It’s Not Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafe!

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How long do you suppose it will be before your neighbors, the people down the street – it’s a good way to think about “the government,” because that’s what it is, in terms of flesh and blood – decide that it’s not “safe” for anyone to drive when it’s foggy – or because it might snow?

Because they feel “unsafe” when such conditions obtain?

Isn’t this the same premise for “locking down” the world – and imposing various restrictions on who may go where?

Almost no one is actually sick – or rather, seriously sick (being occasionally, mildly sick was formerly regarded as a normal part of everyday life, before society became sick) and only an attenuated minority – the very old and the very already-unhealthy – have ever been in any serious peril from this sickness. And yet, on the basis of the fragility of the very few – enhanced by the unreasoning fear of the many – the entire world was “locked down” and perfectly healthy, perfectly sane people still face restrictions on where they may go, under what conditions, imposed by  . . . the people down the street or across the way.

Your neurotic neighbors.

The people who constitute “the government.”

Why not apply the same premise to who is allowed to drive – and when? Some people are “at risk” – after dark, in the fog. If it snows. They cannot see very well. They cannot drive very well. For the good of the community – and to show respect – shouldn’t we all stay home after dark, or if it’s foggy?

When it might snow?

If i sounds far-fetched, consider how far things have gone, already. The healthy are expected to live in perpetual dread of a sickness that doesn’t threaten them; a sickness most of them haven’t got – or have gotten over. They are being pressured to submit to what is supposedly a “treatment” for this sickness which does not ail them – for the sake of the community.

Just as they were expected to “mask” – to “show respect.”

The same creatures affronted by the showing of faces are without doubt affronted by the showing of competence behind the wheel. Observe in this regard how they react when another driver passes them – because they are creeping along with their hazard flashers on (a form of vehicular Face Diapering) at 25 MPH on a road with a 45 MPH speed limit . . . because it is flurrying.

They will furiously flash their high beams, mash their horn. One can see their angry gesticulations in the rearview, after having left them behind.

Some will even attempt to use their car to block the would-be passer.

If it sounds familiar, it’e because it’s the same. And for that reason, we ought to expect more of the same. Even stupider restrictions and expectations – all based on the fear of the least common denominator that others of higher caliber might not be afraid. And whose example shames them.

This is why “masks” were “mandated.” Not for reasons of “health” but rather for reasons of bleary universal conformity. If that were not the case, then – as I and others have pointed out previously – there would have been standards for “masks” that correlated with medical rather than psychological utility.

The fearful could not allow others to be seen not looking fearful. And for just the same reason, all must be Jabbed – so as to eliminate the problem of healthy people who’ve never been Jabbed.

These Freaks will turn the entire country into a psych ward of quivering bed-wetters craving for Nurse Ratched to keep them safe – and hoping Nurse Ratched will punish anyone who refuses to take their meds and stay in bed.

It will metastasize until nothing is allowed which the sick fear. “Speeding” will be eliminated – by using electronics to make it impossible to “speed.” The car will not pass – no matter how much you want to. On board “assistance” technology will see to that. Such technology is already in most new cars, just awaiting full activation.

And electric cars will seal this deal.

It is merely a matter of sending out the right update to brick the electric car, as when it is foggy or rainy – or because it might snow. The EV push has always been about controlling – about limiting – mobility. But it will be implemented in the name of saaaaaaaaaaafety.

Just the same as “masks” – and Jabs.

. . .

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    • Roger that. Folks in CA’s Central Valley have long put up with that “Tule” fog. Most of us won’t slow down to even the posted limit until it’s thick enough that you can’t see your feet.

  1. I’m still driving cars so old I even have problems finding parts at the local u pull it wrecking yards. Car repair isn’t cheap anymore but at least you can avoid all that new technology. But what I can’t understand is why do “sheeple” wear a face diaper in their own cars when they are the only one in them?

