The Diaper Cometh… or Maybe Not

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There are many sound reasons to not vote for the Orange Man. But there is one powerful, arguably epochal, reason to put them aside and vote for him anyway.

It is simply this:

An Orange Man not-evicted means a chance, at least, that we will not be forcibly Face Diapered.

As opposed to the promise of forced Face Diapering if the Hair Plugged Man replaces him. The HPM not only wears a Diaper himself practically all the time – a clear visual of his intentions as regards Diapering our faces – he has stated that he will act to efface our faces.

He is a believer – or at least, an enforcer.

At every turn, he turns up the hysteria. The cases! The cases! Millions – he says – have died. That they haven’t isn’t relevant. No good news – no facts – give the HPM pause because he doesn’t want to pause. WuFlu hysteria has given the HPM the thing he lacked a year ago this time – a chance at becoming the Orange Man’s replacement. For him to give it up – even after he replaces the Orange Man – would be like expecting a fish to give up swimming.

The Diaper gives HPM the onerous gravitas he otherwise lacks. It effaces his creeping senility as well as his general creepiness. It gives him the opportunity to exert power without limit, on the gesundheitsfuhrer model only this time there will be no state, county or locality immune from its decrees.

All the power of the federal apparat will be applied, especially to reluctant Diaperers such as South Dakota’s Kristi Noem. It might be done without benefit of law, as by withholding already stolen tax receipts. This is how the federal 55 MPH speed limit was pushed. States did not have to “drive 55” but if they didn’t, no highway funds would be sent back as a portion of the funds stolen from the citizens in that state via their federal income taxes.  This created a strong incentive to “drive 55” – or at least, to enforce it.

Especially when it became apparent that there was money and power in it – for the states. Will a National Diaper Mandate be any different? How about the money on the table via a National Needle Mandate? This – the latter – trots inevitably in the wake of the Diaper. If people can be forced to efface their faces they can be forced to extend their arms. Former and latter depend on acceptance of the same nonsense; i.e., that everyone is sick, must be presumed sick even though obviously not and that catching a cold means you will dieeeeeeeeee!

The HPM believes this – or amens this. It really doesn’t matter which is true even if both are true. It means the same thing. A Diaper for you. A Diaper for all. Diapers everywhere, possibly forever.

Or at least, until the Needle is ready.

Orange Man, all his failings conceded, seems to be at most a reluctant Diaperer himself and his actions indicate he has no desire to force a Diaper on the face of every American. He rarely wears one and recently stopped wearing them and made a point of pointing out that he doesn’t need to wear one because he’s not sick – and so can’t get anyone sick.

This is pretty healthy.

Some will say he might Force Diaper us and this is of course true in the sense that anything is possible. But is the possibility preferable to the certainty? When the issue at hand is this important?

Diapering – or not – will determine the course of future events. It will decide whether Sickness Psychosis becomes the “new normal.” Nothing is more important than rejecting this by any means available.

The means becomes available in a little over two weeks from now.

Bear in mind that WuFlu Fever is the new excuse for the “wrenching social changes” urged many years ago by Al Gore and more recently by his emotive love child, the unhinged little urchin Greta Thunberg. How dare you! (live a normal life; drive a car, etc.) didn’t have the shaming power possessed by the acolytes of Sickness Psychosis, who have succeeded in getting many more people Diapered – and cowed – than “acting” for the sake of “climate change”- which you’ll observe has almost completely disappeared as an issue being brought up at every turn on the “news”  . . . chiefly because its prescriptions are being applied, just in the name of something new.

A materially diminished, stay-at-home life. Who needs a car when there’s nowhere to go? Or wants to go, when going anywhere is so unpleasant. Who wants to see anyone when you can’t see anyone? Better to stay home. Work from home – assuming you still have work. Many don’t and may never again, since it’s hard to employ people when you can’t operate at normal capacity and (feedback loop) fewer people want to come shop or patronize because  . . .it’s become so unpleasant.

The past eight months have given us a taste of the “new normal” that HPM has in mind. It may descend regardless under the Orange One’s glow. But there is a chance it may not and that chance is worth voting for, just as it is worth making a run for it rather than meekly lining up at the edge of the ditch, awaiting lights out forever.

. . .

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  1. I can’t say I’ve been 100% perfect when spurning the mask. I have worn it to gain entry to a grocery store, then remove it once inside. I can’t say I wouldn’t wear one if I had to take one of my cats to the vet or if I had to go to the Dr. for an emergency; that said, I try to care for myself and my cats well enough so we don’t HAVE to go to the vet or Dr. Anyway, I agree with Eric that it’s imperative that WE PUSH BACK on the fear masking! We have to stop the face diaper. If we don’t, we’ll have something like this to look forward to:

    Keep in mind that this is Ireland we’re talking about. It’s not China, the old USSR, or Nazi Germany. Ireland is an English speaking, Western style democracy; that is to say that it’s a nation like ours. Oh, and they have Aussie style lockdowns in place too. You can’t go more than 3 miles from home! Ergo, it’s vital to push back on the fear masking.

    I tried posting links to other MSM articles about what’s happening in what was once known as the Free World, but the website won’t let me; it flagged the post as spam. I’ll try to post the links…

  2. Guys,

    I got a call for a customer service job. I asked if masks were required, and they said yes. They were only required to enter the building or move around the office; at your computer and fielding calls, it wasn’t required. I didn’t debate the issue. I politely and simply told the lady I wasn’t interested in wearing masks at all, and that was the end of the call.

    • Excellent, MM! We -nay, the world- needs more guys like you!!!!!! Even amongst fellow Libertarians, us never-maskers are a minority.

      • I can’t say I’m 100% perfect, as I’ve worn it to gain entry, then take it off. If I had to go to the vet for one of my cats or the Dr. for me, I can’t say I wouldn’t wear one. That said, I try to care for myself and my cats well enough so as to not NEED the vet or Dr.

