Advanced Diaper Assist?

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It is not improbable that, within a year or so, new cars will be “mandated” – the new term for do as you’re told, per Dr. Fauci – to come equipped with Advanced Diaper Assist Technology.

It will “assist” you . . . in the manner of an armed government worker – and in the furtherance of the same object: The wearing of the Face Diaper, also known as the Holy Rag by heretics who doubt the medical efficacy of forcing the healthy to wear a rag over their faces to prevent transmitting a sickness they do not have.

Perhaps the car will not start if it sees your face. Subaru’s EyeSight system – already in many new Subaru vehicles – could easily do just that and may do just that once Dr. Fauci, who is our new Medical Overlord, “mandates” ADA.

We are, after all, already “mandated” to wear a seat belt – a seemingly innocuous thing to people who don’t understand that precedent becomes practice and who only see discrete/isolated “good things” and not the other things that will be “mandated” on the basis of the first thing mandated having been accepted.

If seatbelts can be “mandated” than so can the wearing of the Holy Rag as both “mandates” rest on the same doctrine of “keeping you safe,” which has become the new Prime Directive of life in America despite the absence of anything to that effect in the Constitution, which was once upon a time the law of the land.

Before “mandates” replaced it.

A mandate’s fuel is power and the government has that in abundance. It was restrained in its application thereof for many years – for generations, even – by custom and culture, which though informally asserted nonetheless drew a line at the mewling doctrine of “keeping us safe.”

That changed only relatively recently. It is hard to say precisely when it changed but one can make sound generalizations. America was not, culturally speaking, the land of the Safety Cult in 1970 or even 1980. Living was valued over fear of living. The 1969 Moon Shot could never have happened in 2000 because the Safety Cult had by then become a mainstream religion, formally baptized and chartered on September 11 of 2001 – when it became official policy to subordinate life to “safety” – and it has been so ever since.

Every so often a new reason to be scared of living must be conjured, however and so it was this year. The fearsome ululations of enraged Islamists has been replaced by the keening about the cases! the cases! – which in its own way is much like the thrice-daily call to prayer in Islamic countries.

In America, though, the new religion lacks a god. Instead it has a doctrine – that of unquestioning obedience – else you are a very bad person. A dangerous person. Someone who “puts others at risk” – because you dare to question whether you have, in fact.

Note the similarity of tone here and as regards another precedent that became the basis for the “mandates” imposed upon us now, many years ago.

Safety Checkpoints.

Do you support drunk driving?

No. But that is not the same thing as presuming all drivers are drunk and requiring them to play Kabuki – roll down your window, engage in false pleasantries with an armed government worker; convince him you are not “drunk,” etc.

It is, however, exactly the same thing as presuming everyone is sick and requiring them to play Kabuki  – the wearing of the Holy Rag, the standing apart from others, the bumping of elbows in lieu of shaking hands, etc.

And this form of Kabuki – which the America of 1969 would have laughed at and never submitted to – became an inevitability after roadside Kabuki was accepted by America in the 1980s and then airport Kabuki in the early 2000s.

Soon, America itself will transition into a 330-million strong (or rather, weak) Kabuki Troop, the performances never ending, the players always on stage – each another’s audience, the “masks” becoming our faces.

Even within our cars, where many of the players are already wearing their costumes  . . . without needing any “assistance” at all.

. . .

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  1. Eric,
    I have some family over for Thanksgiving, including my nieces (11 and 12 years old, I think). I just saw one of them lying on my couch wearing her face diaper. Obviously it’s not required here at my house, and in fact discouraged, if anyone asks me, and no one is sick.
    My brother-in-law’s family is from Denver. Last time I saw these girls, it was around June. One voluntarily put on the Diaper when going to a store near my land up north, though it wasn’t required. (I was elated to go somewhere where I wouldn’t be hassled, and was perplexed by this behavior.) She also remarked that she “likes wearing masks”. (This is not the aforementioned girl, but her sister) She also asked why I refer to it as a “face diaper” and I ranted about how I wasn’t a f***ing slave. Maybe not the best rhetoric in front of the kids, but, it was from the heart.
    Kids are being acclimated. They are being conditioned to love their chains, and it disturbs me to no end. :/

  2. Funny, there haven’t been any terrorist incidents or mass shootings in the USA since the wuflu. Now the color coded warnings are for cases, cases! not terrorist threats.