    PS- vacuum operated motorcycle petcocks really suck when they quit on you. Primary seems OK, but no reserve then and lots of pushing and running it a few hundred yards at a time as gas dribbles in enough to fill the float bowls. Looks like a winter repair project.

  2. Can you clarify your vehicular face diapering point more? I can’t seem to fully grasp where hazard flashers correlate with facial maxi-pads.

    • Hi Big Daddy,

      It’s simply this: Both things – the use of flashers when there is no good reason to and the wearing of Face Tampons (there is never a good reason for this) are a form of signaling. An idiot’s virtue-signaling. Can’t be too safe.

      Can you see?

      • In my state, it is illegal to drive with flashers on. It goes to show how the clovers selectively apply their supposedly infallible “law”. You also can’t prevent a passer from getting back into the lane. Of course, the wanna-be police minivans ignore that part too. Bastards.

  3. Well, if this new normal is so onerous why comply with it? You know, none of this would be possible if it weren’t for the mass obedience everywhere.

    • Hi Mike,

      I don’t comply. I have never – not once – worn a Face Tampon. Nor “practiced” any bizarre rites associated with the Sickness Cult. I do not fly commercially. I won’t have any of it. Come what may. Not because I am brave. I am simply unwilling to live this way.

  4. The discussion below about lightning reminded me about some guy that goes by the nickname/handle of “facts” just absolutely spamming the comments section of a recent ZH article about vax adverse reactions. He went on and on telling people how you’re more likely to get struck by lightning than suffer an injury from the vax — clearly inconsistent with reports.

    But ok, nobody bothered to mention that the govt. doesn’t force everyone outside during lightning storms. Otherwise maybe we’d see a whole lot more.

    And the fact that this experiment with mRNA hasn’t even concluded was not pointed out. Oncologists are seeing cancers come out of remission and some so aggressive that the patients die before they even get an autopsy.

  5. It’s all about power and control. They have it right now, but we can’t let them get any more of it, because they are nasty sob’s — they will torture & murder the crap out of us. We people need to establish our own power & control. There is no more America, this is now NIGHTMARE-ICA.

      • Yeah, the 2A is just power, not control. Control is who makes all the decisions. BTW, the 2A should’ve had a few more sentences — “well regulated” means it’s supposed to be well organized, IOW 5%-10% or more of the population should be in a real army (with a command hierarchy) and have real military equipment too. Just individuals owning guns is not the 2A. So our 2A has not even been implemented at all. This country has completely failed it’s own constitution. We stupid peasants don’t even get to vote on huge issues — we keep letting unelected dictators (that frauded our elections) to make up all the stupid laws they want to and the sheriff & police work for THEM not us. We failed as a society, but they bamboozled us. The SYSTEM failed us, the U.S. Constitution failed us. It didn’t work. Time for a new constitution.

  6. Saw a meme today that summed it all up well:

    Why don’t you hear politicians condemning Australia right now?

    Because they are planning to do the same here.

    • Of course they are, J.

      And, then there’s this:

      “… I can foresee a time in the near future when almost all deaths are among the fully vaccinated. And, they will STILL try to blame unvaxxed people, though by then if there is a control group of unvaxxed then the game will be up for the globalists if they intend to harm people with the vaccines. There will be no way to hide any negative side effects and they will have to revert to a massive chaos strategy because at that point people will be hunting them.” … – Brandon Smith at alt-market.

    • I showed my mom a video of police brutality during Australia’s Freedom Protests and she said that it couldn’t be real because they were nice people over there and then asked; why wasn’t I getting the jab? I said I was waiting to know if it was safe and she said everyone she knew got it so it must be safe…

      • Hi Landru,

        Australia is gone – unless enough Aussies do something about the regime that has turned Australia into a police state.

        As far as the Jab status askers: My answers are: (1) It’s none of your goddamn business; (2) I don’t need a Jab; (3) I don’t intend to risk my health to assuage your fears about health.

        • (1) answer is the best. Indeed, Vax status is no one else’s Gott-damned business.

