When They Flip the Switch

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Imagine the lights to everyone’s home controlled by a single switch – under the control of someone else. This is a good – because accurate – way to understand the control exerted by the tech oligarchy – Gurgle, especially – which is part of the same opaque but omnipresent network as the Tube that isn’t Yours – over the information you’re allowed to read and publish.

These digital dictators whose faces you never see decree what you see – and so get to know – by making sure you don’t see what they don’t like.

As they did yesterday.

Just like that – just like throwing a switch – purveyors of Wrongthink, including EPautos and also Breitbart, RedState, Human Events, InfoWars and a number of others just disappeared. If you searched for them by name you got  . . . nothing.

Or peripheral things. But not the thing you were searching for.

I typed “Eric Peters Autos” into my sail fawn’s Gurgle search engine – which, curiously enough, every sail fawn sold, regardless of type or make comes embedded with and which you (apparently) cannot un-embed – at around 9 or so in the morning on the 21st, on my way to see my dentist – who refused to see me because I refused to Diaper (see here for more about that). I needed to check something on the site, as I often do during the course of the day. Until yesterday, Gurgle would almost instantly display the site URL as before I finished typing out the entirety of “Eric Peters Autos.”

Until yesterday.

I typed out the whole thing – and got nothing. The “search” yielded no indication that Eric Peters Autos ever existed. There were some returns to individual old articles of mine; two of my books showed up under my name.

But my eponymous web site had – for all practical purposes – become a digital Non Person.

This lasted for several hours before Gurgle threw the switch from Off to On. Just like that, the Wrongthinkful sites came up again when you search-engined them.

Message received.

Gurgle, of course, did not have to spell this out. Instead, a nondescript statement was released admitting to “an issue that impacted some navigational and site operator searches” that claimed no “particular sites or political ideologies” were specifically targeted.

It was just a glitch.

One that just happened to be very target-specific. Doubleplusgood “mainstream” media and “authoritative” voices were not, apparently affected. There was no difficulty search-engining Anderson Cooper, for instance – or Huffington Post to “learn more” about the cases! the cases!

Because the truth about the cases! the cases! (that “cases” doesn’t equal deaths) and many other things  must be curb-stomped by any means necessary.

As by simply stifling it, which is easy to do when you have your hand on the switch that can turn everything you don’t like off.

Gurgle and the other members of the cartel – just the right word; they operate almost exactly in the same manner, using threats and intimidation except their threats and intimidation tactics are somehow legal – have previously been caught “de-monetizing,” “de-platforming” and “shadow banning” what they consider to be Wrongthinkful. All while claiming to be neutral mediums of dissemination – like a village square – while working 24/7 to erect a Village, in the manner of the classic BBC series, The Prisoner starring Patrick McGoohan.

Everyone in the Village has a number, not a name – and understands who is Number One. You cannot leave the Village; if you try, a creepy blob pursues and envelops you. Everything you do in the Village is watched and listened to – and if you are seen or heard to do anything Wrongthinkful, you are quickly  . . . corrected.

This was 1967 – when the BBC still produced what, today, would obviously be considered extremely Wrongthinkful and would be obliged to de-platform itself.

Fast forward half a century and we have Gurgle announcing it will economically kneecap Wongthinkful sites that do not hew to the “ authoritative consensus” about the WuFlu – which means any that question the cases! the cases! and the hand-in-glove demand for Universal Face Diapering, tracking and vaccinations for all.

For a sickness that better than 80 percent of those who have had it never even knew they did (no symptoms) and 99.7 percent not in old folk’s homes who experience mild to moderate symptoms analogous to a bout of the flu – from which they don’t die.

The pressure to prevent that truth from spreading is becoming so obvious – and so extreme – that  it beggars references to Orwell’s 1984 and Huxley’s Brave New World, both of which seem almost gentle in comparison.

They, at least, were fictional stories while what is going on now is extremely real.

They are letting us know it is.

Sauron isn’t hiding anymore. Anyone who cares to look can see at this point – and if that’s not enough to get the message across, just flip the switch.