    • Hi Randy,

      Don’t fear, I expect them right after Biden gets in office. Iran and Isis love having Biden back. China, too! When this happens Covid will disappear because Covid hates conflict and having to vie for attention.

  3. Anyone that thinks the diaper mania will subside any time soon is delusional. The billboards keep popping up around here all in support of masks and CDS(Covid derangement syndrome). All paid for by various GovCo branches and subsidiaries. The propaganda is relentless. This Orwellian nightmare is only beginning.

  4. What we are witnessing is the spiritual bankruptcy of the general public. It seems people generally desire some sort of spiritual guidance. The need to believe in something, as a source of moral behavior. Since the state has been quite successful in either destroying religion, or coopting it for their own purposes, people are left in a spiritual vacuum. Enter the COVID cult. Based on belief and faith, with no factual support. With its own cast of COVID priests, including a plethora of “experts”, a new missionary cast in the MSM, and it’s own vatican called the WHO/CDC. The parallels with a religious institution are remarkable. The rub comes with the results. Belief in the COVID cult will not produce the same results as belief in a spiritual presence. All religions contain some element of evil, but the COVID cult contains nothing else.

    • Yup, that’s why the first thing authoritarians try to control is religion. Look at how the first things they shut down this year was churches.

    • Hi Rich,

      I’ve come to regard the Diaper – when worn without compulsion – as dispositive that you’re dealing with an enemy. An imbecile fanatic who is dangerous to our health. It’s handy in this respect. They are marking themselves.

      Of course, we are marked as well – by the showing of our faces.

      • Yes Eric, they are dangerous in the myriad ways you have pointed out. Not the least of which is that if they do have COVID, every time they exhale through their diapers they are aerosolizing their disgusting virus-laden spit for me to ingest. They are the ones who should be treated like lepers, not us.

    • Build Back Better….and the Great Reset and Fourth Industrial Revolution are here…..

      I love how the global elitists (GM) are all for building 550K charging stations, apparently, not realizing this takes electricity (natural gas) to run. Who will be pumping this natural gas since the Biden Administration plans to shutdown all fracking? Will these magically run off of wind and solar? Yeah, that’s working out well.

      The Tesla Model 3 (at 70 mph) can go about 234 miles. When I drive from VA to SC this gets me to Rocky Mount, NC. It will take between 1 to 12 hours to recharge my car’s battery. I guess I just spend the night, that is so much more convenient then spending 5 minutes at a gas pump somewhere and I love taking 2 days for a trip that would usually take 7 hours. 🙁

      Some days I find it hard to fathom that we actually have such stupid people running this country.

      • At this point Mary is just adjusting to the current political situation. We may not like it, but GM and all other manufacturers have to play ball with the Bolsheviks forcibly taking power.

        • Hi Mattacks

          I understand with business changing with the times, but Americans don’t want electric or battery operated vehicles. A gasoline engine is more affordable and allows the driver to travel further. If Americans wanted battery operated cars Tesla wouldn’t need to offer a $7500 tax credit to purchase them. The Chevy Volt would have not been discontinued. Americans like our SUVs, our sports cars, and our pick up trucks. We don’t want small cars. We have a hard time remembering to plug in our phones, we are suppose to remember to plug in cars?

          They keep pushing something we don’t want.

        • Hi Mattacks,

          GM is not what it was. I’ve had a front-row seat since the early ’90s. It used to be run by people who generally liked cars and were interested in selling them. It is now run by people who like to sell virtue. More sharply put, want to force you to buy what they consider to be virtuous.

          • No disagreement there Eric. The problem is “go woke, go broke” is slowly starting to be false since the FED will print as much money as these entities need. Look at the media.

            • Hi Mattacks,

              Yes, indeed. But can the FED print value? What if we – productive people – simply refuse to produce? Or produce – and exchange – among ourselves only, using whatever “currency” suits? I have begun to lay the foundations for such a scheme in my own life and recommend others do the same. Find like-minded people who are willing to do things you need done or have things you need and who are willing to swap for things you can provide.

              Unless they – the canker sore people, the mentally diseased Sickness Psychotics and coercive collectivists – literally enslave us they can do nothing about it.

              • Eric, shortly after Obamacare was enacted, a physician who was nearing retirement told me that he had such a plan in place with various specialists to ensure adequate medical care for himself and his wife. Having barter understandings with other productive people is a great idea.
                Btw, his motto was: “God heals; I just bill Medicare.”

