The Final Exam

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Attempting to get people to “mask up” was the first test. The second was attempting to get them to roll up their sleeves for the Jab. Many failed both tests. Now comes the most important test – the final exam, so to speak. It is the attempt to get them to hand over the one thing that, so far, has probably prevented anyone – in the U.S. – from being forced, at  gunpoint – to submit to masks and Jabs. 

Those two latter words in italics to convey the Cliff’s Notes essential points of this exam.

They were able to get most people to put on that vile device styled a “mask” – using the cudgel of denial of service, travel or employment. But it was not universal denial as there were alternatives, including places that would serve an “unmasked” person or work with them. Or you could work (and travel) on your own. It was inconvenient to not submit to “mask” wearing – but it wasn’t all that hard, either.

And it wasn’t forced.

Similarly as regards the drugs styled “vaccines” that were pushed by the government, using the corporations and other “private” businesses that no longer are, in the sense that they are only allowed to be in business if the government says so. And how so. As such, they have become proxy agents of the government. Some – like the creators of the drugs being pushed – use this symbiotic relationship to get the government to pressure people who work for these “private” businesses to take the drugs they make and which they make a great deal of money by pushing.

But no one was actually forced to take these drugs styled “vaccines.” You could avoid the stores and restaurants that demanded it. You could quit your job, if your employer insisted upon it – and find a different job, rather than submit to it.

You could refuse.

And there was little the government – or the corporations that have become the proxies of government – could do about it. Other than refuse to “serve” (or employ) you.

These were not the times that try mens’ souls.

What will happen, though, if it should come to pass that government has all the guns? And thereby, both the means to force you to “mask up” – and to roll up your sleeve?

Certainly, it has lots of guns right now. And it has shown it is eager to use them, whenever the opportunity arises. More accurately, whenever it knows there won’t be much in the way of resistance – by people who have guns, too.

Government doesn’t like a fair fight. Neither, for that matter, do the corporations that have become proxy agents of the government, who prefer an unfair fight – against potential competition – by using the government to protect them from it, viz the way the big box chain stores were able to use the government during the “lockdowns” to close the doors of smaller, independent businesses so as to cattle-chute people through the open doors of their big box stores.

But even then, there were still alternatives – because “lockdowns,” as they were styled (the styling being psychologically significant as it was and is meant to habituate the general population to life in prison, previously the only places where “lockdowns” happened) could not be universally enforced. Or rather, the attempt wasn’t made to universally enforce them, here – probably because of the fact that there are millions of guns in the hands of private citizens, here.

This isn’t to suggest government couldn’t have overwhelmed the armed citizenry, had it actually come to that.

It is to state the fact that it would have been harder.

Note that it was much easier to impose much more severe – even universal – “lockdowns” in the countries where “guns” are “controlled.” That is to say, countries in which the people are totally controlled, in part by assuring that only the government has guns. And for that reason, the populace is much easier to control.

As in Australia and New Zealand, for instance.

And as in Chyna.

Is this corollary coincidental? Is it coincidental that in those same countries, there is no First Amendment and thus no impediment to not only censoring what people are allowed to say and publish but also nothing to prevent the dragging of people out of their homes by men from the government – armed with guns – for saying and publishing anything the government doesn’t want them to say or publish?

Would the government of this country have been able to simply seize the bank accounts of anyone who contributed money to the Trucker Protest or any other actually peaceful protest the government didn’t approve of – as was done by the government of Canada?

Maybe yes. But the fact is, no. This government didn’t make that move. Not yet, at any rate.

Could it be coincident with the existence of the Second Amendment?

This whole “masking” – and Jabbing – business was, fundamentally, about controlling – and degrading – the subject. It was an assertion of Who’s Boss? And the wanted answer is – not us. Not you, not I.

Only them.

Oberstgruppenfuhrer der Gesundheit Docktor Professor Fauci said as much the other day, when he said that renewed attempts to re-enforce the recently rescinded “mask” mandate on airplanes and in within other forms of “public” (that is, government-controlled) transportation wasn’t about the “masks.” It was – it is – about Who’s Boss.

And it easier to be Boss when those you boss not only know they haven’t got the guns but who let themselves be degraded by allowing their guns to be taken away from them, by the people who want to be their Boss in all things, forever.

As in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Chyna.

God help us, it will not be as here.

. . .

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  1. I haven’t been commenting here because it hasn’t been letting me. But I’ve got to give it a go in view of how Eric has been deceived about something.

    Eric, you make out that we here in Australia let ourselves be disarmed. But that simply isn’t so, and a careful look into the data shows it. For instance, the “gun buyback” seriously UNDERSPENT its budget, which means that most guns around then simply weren’t ever turned in. And, of course, the channels that brought guns in are still open, as current crime figures show (I myself know some local contacts for that).

    • PMLawrence, thanks for posting your perspective. I don’t pay much attention to the mainstream media, but it’s still able to influence me into believing that everyone in Australia is disarmed and feeble minded. Thanks for providing some good news for a change.

      However, it what you’re saying is true, then I don’t see much hope for this country fighting back any better than what’s been going on in your country. Gun owners will just become outlaws.

      • I attended both the pro- and anti-ban rallies here in Melbourne back in the day, to see for myself what was going on. The anti-ban one had about three times as many supporters, so many that I was trapped in a pub long enough to miss the start of a film I wanted to see afterwards (Jumanji). Yet you would never have known that from the media, who I actually saw callously trying to coax a gunshot victim away from her anti-ban support to give them something they could use (they had been trotting out her horrific facial injuries for their agenda all along anyway).

    • Hi P.M. –

      I hope that’s so. However, it is a fact, is it not, that for most Aussies, being found in possession of a gun is going to get you in serious trouble. Especially a concealed handgun on your person, while outside of your home. Or an “assault rifle” in your home. Ergo, having a gun is largely useless except in absolute extremis. It is like secretly holding onto a car you’d better not drive in case they see you using it.

      • A couple of times, here in England, builders have discovered small caches of guns, walled-up in houses that are being renovated … usually after the deaths of the owners.

        This is the English equivalent of, “I lost ’em in a boating accident.”

        Around 220 years ago, Jane Austen wrote, in Northanger Abbey, of an England … “where every man is surrounded by a network of voluntary spies”. But, the fact is that this is YOUR reality, too, no-matter where you live.

        These are the facts, as I discern them. When the possession of firearms is criminalized, if you happen to possess one, then:

        you dare not use it in public
        you dare let no-one know of its existence
        its very existence becomes a threat to your safety
        the best you can hope for is a long prison sentence
        the weapon is useless to you

        The people who say, “Let them make it illegal, I’m keeping mine.” I hold in contempt … because they speak either from bravado, or from wilful ignorance. The ‘boating accident’ types are even worse.

        I’d even suggest that the PTB WANT you to embrace these ideas of finding ‘work-arounds’ to the Law, because they provide a man with easy paths, excuses for inaction whilst maintaining his self-respect.

        The mere possession of firearms is utterly meaningless, just like that car which you fear to use.

        There IS an answer to ‘gun-control’, but there’s only one and it doesn’t involve Politics. All the rest is wasted effort. Well, that’s my opinion, anyway … based upon living amongst a populace which is effectively unarmed, and having watched the process unfold. One of the things I’ve noted is that Tyranny is not something which is imposed from the top, down. It’s actually something which is demanded, from the bottom, up. None of these Laws would be effective, without the collaboration of a huge part of the Society.

        • Small quibble, you live amongst a populace that was disarmed and is now unarmed. Politics as wasted effort. Maybe sometimes but… I don’t know if you follow the US Supreme Court but a significant ruling came down today determining certain infringements, as we like to call them here, calling for a person to demonstrate a reason to carry a firearm in public in NY unconstitutional. Thus buh-bye to these unconstitutional state laws. But maybe the best part was Supreme Court Justice Thomas (he’s black) opening his opinion with how and why, on a historical basis, US gun control laws are RACIST! Hahahahahahahahahahaha! OHHHHHH man, leftist gun grabber heads must be exploding all over the place tonight.

      • “Largely useless” … um … that depends on what you are trying to do and how you are trying to do it.

        Now think of the precedent in Ireland of “the pike in the thatch”, and the way guns from forty years earlier were literally dug up in the ’70s. I don’t think you’re looking properly at how these things work out.

        If it comes to using guns seriously at that sort of level, it already is “in extremis”.

          • It started with the ban, pushing thirty years ago, so all those guns not turned in are still waiting somewhere – and they are waiting for the time, not the men, and even if the time is forty years all up, the time is soon.

          • Better men know not to allow the enemy to choose the time and place of an engagement. Its no longer about numbers. Attrition warfare is so 20th (and earlier) century. Time, place and status are vital. Never play the enemies game, by the enemies rules.

        • Hi PM.

          Good points. Weapons are simply tools. Tools give you options you wouldn’t have other wise. Keeping ones options open is a wise decision. But simply having tools doesn’t mean you have the skill and wisdom to use them. Knowing if/when to use a certain tool makes all the difference.

          Looking at past history, multi trillion dollar budgets hasn’t helped the Empires military win wars. They have lost every war they’ve been in since WWII. I’ve no doubt that this will continue. Those who study why the Empire has lost, understand their strengths and weaknesses. You might be interested in looking up the works of William S Lind, if you are interested in why they keep losing.

  2. The PTBs have dragged out Matthew McConaughey to speak up in favor of gun control, and the mainstream media are all over it.

    It was McConaughey who made a series of appeals early in 2020 in favor of masking, telling Americans to “stop making it all about politics.” Prior to his pleading, Republicans and libertarians largely avoided mask wearing in public, viewing the mask as the Democrat’s answer to the MAGA hat. One can’t help wondering what effect his entreaty will have this time around.

    • Hi Jim,

      It astounds me that so many people give credence to the sayings of actors. In this regard, to millionaire actors who have plenty of armed security to protect themselves. Who also live the high life in massive, energy-hogging homes while urging us to be ashamed for our use of old pick-ups and SUVs.

