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Mr. Spock used to say, fascinating – and so do I. A lot, lately. About the various incongruities, inanities and symptoms abounding.

For instance:

It’s a five-alarm fire over the Suddenly Susan Moronicon – which (so far) hasn’t killed more people than the “vaccines” – which have killed thousands, so far. Practically nothing is said – by the PR agencies of the pharmaceutical cartels styled “the media” – about this. Which is very odd – and very telling. We are supposed to be scared back into our Chin Speedos over the Moronicon – but unafraid to have ourselves under-duress-injected with a “vaccine” that is known to have lethal and other serious side effects that are not incidental – and which may prove to have other effects as yet unknown.

To fear a “virus” that – for most of us (and for all young people) presents a lower risk of anything serious than the “vaccines.”

And that was the original “variant,” the one that didn’t kill 99.8-something percent of those who got it. This one – the Moronicon – has killed something on the order of 0.0000001 percent of the population. But better line up to get “tested” for it.


How about these “vaccines,” by the way. Which we were told were “95 percent effective.” Does anyone remember that? It has fallen into the Memory Hole, along with “two weeks to stop the spread.” Which is now two years – headed toward forever.

Now that we know – well, now that is known – that the “vaccines” are not “effective” – since those who took them are getting sick in what appears to be a tsunami of infectiousness – which these victims weren’t immunized from getting – the order of the day is to get more “vaccinated.”

It is like being told to eat more food in order to lose weight.

And insisting that people who don’t need to lose weight increase how much they eat, in order to need to lose weight.


They – the drug pushers – wonder (or so they pretend to wonder) why on Earth anyone would be “hesitant” – as they style it – to allow themselves to be injected with drugs being pushed by these pharmaceutical cartels, which have established their untrustworthiness; who hide their protocols and who have shielded themselves from liability for any “adverse events” which may befall us.

Almost no one would buy a toaster from a company with a track record of selling dangerous toasters, which had acquired legal immunity in the event the “safe and effective” toaster they sold you burned your house to the ground – you and your family along with it.

But not only are people lining up to buy more such “toasters,” many of them are demanding everyone else buy one, too.


Obesity was a “pandemic” long before this one – and it is the primary risk factor for being sick, generally. If you’re not obese, the obese demand you wear a “mask” – to protect their health. But it seems to never occur to the obese to put down the fork. The odds are probably higher, when you see a “masked” obese person, that he (or she) is a spreader contagion than the unmasked he or she of normal proportions. But there is no call to herd the obese into quarantine, nor turgid demands they lose weight, to “keep us safe.”

Indeed, everything that is actually healthy – such as community, gathering with friends and family, hitting the gym, being outside in the fresh air – is discouraged while everything that is actually unhealthy, such as being obese and relying on drugs to stave off sickness, is immune from criticism.

We are lectured as if we were little children, not-too-bright, by a smarmy little liar who looks as healthy as a stale bag of Cheetos. Employed by a creepy old man who sometimes wears a “mask” – but then other times, does not. Apparently, the “virus” takes coffee breaks – and the old man knows exactly when these are.

Endlessly fascinating!

. . .

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  1. Just watched this episode the other day, it was… ‘fascinating’


    On a mission to establish diplomatic relations at Star Cluster NGC321, Kirk and Spock beam down to planet Eminiar 7 to learn that its inhabitants have been at war with a neighboring planet for over 500 years. They can find no damage nor evidence of destruction but soon learn that their war is essentially a war game, where each planet attacks the other in a computer simulation with the tabulated victims voluntarily surrendering themselves for execution after the fact. When the Enterprise becomes a victim in the computer simulation and ordered destroyed, Kirk decides it’s time to show them exactly what war means.

  2. If governments truly cared about our health…

    -They would end subsidies for high fructose corn syrup.
    -They would institute a “sin tax” on sugary foods and beverages.
    -They would regulate food portion sizes.
    -They would make walkable and livable small towns and cities (no using sidewalks for your bedroom or bathroom; enforcing rules on public transportation, etc.)
    -They would control borders and perform health checks on people crossing them, á la Ellis Island; and quarantine/deport anyone actively sick.
    -They would bring down the house on Big Pharma for things like OxyContin.

