Motorcycles Are Next

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We live in inverted times.

A “virus” that posed a significant threat to about 1 percent of the population was used as the pretext for imprisoning, Diapering and Jabbing the other 99 percent. This is an incredible thing, when you think about it – especially given we are endlessly told about the “democracy” we must curtsey to at first mention. According to which the principle is that things are done in the interests of the majority. 

The fact is often otherwise. 

Two states – California and Oregon – have already banned the sale of new cars that are not electric cars within a few years from now (2035 and 2030, respectively). It has been done on the same principle as “democracy” – as actually practiced. A small minority – politicians and their helpers in the regulatory bureaucracy – decree that everyone else shall drive electric cars only.

How about motorcycles? 

Here is a genuine minority. 

About eight percent of the population owns a bike; most of them do not ride a bike every day as their primary vehicle. Most people who ride do so for the fun of it. They keep a bike in addition to a car – and it is the car they drive, mostly.  

But for the sake of talk let’s say it’s 8 percent. It is a lot less than 92 percent – the portion of the population that does not own or ride a motorcycle. It is also a lot less – in terms of the “emissions” contributions of these bikes, most of which aren’t ridden regularly. Most of which also have engines considerably smaller than the engines in most cars – although that is changing, as the minority cabal of politicians and bureaucrats continues to cattle-prod cars (and car buyers)  toward “electrification.”

Most 2022 cars come with 2.0 liter engines – which isn’t far off the 1800 CC engines (bike engine size is usually touted in cubic centimeters rather than liters, as is the case for car engines – which were once touted in cubic inches before metric androgeny took over) that power some larger touring/cruiser-type bikes. But even so, the typical four cylinder motorcycle engine is in the 750-1000 cc range and there is a whole subset of bikes – dirt bikes, used principally off-road – that have engines in the 250-500 cc range. 

These “emit” – as it is styled – even less than the already-almost-nothing “emitted” by cars – both of which, together, “emit” a quantity of carbon dioxide that is fractionally small as a percentage of the fractionally small totality of carbon dioxide present in the earth’s atmosphere – which is 0.04 percent. Which percent is increased via car “emissions” by a fraction of that fraction of a percent and by motorcycle “emissions” even less than that.

It is almost as much of a threat as the “virus” to 99 percent of the population.   

Yet in both cases, a similarly exaggerated response. 

It is probable that the ban on non-electric new car sales will likewise be applied to the sale of new, non-electric motorcycles – once the politicians and bureaucrats get around to it. They will need to – but not because the “climate” is “changing,” that sophomorically unscientific but widely accepted idiocy that cannot be “denied” because it cannot be defined. It is of a piece with “denying” that some people aren’t nice. Yes, indeed. But which people, exactly?

And, how so? 

“Climate change” is the apotheosis of unscientific. Which – in a thinking age – would beg several questions. How do you debate or even discuss something without a clear and precise meaning? Instead a feeling – and that seems to be what counts the most in these “democratic” days.

This principle will be applied to motorcycles, eventually. After the politicians and bureaucrats have finished their Great Work “electrifying” cars. After which point it will be necessary to close loopholes – as politicians and bureaucrats always style any means or method by which the people manage to get around the various edicts issued by politicians and bureaucrats.

Motorcycles being one such.

They have long been such – as for example that most of them are still largely free of most of the nannying “technology” embedded in new cars and remain relatively simple, affordable things, relative to new cars. This makes them hugely appealing to the people – a minority – who cannot abide new cars precisely because of all the nannying, the complexity and cost – but still need a way to get from A to B that is under their control, rather than the control of politicians and bureaucrats.

This minority of bikers is “changing” the “climate” even less than the majority of people who drive cars, who aren’t “changing” it in any demonstrable way and certainly in no catastrophic way – the latter italicized to emphasize the way exaggeration is used to create a “catastrophe” where none exists. As in the case of a “virus” that doesn’t kill 99 percent of the population.

Yet on the basis of feelings –  manipulated by politicians and bureaucrats, aided and abetted by their well-paid hyenas in what is styled the “media” – bikes are certain to face bans. For the same emotional reason that cars are being banned.

They are “changing” the “climate,” you see. Or rather, that’s what they will say.

And so it will come to pass. So long as a majority of people are dumb enough to allow their vehicular enserfment over a fraction of 0.04 percent, which they are told presents an existential threat . . . by politicians, bureaucrats and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Will they?