  3. Excellent commentary.
    Recent refugees here in Tennessee from N. California
    Was restricted on types of guns back in that shithole.
    Now, I’m a 75 y/o John Wick with a gun in every room.

  4. At least before they kill me because of noncompliance, I will hurt them as much as I can. You either go down on your knees, or in a pool of blood sticking to your guns…as a human being and not as a squishy leftist regenderized turd.

    This choice is easier to make because I am older…staring at the abyss of death and not at the expectations of a long life. I have little to lose whereas the younger generations have much more to consider.

    In any event, the bottom line for the likes of parasites such as gates, fauci, schwab, the Dummy, WHO and the WEF is that people die and the population is reduced to a few billion or less. And all of them will be controlled slaves or regurgitated robots.

      • If the day comes when I am compelled to dig my own grave at gunpoint, instead of complying I will die using the shovel as a deadly weapon. Maybe I will succeed, likely I will fail, but they will get to dig the hole, not me.

    • Without a doubt! Much more i n my mind, but you captured the simplicity of how the constitution represent the foundi g fathers knowledge of hoe inqusitional propaganda steers the masses in a retro anti cognitive preception of reality, callked illuysion and myth in the midst of Allegorical deceptions of imporegnated ducational mis-disinformation that superseeds the relevence to what we see as a natural reality of proverse cinditioned consciousness’ in the vally of tyranical hegemonic aristocratic grandeur>

  5. I listen to Canadian AM radio from time to time, a station in Winnipeg. There is gun control in Canada, you can’t have one. When you hear news stories from Winnipeg, people use knives to settle scores, they use cars to run people over. Plenty of violent crime in Winnipeg.

    How can you stop a criminal with homicidal tendencies? You won’t. A jealous husband out to kill his wife’s lover happens now and then. Tough to stop that when only one person knows what is going to happen.

    You’ll just have to ban knives, cars, bats (Al Capone’s favorite weapon of choice).

    There are some 3000 gangs in China, 1.5 million members, they are going to commit crimes. Somebody has to do something, for crying out loud.

    Remember when Theo Van Gogh had two cutlasses driven to the hilt into both of his lungs?

    Crime exists and you won’t cure the problem by banning guns.

  6. To those who say the government will have to pry Americans’ guns out of their cold dead hands doesn’t understand how this works. Thanks in part to the secularization and libertine-izing of our society, we for the most part have forgotten the importance of virtue, especially the big four of Fortitude, Prudence, Temperance, and Justice. There is no reason to seriously believe in these things anymore! As a result, we have created such a decadent, relativistic, soft, effeminate society that’s so addicted to luxury and ease, so unable to know when to turn off the hedonism tap, that the “consequential” majority of gun owners will give up their guns “voluntarily” when the heat turns up just a little bit. It kind of gives me a queasy feeling to even think about the collapse of virtue and its possible consequences (no, really, it’s a literal feeling where I could use some pepto-bismol or some nap-time. It’s disgusting!)

    The “American Dream” with the big house and the cushy lifestyle and the vacations is too much to resist for most. Just threaten them with a job loss, arrest, frozen assets, death, etc., see what happens to our so-called “gun-totin’ freedom-lovin’ red-blooded Americans.” Soon the resistance will be a few splinter cells that can be squashed like ants.

    The founders said only a highly virtuous society can preserve liberty, I’m not seeing that essential ingredient in our core-rotting society. We measure our progress by technological advance, perhaps the correct metric is how well we keep and build on tradition and virtue. Who cares if we go to Mars if society is collapsing.

    • But issues like prolonging the scamdemic for petty benefits via Brandon provided “tests” is a big fuckin’ joke to your 17 year old or whatever ass.

      • Close bud, I’m 18, but that’s besides the point. The joke is that you had to turn that whole thread about tests political for no reason. Perhaps you really are a Doofy Doofulous.

        • The thread speaks for itself. That you don’t understand the reason doesn’t mean there is no reason.

    • Hi Big,

      I understand your points and don’t deny the general thrust. But bear in mind we – royal we – see what they want us to see. Therefore, we do not see the virtues you mention on TeeVee. But that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. I see them in the people I know. Including the people here. Don’t give up hope just yet – because the situation isn’t hopeless. Have . . . fortitude!

      • Hi Eric

        Red Flag Gun Laws Set The Stage For Selective Disarmament Of Conservatives

        Red Flag laws, also known as “Extreme Protection Orders,” are generally associated with assumptions of mental health and instability (remember the word “assumptions”). The parameters of such laws tend to be incredibly broad and ambiguous, and allow for almost anyone in regular proximity to a person to accuse them of being psychologically unstable. The accusation can come from a family member, a significant other, a work associate, etc.

        Once the accusation is made, authorities can confiscate the target person’s firearms without due process under the law on the grounds that they present a danger to themselves and others. No jury, no testing, no proof is required to get a court order. It is then up to the accused to prove they are NOT unstable

        The non placebo bioweapon shots were targeted to conservative areas too……..

        from zh comments

        The people who can’t define what a woman is will be deciding your mental health.

        When the assumption of guilt becomes law no one is free. What we’re seeing is the reincarnation of the Gestapo.

        • Hi Anon,

          Yes – in re Red Flag “laws.” And it was Orange Man who endorsed them. As he endorsed the “pandemic.” And Fauci. And “vaccines.”

          • Hi Eric

            Most gun crimes are committed by ethnic people against their own and often against white people as a hate crime……and democrats let them out of jail to do it again….

      • Hi Eric

        Disarm people, then starve them…….

        Globalists Are Taking Over the Food System — It’s Part of Their Plan to Control You

        The globalist takeover is coming at us from every possible angle. Whether we’re talking about biosecurity, finance, housing, healthcare, energy, transportation or food, all the changes we’re now seeing have one goal, and that is to force compliance with the globalists’ agenda.

        The global food system, and protein sources, in particular, are currently under coordinated and intentional attacks to manufacture food shortages and famine.

        The globalist elite intend to eliminate traditional farming and livestock and replace it with indoor-grown produce and lab-created protein alternatives that they own and control.
        While the presence of hundreds of food brands gives the appearance of market competition, the reality is that the food industry is monopolized by fewer than a dozen companies, and all of them, in turn, are largely owned by BlackRock and Vanguard.

        Eventually, your ability to buy food will be tied to your digital identity and social credit score.

        • Hi Anon,

          Indeed – as regards being allowed to buy food and so on being tied to a digital identity. Being armed and – if need be, prepared to defend oneself and one’s right to eat (and live) is the only bulwark against this. As difficult as it was for many to say No! to “masks,” the urgency of saying No! to this is even more so.

          • Hi Eric

            First Guns, Then They Will Come For Your Gold

            There have perhaps been no greater examples of government hypocrisy than there were during the pandemic lockdowns. The peons (like you, the reader) were given one set of instructions: namely, to lock down, wear a mask, shut down your business and not even so much as breathe without government permission – while government officials played by their own set of rules.
            They were exempt injections, didn’t wear masks, had large parties with no masks or social distancing, flew all over the world in jets, the rich elite, did the same thing.

            And not unlike guns, gold could very well be the next item the government tries to confiscate. If you’re reading this blog, you likely already know that gold is sound money – which is why Central Banks hold it in reserve.

            The more I listen to goldbugs on podcasts and in alternative media lately, the more I keep hearing one caveat that I haven’t heard in days past: that peons should be careful with their gold miner investments because, at some point, the government could nationalize miners.
            It’s a reality now when it wasn’t in years past because of how dramatically the global monetary system is changing, thanks to pornographic amounts of sovereign debt and Russia and China collectively challenging the dollar.

            When you think about it, it all comes down to control. In a system where currency is backed by gold and citizens have the individual right to own firearms, what do those two things give us, the peons? They give us power and control on a par with government – they level the playing field to some degree.


    • Big Daddy,
      Liberty is contagious. If a few gun owners vigorously resist, shall we say, others may follow suit rather than just give up. On the other side, meeting such dangerous resistance may discourage some of the enforcers from continuing in their current occupation. The main difference between this category, and other armed goon victim categories is that ALL of those in this category are armed. Many of them quite well. Many of them have spent more time at the range than the goons have.

    • The tyrants have their ear to the ground through social media and artificial intelligence, yet they still deeply fear our guns.

  7. For well over a hundred years, working in or for the government has always been beneath the elite. FDR, JFK, and Ike all pointed out that the people pulling the strings are not elected, and will never face the consequences of what their propaganda machines portray as haphazard. FDR pointed out that none of this is by accident. Government is there for no other reason than to provide muscle to enforce the elite’s edicts, and prop up someone to blame after the SHTF.

    The first time I saw one of the major ammunitions manufacturer’s advertisements claiming that they were still doing their best to get their munitions delivered, but that the problem wasn’t an inability on their part to produce ammunition, I thought this was an excellent marketing idea, but now I’m starting to think this may very well be one of the ways the ptb do an end run around the 2nd amendment.

    Every other weekend I can hear a neighbor off in the distance literally going through at least a thousand, maybe two thousand dollars worth of ammunition. I suspect that most people rarely if ever go out and do any practice shooting at all. They have no clue what they’re in for, but even those who do practice regularly don’t have a lifetime supply. What happens when they run out?

    What better way to disarm the populace than by cutting the supply lines? Better yet create hyperinflation, cut food, medicine(guess what happens when antipsychotic meds are no longer available?), baby food, etc. supply lines and wait for wholesale pandemonium to take out half the population. By that time, most of the ammo will be spent, and the government can come in and take out the stragglers.

    • Which is why ever since the component shortage that came about the year of Clinton’s “assault weapon” gun control, I’ve maintained a huge stock of reloading components. Enough for tens of thousands of rounds. I’m old, so I don’t shoot as much as I used to, but I can still make ammo. Another source is a guerilla tactic. Using your opponents supply. Which is a good reason to have guns in 9mm and 5.56/223. Which I do.

