Shut Down Joe

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It appears that the Biden Thing is determined to do more than Jab the entire country. He also appears determined to freeze it.

And bankrupt it.

Word is out that – contrary to initial denials – the Biden Thing will issue another ukase (that is, a decree) shutting down the Line 5 pipeline that currently sends more than a half-million barrels’ worth of oil per day to the United States from Canada.

Of course, it’s phrased otherwise. The regime is merely “studying” it. You know, like it “studied” issuing a ukase that every American worker be threatened with loss of job and livelihood as the “incentive” to make them roll up their sleeves.

Shutting down Line 5 will have catastrophic practical and economic effects on the supply of oil – in the United States – because there is nothing on tap, so to speak, to make up for the impending loss. The Biden regime seems determined to close off the tap; which is to say the Biden regime is consciously trying to squeeze (and quite literally) freeze the people of the United States.

This will happen because of two things, one of them obvious. Less oil means less fuel. For cars as well as homes heat with oil. The effect will be especially harsh in the Midwest, where the freeze comes sooner, is harder – and lasts longer.

But everyone is going to pay more for gas – and oil – and everything else connected with  oil and gas.

Which is essentially everything – including food and not only because it will cost more to truck the food from where it grows and where it’s raised to where it’s bought. Oil fuels agriculture – via fertilizer – without which the amount of food currently grown cannot be sustained. Cows and chickens and pigs eat the produce of agriculture before we eat them. When they have less to eat, there are less of them for us to eat. When it costs more to feed them, it costs us more to eat.

That is just one of the cascading effects to expect as a result of the Biden ukase.

Which ukase is justified by the regime as being necessary for the “environment.” In fact, it is necessary for the agenda of this regime, which is determined to make the cost of living higher so as to make its forced electrification agenda seem less expensive. If it costs the same to heat your home using fuel oil as it does to use electricity, then – so the logic goes – people will not mind being forced to buy just electricity.

When it’s available. Provided you’re sufficiently obedient.

The same as regards electric cars. If the cost to drive a non-electric car can be driven through the roof, by making the cost of gas unaffordable, it will make the costs-twice-as-much-to-buy-it electric car seem like a “bargain.”

But it’s deeper – worser – than that.

Behind all of this prattling about “sustainability” and “the environment” is a very great evil, whisper-lisped by a doddering old man who is kept warm and well-fed by the limitless resources extracted from us for his benefit and the benefit of the creatures attending him.

These creatures aren’t merely indifferent to the suffering they visit upon those they feed on.

They are bent on killing them.

It sounds harsh. It does not make it less so.

How else to characterize polices that will result in people – possibly millions of people – shivering without heat in the dead of winter?

This same Biden Thing that pushes drugs on healthy people for the sake (supposedly) of keeping frail elderly and already sick people from catching a cold feels no such obligation to do something to prevent or at least reduce the chances of frail elderly and already sick people from dying – from the cold.

Jason Hayes of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy says that what happened in Texas last year – for similar reasons – could happen this year, for the same reason.

Texas decided to promote “clean” and “sustainable” energy in lieu of energy that keeps people warm, that people can afford. When Texas was hit with an unusually harsh cold snap, lots of Texans found themselves shivering in the cold. There were deaths – every single one of them avoidable. Every single one of them caused by the actions of government ukase-issuers who pretend to be more “concerned” about “sustainability” and “the environment” than about the people under their thumbs.

In fact they are concerned with keeping people under their thumbs, which is accomplished by keeping them as poor – and as cold – as possible.

Using “the environment” and “sustainability” as the excuse.

The irony – it is lost on Leftists – is that they have become The Man which the Left once supposedly reviled. It is the Left that is cruelly regimenting, corralling and impoverishing the populace; it is the Left which brooks no appeal to humanity or common decency. It is the Left which seeks power, as an end in itself – no matter the human debris left in its awful wake.

The Man – back when the Left was complaining about him – was never as bad as that.

It took the Left to make him so.

. . .

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  1. “A lot of the smaller players in that industry [oil and gas] are going to, probably, go bankrupt in short order — at least, we want them to go bankrupt if we want to tackle climate change,” Omarova said in a video from the Social Wealth Seminar in February.

    That’s leadership!

  2. I can’t stand to see another pirate wearing that awful stupid muzzle. They’re on many TV commercials too (I sometimes see them as I fast-forward through them with my DVR). That is a symbol of the extreme abuse they’re inflicting on everyone worldwide. Making fun of us, humiliating us, torturing us, lying to us, insulting us because it’s so stupid, rubbing it in how uneducated people are by the regime’s purposeful anti-educating of us in their “schools” which are just day-prison-camps, brain-damaging everyone with their poison injections, ruining peoples’ livelihoods, mass firing everyone, … OMG I could go on and list 50 more crimes against us all. Everyone employed as a govt worker in most/all countries around the world are nothing better than evil rotten gremlins. All they do is wreck everything, mismanage everything, corrupt everything, lie, cheat, and steal. Because that’s what evil devil gremlins do. They’re all in govt positions and took over the boards of companies. How can we all put up with this? It’s total evil madness. We all need to get together in large groups and put a stop to them — at least for the children, and I mean that for real, unlike how the gremlins use our children as an excuse to war on us all. The poor children just got born ‘yesterday’ and are being ‘slaughtered’. They’re not getting an education, they don’t have a good future, they don’t even know what’s going on yet. The poor things.

