Corporate Cultism

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GM switched from making cars to making Holy Rags – and now Ford is trying to sell you on wearing them.

And on getting the Holy Jab.

A slew of ads touting the New Religion began airing January 1 – narrated by the actor Bryan Cranston, who played a drug dealer in the well-known series, Breaking Bad. How appropriate.

The first ad begins with a screenshot of a Rag-wearing dad and his masklings, being conditioned to live in fear of a bug that has killed far fewer kids than suicidal depression this year.


“Let’s hold the line,” urges a tired-sounding Cranston – dirgy piano music in the background, a helicopter ferrying a “case” to the hospital. More Face-Diapered children peering sadly at the world outside from behind a plate glass window.  

“Sacrifice for it”  . . .  though we know the people enjoining us to wear the Holy Rag often don’t. And haven’t “sacrificed” a thing themselves. Indeed, have profited from our enforced misery. Acquired fortunes by forcing others to “sacrifice.” Acquired power, by using that word to justify it.

It’s sickening.

“Let’s look out for each other” – by shutting up and obeying ridiculous, degrading, tyrannical edicts and hounding anyone who raises his hand to question the Kabuki. Cranston does not mention the families who have been forcibly prevented from looking out for each other via decrees forbidding them from even seeing one another.

Who have lost the ability to feed their kids. Who are going to lose their homes.

Who is “looking out for” the business owners who are being forced out of business?

Who is “looking out”  . . . for sanity?

It is sickening to see another ad not merely affirming the opposite but framing it as a moral duty to bee-lieve.

Cue the hypnotic humming. 

“We are so close”  . . . to the Holy Jab. Cue the conveyor belt of phials and scenes of caring first-responders administering the Holy Dose . . . by force. New York lawmakers are already proposing concentration camps for Needle Refusers – “cases” and “contacts” of “communicable diseases” – even if they haven’t actually got one.

For up to 90 days. Nacht und Nebel.

And even if that doesn’t come to pass, economic force will be used to corner the un-Needled into accepting the jab for a sickness they haven’t got and have little, if anything, to fear from.

Which raises questions about why it must be forced – if it’s so very desirable. Also, if it works. If so, then the people who want it and get it themselves should be just fine – even if those who don’t want it don’t get it.

Never mind. Cue the music.

“Soon, we will be what we were,” Cranston promises. Just wear your Holy Rag and – when it is offered – accept the Holy Jab. Bring your children in for theirs.

Then you – and they – will be allowed to return to a normal life. The commercial shows faces – implying we’ll be allowed to see them and show them again . . . if only we accept the Holy Jab, which is “so close.”

It is obscene nonsense.

Worse, even, than the insipid, oleaginous/ersatz compassion injunctions to wear the Sickness Hijab and play Sickness Kabuki  . .  . to “sacrifice” for it.

Because the Holy Jab isn’t the end of it. It is merely the beginning of it.

It is your permanent induction into the Sickness Cult. Now and forever, amen.

Pope Fauci XVIII and his viceroy, Bill Gates, have already said that Needling will not be the end of it. That wearing of the Sickness Burqa will “have to continue” for the indefinite future – always pushed forward – along with all the other permanent rituals of the Sickness Cult.

This is the New Normal we’ve been hearing about since the Cult was formally established in the spring of 2020.

It premised on acceptance of the core tenet of the cult – pushed by this commercial – that the asserted possibility of anyone getting sick henceforth requires  . . . sacrifice . . . from all us . . . (except of those course those insisting we sacrifice).

Even if actually getting sick hasn’t happened to us – and even if getting sick means nothing more than that to almost all of us.

Consider the implications.

If the entire populace must  . . . sacrifice because an illness is afoot that 99.8-something percent of them won’t die from and which most of them won’t even get symptoms of from then do you bee-lieve the Sickness Burqas and Kabuki will not be required for other sicknesses that don’t kill 99.8-something percent of the population?

How about 99.5 percent?

It never ends, because people will never stop getting sick – and some of them will die. This is life and it used to be considered normal before it became normalized to live in hypochondriacal dread of getting sick.

It’s sad to see Ford selling this – instead of cars.

PS: Cranston – who apparently got sick – didn’t die, either. But Dawn Wells – who played Mary Ann on the ’60s sitcom Gilligan’s Island – did. She was well into her 80s – a long life and a normal death.

But never mind.

And cue the music.

. . . .

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  1. While the only TV I watch is a few fake NFL football games, it is sickening to see every other commercial featuring face diapered imbeciles. I will not be watching the playoffs. Anything I come across with masking or political correctness…I turn it off.

    Money talks and Cranston is now on my never watch again list. What a puke! Sad to say I own a Ford car…so do I get rid of it and buy a Kia or Nio? Good grief.

    Corporate America is ONLY concerned with keeping their brands holy. That is what the marketing experts tell them to do. Thus, they are tripping over each other to be leftist-correct and politically in tune. Yuck.

    The vaccines, by the way, are still in trials. The final results, according to the CDC’s review of the ongoing trials will not be known until early 2023. The CDC/FDA only approved the usage of these fake vaccines as an emergency measure. That means there are 7.85 billion lab rats running around the world and Gates is salivating at the “WW2 German IG Farben” (now Bayer) experiments he can conduct. Extremely gruesome is the purest explanation.

    A recent study from Germany asked the opinions of thousands of parents about the effect of using masks on their children and young adults and the results are horrifying. About 2/3 said there were negative reactions covering over 2 dozen medical afflictions of various natures. Of course, this will not be further investigated and kept out of the fake news media.

    The Commies in New York are giving us a preview of what they want to do and I bet most of America is blind to the reality of it happening. With Commie-crats in charge…it’s full speed ahead and it’s time for me to clean my weapons.

      • Hi Eric,
        It may be too early yet, but at some point “if you ain’t got nuthin, ya got nothing left to lose” may kick in. Our overlords have been accelerating the push towards total control but have always been careful to leave a few crumbs for the serfs. I think their recent success in the plandemic has gone to their heads so we may be coming close to crossing that line. My 12 gauge is oiled and ready.