        But yeah, I agree with Eric WRT the masks. I don’t know if you watch David Knight in the morning; if you don’t, you should. Anyway, in Ausralia and Ireland, they have SERIOUS lockdown measures in place; you’re not allowed to go more than 3 miles from home! In Melbourne, they have military style checkpoints to examine your papers, etc.; they even pulled a stowaway from a truck! A woman was trying to get back in to the city, so she hid in the sleeper. The cops/soldiers at the checkpoint examined the truck, and they caught her. Anyway, if we’re not careful, we’ll be getting that shit here, so pushing back on the masks is 100% vital.

        If you want to see what’s happening in Ireland, you can read all about it here:

        If you want to see what’s happening Down Under, you can read about it here:

        Each of these articles have links that are worth checking out. These are WESTERN, English speaking democracies; these were Christian nations; they are what were once known as free nations. That is to say that they’re nations like ours. If it can happen there, it can happen here too.

        Oh, and here’s another thing: United Airlines is rolling out a COVID/Health pass! It’s a trial run on certain flights, but you know it’s going worldwide! It’s only a question of when. I won’t be flying any time soon, TYVM. You can read about that here:

        These are just a sampling of MSM articles we can show family and friends that think we’re crazy. I sent these articles and more to my brother. He never seems to say anything back, either. Anyway, it’s vital to push back on the fear masking; if we don’t we’re in for some SERIOUS shit…

      • I can’t say I’ve been 100% perfect when spurning the mask. I have worn it to gain entry to a grocery store, then remove it once inside. I can’t say I wouldn’t wear one if I had to take one of my cats to the vet or if I had to go to the Dr. for an emergency; that said, I try to care for myself and my cats well enough so we don’t HAVE to go to the vet or Dr. Anyway, I agree with Eric that it’s imperative that WE PUSH BACK on the fear masking! We have to stop the face diaper. If we don’t, we’ll have something like this to look forward to:

        Keep in mind that this is Ireland we’re talking about. It’s not China, the old USSR, or Nazi Germany. Ireland is an English speaking, Western style democracy; that is to say that it’s a nation like ours. Oh, and they have Aussie style lockdowns in place too. You can’t go more than 3 miles from home! Ergo, it’s vital to push back on the fear masking.

        I tried posting links to other MSM articles about what’s happening in what was once known as the Free World, but the website won’t let me; it flagged the post as spam. I’ll try to post the links…

      • Nunzio,

        Check out what’s happening in Melbourne:

        Like our Irish friends, the folks in Melbourne aren’t allowed more than 3 miles from their homes. If they venture outside the city, even in to surrounding state of Victoria, they need a good reason to do so. Can you say “your papers, please?”

        I don’t know if you watch David Knight; if you don’t, you should! He had a video clip of a stowaway being hauled off a truck. What’s the story there? A woman coming from regional Victoria was trying to sneak back in to Melbourne. She hid in the truck’s sleeper (it was a big rig). When the truck stopped at the checkpoint to enter Melbourne, the cops/soldiers looked inside the cab, found the woman, and took her in to custody. This shit is geting real! That’s why we need to push back on the fear masks; if we don’t, we’ll be looking at similar restrictions here.

        Oh, to watch David Knight, there are a couple of ways to do it. One is to go to; there, you can either watch his show live (9-12, Mon-Fri) or watch a replay of it. Or you can go to Bitchute here:

        There, you’ll see replays of David Knight’s show; you can watch either an hour or the whole thing. Knight is a retired engineer and businessman; as such, he brings an intelligence, depth, wisdom, insight, and analysis that NO ONE ELSE in media brings; he’s great! Check him out, please…

        • Three miles. The traditional living radius of the human peasant. Odd they would chose that figure eh? I’ve long tried to point out that appeared to be the goal of the ruling class. To get us back into that three mile radius. That’s why they will come for the bicycle once they make it so the masses can’t afford or even have personal motorized transportation.

          • I didn’t know that. I wish these a-holes would just let us live our lives. Oh, in Melbourne, they’re loosening up a bit; instead of having to stay within 3 miles of home, you can go up to 12 miles away now…

  3. In other words, if the Sleepy Joe/Kamal-toe (see what I did there?) team gets elected, then getting sick will be illegal. “Sir/mam, we’ve received an anonymous tip that you came down with the sniffles. Your sickness is putting public health at risk, as well as creating a burden on the healthcare system. So we have to fine you $10,000 since your mandatory health insurance doesn’t cover the seasonal flu. Oh, the vaccine made you sick? Meh. C’est la vie! Now pay up!”

    • Hi Blue,

      Yep – this is coming. Sickness – of any kind, even if only the possibility – is going to become unacceptable; or rather, the basis for things like Perpetual Diapering. This is the “new normal.” Better get ready.

  4. Electing Trump is like pissing on a forest fire. He may successfully slow down the handcart to hell we are riding on, but he won’t stop it. I suspect if he appeared to be stopping it, his life expectancy would decline rather sharply. The US “intelligence” community has repeatedly displayed that they have a solution when the outcome of an election doesn’t please them. It would not surprise me if the first thing that happens the first time a new POTUS sits down in the oval office is a visit from the CIA in which he is shown the Zapruder film.

    • Hi JWK,

      I agree. But time – even if it’s only another four years (or one, for that matter) has value, does it not? The more time we have to prepare – and, more broadly, the more time we have to awaken others – the better.

      Ergo, Orange Man. I may even get myself a spray tan if he wins.

  5. Biden is an aged retread. A brainwashed demoralized Useful Idiot. I hope he comes to his senses.

    I won’t hold my breath.

    He doesn’t have any idea if his shoelaces are tied or not.

    Trump at the very least has a lick of sense, reason enough to vote Trump.

    This mask dumbfuckery has to end. Sooner than later.

