Nixon’s the One . . .

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He has been gone for a long time but he never truly left. Indeed, Richard Nixon is the spirit animal of the modern Republican Party. Everything he would have done, it does – as if animated by some evil, five o’clock shadow’d and whiskey-breath’d instinct.

Where to start?

Well, let’s start with what Nixon started – and the Republican Party has defended, ever since. That being the federalizing of what is now styled “health care” rather than medicine – as it was once styled, pre-Nixon. It was Nixon who made it a federal bailiwick. Or rather, served as the well-paid tool of what has become, in full flower, the “health care” industry’s bailiwick  – for it was Nixon who colluded with Kaiser Permanente to turn over medical care, formerly between patient and doctor – the latter often a private practitioner because it was then possible to be a private practitioner – to the HMOs. These Health Management Organizations turned medicine into a corporate-insurance-mafia racket, with many evil consequences flowing from it.

Among the worst being the co-option of most doctors into the racket because the racket made it extremely difficult to practice medicine outside of the boundaries of its evil influence. Because the HMOs – i.e., the insurance mafia – soon controlled the hospitals and so set policy at hospitals.

“Mask” policies, for instance. And the other policies – such as those sub rosa but held dangling just inches over the heads of doctors who might deviate from the understood instructions not to question “masking” – or the subsequent “vaccinating.”

And let’s never forget the financialization of medicine that incentivized doctors to count “cases” – as high as possible – and to characterize any death as attributable to the “virus,” even the deaths of centenarians – in order to assure the hospital got the funds.

What is now the “health care” system is throughly corrupted and thoroughly untrustworthy because it is thoroughly owned by the insurance (HMO) industry- and we have Nixon to thank for it. And his inheritors, who did nothing to end it. Trump is one of these Little Nixons but far from the only one. He vowed to “repeal” Obamacare – the apotheosis of the federalization of what had been medicine – and replace it with another version of federally supervised and so controlled “health care.” The real control being exercised, of course, by the “health care” industry, which has become synonymous with the health insurance industry.

Nixon’s dead hand also guided another lesser Nixon, in the form of The Chimp – who (and this is not well-known) set up the federal apparat to impose tyranny in the name of medicine. This on top of the other tyrannies imposed, as in the name of “fightin’ terrrr.”

Many new procedures and protocols were drawn up during the eight ugsome years of The Chimp’s brachiating within the endless rooms of the big white mansion, no doubt fitted with tires swinging from ropes to help the simian Nixon burn off excess energy.

“If we wait for a pandemic to appear, it will be too late to prepare,” said The Chimp . . . back in 2005. An interesting thing for him to have said – when he said it – isn’t it? And – quoting an ABC news article about it – here is what followed as a result of it:

Thus was born the nation’s most comprehensive pandemic plan – a playbook that included diagrams for a global early warning system, funding to develop new, rapid vaccine technology, and a robust national stockpile of critical supplies, such as face masks and ventilators . . .”

All rarin’ and ready to go.

And so they did.

Nixon gives the double victory salute, from the dark and bituminous place.

Fast-forward fifteen years and lo – and behold – a “pandemic.” And another Republican, who used the “tools” left behind by The Chimp to “warp speed” the drugs that have been pushed on tens of millions of Americans, a huge number of these all-but-physically forced to take them by explicit threats of economic and social punishment (i.e., loss of job and freedom to participate in society) if they “hesitated.”


The Republican apparat did nothing to thwart it because the Republican apparat is part of it. It laid the foundations of it.


And “screw your freedoms,” too – as said by another inheritor of the Nixon Tradition.

We should also never forget that it was Nixon who federalized what became “environmentalism” – the new name for Communism – by creating a federal environmental apparat, the EPA. The Environmental Protection Agency was created as a cynical electoral politics sop to assuage the “dirty hippies” – Nixon’s words – but more deeply, to sate the bottomless will to power that animated Nixon and which still vivifies the Republican Party.

