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Jordan Peterson just got his Tweeting privileges revoked – unless he apologizes for referring to a biological she (who had her breasts removed) as a non-biological “he,” which she insists she has “transitioned” into being by having her breasts removed. Also – presumably – her ovaries (the ones she was born with) excised and, perhaps, a “penis” she wasn’t born with grotesquely fashioned of other parts of her body and then grafted where the vagina she was born with used to be.

This is akin to having to say sorry for having said the earth is a sphere because someone’s feelings were hurt, who believes it to be flat.

But it’s this “Tweeting” business that is itself arguably even more odious than the cancelling of people such as Peterson for daring to speak the truth, irrespective of people’s “chosen pronouns” – or their feelings about them.

Peterson is a grown man, first of all. There is an insipidity inherent in this business of “Tweeting,” insofar as grown men (and grown women) is concerned. An explicit infantilism.

A repudiation of adult conversation.

Adult men and women do not “Tweet.” The latter having the sound of something little birdies – and small children – do. To participate in “Tweeting” is to partake in one’s own diminishment, as an adult.

Adults worthy of the term have conversations. These often take time – and more than the handful of words allowed by Twitter, per Tweet – which serves to limit and so stifle the ability of adults to have conversations.

Observe the difference between the Tweet that got Peterson banned from further Tweeting – and the video he did shortly thereafter. The former constituted four lines of abbreviated speech. The latter, 15 minutes of careful, adult conversation – in which Peterson had the time and space to do what Tweeting, by the very nature of the thing, renders an impossibility.

He was able to explain – carefully – what he meant. As opposed to “Tweeting” like a little birdie.

Note also the same pattern in regard to the Tweeting of the Orange Man, who was banned for his Tweets, too. The relevant point being – again – the diminishment of adult conversation in favor of that which renders adult conversation impossible. More profoundly, it has blinkered and cheapened adults trying to have conversations within the boundaries of Twitter’s pre-school-level format. This latter has served to “Twitterize” conversation outside of the Twitter universe. It is the elaboration, writ-large, of the sound bite – that purposely limiting snippet of verbiage meant not to foster communication but to oppress it.

The idea being to get people to think small – so as to limit thinking, itself.

Peterson, who is a smart as well as thoughtful man, seems to have been thinking a lot about Tweeting – and has decided he wants nothing more to do with it. Other adults ought to consider the same.

Bad enough that Twitter is (as Peterson styles it) a censorious tool of the Woke Left – which alone ought to cause reasonable adults who object to being told what they may and may not say in accordance with opaque “community guidelines” (more cloying insipidity) to decide they’ve had enough.

Far worse to be limited to “Tweets” that preclude conversations above the 5th grade level. And the truth of the matter is that even that is insulting – to fifth graders – many of whom are quite capable of expressing themselves as adults, assuming they’re allowed more than four or so lines of “Tweeting.”

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  1. My motto is;

    Read a lot

    Say little

    Choose wisely where to say something

    This one of the few places I do say something, even then, not much

  2. Nice comment RK….
    I am struck by how obvious it is to build “intentional communities” both online and in meatspace with people who have the patience and intellect for adult conversations. I find that eschewing the emotional drivel that drives the typical SJW or “conservative” analogue leaves one with a lot of time and energy to do constructive activities….like reading real history and economics for instance. With very few exceptions, EPAutos is one such community. Meanwhile, out there in the “real” world, the wheels are coming off rapidly and none of the parties who favor political, and therefore coercive, approaches has a clue what to do…..should be an interesting, and unfortunately for many, a fatal show.

    • Hi Giuseppe!

      I come here for the same reasons; i.e., to find people I can talk with – which is not easy in meatspace these days and even less so online. Some “conservatives” I know are still in thrall to the Orange Man, who – for them – is not unlike the “masks” are for some other people; i.e., a kind of fetish object that must not be criticized and which has a kind of holy nimbus (in their eyes) around it.

      I am grateful for you and others who give me a reason to get behind the keyboard each day!