What they did yesterday they could just as easily do today. Maybe tomorrow. Whenever they like.

And that is what they want you to know.

It brings up several questions, including why – how – did a handful of (cough) “private” companies acquire such power over the public square? Why, indeed, does every sail fawn, regardless of make or model, come embedded with the search engines and software of those who control the Village? How come they aren’t just available, among various alternatives – it being up to you to decide which app/search engine/software you want on your phone?

Why is Facebook pre-loaded on every phone and – apparently – impossible (or practically impossible) to delete?

And why do people keep using these “platforms”?

One can still use others – such as DuckDuckGo, for instance. And one can still go directly to the Wrongthinkful sites, just as one can still shop at stores that do not impose Sickness Kabuki on the customers.

The more of us who de-couple ourselves from the entities trying to herd us into a very real Village, the better our chances of not becoming a number – and remaining free men.

. . .

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    • Anon, I used startpage long before DDG. The difference at that time and probably still, is DDG used hundreds of search engines and start page was just a handful. And in fact, you can pick and choose what engines you want DDG to use and cut the G word out altogether.

      The truth, the unpalatable part, is the NSA, DOD, CIA, etc. are all spying on every keystroke we me. There is no privacy on the internet nor anywhere else. When DDG or startpage says it doesn’t store your searches, that’s just from somebody who’s in charge of being the tyrant of a certain system.

      If I don’t use my computer on a system with other computers, I don’t see an advantage to either engine except for the ones I listed. Start page may have more engines at hand and I suppose you can keep the G word out. DDG does have some advantages of being able to choose which engines you use and don’t. But then again, I repeat myself. startpage may be that way now. Back when I used startpage a search result wouldn’t be nearly as good as DDG.

    • Bluesman, I take back everything I ever said about you. I am notifying everyone I can think of. I’d kiss you if I could. Many, many thanks

        • Bluesman, no worry. I can rarely remember what I had for supper!

          I do remember being surprised and pleased yesterday on the way home hearing The Road Goes On Forever. It was followed up by Screw You, I’m a Texan. That station mainly plays stuff I don’t really care about but now and then they had some good licks.

          • Wow, Eight, you just opened my ol’ memory hole. If I remember correctly, Screw You was the legendary Ray Wylie Hubbard. Ray played many times at a friends juke joint on Denton Dr. in Dallas called The Whistle Stop. Of course the Whistle Stop is long gone as is my good friend that owned it. The late bluesman Willie Willis played there also. God, I miss those days. Gotta go to You Tube and look all this up…

            • Bluesman, back when I hauled oil field equipment I went through Dallas a lot, often headed for La. or Ok. I’d try to work it to come back on Sat. night to be in Dallas and get with my crazy ass friends and head to Greenville Ave. and hit all the honks like The Blue Note lounge and places I can’t remember the names now but they’d all been there forever.

              I remember a night in one when I was making a hit with a cute waitress there and a couple friends and I were having a really good time. It might have been those black mollies or just being up too long.

              But the manager took some sort of dislike to us I couldn’t figure since we were the toast of the bar at the time with people buying us pitchers.

              It turned out the waitress was his squeeze so he reacted like the little boy he was and said we had to go. I told him I’d only go peacefully if he threw me out himself. So he got up on his high horse and was escorting my arm I could have pinched his head off with and I was moseying along with my friends. He slammed that door open and just about when he was going to throw me to the curb, I pushed him so hard he ended up in the middle of the street.

              DAmn, he came back for vengeance but I had already shut and locked the door. He stood outside and got everybody’s attention screaming at me and beating that door. We were so scared we couldn’t quit laughing. When the entire place was rolling on the floor I turned, waved my hat at the crowd and bowed and said “Yall keep it up now”. When he hit the door I whipped it open and he fell into the room. Everybody laughed as we left and he had no choice but to stay in while we laughed outside. It was about that time one of my buddies said “Well, where to now?” and off we went. I had some great times down there on Greenville.