          As for the “Land of Oz”, it started out as a prison, so it’s simply reverted back .

  7. How do we stop it?

    All I have for now is to say NO.

    No to your masks, distancing, isolation, ASS, lane keep assist, etc.

    Every natural occurrence seems to bring out the emergency declaration with requisite reduced speed conditions and vehicle restrictions.

    Everyone has turned into a drooling imbecile. Just leave me alone and hide in your own basement.

    • So you must live in a “nice” area. In most businesses they will not accept your cash unless you are masked, such is the level of stupidity that has enveloped most people’s minds, except for a few. Any ideas on what to do then? Because where I am at, people just don’t care about your illness du jour, CFS (common fucking sense). They don’t even care if you steal!! As long as you mask up, it’s all good. Pathetic & contemptible cowards! Talk all fucking day about freedom, but when it gets time to put pedal to the metal… find out they can’t even drive! And they turn to you with a forlorn look & this whiny, sniveling self righteous attitude. It’s not just a few either. The majority have been……I don’t know, changed somehow.

      • “In most businesses they will not accept your cash unless you are masked”

        Man, Mike, where the heck do you live (Sacramento?) sounds like a bad place. Thankfully, here in Iowa, we’re not doing idiot crap like that.

      • Hi Mike,

        A tactic that might work is to keep exact track of everything you select as you shop, then calculate the total price plus tax and simply leave it on the counter and walk out with your paid-for goods. Be sure to record the whole transaction. What are they going to do? You haven’t stolen anything.

        • The only problem is that they are refusing service. They are canceling their offer to you which makes the legality of your contract with them very murky at best. I myself don’t advise just leaving the money on the counter to anyone when they have told you to get lost.

          • I would second this, “I myself don’t advise just leaving the money on the counter to anyone when they have told you to get lost.”

            It looks really good n the videos I’ve seen of resistors (in Cali?) doing just that.

            On the other hand – I’ve read that they don’t arrest or go after shoplifters anymore in places like Cali. …so, what’s the worst that can happen in a crazzy-assed state like that?

            You can walk out without paying for a TeeVee, but you better watch out if you leave money on the counter for groceries? WTF?

      • Use your greenbacks to wipe your ass, put them in a baggie, and then put on the face diaper and THEN take them out to hand to the cashier. That should make the point clear.

  8. As my dad got older he couldn’t see well at night (even post- cataract surgery) so he voluntarily gave up driving after dark. At no point did he ever consider keeping everyone else that could see off the road. Different generations, today’s wok esters are afraid of their own shadows. I still see the morons driving alone in their cars with the windows up fully face diapered; maybe the lack of oxygen will Darwin them out of existence, one can only hope

    • I can see at night just fine. I can usually see the deer trying to cross the road well in advance of when I need to. Until someone comes up with those ultrabright LED headlights that are getting popular, which hurt my eyes, give me a headache, and blind me on the low beam setting.

      It is getting to the point I may actually need to wear sunglasses at night. As it is, I try to keep my after-dark driving to a minimum.

  9. The green agenda isn’t only about hobbling the individual. It’s about crippling the entire west and making it subservient to the CCP. Once we’re totally reliant on China for solar panels, batteries and electrified machinery the west and its people become vassals. We’ll be strip mined ruthlessly until theres nothing left. Nuking the bastards and dealing with a MAD situation is preferrable to the atrocities we’ll endure under commie occupation. Read up on how the Germans were treated by the soviets when the reich fell to get a small idea of the immediate aftermath of capitulation to godless marxists.

    • ‘the atrocities we’ll endure under commie occupation’ — Trickster

      ‘California on Friday became the first state to make ethnic studies a required class for high school graduation to help students understand the past and present struggles and contributions of Black, Asian, Latino, Native/Indigenous Americans and other groups that have experienced racism and marginalization in America.’ — LA Times

      Spot the excluded group …

  10. I recently accepted a new job at a small company, no one wore diapers during the tour and the interview. Great. Of course pending a piss test at an Urgent Care place. Whatever. I go in, maskless. Everyone is wearing a mask, even the fat lady at the counter who welcomes me and asks what I’m there for… After everything is cleared up, she asked me if I have a mask. I say no. She hands me one. I grab it and sit down but don’t wear it.