Without the EPA, there would be no CAFE – Corporate Average Fuel Economy, the federal regulations that have been used since the ’70s to first make cars smaller (ending forever the big sedans and wagons that Americans used to regularly own and drive) and then engines smaller – on the way to nonexistent, in favor of electric motors only. The EPA used its federal power to endlessly decree and enforce ever-lower “emissions” standards that ceased having anything to do with “the environment” decades ago.

But “environmentalism” is effectively the new national religion. Either that or Safetyism – another emanation of Nixon who – never forget it – “solved” the “energy crisis” (which was never a “crisis” insofar as “energy”) by decreeing a National Maximum Speed Limit of 55 MPH that held away for decades after Nixon slouched back to San Clemente. And while the NMSL was eventually repealed, Safetyism blossomed. It is fair to say that everything from mandatory “buckle up” (and helmet-up) laws to probable-cause-free “checkpoints” (which expanded to airports under another heir  to the Nixon Tradition) emanated from Nixon’s putrid influence.

What has the Republican apparat done to dissipate it? Absolutely nothing. Well, it has done absolutely nothing to alter the Nixonian course. For it is the inheritor of the Nixon Tradition – which will never dissipate until the Republican apparat is itself dissipated.

. . .

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  1. ‘Nixon federalized “environmentalism” by creating a federal environmental apparat, the EPA.’ — eric

    At his rally in Wilkes-Barre, PA tonight, Trump told a story about a friend from Kentucky who bought an EV. The friend came back from a long trip exhausted — spent more time charging than driving, said Trump.

    Trump then lit into California’s all-EVs-by-2035 mandate, pointing out two problems with it: (1) Most buyers can’t afford them; (2) The batteries are made in China.

    During his term, Trump suspended CAFE rules. “Biden” reinstated them.

    Despite many qualities which make Trump a very problematic candidate, on the narrow issue of CAFE standards and EV mandates, his head is in the right place. Indeed, he probably is the only Republican who would attempt to roll back the climate change onslaught.

    RINOs, of course, would “mend, not end.”

    • “Biden” offers a feeble counter:

      ‘President Joe Biden is going to be expected at the forthcoming Detroit Auto Show that will be taking place in two weeks. It’ll mark the first time he has visited Detroit since his days as Vice President, Bloomberg noted last week.

      “I’ll be there. I’m a car guy, as you kind of noticed,” Biden said last week when asked if he was going to attend. — ZH

      ‘Car guy’ … HA HA HA HA

    • I enjoyed the interview as well. Was listening to it on my drive in to work today. Funny thing was as I was being angered by the fact our new car choices are being narrowed to only include EVs or less and less attractive gas powered vehicles I saw this pickup truck. I don’t know a lot about vehicles but this guy’s exhaust appeared to be coming out of some thing sticking up from the bed of the truck?? When he would accelerate, a cloud of black smoke came out of it. Where I might normally think it was just ridiculous, because I was listening to the podcast, I thought “Bravo, sir, Bravo!”

  2. I think after Bidet’s speech tonight any pretense is off. It’s full on war with the communists in charge, After the steal in the midterms it’s going to be an unstable situation. Prepare accordingly.

  3. You don’t get tricky Dicky without Ike Eisenhower, who killed off the Old Right. Eisenhower, while being basically a polar opposite of Trump in personality (at least in public), shares many common traits. Effective use of modern media (Ike held many press conferences and produced the first TV campaign ad), popular and well known for reasons outside of politics, and both joined the Republican party to run for president. According Wikipedia Ike was an independent and supposedly never voted prior to running for president.

    The guy was basically FDR lite. He quashed the McCarthy hearings, expanded New Deal programs and spent the peace dividend on nukes and nationalized highways. People think that limited access highways didn’t exist before the Autobahns, and later the Interstates. But the Pennsylvania Turnpike and some other early examples existed before the war. Good ideas are good ideas and don’t need goosing by federal decree.

    Unfortunately Goldwater’s loss cemented the liberal Republican party for Nixon. The left had made the debate not for or against Communism, but when Communism would be implemented. Reagan just brought the Republican party back closer to the center (and unfortunately brought in the CIA and Wall Street, but that’s for another post).

