The Face Diapering of Cars

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The day may come when it is illegal to work on your own car, in your own driveway – even in your own garage.

It already is in Sacramento, CA.

A law was recently passed by the county government proscribing what are styled “unauthorized” repairs – complete with a list of them – which may no longer be performed by the owner of the vehicle on or within his own property. Inside his own garage, even with the garage door closed  . . . if the vehicle is “inoperable” for more than 24 hours.

Which is a kind of reminder regarding who really owns the property – both the vehicle and the home.

And thus, the “owner” himself as well.
The state is become the true owner – of everything – when the state controls everything (and thus, everyone). People own nothing, in any meaningful sense – including themselves – it being preposterous to speak of self-ownership when you are not allowed to control anything of significance, including your own affairs.

This isn’t stated, of course. But it ought to be obvious. It is becoming blatantly so.

There is even a proscribed list of tools the homeowner may not possess – including torque wrenches and air compressors – which might be used to perform an “unauthorized” repair.  It is now an offense to possess what is styled a “tool not normally found in a residence” – normally being defined however the government likes.

Possession of the proscribed is potentially sufficient all by itself  to trigger a Hut! Hut! Hutting!

You are allowed to change the oil – for now.

However, any work that leaves the vehicle “inoperable for more than 24 hours” is unlawful in the county of Sacramento – unless it is performed at an “authorized” repair shop. The intent being to nudge people to “authorized” repair shops by making it a risk – of exorbitant fines and possibly a Hut! Hut! Hut! – to work on your own car yourself, at home.

Home Owner’s Associations are notorious for such restrictions but they have the upside of being voluntary – and thus morally unobjectionable. People who choose to buy a home in a HOA subdivision freely accept the terms and conditions; no one is forced to live there or under the HOA.

It’s the choice to opt out that makes it ok.

Also, the HOA hasn’t got the ability to send the Hut! Hut! Hut! as they are not the government.

But Sacramento – which is the government – has just made the entire county an HOA, ex post facto – which used to be prima facie unlawful, when America was more or less a functioning constitutional republic. If a person bought a home outside the reach of an HOA he should not awake one morning to find himself bound by a government-imposed, government-enforced HOA he never agreed to.

The government of Sacramento uses the HOA-ish arguments about “property values” but since when did the county become the arbiter of that?    

Just now.

And one can turn the argument made by Sacramento on its head, too. Many people despise HOAs and for exactly that reason avoid homes located in neighborhoods that have them. The value of HOA-afflicted homes to such potential buyers – which is lots of them – has been reduced.

To nil.

Which is arguably a “taking” under the law.

The affected homeowners – which is everyone who putatively “owns” a home in Sacramento – ought to consider a class-action lawsuit against the government, seeking monetary damages for the diminution in value of their homes to prospective homebuyers who loathe the idea of buying a home that could subject them to a Hut! Hut! Hut! for owning a torque wrench.

Or the omnipresent threat of the same via a busybody neighbor – who called because she noticed your garage door was closed and had not seen your vehicle “operable” since Monday, which is obviously (to busybodies) “suspicious.”

Enter the Hut! Hut! Hut! Or at least, government busybodies knocking on your door. “Just to be safe.” 

Imagine having to live like that. In a home you assumed, when you bought it, was yours – including your garage.

More threatening, though, than neighborhood busybodyism is the secondary justification proffered by the county about “chemicals involved in major automobile repair can pollute our neighborhoods and endanger the health of our residents.”

Italics added.

It reads very much like a ”mandate” to Face Diaper vehicles – in the name of “public health.”

Absent, of course, any specific tangible evidence of harm caused. You haven’t poured used motor oil down the storm drain – but you might.

Just like you might be sick – so Diaper up!

Note also the use of the collective to describe what was once understood to be individual.

“Our” neighborhoods – i.e., the government’s neighborhoods – that being all of them. It is implicit in “our” that individual neighborhoods cannot be allowed to set their own rules, if any, regarding what people are allowed to do in their own garages –  including heretofore legal things such as work on one’s own vehicle.

If the neighbors don’t mind, why is it any of the government’s business?