    I was born as a nice peaceful person, but these demons in this world have taught me how to hate, and how to not have mercy for the likes of them.

    • I’m with you, Harry –

      Though I understand some of the Freaks wearing Diapers have been scared into it, are addled by fear, I still despise the sight of them. Most of all younger people and fat people. The former because it’s particularly idiotic; the latter because of the insolent indolence of it. They wear the “mask” because they fear for their health – but not enough to put down the fork.

    • here ya go,kl…pro Players list⬇︎“Sudden deaths of athletic 24-year-olds is perfectly normal. Now” these young superb specimens of athletic prowess, who are worth Million$
      dropping like flies…you;d think
      that they would be the ones to get the saline only jab…
      go figure,eh? /2021/11/09/german-newspaper-highlights-unusually-large-number-of-soccer-players-who-have-collapsed-recently/
      German Newspaper Highlights
      “Unusually Large”
      Number of Soccer Players Who Have Collapsed RecentlyThe article lists a large number of recent cases of footballers who have had heart problems or collapsed on the field, in some cases leading to death.
      That [horrific] list is republished here;

  3. ‘…contrary to initial denials – the Biden Thing will issue another ukase (that is, a decree) shutting down the Line 5 pipeline that currently sends more than a half-million barrels’ worth of oil per day to the United States from Canada.’

    Same question as Jab “mandates” – does Biden, or any president, have the authority of a dictator to do these things. Answer: No.

    “Politicians achieve power not to solve society’s problems but to personally benefit from their privileged positions, positions that over time indebts and impoverishes those they rule.”

    “…in questions of power then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the constitution.”
    – Thomas Jefferson

  4. history tends to repeat itself, alas … /2021/10/what-was-the-holodomor-americans-could-soon-find-out-firsthand.html

    What Was the Holodomor? Americans Could Soon Find Out Firsthand

    By Daisy Luther

    From 1932-1933, a mass genocide took place in Ukraine. Millions of people, including children, were deliberately starved to death by the USSR during the Holodomor event. A state-organized famine was deployed when the Ukrainian people continued to thrive and keep their cultural identity separate from the USSR, despite being controlled by Communist forces.

    Here’s a quick history lesson before we get into how this relates to prepping and the current events surrounding us.

    How do you destroy an entire culture?
    According to the Holodomor Research and Education Center, dictator Joseph Stalin tried first to erase their culture in other ways.

    His rule was characterized by the ruthless elimination of anyone and anything he perceived as a threat to his power.

    For Stalin, the independent-minded farmers and cultural freedoms in Ukraine constituted such threats.

    Starting in 1929, Ukraine’s writers, artists, educators, intellectuals and cultural elites were liquidated for being “too Ukrainian” and not “Soviet” enough. ..
    As part of the Five-Year Plan of 1928–1933,
    the Soviet leaders conducted a massive reorganization of privately owned farms into collective (state-owned) farms and imposed high crop requisition quotas. It was the sale of grain that was to pay for industrialization. Independent farmers were forced to give up to the state their private land, livestock and equipment, without compensation. They simply became workers of the collective farm, who would be paid only if the collective farm handed over to the state the quota in crops set by Moscow.

    The Ukrainians initially rebelled, but their rebellion was met with brutal retaliation. The state-controlled media demonized the wealthiest of the farmers, their families, and the community leaders. They were “othered” to the point that it was of little surprise when they were either executed by firing squad or deported to a Siberian concentration camp.

    Collectivization = Starvation…
    A law enacted in August 1932 (“The Law of Five Ears of Grain”) stated that anyone, even a child, caught taking any produce from a collective field could be shot or imprisoned for stealing “socialist property.” A decree in January 1933 sealed the borders.  To further ensure that Ukrainian farmers did not leave their villages to seek food in the cities, the Soviet government started a system of internal passports, denied to farmers, so that they could not travel or obtain a train ticket without permission. Those caught attempting to flee to the cities or beyond Ukraine’s borders, where conditions were better, were imprisoned or sent home to die… It wasn’t until the 1980s that Ukrainian schools were able to teach students about this part of their country’s history. Later historians agree that the goal was to subjugate the Ukrainian people and force them to become little more than slaves to the USSR.