  3. Thank you! Adults do not tweet. Adults do not take selfies. I refuse to adopt whatever new narcissistic trend comes along. Taking a picture of yourself used to be considered silly and adolescent. We were just required to take an “anonymous” ESG survey at the small company I work for. This survey results in a company score. One of the questions was what is my sexual orientation? Hey why don’t we just put mattresses out in the public square so we can prove which people are the correct sexual orientation? Other questions were whether I had ever owned an electric car or ride my bike the 15 miles to work (over a freeway overpass), my age group, my ethnicity, and my religious status.

    Well I can’t change my ethnicity darn it or my age. So much for “self improvement”. But although time consuming and difficult, I could ride my bike to work, engage in alternate sexuality, forsake religion, then of course tweet to virtue signal my formerly private choices. If I do that maybe I can help my firm boost its ESG score? Does hard work and skill/knowlege even factor in anymore?

  4. I joined twitter this year to follow the CIA war against Russia in Ukraine. Joined Telegram for the same reason. Have to admit I thought it was brainless before but Twitter is fairly addictive, Libs of Tiktok exposes the deranged psychopaths teaching kids and a lot of smart folks like James Wood, Alex Stein, and Gonzalo Lira post there. Censoring is mostly via algorithm so avoiding it is pretty easy by occasional rephrasing, For instance Peterson could have simply put the weirdo’s preferred gender description in quotes. Twitter is meme gold if you’re into that – and I am!

    • Same here, Mark. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with Nick Fuentes, but his tweets were always a hoot. I hope his account gets reinstated eventually.

  5. OT but, folks, this is geoengineering. On the same day there are earthquakes in SC while a phony “tropical storm” is ginned up off the coast of SC. Links at 0hedge. WP won’t let me post ‘em here.

  6. Never understood the attraction of Twitter, blurting out the first thought that comes into your head – aka “tweeting” – is a bad idea. Usually helps to take a breath and consider what you say before trashing a relationship.

  7. If one wants to clearly see the effect of Twitter, Facebook, etc., and texting, I might add, on discourse, simply go to Zero Hedge and look at the comments section. Very few post original compositions, and few are more than a couple of lines, and very few compose more than two lines of a reply, although ZH allows up to 5,000 characters. Eric associating such “conversations” with an extension of the “sound bite” is perfectly accurate.
    I’m all for boiling down a statement to its fundamentals, but if you don’t turn the heat down, at some point you fail to communicate the foundation of your opinion. Which is of course of no consequence to the Snowflake SJW Wokesters, since they don’t have one.

      • Thanks, John –

        I feel the same about everyone here. One of the things I am most proud of is this site’s reader base, which ever day reminds me how many smart and thoughtful people there still are out there!

    • Most of the comments on ZH are either about Jews, or how everyone that got a vaccine is going to drop dead any day now. Just you wait.
      These comments don’t really change based on the article they are supposedly about.

      • Double plus true, although there’s a fair contingent of End the Fed/Hard Money advocates, too. They seem to spill most of their ‘ink’ quibbling over whether Peter Schiff is a broken clock, a self serving schmuck or The Mighty Prophet of Our Times.
        Still, every little once in a while, somebody gets in a real zinger. It’s possible to profitably get three grams of gold out of a ton of dirt, literally and figuratively.
        It helps to have too much time on your hands.

        • It used to be high level discussion on the markets, that is almost gone now. To get google ad revenue they had to sensor all the content and comments, the comments are filled with ccp trolls now, 1 out of 100 comments has some value….

  8. Great stuff Eric, thank you.
    I am forever training young salespeople and I knew the latest younger generation was going to be a challenge because of the social media issue, but I chose wisely, so far.
    Early in their development I hammer down on, ‘go talk to people’, ‘stay off email, twt, etc..’
    They don’t believe me at first, but slowly, through lost sales, and other challenges, they slowly learn. One just said to me yesterday (an he is doing well, but just lost a important job).
    “when they finally told me that I lost it to X, I was heartbroken with how much effort I put into it, and instantly your little birdy popped up on my shoulder about what you’ve been saying the past 1-2 years”. “I’m doubling down on your old-school messages”.
    hmmmmmm, he’s going to be a winner………………

  9. **”Adults worthy of the term have conversations. “**

    This is why I rejected ‘social media’ from it’s inception- All platforms appear to be set up in such a way as to preclude any actual conversation, with context, order and history intact. They seem to all be designed to foster and encourage nothing but brief grunts and reactions for those with the attention span of a moth- and if one accepts such a format, they will quickly succumb to an adolescent ADHD-like mindset.