      • I could be wrong, paranoid, crazy etc., but I just noticed an ad online by one of the ammo manufacturers claiming that there is no conspiracy to stop producing ammunition. I thought it was a clever bit of propaganda to generate business, but decided to call a few gun shops, and guess what? None of them had any ammunition, and didn’t know when they would be getting any. Some said they could put me down on a list, and they would call when it came in. I also discovered that ammo isn’t cheap; $75.00 for a box of 38 special. How does one mount a revolution without any ammunition? One call claimed that they could send it to me in the mail. Is this accurate? Do ammunitions manufacturers send ammunition through the mail, or are they just trying to get my address so they can come and confiscate my guns?

        • This has me worried. There’s a nationwide ammo shortage and even certain types of guns are hard to find. Colt suspended production of one of its most popular assault rifles in late 2019–for the civilian market, not military. All of which begs the question: Were the PTBs covering the exits and preparing for the “big one” even before the scamdemic hit?

          • Hi Jim,

            The shelves are largely bare in my area as well. I occasionally find a few boxes here and there, but not many – and the prices are outrageous…

    • it will go down in the history books the most heavily armed people in world history were looted and genocided without firing a shot. gun owners biggest cowards to walk the earth

    • It hasn’t come to their door. I think most people, subconsciously, hear the stories, but don’t believe it will happen to them. They think, “well, that is in NY, I am in OK, so that won’t affect me.” I will be the first to admit I suffer from it a bit. I am aware of it. I know there are various lockdowns, bankruptcies, riots across the nation and the globe. I know the boot on the neck is sinking its heel a little deeper, but I can still skirt around the system. The day the Brown Shirts show up at my door stating “We are here to vaccinate you and your children” or “You are no longer able to homeschool, your children will now be required to attend a liberal indoctrination camp” then it becomes very real.

      All avenues haven’t been shut down to us yet. We are still able to move around society. It is difficult, but possible. When the bureaucracy closes the loopholes that we cannot buy food, cannot pay our bills, cannot clothe our children then the fighting begins, but it will not until it hits us personally.

  2. I’m pleased and surprised to learn there’s a bill in state legislature here in South Carolina that would make mandatory vaccines illegal. The language specifically forbids employers from firing because of refusal to take the jab, or for proof of the jab to be allowed to shop, attend events, etc. This is actually in line with previous legislation that goes against the federal grain (highway bills, national ID, gun laws, etc.)

    God bless the South!

    • Kentucky has a bill prefiled for this year’s legislative session with similar language. The session starts today, so I will be paying close attention. You’re right, God bless the South.

    • Hi Bill and Jim,

      This is great news to hear. I hope the SC and KY legislatures do follow through on this and pass both bills. Individuals should have the right to make decisions when it comes to their own health and what is injected into their bodies.

    • Morning, Bill!

      This is happy news… I haven’t given up yet. It takes time for people to recover their senses, especially when assaulted by an unprecedented campaign of gas-lighting that tries to make it seem a moral affront to even question the WuFlu narrative. Thanks for passing this along!

    • This is why I miss SC. Most people there prefer making their OWN “cheese” as opposed to the government making it for them. Moving to NJ to live with my father nearly 20 years ago was definitely a HUGE mistake!

  3. read a very interesting comment on a newspaper website the other day – every year 9 million people die of hunger. And there is a simple cure known for it – food. But how much do the billionaires, corporates, WHO, government do about it – nothing… Yet for covid all the drama. Wonder why….

    • Good morning Nasir,

      Wow, I knew people died of starvation, I did not realize it was that high. I agree with you, something like the disbursement of food to developing countries should hold a much bigger priority than the virtue signaling of women, minorities, etc, by the large corporations.

      Unfortunately, it was never about making the world a better place. A look at our food supply chains and the amount of pesticides used and genetically modified and processed foods that are supposed to allow everyone to eat, just increases the flow of cash to the pharmaceutical companies in forms of cancer, diabetes, and obesity treatments.

        • Hi Rush,

          This is disgusting, but not surprising. The Sickness Cult is fundamentally a death cult. The sooner more people understand this, the sooner the country gets healthier…

        • Hi Rush,

          The farmer is correct. I actually watched Shad’s interview with Patrick Bet David back in May or June (Bet David gives really great interviews and has a pretty good YouTube channel that I watch time to time). The interview is about an hour long, but Shad talks about how the meat market is controlled by four large corporations (two Brazilian, Tyson’s Food, and I believe the other was a Chinese organization, but don’t quote me on that). It is a pretty good interview and one really feels for the small farmers trying to make it day to day.

          I will always help a small business or a small farm if I have an option to do so, even if I have to pay a bit more. It is worth it in the long run.

          • RG, Rush – I have also seen these videos of lots of, basically food being disposed of because it just doesnt make sense to sell it cheap. Like here in the UK they are regularly pouring tons of milk down the drain – simply because the buyers who supply to cafes are no longer buying as cafes are closed. Its really criminal….

            • The amount of waste (especially food) that we observe, at least here in the USSA is sickening. I know for several years a few area restaurants tried donating leftover food at the end of the day and many of the food pantries would not accept it, because they were concerned about refrigeration, too long under a heat lamp, made a day ago, blah, blah, blah.

              It is truly sad when you see 15 slices of beautiful pumpkin cheesecake being tossed into a trash bin, six uncooked rib eyes being chucked into a dumpster, or loaves of freshly made bread not even being thrown to the birds to eat. Why not have the last 1/2 hour prior to closing be a 50 or 75% off sale on food that will have to be thrown away that evening or the next morning. The business would at least be reimbursed some of the monies that they paid for the inventory and people could take the items home and have a decent meal or at least feed their families at a more affordable cost.

              Trashing perfectly good food upsets me.

              • Seriously RG – the amount of all stuff, particularly food wasted in the west is mind boggling…. quite depressing. here in the UK supermarkets actually lock their bins so that a bum cant get into the dumpster and take the food they’ve thrown out ! can you imagine….