Well, they allowed themselves to be imprisoned, Diapered and Jabbed on precisely the same basis. But maybe they learned something from that.

We’ll see, soon enough.

. . .

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  1. Motorcycle riders are a different breed. Years ago here in Ohio when we were fighting against the helmet law (and won) thousands rode to the state house sans helmet. Highway patrol tried to break up the packs and ticket people, that didn’t work, we didn’t stop. What were they going to do. Maybe pissing all the bikers off might not be a good idea.

  2. Was riding around the neighborhood with my brother’s Moped when I was 12, a cop stopped me and made me walk the Moped home. Somebody always spoils the fun for everybody. lol

    One hot summer in France a long time ago, a heatwave hit, everybody was thirsty, drank contaminated water, cholera outbreak takes place, a nasty bacillus bacteria, 700,000 people croaked.

    With no electricity, summers hotter than Hades will have to be endured the best you can, you’ll see plenty of suffering. Hot as in you can’t sleep at night, people sleep outside, heat that can barely be tolerated. People succumb and don’t make it. Happened in Boston and New York City in the early 1900’s.

    It can and does get that bad. You’ll wish for electricity and air-conditioning.

    No hydrocarbons means everything just plain goes to hell in a handbasket.

    $5.20 for diesel, $4.30 for gasoline makes for more doom, gloom, despair, misery, depression, the misery index is off the charts right now.

    Used vehicles will be for sale by the thousands, price drop coming and is here.

    For every million cubic meters of air, there are 400 cubic meters of carbon dioxide. You get a better idea of what the picture does look like.

    And besides, the oceans store 60 times more carbon dioxide than the atmosphere. Ocean water will contain 24,000 parts per million parts of carbon dioxide.

    If CO₂, accumulates in the air from burning those evil hydrocarbons and is the cause of a warming globe, then the oceans should be bath water temps off the coasts of Greenland.

    All of the CO₂ in the Arctic Ocean water should melt the pack ice in a matter of days no matter what time of year. Al Gore’s ridiculous prediction of an ice-free Arctic Ocean would finally come true. Don’t hold your breath.

    Mars’ atmosphere is 95 percent carbon dioxide, not much going on up on Mars as far as life existing there is concerned. You’d think Mars would have daytime temps of 40⁰ C if carbon dioxide warms a planet. No oxygen or very little of it up there on Mars means you’ll have to have electric mobility. You’ll need to carry some oxygen with you too on your trip.

    If you go there, you’ll have to have cargo to sustain life, better have few cows and a bull so you can have something to eat after you arrive. Going to have to haul some water, you need water every day. Name the spacecraft The Ark.

    A few dogs and cats along for the ride will keep you company. You’ll be a long ways from home.

    Maybe cancel the Mars trip and make life on earth a little bit better.

    Earth is a good enough place to be, but at the moment, humans are slipping some.

  3. When they start banning wars, or at least take a deep breath before lying us into the next one, I’ll start thinking they are seriously concerned about the climate. Lol.
    The motorcycle keeps me from having to drive the pickup whenever I don’t have to.

    • Hi John,

      In re what you said about war: I will add obesity. If the government truly cared about “public health” it would “do something” about high fructose corn syrup, glyphosate and other clear and present dangers to people’s health. Instead, it gives us the FDA – the government arm of Monsanto.

      • Eric,

        Having lived as far out in the country as is possible in northern Baltimore County, I tend to view culture through the lens of nature, rather than the other way around. So since we are linear, goal oriented creatures in a cyclical, circular, feedback generated reality, we tend to value tradition over renewal and consequently find ourselves up the creek without a paddle fairly regularly. In the current situation, it seems the mother of all reality checks is in the mail.
        If I was to list the three principle delusions, one would be that a spiritual absolute would be the essence of sentience, from which we rise, not an ideal of wisdom and judgement, from which we fell. When the entire culture has evolved around the principle of ideals being absolute, it tends to be war of all against all, since so many are in their bubbles of being right and everyone else being wrong.
        Next would be that as mobile organisms, we evolved this sequential perception, in order to navigate, so experience time as the present moving past to future, but the reality is change turning future to past. Tomorrow becomes yesterday, because the earth turns. Time is an effect, like temperature, color and sound. Time is frequency, events are amplitude.
        Lastly it would be that money is a social contract, enabling markets, not a commodity to mine from them. Again, being linear and goal oriented, we tend to see the medium as the message. Blood is a medium, fat is a store. We try storing the medium, with all the consequent pathologies.