    Conversely, internet forums were a true intellectual renaissance, furthering thought and communication. Threads and topics could be kept going for years, and it was possible (and with ease) for newcomers to follow the conversations from their inception no matter when they joined- or just to be able to read and profit from all that had been said.

    Then soical media came along, and the majority abandoned forums. This may likely have been one of the very intents of social media, because hey, we can’t have the proles figuring things out and actually communicating in meaningful ways and bolstering the intellect! Nor could having individuals running their owns shows and allowing free speech be tolerated.

    The internet was AMAZING from the mid 90’s to c. 2010. My intellect was so enriched; I grew; I learned as never before; I was challenged; I trested and reaffirmed my beliefs and ideas; I shared.

    That’s largely all gone now. Now, but for this site and it’s quality author and participants, there is precious little out there.

    • I miss the old late 1990’s early 2000’s internet too. Yeah, dial up sucked (though my current access stinks too), but the content and variety was so much better. There weren’t mega sites like Farcebook and Twit yet, the bigger sites seemed to come and go. Those bigger sites would die when the people running them did stupid things, then people could and would move on (myspace, xanga, aol etc). Todays mega sites manage to survive their stupidity and that needs to end.

      About the only big site left from that era is google. Even google was good back in the day when it’s motto was “don’t be evil” (remember that?). Before they started buying things like youtube becoming a mega site. Now it is what it once pledged to never be, EVIL.

      My last post on Twitter was about two years ago. It said I was not going to waste my time with it anymore. Don’t miss posting there at all. Even if Musk takes over and stops some of the censorship I won’t be back posting.

      It doesn’t help that social media has added a huge amount of ads too lately. Yet another turn off in my book. Just too much to watch a minute ad for a 30 second youtube clip. No thanks.

    • Nunzio, you nailed it. It’s also why Yahoo! News and other libtard news sites shut down their comment boards shortly after the scamdemic broke. The days of reading comments and reactions to “news” stories–and finding out what people really think about them–are forever gone.

    • I cant believe how well the Internet, and Google in particular, do for instructional videos and articles about how to fix stuff. Cars, dishwashers, lawnmowers, you name it! I cant tell you how much $$ I’ve saved by doing, well and in less time, all these repair projects!

      As far as news goes, someone here said about the comments revealing as much, if not more, than the news article itself. So sadly, the comments sections of all major media are no more. As typically, vast majority of the comments would accurate refute whatever the new story was!

      One last thing: I am actually thankful that it was Trump who blew the lid off the media bias, the govco bias, the societal bias of all things biasing towards left-wing. Prior, I had given all those systems the benefit of the doubt. But NO MORE. Everybody has an agenda. So now it has become: Who is telling the story, and what end does it serve? That is more important than whatever the content of the message is.

    • Spot on, Nunz!!! Once I began noticing the dildos staring down at their phones while walking in the middle of the streets, I KNEW it was over.

  10. Ellen Page is more or less committing suicide, just doesn’t have the balls to do so.

    Twitter must be controlled by inverts.

    People manufacturing, factories, gotta be the answer, might as well begin construction now, then people can choose what body parts they desire the most. If you don’t want to have a heart in your body, instead you could have a rechargeable battery beating a mechanical valve system and electronic lungs.

    Don’t even need any food, so no stomach, a feature. Steel bones, manufactured people with current metallurgy and technology could advance humans to consist of all metals and circuitry.

    Wouldn’t need all of that tissue, organs are obsolete, you eventually die and that’s bad for ya.

    Might as well go plaid on the absurd flight from reason.