              • My understanding, from a neighbor who works for a food supplier, the main reason for farmers plowing their crops under, disposing of livestock, etc, is packaging. Government, corporate offices and the cafeteria that goes with it are closed. Schools, universities, all kinds of institutional organizations are closed, people working from home, and of course thousands of restaurants gone. Food manufacturers have two different operations, one for retail and one for wholesale. The packaging is different, and they are usually in different factories. So, for example, the Heinz wholesale ketchup plant has plenty of tomatoes and ingredients to make as much ketchup as they want, but factory is tooled to fill say, 5 gallon cans. Can’t sell that to Publix or Safeway, and it’s not that easy to retool for retail bottles. In other instances, obtaining the packaging materials is the problem. We’re having a problem getting Budweiser products in my area. It’s not because they can’t make enough beer, it’s because they can’t get enough aluminum to make the cans. And again, they can’t just put all that beer in kegs, there isn’t enough of a market for that.

                • Hi Floriduh,

                  I heard packaging was an issue, as well as, the processing of the meat plants being shutdown due to the virus outbreaks.

                  I don’t think though that large amounts of packing would dissuade most customers (look how successful Costco and BJs Wholesale is). I think many families would buy the products and split them with their other family members and neighbors. Unfortunately, it is kind of hard to sell a large living cow (or worse a slaughtered cow not packaged), but they did it in the old days. We would all just have to have meat curing rooms in our homes. 🙂

    • The self appointed engineers of human society are obsessed with population reduction so why would they do anything about hunger?

  4. Reality is what we think it is…
    Some of us used to think that reality was an objective fact. Others, wiser and more realistic said that reality was what we believed it to be. I fell into the former group until the advent of the COVID HOAX.
    Now I see clearly that fear can completely over ride reason. I also see that a majority can overwhelm society with its fears. Women, of any gender and constituting a majority, can overwhelm weak men with whining and fear in our PC environment.
    We have NOT been subdued by a virus. We have been overcome by the female imperative and all of its illusions, desires for power, and FEAR. We cannot see this because men also have fears: WOMEN.
    Politicians inhabit government and know of this weakness in men. They stir fear, and seek submission. Women comply, and drag the pussyfied men into the abyss. Some men object, but they are discounted as women haters. This is described in the Bible, Adam and Eve, but not understood by modern SIMPS.
    Until men resume saying “NO”, which is easy to do, we will continue to be relegated to the role of resource providers and sperm donors.
    And you thought Adolph Lincoln freed the slaves…LMAO !

    • I have long held that the word “NO” is perhaps the most useful word in the English language. I know it’s been my favorite word for decades. It’s quite entertaining to see the shock on the faces (when we still had faces) of authority figures, whether public “officials” or private workplace “officials” when one is commanded to do this or that and the commanded say “NO”. It’s as if their “reality” just disappeared. As if someone had laced their coffee with a triple dose of LSD. Their plans depended on your acquiescence, and when they didn’t get it their plans vaporized.

    • Good morning Jack,

      We meet again. 😊

      Out of curiosity how do some men “fear” women? What do they fear? You mention men being pussified. This sounds like some men are easily controlled by their Johnson. Are you insinuating some men (noticed I didn’t say all) are so defenseless against the wiles of women that they are unable to think logically because of tears and certain womanly attributes? Tsk, tsk, no wonder it was so easy for Delilah to bring Samson down.

      • Missy when burning witches was banned men were doomed. if you raise your voice to a “woman” living with you your life gets destroyed. comment on a womans looks fired from job. get gutted and fleeced in divorce court. so dont act so high and mighty knowing if a guy smacked you around for being a wise ass you could easily ruin his life

        • One, my name isn’t Missy. Two, I don’t look at men as my ticket to a better life or as inhibiting me from the choices that I made in my current life. Three, my husband and I have raised our voices to each other several times, but we don’t raise our fists. It is about respect. Nobody (and I mean nobody – man or woman) has the right to raise their hand to another. I don’t care how heated the argument gets. If your life is at stake, that is something different. If a woman comes charging at a guy with a knife in her hand the guy has every right to defend himself and vice versa.

          • If a woman comes at her man with a knife, the cops who respond will just say “she must have had a reason” and arrest the man, probably NOT the woman, even if she’s not injured and he has stab wounds. The best thing any man can do when his woman gets physically abusive, or even downright threatening, is to LEAVE and hope she doesn’t call the cops on him anyway. If a DV call is made, the man is going to jail, period, whether the woman also goes to jail depends on the circumstances and how much the cops dislike the woman involved.

            • Hi Douglas,

              Maybe I am very naïve on this, but if you love somebody, why would you want to hurt them whether physically, mentally, or financially? Because he said something that hurt my feelings is not enough reason to calls the LEOs in.

              If the guy has stab wounds and the woman doesn’t have a mark on her shouldn’t common sense prevail? “Umm, ma’am your husband is missing two fingers, could you please show us where he hit you?” If there are no bruises or scratches or she isn’t bleeding then you truss her up on falsifying a crime and put her in handcuffs. This should not be about gender, but who is the liar.

              • In some cases, woman have been arrested for domestic violence, prosecuted, and convicted. There’s still lingering myths that women don’t resort to UNJUSTIFIED violence; i.e., if a woman appears to be the instigator and/or primary combatant, then it’s presumed that the male somehow “had it coming” or she was acting out after “years of abuse”, “pre-emptively”, and son on.

                No one, male or female, should employ violence to resolve marriage or relationship difficulties, period. Certainly assault/battery are no LESS crimes just because an intimate partner or household member is involved. The hell of it, though, is that law enforcement of same has been politicized by radical feminism to the point where any man is at risk of a FALSE accusation, in a situation where his guilt is PRESUMED. De facto, unlike most other criminal complaints, the accused must PROVE innocence in order to defeat such spurious charges.

      • In order to shame the men they say the men are afraid of women. The reality is that men are afraid of the government. The government that will take action, including financial confiscation and physical violence against a man on a woman’s say-so.