              • Eight,
                I spent MANY nights at The Blue Note ! As well as Greenville Ave Bar and Grill. Up Your Alley (later known as Bowley and Wilsons). That was my old stompin’ ground. We probably got shit faced together and just don’t remember !

                • Bluesman, I think that may have been the Greenville Bar and Grill we were in. It’s on a corner isn’t it?

                  No doubt you were some shit-faced guy somewhere in there with shit-faced me. Up your Alley seems familiar too.

                  I don’t mean to offend but I commonly had little memory of the places I’d been. That’s the reason the truck was locked up at the truck stop and somebody saner was driving.

  1. Duck duck go does track you and is starting to appear like gurgle. I use Startpage as my search engine. Sarah Corriher at https://healthwyze.org/ put me onto using Startpage. I like it better than gurgle, as I have tried both at the same time. SP does not track.

  2. I searched with Google on my phone, something I never do. I got only eric peters auto for your site with the exception of the other Eric peters Automotive that is a different sort of site and only got one hit and that. DDG yielded the same results.

    So I did same on the computer and got nothing but ericpetersauto with the one site of the other eric peters automotive. Used DDG and got the same results.

    It’s strange we get two completely different results on the phone AND the computers.

  3. Don’t buy DuckDuckGo’s claims of a liberty minded searching safe space. OAN pulled back the curtain on them a bit last year:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmiY8lYhG7I (Sorry I couldn’t find an alt vid site with the story)
    Even though dude in vid is from competitor Yippy, what he says is a valid point, so I’ve moved on to using Qwant. Yippy seemed to suffer from too many pr0n results when I tried it. Not a fan of that industry. As it warps minds, enslaves people to base urges, and results in a placid populace that just accepts things like “mandatory” face diapering.

    • Good stuff, Lonne –

      Of course, we’ve got to work with the tools at hand. Until better ones come to hand. Keep the faith – and just maybe, we will recover our freedom. Our enemies outnumber us, but they are low-grade characters.

    • Lonne, I’ve found that DuckDuckGo just sucks, too- unless one is searching for something very simplistic and common and obvious.

      Quite frankly, any service (as opposed to a product, like Free Open Source Software) which is free of cost to use, you can bet is making money off of you using it- somehow. Not that the making money part is bad…but the way they do it usually is.

      Well-said about the por-no too! Henry Makow used to have an article entitled “Why ALL Por-n Is Gay Por-n” -Don’t know if it’s still out there, as I think his site disappeared a few years ago….but what he said is something I’ve always felt. (Or maybe it’s just hard to find, ’cause if ya “google” it, ya get pages of homo po rn sites….)

        • MM, a long time ago Bing would render damned near nothing on lots of searches. I don’t mind DDG using it but have seen no real advantage.

  4. I had considered this latest tech behemoth/leftie/Derp State control scheme to be more like 1984, but maybe The Village is closer to the implementation. Number 6 is comfy, cared for, but unfree. Kinda like us.

    BTW, The Prisoner was ATV (Associated TeleVision, the Midlands contractor of the Independent Television Authority back then), vice Auntie Beeb. The Beeb would never have commissioned something like it, but Lew Grade did.

  5. Dr. Benjamin Rush was a signer of the Constitution. Benjamin Rush wanted medical rights included in the document.

    Now we have a medical inquisition going on. Get those masks on or else!

    Kind of like being in an Iron Maiden.

    After Joan of Arc was burned at the stake and her executioners sifted through the ashes to retrieve her charred remains, they were horrified to find her heart still beating.

    “This year marked the last known death of an accused witch in Europe. It is estimated that 100,000 witches were executed in Germany from the thirteen century and 30,000 were executed in France just during the reign of Henry III in the late sixteen century.

    January 11: Nine old women were burned as witches for causing bad harvests in Kalisk, Poland.”

    http://metis-history dot info/euro70.shtml

    Witches were accused of causing the Little Ice Age.

    The New Grand Inquisitor, the Almighty Gov, goes medieval all the way to hunting down anti-maskers, a witch hunt.