      • General George S. Patton was against the behavior of the Allied troops that was directed against not only the German military, but civilians as well. If the Allies had followed his advice, we would have been better off. He KNEW that we were destroying not only the military might of the German people, but also its culture and pride. He rallied against the jews who were placed in “displaced persons” camps as they had no concept of sanitation and had to be forced to use toilets and fresh water, still being reluctant to clean themselves up. In fact, the Allied soldiers supervising the residents had to use the threat of rifle butts to get the residents to use the toilets. Patton’s writings have mentioned the unsanitary habits of these occupants of the “displaced persons camps”.
        Eisnehower’s “death camps” (yes, Eisenhower’s Rheinwiesenlager death camps) were used to punish the remnants of the German military by starvation, deprivation of shelter and medicine, by calling the captives “disarmed enemy combatants” rather than “prisoners of war” as defined by the Geneva Convention. Allied “war crimes” were numerous and condoned at the highest levels of the military commands and the Allied governments.
        Even General Curtis LeMay remarked that: “If we lose this one, we will be strung up for war crimes”.
        What the Allied “victory” in WW2 did was to make the world safe for jewish bolshevism. Witness the “iron curtain” erected after the summation of the war. The mistakes made during WW2 are haunting us to this very day.
        Patton was aware of that and made efforts to speak out. His assassination was necessary to keep the TRUTH about WW2 from being exposed.

        • Patton had a semi-awakening at the end and he did urge far more compassionate treatment of the Germans. He also wanted to unite with what was left of the German army and roll to Moscow all the while not realizing he was fighting for Satan all along. Maybe he realized it when NKVD agents posioned him in the hospital after his arranged car crash,

  4. If there are two parties, they are the progressives and the slow progressives. The slow progressives are the republicans.
    Nixon’s work for the medical cartel built upon the earlier progressive era work that exterminated free market medical care for the Rockefeller corporate medicine and the doctors of the AMA being able to charge high prices starting with the Flexner report of 1910. Nixon’s work is what has been dubbed “reform” ever since, that is finding new ways to tap sources of wealth to pay the ever higher prices.

    Nixon’s EPA is also an outgrowth of earlier work. When pollution started being an issue people sued. The government courts decided that one must prove harm. This was done because government and cronies knew it was beyond the limits of knowledge and technology at the time. By the 1970s that had fallen apart. Of course the correct thing would have been to revert back to the property rights type system that the ‘prove harm’ system undermined but that’s not what government does or politicians even capable of thinking of. So instead it was decided government would decide who could pollute and how much. It would use the environment for greater power. The complicit slow progressive party always has the back of the progressives. They are there to cement gains and do the work that the motives of the progressives would be too obvious.

    • Yup, the Repuglicans are some unpleasantly nasty people, for sure, and some are worse than others…
      But I’ve seen this other group who is just downright evillll, all the way across the board…
      Man, maybe you’ve heard of them? These crazy Democrats, y’know? They’re so bad they make the Rethuglicans look positively good by comparison, right?
      Wow, crazy stuff, man….

    • “If there are two parties, they are the progressives and the slow progressives. The slow progressives are the republicans.”


      Two wings, of the same bird of prey, no doubt.

      I’ve read some people say that’s not quite true on the local level. …Idk. I would like to hope so. The difference between The Red & The Blue States kindof suggests this is so. Idk.

      The cops ready to bust your ass in every State, for whatever – and the compounding rules, regulations & taxes – suggests otherwise.

      Living in Iowa, I sure do see a difference between living in Illinoise. Not by much, for sure. It’s clear though, there Is A Difference. A Big one.

      “Jeannie! Make, Panarchy!”

      ‘Jeannie Makes It Sunday | I Dream Of Jeannie’

  5. Not mentioned was the “War on Drugs”, which was another one of Tricky Dick’s insidious hell-children. The War has given us decades of Fourth-Amendment-flushing, road-pirate fishing expeditions, as well as countless raids and abundant jack-booted thuggery.

    Otherwise, Excellent article.

    • Thanks, BaDnOn!