    Eventually a maskless guy comes in for I think a DOT screening (I couldn’t really hear him), but he’s kind of rough and tough looking. Got tats, and a Sturgis/motorcycle shirt on. The fat lady doesn’t even bother asking him. I, by contrast, am a 5’6″ balding ‘hipster’ non-threatening looking guy.

    Why didn’t she ask HIM? Was she scccaaarrrreeeddd to ask? Isn’t she concerned about the greater good and health of all those in that building and around her?

  11. Dr. Fauci should be mandated to wear every discarded mask, cumulatively. He’d be a mummy in no time. Won’t have to listen to the idiot mutter another mealy-mouthed word. It will end.

    The vaxxed are now the pariahs that need to be isolated to The Pale. har

    It’s Saturday, therefore, it is National Drinking Day. A Caesar will be a good choice. If you don’t have beer or wine, it is a crime. You should be apprehended, driven to a wine and spirits store then be forced to buy beer and vodka.

    It is also National Music Day, not really, but every day is always National Music Day and National Drinking Day, so you can’t really go wrong there.

    Recommended is Big Head Todd and the Monsters’ song ‘Bittersweet’ and the Zac Brown Band ‘Free/Into the Mystic’ version.

    Music is the last frontier.

    Drinking leads to the road of excess where you wind up at the palace of wisdom. Apologies to William Blake.

  12. Eric, this reminded me of a drive in to work a few years ago when it was EXTREMELY foggy, and almost every single vehicle DIDN’T have their headlights on. I wondered about it, the radio station commented on it (“PEOPLE, TURN ON YOUR HEADLIGHTS!!!”), and I finally realized the cause. Most vehicles now have automatic headlights, SO PEOPLE DON’T KNOW HOW TO TURN THEM ON MANUALLY! Our country is doomed.

    • Back when I was on the air and it started to snow I would announce that if you needed driving advice from some guy on the radio, you need to park the car and had the keys to someone who is competent.

  13. Heartwarming (so to speak) news from Iceland:

    ‘Iceland on Oct. 8 halted the use of the Moderna vaccine [owing to myocarditis and pericarditis risk].

    ‘Iceland’s Directorate of Health stated, “As there is a sufficient supply of Pfizer vaccine, the epidemiologist has decided not to use the Moderna vaccine.”

    ‘Sweden limited the use of the Moderna shot on Oct. 6 to those born before 1991. Finland on Oct. 7 discontinued the use of the Moderna shot for men under the age of 30.’

    Epidemiology 101: compare the risks of disease to the risks of the jab, and try to strike a balance.

    One participant in an FDA advisory panel asserted that mRNA jabs aren’t appropriate for anyone under 40. Response: silence.

    For sure, jabbing children from 5 to 11 years old (as Pfizer now proposes) is dangerous, fanatical, and absolutely unethical, in light of kids’ near-zero risk of covid disease.

    In a letter to Attorney General Garland, I demanded Nuremberg trials for these depraved child abusers and their fedgov enablers.

  14. My 2011 F-150 work truck is very long overdue for replacement. But because they forgot to order 4X4 trucks 2 years running I keep it. I’m not really complaining, aside from the paint it really has been a fantastic vehicle. The best part of it is that it has no governor (70 MPH limit for city drivers, 80 MPH for rural), nor does it require a “fob” used to identify me as the driver. My next vehicle, should I continue employment with the company, will absolutely have such nonsense, for that is the only way to insure I am a safe employee. I guess I should be happy that they assume sobriety, although it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if the 2022 vehicles come equipped with a breathalyzer.