And even if the neighbors do mind, how is it their business – assuming no HOA a priori – and assuming they’re not paying your mortgage, that what you’re doing is legal and you’re doing it behind the closed door of your garage and so not “affecting” anyone’s view or the value of their property?

But these are rational, reasonable considerations – and we live in hysterical times.

Part of that hysteria is a maniacal hatred of cars, especially those not-electric that people like to keep up themselves. It is a hatred that flows from the same source as that directed toward people who aren’t sick and refuse to perform Sickness Kabuki for the sake of the feelings of hysterics.

In normal times, such hysterics would be treated. Their sickness would not be indulged – much less normalized.

But we live in very sick times.

. . . 

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  1. It’s no use, Eric. The “Great Reset” (aka NWO) is going to happen, no matter what. There will be absolutely NO pushback from our fellow men and women. They LOVE their enslavement too much because it’s “Oh, SO convenient!”. The few of us remaining sane folk will have to leave society far behind, and let the “deaf” witness their eventual fate. We’re living in what’s commonly referred to as the End Times, and it won’t be long ’till they bumrush each other for their “mark”. I just pray I won’t be here to witness the latter.

    • “I just pray I won’t be here to witness the latter.”

      Me, too, and my kids as well. This convid thing is just the opening act. I am still having a hard time believing that this is taking place in my lifetime, but I am not afraid. I know how this all ends. 🙂

      • ” I am still having a hard time believing that this is taking place in my lifetime, but I am not afraid. I know how this all ends.”

        Yep! Same here! We just have to remember who’s REALLY in control. Those of us who believe shall not be afraid, but instead, REJOICE. 🙂

        • Same here! Though I’ve been expecting it; been watching for it; have believed it was coming since I first started reading the Scriptures in late ’84, as well as studying the secular-political aspects of it almost as long, I still am flabbergasted that even though it was obvious that every aspect of society was slowly being herded to this end, that things have ramped-up so quickly as we approach the final stages.
          I think that those of us who plan on sitting it out in the wilderness (Rev. 12) might do well to at least ally ourselves with a few others of like mind who might be agreeable to settling in the same locales that we choose- that we might have a familiar and like-minded neighbor or two in a strange place where we will have to carve out many of the amenities for ourselves.
          For those who stay here, it’s gonna be comply or die- those are soon going to be the only choices. Our enemy, the state, will convince all of their complicit victims that we are the most loathsome enemy, and we will thus be hunted and hated by all. You can see it being expressed already if you seek out the opinion of many among the general public: “Those crazy anti-vaxxers are ruining it for us all!” Hell, I saw an MSM headline T’other week stating that Ron DeSantis “Is A COVID Propent And Hater Of ‘Democracy’ ” for notbowing the COVID-Naziism.
          This is just the beginning……(of the end)

    • Sorry, forgot to mention despite the “doom and gloom”, I still enjoy reading your content Eric, so keep ’em coming! 🙂

  2. The day may come when people stop worshiping the cops who enforce the so called “laws” that make it illegal to work on your own car, in your own driveway – even in your own garage.
    The “law” is such a beautiful justification for busybodies to initiate violence.
    There were some people in the 1940’s who chose “rule of law” over rule of conscience. They called themselves Nazi’s and their decision to ignore their conscience got them hung.
    “Laws are maintained in credit, not because they are essentially just, but because they are laws. It is the mystical foundation of their authority; they have none other.” ~ Michel de Montaigne
    “When law and morality contradict each other the citizen has the cruel alternative of either losing his sense of morality or losing his respect of the law.” — Frederic Bastiat
    “Never do anything against conscience even if the state demands it.” ~ Albert Einstein

    • “When a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so.” – Thomas Jefferson

    • my goodness…your lack of understanding of NS and ww2 is appalling – public schools and television? Substitute “bolshevism’ or (((bolsheviks))) every time your training to say ‘Nazi’ kicks in and youll be accurate.

      • my goodness… one of our favourite lying little twerps crawls out from under his rock to entertain us. (Hey it has been kind of quiet and I’m sure we can all use a good laugh.)

        I see that ((((luke2236)))) still has not figured out just what his moniker means. No surprise. His lack of understanding of, well just about everything including NS and ww2, let alone the total lack of biblical knowledge displayed by this phony “christian”, is appalling but typical of such bigoted chuckleheads.