      I have mentioned this previously – in re the “war” on some drugs: I was arrested, caged and charged with felony “manufacture of a controlled substance with intent to distribute” at 19… when I was a sophomore in college, for growing pot plants in my dorm room. It was stupid of me to do that, obviously. But it awakened me. The being arrested and charged part, I mean.

      I faced – at 19 – the possibility of going to prison for several years. A permanent felony “rap” that would have made me largely unemployable. To say nothing of spending time in prison.

      Over some plants.

      I hadn’t hurt anyone. There was no intent, even, to hurt anyone. But my life was about to be ruined over . . . plants.

      Luckily, my friends bailed me out and even more luckily, the charges were reduced to misdemeanor possession. But how many people – especially young guys like myself, back then – didn’t “get away” with it? Had their lives ruined over it?

      If there was a moment in time when I committed, fully and consciously, to libertarianism, this was it.

      • Eric,

        Of course, I was certain you’d covered this topic elsewhere, and probably many times. 🙂 But I couldn’t help but add the addendum, because this bastard and all like him decided to rob us of fundamental freedoms, such as the ability to determine what we can put in our bodies and what we can buy or sell. Not only that, but after they kick down our doors, put cuffs on us, threaten us and possibly put us in a cage with murderers and rapists to be humiliated and brutalized, they call US the criminals.

        I might’ve had a brush or two with The Law(!) like you did, and luckily, I too might’ve narrowly escaped the ultimate condemnation of Second-Class Citizenship. I’m glad WE did. Though, as you say, how many did not?

        Fuck these derisive, patronizing and arrogant vampires! I, and so many who frequent this electronic oasis, are glad you’re here to shine light on their pale, blood-sucking asses, Eric!

  6. Nixon would walk the halls of the White House drunker than a skunk and talk to portraits of dead presidents.

    He wanted to nuke Hanoi.

    Absolutely nuts in the head, too much whiskey.

    Hunter couldn’t believe he was going to be elected.

    It was going to be an ice age back then, scientists were freaking out that it was going to be colder than hell by the end of the century.

    If Dr. Paul Ehrlich’s predictions had become reality, the population in the United States in 1999 would have been 22.6 million people.

    ““In the 1970s … hundreds of millions are going to starve to death,” and by the 1980s most of the world’s important resources would be depleted. He forecast that 65 million Americans would die of starvation between 1980-1989 and that by 1999, the US population would decline to 22.6 million.”

    What a maroon.

    Another idiot not knowing how stupid he really is.

    Stanford was dumb enough to hire the fake biologist.

    You’d have to be a fool to listen to Paul.

    Nixon was bitter because he lost the 1960 election.

    He never recovered.

  7. There’s a rather large piece of the puzzle that’s missed or overlooked by most pundits commenting on Nixon’s gold standard faux pas.

    The general idea put forth is that Nixon’s closure of the gold window was the very beginning of the Federal Reserve’s ability to expand the money supply in willy-nilly fashion. In other words his action would essentially remove the handcuffs from the Fed who now could act out any & all financial adventures it deemed necessary or could conjure up. Finally, they could now begin to act out their fiscal malfeasance. This notion has been presented by some very smart people as the absolute primary reason that motivated Nixon & his cronies to shut the window on Aug 13, 1971. In addition — and again, according to contemporary thinking — Nixon’s action was also perpetuated by the US govt’s desire to break the link between the dollar & gold thus giving them the power to create almost infinite credit and thereby making it easier for the Uncle Sam to borrow money. It certainly sounds like a conspiracy to me. To top it off, this devious plan had been in the making for many years, perhaps even decades, and now it was finally coming to fruition.

    There’s only one problem with this seemingly plausible notion. It was “not” the primary reason why Nixon took his ill-advised & immoral action. Although I believe some of these purported notions were valid, they just weren’t the primary reason(s) that motivated Nixon.