    21st Century Schizoid Man

    • Hi Drumphish,

      Yup; these people have long walked among us – and probably always will. It is a defect of the mind. Good gone sour. The idea that “good” – as they see it – entitles them to impose upon others; ultimately, to kill them. Solzhenitsyn exposits this excellently.

  6. [sorry if off topic]

    Can someone explain to me how all the democrat governors & mayors etc are getting reelected? The democrats support and FUND the rioters, so you’re telling me the people WANT their cities vandalized & graffiti’d and they WANT their cities to be a war zone and be scared to even go to the grocery store? None of this makes any sense — what kind of democratic campaign is it to destroy cities and then the people in those cities are supposed to LIKE you and vote for you? HUH???

    [God bless all us good people, I hope everyone gets to enjoy this summer despite the BS going on, don’t let it all get to you — that’s what they’re trying to do — to get to you LOL — just try to laugh at everything since it’s hugely comical/ridiculous, and do what you can to help your friends & local community.]

    • Once they seize control of a city or state, the Democrats institute measures that’ll KEEP them in power. Exhibit A is CA with the ballot harvesting. That’s right; someone can come to your house and collect your absentee or mail-in ballot! Not only that, they can be turned in up to 17 days AFTER the election! There’s no chain of custody, no nothing. What impact does that have? I can illustrate with an example.

      There was a GOPer running for Congress, and he won by 6% when the polls closed. After all the harvested ballots were turned in 17 days later, the Dem candidate won by like 1,000 votes.

      So yeah, once the Dems take over an area, they practice rampant vote/election fraud. Not only that, they put measures in place to KEEP them in power.

    • Harry, the people who live in those cities are so crazy and such communists -as evidenced by the fact that they live in such places, and pay top dollar to live a place where any vestiges of liberty have been thoroughly expunged long ago, that they’d vote for Stalin and think he was great! Add to that, that these dictators promise the masses all sorts of entitlements and “programs” and illegitimate rights (such as rent moratoriums), which all of the slobs just love because they don’t care who is wronged by them or who is extorted to pay for them, because they are collectivist creeps.

  7. There’s a certain, shall we say, tribe, that controls all of these media “CONgloomerations” and it ain’t the Russians, Arabs, or Chinese. They also own the financial system, and seemingly somehow, pretty much run our education system, particularly the mass indoctrination centers called college/university. When you criticize them, look out! They don’t like it when you point certain things out…it sheds light on their evil ways.

    Ironically, being this is auto website, the late, great industrialist and father of the American automobile, Henry Ford even wrote a series of essays on the matter. It is a very fascinating read….one can read it today and you’d swear Henry Ford wrote it just a year or two ago. But alas friends…they who shall not be named are now watching this site so we must be mindful where we put our “noses” Oi vey!

    • Knowledge is power, by the way. The quicker you make the connections, the quicker you too will realize the dire straights we are all in at this very moment, that even is an understatement.

      • Anon
        I’ll be surprised if you tell me you have never read this: “…the world is governed by very different personages than is believed by those who are not behind the scenes.”
        And then there’s this: “Through the press we have gained the power to influence while remaining ourselves in the shade.”
        I have to paraphrase here, but as “the man” wrote:
        Lay what we have said, alongside life as you are able to observe it. If what we say and your observations agree, the case is made.” In other words, if the shoe fits wear it.
        Dire straits? Yes! Perilous times? Yes!!! WATCH!!!


    • Amen, and correct. Henry I knew what was up, and thast why they took his company from him and turned the Ford Foundation into a leading honey hole for (((communist))) funding.

      • LOL!! Incorrect, as usual.

        As I’ve pointed out, Henry ultimately recanted it all. ((((You guys)))) are nothing if not predictable. What a bunch of clowns.

      • I’m anti-Zionist.
        Anti-Mass Media
        Anti-Fractional Reserve Banking.

        Not necessarily anti-Jew of any variety (Khazar, Ashkenazi, Sephardic….)- except for the ones who are for any of the above things….which a disproportionate number of them seem to often be…and usually for all of those things simultaneously.