  6. I just had a horrible thought. Since we’re overdue for a mass shooting, what if the next MKUltra’d perpetrator is an anti-diaper advocate? And Biden/Harris is president. How long will it be before the diaperless are classified as domestic terrorists?

    • Hi Handler,

      I’ve had the same thought. Now, most of us are by definition more in control of ourselves – more thoughtful and less inclined to violence – than the typical Diaper wearer. But that’s a non sequitur in the same way that most people who have concealed carry permits and who own guns lawfully are the least likely to use them recklessly or criminally.

      All they need is some programmed freak to do their wet work – and I don’t doubt they have them at the ready.

  7. It shouldn’t make any difference who is elected president, including libertarian Jo Jorgenson. There is a presidential “job description” that doesn’t change with elections.

    Presidents can legitimately order federal employees around (masks), not We The People.

    Tenth Amendment: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

    • Hi libertyx,

      Of course it shouldn’t – just as we shouldn’t be obliged to submit to probable cause-free searches or income taxes. The Constitution is in fact “just a goddamn piece of paper.” Power is what matters.

      • Hi eric,

        “Power is what matters.”

        Okay, I’ll give the power to Jorgenson – she’ll probably use it more wisely than most.

        • Libertyx,

          I, too, voted for Jorgensen. If she is to be believed, she doesn’t want “The Power”. Hell, I don’t either. This type of power is only for narcissists and psychopaths.
          I wish more people could be snapped from the “lesser-of-two-evils” hypnosis. Unfortunately, people are so easily divided and conquered, polarized and tribalized. So easily controlled by those who seek “The Power”. :p

          • Hi BaDnOn,

            I have what may be seen as weird take on this. On the one hand, I will vote for the lesser of two evils – because less evil is preferable when that is the only real alternative. On the other, I work toward a better alternative, which will only become available when enough people demand it. Which will not happen at the ballot box. That is putting the cart ahead of the horse. When – if – enough of the population turns against collectivism, it will no longer be necessary to choose the lesser of two evils.

            • I will vote for the Libertarian candidate for President under certatin conditions: if I live in a state where the vote is overwhelmingly one side or the other (my vote doesn’t matter, so try to get the little guy to 5%), or if I find both candidates completely detestable & can’t choose a “lesser” evil (I’m looking at you Romney), or if there is a reasonable chance the Libertarian might win or play spoiler (when I lived in GA the L’s forced a runoff for Senate because neither Saxby Chambliss nor the Democrat got 50% of the votes. That was kind of fun, and yes I participated).

              As imperfect as the Orange Man is, he has enough redeeming qualities and is sufficiently not part of the machine that I will hold my nose and vote for him.

              Watch Indiana in November, the polling for governor looks pretty good for the (L) candidate. That would be one opportunity to cast a principled vote that I can’t miss out on.

              • Hi Publius,

                You’ve stated my philosophy perfectly. I didn’t bother voting when Mittens was “running” against Obama as that would have been like choosing between two sheets of copy paper. But the Orange Man does represent a choice – at least as regards the Diaper and that is no small thing.

                • Hey Eric!

                  But….we already have masking decrees under OM- remember? SD was the only state to opt-out by refusing the Fed money.

                  OM has also promisedthreatened to use the military to “distribute” the vaccine. -I say “threatened” because if he had ‘promised’ then I wouldn’t worry about it, since chances of him fulfilling a promise are just about nil 😀

                  We still have no choice- unless contiunued militarization, medical tyranny, destruction of what shards of liberty still remain, etc. somehow constitute a ‘choice’.

                  We can have those choices without giving our consent to their system, just the same as if we do- the only difference being that in the latter scenario, we’re consenting to the non-choices which are imposed upon us no matter what we do….

                  • Hi Nunz,

                    Yes, the Diaper Decrees are state/local and not federal. Not OM’s doing. Also, HPM has promised a federal Diaper mandate. I understand – and share – your concerns about the Needle. But “distribute” is not the same as forced. It means distributed – and OM could mean just that; use of the military in the manner it was used to staff those bogus triage centers in NY.

                    • Hey Eric!
                      Yes…the actual decrees may be state and local…but of course, most were enacted in order to receive the Federal “Corona funds”- much like the old 55MPH Federal speed limit was not an actual decree…but a bribe -cutting off highway funds to any state that did not comply. That’s how it is with most Federal decrees which affect us- regardless of who is in office- since it would be blatantly unconstitutional- even to the most treasonous legislator or judge to merely outright dictate such things to the states- so they just use the bribery….the threat of not giving the states back their ill-gotten loot which they got from us in the first place, if those states don’t “comply”. -Of course, you know this.

                      Thing is, this is the reality we already live under….under OM- so I don’t quite understand why it is that you he will somehow save us from it?

                      Re: The military: C’mon…now you’re grasping at straws. Yes..the ships in NY- because hospitals and doctors offices don’t have ships…..but hospitals and doctors offices never had any problem distributing vaccines- and since those facilities already exist, it would be easier and faster to use them for such- I mean, you can get a “flu shot” at a Walmart or a drug store…so why would the military be needed, UNLESS there was some other motive at play???

                      What even gives Trump the legal authority to do that? -Just that alone is reason enough to not give our consent to him (nor anyone else0- such is something we should be protesting [No, not like those people…]- not supporting by voting our consent.

                    • Morning, Nunz!

                      Of course – in re federal Corona funds – but that, too, was not the doing of the Orange Man. Congress wrote the legislation. I strongly believe – based on his actions, personally – that the OM is not a Diaper Maniac. And that is a damned good reason to vote for him, even given everything else.

                      Curing Sickness Psychosis is the issue of our time. Nothing – nothing! – else is more important right now because nothing else will matter if Sickness Psychosis is not cured.

                      You worry about OM using the military to forcibly impose vaccinations. I grant it is possible. But the alternative is certain. Why would you refuse to grab any chance of avoiding that?