  8. Armed Americans didn’t prevent the government from passing the Patriot Act to surveil us or from establishing the DHS and TSA in the early 2000s. Certainly didn’t stop it from instituting lockdowns in March-April 2020 and attempting to mandate vaccination for 70% of Americans to work.

    However, I do believe it played a major part in preventing the US from going full China like so many disarmed Western nations. I can’t foresee a time Americans would willingly hand in their guns, en masse. I don’t see that happening at all and unlike China, which has undergone a century of cultural conditioning and careful social engineering,there is just enough of a “liberty minded” culture left to forestall the globalist agenda to turn every planet on earth into China.

    That’s why I firmly believe they are pushing so hard to disarm everyone. The covid scare failed, too many people awakened, seeing all the vax injuries.They know their time is limited before people start marching with the pitchforks, so now they’re showing their desperation.

    • npckiller, the only thing I would point out is that this is all a distraction from the fact that at the perfect moment, they can shut down your ammunition supplier. What do all the armed Americans do then? They’ll probably stop wasting their ammo on target practice, and make each and every shot count until they’re all out. I’ve got a sling shot somewhere, but my aim is pathetic at anything over ten feet.

      • Don’t wait until “then”. I didn’t, and have laid in a supply of more ammo than I could possibly ever need. And my excess will make great barter currency after TSHTF.

    • Unlike our opponents, most liberty minded people are also peace loving. However, when armed goons are coming to your door, threatening to kill you if you don’t give up your guns, that long fuse may have burned to the end. I know its true of myself. I have a long fuse, but there’s always been a big bang at the end of it. When I turn the inner psychopath we all have loose.

  9. Interesting how the nations that foolishly disarmed (NZ, AU) almost became North Korea.
    Not only do I live in FL, but I’m in a 2A sanctuary county (Marion).
    I can see Australian style lockdowns, covid camps and other abuses in US blue cities, but it simply won’t happen in the redder areas of the US.
    The reason being is that in order for cops and deputies to collect on their pensions, they must first be alive…
    Noam sayin’?

    • Hey Dave, have you seen the map of the US by counties? Even in blue states, most counties are red. Most of the country is red, and most of the country will fold when the powers that be unleash a real pandemic or biological weapon.

      I helped a friend of mine move from California over to Dunnellon in Marion County. I decided to stay as well, and bought a place in Citrus county. What’s a 2A Sanctuary county?

  10. I’m almost skeptical as to why Ohio governor DeWine allowed concealed carry to now be ‘legal’ without permit or training this month. I trust DeWine about as far as I can throw Lizzo.

    Don’t get me started on why concealed carry has to be ‘permitted’, considering if anyone wants to do harm, they will break laws far worse than, ya know, concealing a gun…

    • Welcome to the wonderful world of constitutional carry. It’s a beautiful thing, open carry or concealed, we don’t need no stinking permission from kleptocrats. Our rights originate from a place where the streets have no name and the Government has no say so.

  11. The Top 10 Creepiest and Most Dystopian Things Pushed by the World Economic Forum (WEF)

    The World Economic Forum (WEF) is one of the most powerful organizations in the world. And, throughout the years, people at the WEF have said some truly insane and dystopian things. And they’ve managed to word these things in the creepiest ways possible.

    Here are the top 10 most insane things said by the WEF.

    #2 “Smartphones will be in your body by 2030”

    #4 “Recalibrating” freedom of speech
    An easy way to identify world leaders who are groomed by the WEF is through their incessant railing against free speech. They absolutely hate it and they’re constantly calling for the internet to be censored and highly regulated. At the 2022 Davos meeting, Australian “eSafety commissioner” Julie Inman Grant stated that we need a “recalibration of free speech”.

    #6 “Take a Peek at the Future”
    The video is filled with masked people (permanent masking), purell dispensers, and QR codes

    #7 Praising Massive Lockdowns
    the WEF could not hide its love of drastic, life-destroying lockdowns. In fact, it released a video surrealistically called “Lockdowns are quietly improving cities around the world”.

    #10 Penetrating Governments
    We penetrate the cabinets. So yesterday I was at a reception for Prime Minister Trudeau and I know that half of his cabinet, or even more than half of his cabinet, are actually Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum, (that place is screwed), It’s true in Argentina and it’s true in France, with the President – a Young Global Leader.

  12. Eric you saying that cause the US has guns they could not do what they do in countries where guns are not allowed you are forgetting the boston marathon bomber incident. tanks went up streets forcing the people outside screaming at them pointing their rifles at them then going in and searching the houses. NOTHING was done and the cucked sheep who were forced into the streets were chanting USA..USA USA

    • Hi SPQR,

      “…you saying that cause the US has guns they could not do what they do in countries where guns are not allowed.”

      I’m hoping enough Americans are left who will not roll over on their backs and piss themselves. This includes me, should push come to shove.

      • Hi Eric

        talk about taking away guns……..

        Now they have a whole country not co operating in the globalist one world government agenda, that they want to disarm/regime change. Stalin and Hitler were the same problem…so we have WW3 to get rid of the new problem…

        The elite nobility/globalists have been trying to put in place a worldwide one world centralized communist government for a long time.

        Stalin was a nationalist who wanted his own communist empire not a globalist communist one world government, so they put hitler in place to get rid of stalin,

        hitler, same problem, also became a nationalist so they started a war to get rid of him.

        The current leaders of all the G7 countries are all in for a one world communist central government controlled by the UN, the globalists are making progress.

        Russia doesn’t seem interested now in a one world communist central government controlled by the UN, it looks like they have another nationalist leader only interested in looking after/running their own affairs. Now the globalists need another war to get rid of that leader.

      • The question is whether there are enough citizens who will tell the government NO when ordered by them to do something that clearly violates the Constitution. Since American soldiers have repeatedly gone overseas to fight undeclared, and so illegal, wars, without any resistance, aside from that Michael New exercised, one needs to be doubtful that they will refuse to turn their government issued guns on their fellow Americans. Love your neighbor but clean your rifle.

      • It appears some AI other forms of infiltration have appeared on Eric’s fine site. Not a big surprise when he starts talking truth to power. I usually love the comments here, but it looks like they are taking a left turn…

          • david = a bot or a low life leftist/communist/satanist paid by the government with taxpayers dollars, paid troll, sent to attack anyone revealing the truth about the leftist/satanist nazi death medicine medical cartel, one subject that can’t be discussed…

            These satanists….employed by a convicted serial felon….haha…

            The medical industry causes 440k deaths a yr in America alone due to “medical errors” (partially defined as an unintended outcome even under correctly administered care)

            and over 100k annual deaths due to legal drugs. This is only from the reports we know about.

            another reason not to trust blindly any company currently producing vaccines in the United States. Each one of the four vaccine producers “is a convicted serial felon: Glaxo, Sanofi, Pfizer, Merck.”
            “In the past 10 years, just in the last decade, those companies have paid 35 billion dollars in criminal penalties, damages, fines, for lying to doctors, for defrauding science, for falsifying science, for killing hundreds of thousands of Americans knowingly.”

            • Re: germ theory

              It was proven wrong 120 years ago, but selling drugs and poisonous vaccines is the most profitable business on the planet, so the lie goes on.

              Pasteur the not a doctor moron who invented it, admitted it was bs.

              Bechamp the smartest man in history, (he had 4 Phd’s), said it was bs, that is all the proof you need…… If you say it is real that means you are smarter then Bechamp, the odds of that are below zero.

              Bloody morons this is worse then believing in the tooth fairy, or the honesty of politicians….lol…

      • Hi Eric

        Watch: Tucker Carlson Warns “Disarming You Is The Point” Of Biden Gun Control Push

        The point of this, of course, is to disarm people who did not vote for Joe Biden, and that is why simultaneous with this, this effort to recategorize the guns in your closet as felonies, Democrats have been failing to prosecute gun crimes in our cities where most of the crime is,” Carlson further declared.

        from zh comments

        I work for the utilities and I’m getting solar and a pair of power wall units.
        FJB is gonna turn off the juice. Then he’s gonna trade juice for guns.

        • Conservative Republicans tend to be a bit more law abiding, and I think this is what the left are assuming will continue through the great disarmament. What do you think? I think lawlessness of the elite and their government stooges breeds lawlessness of the unwashed masses.

          No doubt there will be those who will trade in their guns to turn the power back on, but I think there are going to be a whole lot of people out there who will have no problem selling their guns on the black market to this brand new breed of gun owners, i.e. those who have just legislated into outlaws.

          • Hi Schnarkle,

            I think – I hope – people understand that if they give up their guns, they have given up everything. Because there will no longer be anything to prevent the Left from making you do everything they say. From wearing a Face Diaper to being injected. Because what are you going to do about it?

            • Eric, you only have the rights you can defend. I think its Frederick Douglass who said (paraphrased), “Whatever tyranny you will accept is exactly how much you will get”.

            • Hi Eric

              You will own nothing, be homeless….if not culled, herded into a soviet style 200 sq ft. housing unit, if you get your monthly demon shot booster…….and eat ground up bugs twice a day…..

              Inflation Will Price Many Americans Out Of Housing And Into Homelessness

              Massive conglomerates like Blackstone and Blackrock have been increasingly involved in the housing market since the crash of 2008.

              While Blackrock claims it has no involvement with the single-family housing market, it works closely with companies that are involved, buying up multiple houses and bundles of distressed mortgages.

              Blackstone has continued to buy houses in bulk for the past decade, removing properties from the market for a time. These mass purchases give the public the impression that local sales are “hot” and that the market is thriving. As you might expect, these actions force prices up even further to meet this artificial demand.

              One solution to the housing problem would be a moratorium on corporate purchases of homes. That would limit hedge funds and investment banks to speculating on industrial and retail properties.