        • Yes…seemingly the 2 percent do seem to get around. It is remarkable, and statistically impossible to have such over representation….UNLESS….it’s nefarious, incestuous, devious, and downright devilish.

          • Ah, so now we have an aryan warrior statistician in our midst specializing in the study of the achievements of the “2 percent”! Please, do share with us your detailed statistical analysis.

            Of course you are wrong, honky. ((((You and your fellow-travelers)))) are the nefarious, incestuous, devious ones doing the devil’s work here.

            Perhaps if ((((your guys)))) devoted more time to education, hard work, and meaningful accomplishment instead of watching fuuuutball on a big-screen TV in a single-wide, painting your faces and waving around big foam fingers, your tribe might well achieve a higher level of success as well, white boy. Or would have us believe that the Jooooos are a superior, all-powerful, all-conquering master race?

            All too easy, these guys aren’t even a challenge. The only reason I even bother is I would not want people stumbling onto this site for the first time to think their wicked and perverse philosophy has anything at all to do with libertarians or libertarianism.

            • Yes, we all know that the words of an 84 year-old on his death bed, and after having “joined the club” [IF the supposed recanting is even true] are to be taken more seriously than when he was more competent, had more years ahead of him, and was not beholden to the ones he criticized.

              • Sorry, Nunz, can’t go along with you on this one. In fact one could point out that deathbed confession and coming clean before the end comes is good for the soul.

                Bottom line: bigots want to believe what they want to believe. They will always refuse to accept the words of one of their own who realizes the error of his ways and turns his back on previous bigotry and prejudice.

                Anyone who bothers to check will quickly see that good ol’ White Christians (or gentiles if you wan to say they’re “not really Christians”) have been out there for ages doing exactly the same things that the white supremacist chuckleheads accuse “the Joooooos” of. (I would have the same reaction if they started making similar nonsensical claims about the irish, the Mormons, the Gypsies, or whoever else they happen to hate.)

                The “aryan warrior” crowd is seriously delusional Comical really. As I’ve said, the reason I continue to point out their idiocy here is so that people coming to this site hopefully will not conflate their vile views with libertarianism.

                • Hey Jason,

                  “(I would have the same reaction if they started making similar nonsensical claims about the irish, the Mormons, the Gypsies, or whoever else they happen to hate.)”

                  C’mon, who are trying to fool. Everyone here knows that you’re just a Yid, spewing (((propaganda))) in defense of your tribe! Nobody ever says such things about the groups you name because, absent the malign influence of (((people like you))), they would never do what we KNOW the Jooos have done, and continue to do. They are innocent, duped by a nefarious (((cabal))) into acting against their own interests!

                  Wake up people, Flinders’ professed “neutrality” is a scam, he’s a Yid through and through.


    • There’s a certain, shall we say, ((((tribe)))) – yours – that always seems to leave out critical information if they aren’t just making shit up as ((((they)))) tend to do. In the instant case, Henry Ford recanted his bigoted screeds before his death. Something ((((you guys)))) always seem to forget.

      As far as the rest of it, phhhht. Utter bilge in that the ethnicity of the people “owning the media” doesn’t make a wetslap of difference. Your own tribe does exactly the same thing when they are in charge.

      • just because he recanted, doesn’t mean what he wrote wasn’t true. There’s a reason its still published as the truth is golden commodity in a market of lies.

        • LOL!!! So, you pick and choose what ol’ Henry said. If you like it, it’s truth from on high. If you don’t like it, well that doesn’t count.

          It is quite evident that ((((you)))) would not know “truth” if you tripped over it. Henry was a contemptible bastard on a lot of levels, his malicious bigotry being only one part of it, albeit a large one.

          His bigoted screeds are still published by idiotic white supremacist shitheads who jack themselves off to its mix of half-truths (to be charitable), lies and distortions. I’m sure you make quite a mess while reading them!

          • Regardless of what you believe, he did once say “If the people of this country knew how the things worked in this country there’d be riots in the streets before morning. “

            • Eight, that sentiment been stated by many people over the years and is undoubtedly correct, at least if anything can get the average person motivated at this point.