    How does this relate to the modern-day?
    As the situation in the United States devolves, it’s difficult to imagine that our current situation is simply a series of surprising, unfortunate events. ..
    Cargo ships filled with merchandise are not allowed to dock and unload
    Non-farmers and foreign entities are buying up farmland
    We’re facing an economic catastrophe that looks to only be getting worse
    The “othering” of those with different political or medical opinions
    The President himself is fueling the division..
    The biggest private owner of farmland in the country is Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Media mogul Ted Turner owns 2 million acres of land upon which he grazes the world’s largest privately-owned herd of buffalo. In 2019, foreign investors owned 35.2 million acres of farmland…
    Are we facing an American Holodomor?
    In looking at the treatment of Ukrainians during the Holodomor, are we Americans who are anywhere politically right of AOC looking at our future? The pieces are in place.
    Shortages are being manufactured by the halt of transport and shipping.
    Farmland is right on the verge of either being collectivized or privately owned by just a handful. (Control the food, and you control the people. – Kissinger)
    Americans have reached epic levels of anger and divisiveness.
    Many consider being American to be a source of shame instead of pride.
    Should we switch to an entirely digital currency, it’s almost certain that your transactions will be tracked, controlled, and taxed. Is it possible that the unvaxed will be unable to purchase necessities until they comply?
    We are being ruled by force, not a representative government. Dissenting commentary is demonetized and censored. Only the opinions that are “right-think” get any airtime. Cancel culture is alive and thriving. People are being led to believe that dissent no longer exists or is just the wheelhouse of crazy radicals.

    How long before the “others” are simply starved out? Never think it cannot happen.

    This was the first instance of a peacetime genocide in history. It took the extraordinary form of an artificial famine deliberately created by the ruling powers. This savage combination of words for the designation of a crime — “an artificial, deliberately planned famine” — is still incredible to many people throughout the world, but indicates the uniqueness of the tragedy of 1933, which is unparalleled, for a time of peace, in the number of victims it claimed.
    Do you think Americans are facing their own Holodomor?

  5. This is hitting very close to home. Gretchen the Gruesome wants to starve and freeze out the people of Michigan, good little commie that she is. She wants Michigan as an all green economy by 2035, I believe. What nonsense.

    If she isn’t gone after the 2022 elections, I may be leaving town. But the big question is where to move to. Liberalism, socialism and progressivism is like a parasitic virus that seeps into every corner of the country. It constantly needs to be stepped on, laughed at, turned off and sprayed with something like Botulinum.

  6. The enviro-crazies have had this pipeline in their crosshairs a long time. Whenever there is a Democrat in the Michigan governors office (about half the time), they try (and so far fail) to shut the pipeline. The Biden regime isn’t “studying” anything, they will try to shut it down, as it’s the same people who have gone after it before. They just moved up to fed positions from state jobs now.

    What is at issue is the section running under the Mackinac bridge on the lake bottom (its actually older than the bridge). It’s about 70 years old. But the age isn’t an issue, as it’s overbuilt like most things from that era. With proper maintenance it would easily last decades more, it could still be in service at 100.

    In a sane world, they wouldn’t even be thinking of a replacement for another 25 plus years.

    The oil company knowing it probably won’t be able to keep it due to the pressure of politics, would like to tunnel under the lake bottom at huge expense to replace it. But you all know, the enviro-crazies don’t want that either…..

    • One central characteristic of all far-left environmentalists is almost stunning ignorance of basic economics, the way the world and its economics works, and how any single supply train supplies their needs and what happens when it fails. And when the SHTF the environwackos will shriek and howl the loudest and blame it on “industry,” the lack of government planning, and insufficient regulation, demanding quotas, dire penalties for hoarders, the suspension of the 2d Amendment lest we “the peasants” take matters into our own hands, and simply start shooting our “masters.”

      • Another thing that gets me is the tremendous waste too. This pipeline has decades of useful service left on it. It doesn’t need to be replaced. It should be maintained and used. It was paid for decades ago, and we should be benefiting with affordable cheap energy from a well made object that was designed to last a very long time. What is more green than something made to last longer? It so over built compared with how they build pipelines now.

        On another note of stupid waste. My local electric company is retiring a number of (coal) power plants decades before their designed lifespan are over. Why because green energy……

        They will be caught with their pants down when electric use goes up because everybody is forced to use it, and they have no way to make it because,,,,,,,, they retired their plants……..And replaced them with windmills that your lucky to get 15 years before the wear out.

  7. Hi Eric –

    There is a new video out of Biden’s University of Moscow nominee to be chair of the Comptroller of the Currency. She is an avowed communist who wants to, “transform the banking industry.” This means nationalize the banks. Via regulation they are practically nationalized, but she will hit the jugular. Back to the point, she was just caught explicitly saying that they want the smaller coal, oil and gas companies to go bankrupt – it would be a good thing for the climate agenda. (

    The gloves are off and this is intentional. Meanwhile, Obama is out stumping on the international stage saying the middle class of wealthy nations must sacrifice to save the earth. This is all planned. He is the defacto president now as they have clearly stated the Covid, “crisis”, was the prelude to the eternal crisis – manmade climate catastrophe. He will be the face of it while Biden is the domestic hatchet man on vaccine mandates, imposed shortages, fossil fuel supply destruction and more.

    • >Obama is out stumping on the international stage saying the middle class of wealthy nations must sacrifice to save the earth.
      No doubt O’Bummer made his latest ex cathedra pronouncement from one of his 3 palatial estates, either Mahthah’s Vineyahd, Warshington (District of Criminals) , or Kenwood, Chicongo.