    But noooooo!

  3. Needle me once, shame on you, needle me twice, shame on me.

    If Joe Biden the Shithead mandates that all children under the age of two years old be put to death, people might wake up.

    President Biden Herod the Covid could do the messy business and parents would sacrifice a child to stop the spread, everything could go back to normal.

    If you want another analogy, could be one that kind of hits home, maybe. Not too much of a stretch.

    Please have your child vaccinated and please stand in line to be tested and please go get the vaccine and please go get the booster along with all of the other boosters.

    Do it for the children.

    Fauci the Fraud will have to answer a few questions before the verdict is rendered and the judgement fairly adjudicated. Fauci won’t make the call at the end of it all.

    If he makes it to 100 years of age, he will have to wallow in the misery he created for himself and millions of others. He can still repent, he can be saved, not exonerated, that doesn’t fly.

    The death sentence wouldn’t be a severe enough penalty for the smarmy traitorous weasel.

    Drinking is a solution.

  4. Eric,

    Replying off of your comment to RG:

    “No “mask” – not ever – and no avoidance of other people. Bathe me in Moronicon! Let’s see what happens.”

    I would hypothesize that the people who were in most danger of getting the ‘Rona the entire time were either collectivists or large family types. Libertarians, it seems, tend to be individualists and don’t typically care for large groups of people. You, like I do when I’m well, go to the gym often, but if you’re truly stricken with the ‘Rona (previous versions), working out is next to impossible if you’re symptomatic.

    I, myself, likely would’ve never been infected if my step daughter hadn’t contracted the Kung Flu in a “group living” situation, then left and called her mom (my GF) to come get her and drive her around all weekend searching for a new place. I STILL might not have gotten sick, but my GF got home, we had “relations”, and she became symptomatic immediately afterward.

    None of my loner-type friends seem to have gotten sick.

    And if you were to contract the Moronic variant, as you wish, it’ll likely feel like nothing more than a cold, if all accounts are correct, and you possibly wouldn’t experience anything at all.

    Regarding feeling “woozy” around the Annointed: You probably just can’t abide being in their presence for too long, always having to restrain the desire to rain down your verbal castigations and ridicule upon them.

  5. Fascinating that FJB seems to have thrown in the towel in favor of some new-fangled form of disease control federalism. I don’t believe that. What does this portend for any state that is not Florida? Methinks something wicked this way comes – a signal was sent, but to what end?

    • Hi Jump,

      Many libertarians (me among them) like science fiction, including Star Trek – on account of the storylines, which are often thought provoking and sometimes along libertarian lines. As regards Trek, a good example of this is the episode I often reference, Return of the Archons. It is about a society in thrall to a computer dictator called Landru, who controls “the body” (the populace) by keeping it in a state of deluded mental torpidity, using the threat of expulsion from “the body” as the mechanism of enforcement.

      • Hi Eric,

        My response was mostly in jest. Yes, I too am a fan of science fiction.

        But isn’t Trek a galactic collective running around space trying to be benevolent keepers of the universe?

        • Hi Jump,


          Gene Roddenberry – creator of Star Trek – was an early Wokester. The Federation he envisioned was a kind of friendly communism – no money, all material things provided and held in common. A hilariously naive (and evil) conception as it eliminates motivational purpose from life and imposes a sickly egalitarianism upon it.

          That said, the writers (of the the original series’ episodes) were often trenchant (as well as witty) in their formulations…

          • Hi Eric,
            As I remember the original Star Trek the crew was supposed to follow a non intervention principle in their observation/dealing with alien species. Of course where’s the fun in that?

          • In a world with a replicator that could create anything you wanted – all you need do is ask – then a purely socialist/communist society just might work. What, after all, would be the need for a system to distribute resources when there was no scarcity? What would be the justification for one person to have more and another less if all it took was a request of the replicator to remedy the inequality? Why would we need an incentive to work when all earthly goods could be brought into existence merely by asking?

            • Hi Krista!

              It seems bleak and pointless to me; no struggle = no sense of accomplishment. It’s not the accumulation of material wealth, per se. It is the satisfaction of having earned it. Of having put work into something and been rewarded for it. Take that away and what’s the point? It would be a kind of perpetual childhood, where everything you need is provided for you.