              Banks have been stuffing MBS into CMBS for years.With Blackrock,Blackstone and others buying up whole neighborhoods.These homes were packaged into MBS then stuffed into CMBS and sold. The MBS stuffed CMBS are called Private Label CMBS. And the CMBS market is sick


              • Hi Anon,

                I grant that they may “cull” me. But they will not herd me. I have so decided. If they will not leave me be – asking nothing else from anyone else – and they come for me regardless – then they will have to take me. And in that event, I feel no obligation to just come with them.

                • another bot or a low life leftist/communist/satanist troll, paid by the government with taxpayers dollars, crawls out from under the bridge……

    • That lockdown was the whole purpose of the Boston Marathon false flag. And the proof was that a good portion of the Tsarnaev trial was held in secret.

      • Hi John,

        I remember thinking, at the time of the Boston test, that it was just exactly that. The first time a mass “lock down” was successfully performed outside of a prison. The people of Boston proved not-strong. And so did most of the rest of the people of this country, when they were tested.

        But perhaps they have learned their lesson.

        • Hi Eric

          you might find out this fall, the monkeypox lockdowns coming?….lol…then the climate change lockdowns….maybe they are just getting started…..Caterine Fitts said they have spent $72 trillion on the reset so won’t stop now…….

    • SPQR…
      Good comment…. the last time I saw those initials …I was puking up too much Anisette in Rome over a manhole cover with Exactly Those Initials!….Senate and People of Rome….Right on!

  13. In writings like these it is made to look that the terror is behind us .It certainly is not ,the worst is yet to come .The aim is to eliminate by any means most of the population of earth,and enslave the left overs if there are any .That’s what the Oberstgruppensturmfuehrers plans are .Nothing less .

  14. Disarmament is the hill I will die on. Decided long ago. I may waiver in response to other tyranny, but not on this one. My guns will indeed have to be taken from “my cold dead hands”. More people die under tyranny than do opposing it. “Give me liberty or give me death” is survival instruction.

    • you aint doing nothing and that includes all those with guns who talk shit and do nothing like all those cops feds troopers rangers at the tex-ass school shooting who pranced around like roosters with their cowboy hats and military hardware. men in the US cant even stand up to their wives. if they banned ammo and semi auto rifles would make no difference cause nobody did shit when they had guns. US went from 92% white to maybe 58% white with the govt declaring war on white people even women at a school meeting

      • “you ain’t doing nothing”
        There is a difference between all other infringement of rights, and infringing on the right to be armed. All the targets are armed. Even if a small portion of them put up a fight, every enforcer has to more seriously wonder whether they will survive the next encounter.
        They don’t know how large a portion might resist, and neither do you.
        You have only the rights you can defend. Disarmament is a removal of that ability. Many will not abide it.

    • Hey John, if more people die under tyranny than those who oppose it, then the question becomes what percentage of the people who oppose tyranny end up dead?

      • Shnarkle,
        The other question, what percentage of those who submit end up dead? In the current trajectory of de-population, it’s a toss up. There is no doubt whatsoever that those who submit will suffer a much lesser life experience. We all die. What does your death represent? Kneeling or standing?

  15. There never should have been a Bill of Rights. Those who feared that it would lead people to believe that the government grants rights have been proven correct.

    Instead, the substance of the Tenth Amendment should have been the Constitution’s opening sentence. Or better yet, they could have just stuck with the Articles of Confederation.

    I’ve tried to explain this to conservatives, but they go nuts. Don’t mess with muh rights! It is as pointless as trying to reason with a mask cultist.

    • The US Constitution is a piece of paper. It protects nothing. The only purpose it really serves is as a measure of tyranny. Asset forfeiture and the 4th Amendment. Need I say more?

      • John, of course you are spot-on. But I believe it might be less bad if, given the existence of that blankety-blank piece of paper (probably the only thing George W. Bush was ever right about) there had never been a Bill of Rights, and instead the principle of enumerated powers had been emphasized above all else. List what’s allowed; everything else is off-limits.
        I’m reminded of a discussion that our local tennis association had one time about signs to tell users what they could and couldn’t use the courts for. It became a brainstorming session to list every possible non-conforming activity that was to be prohibited: skateboarding, dog-walking, soccer, and on and on. I told them the sign needed just two words: Tennis Only.

    • ‘the substance of the Tenth Amendment should have been the Constitution’s opening sentence. Or better yet, they could have just stuck with the Articles of Confederation.’ — Roland

      Yes. The Articles of Confederation were preferable precisely because of the chief criticism leveled against them: they kept the nascent federal government weak.

      The constitutional convention in 1787 turned into a seditious conspiracy, despite its patently dishonest invocation of ‘We the people …

      What really turned Leviathan loose was the odious trio of 1913, the year our republic died:

      1. Federal income tax (Amendment XVI)
      2. Federal Reserve Act
      3. Popular election of senators (Amendment XVII)

      Once the US fedgov could tax directly, print its own currency, and expel the sovereign states from their restraining role in the Senate, it had no limits.

      Consequently, US fedgov spending metastacized from 3% of GDP a century ago, to over 30% of GDP in 2020 to fund the mighty welfare/warfare state.

      Any questions?

      • Jim H,

        What REALLY turned gov’t spending loose was giving women the vote! In every case (some states, like Wyoming, gave women the vote long before the 19A), gov’t spending rose because women are inherently socialist; they’re intrinsically collectivists.

        • Hi Jim H

          Jim, you’ve done it now. The Ministry of Truth’s Thought Police have been notified, and will be arriving to detain you soon. Double Plus Ungood Citizen! 🙂

          But I totally agree. Women shouldn’t be voting. Neither should men. Voting is based on an inherently illegitimate concept. That being that 51 gets to tell 49 what to do. In other words, might makes right. But might does not make right. It simply makes able. But simply because one can do a thing, doesn’t mean one should. Its simply the latest scam, used by the gangs that rule (and those behind them). Before that it was Divine Right of Kings.
          Now, its The Will of the People. With the gangs doing the nominating and counting.

          The reality is that one can have rules without rulers. We don’t really need the gangs and their “services”. But with them controlling the “educational” system, and their cronies controlling the mass/social media, that reality gets covered up.

          • It just hasn’t occurred to people that Democracy is an experiment in how to organize society, rather than a solution. It won’t last forever. It’s just another variant of Collectivism.

            As a rule, if you take a tense situation, and add women, things deteriorate quickly. Well, that’s been my experience, anyway.

          • Hi BJ,

            I really like “Women shouldn’t be voting. Neither should men.”

            Exactly. This idea that any of us owes submission – or money or anything else – because others voted to force us to to obey or to hand over – is an incredibly hateful and obnoxious concept.

      • Jim,
        “the odious trio of 1913”, set up by the creation of the ubiquitous omnipotent central government created in 1865. When the Republic died.

    • Hi Roland

      The Convention was only called to amend the Articles. What happened amounted to a coup.
      If you study the original documents, it was the Usual Suspects who were behind this. They bankrolled the federalists, because their long term plans required a strong central government. Even so, their next step (a central bank) was foiled twice. Most people do not know that the Federal Reserve (which is neither…) is the third attempt at imposing a central bank on the US.

      As inspired as the Constitution is, it is deeply flawed in some regards. One of those is that it lacks an enforcement/penalty clause for violations.

      Ignoring/”reinterpreting” or violating ANY of its terms should result in removal from office, and a life time inability to hold ANY elected or appointed office at ANY level in the country.

      Lysander Spooner had some choice things to say about the Constitution. His book the Constitution of no authority is very insightful.

      • Roland,
        It does not provide for any enforcement at all. It does NOT grant that authority to the SCOTUS. The only possible enforcement was obliterated in 1865, when the States were prohibited from enforcing it. “If you don’t play by the rules, we are taking our marbles and going home”. 650,00 dead Americans later, more than all other wars combined, we were disabused of the notion we could just quit.

  16. Eric, regarding lockdowns you say, “…the attempt wasn’t made to universally enforce them, here – probably because of the fact that there are millions of guns in the hands of private citizens, here.”

    There’s no doubt about it. The cowardly cops in Uvalde refused to storm the school because they did not want to be shot. At least that’s the excuse. At the same time brave unarmed citizens were willing to rush in but were stopped by tasers. Arm the people and they are unstoppable.

    In a perverted sort of way some of the school shootings have shown that the government can be held at bay by a citizen with a gun.

    • Hi Rod,

      Yup. I think the 2A is the final bulwark between us and utter, unrestrained tyranny. There can be no accommodation. No “common sense” compromising. No retreat, not one inch of ground given. If it is given, more will be taken. No is the only answer to tyranny.

      One cannot comply oneself into freedom.

      • So true. But those that want a compliant, DISARMED American public have been content to play the “Long Game”, and in terms of demographics, they’re winning, unfortunately. Not only proportionately are there far less white kids to replace us “old farts”, the attitudes of selfishness, self-indulgence, and lack of backbone far more characterize these kids today. Yes, I know, EVERY generation has nothing good to say about the “Yutes”, but even accounting for what used to be termed the “Generation Gap”, the majority of today’s kids are being raised w/o their fathers being in the home. And frequently, what “Ma” chooses for male companionship (and it ain’t ALWAYS a biological male) is hardly a role model. So we have boys growing up w/o the stern and patient guiding hand of their fathers, or even a suitable substitute. Hence why we see these cretins that snap and shoot up a school or a supermarket. The PTB can just wait us out to die off, or at least become too old and feeble to offer effective resistance, as the “yutes” of today will be a bunch of worthless, aimless soy boys that wouldn’t know which end of the rifle shoots.

        • do you think these kids landed here from another planet? YOU RAISED THEM. the people that cry about the young kids the most are the ones that raised them

  17. Billions of Men, the World-over, have faced this issue of ‘disarmament’.

    The very great majority have rolled-over, because they could not muster … collectively … the Will to Fight.

    If you want to ‘be different’ from those billions of Men, then you will have ‘do something different’ from those Men.

    At the moment, I see no evidence of such a difference. I see the same pattern of negotiation, and of the gradual ceding of ground.

    Every last one of you knows what will be required, to successfully address this problem.