      • Now, Eric! You know the way that the psycho-archs do it! -Just as they do in jolly ol’ England- Let your kid get too fat (Even if not really obese, but just over a certain BMI) and they take the kid away! (A prerogative which God Himself does not exercise- much less delegate to man….but these lesser gods know no bounds to their ego, power, and we-know-what’s-best-for-you!)

  4. Eric: “…manipulated by politicians and bureaucrats…”

    Manipulated by Republican and Democrat politicians and bureaucrats.

    As long as there is no competition to the Rs and Ds, and illegitimate “agencies”
    are permitted to make laws – the “company town” model will continue. Government
    schools seal the deal.

  5. This is just the next step in gimping our mobility. You’re not going to get very far bugging out with an electric any kind of vehicle; a real ic bike can get you very far, especially if you carry a couple jugs of gas with you. The Politburo can’t allow that.

  6. It’s a given that the electric leash will extend to motorcicles. It has already long been the case that many of the lawn mowers, weed-eaters, and all sorts of other small-engined tools which we can buy in the other 48 states (I think Ha-vah-ee [HI] is with CA ) can not be boughten[sic] in CA because “they don’t meet emission standards”. This has been the case with CA for several decades already (!)- and has gotten more and more strict over the years, to the point where one’s choice of gas-powered equipment in CA is EXTREMELY limited (To like about 10% or less of what is generally available to the rest of us), and thus many commie-state-dwellers end up buying electric equipment, to their frustration.

    Here in KY I see nearly new electric lawn mowers and chainsaws and the like on Gregslist for sale all the time…where they sit forever- Apparently, people believe the hype; buy the damned things, and then quickly realize that they are neither powerful or practical enough to replace gas equipment, and so quickly try and pawn them off on some other clueless greenie dreamer.

    But just go and look online; on Jeff Bozos’s site or Home Dee-pot, or specialty sites…look at gas lwn mowers and trimmers, etc, and see how many say “Not for sale to CA. residents”. It will astound you! You can’t even mail-order a real piece of equipment if you live in the leftist loony-bin.

    Pretty soon, we are all going to be Californians…..

    First they came for the weed-eaters…
    Then they came for the cars…
    Then they came for the motorcycles….

    • The emissions regs gimp small engines hard.
      I bought a new cheapie chainsaw a few years ago to beat up clearing an overgrown property. I bought some of that true fuel premixed gas just to git-er-done but once I fed the bLowes special pump gas damn thing was a sonbich to start and keep running. The mixture screws were also recessed into the carb casting and some special tool was required to turn them. Out came the dremmel for some proper slots and a half or full turn out of the low jet got ‘er running good again.
      Same deal with my DRZ400. Cruising throttle would hunt causing a jerky ride. I had to remove the carb and drill out a plug to open the idle mixture screw.
      I get the manufacturers have to get their machines certified by the infernal environmental pollution agency but do the regs say they have to purposely make their machines non user serviceable?
      If motorcycles go all electric there will be no point to having one anymore, might as well build an e-bike and at least throw the license plate in the woods.

    • Hi, Nunzio,
      And so it came to pass that Generalissimo Newscum hath outlawed the sale of gasoline powered lawnmowers, weed whackers, leaf blowers, and other such evil and noxious devices (maybe even chainsaws). Fatwah will take effect in the fairly near future (not sure of the exact date).

      I recently bought a gasoline powered pressure washer (while I still can). The only electric pressure washers I have seen are woefully underpowered, and not worth considering as serious equipment. I note the instructions say NOT to use fuel which contains more than 10% ethanol. If the Biden Thing gets its way, and commands the sale of 15% ethanol, likely the (Honda) engine will be damaged or destroyed.

      In that case, I would be unable to properly clean that which requires a pressure washer to clean, and would be required by the GIW (Gov’t In Warshington) to live in filth.

      This is not an acceptable outcome for me. If I am still alive, if/when that comes to pass, I might just have to expatriate. Exactly where, I do not know.

      • Herr Tortoise,
        It’s time to “Get out of Dodge”!

        From what I gather..Gov. Noisome has declared a Jihad on ICE vehicles….I’ve got some cool real estate in the Dominican Republic you can score …and it ain’t Florida swampland!