      I quit listening to this jerk years ago, when he decreed that those of us who built our own businesses actually “didn’t do that.” Excuse me? Didn’t see *you* there, Barry. (Nor would he have been any use, worthless tool that he is.)

      About the same amount of big league hypocrisy we used to hear from Albert (“I invented the Internet”) Gore.

    • Indeed, Lux –

      This is no longer a mere divergence of opinion regarding policy direction among well-meant people. It is a deliberate, coordinated attack upon the West in general and America specifically. These communists cannot be reasoned with, are devoid of compassion or sympathy, restrained by nothing save that which restrains the attack of any predatory animal – viz, a victim capable of fighting back.

      • I am in full agreement. They will not stop. Thus, they must be stopped. We are up to the task, and am confident that a dazed giant is assembling itself from tens of millions of liberty loving hearts of lions. We are stirring and our strength is welling and we are going to roar and retake our plains and assert our right to them!

        They have the crybaby center safe spacers, whining degenerates and we have the men and women of quality. We must never forget that. Our primary weakness is also our strength. We organize our lives around, well, our lives – value adding skill development, production, self-sufficiency, self-governance, self produced entertainment, family support, faith in a power higher than man, prudent financial management, combining lethality with discipline and honor … … and not around the disempowering tool creation called “community organizing.” We have grit and wisdom and we will find that right balance and take up the fight.

        The die is cast. The power elite have cast their lot. We just need to be a bit better about expanding our self organizing . We have the courage to embrace liberty, and we have the courage to fight for it. Thank you for your service in incorporating our incredible libertarian heritage into your valuable knowledge about automobiles. I’ve got my oxygen mask on first. Ready to help my family, neighbors and nation next.

        Carpe Diem!

        • Amen, Lux!

          Most of us simply wish to mind our own business, take care of ourselves and our families and engage in productive pursuits. We characteristically seek to avoid conflict. But these people – these things – will just not leave us be. Like you, I sense patience wearing thin and a fury building. If we must fight – and I still hope it can be avoided – then god help them if it comes.

    • Baboona, a “man” who’s never run a single business, never turned two bucks into four, now intends to enlighten all of we ignorant peasants on how to “run the country.”

      I can think of no other ex-president in recent history who left the Oval Office and continued to heap scorn on his successor. May he be pelted with rocks, bottles, dog-droppings, and raw sewage for all eternity……………..

      • We are in this state of affairs because for decades there were no consequences for failure, nor for outright treason and subterfuge. I think when this is all said and done, we are going to have to have a reckoning. That reckoning will serve two purposes: 1) justice for criminals, legal or otherwise, to give them a chance to reckon with themselves before God 2) send a very clear message that will last for 2-3 generations – namely that treason and criminality will not go unpunished. Show me the incentives and I’ll show you the outcome – in markets and in politics. We owe it to our progeny to give them a chance of building upon the shoulders of giants rather than going stagnating as we have since the 60s and now backwards into energy poverty with CAGW.

        Rocks, bottles, spit and jeers hurled are just the overture on the way to the gallows in front of statues of Jefferson, Washington, Madison, Henry, Adams … and their fortunate inheritors – us – where they will pay the price that must be paid. No slinking away with fat pensions, no PR campaigns and book tours and PBS and NPR appearances. PBS and NPR will be gone and so will they. Only a clear message will remain – don’t do this ever again. This is not a joke. This is what our hearts and minds must bend toward. We will do it via legal and peaceful means, but we will see it through to the proper and logic and just end. Enough is enough!!

        Then we go full speed ahead with peacefully pursuing maximal human flourishing. Children, be they in child or adult bodies will be shown their place so the adults can lead the way. We need our George Washington first. We need leaders who want to lead the reckoning but are true to the cause – leaders who will emulate Cincinnatus and Washington and return to private life when The Cause has been restored and secured. I think DiSantis so far has indicated he has the moral courage to be the new Washington. If not him, then one of us will. Mark my words!

        God bless slobotnavich and Eric Peters and fellow patriots!

    • 18th and 19th century weather would scare today’s kids and younger adults. You have to be well over 40 now to remember the last actual extreme weather that happened year after year. And what I am referring to here is the cold winters from 1977 to 1985.

  8. Guys,

    I’m NO FAN of Puppet Biden, his cronies, or his policies. That said, the dustup over Line 5 is about building a replacement or additional capacity; they’re not talking about shutting down the current line. Of course, that begs the question: what happens when it’s time to REPLACE the 68 year old existing pipeline?

  9. The Bolsheviks controlling Joe are playing for keeps and have done their prep work so well that they no longer need to hide their intentions.

  10. My facist employer cut me off today. I can’t login to put in PTO. I texted my boss and she told me to talk to HR. I talked to the facist asshole and will return the company’s property on Monday.

      • Now they’re so terrified of me they want me to ship the company’s property back. I guess that’s what happens when you stab your dedicated employees in the back.