        Women agitate politically and are the majority of voters. Institutions from the government to corporations and so on are more than willing to destroy any men women point at without question.

        • Hi Brent,

          This government is mainly made up of men, right? So it is other men throwing other men under the bus. Do you agree with me that the majority of judges, high level government officials, and majority shareholders are in fact, men? Why are other men turning on other men? The influence of women?

          • Hi RG,

            Compulsory schooling/social conditioning has a lot to do with the increased passivity in men. The conformity camps tend to favor and reward female behavior over male. Once one boy is made an example of, the rest fall in line.

            Natural human behavior like holding hands, hugging, and kissing is forbidden and punishable in these conformity camps. You know that must have long-term implications towards human relationships.

            The idea is to create a malleable population. Traditional male behavior is at odds with that.

            • Hi Handler,

              I agree with you the school has done a lot of social conditioning, but the conditioning of a boy to a man should be steered by his parents (especially the father). It is not the job of society to raise a child. I was more influenced by both of parents and what they did and what they said than any outside source such as a teacher or another adult.

              We can blame society for many issues, but the country’s fundamental principles broke down with the dissolving of the nuclear family. A boy who does not have a strong father is impressionable and easily influenced. This is what we are seeing today.

              • Morning, RG!

                It seems to me that parents have been largely rendered reproductive vessels, with the state actually raising the (not their) children. It’s not total yet but headed in that direction. And it’s a natural evolution of the permeating premise that we do not own ourselves but rather are stupid animals owned by the state; i.e., by the people who control the state – who consider us their property.

                • Good morning Eric,

                  Then the parents have allowed it by turning over the kids to the state. Parents have one job….to raise a productive citizen. Someone who can stand on their own two feet. That’s it. That is what the goal is. The state does not control anything unless we as the citizenry allow it.

                  • Very true, RG –

                    Still, there is the “trap” – the way the system encourages living beyond one’s means (enhanced by taxes) which makes two incomes almost necessary just to survive. That means mom and dad work, which means they haven’t got time or energy to really raise their kids.

        • That’s exactly it. The government is already way too involved in affairs between man and wife, to the point where no sane man would risk his future earnings, his constitutional rights, and his very freedom by involvement with a deranged, psychotic female. A net result is MGTOW – Men Going Their Own Way. Hence a reason why I’d been reluctant, after TWO “at-bats”, and two “put outs”, to set up to the plate again. It’s a risk-reward situation, and if a man can get female companionship on his terms, at HIS convenience, w/o having to commit to marriage and family, why SHOULD he? Given my LDS beliefs, it’s a terrible thing to admit, but it’s reality.

  5. Thanxs a lot for your words.
    I have read many of your articles and I find them really outstanding, thank you.
    Your job is really a very good job.
    Have a nice day,
    Greetings from Nuoro, Sardinia, Italy.

    • Thanks, Antonio!

      How are things in Italy? I’m wondering specifically whether, in your view, most people support Sickness Kabuki or are becoming tired of it?

      • Hi Eric, thanks a lot for your attention.

        Sorry about my english, that i’ve studied at school many years ago; i like very much to read and speak it when it’s possible.

        Damn, i’ve erased my answer to your question some minute ago, and i’ve missed all of the text… This is my second attempt.

        For me the things are not going on good in Italy, today people is very worried about the data of contagion, having forgotten that in march and april 2020 the data were talking about people who died.

        These are the mass media fruits, and the communities are really very scared and hypnotized.

        No courageous person is telling us the truth, ore something different from the media (the presstitutes, what a word!).

        For me one of the must important keys to change something are to keep up your health, to have care about your affections and people that you having care about them, to live always telling the truth, with clear words.

        I’ve read many of your articles, which I always find blunt, scratchy and incisive; your personal writing style looks like Mr. Gary North style; when i’m reading it seems that you are in front of me, it’s so special, it’a a gift that you have (in my humble opinion).

        Thanks a lot for your attention and availability, see you soon.

        With respect and friendliness,

        Antonio Pani.

        The translator gave me a hand
        Your articles about cars are very funny and smart.

        • “Scratchy” : Great, and funny, way to describe EP’s style! Antonio, I have Paid tourism trip to Central Italy next June. To enjoy culture, history, people, sights and wine/food. Probably will be cancelled, do you think? Willow, in Texas

          PS – In rural counties of Texas, I am around many working/agricultural rural people. Almost no masks. No one seems worried. Business as usual. Just a “must wear mask” sign on the door, that’s all.

          • Thanxs for your words Bob, happy to meet you here.

            I live in a Province that is exactly in the center of an island, a place that’s very similar than your state, i live with many working/agricultural rural people; I am strongly convinced that this is a good thing, because it includes the word tradition, and all of the good things that this word means.

            Here we are living some kind of strange days, people, expecially older people, is really scared of the news showed by the media.

            In my little city, Nuoro, pubs, bar and restaurant are closed, they only working in “take away mode”, people takes some bottles of beer or wine, than enjoy it near to these places; this is the particular reaction that i’ve seen in the last week.

            Now something about your journey, by 3 days, Ryanir Airlines Company shows on tv commercials that you could buy a ticket now for your next holidays, because everything is going to be good; is the first airline that did this thing. For me is a good signal. So, I think that your trip will not be cancelled.

            By the way, probably, in the future, we will be vaccinated or something similar, to pick a plane, but this is another history (sic).

            By the way, probably, in the future, we will be vaccinated or something similar, to pick a plane, but this is another history (sic).

            Thanks for your attention, take care about you and see you soon.


  6. Corporations are starting to assert themselves – acting like more and more like the state. This is an example of “stakeholder capitalism”, which is the idea that corporations should have more influence over society “for the greater good”.

    The Ford family recently reunited with its namesake, Trilateral-controlled foundation. So, they’ve pretty much signed on to The Great Reset/Agenda 2030 plan.

  7. Cue the music, and MOURN. These fucking assholes do nothing but WORSHIP DEATH.

    The shit actor playing the dad at 0:11 smiling behind his disgusting baby blue maskypoo has under his arm…a 12 pack of toilet paper. They had to throw that mockery in there too.

