As Predicted . . .

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Katie Hobbs has been selected as the new governor of Arizona. As anyone not high on Hopium could have predicted before the selection was held.

There is a wonderful scene in the wonderful movie (wonderful, because it involves a thoughtful story and talented acting rather than a 60 minute sequence of CGI karate fights) Rob Roy, about a Scottish clan leader who has dealings with a disreputable Scottish lord played, interestingly enough, by John Hurt (who played Winston Smith in the movie adaptation of Orwell’s 1984). In this movie, Hurt – playing the Scottish lord – engages in a dialogue with his henchman Archie (played by Tim Roth) who thinks he is clever enough to fool the lord about his shady dealings.

“Something is here that I do not see,” the lord muses. “Killern (another flunkie) and you have a hand in some matters that is hid from sight…. you are in cash yet I know you are without means… ”

Roth’s character, the insolent villain Archie, responds oilily with “the cards favored.” Which prompts the lord, played brilliantly by Hurt, to explode, “Do you take me entirely for a whig, sir?”

Meaning, an imbecile.

That kind of outrage is needed now. By the people who didn’t vote for creatures such as this Katie Hobbs – who was somehow permitted to hold a supervisory position over her own selection and who, naturally, selected herself.

The cards favored.

Do they take us entirely for “whigs”? That is to say, imbeciles?

Yes, of course they do. And something worse than imbeciles, who have the quality of being exactly that and so cannot be faulted for it anymore than a cripple can be faulted for not running. But what can be said of a person who isn’t crippled who refuses to walk? What word would best describe people who are treated with the utmost contempt by people such as Katie Hobbs (as well as Gretchen Whitmer, Kathy Hochul, Slingblade and so on) and know that is how they are regarded – and how they have been dealt with – and do nothing about it?

Vote Harder, next time!

What “next time” will that be, pray? Are they so imbecilic as to believe that, the selection having taken place, those who selected themselves will not spend the next several years making quite sure future selections result in similar selections? Keep in mind who will now control the selection process in these states. And also who will control the selection of federal judges, who will rule on such selection processes for the next forever.

This is what comes of being an imbecile.

For only an imbecile could believe that selections governed by the same people – and the same rules – that determined the 2020 selection could have resulted in any other selection than the one that just occurred, again. It takes an imbecile to believe that a selection determined by the counting of unvetted, mass-absentee ballots could have had any other result.

Kari Lake believed it, right up to the moment her opponents selected herself – as has apparently just happened, a week after the selection. It took a week to assure the right selection was made. Anyone not a “whig” – that is to say, an imbecile – knew this was as certain to occur as the sun setting in the evening. Only am imbecile could hope that the sun would not set, this time.

The question before us now is – are we also cowards?

We’ve been publicly humiliated – again. It has been made crystal clear what they think of us and what they have done to us. And will, again. Because they are certain we will do absolutely nothing about it, other than Vote Harder, next time.

So, what else can we do?

Well, for openers, how about we stop voting in selections – until we have elections again? Until there is election day, again – and people who want to vote in them are obliged to show up on that day and obliged to show that they have a right to vote? That a method of verifying the legitimacy of each vote exist, prior to the actual voting? So that if there is any question about the vote, it can be readily ascertained whether the vote was (or was not) legitimate?

And until then, refuse to legitimize these selections by participating in them.

That would be a start.

Until then, going-along with this charade of “voting” in selections is to be taken for a “whig,” by people even more villainous than Tim Roth’s character, Archie, in the movie.

. . .

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  1. More shenanigans from the Lügenpresse:

    ‘Republican U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert was leading Democrat Adam Frisch, a former Aspen city councilman, by 543 votes on Thursday night, with elections officials in the two counties in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District that have yet to finalize their results saying they have only roughly 200 ballots left to count.

    ‘The final tally won’t be revealed until Friday, which is the deadline for counties to count ballots. The 3rd District race between Boebert and Frisch is headed for a mandatory recount.’

    Let’s do some hard maff that seemingly eludes MSM journos. With Boebert ahead by 543 votes, and 200 ballots uncounted, then Boebert wins by 343 votes even if all 200 remaining ballots went to Frisch.

    Yet the Lügenpresse won’t ‘call’ the race for Boebert — simply because, like Kari Lake, Boebert gets in their face about their relentless lies. So they’re going to punish Boebert by refusing to acknowledge her victory.

    We all know what this is called: election denial.

  2. Triumph of the Lügenpresse:

    You can’t make this up if you tried.

    On 11/30, the New York Times was planning to host a live event with Sam Bankman-Fried, Zelensky, Larry Fink (CEO of Blackrock), and U.S. Treasury Janet Yellen as the main speakers.

    Cost to attend? – $2,400

    The Lügenpresse cries ‘Thief!‘ as it picks your pocket and hacks your crypto.

    Have you bought Israel bonds, comrade?

  3. FTX money laundering election rigging

    Chris Martenson latest video details these connections. One can conclude this was a constructed rip off, set up like a circus tent run by criminals to rip you off, and to steal another election. The bribes needed to pull these operations off are ever larger, more expensive, leading to their own demise at the at the wrong end of a rope.

    ukraine money laundering DCCC kickback factory

    Here’s another good breakdown by Chris Martenson of whats known so far about these marxists.