        • With the number of people going postal, all across the world, its to be expected. Not to mention that they will likely deep sanitize it (just to be SAFFFFFFFFFFFEEE).

          • I’m not a violent person. I’m the complete opposite. But when an organization that I’ve only ever done good things for stabs me in the back I call it out. I can’t help if they fear me after doing so. I have no violent intentions whatsoever. They attacked me and if they’re now afraid of retaliation, that’s something they’ve brought on themselves. Maybe they’ll learn from this.

  11. Iteration: ‘facilitate sustainable and socially inclusive infrastructural growth’

    The Chinese Omarova chick who wants to be the banking authority for the federales.

    Shut the hell up, you dumb whatchamacallit. har

    The new nominee for the banking authoritarian, read communist, Omarova, wants to bankrupt the fossil fuel industries, coal, oil, gas, the greatest threat to humanity, an existential crisis, by golly, the villains, need to just not be there anymore. Five story high block letters over at Zerohedge that makes mention of the Omarova gal. Zerohedge, you know, the place where you seldom read the article but always read the comments.

    She sees the need for a National Investment Authority. In essence, we will decide who gets what and what you have is now ours. Millions of investors invested in oil corporations will be left holding the bag. Mineral owners will be left out in the cold. Peabody Coal will be no more, too bad suckers.

    All your stuff to us belong, especially if there is money involved because we want it all and you have too much, you no good filthy swines. Capitalist pigs must die!

    To reiterate: ‘facilitate sustainable and socially inclusive infrastructural growth’

    Translation: You will own nothing and be happy.

    If you own land and mineral acres, you are being targeted.

    The only reason commercial oil development grew and flourished is because landowners owned mineral rights in the US. Pennsylvania landowners were eager to earn some money leasing their mineral acres for oil exploration and production. How it all began. It is not rocket science to establish a fungible commodity for trade in the markets because there is demand for the product. Just the way it is.

    Don’t need no stinking stupid communist with no escape to apostasy to ensure your life will be a living hell.

    Euphemistically, no way, Jose!

    John D. Rockefeller was in the produce business before he invested in oil production. He hired a chemist that could remove the sulfur from crude oil and then refine to kerosene so it would burn clean. Kerosene was somewhat volatile if improperly refined. Properly refined kerosene is what sold, the beginning of Standard Oil.

    Rockefeller considered leaving the oil business and return to the produce business.

    Rockefeller bought 6,000,000 barrels of malodorous (skunk) oil for twenty cents per barrel, financed it all on his own, nobody wanted the skunk oil, bad juju, John D. figured it all out and made a killing. Refined killer Kerosene that burned clean made Standard Oil the brand what it came to be.

    Never argue with success.

    Capitalism has many pitfalls, always somebody losing something.

    You are under attack, the furtive psychological operation to diffuse and destabilize your brainpower and sane mind is ongoing, it can make you go off your rocker, you’ll reel like a whirling dervish in Aleppo.

    I hate to be brutally frank, but fuck Joe Biden. Frickin’ dumbass.

    We don’t need no stinkin’ communistas! Whatever they are, there they were, gone.

    If you aren’t vaccinated, you are now in the criminal class. You will own nothing and be happy.

    Your own home will be a gulag. Beam me up.

  12. Keep up your bullshit President Branden!….Instead of losing 50 House seats to Republicans in the 2022 midterms you’ll make it 70 or 80, and give up the Senate as well.

    • Likely, but not that the right wing socialist RINO party is any better. Unless you vote 3rd party, what you have is the D-socialists vs. the R-socialists. Of course, they will never admit it. Thank God socialist is still a fairly dirty word in the soon to be former USA.

      • Hi SM,

        It is just perhaps possible that the GOP can be transformed into an actually conservative movement. The Woke Authoritarian Left certainly succeeded in transforming the Democrat Party. But – long term – I believe separation is both necessary and inevitable. There is no “America” any longer. Or rather, no American consensus. The Left cannot be accommodated without conceding everything. We want to be let alone and are willing to let them alone. The problem is, they’re not willing to return the favor. The two value systems are irreconcilable. It will come to blows if a way cannot be found to peacefully go our separate ways.

      • Hi BJ…. The Communist—–I mean Democratic Party, will try anything(cancel the elections?)to stay in power. Fortunately for us, they have pissed off so many of their own constituents due to job losses, child vax mandates and CRT, I think voter turnout will be massive…. favoring Republicans, Libertarians and Independents.

        • Sorry John, you could have every swinging Richard in the entire country turn out to vote. Massive middle of the night ballot drops, last minute USB stick saves, Illegal alien voters, etc….etc… etc. There is no voting our way out of this. What the owners want, the owners get as regards to sElections..

          I do agree with you that this political clown world is creating unprecedented numbers of pissed off people. We can only hope they vent their anger on those responsible.

        • Again, what keeps them from simply stealing those elections? Two sayings come to mind. One, I don’t care who does the electing, as long as I do the nominating. Two, those who cast the votes determine nothing. Those who count the votes determine everything. Put those two together, and one can control any “democratic” system.