    And ALL the shit head actors wearing their dirty muzzles have the same vacuous unblinking stare in their closeups. The same as so many in the grocery store and at large. NOBODY HOME. Not a soul.

    • Amen, Michael –

      Just as Elvis used to shoot the TV whenever Robert Goulet came on, so alsoI have to fight the urge to put my fist through the screen when one of these insipid videos makes its appearance.

      • The COVID (fraud) ads are just as bad as the “poor old holocaust (holohoax) survivor” ads in which the young jewess “begs” for shekels while showing some 90 year-old woman who is probably healthier than many of us. Go ahead and donate to buy your stupid “jew boxes” for $25.00. Ha Ha
        Jews gotta jew…it’s in their blood.

        • And stupid “aryan” cowards such as yourself gotta hate… it’s in your blood. Everything in your world is filtered through a haze of blinding hatred.

          By the way, Annie, how are things over at my favorite white power site of all time, the Daily Stormer BBS? Seems like they’ve been having server issues of late at least at their .onion address. No need to be coy, I’ve seen you there (or at least someone with the same screen name posting the exact same word-for-word rants there as we see here.) You’ve seen me there too, but you wouldn’t recognize it since I’m a pretty good mole. I can Jew-bait with the best of ’em.

          These white nationalist types are a motley bunch of moronic cowards but they are entertaining.

            • Good afternoon, Herr Jew! Still hating on your own kind, I see. Tsk, Tsk.

              LOL! ((((You)))) have presented no factual “statement” here, no more so that those who argue that the earth is flat. Anyone who bothers to investigate will quickly find that you are full of excrement and that everything you “know” is wrong. In point of fact you and your fellow travelers are trivially disproved by anyone who bothers to do a little research. You are simply too filled with hate to recognize it.

              Bear in mind that I am not stating any of this for your benefit. Far from it. You are totally off the rails and so full of excrement it is coming out of your ears. We can actually visualize the spittle running down your chin when pen your little hate-mongering screeds.

              No, this is for the benefit of those who may stumble on this site. We wouldn’t want any of them to think that drooling little white-power twerps such as yourself, Spittle Queerie, Bubster, Markie, and the rest that crawl out from under their rocks from time to time have anything to do with libertarianism.

              Your notion that anyone who opposes and takes you to task for your vile, malicious bigotry must be a member of the group you hate is part of your delusional paranoia. (Not that I mind being associated with people that you clearly believe are world-conquering supermen. You make them sound awesome indeed.)

              You are very clearly not a Christian either. Indeed, you guys vomit all over the teachings of the Saviour you pretend to worship with every hate-filled rant.

                • Oh, not to worry Raider Girl, you have an advantage those guys do not – you are obviously intelligent and can see through the B.S. With guys like these it’s all too easy, they present no challenge at all.

                  By the way, the reason I mentioned seeing “anarchyst” on the Daily Stormer BBS is so those in the peanut gallery can get an idea of just what what they’re dealing with.

                  Of course like anyone he has an absolute right to join any board he wants to – but interestingly in a response to anarchyst some time ago I mentioned seeing someone from here on the Stormer without going into specifics and he pretended he never heard of it! (Heck, I’ve admitted multiple times having an account there and on other white nationalist sites though for different reasons than people of his addled mindset.)

                  In any event, you can look it up but in short many consider the Daily Stormer BBS to be one of the most notorious hate sites on the internet. Members there openly call for extermination of all Jews and put together cutesy memes illustrating shoving Jews into ovens. (This from people who use the term “holohoax”.)

                  Many there believe that if they eliminate the Jews they will have an Aryan paradise where the “mud races” will be subjugated or eliminated and the White Race will spread to the planets and the stars. Only the Jews, who some there claim are not even human, stand in the way. We’re talking serious dementia here. They also strategize on the best ways to bring their message of hate to the “normie web”. What’s funny is they call this “red-pilling” – a reference of course from a product of Hollywood and therefore you-know-who!

                  Not suprisingly it is also a pro-Nazi site where Hitler is revered and there are sections such as “Nazi Lifestyle” for the budding concentration camp guard. It is not unusual for them to call for people who intermarry to be put to death as “race traitors”.

                  Unfortunately the site keeps getting booted from servers and registrars in whack-a-mole style and in for a while has only been available on the “dark web”. (I say unfortunately because there is such a thing as free speech and it’s best to keep this kind of crap in the open where it can be kept an eye on.)

                  What’s funny is that that site’s owner, a dumbass little twerp named Andrew Anglin, is last known to have been in the Phillipines banging little brown girls. So much for protecting the “purity of the white race”. What a bunch of loons.

                  • Thanks, Jason for the information. I never heard of the site. I also would never understand why anyone would worship Hitler or why anyone would wish death on another human being.

                    I knew these people existed I just thought the Internet would be too advanced for such people.

                    • Raider Girl, the internet has given them a new outlet to vent their vile hatred. I remember back when all they could do is hand out venemous leaflets on the street corners and self-publish badly-written hate books. (I have a nice collection of those. Everyone needs a hobby.)

                      Although the Stormer is probably the most notorious there are many “white power” type sites out there that follow the same basic pattern with their own collection of nut cases.

                      It’s useless trying to reason with people mired in this mindset since as I’ve said they see everything through a haze of rage and hatred, producing an endless litany of ridiculous “facts” that have little or nothing to do with objective reality. Best thing to do is just show them up for what they are and have a little fun doing it.

                    • Hi Jason,

                      What made you start trailing them? It does seem you do enjoy it though. 😃

                      I remember you telling me a few weeks ago to not bother trying to rationalize with them because it was pointless they will never change.

                      I think you just like yelling at awful people. 😉

                    • Well, RG, I guess yelling at awful people is part of it. I have to admit that giving such nutters a good swift kick in the ass is both enjoyable and entertaining. 🙂

                      Having lived in New York City in the 1950s and 1960s I’d run into all kinds of people, including people like these. Also remember at that time World War II and its horrors was not ancient history, it was very much in living memory. Everyone but the very young had taken part in the war in some way. Adolf Eichmann even wrote articles in contemporary Time magazine (starting in the November 28th, 1960 edition) about sending Jews to the butcher.