    But the closing of roads will be pushed by the autonomous vehicle manufacturers. If the roads aren’t perfect, you won’t go. Cleared paint lines and high contrast, unobstructed vision. Better for “everyone” to close down the snowy highway until highly trained and specialized crews make it safe for travel, after verification by the administrator (from the cushy confines of xer’s home office, using a cadre of high tech sensors and cameras, AKA the “smart road”). Of course our first responder heroes will receive specialized training so that in case they are needed they’ll be able to carry out their sworn duty to enforce the law… and maybe help save lives, unless grandma’s furnace goes out, then it’s a tragedy because the Republicans didn’t sign off on the “lock up grandma in the old lady’s home and give away her house” bill. Older drivers will notice that the training resembles the sort of thing we all learned in our teenage years, sometimes with our friends in an empty parking lot, but it will be presented as if they’re training for Formula One.

    • I’m a senior engineer who works on self driving car tech these days, but not for any auto manufacturer, but a systems supplier, so I’ve had a few years of visibility into the motivation behind self driving tech.

      First, outside of China, governments are incapable of keeping potholes fixed, much less keeping roads perfectly marked for cars, so it’s not going to happen. Everyone who works on this is trying to build systems which can work in any road conditions, it’s a hard requirement.

      Everyone, with the exception of Waymo and Cruise has outright lied about their capabilities so far, to customers, regulators, everyone.

      What I want to produce is a system that can safely drive a car without any human intervention required, so that I can go out drinking and have my car drive me home, safely, and legally, or have it come pick me up at the airport. Imagine what you could do if your car came on command to wherever you are. The car system can not be dependent on the internet to drive (currently Cruise and Waymo are), but it will have to get software updates at some point – this is the most complex and safety critical software being built, and depends on high quality survey maps of the world, so given today’s tech, the car system will be “connected”, but I hope the rest of the car isn’t, there’s no technical need for that.

      Why are car manufacturers all going all-in on what is clearly a terrible technology today? They see the regulatory landscape making cars impossible to afford for the common person, whether or not they’re EV’s. EV efficiency mandates are coming as well, mandating kWh/mi just like they mandate mpg. EV’s are super heavy, but for efficiency, you need them to be light. The manufacturer’s hope is that they can sell cars to groups of people, and that self driving will make the car more highly utilized. Some also are planning on selling transportation as a service, not cars. Fundamentally, it’s regulation pushing this and them looking out for their own survival.

      So far, I have not seen any evidence that limiting mobility is a goal, however, the industry is filled with people who ignore reality and think that EVs are a solution CO2 emissions, better than gasoline in every way, and somehow, they ignore all the duty cycles where EV’s can’t cut it, because it doesn’t fit their world view. The same people who are so disconnected from reality in the realm of politics that they seem like lunatics are equally disconnected in their auto industry careers and they’re the ones making the decisions.

      • That’s very interesting. I’d personally love a “rolling hotel room” that would pull into the driveway when I get home from work so I could load it up with clothing and snacks. Then leave for vacation at 7:00pm sleeping in the back while the vehicle drives all night to my vacation spot. It then parks itself in a garage-like structure with other “rooms” where it is connected to shore power and water.

        But I’ll take a reasonably good autopilot system that would allow hands-off driving on limited access highways, similar to an aircraft. Situational awareness must be maintained but not required. This means that driver training would be essential, and therefore a non-starter in the US. We can’t get drivers to prioritize driving as it is. Lord help us all if Supercruise and Tesla’s Autopilot become mainstream.

      • Hey OL, how long do you think it’ll be before the kids are doing the roadrunner challenge for ticktok? You know, the old looney toons gag where the road lines get painted into a rock wall or off a cliff.

        I can also imagine automated delivery trucks and semis being easily roadblocked and looted regularly especially with the dystopic hell the pinkos have in mind.

        • The road lines being painted into a cliff won’t fool lidar, as it measures distance. All the perception systems need to be able to handle conflicts, such as video telling that there’s a road, while lidar says there’s a wall.