    Hint: You cannot Vote, Negotiate or Plead your way out of this dilemma. There exists no Senator, President or Congressman, who will ride to your rescue.

    I’ve lived ‘Civilian Disarmament’ in real-time, and I can tell you that there is no need for door-kickers. It may sound counter-intuitive to you, but ‘disarmament’ is actually a voluntary process. The driving factors are psychological, relying heavily on social approbrium. The power of these processes is so great that, when they say, “Turn ’em in”, most men will comply with barely a murmur of dissent.

    Just like you complied with the Mask/Vax demands. And, most of you reading this, DID comply. You could not face Societal disapproval. So, don’t be pretending that you will say “NO” to the Police, let-alone shoot them. And, you know, you can’t just shoot one.

    There are only TWO groups of people who can ever take your guns from you. Policemen and Soldiers. These are the two groups which you have been TRAINED to venerate. Deliberately trained to venerate … so as to make you psychologically-incapable of resistance.

    “Back the Blue” and “Support the Troops” … and you WILL lose those firearms. Those guys are not your allies.

    • Well-said, Bog –

      All-too-many “conservatives” wore the Diaper. And submitted to the Jab. They will talk about not putting up with being disarmed – or rather, transformed into “criminals” if they do not “voluntarily” disarm. But will they act, to prevent it? Or will they, instead, “Stand with Keeeeeev”?

    • Bog, the will to fight is not enough. Per Malcom X, “If you aren’t willing to die for it, remove the word freedom from your vocabulary”.

      • You like plugging people into the box you have prepared for them don’t you SPQ? All gun owners are cowards? Please.

        • He’s probably a government-paid troll, John. Eric’s site seems to attract an inordinate number of these, for some reason. Their sharp-as-whipped cream wit and logic is a pretty good indication that the feds, as usual, aren’t recruiting the best and brightest.

          • I aint no troll just studied gun owners at gun shows and gun stores trying to get them to organize for 30 years and they made me the enemy. I will take a personal interest in seeing them suffer

  18. Quick Diaper Report:

    Just returned from flights to and from Tampa Florida. Omaha to Charlotte to Tampa, and back again the same way.

    Very few people were masked, easily less than 8%, which I see as pretty good, given the propaganda. I had a 3 hour layover in Charlotte on my return, and did some counting on the main concourse. Many of the maskers were workers, not sure if they were required or not.

    On the flights themselves, and waiting at the gates for my flights, maybe 3-4 masks. Only saw two flight attendants masked on all my flights. Many voluntary maskers were mostly the very old, or very young, but the vast majority of old folks were faced. Young people in their twenties…well, they are heavily influenced by authority figures.

    Overall, the maskers were a tiny minority. I am sure Fauci is working to rectify.

      • Hey SPQR! Boomers? It wasn’t boomers who killed Kennedy, who gave us the Great Society, Federal control of schools and education, racial quotas, mass immigration, increasing gun restrictions, the petrodollar, OSHA, the EPA, NAFTA, and open trade with Maoist China. Boomers deserve plenty of blame, but the self styled Greatest Generation put the current disaster into motion. The Boomer’s biggest error was falling for what they were told by their elders.

        • This was seen in wake of the Korean War. Many soldiers who went over there, 1950-1953, and got captured, simply gave up in the horrors of captivity and died. A post-war analysis of these “men”, those that survived versus though that didn’t, revealed a consistent pattern: these lads had known relatively comfort and prosperity, versus their older brothers, cousins, and uncles having known the Great Depression with its hardships.

          In short, too many “Momma’s Boys”, and when they had to rely on their inner will to endure their captivity, they didn’t have it. As others have identified: Hard times produce toughened men, who bring prosperity, who breed children that have it “soft”, who FORGET the lessons their fathers learned, and thus ennui and chaos results, then hard times comes back, and the cycle repeats.

      • What was the first group? After that group, then the boomers?

        Could have been another group before the first group that destroyed the US.

        Like Lincoln and the North? Then another group followed, the Bonus Army did some damage during the summer of 1932.

        Have to blame the master criminal of war crimes, Abraham Lincoln. It’s Lincoln’s fault, there will be a price to pay. Made some people livid, fighting mad. John Wilkes Booth was one. John is at fault, he’s to blame for ruining the US.

        Lizzy Borden took an ax and gave her mother 40 whacks. It’s her fault. Flip flop, it never stops.

        The only good deed FDR accomplished was to repeal the 18th amendment.

        It was time to drink some beer and so began a new era of people going wild, stark raving mad.

        FDR toasted the end of Prohibition and drank beer. Helped a lot!

        And who will be at fault after the boomers are all dead and gone in about 25 years and sooner?

        Always someone to blame and always some other group at fault. Except for yourself. By then, it just might be your fault.

        Freaking the end of the world as we know it. Koyaanisqatsi here and now.

      • SPQ, you did it again. Every body has to fit in your little boxes. Some of every demographic is responsible. Including yours.

        • Hi John,


          How does on oppose collectivism when one collectivizes people? Either each of us is an individual, accountable for what we do and to be weighed/measured accordingly – or we are just interchangeable “widgets” according to sex/age/race, etc. and to be held “accountable” for whatever the “group” supposedly did. Which, of course, the “group” didn’t do because “groups” never do anything. Only individuals do them. Sometimes in concert with other individuals. But never without each individual have chosen to do or not to do whatever the rest did or did not do.

  19. A reply to @Anonymous:
    Your quote has some good points.  Not that I disagree with the points made, but I would add to some of the insights.
    “So, what they are saying is “We have a fake vaccine that doesn’t do what a vaccine is supposed to do but you MUST take it anyway, or else!”
    Yes and no.  The vax is fake, but the patent used for it is not.  In fact, the patent is a perfect marriage to the great reset transhumanist agenda.
    The Moderna patent (# 10703789) includes this technology:
    Search the Moderna patent for WO2015/0030576, you’ll see it.  They literally suggests using Encephalomyocarditis Virus to cross the blood brain barrier, which explains the myocarditis side effects.
    The patent also installs carbon nanotubes (2013/0251618), which can directly influence neural signaling (you’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy).
    This is how people will connect with the great reset’s Internet of Bodies. Musk (SpaceX) is currently putting up the grid that will be used for it.

    So, the vaccines are fake, yes in the sense that they are fighting a virus, but they hold the technologies that are 100% essential to enslavement under the great reset and programmable currency.

    Search the Moderna patent for the numbers I listed;  see them for yourself.
    Here’s a shortcut:
    With this link you can get a Moderna patent 10703789 spreadsheet including peptides, their functions, associated diseases, their descriptions, and the titles and abstracts of external patents cited therein:

    With this one, you can get the patent ’embodiments’ paragraph and the patents cited within the paragraph:

  20. They can pass any law they like. The back pillers will moan about how it’s all over and the armored up robo-cop swat teams will just go door to door and take them.

    Look at Connecticut post sandy hook. It was estimated less than 10% of “banned weapons and magazines” were turned in, and less than 15% of people registered their firearms. It doesn’t have to turn into some hot civil war. Just ignore the unenforceable, unconstitutional non-laws and there is no possibility of confiscation. You will most certainly get the outcome you allow just as with the masks and vaccines.

    Most of this is just fear porn for the left and right both. The leftist retards are squirting over jackboots taking your devastating 9mm assault howitzer and the right wing retards are panick buying all the guns and ammo they can fantasizing about a stormtrooper boot kicking in their front door to “come and take them.” Neither of which is likely. It’s all just fear and rage squirting to get people riled up and in a state of fear, stress, and reactionary behavior so they can be more easily managed.

    Do not comply, it really is that easy.

  21. Thanks for this, Eric, I was hoping you would address the gun topic. Two things that are absolutely essentially for a communist state are 1.) a one-party government, and 2.) a disarmed citizenry. The first will no doubt be solidified in November, and the second could be here by next year (but I hope I’m wrong).

    A while back someone on this forum suggested that all the inflation we’re seeing would force people to sell their guns for money. I scoffed at that notion then, but I’m starting to wonder now. You know how Blackrock and Blackstone are buying up all the houses in this country and reselling or renting them at exorbitant prices? Well I wonder if some hedge fund(s) will offer to buy guns from people at attractive prices.

    Somehow I doubt the government would be bald-faced enough to try it themselves, but they might use their corporate bedfellows to accomplish the deed.

    • A high-powered rifle, 30.06, will go 800 yards and move a thousand geese eating a farmer’s barley crop, less 4 or 5 of them. Time to move on to more easy pickings.

      An old friend owns more than 50 rifles, firearms, he could sell two no longer desired to own and make some money. Doesn’t even need the gov to get some money.

      Doesn’t even have them at his residence other than one necessary. Killed many a deer, has good aim.

      You won’t even find the arsenal where he’s at. Ammunition is there too.

      Incidentally, a person who had a fiduciary interest in his not above ground business dealings held a gun to his head threatening his life. Just like that person of interest was not armed and my friend held the gun to his head. “I don’t want to hurt you, I just want my money,” he said. Somebody was trying to stiff him but good. So the story is told from first-hand knowledge. To digress some for more information.

      The first attempt at confiscation that meets resistance will not end well.

      Words can be weapons and indeed, they are. Plows become swords, so to speak.

      The only way to have a successful economy is to have abundant raw materials at lost cost, a labor force that is remunerated amply and a high potential for profit.

      Ain’t gonna happen any other way.

      Just ask any beer drinker out there. I think.

    • Hi Jim, sadly, if it gets to the point of people needing to sell their firearms for food, it may or may not spark a realization deep in their souls. At that point they have nothing else to lose, for its past time to use the firearms for their intended purpose. Lets then all join in, watering and refreshing trees of liberty across the fruited plain.

      After the tree has been thoroughly and deeply watered, Every single tyrant (((s)))elected official in this country, from dog catcher to diddler in chief should be chipper shredded/composted into the soil around the tree. Insuring its regeneration and future strong growth. This was the main reason the founders gave us the bill of rights in the first place.