          They have already demonstrated that they could out right in your face, steal major elections, and nothing happens. What is to keep them from doing it again?

        • I agree, John –

          Even given rigged elections, the Woke Authoritarian Left is increasingly despised. It has lost the working class. It is losing suburban “moms” and large chunks of various minorities – many of whom are more conservative than the Left believes, especially as regards their families and kids. The farting old fool who heads the WAL has all the charm of Brezhnev waving torpidly from Lenin’s tomb. He is our best ally in some ways.

  13. Does anyone here actually think that Biden is making any decisions? Hell, if I were in the press I’d send that signature guy from Pawn Stars to DC to authenticate the executive orders. My guess is that half the stuff he “signs” is done with an autopen by some wealthy donor’s commie kid who got to be a staffer.

  14. Inferior, expensive technology is how they will control seek to control us.

    When the only viable option is the one they subsidize (phone, house, car, smart meter, internet) they will use it to monitor and punish us.

  15. Look how many “infrastructure” jobs Xiden blew away when he shut down the Keystone CL pipeline. I’ve already gotten the notice from the gas company that the cost of gas will be going up by about 50% for the coming heating season; thanks Joe, F U! My dipshit state also wants to convert a million homes to all electric by 2030, which begs the question 1)where is it coming from, and 2)how is it getting here?
    The ecofreaks have been battling the nimbys for years over a power line coming from Canada to provide hydropower, all while shutting down the few nukes and gas fired power plants in the area. Thank God I have gas heat, at least I’ll be warm while I starve to death.

    • Hi Mike,

      Natural gas is piped in from centralized locations and can be shut down just as easily as the electric grid can. Unless you are heating with propane from a tank in your yard, then you are also at risk. It is a small risk, but it is there nonetheless. I heat my home with natural gas, but it requires electricity to run the furnace.

      In heating houses, redundancy of systems is the best bet. A Little Buddy heater and one 20# propane tank can keep you alive if it comes right down to it.

    • >My dipshit state also wants to convert a million homes to all electric by 2030
      That will work just great when power lines go down in a New England blizzard.

  16. There is a difference in this pipeline. It was established by TREATY between the USA and Canada and cannot be summarily shut down by executive fiat.
    The Enbridge portion is being replaced with an under river bed pipeline due to the possibility of ship anchors being snagged on the existing pipeline. This is a separate issue which has nothing to do with the actual route of the pipeline.

    • But what is the penalty for withdrawing from the treaty?

      Will the masked Canadians be coming for us?

      All Brandon has to do is declare a climate emergency (which is coming) and take any action he wants.

  17. And here comes the lefties saying ‘the president doesn’t set gas/oil prices’ and then me explaining that the president sets polices and makes other decisions which then the market prices in.

    Also, we have another example of why socialism doesn’t work. Even if we accept all of the socialism fairly tales and supernatural knowledge and abilities for those who run the collective eventually you get someone in charge of the collective like Joe Biden or his handlers and those people make decisions for the collective that are highly destructive with intent. They aim to achieve some goal or the other or just simply enjoy hurting people.

    BTW, the Biden regime is also studying all the records of out of business firearms dealers that were sent to the ATF per law. You know the stuff there was a promise never to look at except for a specific reason when needed for a criminal investigation.

  18. My wife and I were just in the Caribbean celebrating our wedding anniversary (25+) and I always try to learn a little about where they came from, how they grew to today, etc….
    I realized pretty easily that oil is the largest factor that created tourism for these many islands. Hell, oil alone is the largest factor for almost all of modern life today. Most, if not all of these islands, rely on tourism as their main income. And most, if not all, started growing in the 60’s due to airplanes, etc…. I could see and hear the airport where we were and there were easily 5-15 planes a day coming and going. Without affordable oil, these places are in big trouble and I feel sorry for the residents there as most of this oil mess is created by evil politicians. They just got through the corona disaster and now this. How sad.

    • Congratulations on the silver anniversary, Chris. Glad to hear you and the Missus were able to get away. Which island did you head to?

      • Thanks RG. Aruba
        Mark, no we are not, however your are correct about them caving. The majority of the locals are followers, and of course this island has a huge contingent of metro northeasterners who are also mostly followers. We didn’t play their game, and no one said a peep. We’ll some tried, but we ignored and nothing happened. There were many like us, but the minority, unfortunately. It’s kinda funny, like a little club of non-followers winking at each other.

  19. So Eric, if Biden pulls the trigger and Americans freeze and starve: what do you think will happen? I really wonder what it will take to wake us up and get us off our couches and cell phones and do something drastic. I watch international news, and it looks like the Europeans and the Aussies have more balls than we do.

    • Hi Henry,

      I think millions of Americans do have balls – and are doing more than pecking at their cell phones on the couch. It’s just not being reported widely. This will change, though. Wait…

      • Dish loses 13K pay-TV subs, 121,000 retail wireless customers in Q3

        Altice USA suffered a loss of nearly 13,000 residential broadband customers in Q3, lowering its grand total to just under 4.39 million.