  5. My next car will be a 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS with a 502 so I am not worried about it having technology for masks mandating. Most don’t even have lap belts or a working horn. I do require a good radio though.

    I just finished laughing hysterically after reading Biden’s new gun plan though. He wants to legislate a federal gun registry for all “assault weapons” including any magazine with a capacity of more than 10 rounds… gets better…..a $200 tax will be assessed on each “weapon” and each magazine. I am still laughing as I am typing this. He is such a comedian. 😂

      • Hi Rich,

        Oh, they will. No doubt. They stole the last election, why would this one be any different?

        I was trying to think of anyone I knew that would actually go along with this. Who is giving up their guns? It will voluntary, because they aren’t going to be knocking on any doors. This may well be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

        • Hi RG,

          It might be the straw that broke the camel’s back. If Americans had a back to break. But they are mostly supine and flexible creatures who will do precisely what they are told. Perhaps grumbling under their (Face Diapered) breath. But compliant.

          Look around you at all these Face Diapered submissives. They are America.

          • Hi Eric,

            People will willingly go along with the diapers because they have mentally impaired believing they are doing it for a cause (keeping others safe). Most, unlike us, think it is no big deal.

            Their guns, that’s a different matter. With the Biden Administration even thinking they will be able to do anything or that most will cooperate is laughable. The government has already proven to us that they will not and cannot protect us. Many people believe the mask mandates will be removed in the future (myself included). They come for the guns, there ain’t no getting them back.

            • Morning, RG –

              But how will people who have been made to believe that wearing a Face Diaper “keeps us safe” resist the argument that “gun control keeps us safe”?

              And if two-thirds (or more) of the people are dumb enough to believe that wearing a Holy Rag is a civic duty, then our rights are already in the shredder.

              • Morning Eric,

                Because we have been force fed gun control for decades. We know it doesn’t work. The states and cities with the strictest laws are the most dangerous (hint, hint, Chicago).

                The rioting in the streets over the last 5 months, the burning of businesses, and the terrorizing of fellow Americans clearly states if you don’t defend yourself you will die. The gun is one of the very few weapons that the weak and disfranchised have to fight back.

                The mask and its “usefulness“ will erode. People will begin waking up and seeing that it does nothing and the mandates will lessen or people will just ignore them.

                My concern is that too many will line up for the nicotine vaccine. Nicotine mixed with water creates an insecticide. What is our bodies made up of? Where the hell is the MSM? Why are they not discussing this?

                • I wish I could share your optimism, RG –

                  But what I see tells me these people – not all, but most of them – will baaaaaaaa!!! and mooooooo!!! when they are told to, no matter what they’re told.

                  • I refuse to live in doom and gloom. I can be a realist and still believe that our lives can be better. The sun is shining, my family is healthy, and I have enough money in the bank to pay the bills.

                    I have yet to wear a face mask and haven’t been arrested. I still have my guns and I have the ability to speak as I wish.

                    Things could be worse.

          • The majority rarely determine the direction of a nation. Just as the 0.1% control the state, a much larger minority resist it. Only about 10% of the colonial population were in favor of separating from England. Those that understand the purpose of keeping arms far outnumber Antifa and BLM. I suspect those willing to forcefully resist disarmament do as well. We’ve all seen how unwilling “law enforcement” is to resist Antifa and BLM. How willing are they going to be to resist citizens armed to the teeth and willing to use them? How many LEs will it take being shot dead attempting to disarm people before they seek a different line of work?

          • I have two properties urban and rural. In the urban area the diaper is the norm. I’m the only one who is diaperless in the store, and this is getting more difficult because they are cracking down, but there are still a select few places that don’t bother you. In the rural area diaperless people are the norm. The urban areas are where the liberal anti-gunners live. The rural areas are where the conservative gun owners live. This is where the lines will be drawn.

        • RG- Don’t ever underestimate them. They’ll get their gun control and americans will bend over and take it.

          Have you ever checked out a STEN gun? Anybody with fabrication skills can make one. A lathe and mill helps, but are not strictly required. My point is that as easy as it is to access a real militia weapon, very few people do because of a sophisticated carrot and stick approach.

          Terrorism works. If you have a banned weapon and some informer finds out, you will be sold out for money or vindictiveness.

          The second amendment is absolute black letter law and attempting to disarm a militiaman is an act of war- by definition treason and a capital felony. We all have the right and the duty to kill them when they try. And yet they’ve gotten away with it since 1934.