                    • Goooooodmornin’ Eric!

                      **”Why would you refuse to grab any chance of avoiding that?”**

                      That chance is so slim, it is really just a hope in uncertainty- and really represents no more of a chance than that of Creepy Joe not being able to impose his diaper dream, or breaking his promise[threat]…just as Trump always does.

                      It’s like saying “Why not play the lottery? -at least you stand a chance of winning $80M if you play!”- only when it comes to voting, instead of merely throwing away a dollar on a chance….we are giving our consent to great evil- just on the hope that by doing so we may get one small perk.

                      And just think how depressing it would be to give that consent, and then to find out that your tiny hope has been dashed even though the guy who represented it won.

                      True, the Fed money bribery “may not have been Trump’s doing”- but what did he do to stop it? Instead of doing anything to stop it, he affixed his signature and thus gave authorization to do it.

                      You seem to be pinning your hope on someone who doesn’t even keep 1% of his promises- and who hasn’t even promised to do what you’re hoping he will do- but has in fact demonstrated by his actions already that he will do the very opposite of what we desire.

                      I can understand wanting to grasp at straws- hoping against all hope to have some hope- but we KNOW the reality- and self-deception does not help us- it merely keeps us docile, and prevents us from acting upon the things which may actually help us.

                    • Hi Nunz!

                      I disagree, obviously as regards what we know about OM’s Diapering views. It seems clear he doesn’t much like them himself and I’ve never heard him say anything to suggest a mandatory Diaper Regime. Contrast this with HPM and his ardent promise to impose a Diaper Regime.

        • Hi Liberty,

          The problem is practical; Jorgenson has no – as in zero – chance of being elected president. A vote for her is a de facto vote for Biden. As this election may be the single point on which Sickness Psychosis hinges and the only chance of avoiding Forced Diapering, I cannot do otherwise than vote for the Orange Man, as he is the only alternative to the election of a guaranteed effort at Forced Diapering.

          • I went to the Jorgensen event yesterday here in Saint Petersburg, Fl. There were about 200 people there….maybe. I agreed 100% with everything Jo said. She admitted to vaccinating her daughters, but also said no way in hell should anyone ever be forced to be vaxed against their will. I saw very few people diapered up, but still more than I expected. Come on man, this is a Libertarian Event! You wear a diaper to a Libertarian Event. Anyway, I’m with you Eric. Normally, I would vote for Jo tis year. I gladly voted for Gary Johnson in 2012 over the despicable Mittens and Obama. I can’t do it this year. I can’t vote Libertarian. Florida is a swing state. HPM must be stopped. I’ll vote for the Orange Man again as I did in 2016

  8. UPDATE: I was just ousted from O’reilly Auto Parts for not diapering. This is sad, because I’ve been there several times during COVID-1984, and no one ever said anything about my bare-facedness. This time, there were only two people in the store: The clerk and a customer. On other occasions, there have usually been many. The clerk said something muffled to me as I walked it. Assuming it was (hopefully) a greeting, I returned with a “Hey, how’s it going?”. Intently, he then told me “You need a face cover”, making a hand-wavy motion over his muzzled face. I retorted “It’s okay: I’m not sick, nor am I doing surgery” and I grinned at him. That obviously did not compute, and he just continued his scowling stare, stating something like “It’s required to be in the store”. I, then, turned around and walked out the door and drove home. No oil for my truck today, I guess.

  9. Oh, the diaper is here already. I see people are looking for good news and I have some. It is much easier to identify the mentally weak and easily manipulated. The bad news about that is that they have taken over the asylum.

    BTW, Don is a big pharma pusher. Operation Warp Speed is his baby. The beat will march on no matter what empty suit the slaves “choose”. What is happening is much bigger than petty partisan politics.

    • I must have been in a comas for the last 4 years. You mean…Hilary is locked up; The Swamp has been drained; Obozocare has been repealed(on day one, no less!); we are out of NATO; we’ve stopped financing the UN; Jeffrey Epstein turned state’s evidence and has been used to clean-up DC; the third-world invaders have been turned back; Assange is a national hero; Hilary’s plan to bomb Syria was thwarted; we stopped F-ing with other countries, including VZ and NK; business regs have been greatly eased; spending was cut and the deficit reduced;………………..

  10. My girlfriend and I recently went to a Libertarian rally for their Presidential candidate, Jo Jorgensen, in Scottsdale. This took place in a park, outdoors and sun-bathed. They had some kids in a tent out in front of the event pushing the Diaper, and trying to bribe people with water bottles. I believe I thrice politely refused, until they finally indicated that we were all being watched closely by the local government for compliance, and we would be obliged to, at least, TAKE the diaper, so we did, and put them on as chin-guards. Once in the “event” (a crowd of, maybe, 300 people on a field of grass) the Diaper was not enforced, but the seeds of resentment had already been sewn. The second speaker made commentary on our dark future, mentioning the forced diapering as a prelude to something worse. Jorgensen herself was not seen to diapered at the event.
    As you indicate here, I think the resultant effect of the Diaper mandates is a cooling of social interaction, period. I, myself, know that I have curtailed my outside ventures, because, even IF I boldly walk into establishments undiapered, there is still the apprehension of knowing, at any time, some deluded Non-Player Character may decide to confront me angrily and/or attempt to assault me.

    • Hi BaDnOn,

      The Diaper has become a religious vestment of sorts; something akin to an orthodox Jew’s yarmulke except everyone is being pressured to become “orthodox.” The weird thing – to me – is that so many people seem to regard the Diaper as “no big deal.” Which is evidence of just what a big deal has been accomplished.