              That doesn’t make Henry Ford an angel from on high whose every word dripped truth. The man was a very mixed bag as any detailed history of him will quickly reveal. There is a tendency to look at famous people in a one-dimensional manner. Since Henry Ford put America on wheels, to some that means anything he ever did or said is golden. The reality of the man is of course a lot more complicated, as is the case with most of us.

  8. People need to wake the fuck up and realize that they’re living in the Soviet Union with football, craft beer and porn — and without the gulag.

    For now.

  9. Google is evil.

    Any product I search for IMMEDIATELY turns up as ads on other sites, for days afterward.

    Google of course spies on the entire content of Gmail accounts.

    Google Shopping indiscriminately lists results from fraudulent sites offering “too good to be true” prices.

    If Big Gov can’t bust up Google, maybe millions of small claims lawsuits by individuals would accomplish the “death by a thousand cuts” of stinking p.o.s. Google.

    • I wouldn’t know about the first one, I literally have four ad blockers running at any given moment. One of them also includes an auto clicker that “clicks” on every ad it blocks to flood their analytics with useless noise.

  10. I am off of Face Fuk for 3 days because of I assume mask posts and such.
    Will continue posting the truth the day the ban ends.
    Screw these oligarchs that want to lord over us.
    Still have the missourifreepress com

    Hang in there Eric we will prevail against these bastards!

  11. Have no smartphone nor want one. Have a dumbphone for emergency only since they took out the pay phones. That was done at the behest of government which paid for the removal to push everyone into cell phones. Working for a very, very large telecom I know this. Of course the official reason was the profits were too low. Now it’s IP telephones. Quality is very poor but the new generations don’t care. Apparently to them you have to give up quality for progress.

    Government has allowed all the near monopoly / monopoly businesses. Microsoft, Google, Farcebook, etc. Most all businesses, restaurants, hardware stores , etc are under one management firm. What appears to be many different entities turns out to be one.
    Banks, financial firms, down to just a few. A complete take over of the news reporting businesses all down to about six firms and all tied to Uncle.
    Computer operating systems down to two. MS Windows and Linux. Both hackable,,, Linux much harder. Windows has more holes than Swiss cheese and therefore you have to purchase anti-virus software but offers their system to manufactures at a high discount. Linux is independent and cannot offer these discounts.

    In short, the entire nation is a gaggle of monopolies connected to Uncle’s various agencies which actually are in control of government. The monopolies funnel millions to the front men (legislature, Judicial and Executive)… The Deep State , (intelligence agencies, fbi, doj, health & human services, political parties, etc), ensure the front men do as they are told. They determine the list of who you are allowed to vote for.

    In Florida the Department of health just lied their asses of saying all tests were 100% positive. Considering the tests are about as good as the old pig skin prophylactics they said they it was all a terrible mistake…. Yea, 22 different locations made the same mistake! But it worked. The former made headlines, the latter not reported near as much. Now in Broward County it is mandated to wear the mask in your home and a curfew like you put on you teenage daughter.

    Everyone now including the President stating we should wear masks even though the masks themselves have a disclaimer stating The mask does NOT prevent infectious diseases including Corona. But logic and common sense no longer rule the day. The mask is training for the injection. I refuse to call it a vaccine as that is not its purpose. Can’t go in a store without a mask,,, Can’t go in a store without proof of injection. The injection itself may contain the RFID chip or it may just be papers please to present to the stores BlackShirt compliance employee. Walmart as usual is leading the parade. It enabled the off shoring by distributing the cheap foreign goods and will now lead the way promoting the mark of the digital beast. Note that all the major retailers are requiring the mask this week with the simultaneous announcement by the President to wear the mask… This was NOT happenstance.

    To see the FIT folks in Broward County (land of the hanging chads) who are looking out for YOUR health…..