    So what was the primary motivation behind this scoundrel’s action? This very simply fact. At precisely that point in time in 1971 he was probably approached by his treasury secretary and other high ranking economic advisers warning him about the country’s constant & ever-dwindling inventory of gold reserves. They told Nixon that Fort Knox was being raided by those greedy foreigners who, gasp! actually demanded gold in exchange for their dollars! How rude & inconvenient. And if the situation did not change, and quickly, he would soon be required to go on national television and try to explain to the American electorate why Fort Knox had become an empty warehouse. Not a pleasant prospect. Voilla! – instant panic by the commander-in-chief. He pushed the panic button and the rest is history. The good news for Nixon & his cronies (especially the Fed) was that, as an aside, they now would enjoy all the residual benefits as stated above. This was the perfect “windfall” they (the statists) got to enjoy in the bargain.

    One last important point. The notion that the year 1971 was the inaugural year that somehow the Fed and the rest of the world’ central banks were turned loose to debase the currency with their printing presses thereby inflicting their toxic medicine on the economy is absolute nonsense. By ’71 the illegal, immoral, and fraudulent Federal Reserve had been counterfeiting currency for many many years. Why in the heck do you suppose all those foreign governments wanted gold for paper dollars? So because of the many years of illicit activity by the Fed which caused foreigners to demand gold for their greenbacks, Nixon’s hands were tied. He was forced to close the gold window — not the other way around. Nixon had to take the actions he did as explained above and not out of some conspiratorial theory that he somehow hated gold or Bretton Woods.

    • Dave,
      The reason the gold reserve was being depleted so badly was because the Fed was creating so many out of thin air. The pretend money was then circulated all over the world, coming back to the US as claim for gold. Nixon closing the gold window did not make the dollar fiat, it just made ALL the dollars fiat. And turned the Fed loose on the rest of the world.

    • Re: Dave Hiccup September 1, 2022 At 1:46 pm

      I always thought it was rather obvious that Nixon closed the gold window due to the run on the gold stores of Fort Knox due to LBJ’s spending without even grasping the consequences. The powers that be are always manipulating presidents. They know the designs, the intended results, etc etc. A president who doesn’t go their way often enough well a lone nut appears to the resolve the situation. If the president lives he learns to play ball.

      • @BrentP

        I too thought it was obvious but apparently we’re in the minority. Even among many Austrian advocates (esp those inside acadamia) the majority seem to think he slammed the gold window solely because:
        1. he hated the gold standard & Bretton Woods
        2. he wanted to set the Fed’s printing presses looses on the world for the very first time
        3. he was part of some world wide conspiracy to kill the dollar
        4. he blamed foreigners & price gougers for the current economic troubles which also forced
        him to impose wage and price controls (The Nixon Shock).

        No, Dickie’s hand was forced primarily because of the dwindling supply of that yellow stuff stored in that well known fortified bunker in Kentucky that even Auric Goldfinger couldn’t knock over. Nixon knew by then that the world had caught uncle sammy & the Fed with their hand in the cookie jar which forced him to act. He even stated that the measure was only temporary and that dollar convertibility would soon return in the near future.

        The London Gold Pool which began in 1961 had failed to keep the dollar pegged @ $35 oz which is more proof that the Fed had been doing its thing for many years prior. The L.G.P was a feeble last ditch attempt to keep Bretton Woods going. When that failed it was simply a matter of time before reality would exert itself. What would you have done when the gold reserve had gone from 20k tons in the 1940’s to about 8k tons? I would have just admitted to the world of our misdeeds and took our lumps. But no, Tricky just took the easy way out.
        Bad boy Dicky.

  8. Don’t trust any corporation that names itself “Permanent Caesar,” regardless of how many languages they use to hide the meaning of the name. Any politician that works with such corporations is even worse!

    Also, Nixon’s roots are in the Red Republicans of the 1850s-1870s, thus this tradition of arrogating powers on the one hand while outright lying about what they were doing on the other hand. This is actually one of the many meanings of the Old Testament Hebrew word that was translated into English as “sorceries” (all meanings have to do with some sort of deception, especially government-based deception). Interestingly, the New Testament Greek word that was translated into English as “sorceries” refers to deception and death specifically through the use of drugs.