        • So, what’s up with the “Herr” bit, ‘Nick?
          Way I see it, if you choose to address me with a Teutonic honorific, you really ought to go full boat, translate my handle as well, and address me as Herr Schildkröte.
          “Why” is beyond my comprehension, but knock yourself out. 🙂

          As to the DR, I know nothing about it. Years ago, my then GF would make noises about emigrating to Costa Rice whenever she got fed up with local conditions, and my sister and I often joke about moving to Patagonia, though that is unlikely.

          So, go ahead. Let’s hear your pitch. 🙂
          “Virtual” plaid sport jacket is optional. 🙂 🙂

          • No Worries Herr Schlidkrote…sorry can’t score the “umlat” correctly.

            From what I gather, you are somewhat..”dissatisfied”..with the situation in your present environment. I’m simply offering an alternative.

            My apologies about the formal tortoise reference..I was just “rationalizing” my final belongings at a bud’s house in FL orange grove land, south of Sebring, and I noticed gopher tortoises all over the place….thus the reference..

            Personally I think CA is fun to VISIT..otherwise grossly overrated and overpriced to live there…..

            Onward through the fog..

            • Hi, ‘Nick,
              Actually, I quite like it here, except for los putos pendejos en Sacramento. Traffic sux, due to so many people, gasoline is expensive, and there are a significant number of “entitled” people who are convinced the world revolves around them, but other than that…

              There *are* “real” people, food is cheap and plentiful, and the weather is unbeatable, except for smog. But, air pollution control measures *do* work. The air here in western Riverside County is *way* cleaner than it was 40 years ago, despite a 2,000,000 increase in population. Mainly, California is, I think, something like the world’s 5th (?) largest economy, all by ourselves.

              Being a major metropolitan area, many things are within easy driving distance that would not be available in a less populated area. I live in a detached house with a nice size backyard, not a stack ‘n pack apartment (which would be totally unacceptable). l have producing citrus, berries, grapes, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. growing on my own property. I like the fact that I can plant tomatoes in January, with almost no threat of frost, which is rare, though not unknown.

              I moved here (actually to Orange County) in the 1970s from New Mexico, in search of better economic opportunity, I was not disappointed at that time, but probably would not make the same decision today, due to high cost of housing. Seriously, I could not afford to buy my own house, in today’s market.

              Some close friends moved from Hermosa Beach to Oklahoma City a year ago, mainly for that reason. They tell me that land is cheap in OK, and they can easily look forward to the prospect of buying 10 acres or so, whereas in SoCal they would never have been able to afford to buy real property.

              I’ve though about bugging out a couple of times, and might have done so if I now lived in Orange County, or Pasadena, where an unremarkable house like the one I’ve owned for the past 40 years would likely fetch ~$1,000,00 or so. Who is paying that kind of money, I have no idea, but who cares? To quote an old Steve Miller song, “take the money and run.”

              Here in Corona, current property valuations are probably 50-60% of what they would be in OC, say Costa Mesa, Garden Grove, or Tustin, but who cares? I expect the bubble will burst at some point (it has before) but I am not planning to move, so I really do not give a rat’s ass what anyone’s property (including my own) is worth “on paper.”

              My perimeter is secured, and I see no reason not to proceed with significant home improvement projects, which I currently have either planned, completed, or in progress.
              It is a nice cozy place, in which I have invested 4o years of my adult life.

              There are tradeoffs for everything…TANSTAAFL.

    • Nunzio,
      “Weedeater Schmedeater”…..enough with the proles using ghastly appliances…to destroy the best of nature’s harvest!
      Why “pray tell” must US Denizens declare war on such graceful botanicals ??

      For example, the humble Dandelion is a nutrient dense superfood that “Muricans” slaughter with abandon …pat themselves on the back over their “green lawns”… then go suck down a “supersized” bag of GMO riddled Doritos….F that!

      I’m headed back to the DR after I play host to a diaspora of Venezuelans (arriving from, Paraguay, Spain, Italy and Panama) that are here to celebrate assorted “Nino, Nina” birthdays during May.
      To stay on topic about motorcycles….Boy I bet those motorbike cowboys herding cattle down there will be really pissed at having to “tend the herd” on batteries!

      The Great Reset just keeps coming on….Yikes.
      Whats your Plan B?