        National socialists are a motley collection of cowards and weaklings, not to mention the strong homosexual element that runs through it, harboring multiple delusions. A pitiable bunch if there ever was one.

  3. Was this lobbied by repair garages or is it a push to cost people out of cars and into public transportation?

    Do they realize this would mostly effect poorer people who can’t afford a garage charge right?

    “In addition, you are not allowed to work on another person’s vehicle. Also, work done on any vehicle must be completed at the home the vehicle is registered to.” what you have here is a tyranny, not a government; and certainly not one that protects the rights and liberties of the people.

  4. I find it hard to believe this could stand up to a court challenge but most of the sheeple are probably so whipped they wouldn’t dream of challenging their overlords, plus it would take time and money, which govco has an infinite supply of and you don’t. I have a compressor because one of my tires has a slow leak and it’s a pita getting air at a gas station. It’s also very useful for blowing the water out of my sprinkler system before freezing sets in. Next they won’t let you paint your own house because you might fall of the ladder, for your saaaaaaafety of course. Any of these got damn control freaks show up at my house they’ll get a colonoscopy from my air hose.

    • Mike in Boston:
      Any of these got damn control freaks show up at my house they’ll get a colonoscopy from my air hose.

      Half of the Biden “administration”:
      We’ll be right over!

    • Mike in Boston,

      “ I find it hard to believe this could stand up to a court challenge …”

      That sounds like a familiar phrase. Where have I heard that before?

      Oh now I remember.

      People have used that phrase before every piece of repressive police state legislation that’s been approved by the Supreme Court in my lifetime.

  5. ‘The day may come when it is illegal to work on your own car, in your own driveway.’ — EP

    To work on your car, first you need to HAVE a car. Thanks to John Law Powell’s massive counterfeiting, augmented by Clowngress’s multiple rounds of stimmy checks, Manheim’s used car index has exploded by 26.3% (not a typo) in the past 12 months. Chart:

    We’ve gone Venezuela, comrades. You now need a WHEELBARROW full of Yellenschrift to buy even a ten-year-old vehicle.

    And be careful — somebody might steal your perfectly good wheelbarrow, leaving the worthless piles of green confetti behind to scatter like leaves in the wind.

  6. I’d been warning people since the 90‘s that since we are pursuing all of the ideals of European-style socialism, that we’d end up with the same BS here, like “tool-control” which they’ve long had in Switzerland….and of course, I’d always get the usual response: “It can’t happen here” or “Americans wouldn’t stand for it!”.

    In-fact, what we have in many locales here here already, is already worse and more intrusive and more restrictive than what exists in many outright communist and socialist countries (In Switzerland at least, there is just a very heavy import tax on tools, and thus a very high price for consumers, because “by doing it yourself, you’d be taking work away from a tradesman by not hiring him”- but of course, there, it applies to more than just automotive tools….)

    I think it’s a waste of time looking for intelligent life in space; We should start looking for it here on Earth……

    • I was in Costa Rica a long while ago. I talked to the owner while he was working on his Hilux. I asked him why he had such crap Chinese tools.
      Yes, the tools are prohibitively taxed.

  7. Certain people discussed this, 20 years ago, that tools would be outlawed. It was easy to see this coming. It was difficult to get others to see the possibility. That said, having an expectation of a thing, doesn’t make it’s appearance any less, uh, surprising.
    Insert image from the old Planet of the Apes where the Nazi Gorillas used netting tossed from horseback in order to maintain order upon the uncaged – here x.
    Perhaps add a 4-wheel drive four-legged Dalek image as well?

    • Reloading presses will be on the short list, whenever the soy boys and their Karen sisters become aware that such devices exist.

  8. Very sick times, doubtless, Eric.

    I live in a less affluent area of Phoenix. In fact, you might call it “the Ghetto” or “el Barrio”. But it’s better in many ways than the last place in which we lived. The last place was a “better” neighborhood, where the neighbors had a bad habit of minding your business for you.

    None of that here. Shit, you could do a little target practice in your back yard (not that I do, but SOME clearly do). There is free proliferation and use of professional grade fireworks on nearly every holiday (or whenever).

