a second term, he will do the things he said he wanted to – and more, including prosecution of the Russiagate entente, perhaps even Fauci as well.

                Besides, what’s the alternative?

                That last sentence is a potential worry for the long term. Even though we’re disappointed in Trump, he has fought a fight (or at least made a good pretense of it) that no other president in living memory ever has. Even if he gets a second term, what happens in 2025 and beyond? WILL THERE BE ANOTHER TRUMP TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT? I can’t see anyone else on the horizon with his ability to flip the finger at the Establishment.

                Then again, I believe there’s at leadt a 50 percent chance that there won’t be a 2020 election at all, that the spark that detonates the powder keg will have found its target before then.

                • Russiagate? Yeah, THAT he will do if re-elected; punish HIS enemies. Punish OUR enemies? The serial criminals and traitors like the Clintons et al; the banksters; the cabal/Swamp? Not a chance!

                  President Kushner is as much a part of the Swamp as the Clintons and Bushes…….

                  It should be clear whose orders Trump/Kushner takes….the same as anyone else who makes it into the higher levels of the political machine.

                  • I found out on David Knight’s show this week that Jared Kushner attended Bilderberg! I didn’t know that. Though I found Kushner’s presence in the Trump Administration to be, shall we say, curious, I thought that Pres. Trump put him there as a ‘thank you’ for a successful campaign; after all, it was Kushner who was the mastermind of using social media to get DJT in office. The fact that he’s attended Bilderberg concerns me…

                    • Doesn’t surprise me a bit, MM. No matter who the actor is…the same players are always behind the scenes. They couldn’t run Kushner for pres. -so they used Trump to pacify the voters….but, as usual, both sides are serving the same people- the real rulers who ultimately call the shots.

                      Once again: It makes NO difference who is elected! They’re just actors/stooges, who play to the people. The office/this country is bought and paid for- which should be obvious, as how else could the same agenda have been pursued for the last 100 years, regardless of who/which party was in office?

          • We already live in a police state. Not to mention, there is damn little difference between a President, and King/Emperor these days. Think about it, what can a King/Emperor do, that a modern President can’t?

            As I’ve mentioned, our system is what is known as a Soft Despotism. But its likely to get harder and harder as we go forward.

            Especially now that the idiots who rule, have destroyed much of the economy, and thrown more than 40 million people out of work. All for what? Because of an over hyped virus, thats not much worse than a typical seasonal flu?

            The real reson is much deeper. Their debt based fiat system, was on its last legs. Now they can use this current idiocy, to cover up its collapse, and in the process loot trillions for their real masters.

            Congrats America! You just played yourself!

            • Hi BJ,

              There are two features of the system that are genius, whether accidental or deliberate. The first is the “election” of the despot. We have despotism, of course – but because of the fiction that “we” (i.e., all of us, or a majority of us)) chose it and the implication that “we” might have chosen otherwise, the tyranny is psychologically legitimated (in the minds of most) in a way that deals with the problem of the unelected Maximum Leader. Instead, we have Maximum Power that changes administrative hands every so often.

              The second is the concept of collective ownership (an idea fleshed out by the Soviet communists). While the fiction is perpetuated that private property exists, in fact, the state owns everything because it controls everything. Not any specific individual – a president, governor, state apparatchiks, etc. – but just “the government.”

              In practice, it is the handful of whomever controls the government that owns everything. In the old Soviet Union under Stalin, for example, Stalin himself effectively owned everything – including everyone.

              That is the template for what is being put into effect here.

  17. We all know what the ‘answer’ is – same for the paid thugs ‘rioting’ as it is for AGWs oppressing; its all they understand.

  18. I have radical leftist “friends” on FB that are OK with the lockdowns and mandatory masking, and are also OK with the riots. The common thread in these scenarios, which they seem oblivious to, is the initiation of force against innocent parties.

    I can only assume that they consider property owners to be evil and in need of punishment.

    I am in awe of the sheer volume of cultivated ignorance in today’s world.

    • Philo, didn’t you know that property is theft? That is one of their basic tenets. That is one of the reasons they hate capitalism. One of the others being the profit motive. Their warped and twisted ideology, is based on envy and hatred, and very little else.

      Make no mistake, they are really trying to push the Orange Man to be Bad. They want the optics of AGWs brutally dealing with the rioters. They want (and desperately need) as much bloodshed and death, as possible.
      Especially that which is captured on video.

      Then they can wave the bloody shirt, and howl and scream, about just how Bad the evil Orange Man is. This is all theater to them, grist for their corporate propaganda mills to spit out, to advance their twisted agendas.


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