              Of course, parents also have control over their children.

              • The idea of Star Trek was that man would leave behind the struggle of having to work and create the goods that we want. Instead, man would go off into space to learn about new species, new societies. The desire for knowledge for its own sake was the idea. I can see the appeal. If we ever get those replicators that defy all laws of physics, perhaps we can sail off into space looking for knowledge too.

                • Indeed. Star Trek is not really socialism as we understand it because as you observed its advanced technology has upended the laws of economics, which are based mainly on scarcity and human effort required to produce goods.

                  Where Star Trek got it wrong is the idea that most people, having been freed of the economic need to produce, would pursue more lofty goals. In reality if such a technological future were to come about most would spend their time doing things like laying on the sofa in front of their 3D TVs pointing giant foam fingers at their favorite Rollerball teams while whooping and hollering and guzzling vast quantities of beer.

  6. We’re being told that hospitals are once again being “overwhelmed” with cases. We’re also once again being subjected to nurse dance troops. More people are asking just what were they doing over the last 18 months? Other than antagonizing their staff apparently not much.

  7. I have an appointment in DC on the 11th and, in signing up for that, I discovered that the entire city is going full New York on the 15th! In order to go into just about any business, get lodging or whatever, people must provide a vax/poison pass!

    I’m thinking that the 11th will be the last time, for a very long time, that I go to DC.

    The place is a shithole cluster f_ck anyway.

    • Amen, EM –

      I grew up just outside of DC, in Fairfax County. Went to college at GMU. I left the area in 2003 – thank God – and doubt I will ever set foot within 50 miles of there again. Imagine living among the Face Speedo’d, presenting your Vax Pass to enter work after spending an hour-plus to drive 15 miles in gridlocked traffic… then an hour-plus back home to your $500k townhouse and your “authorized” parking spot…

      • Dont forget — you can now try to avoid the gridlock by contributing to Australian pensions on the express lanes of 95/395/495 in VA. Coming soon to MD.

  8. Here’s a great comment from a zerohedge article:

    “Mind control is very real. The Covidian Cult is not a joke. When people get the clot shot, it psychologically reinforces their allegiance to the cult. The COVID and vaccine narratives have completely broken down for people that can critically think, but for people enslaved in this mind controlled cult, it doesn’t matter, except for increasing amounts of cognitive dissonance. Its difficult enough to deprogram one person out of a destructive cult. What we have here is around 50% of the population controlled. When the switch gets turn on and people wake up from their control, they usually become very angry. That’s when the politicians and people like Fauci really need to be worried, of course, they are also mind controlled members of the cult.


    • Once you get the jab, it is exponentially more harmful to your psyche to try to get out of the cult. To do so, you might have to admit that you did something terrible to yourself. And that something will cause you physical harm for the rest of your life. There is no taking it back. So most of the people who get the jab don’t even bother to look at the negative consequences of it. What is the point? They can’t get unjabbed anway.

  9. I believe Spock used that term as an expression of frustration or exasperation as well especially with McCoy. As I’m sure you do Eric.

  10. Corporate news has unreservedly proclaimed Omicron will be the worst ever variant, because it spreads so quickly. Never mind that little or nothing happens AFTER it spreads. Deaths are flat, while cases are in lunar orbit. Fascinating that people haven’t yet figured out that the effort to contain Omicron is an effort to contain the reality of how harmless it is. Fascinating how eager the psychopaths are to get 100% vaccination while facing a cold. Can’t have any of those pesky control groups hanging around.

  11. ‘Everything that is actually healthy is discouraged.’ — eric

    Likewise in Germany, where the vaccinazis are cracking down:

    ‘Starting Tuesday, Germans who do not get vaccinated will only be allowed to meet in groups of two, while those who have been recently vaccinated or recovered from COVID can meet each other in groups of ten.

    ‘Nightclubs will also be closed ahead of the New Year and gyms, swimming pools, and cinemas—both indoors and outdoors—will be restricted in size as of Monday.

    ‘Many restaurants and cafes are also facing earlier closing times, while large events such as concerts and sports matches will be held without an audience as of Tuesday.

