Trigger Happy Hero May Finally Face Charges

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Hero Cop Patrick Feaster shot and (eventually) killed Andrew Thomas after a DUI crash on Thanksgiving. Feaster was following a vehicle he witnessed drive from a tavern with its headlights off. Before Feaster could conduct the stop the car crashed into the median and wrecked. The passenger, Thomas’s wife, was ejected and died at the scene.

Feaster, upon exiting his cruiser, draws his police issued sidearm from its holster and fires one round (according to the DA – though it seems like a double tap on the video) at Thomas who was (somehow) able to crawl out of the wreckage. Upon being shot Thomas goes limp and falls back into the vehicle he was trying to escape. Feaster later claimed that the removal of his firearm, pointing and firing it was merely an accident. Even though the video shows him looking for shell casings and failing to inform other officers that arrive (including supervisors) that he had discharged his weapon. He didn’t even mention it when Thomas himself told another officer he had been shot. A statement the backup officer didn’t believe.


In the immediate aftermath, when it seemed that Thomas would live, Butte County District Attorney Mike Ramsey heavily defended Feaster’s accident and decided to not press charges. Ramsey claimed that the video proved the shooting to be an accident and though it was negligent it was not criminal, without a fatality.

Sadly, that’s exactly what happened on December 19th when Andrew Thomas passed away from his gunshot wound to the neck. Feaster is still free to roam the streets and even take off if he wants since no official charges have been filed yet. It seems it might be a good time to jet too, considering CBS Sacramento is reporting that he was fired on Monday:

A Paradise police officer has been removed from the department and could face manslaughter charges months after dashcam video showed him shooting an unarmed man.

The unarmed man who was shot has died, and prosecutors say they may file charges against the officer.

Hundreds protested the move, calling for Feaster to face charges. After Thomas’ death on Dec. 19, Ramsey said he would reconsider potential manslaughter charges. He’s awaiting autopsy results.



  1. ” Ramsey said he would reconsider potential manslaughter charges. ”

    Manslaughter charges on an obvious murder 1. Feaster followed Thomas, witnessed the car crash, then strolled up and executed him, all caught on the dashcam.

    This is clearly misfeasance, malfeasance and nonfeasance committed by the Paradise police and the DA’s office.


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