        • Turtle,
          I’m totally psyched about what I discovered in a “Flyover” cruise “quick stop”..destination called the Dominican Republic.

          This country is an “Epcot Center” of world geography…conveniently compressed into an island called Hispaniola..(#22 on the planet by area)..what’s cool about it is all the gringos are scared shitless by the country sharing a border with Haiti..SWEET!

          The border posts..from north to south:
          Elias Pina;
          Jimani and

          are well regulated, with CESFRONT and ZONA MILITAR…checkpoints adjacent to border crossings…for some reason..I had no problem whatsoever drifting around the nebulous border areas (DMZ)?…I’m of Latvian/German heritage..go figure.
          However, the border is “porous” and there are beaucoup illicit crossings.

          That said,
          Always remember…every Haitian that makes it over the border deprives a Dominican of a job opportunity…enough said.

          Semper Fi Lads!

            • No worries, Turtle,
              It sounds like you scored a solid place, WITH CROPS on property!
              Absolutely required in today’s GMO environment.
              I’ll force my cheap ass to spend spend some cash on a non phone camera…there were more than a few “Kodak moments”, that I failed to record, but should have.

              One last comment, during the last 2+ years I’ve been down there I noticed 2 things:

              1) The USA (aka Stupidlandia) has become more so, while

              2) The Dominican Republic’s roads have IMPROVED MATERIALLY..

              What’s that about “Third world country shitholes not tending to infrastructure”?……Hmmmm


      • RE: ““Weedeater Schmedeater” […] Why “pray tell” must US Denizens declare war on such graceful botanicals ??”

        Does poison ivy grow in DR? Limiting the spread of that dangerous plant is The Main reason I use a weedeater. That, and to help create areas to stop brush fires from spreading.

        I let the dandelions multiply, I always have. When I lived in the city, the contrast with my neighbors perfectly maintained glyphospate lawn was, colorful.

        I mowed for the first time this year, yesterday, I kept thinking about, ‘how will people (& me) cope with under-powered, practically worthless, electrical lawn appliances & super expensive and/or scarce fuel?’

        I don’t always keep up with things & the weeds & grasses get pretty thick & overgrown, I can’t imagine trying to use electric equipment to clear that out.

        Someday, I hope to have sheep.

    • Nunz, I doubt we are all going to be Californian’s any time soon. The Peoples Republic of California is rapidly becoming a national laughing stock.
      Hell, they can’t even keep the power on, nor provide even basic services like
      police or sanitation. Don’t even get me started on their impending water shortage. As their tax base collapses, more and more people flee. That has a downside. Its like a zombie plague, which spreads their mental illness to other states. But there is a silver lining to this other wise dark cloud. Most of those with the Prog mental illness are double vaxxed and boosted at this point. Which means over the next two to three years, they are likely to be part of the great die off. Its too bad, but they have brought it on themselves.

  7. Since Calif signed this into law to outlaw the internal combustion engine, when will some manufacturer of cars, motorcycles, lawn equipment, farm equipment get off their rear ends and sue the state for violation of commerce portion of the constitution:

    “No Tax or Duty shall be laid on Articles exported from any State.”

    Regulation meant when the constitution was drafted *to make regular* between States. Any regulation that inhibits trade between the States is a violation.

    Unfortunately Judge Jackson hasn’t read the constitution and if Roberts feels climate change is too deadly to ignore, motor laws are coming.

    • **”Unfortunately Judge Jackson hasn’t read the constitution”**

      It can read?

      Scary thing is, CA. is doing even worse than that in other areas- such as with the meat industry, where it is actually attempting to impose fines on out-of-state producers if they do not meet CA’s ‘standards’, even if they cease selling their products in CA!

      IOW, they are attempting to regulate commerce on the Federal level, and so far AFAIK, the Feds are doing nothing to stop it. If the Feds are not responding to a clear threat to their own power by one of the states, in a situation where the Feds would clearly be in the right and aligned with the Constitution to do so, one might conclude that perhaps it is there desire to use CA. to spread the communism (eh, comrade?).