    “This is no longer the time for parties and social evenings in big groups,” Chancellor Olaf Scholz said.’ — Epoch Times via ZH

    Wouldn’t it be sensible to make the unvaxxed identify themselves — say, with six-pointed yellow stars — so that illegal groups of them conspiring to resist the mandate can be easily spotted, detained and re-educated? /sarc

    Die Beachtung macht frei.

    • I was recently thinking the same thing. Make up a bunch of yellow stars. So far I haven’t seen a need for it. Although I don’t see it as an identification thing, more like a teaching moment. What I was wondering is what percentage of our youth would even know it’s meaning?

    • Let’s all pretend that the pandemic is still a thing. Let’s all pretend that Omicron is NOT the answer to our prayers for low risk natural herd immunity. Let’s all pretend our government gives a rat’s ass about our health. Let’s all pretend that the insane destruction of our economic, social, and mental health to keep every one “safe” was a good idea. Let’s all pretend that Biden’s teleprompter isn’t running the show.
      I gave up taking fairy tales seriously at least 50 years ago. Greed does not account for this. There is evil involved. Perhaps demons.

  12. I spent two hours in a car with three vexed family members and my pure blood wife. By the time we got back to moms house I had a real nasty chest cough where yesterday I was fine. I took four Vitamin C packets, drank a few quarts of water and this morning I feel fine.

    Not sure if it was from being around a bunch of shedders or our drive across country last week. My wife is unaffected. I’m starting to believe her smoking has something to do with it. I did an experiment starting at the beginning of our trip I stoped my daily regimen of Vitamin C, D, Zinc, and Cal Mag. Wanted to test my immune system. The fact that four doses of Vitamin C turned it around in less than 6 hours tells me this ‘Scarient’ is nothing but weak sauce. After all another anagram for omicron and delta = Doctor Menial.

    The whole thing is a huge joke and the elites are busting a gut in laughter at peoples stupidity. The part about the herd behavior and madness of crowds is fascinating on many levels as well.

  13. What I find fascinating….the lines of dummies waiting to see if they have Covid. If you have the ability to stand in freezing cold weather for hours waiting for someone to jam a Qtip up your nose you are not sick! Stop being a moron and get back to work.

    • Hey RG,

      I’ve often thought that very thing. I can only think that many of these people are required to do so for some reason, i.e. travel or work.

      You feeling back to normal at this point?

      • Hi BaDnOn,

        I am feeling better, occasionally I get a bit winded, but I am about 98%. Life has returned to normal. 😁

        Just watching the local news yesterday evening and they are wrapped around the block in Montgomery County and Arlington. I would assume a few are work and/or travel, but I think the majority are paranoid because they sneezed and have a scratchy throat.

        Sunday was 70 degrees where I live and yesterday it was a high of 45….we are all sneezing due to the temp fluctuations.

        • That is definitely some mercurial weather. I’m glad you are recovered.

          I, unfortunately, seemed to be suffering an Epstein-Barr flare up. At least, that’s been my working hypothesis for many years. And it sucks. Hardly able to do anything at this time. COVID was just a blip in time compared to my troubles with this unholy bastard. Perhaps it was the ‘Rona that triggered this reoccurance, however.

          • Hi BaDnOn,

            Do you take monolaurin by chance?

            Also, lemon balm, echinacea, and ashwagandha help with EBV. Ashwagandha is for stress, but I consider it the pill for men. It takes away a lot of the tiredness and exhaustion caused by EB.

            When I get home I am going to check my book of tinctures and potions and see if there is something that can be whipped up. I will let you know.

            • RG,

              Yes, I do indeed! All except for echinacea. Haven’t tried that one so much. All of those things and oregano oil generally keep the EBV at bay, but this time, it has come with a vengeance.

              After beating the ‘Rona, I stopped taking pretty much all supplements, as I felt great, and was tired of swallowing pills. Perhaps the EBV had been triggered to reactivate by the infection, and I offered no resistance until it was a bit late.

              • Hi BaDnOn,

                I looked at my potion manual and it names the following for assistance with EBV:

                1. Artemisia
                2. Usnea
                3. Licorice
                4. Reishi mushrooms

                On my brief reading it looks like Reishi has several scientific studies on the easing of symptoms and improvement in a patient’s overall health.