      Even at OM rallies, you see a majority Diapered. It’s even more pathetic than that awful song they used to play at Republican rallies…

      • Eric,
        Would that be “Proud to be American”? Some good news I should mention: I also went to my rural property this weekend, up in Yavapai County. There were some people diapered, mainly the employees of certain businesses, but I’d say the majority were NOT. It felt sooo good not to be wading through NPCs everywhere. In some establishments, the Diapered were a dismal minority, and I resisted the urge the give the obligatory Nelson-of-the-Simpsons “HA Ha!”. Many of the people in these areas still can be proud Americans. 😉

    • Wow, I can’t believe they enforced mask wearing. Doesn’t this go against everything libertarians stand for? Honestly, Jo dropped a few points in my eyes. It was an outdoor event, were the Scottsdale police going to haul away everyone?

      BaDnOn, you took the mature approach. I probably would have walked out.

      • Hi RG,

        Indeed. This servility really bothers me. Heck, I’m just a lone middle-aged guy and I have the balls to defy the Diapering and the “lockdowns” all by myself. Is it that hard? Or are people that pussified?

        • I love the libertarian platform and there is very little that I disagree with within it, but my feeling is you must practice what you preach. Being against mask mandates and then telling everyone they need to take a mask or the “authorities” will be upset, is a slap in the face on freewill, which makes her just another politician.

      • Sadly, the Libertarian Party is an embarrassment to….Libertarians. I don’t recall anyone remotely decent being associated with them for the last few decades, except for the late Harry Browne.

  11. Such doom and gloom. Does anyone have anything happy to report?

    During the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic citizens of the US were required to wear masks and they used the same tactics they are using today, fear, humiliation, and mandates to get people to comply. The Red Cross actually had a campaign to promote mask wearing calling those that didn’t “slackers”. The pandemic lasted almost three years, but most mask wearing dropped off significantly after the end of World War I. It will be the same here. History doesn’t repeat itself, but it sure as hell, parallels.

    Yeah, the Karen and Kens will be unbearable for awhile, the state and town governments will overreach, but Americans are rebellious by nature. We have proven over 244 years that we really don’t follow directions very well. This country’s citizens own over 400 million guns, believe me, nobody is going to come and get us and the government would be a fool to try. It would be a bloodbath like the world has never seen. Due to the current riots and overreach 10 million more Americans have bought a gun for the first time ever (as of July 2020). Do you think these new gun owners are going to allow for a socialist takeover? Has anyone tried buying ammo lately? You can’t find any.

    As more and more people see others not wearing a mask compliancy will decrease, mandates will grow lax, and the US will return to a degree of normal that we recognize. A few will never remove the masks and that is their prerogative. The rest of us will shake our heads in frustration and carry on.

    • Good news? Well…uh…we’re not all gonna die; not from Corona, anyway……..

      Hey, during the Spanish flu, masking was more of a local level thing. San Fagcisco was one of the heaviest enforcers of diapering (has anything changed in 100 years?!)…and consequently, they had about the highest per-capita deathrate from the flu in the entire country- along with a few other cities which were Stalinistic about enforcing masking….

      People NEVER learn!

      • Hi Nunzio,

        I did read that awhile back. The CDC had recently published the July figures on who the “cases” involved. It seems that 71% of those that tested positive for COVID wore masks all of the time, 15% wore them often, and then 14% were the rebels. Which then has the possible linkage of either A) we all have it and only those that wear masks get tested or 2) the masks decreases one’s immune system that they are unable to fight off the virus. So either we have herd immunity going full fledge throughout the US or not breathing fresh air and getting sunlight will make you sick.
        I still think I am on the right side of science by avoiding the mask. 🙂

        A little secret, I was watching worldwide news (mostly Bloomberg and Canadian) when this started catapulting in Eastern China early in January. I actually went and bought four N99 masks (the good ones) and four pair of safety goggles in that month, before it even arrived in the US. From the sound of the reporting I thought we were dealing with a new Ebola/Spanish Flu pandemic. I never opened them and have yet to wear them. Which makes me wonder if China played us all? The virus never spread across the country there. I realized they locked down, but no huge outbursts in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, or Tianjin. We all know a virus can’t be controlled, so how was it able to be eradicated in Western China, but was outsourced to every other country in the world? I don’t trust the Chinese media and we know the numbers provided to the WHO are about as false as our own CDC’s figures, but either it is not as deadly as intended or their will be huge massive grave sites to be discovered in China in the coming years.

    • Hi RG,

      While there are still some Americans with balls, how many gelded – of both sexes – do we see everywhere? It’s not just the Face Diapers, either. It’s the lining up pacifically for the crotch fondling at airports; the meekly rolling down the window at “checkpoints,” the anger displayed toward “tax cheats” and “seatbelt scofflaws”… just a random, partial listing. I wish Americans were more like the people here but we appear to be in the minority. Our Herculean task is to somehow redirect the poltroons in a more agreeable (to liberty) direction. We have our work cut out for us.

      • I agree. This is why it worries me when I read such studies that the average American has an IQ of 98. The above acceptance plays into that low score. It comes down to education (I know I have said that a gazillion times). People that read, question, and converse don’t accept the status quo. It saddens me when many people don’t who the V.P of the US is, how many justices are on the Supreme Court (much less name them), cannot locate Iran on a map, or why we fought World War II. What are they teaching in school?

        • School is mostly obedience training these days. I would LOVE if voting required a test on knowledge of the applicable subject matter. It would probably weed out about 80% of votes, but also most of the useless imbeciles that keep the government puppet dancing.

        • Hi RG,

          As others have already noted – correctly – government schools are Obedience Training Academies. Rote memorization rather than critical thinking is fostered and above all, do as you are told – just because.

          PS: I suspect 98 is rather high.

        • Hi RG, when Jay Leno hosted “The Tonight Show” he used to do a bit called Jaywalking, where he would go out of the studio and ask passersby if they could identify various pictures he had. They were a mix of historical figures such as Washington, Lincoln, JFK, the president (at that time), etc. He also had pictures of celebrities in the mix and the result was invariably everyone knew Michael Jackson, but only a few (mostly older) folks could identify the non-celebrities.

