Diapered Pete and His Bicycle

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The president selected’s new Secretary of Transportation – who is leading the push to make transportation more expensive for everyone except himself – was caught staging a faux green photo op worthy of the Fred Thompson Prize.

Fred – the actor who became a politician – was caught confecting an Aw Shucks Just Folks moment during one of his campaigns when he got into a beat-up old truck just outside the the campaign stop, to make it appear to the rubes that he actually drives an old truck.

Pete wants the rubes to believe he doesn’t ride in a 9 MPG V8-powered SUV of the type he is going to do all he can to prevent us from driving, by making them so expensive to drive that most of us cannot afford to.

And by making them so costly to manufacture – as by “gas guzzler” and “carbon” taxes – that only a few will be manufactured.

So he had them drop him off just shy of his office – a la Fred – and ride his bicycle (double-diapered) the remaining distance. But the panopticon works both ways and sometimes in our favor. Diapered Pete was caught on video performing his bait and switch.

Will it matter to the Left? Probably not, as the Left’s standard is always a double standard – one for them and a different one for anyone who disagrees with them.

But it ought to matter to the rest of us.

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  1. That is amazing. When the rest of them are hiding from the enraged public behind troops and concertina wire, booty judge is actually out risking the wrath of Lee Harvey Oswald. That homer must have some big stones rolling around on that bike seat.

    (Said with tongue firmly in cheek- it’s really not worth pointing out the hypocrisy and lies of the statists- they take it as a badge of honor that they can rile up the little people who still believe in rights and morals…)

  2. Sort of like Brezhnev’s old “bear hunting” trips where he’d shoot a poor drugged bear that the KGB had chained to a tree.

    • Oh, and another thing. It doesn’t matter whether the satanic elites get caught on video or not. After the dildos finish watching it, they’ll simply shrug their shoulders and happily resume their Fakebook sessions.

  3. Will this matter to the left? No, because they won’t see it. I’ve seen this on Fox news.com, Gab and here, but I bet it’s not on CNN, et al.
    When only government can have big SUVs, at least it will be easier for us to know which vehicles to attach the pipebombs to.
    Hahahaha! Just kidding … Sort of.

  4. This works for me…
    I refuse to wear a mask and in 99% of cases, I am not confronted by the mask police. I walk past them confidently, choosing to ignore them. If I am asked if I want a mask, I respond with a polite “no thank you”. This usually works. If the mask police continues further, I claim my “exempt” status. This also usually works.
    I have had only two instances where mask police got openly confrontational-once at O’Reilly Auto Parts, and another at Barnes and Noble. I have informed O’Reilly corporate that I will not do business with them, even after the mask foolishness subsides and that ((they)) have lost a good customer for life.. Subsequent visits to Barnes and Noble have resulted in the mask police leaving me alone to do business with them.
    It also helps to have a slight scowl on one’s face, the message displayed being “leave me alone”.

    • I’ve had fun with asking any mask vigilante what their full legal name is, the answer to their: Why?
      is: Because it’s an offense under the Americans with Disabilities act to discriminate against me, and I’ll be pursuing you for damages, that’s if there’s anything to go after after the $65K fine, assuming this is your first offense.

  5. This shouldn’t shock or surprise anyone when it comes to the left and even the rinos.
    Same as the convid, rules are for thee and not for me.

    • A lifelong friend’s mom just passed away. I was quite close to her as she was involved in many aspects of my life when I was growing up.

      Said friend was last year somewhat of a diaper nazi…we discussed it a few times and then didn’t see each other much last year. Friend is now openly admitting to taking off the diaper at work whenever possible.

      Our family will be out of town for the viewing and funeral, at which friend said “the bulletin was typed up and ‘they’ included a mask requirement without consulting us” (odd since the body was barely cold – she just passed yesterday). Since the funeral is a week away friend informed me that Mom’s body will be at funeral home through the week. I asked if I could pay my respects a day in advance (with friend)…friend asked if I would wear a mask if required. I said I would claim an exemption.

      I’m having a hard time figuring out why a “mask” is required to view a deceased person, all by myself, according to someone who admits THEY don’t like being forced to wear the diaper.

      Friend will get back to me…

      • Anonymous,

        “ I’m having a hard time figuring out why a “mask” is required to view a deceased person, all by myself, ”

        Shouldn’t the dead woman be wearing the mask?

        Consistency IS important.

