The Crime of “Aimlessly Walking Around”

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Here is a video of an Armed Government Worker physically assaulting a couple of guys for the “crime” of “aimlessly walking around.” The real crime, apparently, was that one  of these guys flipped the AGW the birdie. The sensitive ego of AGWs often cannot abide such affront to their egos – and what you see ensued.

The AGW first demanded IDs – which they guys were not obliged to provide absent the AGW asserting his belief that they had violated a law. It is not against the law to “aimlessly walk around.” Yet the AGW enforced his law – as so many AGWs like to do.    

Thus, the guys were subjected to a verbal berating before being handcuffed and “patted down” because they objected to being told they were being “detained for suspicious activity,” a neat catch-all (like “climate change”) that gives AGWs the excuse to “detain” anyone they like, anytime they like. Just say the person is “suspicious.”

The problem – aside from the moral problem – is that there is no statute describing “suspicious” as a crime. It is not even probable cause, which must be specific – as regards the AGW being obliged to state a law he believes is being or was violated. Absent that, it is illegal to “detain” people for no other reason than “suspicion.”

It is perfectly legal to be “aimlessly walking around.” There is no law requiring a purpose to walking around, much less that the walker is obliged to provide one to an AGW who considers the “walking around” to be “aimless.”

One of the guys now-cuffed tells the AGW: You’ve got a fragile ego, bro. All because I flipped you off.”

The AGW retorts: “That’s disrespectful!” – blurting out the true nature of the “crime.” Or rather, the affront.

Astutely, the young (and cuffed guy) responds with: “Why is that your concern?” – showing he knows more about the law than the “law enforcer.” But when you are “the law,” the actual law doesn’t matter. Certainly, you’re not held accountable for breaking it – as these two AGWs clearly did when they “detained” these guys for no lawful reason but – as is clear – to show them who “the law” really is.

“We have every right to stop you and find out who you are and where you live.”

Actually, they don’t have that “right” – which is wrong, under the law. Citizens still have the right to walk around in public without being obliged to identity themselves – much less tell an AGW where they live – absent articulable suspicion that a specific law has been violated. Being “disrespectful” doesn’t qualify – and while some might say that AGWs ought to be respected these two AGWs have earned a truckload of “disrespect.”

The AGW – who is a “sergeant,” in the manner of “Colonel” Sanders – disagrees. “You don’t disrespect the police like that.”

Subsequently, “corrective action” was taken against the sergeant. But nothing approaching the actions that would have been taken had any person not “the law” used the implicit threat of murderous violence – the gun on his hip – to forcibly “detain” someone for having “disrespected” them.

Had any other person done that, it is certain that, at the least, their right to carry a gun would have been rescinded. But Armed Government Workers are always held to a lesser standard.

And that is why we have an AGW problem.

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  1. Never answer any questions directed at you by the pooolice, including traffic stops, my favorite query is ‘you know why i pulled you over” My reply is always the same no idea. Do not call them for any situation, most seem to have a talent for making matters worse. to serve and protect…..right. better motto would be to harass and annoy.

    • No Nova,

      Sound advice. An AGW is not your friend. He is an AGW. He works for – he represents – the government. He is investigating you. He seeks to “bust” you for . . . something. Be polite but be curt. Do as required by the law and nothing more. Know the law, too. You may be obliged to produce “papers.” You are under no obligation to answer questions. You are not obliged to “cooperate.” You are only required to do as required. Do not grant permission to search your vehicle. Do not volunteer extraneous information that can and will be used against you. When the AGW orders you to do anything, ask whether you are required by law to comply. Video record everything. Ask whether you are being detained – and on what basis. Ask whether you are free to go. If the AGW says yes, then go.

  2. And the police wonder why the Marxist want to defund them.

    These small brain reptiles have played right into the Marxist playbook and their behavior is grist for their agenda to create chaos and force the next level of control over society.

    Sorry Sean Hannity these people are not rank and file good guys to be respected. If that were true, then half of the FBI would be resigning right now but no… they are all in on kickin in the doors of the new domestic terrorist. There is no difference between Ashli Babbit and Osama Bin Laden.

  3. I was speaking to friend of mine who was formerly in law enforcement.

    I said thatvI felt trike there were two types of people who became LEOs, excuse me AGW (much more fitting. Thise who thiughtbthey could do good and make a positive unpack tandem thise whi were psychopathic children who realized they could get away with a lot more if they had the magic uniform on. He told me it was probably a 50/50 split and he was being generous. Imagine half or more of any agency with this sort of power and immunity has ill intent. What could go wrong?!
    His reason for quitting: “l was surrounded by a bunch of roid addled cowboys pr lazy fat slobs with guns and the emotional capcaity of a five year old I just couldn’t see myself doing 20-30 years at that place.”