          • Hi Mike,

            I remember Jaywalking on the Tonight Show. :). I remember one episode where he showed a picture of Nancy Pelosi and no one could identify her. There was another episode where most people could not pass the citizenship test….probably not one of America’s proudest moments.

            • Hi RG,

              As a palliative measure – until a general moral awakening occurs – I would be very much in favor of a stipulation that the franchise be made contingent on being a taxpayer at the very least. It is absurd – dangerous – to allow people who do not pay taxes to have any say in how much taxes other people are force to pay and how those taxes shall be used.

              It is the same as agreeing to allow any random bum to just walk into your house and help himself to the contents of your pantry, sleep in your bed – and kick you to the curb.

              • Which taxes would deemed applicable for voting? If we are looking at federal taxes only 53% would be allowed to vote, if we consider payroll taxes than that adds an additional 28% to the voting bloc. If we include sales taxes then pretty much everyone is included.

                  • This would be get real muddy real quick. Many seniors pay very little taxes, since they are retired and are living off a fixed income. They have paid taxes in for decades so the last decade of their life they no longer have a say in how the country is run?

                    What happens if you have a business owner who has paid taxes for three out of four years, but one year their S corporation had a huge loss that resulted in them paying no taxes. Do they not get to vote?

                    I believe every US citizen should have the right to vote whether they have paid taxes or not. They are a citizen they deserve representation, too. What I would like to see is the end of ALL corporate donations and political contributions. Each US citizen (over the age of 18) should have the ability to send no more than a certain fixed amount to any candidate that they want (let’s say $2K), businesses should not be allowed to set up PACs, lobbying or give any kickbacks.
                    Someone like Bloomberg, the NRA, Planned Parenthood, Facebook, etc. should not have the ability to affect outcomes of elections. Virginia is blue based on the amount of funds that Soros and Bloomberg flooded the Commonwealth with in 2018. Biden has a war chest 4x the size of Trump’s. Over $11 billion dollars have been “donated” to the Presidential campaign in 2020. One does not have that amount of money without making some pretty extensive promises when they get into office.

                    We have the government that we do due to the influx of business buying politicians.

                    • Hi RG,

                      Your points are well-taken. The fundamental problem is that of being able to vote oneself other people’s property. That is what needs to be ended. Voting is what HL Mencken said it was 100 years ago: A kind of advance auction of stolen goods.

              • Hi Eric,

                Although I know it’s a pipe dream, short of radical decentralization (human scale political units), the only chance that “democracy” be anything other than the most effective, and devious, means of imposing the will of the elite upon “us”, is adopting radical disenfranchisement. Restricting disenfranchisement to “taxpayer”, is not nearly enough.

                All of the following should be disenfranchised.
                – Net tax consumers (Elon Musk would qualify).
                – All government employees.
                – All officers and employees of any “private” firm that solicits or receives any “special” tax consideration.

                Yes, I know that this will never happen as “Democracy” is the new religion and the opiate of the masses. If, as we are constantly told, “Democracy” serves as a check on the power of government, why do those who wield the power of government so vehemently proselytize on its’ behalf? Perhaps they know that the true purpose of “Democracy” is to legitimize the State, not to constrain it. Perhaps they know that by promoting political engagement through voting, the most meaningless means of effecting positive change, and vilifying or criminalizing far more effective means (jury nullification, tax resistance, direct private charity, private dispute resolution, etc…), the people will direct their energies toward fighting about an orchestrated sham.


                • Amen to all of that, Jeremy… unfortunately.

                  As we here already know, nothing will fundamentally change until their is a widespread change of heart… and mind. When enough people abhor and reject the use of political means to satisfy their economic means (per Mises). When theft by proxy is regarded as no less despicable than any other theft; when people agree that their “fair share” of other people’s stuff is . . . zero.

                  PS: I went for a short ride on the bike; my shoulder is somewhat better. I’m still reluctant to go farther than two or so miles down the road… but I am working up to it 🙂

                  • Hey Eric,

                    I’m glad you got out for a short ride on the bike. I sincerely hope that your shoulder heals so that you can ride it as intended. One of these days, we’ll go for a ride together and explore the wonderful trails in your area.


              • Eric,

                Yes, that would be a good start. One problem is that millions of people who do pay taxes still take from the treasury far more than they give.

                IMO anyone who receives government largesse of any kind in any quantity or who accepts a government paycheck – including professional miliitary, pollice, civil service, contractors, all elected politicians, all welfare or grant recipients, etc – should not get to vote.

                In the early days of the republic, it was the practice of many commissioned Army officers to voluntarily refrain from voting in order to demonstrate respect for the Constitutional principle of civilian control of the military. Of course, that was long ago.

          • Hi Mike,

            If it were required to know what the three branches of the federal apparat are and their assigned roles as a minimum standard for excerise of the franchise, I would bet at least half the electorate would be disqualified.

        • Raider Girl,

          IQ is what you’re born with. It’s genetic and doesn’t change much, if at all, over one’s lifetime, no matter how highly educated, mis-educated, or undeducated one is. I’m also inclined to say that high IQ people are more susceptible to cultural conditioning and ideological indoctrination than their more modestly endowed, non-intellectual generational cohorts. The drop in the country’s average IQ is probably related to the massive influx of non-White migrants. Other factors such as bad dietary habits, GMO foods, sedentary jobs, addictions, constant EMF exposure, excessive use of pharmacueticals, chem trails, pollution, and general environmental degradation undoubtedly cause dysgenic effects over multiple generations.

          • Amen that, Mack –

            I’ve read a great deal on the subject and while environment can affect (for good and bad) the native intelligence a person is born with, it cannot transform a person of below-average native intelligence into a person of above-average intelligence. All environment can do is enhance – or retard – the potential. It’s not unlike other genetically encoded attributes such as body type/height. My DNA determined that I could develop to 6ft 3. Had I been fed poorly as a child, I might not have become that tall. But feeding me right didn’t make me taller. It’s probably the same with IQ.