        Comcast lost about 11,000 in Q3 (can’t really copy/paste from tables)

        Charter: Residential video customers decreased by 133,000 in the third quarter of 2021

        So just with those companies that’s 170,000 “cord cutters.” Now, sure many (most) of them are going to a streaming service version of the same old thing, but just looking at the ratings from just about any broadcast or cable network, I think people aren’t bothering to look for CNN on their new app.

        And who’s to blame? Every news and entertainment organization bought into the “like us on Facebook” scam to promote their product. At first they enjoyed the feedback from the peanut gallery and maybe even got a little ego boost from likes while showing off “behind the curtain” life. But it never translated into more viewers, and meanwhile Zuk was skimming off the ad revenue. Instead of building a community themselves, they outsourced the most important thing media has: the interaction with viewers.

        And let’s not forget that there’s very little feedback in broadcast TV. You put out a show and maybe a few people will write in, a few people will remember to fill out the Nielsen books and maybe someone will recognize a reporter in the supermarket. But these days the trolls can burst your ego faster than the class clown you once were, and you can’t do anything about it, since you let Facebook do it instead of building your own.

        Which brings me to EPautos. Eric might not have a traffic helicopter, but I’ll bet he’s doing better than most newspaper reporters and almost guaranteed to be better off than most television reporters, even at the cable network level (broadcast, probably not, but I have a feeling this is the last of that generation to enjoy their status). I consider this site a far better news source for general automotive information than any other, especially “mainstream” product. Which is why I donate monthly. Oh it isn’t going to put Eric in the Forbes millionaire club, but it helps keep the lights on out in the woods.

        • Morning, RK!

          One of the things I wanted to create here was something like a community forum on the old (really old!) Greek model, where people could voice their views, share important information and get to know one another, even if they don’t live close enough to actually meet in person. I hugely enjoy – and appreciate – the back-and-forth I have with the people here, many of whom I consider friends.

          The other thing I wanted – for myself – was to be free of any leash regarding the topics I decide to cover and how. One day I will write a book about the difference between being a freelancer and a caged writer for a major corporate media outlet and also how the business has changed over my career, which began in the early ’90s.

          As a libertarian, I’ve come to the conclusion that centralized anything leads to unnatural hierarchies and that leads to homogeneity and tyranny. We humans, I think, are suited by nature to the natural orbit of family, friends and community. I think that is the way we find our way back.

          • One of the biggest disappointments of my lifetime has been the re-centralization of the telecommunications infrastructure. I can think of a dozen alternative outcomes that would have led to much better way to build the Internet, but like it or not, building out a telecom network needs a lot of capital. Capex spend means commercial banks cracking the whip and assurances of payback. Content producers want policing to keep their shitty copyrighted material secure and scarce. It took time but they managed to reign it back in by making everything “free” and ad based. Then uncle can put the kibosh to anyone who might question anything in exchange for exclusive access to viewers.

            Hell of a system for sure.

    • Thus far, we are all biding our time. Who wants to be first, who wants to be a Branch Davidian or a January 6 martyr? But the Saxon has surely begun to hate. The other factor is that every reasonably intelligent person knows that small acts of defiance which used to act as a vent/corrective to what is coming, is preempted by the ubiquitous digital surveillance. You cannot spray paint “The king is a fink” or “Joe Biden is a Chinese Communist puppet” without being identified on a camera somewhere. Or from a satellite or a drone. But as the squeeze continues, I don’t see armed rural Americans quietly giving in like the kulaks.

    • if it comes to pass, it will be used as a false flag to illuminate the need for vast investment in “green” energy

      what govt has been bothered by sacrificing the few for the many?

  20. Read this morning that the stupidly named ‘infrastructure bill’ included the breathalyzer thing for new cars. I don’t drink alcohol yet I have to ‘prove’ I’m not drunk to start the !@#$ing car? (it’d be kinda funny to watch the solitary masked morons attempt to use the contraption tho)

    The government stupid shitometer is pegged. Is it time yet?

    • The ‘infrastructure bill’ would not have passed without the help of Republicans, the ‘Good Cops’.

      Failure to understand that Republicans are an enemy of liberty is to have missed the whole lesson of America’s slide into tyranny.

    • Watch how quick I bypass the stupid contraption. Or better yet, REFUSE to buy any car equipped with it. My driving “privilege” should not have a presumption of guilt of DUI.

    • “I don’t drink alcohol yet I have to ‘prove’ I’m not drunk to start the !@#$ing car?” — Mike

      Today the NYT has an entertaining article about how 13 Republiclown traitors in the House who enabled this nanny technology are being swamped with nasty phone calls. ‘Hard on young staffers,’ laments the Slimes.

      Here is the list of Biden-fellating RINOs who made this possible. Eleven are from Rust Belt states in the East and Midwest; the other two are from Nebraska and Alaska.

      Half of these sellouts won’t be there when the next Clowngress convenes in 2023. But the damage they did lives on.