    • If they offer me even $500 (which will be like $100 next year) to buy my .22LR Sig Mosquito that I never shoot, they can have that one. But the others…. that I of course don’t have anymore…. well, I don’t have them anymore. *wink*

      But yes, they will offer a ‘buyback’ option first. And many people will turn them in for useless fiat.

    • Jim, I’m far more likely to sell or trade one or more of my surplus guns to someone of like mind. Compounding the problem for the Psychopaths In Charge.

  22. The Constitution says he has to be impeached and removed from office before he can be tried and executed for high treason. So I agree with him, perhaps we should be ignoring…

  23. Well, comrades, despite ‘Joe Biden’ railing incoherently against inflation this morning, things have gone from bad to worse.

    Unleaded gasoline futures cranked to a fresh record of $4.25 a gallon this afternoon. This is a bulk wholesale price at a specified delivery point.

    Add distribution, mark-up, state and fedgov taxes, and it guarantees more record prices at the pump next week.

    Well I was rollin’ down the road in some armored black steel
    I had a CIA man on the back, and Secret Service at the wheel
    We going downtown in the middle of the night
    We laughing and I’m jokin’ and we feelin’ alright

    Oh I’m bad, and I’m nationwide
    Yes I’m bad, and I’m nationwide

    — ZZ Top, I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide

  24. Here’s a chart of seasonally adjusted, annualized US auto sales, courtesy of Liz Ann Sonders and her Bloomberg terminal:

    At 12.68 million, auto sales are down to where they were in 2008 (a recession year) and 2020 (a recession year, in the spring).

    Stock prices of Tesla, GM and Ford are near the bottom of their range over the past 12 months.

    With auto makers sliding off the cliff into a slump, how long till ‘Biden’ proposes a bailout for them, along the lines of Barky O’Bummer’s deranged cash-for-clunkers program — itself a riff on Franklin Democrat Roosevelt’s mandates to dump milk into ditches and bury edible beef carcasses.

    They’ll peel my vintage ‘clunkers’ outta muh cold, dead hands.

    Take this EV and shove it
    I ain’t drivin’ it no more
    My woman done left and took all the reason
    I was driving for

    You better not try to stand in my way
    As I’m a-walkin’ out the door
    Take this EV and shove it
    I ain’t drivin’ it no more

    — Johnny Paycheck, Take This Job and Shove It

  25. Never mind that the most vigorous and successful mass murderer is now and ever shall be government. Half a million dead Iraqi children “were worth it”. If the true goal was to protect people the US Psychopaths In Charge would be the first to be disarmed. In the previous century governments killed well over 100 million of their own citizens. If you think the US government is so saintly such could not happen here, you need to check your medication.
    Just a reminder. Every government on the planet is dependent upon its assumption of authority to kill you if you don’t obey. They cannot function without it. It’s why all their goons carry guns. Even if they work for Social Security.
    Speaking of which, I had a problem with SS, and went to the local office. Entered the door, and found myself in essentially a TSA checkpoint. “Are you armed?” Yes. “You can’t come in”. Went back to my car and disarmed. “Empty your pockets please”. Which i did, including a couple of stripper clips for my SP 101. “You can’t bring those in”. Back to my car again. After the hassle with a SS agent who was obviously unconcerned about my problem, and begrudgingly finally addressed it, I told her, “no wonder you have armed guards at your door.”
    I carried in my original SS card from the 1960s, which had my first name as John. They couldn’t find me. So I said “try Jonathan” since that is the name on my birth certificate. Still couldn’t find me. Finally found me, by accident I’m sure, as “Jon”. SS had arbitrarily changed my name to one I have never used, and is not on my birth certificate. I’m not quick to anger, but someone who might be may have posed a threat to them.

      • Hi Eric.

        I’m going to have to disagree with your assumption that the gangs would overwhelm the general population. You do realize that this is the same gang that has lost every war its been in since WWII? All they would achieve if they actually tried, would be a lot of dead people on both sides. If you thought that the vietnam, iraq, and afghan wars turned out badly, imagine a home front resistance war, when the enemy looks like you, speaks the same language, thinks like you and has access to one of the most extensive high tech systems in the world.
        Ugly doesn’t even begin to describe such an endless conflict. I know for a fact that Lind has a lot of disciples, both in and out of the various services.

        Yes, most people in this country have become soft. But far from all. But we are heading into hard times. The soft and the weak will stop being such, or they will not survive. Remember the old cycle? Hard times produce strong men. Strong men produce good times, good times produce weak men, weak men produce hard times (repeat endlessly).

        Its long past time that we started to focus on the basics again.

        • Hi BJ,

          I hope so – and I hope such a thing can be avoided, too. Although I realize this may no longer be possible. I do agree with you that there are lots of people who’ve had enough – and aren’t going to take much more.

      • And they have the gall to air those cheery PSAs on the radio about all the Social Security stuff you can do online. Of course anything goes tilt you’re up the creek.
        We’ve been at this for about 8 months now getting the spousal benefits for the wife straightened out. Two congressional calls/emails during this marathon, it took months just to get a phone appointment as they were closed for Covid, no in office visits. Come to find out the problem was our phone number I provided didn’t match what they listed in the system, ridiculous. Each step takes months to process.

        If you go in person here it’s like a trip to Guadalajara, several years ago we went there to fix an address problem – we were two of five white folks, the place was packed with “everyone else”. The security guard quietly asked what we needed, got the form we needed and off we went. If he hadn’t helped us we would have been there for hours waiting. Lots of anchor babies here in Central WA need that new SS number.

        • Yup Sparky,

          The good old days of “White Privilege”.

          I remember fondly the morning me and my GF entered the Australian embassy in Wellington, NZ.

          The line was quite long with “ahem”…”Affirmative Action” types.
          The embassy officer simply waved us to the front of the line….asked us where we were from in the US…

          Answer.. “St. Louis Mizzoura”….so the Official “Showed Me””…some courtesy and expedited our 1 year visa while we traded pleasantries about how her niece was fairing in Chicago IL.

          Those were the days my friends.

          The entire process took less than 15 minutes!

  26. Why be gloomy? If you have a kilo of gold plus some spare change you can get this!
    I never had any use for gold other than money. Money is needed to buy stuff such as this. I am not speaking of non interest bearing obligations of the Federal Reserve that issues no money; Just obligations that they can extract from those that are suckered in to their private bank currency.
    This thing costs considerably more than two Camrys. It likely is worth it to mopes such as I that are unvaxxed and unmasked. I only wish that I was young enough to beat upon it. I’ll give it to my grandson if he cleans up my yard once in a while. Perhaps by the time that he feels the hormones he will try to sell it to get some production Japanese bike. This thing will never go down in value over the long term. It is so beautiful to the eye.

  27. I cannot help but recall the plot of the “Kingsman” movie: Whereby the villain, via free cell phone SIM cards given to everyone, flips a switch and people just start killing each other. Substitute mRNA shot for SIM card, and the parallels are too eerie.

    Eric’s point is well taken regarding those assaults on things one should be freely able to do at any time (e.g. giving $$ to anyone, vis a vis, the truckers) and the presence of lack of the 2A

  28. Spot on article, Eric. False flag shootings are being used as political tools to convince the public to give up their last line of defense – their personal firearm to the criminal gangster state.

    This latest school “shooting” was just like Sandy Hook – it was fake. Mike King (author of The Bad War and website The Real History Channel) is very humorous about this:

    “Eventually, the “latest thing” always runs its course before giving way to the next “latest thing.” The Black Lives Matter moment came and went; the two-year long Stupid-19 psychodrama came and went; and the “I Stand With Ukraine” idiocy is also just about done. And with John Durham’s trial of one of Killary Clinton’s lawyers wrapping up — a trial during which Killary herself was implicated as being an instrumental part of a conspiracy to frame Trump as a Russian agent — ya just knew that the dying Deep State had to have a new “latest thing” up its sleeve to divert and counterattack with. How predictable — a Texas-size, make-believe, crisis actor school shooting hoax to get the normies teared up and angry at the big bad NRA — which Trump is scheduled to speak to this weekend (how convenient) in, of all places, Texas (how convenient).

    It’s not even necessary to examine these silly stunts anymore. Sight unseen, we ought to know by now that they are fake as soon as we hear about them. Nonetheless, such events at least warrant a quick glance at the basics — which “The Editorial Board” of The Anti-New York Times has completed. The usual ingredients are all there:

    No blood
    No bodies
    No wounded
    No surveillance video of the event
    Cheesy “crying” acting
    Instantly obtained photos of all the victims
    Prearranged vigils popping up within 24 hours
    A “crazy” and dead gunman
    Conflicting and changing accounts”

    very good material here:

    excellent reading material here: scroll down to Mike King column of left side of home page

    Jeff Rense is a radio host in Ashland, Oregon and interviews many alternative thinking people

    • You make good points Yukon Jack. These state sponsored terrorist acts by Government have become so predictable, any semi-sane person, with two brain cells to rub together should ask the question why they’re always the same. Why are the shooters always on big Pharma mind altering, gender bender drugs? Why do we never see the bodies or the blood? It was the same script for the fake flu on a larger scale. Millions dead yet no evidence of such. I now simply tune them out, preferring when possible to look away from the abyss. The outrage machine is always standing by, ready to turn the volume up past 10 which makes me cringe, every single time.

      Five, ten, even fifteen tears ago I might have taken notice with a passing interest. Now every utterance from the jewish media, fronting for the Government, my brain automatically classifies as lies and disinformation. I identify with those kids on college campuses. I want to stand on the street corner with a sign that reads “Everything the US Government says is a lie. Prove me wrong.” is a great resource for people showing signs of waking up. It exposes the gamut of bad actors working to destroy humanity.