    Frankly, there are less cops around here to fuck with you, as well.

    The houses are eclectic. There is true diversity in the real estate, here. And sure as hell no one is going to tell you how and IF you can work on your own car!

    Hell, there is a shade-tree mechanic house up the block a bit. They seem to keep in business nicely. Yes, there might be copious consumption of methamphetamine. But you know what? Good. Most mechanics are borderline (or outright) crooks anyway. At least there are lower cost options.

    Which brings me to my last point: How many car shops did it take to push this legislation though?

    Outlaw torque wrench indeed.

    • Citing Metro Phoenix and some of its, ahem, “seasoned” neighborhoods indicates that enforcement of these busybody local ordinances will inherently be spotty and uneven. Someone that doesn’t LIKE the idea of an attempt to resurrect a 1966 Plymouth in a “better” neighborhood can have the time (being semi-retired), the inclination (a liberal Democrat, prone to anal retentiveness), and the perceived “clout” to use the city code enforcement to harass a hobbyist just doing HIS thing, on HIS property, and not even being a bother to his next door neighbors! However, try doing that in “El Barrio” and you’ve got all sorts of “Latino” organizations and self-professed “advocates” who will champion the Mexican wrench-twister who’s replacing the Turbo-Hydro 400 on his ’68 “Chebbie” Impala, or putting in some “hydraulics” that make the 4,800-lb vehicle jump to shoulder height.

      Hence why “Ree-Tahr-Munt” will be in some relative QUIET, RURAL locale where I’ll do what the fuck I please.

      • I still have vivid memories from ABQ in the 1970s.
        Looked on while my brother attempted to start his mechanically injected altered (straight pipes, of course) in the family driveway.
        Some hoser showed up and complained.
        Hoser was invited to FOAD, more or less.
        Many other stories which involved loud, greasy machinery.
        Same basic result. MYOB, a-holes.

      • Douglas,

        RE: “Re-tahr-munt”: Me too. This is only a temporary arrangement until my business is off the ground and I’ve paid off a few things. I have that rural land ready and waiting. 😉

  9. So much for hot rods & race cars in Sacramento County.
    Many years ago, I was involved with rewriting the code provisions which govern home based businesses in Corona 92882, where I live. City bureaucrats had attempted to cram some overly restrictive provisions into the code. Fortunately, I was able, with some difficulty, to raise the alarm, and hammer out a very reasonable ordinance.
    During that process, our city manger told some horror stories, such as the guy who set up a paint booth in his garage, oblivious to the severe fire danger posed by the water heater pilot light. So, there *DO* need to be reasonable safety restrictions, as well as esthetic ones. City code here does not allow operating a diesel truck repair business in your driveway, or a welding shop in your garage. Beyond that, building a hot rod, or restoring an old car, inside your own garage, is perfectly OK here in Corona. I helped make sure of that, among other things.

    • Turtle,

      I mean… What about the guy who sets up a paint booth and IS aware of the pilot light? If he doesn’t burn down his neighbor’s house or he, at least, isn’t offensively odiferous, then why can’t he spray away? Or am I misunderstanding?

      • Well, I believe the point is, that in a suburban city, the neighbor’s house is not far away. If you want to incinerate yourself, go ahead on, but you do not have the God given right to take your neighbor with you..
        Hell, if you are far enough out in the country, you could probably manufacture nitroglycerin without endangering your neighbors. But, not on a standard suburban lot of 7500 s.f.

      • Common sense should apply. Many moons ago in Sac town, there was a guy a few streets over who souped-up jet skiis…AND kept a few 55 gallon DRUMS of AvGas in his GARAGE. What happened was entirely predictable, and the Fire Marshal gave him hell, as he richly deserved. Fortunately no injuries and the neighbor’s adjoining wall was only scorched, but…WOW!

        Unfortunately, morons like Mr. Jet Ski are cited as reason to clamp down on ANYTHING that’s remotely “phun” by all these self-appointed busybodies.

      • “What about the guy who sets up a paint booth and IS aware of the pilot light?”

        You mean the unreasonable guy?