                      So at that time it was basically a matter of wondering how the hell could anyone possibly adopt that kind of evil mindset, and it became kind of a hobby. Like seeing a train wreck you can’t take your eyes off of or studying a particularly loathesome kind of insect to see what makes it tick.

                      So I’ve acted as a “mole” for some time among them. I never expected to run into these kind of crazies on a libertarian site though. However they tend to infest just about anyplace that is unmoderated. It’s the price we pay for free speech. It’s up to people of good conscience whether true Christians (the hate-mongers are phonies) or any other creed to show them up for what they are in return.

                    • Morning, Jason!

                      As you well know, I deeply resent not being treated as an individual, based on my actions – based on whether I have harmed anyone – and instead regarded as presumptively sick, or “drunk” – or a “trrist.” This is an elaboration of my opposition to collectivism in all its forms. All of them having in common the subordination/devaluation of the individual. Libertarianism – which I consider to be a more formal elaboration of the humanism that gave us the Enlightenment and Age of Reason – cannot defend itself if it is defended by people who defend collectivism. As a thought experiment: If “the Jews” control the world, then it must either be all Jews or “the Jews”do not control the world. Are there Jews in positions of influence/power? Certainly. So what? If one condemns “the Jews” as a class then one has no defense when – for example – leftists condemn “white men” as a class, since “white men” (some “white men”) have done awful things in the past.

                      Does the fact that I didn’t do them carry weight? A leftist – a collectivist – would say no. I am guilty for who I am, not on account of what I have done.

                      The argument is the same no matter who it is applied to. Italian? You’re a mobster. Irish? A drunk. Black? A thug looking for a handout. All it it serves to do is thwart and stifle the focus on the individual that is the only means by which humanity will ever shed its ape-like collectivism and all the horrors that attend.

                  • Hi Jason,

                    Reading your history about living in NY a decade or two after the end of WWII and what you experienced makes perfect sense.

                    I enjoy reading your exchanges with the ultraists. By the time you are done they don’t seem to know what hit them. 😁

                    • Jason is another professional victim…while he rightly decries the hatred and stupidity of Jew-baiters, he seems utterly OBSESSED with them, though likely not the one every actually harmed him, nor do they seem capable of organizing an orgy in a house of ill fame. He and the anti-Semites he cries, IMO, would be lost w/o each other to denounce.

              • Jason, you who reject the very Savior that your spiritual forebears demanded that the Romans crucify, in favor of a robber and murderer (I’m assuming that you don’t profess the Christ, if I err, apologies) have ZERO standing to pontificate as to who is a “Christian” or not.

                Most Christians can do better with regard to treating their fellow man better, Gentile and JEW. That I won’t argue, but rather, figure out how yours truly can do better, day by day.

  8. I just seen today’s obituaries in the local paper and a man passed away at 102 years of age due to covid. Really…… ??! This virus scare is getting old and ridiculous quick!

        • No more cancer, heart failure, pollution, and a vast array of other ills that formerly plagued mankind! And just in case we should ever again get even a sniffle, here come Gates, Fauci, Schwab, and Co. to jab us and keep it away!

          There are so many up sides to this convid thing!! Why should anyone complain?

  9. ‘It’s sad to see Ford selling this – instead of cars.’ — EP

    Fundamentally, Ford’s ad is not directed at the public. It has nothing to do with selling cars.

    It’s Stockholm syndrome writ large, as Ford grovels and toadies to its regulatory captors.

    Ford can see the writing on the wall, as Empress Kamala waits in the wings for figurehead president Joezheimers to shuffle off the stage to an assisted living facility.

    Once Kamalunism takes hold, the auto industry faces a rapid process of Californication, as CARB rules are rolled out nationwide, along with Newsom’s 2030 deadline to phase out IC engines.

    Californication means being forced into an ell-electric home, with costly solar panels on the roof and a costly EV in the driveway. It’s a totalitarian, Soviet vision of the future. SHUN IT LIKE RAT POISON.

  10. It’s very important to understand that the what used to be a clear-cut distinction between “the private sector” and “the public sector” no longer exists. We have lived under the corporatist economic model since the 1930s. Once an item or good becomes accepted by the public, the state uses its regulatory power to essentially turn what were once private businesses into de facto appendages of the government. There are numerous examples of this, particularly in health care, pharmaceuticals, utilities, communication, broadcasting and manufacturing. General Motors is perhaps the most obvious example; it was bailed out by the government to the tune of $20 billion back in 2009 when it should have gone bankrupt. GM, along with other manufacturers, was basically nationalized back in World War II. Consequently it has become literally impossible to compete with GM the way Hudson, Packard and Nash did back in the 1930s. The last guy who tried — and failed — was John DeLorean, back in what — 1980?

    The “free market” really only exists in new and emerging technologies, like the auto and aviation industries of a century ago, or the microcomputing industry of the 1980s, when individual entrepreneurs could literally build a product from nothing and put their name on it and sell it. But once an industry becomes established, the government tells it what products it may or may not sell, who it must hire (e.g., blacks and women and Hispanics), how it may sell stocks and bonds, what it shall and shall not be liable for, and how much of its profit it shall forfeit to the government.

    If Ford or any other established corporations want to stay in business and make money, they know that Job #1 is to get right with the political zeitgeist, because the government has the power to either ensure that they are profitable, or sue them into bankruptcy.

    However, large numbers of people remain deluded by the smokescreen that corporations are still competing in the “free market” and can do whatever they want.

    • Which is one of the plethora of reasons I’ve long held that corporations are NOT private businesses, and should enjoy none of the privileges private business is SUPPOSED to have. After all, the corporation is a creation of the state. It has what rights the state allows it to have. Way back when, I forget the date and case, the SCOTUS had to be employed to determine that corporations be treated the same as individuals. The state determining what rights corporations had. The state likewise can take these rights away, at its pleasure.