  9. Excellent summary of Nixon’s many crimes, along with the others added by posters here. The worst of them IMO is the “war on drugs” which gave us the militarized AGW’s that stomp on our rights on a daily basis, as exemplified by the Chimp’s statement that the Constitution is just “a goddamn piece of paper”.

  10. And Nixon was “the lesser evil”….. -which illustrates the futulity and folly of voting.

    To be fair though….the “healthcare” BS started with LBJ and the institution of the federalized Medicare scheme in ’65- and Medicaid (Although that was administered at a state and local level, it also involved partial federal funding, and mandates)- and, as usual….as we’ve all seen with Reagan, The Bushes, and Trump, Nixon didn’t do a thing to roll back LBJ’s tyranny, but rather added to it.

    So just like today, the lesser evil is just more of the same evil.

    • Hi Nunz!
      Re: Medicare, when the Chimp pushed through part D, the drug coverage, a family friend who’s a doctor couldn’t believe what a gift it was to Big Pharma since the government had to pay whatever Big Pharma wanted. Wonder how many $millions they slipped him under the table.

    • Nunzio,
      The only difference I have ever seen between Democrats and Republicans is the latter would prefer to drive the handcart to hell just a bit slower. But drive it they will. And just a few, too few to matter, would like to stop the cart.

    • …and LBJ’s war on poverty I believe it was called “the great society.” Probably just a coincidence that the last year for silver in our coin was 1964. Can’t run a warfare/welfare state on real money.

  11. Nixon’s sins are too many to count, but Eric covered the most egregious. Per the HMO, when medicine was turned from a service to an industry. The EPA, which apparently has limitless authority, which has NEVER been a good thing. Turning the dollar into full fiat, which always fails. ALWAYS. One could easily point to all aspects of the impending doom of the US to initiatives of the “I am not a crook”. He wasn’t. He was far worse than that.

  12. Most Americans today are like Schwarzenegger. His success and wealth emanated from the liberty and freedom the country freely gave. But when confronted with governmental medical tyranny verses liberty and freedom of all humans,,, he quickly and gladly told us to give up the latter,,, which many did.

    Liberty and Freedom are always LAST on the list to fight for, but FIRST on the list to discard. The government has no power over us except that which we (collectively) willingly give it. The People have allowed government to discard one constitutional restriction at a time until there are no restrictions left.

    Now it’s a dictatorship of 535 self appointed Kings and Queens that think any decree they pass is actual law.
    The executive believes it can scribble any decree it likes and the People are to obey…. or else.

    The government is doing what ALL governments do. Destroying liberty and freedom. Ours is no different. Only the People can stop it. And voting won’t do it. All the People have to do is not comply. Freedom trumps any illegal law or regulation.

  13. Not just the EPA, and taking us off the gold standard, But tricky also oversaw the creation of the ATF. Looking back now he was a winner. The best of the best as far as the oligarchy goes. I’m sure he put some more alphabets into the soup, I’m just to lazy to look them up.

    Im sure he didn’t have to be convinced to start the war on drugs, after all couldn’t have LBJ and his war on ‘pooooverty’ getting all the funding. His buddies out west needed a face too stomp their jack boots onto, bullies with badges everywhere needed a reason to swing away, and criminalizing weed gave them an insidious enemy. What a shame a harmless plant was vilified for the last 50 years.

    They can now unwind the prohibition, as its late in the game to regain liberty. The only reason weed hasn’t been decriminalized on a national scale yet is clown-gress hasn’t found a way to put in place carve outs for the lawyers and lobbyists. When they finally get off their bloated asses they may find some states ignoring their ‘laws’ as about 10 states moved on. Some like Az have in effect de-criminalized weed and won’t be accepting of something from the feds that takes us backward.

    His criminalizing of a harmless plant certainly ruined 100s of thousands of lives. While Alcohol, tobacco, and pharmaceuticals have been allowed to poison the well of 3 generations of Americans minds and bodies. Proving once again the federals don’t care about you or me. They only care about amassing dirty piles of filthy lucre.

    I wonder if there is a school in Tel Aviv they all go to where they learn this important component of modern governance?