    • **Impact and those who were psychopathic children**

      Edit then send… The disadvantage of posting from a 3″ screen keyboard.
      Apologizes in advance

  4. And this is why I ignore calls from the Alabama fraternal order of police and similar organizations.

    Respect muh authora-tay?

    How about kiss my big fat ass.

    • Hi Mike

      AGWs enjoy inflated wages and comfortable pensions that allow them to often retire while still years away from Social Security age, enabling them to start a second career and have two incomes years before they start collecting SS. Many live very affluently relative to the rest of us – who are forced to finance all this. And then they have the gall to beggar you for money over the phone….

      • Re: wages.
        I got in a pretty big debate/argument with a friend who happened to be the Chief of our small town force. Our state was trying to rectify the blotted pension problems and of course all the state unions went ballistic, including him.
        He said “we take less now for more later, and you private biz guys get more now, but less later.”
        So I looked up his salary………….haha…… he was getting paid 2-3x’s the state average. Granted he was the Chief, so I looked up the rest of the force, yup, almost double.
        So I challenged him on it, and again he went ballistic. “Sorry dude, stop listening to the propaganda your union is spouting, they are lying to you”.
        And just like you said Eric, he was able to ‘retire’ is his mid 40’s.

        • Hi Chris,

          One of the things that annoys me about AGWs – and government school teachers – is the entitlement they often manifest. That their “profession” is semi-holy and that they are owed a certain wage. Meanwhile, the rest of us understand that what our work is worth is determined by he willingness of someone else to pay us for it.

      • Yup, you got it Eric. Sort of friend/acquaintance of mine was a state police “major”, in a New England state that I won’t mention (although if you’ve read this forum for a long time you know where I’m from). Retired at 48 years old. Pension? 120k a year, verifiable on the state website. I find it disgusting that these people are able to steal that kind of money from the rest of us, who are probably lucky to make half of that even while we are working. I know he went to work after that as a security director or something for a Fortune 500 company, so on top of that state pension, he’ll get another small pension, 401k, social security etc. Shameful. Oh, and let me tell you about my sons in-laws. The husband and wife were both career military. He was a colonel, she was a captain. They both retired after 25 or 30 years, and then went to the pentagon in civilian capacities. They both recently “retired “ and according to my son, their combined income from pensions is about 300k. I don’t doubt that, as I used to hang out with a retired Air Force colonel who told me his pension was 130k. It’s just mind boggling to me that we pay these people that kind of money when most of us don’t even make anywhere what they’re getting. Teachers, cops, firemen, garbage collectors, I just can’t believe how bad we’re getting fucked, and yet we just keep letting it happen. Amazing.

        • Hi Floriduh,

          Yup. Guy I know loosely down the road is an ex state AGW. He’s retired now. At 50-something. He has several new vehicles, a nice house, motorcycle. And he no longer has to work. If he chooses to, the money he makes working his second career will be all gravy, so to speak. His bills are covered by his pension. And then he will get SS.

          I wish we could do something about it. But how? Changing the system seems to me the only way, other than the other way.

  5. Good things seldom happen when you actually talk to them. If asked a question, declare “I exert my right protected by the fifth amendment to stand mute”, or “I will not answer any questions” If that’s too much to remember, then shut up.

  6. “corrective action”, as in “don’t do that again”. I remain of the considered opinion that AGWs should be held to a MUCH higher standard, since they are the enforcers of a governments assumption of authority to kill you if you disobey. If you disobey the government. Not some AGW that hasn’t gotten any lately.

    • Hi James,

      I feel the same way. The “profession” attracts touchy, self-important bullies. Endowing these psychologically fragile people with guns and badges is a terrible idea. If we must have such a thing as “police” – which I contest – then at the very least there ought to be intensive screening followed by even more intense training (in law, in de-escalation) with a requirement of personal indemnification as a condition of such employment.

      • Eric,
        Having had some social contact with few AGWs, one of them being a well known illegal drug supplier (probably from on the job theft), I classify them as either bullies, or not giving a fuck. If one became dedicated to actually preserving the peace, and protecting the public, they would likely be fired, or quit in disillusion.

        • No offense John, while those types exist, I know quite a few AGW’s, and 70-80% of who I know are good average joe’s trying to do their job well, like a lot of us. And I think they do well considering the times my family has needed them, they always came through (mostly small time stuff though) As always, the bad one’s stick out.
          I’m guessing it might have to do with town/city/county density. The one’s I know are all in light to mid density areas.

  7. I would have told the two pigs to enjoy their last day on the job, right to their faces, if they tried that shit with me. I’d then tell them they’ll be mopping bathrooms at a highway rest stop or living off food stamps, both of which are too good for those pigs, when I’m done dealing with them.


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