  15. We’ve not quite reached the point where we have been freed by having everything taken away…yet but:
    “If it is the essence that counts, then the time has come to reconcile yourself to *general work*. To tatters. To torn skin on the hands. To a piece of bread which is smaller and worse. And perhaps…to death. But while you’re alive, you drag your way along proudly with an aching back. And that is when-when you have ceased to be afraid of threats and are not chasing after rewards-you become the most dangerous character in the owl-like view of the bosses. Because…what hold do they have on you?”
    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn-the Gulag Archipelago.

  16. Energy crisis — another straw in the wind:

    ‘Lebanon has no centrally generated electricity after fuel shortages forced its two largest power stations to shut down, a government official told Reuters on Saturday.

    “The Lebanese power network completely stopped working at noon today, and it is unlikely that it will work until next Monday, or for several days,” the official said.

    ‘The state electricity company will try to use the army’s fuel oil reserve to operate the power plants temporarily, but that will not happen anytime soon, the official said.’ — Reuters

    It’s the weak that go down first. Lebanon has been in crisis for a couple of years already.

    But eventually contagion spreads to countries that everyone thought were solid.

    Welcome to Uncle Joe’s Dark Winter.

    • “Lebanon has no centrally generated electricity…”

      With any luck, they, along with anyone else with some firing neurons, will begin DEcentralizing their power generation, and food production as well.

      • Well put B,
        That’s why we are cruising the entire Dominican Republic to find just such a scenario. The country is an agricultural exporter and the power grid and roads continue to improve.
        The kicker is that the population “brought up on formerly undeveloped territory “ still maintains a heavily “self sufficient attitude “.
        Meaning there a lot of areas that remain very independent from the “MATRIX “ i.e food, energy etc. 😎

        • I’ve heard the Dominican has instituted a double jab mandate: no jab, no grocery store entry. Also, I’ve read the Dominican is being inundated with Haitian refugees. Think twice before you head to that “paradise.”

  17. This made me think of how dangerous the world really is. How long before these octogenarian megalomaniacs realize how dangerous lightning is? One does after all have about the same chance of being struck by lightning as dying of Con-vid.

    How long before we are not allowed out on a stormy day, followed by mandates requiring we wear our muck boots all the time even while in our home. After all, the soles are rubberized, providing extra protection against lightning. And even though its inconvenient we should all go along, wearing our rubber boots so everyone feels safe. We don’t want anyone standing next to someone who accidentally gets struck by lightning to accidentally get struck by lightning.

    With all the insanity we have witnessed these last two years I wouldn’t be surprised if this became a thing, after all its for the children, no? Or it might just prolong one useless eaters useless life for another pass around the sun. Safety first. Liberty never.

    • Excellent analogy, Norman. Just like the idea that a cloth mask will protect one from viruses, the idea that the rubber soles of your shoes, or the tires on your car for that matter, will protect you from lightning, is absurd.

      A lightning bolt travels thousands of feet through air, which has a higher resistivity than rubber. Your rubber boots aren’t going to save you if Lord Zeus has you in his cross-hairs.

      Not that this would be taken into account by the safety cult, however. I could certainly see such “recommendations” being issued.

    • This is excellent Norman. It brought an incident to my mind from a few years ago when I was installing water lines in a mountainous area of Idaho. It was early June and there was a Tornado warning–I don’t know if there has ever been a person killed by a tornado in the states history, if there has it would likely be 1 or 2 ever–and the inspector from the engineering firm asked if we were quitting for the day. My response was why? “There’s a tornado warning”, to which I responded, “seriously”? “I’ve lived here most of my life and I’ve never seen a tornado touch down, ever.” Her response was, “If it did though, it could kill you”. I was baffled. She decided to drive home–30 miles on a hilly highway that has wrecks all of the time–so she could be safe from the tornado.