  14. Our democracy (it’s not a republic and hasn’t been since the War for Southern Independence) is nothing more than Kabuki theater. Elections are window dressing, because the system forever ratchets leftward, slightly more slowly in the case of the Republicans and at warp speed when the Democrats have their turn at the tiller.

    Nixon also instituted wage and price controls. What happened as a result? Inflation skyrocketed.

    Also Eric, you forgot the so-called Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration. My Dad was a plant supervisor at one of the nation’s largest oil refineries and he told horror stories of OSHA inspectors crawling over his plant and others at the refinery. With every new inspector, you had to learn how they’d throw the regulatory book at you. One stressed one part of the rule book, while another stressed an entirely different part. Or they interpreted the regulations differently.

    Kind of like in hoops or baseball learning the peculiarities of the officials governing your game.

    Nixon’s idiotic EPA also made it impossible to build another oil refinery, but for now, allows the existing ones to add on. This has the awful side effect of putting a lot of eggs in larger, more vulnerable baskets.

    • Good comment, dr_mantis_toboggan_md.

      However; I’m still wondering how you just know geoengineering is not happening and how this is somehow incorrect information:

      “ALL commercial flight carriers and ALL military tankers are equipped with a “high bypass turbofan jet engine”. This type of jet engine is essentially a jet powered fan and is thus, by design, nearly incapable of producing any condensation trail except under the most rare and extreme of circumstances.”

      I imagine Nixion helped to put geoengineering into overdrive as well.

  15. I agree that his most damaging action was getting the US dollar off of the gold standard. We’re heavily paying the price for that action now

  16. ‘What Nixon started … that being the federalizing of what is now styled “health care” rather than medicine’ — eric

    Last week, JAMA Psychiatry published a study showing that two psilocybin sessions significantly cut heavy drinking days in subjects with alcohol use disorder.

    A half dozen of the article’s references cite papers published between 1966 and 1970. Why? Because Nixon’s gratuitous federalization of narcotics enforcement via the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 shut down research into medicinal uses of psychedelics for half a century, with a purblind fanaticism rivaling the Inquisition.

    How many millions of lives were darkened by the withholding of promising treatments for alcoholism and depression — merely to facilitate the re-election of Republiclown thugs Nixon and Agnew?

    No, they didn’t kill as many as America’s Stalin, the Republiclown Ape Lincoln. But that’s faint praise indeed.

  17. In today’s Kabuki Theater report, it is now being reported that Orange Man Bad will not be charged with anything. I suppose that *maybe* they’re trying to hang the vax poisoning on him but, to do that, they have to first plainly admit that they’re bad as they are.

    Seems they’re not done poisoning, injuring and killing people with it just yet. Plenty more money to be made. I ever heard that the actual “Comirnaty” labeled version of the poison has been purchased by the DOD in order to eliminate the potential lawsuits coming by their denying any exemptions based on it still being EUA.

    I can still clearly remember, as a quite young boy, that Nixon’s impeachment didn’t make much sense to me. It still seems on par with impeachment for lying about a blow job, especially when these lunatics have committed atrocious crimes on a grand scale.

    I knew and still know, the GOP will never ever do anything about Obamacare which firmly cemented the medical tyranny in place. People need to come to terms that, as you’re saying, they are part and parcel of it.

    • The real reasons for “Watergate” were obscured by Nixon’s “associates” whose “break in” at DNC headquarters was a convenient “hook” to implicate Nixon.
      “Deep Throat” was none other than Mark Felt, who was in line to become the next Director of the FBI. When Nixon chose L Patrick Grey instead, the game was on. Mark Felt had the “dirt” on Nixon’s associates and used it to destroy Nixon’s presidency.
      Watergate was “payback” by Mark Felt, who expected to be appointed FBI director by Nixon. When Nixon appointed L Patrick Grey over Felt, the game was on. Mark Felt was “deep throat” who leaked information damaging to the Republican party to Nixon’s political enemies and the media. Nixon took the high road and resigned…
      As is the case today, the media is not above destroying a country for their own political purposes.

  18. You hit on it at the end when it came to Federal speed limit mandates. That was pretty much the death of federalism. The states got on the teat and it was a fait accompli.