    • “So, there *DO* need to be reasonable safety restrictions, as well as esthetic ones.”

      There’s the slippery slope. Depends upon who makes the determination of what “reasonable” and “esthetic” are, eh? Such terms could be anything, the seeds or fertile soil of domination.

      • > Depends upon who makes the determination of what “reasonable” and “esthetic” are, eh?
        If you don’t like the rules, you don’t have to live here.
        Those who prefer a more restrictive environment can move to Laguna Beach, where the city will dictate precisely *which* shaded of “white” you *will* paint your house, and how frequently, or Mission Viejo, where it is illegal to leave you garage door open for more than 20 minutes.
        Those who want more “freedom” can move to Mead Valley and have meth cookers for neighbors.
        Jedem das Seine, as the saying goes…

        • Or, how about allowing the owner of a plot of land to own his land, and do with it as he will? The “harms” envisioned by restrictive covenants or zoning regulations are ephemeral. The damage to property rights, and therefore to the most important freedom enshrined in the Constitution, is immediate, severe, and irreparable. Pointing out that other municipalities have more severe restrictions just makes the point more forcefully.

          Never give a lawyer another cudgel with which to beat freedom out of “we the people”. They WILL use it, with glee.

          • Meanwhile, if not still the case, it hasn’t been long ago that Houston TX had no zoning laws at all. You could buy a property in what was clearly a residential neighborhood and build a massage parlor if you liked.

            • That is the case, thankfully. However, almost 100% of the subdivisions developed after Friendswood Development Corp (a subsidiary of Humble Oil and Refining, AKA ESSO, NKA EXXON) did Clear Lake City in 1963 have increasingly onerous restrictive covenenants and HOAs. Nowadays, Houston even has a municipal “Neightborhood Division” that helps the lawn Nazi HOA’s do their thing. So, to keep either evil out, one must keep out both (zoning and restrictive covenants).

                  • Jason,

                    “Malum in se or malum prohibitum?”

                    Malum non praesumitur.

                    After all we do seem to be living in a world where A can be A and non A at the same time.

                    Surely there exist illegal activities that the Romans never envisioned.

                    Bald Eagle’s feathers.

                    After all, the guy in possession was cognizant of the fact he was picking up a feather. He just should have known it was a pigeon feather before he pled guilty.

          • “ Or, how about allowing the owner of a plot of land to own his land, and do with it as he will? ”

            Listen here you Crusty Old TV Tech/Terrorist!

            Somebody somewhere might do something!!!

            Why can’t you be reasonable?

            Why can’t you understand that engineers (social and apparently otherwise) know better than you what colors your house can be?

            Why can’t you figure out that the ephemeral MIGHT transition to something that harms someone who is unknown and unknowable?

            What you speak of is HERESY!!!

            You must be a witch.

      • “There’s the slippery slope.”

        Apparently the law of gravity does not apply when the right guy writes the laws.

        So don’t worry about loosing your grip esthetically pleasing boots will be mandatory.

    • “So, there *DO* need to be reasonable safety restrictions, as well as esthetic ones.”

      Yeah… I’m going to go ahead and disagree with you on that one. – Channeling my best Lumberg impression from Office Space.

      • Probably can’t own a Bic lighter either, I suppose, afterall you might burn down the neighborhood with it. Same reasoning.

        • Don’t laugh. In going through my first divorce, had to go to mandatory “Family Court Services” with what was supposed to be routine family counseling. My boys, then 11 and 9, described what they often did with their Pop, including working on cars, and learning how to use a WELDER. As well as Daddy had GUNS in the house, and they were able, at times, to go SHOOTING. Why, in CA, that’s all they need to declare a man an “unfit” parent these days! Now it’s THEIR turn to dodge these irritating busybodies with THEIR kids. That’s the nice thing about being a Grandpa…I just “rent” the little bastards, and give them back when “fun time’s” over!

    • >> Fortunately, I was able, with some difficulty, to raise the alarm, and hammer out a very reasonable ordinance.<>So, there *DO* need to be reasonable safety restrictions, as well as esthetic ones.<<

      While I don’t have a problem with you asking me to do or not do something, why do you have to go running and crying like a pussy to the men with guns if I refuse?