  29. Classic straw man argument against pure free speech in this country is; you can’t yell fire in a crowded theater (because the bad behavior of others would cause people to panic, and people would be killed.) But what if there was a fire? What if there was a fire and you did not yell fire in a crowded theater because you didn’t want the liability or worse you had no legal obligation for the patron’s safety even though you own the theater?
    The classic argument of you can’t just say anything because of the bad behavior of others would cause harm, is the collective argument of Marxism. To finish with the theater analogy, yes, if someone is up to mischief and yelled Fire in a theater, it would be wrong (civil tort), only in denying the other patrons of the movie they purchased and the theater any revenue they had to refund (maybe guilty of a minor crime for public mischief). But it would be up to the citizens responsibility to calmly leave the theater for their own protection. So all free speech in theory should be protected; you can and should yell fire if there is a fire.

    Marxist Gun argument: Same as you don’t have free speech, because since you own a firearm, facilitates the bad behavior of others.
    Moreover, the police do not have a legal obligation (Supreme court precedent ruling) to protect the public or private property. (So when there is a fire in the theater and police being the responsible theater owners in this case, they just turn their backs a leave).
    So the Marxist get to have it both ways: you and I are responsible for the bad behavior of others because of the freedom we naturally possess, and the state has no obligation to protect it citizenry.

    • It’s the lamest argument that gets instant head-nods from NPCs.

      “FIRE!!!!! FIRE!!!!! FIRE!!!!!” If that happened, and there was no smoke, everyone would yell “STFU!!”…only COMPLETE RETARDS would get up and panic hearing that word without the other sensory cues.

      • Hi Michael.

        Given experience over decades (and the last two years in particular…) I’d say that we are indeed surrounded by COMPLETE RETARDS… 🙂 Free speech, means exactly that. But (you knew there had to be one… ) with rights come responsibility. So while you can shout fire to your hearts content, if your action causes damage to others person or property, you are responsible for that.

        • I don’t buy this argument, tho I’ll admit that I take an extreme view of personal responsibility.

          My view is that, “There are NO words which you can utter, which will make my limbs move, in the absence of MY desiring that movement.” It follows that there is nothing you can say, which will make do Evil, against my Will. If there were, I would have to be considered as ‘less-than-human’, some sort of automaton.

          A person might claim that, “He shouted ‘fire’ and I naturally panicked and trampled some child in the hallway.” … as tho this claim of panic, absolves the person of all responsibility for his acts.

          The argument is a variation of, “I was only following orders.” It’s a renunciation of one’s free Will; “That man’s words made my body move, like a puppet.”

          Quite pathetic, really.

          If we’re gonna be Men; and if we’re gonna be free Men, we have to rise above these excuses for our bad/cowardly behavior.

          What has the guy done? He has shouted out a falsehood, claiming that there is a fire. I don’t say it’s a lie, but it is a falsehood.

          What if he’d shouted, “That man has a gun, and he means to kill you.” You look, and you see no man with a gun. But, in fear, you run down the hall and trample a child. Can you imagine standing before a Jury and trying to justify your act by saying, “But, HE made me do it.” ?

          • Hi Bog,

            I agree with you completely. Isn’t it the same – in re shouting “fire!” – to shout “pandemic”? People are responsible for what they do. If they freak out just because someone told them to, then who’s responsible for that?

            • Hi Eric.

              For every action in action there is a consequence. If the person hadn’t chosen to shout a falsehood, the surrounding Sheep wouldn’t have run in panic. No person or property would have been damaged. There is an argument that could be made that they engaged in fraud, but lets not get lost in the weeds. Their *action* resulted in personal and/or property *damage*. Yes, I know the Sheep shouldn’t be Sheep. But you and I both know that they are. That knowledge carries with it a responsibility. That is why one can have the freedom to engage in an action, but not the freedom to avoid the consequences.

  30. Everybody should turn in their guns to see what happens after that.

    They want you dead. You are a burden they don’t want around anymore. Doesn’t matter who you are, if you ain’t one of them, you are marked for the ice floe.

    “TO the States or any one of them, or any city of the States, Resist much, obey little, Once unquestioning obedience, once fully enslaved, Once fully enslaved, no nation, state, city of this earth, ever after-ward resumes its liberty.” – Walt Whitman

    Don’t listen to idiots like Pelosi, Fauci, Biden and the rest of the godless buffoons.

    • The simple counter to the bleat of “common sense gun control”, aside from, “It’s an INHERENT right, which was granted by God, to be armed as I deem fit, for whatever lawful purposes, be they hunting, self-defense, or, collective defense of mine community, state, or nation as needed”, should be…”YOU FIRST!” Ergo, if a disarmed population will bring about our safety (of course it will do the OPPOSTITE), then these self-righteous twats should SET THE EXAMPLE. Of course they WON’T. It’s not that they don’t want there to be guns…they just don’t want YOU to have them! To quote the late George Carlin: It’s a big (prestigious) club, and YOU AIN’T IN IT!

  31. Eric,

    It was FDR who once said that there are no coincidences in politics; if something happens in politics, you can bet it was PLANNED that way! Those are FDR’s words, not mine.

    What’s the point? I think that these mass shootings are gov’t false flag operations. Let’s look at Uvalde, TX, shall we? Do you think that the shooting was just coincidental to the push to take away our guns? Think about it. Qui bono? Who benefits? Why, Uncle Sam, of course-especially when pushing to take away our guns!

    Why could Uvalde be a classic gov’t FF operation? Let’s look at some facts, shall we? Why did the police not go in? Why were they forbidden from going in? Why did they block and tackle parents who tried to go in to save their kids? Could it be that the shooter(s) was(were) gov’t agent(s)? If the parents went in, wouldn’t there be a risk of the Feds’ cover being blown? Wasn’t there a huge risk of the parents SEEING that the shooter(s) wasn’t (weren’t) who we were told? Let me put it another way: does the “official version” of events make sense vs. the alternative I’ve presented here?

    Again, as FDR once said, there are no coincidences in politics…

      • Anon, you might be right, but how much easier to locate an unbalanced person and steer them into such heinous acts? Who told you MK Ultra was stopped? The CIA or the FBI? Where did this 18 year old kid get the 5,000 dollars to tool up? The federal budget?

        • The $5k in weapons thing is just part of the story, the script. It’s more likely “this kid” you mention in this case is likely a fiction as in most, if not all the other cases. The “victims” too. 100%. If anything did really happen, which I doubt, they relied on paid employees, Feds. Stone killers with no remorse. Not some drugged up mentally unstable 18 year old.

  32. Let’s not forget that the same people who are forcing the shot(s) on what they consider are workers and peasants also fly in private jets and tell us to take public transportation. At least in the Soviet Union that option looked clean at least. Interesting times are ahead if what I’ve read of an impending food and economic decline are true.

    • I think the Davos crowd is getting impatient, Klaus is in his eighties and wants to see us serfs eating bugs before he becomes bug food himself.

        • Myles, he has no intention of expiring. Of course no one does, but he has the capital to do something about it.

  33. ‘Corporations that have become proxy agents of the government prefer an unfair fight.’ — eric

    EV King Elon became the world’s richest man by riding a wave of government subsidies. But now he’s worried:

    ‘An email seen by Reuters from the world’s richest man, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, told executives the electric carmaker needs to cut staff by 10% because he has a “super bad feeling” about where the economy is headed.

    ‘The email, titled “pause all hiring worldwide,” was sent to executives on Thursday and is the latest sign of mounting macroeconomic headwinds as lower-than-expected US new car sales in May could be a harbinger of a recession.’ — via ZH

    All the traditional precursors of recession — an energy price shock; interest rate hikes; an inverted Treasury yield curve — are in place.

    Moreover, confidence — as measured by the U of Michigan consumer sentiment survey — is crumbling.

    It turns out that doing stupid stuff — first and foremost, goading the Ukies and our euro flunkeys into a land war with Russia — has real consequences, that scare even billionaires.


    • Musk is also the loudest critic on those who can work from home. I think he’s an authoritarian workaholic. In fact, I know that –we’ve lost people to SpaceX and after a few years they beg to come back. Biggest reason is the non-stop hours Musk expects employees to work and the second reason is the cost of living in commiefornia.

      My organization begrudgingly admitted that the work from home phenom netted a 40% increase in productivity. It’s akin to happy wife = happy life. Happy employee = better producing employee. WFH is the only positive thing to come out of the scamdemic.

      I’m thankful that I can. Equally thankful that those who can’t still work.


      • I hate WFH, generally. My limit is 1-2 days per month, to focus on paperwork/reports from the comfort of my living room.

        Many jobs (mine included) don’t lend themselves well to wfh anyway, after a couple weeks all the reports are written and I’m basically crawling up & down the walls.

        I agree with Elon here, for most people it’s an excuse to goof off more. Which everyone does to some degree anyway when they show up & think the boss is not looking.

        The only thing worse than WFH is meetings.

        In general, though, I need to draw a hard boundary between work and home life. Otherwise I can’t be productive at work and I can’t “turn it off” when I’m home to deal with more important things like home maintenance, budgeting, and family issues.

        In addition, work is an important social outlet. I have a few friends outside work, sure, but I don’t see most of them very often.

        • “I need to draw a hard boundary between work and home life.”
          A concept my son is failing to account for. He has been working from home for over a year. And its bleeding into his home life. Since he is at home, he doesn’t associate his long hours with the interference in his home life as he would otherwise. Because he is home, and can take a break and see his wife and children. For a few minutes, then back to work. I don’t know, but I suspect he is working 50-60 hours a week, which I don’t believe he would tolerate if he was dong so in office.
          Thanks for bringing it up. I’ll have a talk with him. If I can catch him not working.

          • Unless he owns the company (and even then…) home should come first.

            One of the things I’m learning as I get older.

            Busting my ass to get essentially nowhere will do that.

            If there a clearer connection between effort and reward had been established, then it might also be worth spending 50-60+ hours/wk.

            But since it’s clear by now that I won’t be a manager, director, or VP any time soon…why bother?

            You can only dangle out raises and promotions, then fail to deliver them (I don’t care if you blame “the economy,” it’s been bad for my entire working life) for so long before this happens.