  19. And Nixon completely removed the gold standard from the dollar. From the great Ron Paul:

    Nixon closed the “gold window” that had allowed foreign governments to exchange US dollars for gold. Nixon’s action severed the last link between the dollar and gold, transforming the dollar into pure fiat currency.
    Since the “Nixon shock” of 1971, the dollar’s value — and the average American’s living standard — has continuously declined, while income inequality and the size, scope, and cost of government have risen.

    • Mike, after Nixon totally removed the dollar from gold, he doubled down on Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” programs instead of doing the right thing of trying to defund it. He then got OPEC to agree to use the dollar as an international reserve currency for oil purchases to buoy the dollar. Now that this regime that is in power, they are pissing off the Saudis with giving Iran the bank and turning a blind eye that the threat that they are. This can and will result in the Saudis telling America to Ef off to you and the dollar which will result in total economic collapse after they dump the dollar. If you think inflation and shortages are bad now, the crap will really hit the fan!

  20. Eric – 100 percent great article. You nailed it. I can’t add anymore. One question – why did the Mockingbird Media produce a show trial circus clown show directed by Woodward and Bernstein starring Archibald Cox and a host of sneering, braying self righteous Demagogues and pretend “Republicans” all lined up to take him down? Watergate was the worst media spectacle of my childhood. I remember being in a group at a day camp when it was announced that Nixon resigned and felt a sadness that others in the group obviously cheered on.

    Nixon should have been impeached for his policy crimes outlined above and also to include colluding with a Communist country, imposing price controls, and removing us from the gold standard.

    Did the presidency completey mute his instincts? I would have liked Nixon a lot better if he had recanted the bullshit he did as president, since he already was ruined by a media circus show trial. But he didn’t. Nixon was the one, but not the only one. Clinton and Bush 2 will all likely take their crap to their graves as did Bush 41 and Nixon.

    None of that takes away the fact that he was awful. He was framed, though. He should have been impeached for other things, but so should have all of the postwar Democrats, excluding Kennedy. His

    • Hi Swamp,

      Thanks! I hate Nixon as much as the late Doctor (HST) did, even though I was too young to have experienced the Dick personally. Because the Dick’s effects linger.

      As far as why he was removed, I suspect it is all part of the same show. The same show that removed the Orange Fail from the stage- and which will likely remove the senile pedophile from it soon as well.

      • I was gonna say, looking back, it seems as though Nixon was the prequel to the OMB soap opera. Applying the my same standard of disbelief to Nixon as OMB, I’m guessing that he was probably in on it (just as OMB is).

        Something to the effect of, “we can’t have anyone looking too hard at these huge crimes that you’ve done. we need a diversion. we’ll set up some little thing that you take the fall for and we’ll make sure you’re filthy rich for the rest of your life.”

        Everyone clutch their pearls! Make sure the fainting couches are in place! ROLL ‘EM…

      • Eric – we are about the same age. In late 1974, my parents were driving on I-91 near Hatfield, MA when a state trooper pulled my dad for going 72 in a 55. I remember a year earlier the same road had a higher speed limit. I remembered that in CT, the speed limit was 60 on the CT Turnpike. I was pissed when my dad got a warning for going 60 mph. I thought to myself, why would anyone get a warning for going a speed that was legal a year earlier. I was initially mad at the cop. The next day, I woke up and realized what the real problem was: the 55 mph speed limit. It was on November 27, 1974 that I began the fight against the 55 mph speed limit. I was 10 years old. Some 21 years later, we managed to get the law repealed. It was the only useful and meaningful reform and accomplishment of the 1994 Republican Revolution.

  21. ‘Without the EPA, there would be no CAFE – Corporate Average Fuel Economy.’ — eric

    An updated ode to Tricky Dick:

    We don’t need no electrification
    We don’t need no CAFE control
    No dark compulsion in the Clowngress
    Biden leave them cars alone

    Hey – Biden! – leave them cars alone
    All in all, it’s just another dick in the wall
    All in all, you’re just another dick in the wall

    — Pink Floyd, Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2 (1979)


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