            There is another aspect worth discussing. A fairly bright person can appreciate a very smart person. But a dull person cannot understand a bright person. This is politically/socially significant because a person who has say an IQ of 120 is more than bright enough to understand the general thrust of – to cite one example – the scientific method; he need not understand its minutia to appreciate its importance. But a dullard cannot understand the basic concept – and so scientific concepts are beyond his ken.

            Bright people can imagine what it might be like to be extremely bright. Dull people are incapable of understanding what “bright” is.

            • “A fairly bright person can appreciate a very smart person.”

              This is an important point. Those on the extreme right wing of the bell-shaped curve – uniquely gifted folk who compose,, write, paint, design, discover, invent – that is to say, culture creators – need those of us who may not be so smart or original, but are still bright enouigh to be culture appreciators, appliers, and utilzers. Both are necessary for high civilization.

          • Hi Mack,

            That is a logical outlook and I do agree with you that food, lifestyle, and environment does have a lot to do with it, but I do believe someone can become better educated (not indoctrinated) and therefore, increase their IQ, at least their fluid IQ. I agree that the crystallized IQ holds steady, but our fluid IQ has the ability to expand and grow, but it can only be done by one’s willingness to learn and question (or leave) their current environment.

            • Hi RG,

              One can better use what they’ve got. But what you’ve got is what you have. For example, I’m never going to be a heavyweight, no matter how hard I work out. My DNA-determined body type is middleweight to light-heavyweight. But I can build myself up to my maximum potential by working out hard.

              Just so, a person who develops their mind can develop its potential. I’m a fairly bright guy. I work at it. But no matter how hard I work at it, I’ll never be bright enough to do advanced physics, say. Because I’m just not smart enough to understand it at that level.

              • **”no matter how hard I work at it, I’ll never be bright enough to do advanced physics, say. Because I’m just not smart enough to understand it at that level.”**

                Or, maybe you’re smarter than you think, and advanced physics just doesn’t make sense, which only those who are steeped in indoctrination and who obsequiously never ask inconvenient questions accept by faith- whereas you and I are unwilling to accept a “science” which requires faith.

                This is the way it is with many disciplines in our present world…and why, as others have recently mentioned in other threads recently, it always seems that the most highly “educated” (indoctrinated/degreed) are often the ones least able to deal with the realities of life; unablke to read between the lines; unable to see any agenda other than the clearly-stated narrative, etc.

                People must be groomed to accept the ever-changing ‘present’ theoretical consensuses; to accept or reject almost instantly whatever is decreed by their ‘peers’ as the current truth….

                As we’ve discussed before, most modern science- except for some areas of the purely mechanical- are nothing more than false religions, -the rejection of which tends to confirm a person’s intelligence, rather than a lack thereof.

              • Why wouldn’t everyone want to maximize their potential, then? Laziness? Inability to see reason? I have always wanted to learn to play the drums. Just because I am never going to play like John Bonham does that mean I shouldn’t try? I don’t expect people to go from a 98 IQ to a 135 IQ, but I do expect them to realize that it is always plausible to be more, to learn more, and to achieve more.

                • Hi RG,

                  Well, sure! But most people tend to pursue the path of least resistance. Work being hard 🙂

                  I’m as guilty of this as anyone – or most. I work like a demon in some respects; but when I can snatch 45 minutes for a snooze on the couch, I’m snatching it!

  12. Sad to say, but if this country actually elects this obviously demented old fart to be POTUS, it deserves exactly what it gets. Of course that’s no comfort to those of us with two or more brain cells that get along. If that’s what happens, I hope and pray for the balkanization of the country. Actually, regardless who gets elected, such couldn’t possibly be worse than what we suffer. The smaller the state, the more easily one can vote with one or both of the by far most effective ballots. Your feet, and your wallet. Elections can be rigged, and often are. However, if I leave and take my money with me, that vote counts, whether it please the Psychopaths In Charge or not.

  13. So what’s going to be the penalty for breaking a national mask law, five years in a federal pen? They better just come and get me now.

  14. “Who needs a car when there’s nowhere to go?” — EP

    Prophet eLon addresses your question:

    Tesla CEO Elon Musk cut the price of the company’s flagship sedan, the Model S, for the second time in one week on Wednesday. He disclosed the price reduction in a tweet, which said: “The gauntlet has been thrown down! The PROPHECY will be fulfilled. Model S price changes to $69,420 tonight!”

    Musk frequently demonstrates a love of juvenile humor by working the numbers “69” and “420,” references to a sex act and recreational cannabis use, into company-related commentary. The price for the lowest spec version of the Model S, the “long range plus,” was updated on the Tesla website Wednesday evening to $69,420.

    Question to Tesla fanboys: what do two price cuts in quick succession, amounting to a 7.4% reduction, say about DEMAND??

    “I think we’re parked, man.” — Cheech and Chong

  15. I’ve witnessed a relapse of diapering in my blue county inside a red state. The governor has declared no jurisdiction may enforce a snot rag mandate, however the sheeple are diapering at near 100%. It was down to perhaps 95% for awhile, but I guess it’s not statistically significant. It appears that in these Blue Zones that diapering will continue until the TV says it’s ok not to.

  16. I heard a PSA on the radio just yesterday concerning how to obtain your mail in voting packet. But it went on to say that it’s ok if you still want to vote in person – just bring along your face diaper. Got me thinking – no diaper, no vote? They going to turn away undiapered voters, who are probably more likely to be Trump supporters? I haven’t heard anything else in this regard, and have no idea what is the actual plan, just passing along a datapoint. Plan ahead in any case.