  11. Anyone remember Microsoft being set upon by the government trust-busters for including Internet Explorer with Microsoft Windows? To your average person it was just a feature, for Microsoft perhaps it would nip a few upstarts in the bud, it wouldn’t have mattered once we entered the age of downloading. What if this whole Bill Gates push is to put the government in his former shoes as the enemy of the people. He just winds up the small minded and lets the populace fester in frustration with their own government. He could at anytime pull stakes and move on forget about it. Playing the long game.

  12. Would’ve rather caught news of his death than have had to find out he’s made himself a willing voice of propaganda. Tragically just another Pedowood scumbag

    • Hi Mike,

      I believe she is still alive. I wouldn’t be surprised if the first dose is a placebo. The majority of Americans need to see people taking it and everybody going “See, their fine, all is good.” The second dose (from what I have read in the studies) is the really fun one! Nothing like being a human guinea pig.

      • Hi Raider Girl,

        She “may” still be alive. But she could be suffering from Bell’s Palsey, or some other severe side effect of the vaccination.

        If she “were” fine, you’d think they would have her make a public appearance, for exactly the reason you mention.

  13. Ideas so good they need to tighten the screws daily with propaganda and resort to threats of force… who-duh-thunk-it?

    The vaccine will be sold to Americans as “hip, and cool” no need for jackboots kicking in doors. Just tell somebody they need a vaccine card to prove they’re allowed to come in and buy a triple-mocha-banana-hammock latte and they’ll needle up, right quick! Those who can’t be enticed by being offered a seat at “the cool kids table” will be shamed into it, those who want neither the carrot nor the stick don’t matter in the eyes of the controllers. Who can blame them I’ll bet that counts for 90 %+ compliance!

    Who knows where this ends. I can make no predictions. Apparently Americans haven’t suffered nearly enough to stand up in any meaningful sense. Hopefully they do before they end up dead, behind barbed wire, or starving. What the hell will it take? I ask myself this daily.

    I will say there is no chance they’ll be needling me, or anyone else in my house.

    • SS,

      I hope you are right. Let everybody rush to the doctors and pharmacies for it. I am happy sitting at the nerdy kid table. I never liked the cool kids anyway.

      • RG

        I have no doubt an overwhelming majority of people will rush out and get the holy jab. I’m guessing 66.6% will be reported by the nightly “news.” They just can’t help themselves with the occult mockery…

        Anyone who doesn’t, will be ridiculed, spoken down on, or otherwise marginalized. People so easily swayed by flashing screens and relentless talking puppet shows deserve whatever they get. I can’t help them at this stage. The long term effects? Who knows. Sterilization, death, cancer. There is no chance in he’ll I’m voluntarily or involuntarily finding out.

        • There has been inadequate testing for immediate safety, hence the “emergency” approval, and no testing whatsoever for long term safety. Therefore while we know for a fact we have at the very least a 98% chance of surviving a COVID case, we have no idea whatsoever what our chances of surviving the vaccine might be. A state supported and encouraged, if not forced, game of Russian Roulette.

  14. I wonder, with all the virtue signaling in the Ford ad about how “we’re all in this together blah blah blah”, will those who have lost their jobs and now can’t make payments to Ford Credit for the vehicle(s) they purchased, will Ford forgive the debt?


  15. Those corporations not already in bed with the bank cartel are praying to the bank cartel gods to bail them out if they screw up. Wearing a mask and preaching the COVID gospel, in addition to “systemic racism” etc. are just part of the prayer, or the bed, whichever applies.

  16. Ignorance [and Fear] is Strength and Freedom is Slavery in this Holy Year of our Lord Covid 19!

    If we’re more faithful to The Holy Virus and can somehow find the strength to lockdown even harder, I just know the collective promised land will come! My only regret is that I have but one diaper to soil for my delusional comrades.

    • Speaking of which, yesterday when we checked the oil in my daughter’s car, I was looking for something to wipe it on. She handed me one of the diapers. Since I have never worn one, it seemed appropriate to use it for this purpose. Why waste a good paper towel?

  17. I will NOT take the vaccine until sources that I feel that I can rely upon assure me of its safety and efficacy. Allegedly this vaccine is a Frankenstein composite of several viruses, including the HIV! That alone would have me saying, hey, waitaminnit! That seems like giving me a “sure-fire” cough medicine…with hydrogen cyanide as one of its ingredients! I see no reason to let myself be injected with something to ward off a virus that:

    1) The majority of those exposed to it evince NO symptoms at all
    2) The majority of those that DO show symptoms experience what’s tantamount to a bad case of the flu and fully recover within a few days
    3) The fatality rate overall of those that test positive is less than 1/2 of 1%.
    4) The overwhelming majority of those that DO perish are either quite elderly (over age 75) or have significant co-morbidities that render them highly vulnerable to almost anything
    5) The Government offers doctors and hospitals bounties to report a COVID-19 diagnosis
    6) Many fatalities that were patently NOT the result of a person going of a viral infection have been reported as COVID-19 deaths. One of the more infamous instances being George Floyd, counted as a COVID fatality, even though four former Minneapolis police officers are charged with his MURDER!
    6) So many politicians who have pontificated all the live long day about the face diaper, the need to shut down businesses that THEY arbitrarily deem “NON-essential”, and other blatantly tyrannical measures, have been caught doing exactly what they proscribed!

    I realize that ANY vaccine is inherently risky; in most cases, they’ve PROVED to be overwhelmingly beneficial to most. However, in most cases, the research is expensive, extensive, and TIME-consuming! Given the actual lack of dire health consequences overall, why the hell the “rush” in the first place? My “Inner Fudd” is telling me, “Dere’s sumtin’ skwewwy goin’ on heah!”