                I would highly recommend talking with an herbalist. Several of these can be toxic if taken in large doses, but I find the healing powers of ancient medicine to be heads above but the Western Medical Industrial Complex prescribes.

                • Hey RG,

                  Thanks, and I actually just added in Reishi yesterday, strangely enough. I started with licorice, but saw a blood pressure spike (not serious) the next morning, so I stopped. Probably was just a cold morning.
                  The others appear new to me. I have a naturopath doctor, but she’s on vacation at this time, and my appointment is nearly a month away.
                  And yes, your standard doctors are useless. They just ask you about symptoms and match those to drugs. They’d have me good and banjaxed in no time if I took their advice.

                  • I don’t use licorice root as preventable only medicinal. It can only be taken for a few weeks if used as a prevention method and then it has to be stopped for that same amount of time. A spike in blood pressure can occur.

                    Usnea is a standard in many tinctures used for antibiotics. In nature it is very stringy and has a moss like appearance, kind of like witch’s hair.

                    To be truthful, I am not very familiar with artemisia, also called wormwood. It can be toxic to the kidneys in high doses and should not be used if on blood thinners for heart disease.

                    I would actually start with the mushrooms and see if you notice any change in your condition. Give it a few weeks time and see if the symptoms ease.

                    • Hi RG!

                      Glad to hear you’re better. And here’s a paranoid (maybe) sharing:

                      While I have not yet gotten sick, a couple of times I felt a little strange after being in proximity of the Jabbed. A vague, slightly woozy kind of feeling – which passed after a few hours. Nothing more – and more than likely it was a “case” of mild hypochondria, triggered by my daily immersion in this sickness.

                      I am also kind of – no, actually – guinea-pigging myself, by exposing myself to life, as normal. No “mask” – not ever – and no avoidance of other people. Bathe me in Moronicon! Let’s see what happens. I am betting nothing happens. As nothing happened for the past two years. I calculate my risk as low to nil – so we’ll see.

        • Hi RG,

          Just out of curiosity, did you get tested for Corona or did you conclude it from the symptoms you had? (I remember you mentioned losing taste and smell, which seems to be unique to this virus — though, oddly, I didn’t experience that when I tested positive for WuFlu back in November 2020, although I had fatigue and other flu-like symptoms.) I resisted getting tested until the fourth day of really feeling rough, as I had just started a new job two months earlier and didn’t have enough days off to keep calling in sick — getting tested was the only way I could still get paid as well as not having the absences count against me. 😕

          I too don’t understand the jonesing to get tested when people have nothing wrong with them, especially knowing that a positive test, even if asymptomatic, will subject you to mandatory isolation. 🤷‍♂️

          • Hi Chris,

            I did not get tested. I believed it was the flu until about Day 5 when I lost my taste and smell. As long as it took to recoup (two weeks) I determined it was Covid.

            • Thinking to myself, RE: “until about Day 5 when I lost my taste and smell’

              Been there, done that. Numerous times. Back in the 90’s, the 80’s & the 70’s.
              It ain’t no tang.
              Breathing freely, the whole werks.

              I read a comment elsewhere, ’bout how a mind can’t have both fear & faith at the same time. …I digress.

              Carry on.

              • I see 2/3 of the “one virus” shills are still hard at work. Captain TMI’s coitus reference was a nice touch. The keeper of commenter “consensus” on this matter’s self diagnosis was good for a chuckle.

                • I am so happy we can make you laugh….it is good for the soul.

                  Should I have taken a knee and got tested, Anon? Is that what you would have done.

                  I have no doubt that the big bad flu or COVID would not enter your cells. They would quickly flee due to all of the inhospitality that they would come in contact with.

                  May you have a delightful New Year.

      • If they force me to do testing for work and let me do it at home, I’m gonna swab my dogs butt. See if there’s any Moronicon in there.

        • I’ve actually wondered about how they would know if one swabs their nose or their pet’s ass with at-home kits. I concluded that they must be establishing some kind of DNA database, to ensure consistency among successive weekly tests, for employers requiring them. And when Amy Coney Barrett writes the majority opinion blessing the OSHA mandate, it will be off to the races as far as testing goes, for those who opt not to induce ischemic clots in their blood vessels.


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