      That’s the mentality that the safety cult has created in so many people. I was digging a 7 foot deep trench on a 70,000 lb excavator with people on the ground and other various machines operating in the vicinity. I dig around power and over head power lines and she’s worried about a tornado in fucking Idaho. Mind boggling.

      The funny thing is that on the same job the end of July there was lightening that struck a pine tree right near where we were working. Scared the shit out of everyone, but miraculously we lived.

      • Perhaps it was simply a good excuse for your inspector to go home early that day, Ancap. Some people never miss an opportunity to be lazy.

        One overlooked issue with grid electricity is just how insanely dangerous it can be. We used to rent a house in Mesa, and there was a power pole in the back yard. One night, the transformer shit sparks all over the yard and started the porch swing on fire, burning it to the ground.

        There was another day in which I heard some god-awful noise and saw the room light up, the source of both the noise and light coming from outside. For a split second, I though it was a nuke, but as I turned around, I caught the tail end of this huge orange-yellow arc coming off of the nearby transmission wire, with the wire dancing about from the energy release.

        Don’t know WTF with that neighborhood, but it just demonstrated how powerful and dangerous these power lines we have around everywhere truly are, and also reaffirmed how much I wanted to be off-grid.

      • Hi ancap, we don’t have any tornados here, just Haboobs, but once or twice a year we get a nice dusting of snow. Without fail the local Tee Vee and radio go into panic/crisis mode, school is cancelled, and everyone is saved. You would think some of them have never seen snow by how much they overreact.

        Curious what kind of excavator you operate. If you ever wanted to make crazy money as an operator you can do it up in Alaska. Our son works there as a heavy equipment mechanic and he cant believe how much more he makes than in Washington state.

        I ran a small Cat with a grapple for awhile. There was a Vermeer grinder I would load brush into. Talk about heavy metal. These sickness fools have no idea what its like to have a real need for a mask. A life void of any and all risk seems so shallow and uninteresting I cant even imagine.

        • Yeah Norman, our “tornados” never really materialize here. There are some nasty clouds that form a funnel every one in a while, but touchdown is rare and when they do touch it’s mere seconds. It just really doesn’t happen.

          I operate and have operated virtually every kind and many sizes of excavators. I prefer Cat or Deere–in that order–then Komatsu. I’m in business with my Dad and brother and have younger siblings that work for us. I can/do run about every piece of heavy equipment there is. I have made a good living in a family business here. I’ve been able to pay down debt and almost have my home paid for which is increasingly important to me in this moment in time we are all living in. I do know a few people over the years that have gone to Alaska and made the big bucks. It’s an adventure for sure if you’re willing and able.

          I agree on risk. If I wasn’t playing in the dirt, I don’t know what I’d do. There’s a lot of risk in it and we try to be safe, but not to the point of ridiculousness. It gets harder and harder as the years pass because the public becomes more and more narc oriented and watch for things that are ‘unsaaaaaafe’.

          • Sounds like you’re well positioned to weather the coming storm, congrats ac. The thing I found ironic during my time operating equipment was the lack of awareness many people exhibit around these machines. I ran a small land fill and spent a lot of time pushing up a huge brush pile, using a grapple to keep the pile compact until we were ready to grind it.

            The number of times people would walk right up without warning, into the blind spot or stand in the cone of the boom was amazing. Like trying to pull apiece of wood out a few feet away from where you were grappling. Then they get an attitude when you ground the boom and start yelling at them. Like they had no idea how easily they could be squashed like a bug.

            I don’t know if its the same people, but something tells me it is. Something in the eyes of the ones who stare at their shuffling shoes, while they should be paying attention to the twenty ton machines working around them.

            If you took all the safety cultists and threw them on your job site I imagine they would see nothing wrong with walking right up to you while you’re digging a trench, climbing up on your machine, and telling you to mask up inside your climate controlled cab.

      • I grew up in Central Florida where thunderstorms, tornadoes, and hurricanes are taken in stride. Hell, during some hurricanes, the surfers get out to the beach as they almost never have waves like that in normal weather!