  12. Which is why I do not use my phone for any internet purpose. In fact, I have turned off or deleted where possible, any feature that makes a connection, including GPS. I understand that doing so does not prevent the tracking of my movement, but perhaps makes it more difficult. A cell phone is a convenience to be sure, but which party enjoys the most convenience, you or those who wish to control you? Besides, I prefer to view my world directly, not through a 3″X 5″ screen. Perhaps a great part of the dysfunction we suffer is that up to 55% of human communication is by facial expression and body language, which texting does not allow. Not to mention the destruction of the English language embodied in the abbreviated bastardized language used in texting.
    Truth can easily withstand any examination, argument, or criticism. It neither needs nor requires protection by censorship. Lies do. Lies fear truth more than anything else, while truth fears nothing.

    • Diapers don’t allow that facial expression either. One of the biggest problems I have with this diaper business is that I’m hard of hearing in my advanced age. If I can see your lips, I can usually figure out what you’re saying. Not anymore, though. Between not seeing their lips and the muffled sound from the diaper, I don’t know what the hell anybody’s talking about anymore. Eh,probably better off that way.

      • Hi Florida,

        Yup – and don’t forget the dehumanizing aspect. We are wired to respond to faces; to smiles and frowns and other visual cues. It is profoundly alienating to not be able to see people’s faces… and I am convinced that is part of the point.

        • That is one of the main purposes of the mask. It is for that purpose…dehumanization. Combine that with social distancing and the covidiot stasi out there….you have all the ingredients ready for a purge. This is not some far-fetched conspiracy either. They have gamed this over and over in simulations…how bring down western civilization and make the culling easier.

          Food shortages coming this fall/winter by the way…another mass culling technique of the (((communists)))

          • Indeed, Anon –

            It is not “just a mask.” It is much more – and those who cannot see do not understand. I am almost sad for them. Almost. But then I remember that human beings are obliged to act the part and if they resign from the human race by not doing so, then they are unworthy of the sympathy of those who haven’t surrendered our humanity.

      • Floriduh man,

        I can sympathize – Same problem, hearing lose but context and lip movements go a long way to mitigate the problem.

      • I’m likewise hearing impaired. I have some fine aids, but they help, they don’t cure. I make it a point to mention the problem every time I need to communicate with a diapered up moron.

    • JWK,

      Some years ago, I misplaced my old Motorola Star-Tac-what a great phone! I got another one. Some time later, I found my old Star-Tac and brought it to the Verizon store to have it made ready for use. Guess what the guy told me? It was AGAINST THE LAW to reactivate it! When I asked why, he said that, unlike with the newer flip phones, the Star-Tac didn’t have GPS tracking; it was against the law to reactivate a non-GPS equipped phone. Methinks that there’s an AGENDA here…

      • MM, I’m wundrin if that salesman wasn’t BSing ya? (Or just ignurnt). More likely, they couldn’t re-activate the phone ’cause it’s not compatible with the current minimum “G” standard (3G or 4G or whatever it currently is)- which is why a while back Trac-fone sent me a new phone to replace my old phone which had become obsolete. (Score! I got a $20 phone for free, ’cause I refused all of their attempts to get me to “upgrade” ).

        Maybe we should “Google” it? 😉

        • Nunzio,

          I talked to the tech, not the sales guy. When I talked to one of the sales guys (an older gentleman), he said that he could sell Star-Tacs all day long; he said that they were a very good, durable, and popular phone. This was back in the early-mid 00s; I don’t know what “G” we were on, but that wasn’t mentioned. No, it was the tech who told me that I couldn’t reactivate the old phone. Wouldn’t he know about any applicable regs? Wouldn’t that be part of his job?

          • Pre-GPS phones are pre-2003, so they’re probably 2G compatible at best. Had to give mine up years ago. I have a simple 3G flip phone that’s off and battery removed when it’s not being used, which is most of the time. Now 3G is going to be dropped as 5G is rolled out. You’ll need a minimum of a 4G phone to be operational when the change takes place.

            Although there are 4G flip phones, they all seem to be running stripped down versions of Android, so you’re still selling your soul to Google.