  17. Orange Man might delay it but he won’t be able to stop it. It’s been in the works since 1992 and has been operating in the background the entire time. Urban planners the world over slowly and methodically having their way. Naturally, and as always, you never let a good crisis go to waste so this has been our fist real glimpse into the reality of it.

    • I agree, P. It will largely be irrelevant anyway, since the plan is: to use this election as a catalyst to effect the long-planned break-up of the US into 10 smaller “superstates” (essentially, separate countries) so it will be more manageable in the ‘new world order’.

      And regardless of the above, it’s ridiculous to participate in their system, and give our consent to any of these tyrants -‘specially when the things they say while campaigning have little to do with the reality of what they actually do if/when elected. In the end, vote for anyone ya want, but ya get the same results no matter who wins: More welfare, wars, taxes, government, etc.

      Demented Biden can court the Corona Karens all he wants, but it is doubtful that he’d be able to impose a nationwide mask decree- and if he did, it would likely quickly be overthrown by the courts. [Not that I’d want to see tha bastard anywhere near the White House, though!].

      Meanwhile, our current fuhrer presides over an administration which has essentially already straddled us with nationwide mask and lockdown decrees -only by bribing the states with “relief” money- South Dakota being the only state whose governor had the decency and wisdom to reject the money and maintain the rights and liberties of her state’s residents.

      Be it the enticement of federal funds bribery, or outright decree…the same end is achieved- so I find it rather comical to think that voting for Trump will somehow save us from the tyranny which he has already enacted. How does he differ from Geriatric Joe, again? OM…the guy who said he will “distribute” the forthcoming COVID vaccine[sic] via the military (You’re having a heart attack? Better get yourself to an army base!)…who has championed the 5G surveillance network, and increased police militarization and military spending more than ANY other president in history- and who has effectively destroyed the country already by signing the largest spending bill in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD- which effectively means that the US is bankrupt without any hope of remedy, ever- That somehow voting for more of the same, or for any other of the corrupt lying puppets to be the figure-head for this mess- this Babylon of corruption and filth and perversion and violence, is somehow going to alter anything. Hell, the candidates are so corrupt and such liars, that they can’t even hide it anymore- it is spoken of openly now….and no one even cares, for most of the peons are the same way- which brings up another issue- that being that politics can not fix men’s hearts and minds/our culture- which is actually a greater problem- the politics merely being a reflection of that- and now people are getting the government they deserve.

      tl;dr: I’m gonna stay home on election day and take a good crap…and that will accomplish more than 100 votes. I’ll predict the winner based on who the product resembles- although it’ll be tough, since they are all turds. You’ve heard of Groundhog’s Day? Well, I’ll be doing Brown Clog Day! (If only we could make all of the tyrants disappear by merely turning a handle!)

        • Hard choice! If I eat cheese puffs, OM will appear. If I eat prunes…Geriatric Joe will appear. Maybe I’ll eat 10 unripe bananas….then we’ll be free!

      • Pretty much nailed it. Instead of voting for another dictators, I’m voting for the people. I want the people to decide everything instead of dictators — they can’t do any worse a job.

        • Harry, I’m the decider….over my own life and property, and I will not delegate that responsibility to ANYONE else -especially not some authoritarian-collectivist lying scumbags who represent Goldman-Sachs and the Rothschilds and Is-ra-hell….so I don’t vote. And I have a feeling you won’t be voting either! Kudos!

          • Yeah, I think part of the biggest problem in the entire world is that the people either like (or accept) the “representative democracy” [dictatorship] system. But people like you & me have learned that it doesn’t work.

            So my big suggestion for the world is simply to get rid of the “middle-man” [the legislators] and just have the people propose what they want and vote on it… instead the way things are now the dictators are the only ones that can have any proposals/ideas about anything and they decide almost everything too. If we people ever propose some good idea(s) — it goes straight into the ’round file’, EVEN IF the entire population loves the idea.

            • Hi Harry,

              But who are “the people”? It’s a serious question. If some “people” down the road get together and vote to take my stuff, does that make the taking legitimate?

              I much prefer respecting each person’s right to decide for themselves. Government’s only legitimate purpose – if it has any legitimate purpose – is to secure that right.

              • The people are you and me, everyone. I’m not sure if that answers your question though. For example, if some project is proposed for a county, then all the people in that county would vote on it.

                No, I don’t think people should be able to vote to violate civil rights… there’s some things you can’t just vote on.

                It’d be nice to have each person decide for themselves, but they aren’t allowed to by the govt/dictators. That’s why the dictatorship system doesn’t work — they always end up taking peoples’ rights away. The government always ends up as a dictatorship. Here in America we HAVE a Bill of Rights, and govt representatives are supposed to do what the people want and what’s good for the people, but how did that work out for us? It didn’t work. So, I’m saying we need a new system.

                • Harry, if some project is proposed for the county, unless only those who vote for it are forced to pay for it, then someone’s civil rights are indeed being violated- namely, those of all who did not vote for “the project”, because they will be robbed to pay for it.

                  This is why democracy, or representative government, and all other schemes which give some men authority over others- be they kings or presidents or “the people”, can never be just, and can never work- and will only result in more and more tyranny and disenfranchisement.

                  Makes no difference to me if 99.99% of “the people” voter for something, if it’s something I do not want or wish to pay for.

                  • I agree, when people vote for something, it should be funded by donations, or a membership fee, or free money from the treasury that doesn’t have to be paid back.

                • Hi Harry,

                  Yes, but “the people” is a rhetorical device. It is used by demagogues to legitimize the abuse of individual people by implying that everyone – “the people” – agrees. Including the individual people who do not agree.

                  This is why “the people” should never be able to vote away the rights of the individual – no matter the ratio of “people” to individuals, even if it’s only one vs. a million. If you abuse that one individual’s rights for the sake of the million then the million have also lost their rights, which will also be voted away, inevitably…

                  I prefer organic, voluntary society to government.


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