      • CA is evil in may ways. I’m close to convincing my wife to leave here, I’ve been convinced to leave a long time ago. It turns out, that when you do leave CA, the Franchist Tax Board will go after you in other states. The FTB is CA’s tax collector. For example, if you keep your house and rent it out instead of selling it, they claim you intend to return and need to pay taxes. If you retain any bank account in any bank with a branch in CA, they claim the same. Here’s where it gets better. If you move to a different office of your company in a different state, they still claim you’re employed in CA. It’s freaking nuts! What they do is illegal. Any time somebody challenges this in Federal court, CA loses, however, it’s very expensive to fight. CA knows this, so they go after people aggressively. Some rich people have sued CA for predatory behavior, but the state hides behind sovereign immunity, so they never pay the damages.

        How do you stop a giant state government which knowingly does illegal stuff? It would take legislative action at this point, but there’s no will to do it.

        • Yeah, and they try to claim that, if you bought something in Ohio, you have to pay California sales tax on it, because you live in California. But within CA, sales tax is charged based on where the sale occurs.

          So, for example, I buy from a lumber yard which has a store in:
          Riverside (9.75% sales tax)
          and one in:
          Anaheim (8.75% sales tax)
          I live in Corona, which is about equidistant between these two locations.
          Naturally, I will prefer to drive to Anaheim rather than Riverside.
          Either way, the city where I reside gets zero, and I save a penny.

          Can’t wait for the food fight which will occur if currency goes “all digital,” a.k.a. “all narced.”
          Nastygram$ from the FTB for sales tax on that (one) beer you bought at a pub in Cincinnati
          last year, plus penalty for “late payment.”


          Insanity’s horse truly adorns the sky.
          Strange days in which we live.

          • ‘Insanity’s horse truly adorns the sky. Strange days in which we live.’ — Turtle

            Carnival dogs
            Consume the lines
            Can’t see your face in my mind

            — The Doors

    • I think they just violated that ruling that online out of state retailers have to collect sales tax for the states they’re shipping to.
      The consumer gets boned again, go figure.

  8. Where are the oil conglomerates? Where and how are they fighting for self-preservation? This isn’t a case of buggy builders falling to better technology of automobiles? This is regression in every sense.

    • **”Where are the oil conglomerates”**

      Too busy sucking on the government teat for hand-outs, elimination of competition, and military protection/conquest/theft. And why would they care? ICE or electric…the energy still has to be produced…and ends up coming from the same place…only now, government and large conglomerates will be the customers, cutting the little guys out of the equation, and thus streamlining profitability. Their meal ticket is already bought and paid for…why would they balk?

  9. These things always start with an flawed pretext to support a rent-seeking opportunity. Some seed money is then used by the rent seeker to bribe politicians and pay for a PR campaign. Politicians then support it because of the bribery itself and as an delicious means of control over the populace. It’s also an excellent way for them to raise funds from interests that oppose the measures (they can monetize both sides of the issue). All of it is a back-room conspiracy intended to mulct and enslave us.

    The populace, purposefully distracted by silly scandals, doesn’t see any of it until the trap has already been set. It’s not until they have already been mulcted and enslaved does the populace wake from its slumber. At that point it has to muster whatever collective strength it might have to push back, if at all. This happens time and time again.

    The purpose of government is for those in power to plunder those who are not. -Bastiat

    • ‘The purpose of government is for those in power to plunder those who are not.’ – Bastiat

      Ukraine Live Updates: Pelosi Pledges U.S. Support ‘Until Victory Is Won’ – NY Times, May 1, 2022

  10. The Psychopaths In Charge have assumed Godhood. Proclaiming an ability to STOP the ever changing climate from ever changing again. They were “forced” to assume such power, because “global warming” refused to happen. Hence the claim of “climate change”. As if it was avoidable. Statistically zero people have the slightest notion of the details of climate and how it works. For all they know, we should be burning tires to offset immanent cooling.
    There is a reason the species has advanced so much in the last 10k years. Better weather, as in warmer. Warmer is MUCH easier to deal with than cooler. Walking home from a bar, and passing out in someone’s yard, I much prefer too warm to too cold.

    • Right on JK!

      I can attest that it’s better to pass out in someone’s yard when it’s warm!

  11. Here in WA we’re in on the Electric 2030 Car scam too, our glorious leader Jaydolf Dimslee signed the legislation to do this. Thought I could ride out retirement here in Eastern WA but having second thoughts.