        • This situation is going to cause a serious rift for me with said friend. We have known one another for a long time, and we have until now accepted and respected one another’s idiosyncracies and preferences. However, if this person decides it is more important to try to force me to conform to the nonsense that friend doesn’t want to conform to, either, but has no backbone to resist, then I am going to have to question whether the friendship even exists any more. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event for which I would hope a little grace would be in order. If not, then I am done. I do NOT want to hear any whining when friend is being forced to inject the toxic jab or any other consequences of failure to resist.

          Should also note that friend has complained about others who are even more hysterical, such as requiring friend to diaper in their home, etc. I have held my tongue, but they can’t expect sympathy from me any longer if this situation goes the wrong way, and I will most definitely speak out.

          • Anonymous,

            “ I will most definitely speak out.”

            In these timorous twenties of safety culture I’m more inclined to keep my mouth shut as opposed to covered.

            I’d go with the friend and I’d wear the mask.

            After saying goodbye to the departed, I’d place my mask on her face and leave the funeral parlor.

            Your friend will end up snitching you out for a loaf of bread. Walk away.

            • Yes, I think that will have to be my option. It disgusts me that friend’s inconsistent and illogical behavior not allow us to grieve Mom’s loss together. Guess they will be happy after they receive the reward for their dithering.

            • Friend wasn’t “available” to go with me to funeral home.

              Wound up sending a card, since it seemed like the best way to pay my respects at this point.

              • I am sorry to hear that. If the mother is going to be buried I would stop by the cemetery one day and pay my respects there. There is nothing else for you to do.

                Your friend right now may just still be in shock or have not dealt with his or her own grief yet. I would give them a few weeks to process what happened and then give them a call to chat or to meet up for coffee.

                Hopefully, the friendship can be saved.

                • Thank you. My frustration is compounded by the fact that the friend is also not interested in diapering and seems to resent the imposition of others, yet has no problem using this very personal situation to “enforce” this nonsense on me. It will take time for both of us to process this.

                  Yet another casualty of the coronamania.

          • Others will have a different view I am sure, but, I stopped attending funerals decades ago. If I had anything to say to the deceased, too late. The living are just going through the socially accepted/required ritual because it is what is expected. Like just about anything today, ask “why are you doing this” and if the reply is not complete nonsense, it will be “it is what you do”, with zero contemplation as to why.

            Worse, the narcissists will take center stage and make a huge show of how much they are crushed by the death. At my mothers funeral two women ( I knew it would be these two) were trying to out compete each other to be the “most devastated”. When one “fainted” the other looked angry that she had not done it first.

            Just my opinion, the dead are gone. They don’t care if you cry, laugh or even show up.

            • You are right, and I’m sure she knew how much she meant to me while she was with us. However, this lady was like a second mom to me. I am hurt and angry that her child is trying to make me do something that I have reasonably and conscientiously objected to over the last year. It’s almost like a power play. I don’t want to lose the opportunity for this final closure for someone who meant so much to me.

              Also, I was thinking I might be able to go to the funeral home by myself outside the visiting hours, but I have a feeling that I won’t be able to unless my friend goes along, since I’m not a family member. So I am at the mercy of my friend’s whims.

      • When mom passed back in October the priest would not come out and give the traditional prayer at the funeral home unless the casket was closed. Are you kidding me! What did the preist expect to get the virus from a dead person???

        • I heard that the deceased are now required to get “jabbed” prior to death in order to have a “proper” funeral and burial. Afterwards, the body must be placed in hermetically sealed caskets, and the grave must be AT LEAST 6 feet away from the others. Oh, and the body must STILL have a face covering on it!

          Seriously though, why don’t we all just live in hyperbaric chambers for the rest of our lives and call it a day? My God, I never thought I would live to see the day where 90% of humanity would fear life so much, that it actually looked forward to its own demise!

        • Geez. Really gotta question the priest’s own faith and career aptitude at that point haha.

          And man that sucks Anon. Nobody should ever be put in that position.

          I once got followed around by a funeral home director for bringing in an outside beverage. Wasn’t a BigGulp or anything and I was discreet with it lol I just needed the energy boost.

          When I acknowledged him and said I’d throw it away he actually followed me to the restroom to make sure I poured it out 😆 The deceased would’ve thought it was hilarious..I drove a ways to be there and was tuckered out from the work week.

          Not the same thing but..

          Funeral home rules are stuffy bullshit 😔

          • Thanks, Moose. Yours is a funny story! These nazis just won’t let go of their rules!! I would have had a good laugh if I was a fly on the wall.

            As I said above, my friend wasn’t “available” to meet me at the funeral home this week, so I sent a card.

  6. Politician:
    One most adept at getting the most people to believe the most preposterous lies the most often. Most of them sociopaths, if not psychopaths, and pathological liars.


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