  11. ‘Adult men and women do not “Tweet.” ‘ — eric

    Agreed, reducing conversations to sound bites is a grade-school playground form of entertainment.

    The one saving grace of Twitter is the ability to append charts and videos.

    I follow commentators such as @LizAnnSonders, @biancoresearch and @MrBlonde_macro because their posts are all about the charts and the data, with only minimalist captions.

    One can also find Twitter videos illustrating US/NATO’s ongoing shellacking in Ukraine. I find these entertaining, as a kind of imperial ruin theatre.

      • Hi Nate,

        “But they blog, and that’s ok?”

        There is a big – and obvious – difference. As here, where one can spend as much time and use as many words as necessary to convey a point. It is adult conversation. Not infantile “Tweeting.”

  12. I quit Twitter in 2016 because I just didn’t find it useful watching all the knee jerk reactions to everything, from people I never would have thought would be so political. I was unfollowing and blocking so much but the “algos” made sure to keep new trash in the timeline. Because they knew what Pulitzer and Hearst knew in the 1800s, get an emotional rise out of readers and they’ll come back for more.

    These days I’m here and on noagendasocial.com, a Mastodon incidence with producers from the No Agenda podcast. The Mastodon network is made up of distributed servers that are “federated” together. There’s no requirement to federate with any other servers, and many sites publish block lists to prevent federation with “the wrong people.” I’ll leave it to the reader to figure out which political side blocks more than the other, although there’s no actual metrics aside from the block lists themselves so no one can be sure.

    Because noagendasocial is a closed system (limited to 10,000 subs and you have to get invited to join), the discourse is actually pretty refreshing. And there is plenty of debate although probably not as polarizing as on the Bird Site, since we already have a common reference. Much like here. I think these communities will be the future of social media, not the monolithic giants of Twitter and Facebook. I could see churches and fraternal orginizations building out their own Mastodon networks and only federating with each other, never even knowing there’s a sewer of anime pr0n and ANTIFA orginizers out there.

    We tried living in McLuhan’s Global Village, and found it doesn’t work. Like the physical world, we need to build roads and bridges between a billion small towns, not try to jam everyone into London.

    • Nice comment RK….
      I am struck by how obvious it is to build “intentional communities” both online and in meatspace with people who have the patience and intellect for adult conversations. I find that eschewing the emotional drivel that drives the typical SJW or “conservative” analogue leaves one with a lot of time and energy to do constructive activities….like reading real history and economics for instance. With very few exceptions, EPAutos is one such community. Meanwhile, out there in the “real” world, the wheels are coming off rapidly and none of the parties who favor political, and therefore coercive, approaches has a clue what to do…..should be an interesting, and unfortunately for many, a fatal show.

  13. I am befuddled at the obvious being played out right in front of our faces. It is absolute ridiculousness that runs contrary to provable facts and traditional norms, yet the establishment keeps enforcing in spite of that very ridiculousness.

    He is she, chromosomes don’t matter vs how one feels, anything we don’t like is hate speech, hate we like is OK.

    They do it in full hypocritical view. They should be ashamed but aren’t. They are the arbiters of new morality.

    Do they really think they are normalizing these things despite so many who can see clearly?
    There will always be push back. The pendulum will always swing back.

    • In the DSM-5 (the reference book for psychologial disorders) the APA replaced “gender identity disorder” with “gender dysphoria.” This was in 2013. Prior to that the treatment was to work out the reasons for feeling you’re not the right sex, now the treatment is to adapt your body to your brain. Needless to say, it is a complete disaster but a fantastic moneymaker for the plastic surgery and Pharma business. We’ll look back at this time in much the same way we look at lobotomy and electro-shock treatments.

      This article explains it pretty well.

    • Just look at that “Rachel” thing in charge of HHS. Could anyone in their right mind, liberal, conservative, whatever, consider that to be a real woman? I can’t even imagine the level of mental illness that guy has to parade around looking like that and expecting others to believe he’s a woman. And then put him in charge of the country’s health, physical and mental? That’s gotta be an inside joke in the deep state or something, like, how hard can we fuck with the morons in this country and still get away with it?


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