          The few brave patriots they’ve gotten are either rotting in prison or dead with their house burned with their family in it.

          • Hi Ernie,

            All good points. I don’t underestimate them, but they are not rounding up 410 million guns. This is the very reason Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and not the US mainland in 1941. Everyone owned a gun and knew how to use them. Today is no different. They can pass all the laws they want. They can threat us and fine us, but the day we give up our weapons they own us. We have been hearing about gun control for decades. It is why the gun manufacturers do so well under a Democratic administration. Who is going to round up said guns? Most of the police (at least in my area) were going to deputize us rather than follow the law. The National Guard? Biden himself? We outnumber them and they damn well know it.

            • 410 million is probably about a third of the actual number. The point is that they won’t even try to round them up, they’ll pass something, run continuous propaganda, and wait for a disaffected spouse or busybody neighbor to drop a dime. And make a production out of an Entebbe style raid with the victim’s house burning in the background.

              I do hope they are stupid enough to try- it is good to see stupidity in ones enemies.

    • Hi RG,

      Except it’s not funny. We are entering a period analogous to that of circa 1916 Russia; this is serious business – and we have that Orange Imbecile to thank for it. The clown is selling T shirts now. Raising money. Typical Republican bullshit. Lots of incoherent talk about “draining the swamp” — no meaningful action. Raise money, make speeches. Maybe get elected. Then do nothing; lose the election. Raise money to “send them a message.” Repeat.

      I’m done with them.

      • Hi Eric,

        ALL of the blame lies with us, the American public. We got the government that we deserve. I don’t blame the politicians, we allowed them to get away with this. We the people turn the other cheek when our own government lies to us, steals from us, and kills us. The reason we vote for the lesser of two evils is because we don’t believe we deserve better.

        Seriously, the general public is no better than the battered woman who returns to the boyfriend who beats the crap out of her every time. Her thinking is he loves me, he cares about me, he is stressed and doesn’t know what he is doing. BS! Our thinking is no different….our politicians care about us, they will fix this. NONE of them are saviors. Maybe a few go in there with good intentions, but it doesn’t last. The Swamp is too big. You try to destroy the Swamp they will destroy you.

        I don’t like Trump as a person, but I will give him credit. He tried to change the narrative. He went after China, he tried building the wall, he tried bringing manufacturing back to the States, he left our 2nd Amendment rights alone. He realized the press was the enemy. He couldn’t be bought out, but he could be destroyed. The Swamp played their hand well. Maybe Trump could have been a little more thick skinned, maybe not react to every injustice (in his mind), maybe not go after others it would have bought him some time and made change a little easier. The MSM would have still gone after him, as they do with every Republican and conservative. They went after Reagan, Bush 41, Bush 43, they aren’t going to stop. The “conservatives” are too weak to stand up for themselves and build a conglomerate that could take on the liberal party. They are every bit of the Swamp as well, and will join forces with their enemy if it means removing the catalyst that would alter their livelihoods.

      • Hi A,

        I haven’t been a girl in 20 years, but if you are asking if I am a chick, yes, I was born with two X chromosomes. One look at me would leave no question of that.

        Raider Girl sounded better than Raider Woman or Raider Chick.

  6. I desperately want to believe the masks will come off once the president is sworn into office. But then I keep seeing commercials and ads online where all the actors are modeling them. I see General Motors making masks, Hanes Brands making them, EVERYONE making them (masks are now one of China’s biggest exports to the U.S.). Alas, this isn’t going to disappear anytime soon; they’re the new yoga pants.

  7. My dear old Dad never understood why I despised George W Bush so much. He’s a good guy! He’s doing what is needed to get those terrorists!

    I explained to him that now matter how much you agree with what he’s doing, that he won’t be there forever. And that when he’s gone he will be handing over the keys to a brand new fully optioned police state. And that it will be used against the good guys.

    He gets it now. All I get is depressed.

  8. ‘the Safety Cult … formally baptized and chartered on September 11 of 2001’

    … as was the National Security Cult. It now extends to mass warrantless surveillance, subversion of the secret FISA court for political intervention, and public infiltration of the Mainstream Media by spooks such as Brennan (CIA), Clapper (DNI) and Comey (FBI).

    Last Friday Rudy Giuliani asserted, based on similar vote count anomalies in several states, that there had to be a coordinated conspiracy. A conspiracy requires communications. The NSA collects those communications.