      You just can’t mind your own business.

      My business is my business.

      That’s why they call it my business.

      If you’re not capable of making decisions for yourself you can hire somebody to help you.

      While I’d prefer your type to live in a Fukushima sort of environment. In a house that you consider esthetically pleasing of course. Surrounded on all four sides by paint booths and an eternal flame like JFK’s in Arlington. I’d still be willing to take your money.

      If the Darwin Award nominees don’t kill you, at least the radiation should give you the long and agonizing death you so richly deserve.

      Again, thanks for playing.

      • “My type?”
        What “type” do you believe that to be?
        I *WAS* happily minding my own business, until city busybody bureaucrats tried to sneak through a Zone Text Amendment which would have made it illegal for anyone running a business out of their home to;
        A) Use the physical address of the business in any advertising.
        AFAIK, “advertising” would include web sites and business cards.
        B) Meet with customers at the business address.
        among other odious provisions.

        I am a consultant to structural steel fabricators, and have run my one man business out of an office at my home address since 1996. The conduct of my business requires me to consult with architects and engineers, some of whom also work from an office at their home. The city’s proposed ZTA would have mad it illegal for us to meet at either one’s office, which I regard as intolerable.

        The proposed ZTA sailed unquestioned through Planning Commission, and damned near made it through City Council, which it would have, had I not intervened. With some difficulty, I managed to alert a sufficient number of small business owners in similar circumstances, helped organize a study session for any who wished to attend (~ 30 or so did), and sufficiently impressed the city manger that he suggested I write a model ordinance, which I proceeded to do, after researching the relevant provisions of at least a dozen cities in So Cal.

        The City of Corona, CA adopted nearly all of what I wrote, which drew on what I regarded as the best features of other cities’ ordinances. I personally believe we have one of the best home based business ordinances around, and not just because I wrote it. The overriding, guiding principle in my mind was that anyone should be free to do as he chooses, so long as he is not harming anyone else. I believe that was achieved.

        The busybody c*nt city bureaucrat who *was* trying to get up in everyone else’s business got the message to sit down and STFU.

        • >>“My type?”
          What “type” do you believe that to be?<<

          The type who think they should decide for others.

          The type who think that the right top man or top transvestite will make everything better.

          The type who say after someone has already living in the home, “If you don’t like the rules, you don’t have to live here.”

          The type who run and cry like a pussy to the men with guns.

          The type who demonstrate fealty to their overload.

          The type that would fuck a person in the ass and not even have the goddamn common courtesy to give him a reach-around.

          The type who, like R. Lee Ermy, should be resting in peace.

          • >The type who think they should decide for others.
            >The type who think that the right top man or top transvestite will make everything better.
            >“If you don’t like the rules, you don’t have to live here.”
            I prefer, “This is my house, which means I make the rules here. You came in by that door, you can leave the same way. Don’t let the door slam shut on your ass.”
            >The type who run and cry like a pussy to the men with guns.
            Nope. I *AM* the man with guns.
            >The type who demonstrate fealty to their overload.
            I have no “overlord.”
            Never have, never will.
            My sister tells me I “have a problem with authority.”
            I take that as a high compliment.
            >The type that would fuck a person in the ass
            Nope. I don’t travel the “Hershey highway.”
            Maybe you do?
            >R. Lee Ermey, should be resting in peace.
            What’s your problem?
            Unrequited love?

            • Turtle,

              You said that you’re not type who think they should decide for others.

              But according to you, at the suggestion of your local friendly overlord, wrote, “a model ordinance”.

              Prattling on you said, “The City of Corona, CA adopted nearly all of what I wrote, which drew on what I regarded as the best features of other cities’ ordinances.”

              I stand corrected good sir!

              You’re the type who think they should authoritatively decree or direct what others do.

              Or at least write said decrees and directions for others.

              And, you are, “the man with guns.”

              Again, mea culpa! That certainly is a distinction WITH a difference.

              • No, sir.
                I want the government, at all levels, OUT of my private business, and everyone else’s, to the maximum extent possible, so long as we are not harming others. Non aggression principle, IOW.
                I don’t aggress the gov’t. The gov’t can damned sure leave me, and other law abiding citizens, alone. Gov’t supposedly works for us. I am in favor of keeping it that way.