  21. Little did you know that the zero in zero carbon refers to the temperature in your living room this winter. Perhaps this could be the bell to wake people up to the fact that the US Psychopaths In Charge really are psychopaths, and care not the least about anyone’s welfare but their own. As long as they can maintain their lifestyle and their delusions, whether you live or die is none of their concern. Between the collapsing energy supply, and the collapsing dollar, we may not need to concern ourselves with THEM for much longer. We’ll be too busy cutting firewood and bartering for beans. We knew they were insane, and let them gain control anyway.

  22. I just filled up my car at $4.29 (93), but even 87 is clocking in at $3.89. Topping off my heating oil tanks was about $4.25 per gallon in early October. Propane was over $5. Gouging, LOL.

    • That is certainly a good start; just say ‘NO’ and ignore the bastard[s].
      There will be a few places/instances where the puppets in blue will come after you, but after a few of them dont go home that evening, that will stop.
      There will undoubtedly be some violence as (((they))) and their lackeys won’t give up control/their torah-inspired dream of domination, but by just saying NO en masse and trying to go on about our lives, such will be minimised.

  23. I expect that the Iranians will be blamed soon for all this mess. It will be their “unwillingness” to participate in the Global[ist] Community. Israel is already sharpening their swords and you know Uncle Sap will be right in there with them.

    I had a talk-show host tell me yesterday that the U.S. WILL NEVER COLLAPSE! He repeated it several times. This is what passes for “conservative” thought these days.

    • Yeah this could be another cheap oil promise. Just tell the people that the war will bring them cheap oil and nobody will fight it, just like with Iraq. I keep telling people these wars are to keep oil off the market and/or in the right hands who then obey ‘the rules’ to only produce so much to keep prices high. Nobody seems to listen or understand…. but the TV told them invading country X would lower oil prices.. and then the global warmists saying that oil is subsidized and thus artificially low priced… um no, it’s subsidized to keep the price from falling through the floor as the shale oil boom should have proved to anyone. All those little guys bringing oil online, somewhat like a free market and look what happened.

  24. Plus, this AM I saw some “noise” about the Xiden Administration pledging to investigate “price gouging”. Classic. These Leftist morons CAUSE the conditions that result in ramped-up consumer prices, then blame those that actually produce.

    • Price gouging is the most ludicrous “crime” ever created. In the midst of a disaster, how else does one get the needed commodities delivered to the place where they are needed most, in spite of ruptured delivery systems, and infrastructure collapse, except by increasing price? I suppose one could simply freeze to death waiting for FEMA to do something. Perhaps haul you off to one of their camps. Where they feed and shelter whom they please.

      • Even when it is not “gouging”. A motorcycle dealer in Huntsville, Alabama, had a section of his showroom where he sold kerosene heaters at a discount. We had a truly terrible ice storm. (Rural folks were without power for 10 days.) He sold out.

        He ordered an emergency truck load but the trucking company stopped at the Tennessee line, refusing to drive on the icy roads. The dealer sent his own trucks, got the heaters to town, and sold them at list price. “The Public” came close to demanding crucifixion for the “gouger”. He publicly, and emphatically, stated he had it, and would never sell another heater. Selfish Bastard.

    • I keep telling people, the left hates the productive. It’s a hate group against the productive. Put all the society engineering goals of the top aside, the core of the left throughout the rank and file, all those below the classes that run the left, is hatred of productive people.

    • math says if they drive up prices, then persecute those who raise prices, forcing them to lose money & go bankrupt – they don’t have to outlaw them.

      then the more crony industries can take their place.

  25. I don’t think this will actually happen. Line 5 is an international pipeline – it crosses the border into Canada north of Detroit. To be sure, shutting down the line would cause havoc in Michigan, but most of the oil and propane carried by Line 5 is consumed by Canadians. A shutdown would cause Ontario and much of Quebec to just stop – no transportation, no industry, no heat. Canada has suggested that ALL imports of oil and gas into the US would stop if Biden shuts down Line 5. That would be devastating. Also, there is a 1977 treaty between the US and Canada prohibiting either country from interfering with an international pipeline. So I think this is just virtue signaling. Hope so, anyway.

  26. ‘The regime is merely “studying” [the pipeline shutdown].’ — eric

    Funny — at the same time, to jawbone oil prices lower, the Biden regime is “studying” releasing some crude from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

    The law says SPR oil should only be used in case of physical shortages, not simply to manage the price. But we all know how much Mr ‘Ten Percent for the Big Guy’ cares for the law.

    So as one hand takes away pipeline supply, the other hand offers to sell some from the government’s stash. It doesn’t have to make sense!

    Meanwhile, in today’s installment of “Bubble Baloney,” Rivian’s shares are projected to begin trading at $120, giving Rivian (with no actual sales to date) a market cap about one-third larger than General Motors.

    After all the wonderful woke things she’s done, poor Mary Barra must wonder Why do investors hate me?

    Hint: what Mary SHOULD be worried about is, why do the customers hate me?

    • Obama opened up the SPR at different points during his administration to lower prices. Trump did the same thing in 2018 as crude was inching up to $50.00 a barrel.

      It’s now accepted practice. Although, it’s probably good to drain and replenish once in a while.


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