    • An 80 year old man told me he’s getting The Shot because the odds look good to him, this, despite much of what I mentioned about it all. Because, you know, lots of people his age he knows are dying. From Covid, of course. What else could. be doin the killin’ he asks. I tell him a number of things and it just does not make any headway. He has a B.S. in microbiology, and I don’t, nevermind the PhD’s in Microbiology I quote, so I’m just amazed at his faith in the system and the priests in white lab coats with stethoscopes (only the anointed priests, that is) and his lack of wanting to dig deeper. Truth, meets brick wall.

    • There is no need to take a vaccine, period. You just listed 7 reasons why not to do it. I’ll give you a couple more: (1) CONVID has not been isolated – there are no samples from which to make a vaccine, (2) no testing or evaluation period of any substance, (3) IF convid even exists, why WOULD it be necessary to have a vaccine for such a flaccid illness?

      • RE: (1) CONVID has not been isolated – there are no samples from which to make a vaccine,

        I mentioned that. A 78 year old piped up in response and said, ‘Yes they do”. Many people very much trust the talking heads on the TeeVee who are very convincing. After hearing three times, “Yes they do” I gave up. Horse to water and all that.

        • I have shunned the teevee for months now. Used to like a couple of shows, but it is not worth the aggravation of constant hectoring about diapers, whether through commercials or “news updates”…can’t stand it. So whenever anyone says to me something about the newest guv mandate, I say, “what mandate”? Doesn’t affect me in the slightest.

    • 350,000 Americans have died of Covid 19 this year. 2.7 million total have passed away of all causes. in 2019 and 2018, 2.8 million total died.
      1. There is NO pandemic or epidemic worthy of the definition.
      2. Those 350,000 died of natural causes- whether or not some variety of virus was somehow detected.
      This is all simply a mind fuck- psyop.

  18. Well, look at the bright side, when they toss all of us that won’t diaper or needle into concentration camps we will all finally get to meet each other. 😉

    Eric, I agree with you, the corporations and people pushing this are sick, but isn’t from a physical illness. I stopped watching TV about two months ago and I feel saner for it. I couldn’t stand the Amazon and Walmart commercials displaying all of their employees in a mask shouting, “We are in this together.” 🤮. Or the multiple VDH ads that are played every five minutes when all I want to watch is the local news or the Weather Channel.

    That fraud Fauci continually alters the course of direction of this pandemic. We have gone from 6 weeks to slow the spread to maybe things will be normal by the end of 2021. Every time I see him I want to throw something.

    The only way I can stay sane is by avoiding (and ignoring) the narrative. I go out of my way so I don’t have to see it or deal with it, basically I skirt around the system. My only job is to keep both of my kids balanced at this point.

    • RG – love this all in this together line – just open the daily mail, headlines of all the doom and gloom for us plebs, with the bar on the right with pictures of the jet set living it up and partying all over the world….. but we’re all in this together !!
      Another interesting thing I notice about some of these lines is how they keep popping up around the world. Its in the US now but about 10 years ago our PM David Cameron used to go around saying it here…..

      • Hi Nasir,

        Happy New Year. 😊

        Do you mean sayings like Build Back Better? Another one I hope to never hear again.

        I am following exactly what the oligarchy is doing: I go out to eat without a mask, I shut a salon down so I can get my haircut, I have large holiday parties with my family, if it is good enough for them it is good enough for me.

        It appears to me that Covid will leave you alone if you ignore it. It hasn’t gotten Nancy, Mario, or Gavin yet so this must be a science based fact. 😜

        • But they never finish “build back better” by saying better for whom. Obviously it will be far better for the bank cartel, and its minions in government and corporations.

  19. Every year we hear about the crop of Super Bowl ads. Every year I’m less impressed by the whole spectacle that it has become. I’m actually looking forward to this year just to see how over the top the virtual signaling will be. Who will be the first to show a tranny castrating a child in the name of inclusiveness (and pushing product)?

    I tuned into the New Year’s Eve “festival” on CNN just to see a social distanced Times Square ball drop. Not knowing what mayor de Blasio looked like, I assumed they trotted out some first responders, medical heroes, or 9/11 survivors to attend the festivities. No, it was de Blasio and his cronies dancing in a reserved, fenced off and protected by an abundance of AGWs Times Square while the rest of the city was forced to stay at home. We’ve crossed the Rubicon. These big city mayors are becoming little Neros, fiddling while their Romes burn. Maybe they know what’s coming (they see the tax revenue shortfalls after all), and figure they’d better enjoy these last few days before the fall. And if you’re going to go, why not make the memory as nice as possible by getting rid of the hell of other people? If you close down The French Laundry it is pretty easy to get a reservation.

    • Hi RW,

      This is the first year I will not be watching the Super Bowl. I love football, but I can’t stomach this anymore. It falls around my birthday (as it does every year) and we usually throw have a big football shindig. I don’t have the heart to do it this year. Think the familia and I will head out of town for the weekend instead. I can’t imagine the commercials being anything other than pathetic.

      • I’ve lost all interest in the Negro Felons League. Whatever nitwit pagentry goes on during halftime likewise will only nauseate. Think I’ll watch “Puppy Bowl” instead if I watch anything at all. Of course, that’s simply more time to be better spent on a productive or satisfying pursuit…like getting that 55 y.o. Mopar road-worthy.

    • RK – I long gave up on the TV channels and stuff. Infact the only part of the mainstream media I open daily is the Daily Mail in the UK, mostly to know what agenda is being pushed. That said, if you open the DM, it really sums up the world they want – articles and headlines full of how bad the virus is, how wonderful the holy jab is and how important it is we all follow the edicts of our dear leaders, while at the same time on the right hand side theres a sidebar with pictures or all the celebrities and people more equal than us partying on yachts and in hotels at wonderful locations around the world…. and then our politicians tell us we’re all in this together !!

  20. Another corp., A&W Rootbeer, a Midwest fast food chain, is trying to normalize the obscene as well, they have a flyer stuck to their drive-thru window advertising their orange, jailhouse face diaper maskitka muzzles, they call it something like “Rootie masks” and it has images of their company mascot on them… and they are – only – $10. There’s a photo of a ten year old or so girl wearing one as if it’s a “must have” back to school item or some such. Sick Bizzarro world


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