                I did what was necessary to PREVENT local government busybodies from preventing me, and others, from conducting perfectly legitimate businesses in a normal fashion.

                Guns? Tell you what, I believe in the right of self defense, which includes armed self defense. I have no intention of using force to impose my will on others, but if I am attacked, I *WILL* defend myself.

                Old saying: “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.” I know that to be true,
                => of my own personal experience.<=
                I have no intention of "outsourcing" my own safety.

                • Turtle,

                  “I want the government, at all levels, OUT of my private business”

                  As any rational human being would.

                  “and everyone else’s”

                  Here we go again.

                  That is their business. That’s why it is called their business.

                  It is not your business. You just can’t mind your own business.

                  Have you ever read And Then There Were None by Eric Russell?

                  “I don’t aggress the gov’t.”

                  That goes without saying. If you had, you would have achieved ambiance. Much like R. Lee Ermy.

                  “Gov’t supposedly works for us. I am in favor of keeping it that way.”

                  Therein lies the rub as the Bard might say.

                  First of all, the government does NOT work for us. You may be one of the few or even the only one in this forum to make that claim.

                  I’ve been reading Eric Peters articles since he was “young, dumb and full of cum” and even decades ago (in the Detroit News and Detroit Free Press), while he may have occasionally mentioned the government was *supposed* to work for us, he has always pointed out that the reality is the opposite.

                  Why are you in favor of keeping the status quo?

                  It is a got damn lie.

                  I’m pretty sure you and I would agree that water is fairly necessary for the both of us to survive, let alone prosper.

                  How is it that when el presidente Ford signed the bill that would, “enhance the safety of public drinking water supplies in this country through the establishment and enforcement of national drinking water standards”, the end result is the Flint, MI Water Crisis?

                  Ford, a native of Michigan, pressed for and enacted the law that was “supposedly” working “for us”. Yet the water today is not really good “for us.”

                  Why are you “in favor of keeping it that way”?

                  It’s a shame you didn’t write that law. The people in Michigan would have Pure Rocky Mountain Spring Water flowing from their taps. Coors would have taken over the Stroh’s Brewing Company in Detroit. And every single color of Stroh’s ice cream would be esthetically pleasing.


                  You tell us, “I have no intention of using force to impose my will on others”.

                  I know you don’t.

                  You’re the type who is too pussy to do it yourself! If you were, I’d have much more respect for you.

                  You wrote the ordinance that has the intention of using force to impose your will on others.

                  You’re the type who would have AGWs impose your will, as you have written it, on others. That, in itself, speaks volumes. Volumes!

                  I have a ballon pilot acquaintance of mine who is also a prosecutor. When he puts old women in jail for painting their porch a non esthetic color or for feeding the squirrels , at least he can claim that he is doing his job.

                  You’re the type who writes the ordinances he uses to put old women in a cage. A regular stand up guy!

                  And it isn’t even your job.

                  Thank you for your service.

    • The key word is “reasonable”. Pre-Wuhan hysteria, the meaning of “reasonable” as regarding the law was determined by the Constitution and laws passed by elected officials on the federal, state and local levels. Disagreements could be resolved through the judicial system (well that was how it was supposed to work anyway). Now in the age of hysteria, under the guise of “public health”, “reasonable” is defined by power hungry bureaucrats with the support of the most insane sociopathic hypochondriacs to mean anything or action that makes any busybody “feel” unsafe (which is just about everything) and the “woke” agenda has infected most of societies foundational institutions (government, religious, economic).

      With a majority of the population controlled by government/media propaganda and indoctrinated by communist public education, returning to a rational definition of “reasonable” seems unlikely. Fourth turnings are a bitch.

      • Exactly.
        They never would have been able to pull this off without invoking the “Doctor Gods.”
        Where the hell are our elected “representatives” when we need them?
        Kein fuehrerbefehl, bitte.