    But if the spook agencies themselves were conspirators, how would that evidence ever be obtained? They would classify it, then ignore subpoenas to cover up their own wrongdoing. Who is John Durham, they ask each other in mock alarm … then burst out laughing while making obscene hand gestures in front of their crotches.

    Sidney Powell is an attorney who does not fear long-shot odds. But no one has ever busted the National Security Cult, not even a president (one tried, but mysteriously died). If her last-ditch effort to seek justice in a deeply compromised judicial system fails, then the Rubicon has been crossed and there’s no returning.

    A senile puppet burdened by dirty laundry makes an ideal front man for shadowy powers behind the throne, as does a malleable second-in-command whose selection in all likelihood was dictated by the same parties.

    The transition to ALAT (All Lies, All the Time) is almost complete, comrades.

  9. One a slightly separate note – have you noticed how annoying modern tech has become ? I just got an apple watch, (yes I know, dont ask me how or why) but its full of all these annoying nagging things. Time to stand. How long to wash your hand for. Was in room where a hairdryer was running and it gave me a warning that the environmental noise is too loud and it can damage my hearing !! WTF !!! On balance im definitely an early adopter of technology – but I like there to be an underlying purpose – not to be nagged and annoyed more for absolutely pointless stuff !! I have a strong feeling the watch is going back to apple very soon if I cant make all these annoying thing STFU….

    • I got a new and improved Garmin GPS and I’m about to chuck it out the car window. We nicknamed it “Grandma,” because of the constant sideseat driving/nagging: I’m following too close, I’m about to run off the road (actually, no I’m not), there’s a SCHOOL ahead!! (who cares?) Railroads tracks! You’re speeding!
      If I shut that feature off, I lose the red light camera warning, which isn’t a huge deal to me, as well as it’s “incident” recording feature, which is nice if someone hits me and tries to lie about it. Another nice feature is its real-time info on traffic jams, construction, etc., which is why I wanted it, or I’d still just have a regular old GPS, which I replaced with this nifty newfangled nagging British beyotch.

  10. What can the average person do about all of this nonsense? Our representatives are not representing us, our constitutional rights are be trampled on, the general public is acting like children following edicts without question,they are stealing the election making my vote meaningless.. It seems hopeless to me.

    • Speaking as an average person, I’d say vote with your dollars and vote with your feet. Resist where you can, adapt where you can’t. And by adapt, I don’t mean concede. One of my favorite taverns started enforcing masks so I adapted and started frequenting others.

      • Oskar, I agree with cjm. Stop spending money with them. I don’t buy from Amazon or Walmart and I refuse to spend one dime to help the MSM (no cable, no Sirius, no satellite). I do have internet though (I have yet to find a way around that other than hooking up to my neighbors, which I am pretty sure is an arrest able offense). A business has very little influence if people stop frequenting it.

        I just picked up lunch from one of my favorite food trucks. The guys are now in masks. I was talking to the guy ringing up my order and said “Why are you guys wearing masks?” He stated they had to starting wearing them a week ago. My guess is some Barbie or Ken sniveling, scared, whiner threw them under the bus. He then stated “You don’t have to wear one though.” I said, “Good, because I am not going to.”

        I guess I start frequenting the taco trucks a bit more. For some reason the Latinos and Latinas have a lot more balls than most white people. Most of them do not wear masks. In Guatemala, they also burnt down their Congress and brought a guillotine out into the street as a warning. They have spunk.

        • I’ve observed that also about the Latins. In Mexico, central, and South America they have absolutely corrupt government. They have learned to live with it- they ignore it and work around it. The result is they have more real freedom than Norte Americanos who dutifully comply with whatever they are prescribed or proscribed.

          I’ve found the most mask free friendly places in locally owned Mexican restaurants with Mexican staff.

          My kind of people.

        • One of my favorite local restaurants is a TexMex place. Until a couple weeks ago, they didn’t even have any signs up for masks or anything covid related. They have a sign up now, but didn’t say a word about my bare face when I went there for dinner. ¡Viva la resistance!

        • I agree with that sentiment, but have realized the big connected corporations don’t need our money to continue to function. They have access to freshly printed federal reserve notes. They no longer need to be profitable in the classic sense.

      • Won’t work this time amigo. They mean to starve us into submission. To make us beg for government cheese. I really hope they are stupid enough to try gun confiscation and more lockdowns- but they are more clever than that.


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