            • It is also the case that when you work long hours, you get tired and your actual productivity (per hour) decreases. Mainly due to fatigue and increased mistakes, which you must go back and fix.

              I have no problem working a 10-12 hour day if I have to. But that needs to be the exception, not the rule. Especially since you don’t get compensated for that if you are salaried.

              • Publius, I’ve made it a rule of my employment life. I will not work overtime as a way of life. I don’t mind working extra hours to catch up, but I do mind doing so as maintenance. I work to live, I do not live to work. Very few are fortunate enough to have a job they love.

      • Hi Mike,

        I have been working from home for about 25 years now. I have never been more productive – a blessing as well as a curse. Made worse because I work for myself. The boss requires long hours! And he doesn’t give raises! But, I do get to work on my schedule. I am most productive at about 4 in the morning; by 9, I am in need of a break – which I can take. If I had to start work at nine, I’d feel endlessly behind, as if I had wasted the previous five hours. I love being able to work the hours – and times – that suit me rather than some suit!

        • The key difference Eric, is you are your employer. Working for someone else, you can be driven to work more hours from home because you don’t make the connection that just because you are “at home” doesn’t necessarily mean that you actually ARE at home. As in my son’s case above.

          • Good stuff John, Publius and Eric. Thanks. I think part of the ‘extra work’ time is because we have smart phones on us all the time. I know some that don’t, and they don’t care. I am trying to emulate them.
            I do see friends working all hours with phones. Some companies/bosses expect it now. My little company does not as a unwritten rule, and I/we rarely work after working hours.
            I say a lot of the time ‘can it wait till tomorrow?’ Almost always, yes.
            I also do not give my cell number to anyone, and it’s not on my card. “that’s crazy, everyone puts their cell# on their card, how will I get you?”
            ‘well, we answer the phone in the office with a real live person 100% of the time, and she/they know where I am and if I can or can’t take a call’
            Our younger people put their cell#’s on their cards, their choice.

            • Excellent points from all.

              My motivation to WFH is primarily bc I’m my wife’s caregiver. It’s been such a blessing to be here for her.

              Still, I’m happier working from home. My job is done just as easily in my home office, hotels, or at company office. The company and org are metric driven & have data to show the productivity results.

              One size doesn’t fit all tho.

      • Hi Mike.

        Not quite the only thing. More than a million children have been taken out of public schools, and are now in either private schools, or being home schooled. There have been a lot of people signing up for Ron Paul’s home school program. Not to mention that a lot of families have discovered that they can live on only one pay check. That means one can stay home and take care of their kids. The final silver lining to the darkness of the last two years, is that the vast majority of the Progs are vaxxed and boosted. Which means within a few years, many aren’t going to be a problem anymore.

    • Hi Jim

      The Decline And Fall Of Davos Man

      from zh comments

      plain as day to see, yet nobody ever does anything about it.
      Banking is corrupt, corporate America is corrupt, healthcare is corrupt, big tech is corrupt, courts are corrupt, electoral process is corrupt, education is corrupt, food system is corrupt.

      Blatant theft and money printing, censorship, false flags, misinformation, disinformation, psychological terrorism, propaganda, forced toxic injections, poisoned food supply, constrained energy, medical genocide.

      This is your country, led by greed driven sociopaths.

      The best solution is the separation of money supply and the State, and ending the Federal Reserve System. In fact almost any problem becomes much better when the “State” is eliminated from it, thus: separation of school and state, separation of church and state, separation of self-defense and state, separation of medicine and state, separation of food industry and state, separation of justice/conflict resolution and state, separation of everything from a centralizing “State”.

      The State as the institutionalization of coercion by force (taxation is theft backed by murder), is by its nature, anti-civilization. Everything works better when a system is based on voluntary exchange (what a free market is supposed to be).

      True “free market money” is a self correcting tool. Since natural law is the same for everyone, everywhere, all the time, only a system where everyone has the same rights and authority by design (no one can make “laws”, no one can initiate force, everyone can defend themselves from anyone who tries to violate their natural rights) will safely decentralize power and prevent the evil that now plagues our planet.

      This describes a natural law republic with equal natural rights, where every individual or family is their own “State” ruling over their own property and self, over what they have made, or obtained through voluntary exchange.

      putin broke away from the g7 and their ‘nwo’ globalist program around 2010.   (after the great  recession).

      2014 – america spent $5 billion to overthrow  ukraine’s legally elected (pro russia) gov’t.
      2015 – the g7 media pushed this hit piece ,

      “vladimir putin – traitor to the new world order”. 
      so you can understand  that the   nwo (the globalist  g7 cabal) has been angry with putin for more than 12 years (long before putin entered ukraine to protect russians there).
      Leaked docs from the EU show that EU member state governments have been ordered to continue vaccinating their populations using any measure possible to eliminate their reticence. In addition, they are to force booster shots on us every 3 months.

      These are the vaccines that Gates announced as not being able to prevent either contagion or transmission (but somehow he believes they saved millions of lives anyway). So, what they are saying is “We have a fake vaccine that doesn’t do what a vaccine is supposed to do but you MUST take it anyway, or else!

      WEF is the banksters trying to fix up the financial system after it crashed and burned in 2008. We’re going down WEF or not….. the important thing is to make sure we don’t rebuild on WEF’s terms.

  34. ‘Government doesn’t like a fair fight.’ — eric

    Ersatz hagiography from the New York Slimes:

    ‘After weeks of carefully calibrating his calls for action, the president on Thursday did not hold back.

    “Enough, enough. It’s time for each of us to do our part,” he told Americans. “For the children we’ve lost. For the children we can save. For the nation we love.”

    Nothing about Dementia Joe’s crotchety outbursts, from calling Putin a war criminal to howling for more gun control, can be objectively described as ‘carefully calibrated.’

    On the contrary, the weak-minded old man is a loose cannon, whose handlers have learnt by rueful experience cannot be exposed to unstructured Q&As without making dangerous misstatements of long-standing policy.

    Much worse, though, is that with the Biden freak show over, they’ve sent in the clowns:

    ‘Senate talks offer what is probably the best chance at finding a bipartisan compromise on guns.

    ‘Senator Christopher S. Murphy of Connecticut is leading the talks for Democrats, joined by his fellow party members Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, Joe Manchin III of West Virginia and Martin Heinrich of New Mexico.

    ‘The Republican senators they are huddling with include Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Patrick J. Toomey of Pennsylvania, Bill Cassidy of Louisiana and Susan Collins of Maine.

    ‘Senator John Cornyn of Texas, a top ally to Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Republican leader, has also been involved in discussions.’

    With Miss Lyndsey, RINO Susie, and (indirectly) dirty old turtle Mitch McClownell involved, you know we are being set up to be sold out by the sleazy colluders of the GOP.

    Smash the Uniparty …

    • Joseph Robinette Biden is a classic puppet dictator. Also the perfect one- a dullard in his dotage and fully consumed by senile dementia. Funny how the term puppet dictator has fallen out of fashion.

      The big club had to get rid of Trump, because, for all his myriad faults, he wasn’t in it. By their blatant coup to oust him, Trump had his greatest achievement, waking up masses of previously oblivious Americans to the communist police state they live in.

      The big club really isnt too hard to see- all the faces in Washingtoon- Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, McConnell, D and R- funny how they never go away and keep skimming the cream and ruling the people.

      Our founders gave us an anarchy- a government suitable only to a moral people. Where the government was allegedly given only a few rigidly defined privileges and all else resided with the people.

      The armed militiaman is the final in a system of checks and balances. Take away the ghetto gang crime (now thoroughly emigrated out of the ghettos) and America has a billion guns in private hands and almost no violent crime.

      Don’t bother to smash the uniparty. They have helicopter gunships and howitzers- you have the right but can’t afford them.

      Ignore the uniparty, laugh at the uniparty, hang onto your guns, ignore the self declared rulers- live your anarchy. Be sneaky- when the cop tries to hassle you, lie to his face and bring friends to back you up.

      We’re at that point. History is cyclical- be courageous.

      • And remember, you also have the duty and privilege to serve as a juror. Always nullify bogus crimes or even real ones by good people fighting an evil system.

      • ‘Joseph Robinette Biden is a classic puppet dictator.’ — ernie

        Too bad the Lügenpresse dropped its style of referring to presidents by their initials: FDR, JFK, LBJ.

        If the current senile, flickering hologram were known as JRB, we could call him ‘Joe the JRBil.’

    • Hi Jim

      Watch: Dem Rep. Yells “Spare Me The Bullshit About Constitutional Rights” During Gun Debate

      The Rhode Island representative refused to yield his time during the outburst, while discussing legislation related to “red flag” laws, that would allow the government and law enforcement to confiscate firearms from anyone deemed to be a danger to themselves or others.

      • I for one think this guy should get exactly what he wants.

        I will gladly chip in to purchase a one-way ticket to send the honorable congressman to the gun-free paradise known as North Korea.

    • Hi Jim

      The 2022 Bilderberg Agenda: Disinformation, Deglobalization, & Disruption Of The Global Financial System…..meeting right now………

      The Old Order will cling on, even to the last of its fingernails. The Bilderberg vision is the notion of multi-cultural, international cosmopolitanism that surpasses old-time nationalism; heralding the end of frontiers; and leading toward a US-led, ‘technocratic’, global economic and political governance.

      Its roots lie with figures such as James Burnham, an anti-Stalin, former Trotskyite, who, writing as early as 1941, advocated for the levers of financial and economic power being placedin the hands of a management class: an élite – which alone would be capable of running the contemporary state – thanks to this élite’s market and financial technical nous. It was, bluntly, a call for an expert, technocratic oligarchy.

      Burnham renounced his allegiance to Trotsky and Marxism, in all its forms in 1940, but he would take the tactics and strategies for infiltration and subversion, (learned as a member of Leon Trotsky’s inner circle) with him, and would elevate the Trotskyist management of ‘identity politics’ to become the fragmentation ‘device’ primed to explode national culture onto a new stage, in the Western sphere.


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