            This Linux phone looks interesting if the software stabilizes and it goes into full production. It has a removable battery and hardware switches to make sure it is truly off, including GPS, when turned off:


    • JWK,

      You’re correct, the phone will still track you with GPS seemingly turned off. Actually, the situation is a lot worse than you probably want to know. Phones are equipped magnetic compass, barometers, and accelerometers besides GPS. With the data collected, not only can your location be determined but also your probable activity like leaving the house, getting in the car, exercising, riding in an elevator, etc. Even with airplane mode switched on, the phone still collects much of that data and forwards it the next time you connect to a network. And as a last insult, I’m not even sure if it is possible to buy a dumber style flip phone that does not have these spy features installed. The only solution I can come up with is to ditch the cell phone.

      And as a final insult, newer cars track and log quite a bit of information and none of it can be disabled.

      • Hi Charles,

        Indeed. I have been giving serious though to ditching dey sail fawn, for all the reasons you mention. Yes, they’re convenient; yes, one can do amazing things with them. But they are also amazingly intrusive, seductive things that have greatly eroded our privacy and, arguably, our humanity.

      • Any cell phone (Smart or dumb) can be tracked whenever it is receiving a signal- Not as precisely as a smart phone with GPS….but close enough. There was a case here close to 10 years ago now where a woman’s drug-addict “friends” turned her in as the driver in a hit-and-run, for the proffered $5K reward. State Poopers couldn’t find any forensic evidence….so they “lost” the evidence- and she was headed for an easy conviction- but her lawyer subpoenaed records from her cell phone provider, which through triangulation proved that she was not at the crime scene at the time of the incident. (The crooked prosecutor tried to have the cell phone evidence omitted!).

      • Even your old dumb phone can track you with triangulation from cell towers. I recently made an effort to locate a dumb phone, and could not find one for sale.

        • Yes, JWK- when my current Trac-Fone becomes obsolete and no longer works on the network, I guess I’ll have to do without an emergency cell phone, ’cause even TracFone no longer offers dumb phones!

    • I hate the Orwellian euphamisms too. “Social distancing”, for example, is insidiously anti-social.

      Shaking hands, squeezing a shoulder, patting a back ( or a petite ass when possible ), a bear hug from a close friend or relative of either sex, a kiss on the cheek for grandma, a slap up the back side of your helmeted head from the first sergeant to get your attention, the plam of your hand on a sick friend’s forehead, kissing the hand of a newly acquainted woman if you’re good with Victorian rituals, pulling a prospective girfriend’s hair, and countlesss other tactile ways that we as humans, just like our simian cousins, relate to each other are essential to a successful society, indeed our very survival. When physical proximity and touch are denied for long periods, we suffer. Physical and mental health are radically harmed, and death can result.

      I do wonder whether one purpose of the social distancing mandates is to prepare the populace for the roll-out of the 5G wireless infrastructure and corresponding satellite support, whereby people standing apart in public at all times would enhance instant and accurate detection of our identities and whereabouts.

  13. James Corbett revealed this last night:

    “WHO paid $135,000 to the firm Hill and Knowlton Strategies, according to documents filed under the Foreign Agents Registration Act.”

    “Amid scrutiny over its response to the coronavirus pandemic, the World Health Organization in early May hired an American public relations firm to burnish its image, including through identifying so-called “influencers” to help amplify messaging about COVID-19.”

    This is the same firm that brought us the bullshit story about babies being ripped from incubators during the Iraq War.

    • Hi PappaS,

      Yup. And when there will still journalists in the “mainstream” press, such a thing would have been published and caused millions of Americans to ask questions about the WuFlu… which of course is why the “mainstream” press does not publish it… because its “journalists” are owned creatures or just Useful Idiots.

      • But now, the by far biggest sponsor of the CIA infiltrated Mockingbird media is Pharma. The richer Pharma becomes, the more it can pay for advertising. Little wonder that the media promotes whatever evil profiteering Pharma is involved in. The Military Industrial Complex wasn’t enough. Now we suffer the Medical Industrial Complex as well.