  18. On this day two years ago, our niece came down with a horrible respiratory ailment caused by – they now say – a rare (only 16 people in the whole US) inflammatory reaction to a common medicine. A short time later she had a double lung transplant. Needless to say, any respiratory infection now would be very dangerous for her.

    Today her husband posted on Facebook a picture of her lying in the hospital that first day, face covered by a respirator and wires everywhere:

    “Please help me keep her safe by getting vaccinated against the flu and COVID-19. She doesn’t deserve to ever go through this again. Please choose to be on her team.”

    Is he aware that even the CDC director has admitted that the “vaccination” does not prevent transmission? I cannot ask him; I’ve been cast out of the family for being unclean.

    So if you’re vaccinated, you can see her. If you’re not, you can’t. In other words, he is willing to bet her life that these frankenshots work. I don’t know what to think anymore.

    • That is truly sickening! -That people could be so ignorant and think that way (Or rather, not think at all- just mindlessly parrot TV sound-bytes and memes).

      These are the same people who believed that “Saddam has WMDs” but when faced with the immanent destruction of his country, chose to hide them rather than use them.

      That 9-11 was accomplished by box-cutter wielding Habibs who had taken a few lessons in a Cessna….

      That we need to “save the planet” by curtailing virtually all productive human activity and life itself (unless we tax it)…and that EVs are “clean”: (though they require as much or more energy to operate as conventional vehicles, only difference being that the energy production takes place remotely.)

      These are people who have a problem with reality…..and who instead of observing and thinking, just allow a screen to interpret the world for them, and believe what the majority around who also do the same, believe, because there is safety in numbers…and memes.

    • Yes, Roland, some people continue to be so baffling in their thoughts and actions.

      Especially celebrities, who, despite being jabbed, still get horribly sick, quite possibly acquiring their illnesses from their jabbed brethren, and then they call for others to be jabbed as well, because it’s worked so damn well for them! Makes no sense, but keeps happening.

    • No-one wants to hear the truth, but the medicine is what did her in. Then they double-down on their victims, and make everything worse and worse until their victims are dead. Medical people nowadays are nothing else but torturers & murderers. They have no science, they are all quacks.

      • Hi Harry,

        The Nurse Ratched character is helpful in terms of understanding the nature of medical authoritarianism. She feigns concern for her patients, whom she enjoys controlling and punishing when they are “disobedient.” He type was once considered pathological. Now they run the CDC.

  19. ‘all must be Jabbed’ — eric [sarcastically]

    A Gallup survey shows only 36% of Americans trust the media — the second lowest survey result in half a century. Matt Taibbi explains why, as the media claque mindlessly parrots ‘the Cult of the Vaccine’:

    It took less than 24 hours for molnupiravir — barely tested, let alone released yet — to be accused of prolonging the pandemic. By the third day, mentions of it in news reports nearly all came affixed to stern reminders of its place beneath vaccines in the medical hierarchy.

    Likewise, the phrase, “no evidence of wrongdoing” was a mandatory add last year in all coverage involving Ukraine, Joe Biden, and Hunter Biden. This cult reflex was bad during the Russiagate years, but it’s gone into overdrive since the arrival of COVID.

    News flash: the instinct to armor-plate even unrelated news subjects with layer after layer of insistent vaccine dogma is not for the non-immunized, who mostly don’t watch outlets like CNN or read the New York Times.

    No, news outlets apply that neurotic messaging for their OWN target audiences, who’ve been trained to live in terror of un-contextualized content, which everyone knows leads to Trump, fascism, and death.

    In 1944, F. A. Hayek wrote that in totalitarian societies, “the schools and the press, radio and motion pictures will be used exclusively to spread those views which, whether true or false, will strengthen belief in the rightness of decisions taken by the authorities; and all information that might cause doubt or hesitation will be withheld.”

    Last exit on the Road to Serfdom: 1 mile. *freeway ends*


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