  12. If the motorcycle “loophole” is not closed when all the cagers are forced into EVs I predict there will be more options for practical tadpole trikes like the Elio prototype. Polaris could fit their slingshot with a more utilitarian body and we could row our own gears in the rain without looking like some alien invader. Maybe a new player will enter the field and give us a true lightweight economical performance beast with room for a passenger, groceries and a luggage rack up top for 2×4’s. A guy can dream can’t he?
    Arcimoto looked promising but they drank the EV coolaid up there in the northwest. At least their vehicle is more electric appropriate than the prevailing lead sleds.
    Aptera’s first prototype was gas but they too have gone to electric. Such a shame.
    Since the big club wants the world to become Chy-na I bet they’ll just do what the CCP did and ban motorcycles from their top tier blue utopia cities. Once the sticks get hollowed out from economic starvation and you’re forced into a stack and pack commie block to work and eat the bus is all you’ll have, Johnny Cab if your anti-social credit score is high enough.

    • Hi Dual,

      I remain hopeful – because it’s still a big country, with lots of rural areas and lots of people in them who aren’t going to just accept all of this. Some yes, surely. The ones who Diapered up. But lots didn’t – the “media” just did a bang-up job suppressing the fact.

      Things always look worse before they get better (unless we get dead). And so long as we’re alive, there’s always a chance things will get better.

  13. A lot of my summer rides exceed the distance capability of the available e bikes out there and if that isn’t bad enough I even like the sound of the engine and even more shifting gears. So why would I even want a two wheeled mobility scooter unless .gov starts using potentially lethal force? As an aside I can’t remember if this story was written in the 70’s or 80’s but it was about the government banning motorcycles; although you were allowed to keep it; they encased it in plastic. Our hero removes it from its plastic crypt and flees to the wastelands to be free. Hopefully that scenario doesn’t happen.

    • Morning, Landru!

      I thought about adding a few lines about electric motorcycles – about them not being motorcycles. The latter have engines and transmissions with gears the rider shifts, himself. A two-wheeler with an electric motor and direct drive/CVT is a scooter or moped, no matter how quick it may be. While I have nothing against scooters and Mopeds, they are not and never will be motorcycles.

  14. ‘We live in inverted times.’ — eric

    Here’s an important message from the Lügenpresse, aimed at denialist foot-draggers and saboteurs:

    ‘Republicans running for the seat of Ohio’s retiring senator, Rob Portman, appear determined to bury the soft-spoken country-club bonhomie that was once a hallmark of the party in this state, and replace it with the pugilistic brand of conservatism owned by Donald J. Trump and now amplified by the new band of Buckeye bomb throwers.’ – NYT

    That is, if you’re a cringing, castrated RINO who prefers to ‘mend not end’ every single socialist power grab, you’ll be liked and lionized by the Mainstream Media.

    But if you don’t obsequiously ‘Yassuh’ and “No suh’ the imperious rulers of the liberal plantation, then you’re an uppity bomb thrower who needs to be silenced – for the children.

    ‘Soft-spoken country-club bonhomie,’ my bleeding ass. That’s one for the ages. Twats.

  15. I have long banged my head on the wall trying to understand the hold “climate change” has on media-govt-corporate complex.
    Claims demand proof, and that proof is delivered in the form of models (ala the kind that said Covid was 3% fatal). Proof is not delivered in the form of real evidence.

    This is why every claim about our impending doom has not come to pass, yet it persists as if it were fact.

    Will electric motorcycles be mandated? Probably, just like CA has decreed lawn equipment will be electric, so why would they leave bikes alone?

    We are not in the realm of logic, fact, or scientific inquiry. Science TM has declared it so in the interest of $$$$.

    • “the hold “climate change” has on media-govt-corporate complex.”
      Turn it around Dan. The complex has a hold on “climate change”, to produce a desired result having nothing to do with climate change.
      They want you kneeling, and the lower you kneel the better.

    • co2 bs = insanity. another nutcase theory for low iq leftist morons
      This professor completly dismantles the climate change lie, worth watching, these leftists pushing this climate change bs are the biggest liars in history.

      Climate change just like covid is purely political and religious, based on fake science. Climate change, the new GAIA cult religion, like it’s brother covid, a big favorite of the communist, reset, one world government, satanic cult freaks, chasing you with the nazi needle to exterminate you.

      Don’t lose sight of the fact that the whole scam is being used to hide a financial crime, they looted the place.

      No pension money left = need depopulation now.

      • Have to laugh at the Yewtewb editorial subtitle.
        What do they call changes in weather patterns which are manifestly *NOT* caused by human activity? They must have a different name for that…
        What is it?


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