  10. The scary thing is that once California passes laws like these, they start spreading to other areas. I can see something like this being enacted in Washington state as soon as Newsom instructs Inslee to do so. We’re California’s northern colony anyway. If anyone still thinks they don’t want to get the proletariat out of personal vehicles, they are completely dilussional. If someone in Sacramento was smart, they would start to push against this as an anti-latino law, since they’re going to be more likely to need to repair their own vehicles.

  11. We have a relative who is an excellent mechanic. He has installed a lift into his two-car garage to facilitate his business. He has kept our vehicles on the road for years, at a fraction of the cost (and much higher quality) of the big guys.

    I remember thinking recently, that despite the obnoxious encroachments we have suffered, especially over the last year, at least we still have him nearby to help us with fixing things…

  12. Eric,

    Apparently you HAVE been paying attention.

    “The state is become the true owner – of everything – when the state controls everything (and thus, everyone). People own nothing, in any meaningful sense – including themselves – it being preposterous to speak of self-ownership when you are not allowed to control anything of significance, including your own affairs.”

    Govco can, will, and do take everything. Even your life.

    Perhaps now that you’ve acknowledged the “preposterousness” of people claiming to have property rights, you might explain how a stop sign is the philosophical equivalent of an AGW pointing a gun at you.

    After one receives the paying paper, if they don’t give back the money the government so graciously allowed them to keep, and refuse to be caged, what is the only option left for the Govco?

    Deadly force.

    • Moreover, why would anyone want to live in a COUNTRY where Flake-a-fornia gets 12% of seats in the House of Representatives (53 of 435) and has Kamala teed up to lord it over us when Old Corn Pop finally malfunctions?

      Already US Dept of Transportation is salted with CARB (California Air Resources Board) bureaucrats, writing the regs to take our internal combustion vehicles away from us (for our own good).

      Either pre-emptively expel Kalifornia from the US, or for Dog’s sake let the rest of us leave peacefully to escape these aggressive, alien control freaks.

      • I’m not going anywhere. This is my home and I will not be bullied in my own home. When they come for my wrenches, I will do my best to bury one in their skulls.

  13. “The government of Sacramento uses the HOA-ish arguments about “property values”.
    A long standing “argument” for zoning, building codes, etc. As if maintaining your property’s value is somehow the business of the Psychopaths In Charge. If you don’t want a massage parlor opening on the adjoining lot, buy the lot first. If you can’t afford to, don’t expect one who can to accommodate your property value Its none of their business to do so either. It becomes instantly clear if you trade places and look at it from the other direction.

    • I can find no Constitutional right to a certain “property value” enumerated anywhere. Perhaps it is a penumbra of an emanation? How is the color of a facade worth giving up those rights (property) deemed essential by the Founders of this land?

      And I take issue with the HOAs are voluntary line of thought. They most certainly are NOT. I cannot buy that particular property without abiding by them. My choices in the free market are proscribed, therefore, distorting said market greatly. In some markets, there are no properties within 50 miles that do not have onerous restrictive covenenants. How is that “free-market”?

      Remember those restrictions in various restrictive covenenants (which run with the land and are theoretically un-severable) which stated that black folk, Jews, Catholics, et. Al, were not able to purchase that particular property? Those WERE severed, by decree of shyster lawyers in black robes. Others can remain. How is that logical?

      Any restriction promulgated by a past owner of land upon a current owner is the dead hand of a tyrant proscribing my present freedoms. Either zoning or restrictive covenenants are tyranny!

      They will take my torque wrench only when I am sufficiently dead to pry it from my cold fingers.

      Ahh, Californey, the starter of a million Communist bad ideas. This is one of them.

    • The article got the name of the phenomenon wrong. It’s not gentrification, it’s something far more sinister. It’s the Karenification of that neighborhood. Once a place is Karenified, it’s like a neutron bomb to freedom. The facades are pretty, but the innards are putrid festering piles of communist filth.

      Austin, where college students go to retire!

      Pretty soon there won’t be any Weird left to Keep Austin Weird with.

    • Boy, that is one *UGLY* apartment building, IMO.
      Looks like something out of communist Eastern Europe.
      The lady from Chicago doesn’t like it there? GOOD!!
      One thing, though, I’ll bet East Austin is a lot safer than the South Side of Chicago.
      But short haired blonde white women don’t live on the South Side. Not for long, anyway.


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