  4. FTX money laundering

    FTX CEO Sam Blankman-Fried is the son of Democrat fundraisers Joseph Bankman and Barbara Fried, these crooks took billions from FTX crypto investors and laundered the money into the DNC to rig the 2018 and 2020 elections! Sam personally donated $40 million of customer money this year to the DNC for the 2022 election!

    Bankman-Fried’s girlfriend Caroline Ellison is the daughter of Glenn Ellison who works for SEC chairman Gary Ginsler, the person who regulates crypto… Wake up people!!!

    Finance expert Mark Moss explains

    • More on SBF’s Dem Operative Ties FTX money laundering

      Gee, OUR tax money gets funneled into ZelenskyStan, then gets “washed” and funneled back to the Dummycrats via a nepotist circle jerk masquerading as a crypto exchange, so they can keep on voting to send more money to Zelenskystan, so it can get “washed”, and then
      And imagine, NONE of these scumbags will EVER go to jail, or even be arrested

      • 2022 Elections: Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) & crypto political financing

        Who is Dacey Montoya? Arizona PAC treasurer who received $28M from FTX

        When a person is apart of the largest Crypto bankruptcy failure in U.S. history (valuated north of $30 billion) AND is putting in large amounts of cash to one political party’s PAC, one should wonder where that money went, and to whom or what districts?

    • Any connection to Larry Ellison of Oracle Corp? If so, another “Big Tech” outfit with it’s tentacles everywhere and a big tech “rent seeker” (i.e. Government contracts, especially the Deep State surveillance).

  5. Happy news for the Schumer household, as the Senate moves to codify same-sex ‘marriage’ [a word not found in the Constitution; thus not a delegated federal power]:

    Schumer: ‘My Daughter and Her Wife Are Actually Expecting a Little Baby in February’

    Huh, how did that happen? One wouldn’t think tribbing could cause pregnancy.

    But if men can get pregnant, as kindly Uncle Chuck insists, then surely women can impregnate too?

    This is what’s called scientific induction. /snark

    • The “pre-version” was handed down from J-O-O “Faddah” to his daughter and her *ahem* “spouse”. I hope whatever idiot donated his seed for this idiocy is legally insulated, b/c given their inherent propensity for greed and “back-stabbing” (just ask the late Paul Von Hindenburg if you could), he’ll get jacked for child support for the “pleasure” of masturbating into a petri dish.

      • Guys need to not be sperm “donors” for these freaks. Maybe when they start getting hit by those child support suits…….and you know it will happen at some point.

        The rot is deep.

        • Hi Mark,

          I used to travel to AZ often because my parents used to live there. They don’t, anymore – and so I no longer have any reason to go there. And don’t plan to. It’s a shame. AZ is a beautiful state – over-run by ugly people.

          • Well, some of MY family FLED Cali(porn)ia last year and bought a home in Mesa, AZ, as their kids had also moved there, earlier, so they’ve done their “part”. But the politics of the Grand Canyon State have always been a bit strange. They have elected Democrats before, Carl Hayden, a longtime US Senator, and Dennis DeConcini, a three-termer, come to mind. It’s the AZ GOP that at times gets a bit strange, and the OTHER long-time US Senator, Barry Goldwater, was a bit, shall we say, “curmudgeonly”. McCain – protypical RINO.

            That the local pols “conspired” to ensure that Kari Lake won’t be their next Governor, even “Wascally Weepulibcans”, given the parochial nature of AZ politics, ought not to be a surprise. Trump endorsing her just gives further incentive, but it was already an exclusive club that didn’t welcome her.

        • Snipers on the roof @6.20.

          ‘Name one thing they did wrong?’ said the .gov glowie in the yellow shirt. How bout the fact you need snipers, on the roof, of an election building. Kind of says it all. I get the feeling Kittie will stick close to the green zone of downtown Maricopa these next few years. She doesn’t have the temperament to be a county Clerck, let alone a Governessssesss.

  6. Rob Roy is one of my favourite films! It’s positively bursting with quotable dialogue. One of the best lines is when Rob Roy himself explains the concept of honour to his son:

    “Honour is what no man can give you, and none can take away. It’s a man’s gift to himself.”

    That’s such a great nugget of wisdom, sorely needed in today’s world of cowards and conformists. The powers that should not be can attack us all they want, but if we refuse to comply like good little Germans and lay down like lambs to the slaughter, then not even the most tyrannical police state can deprive us of our resulting honour. Even if we “own nothing” in a WEF-style dystopia, we may still have our honour. And that’s an encouraging thought.

  7. More importantly, according to MI6 the death of Evelyn de Rothschild was probably linked to stress from that family having lost control of the financial printing presses that kept the entire US/Ukraine horror show going.

    It is no coincidence that his death was followed by the collapse of Sam Bankman-Frieds’ FTX and his hedge fund, Alameda Research. This was a giant money laundering operation that took the over $100 billion pledged for Ukraine and sent it to finance election theft in the US, Mossad sources say.”

    the KM control grid has been reduced to Canada, the US, Ukraine and Switzerland.

    Even this won’t last long because the KM-occupied US collapsing both politically and economically. The fact they say they cannot figure out who won the November 8th mid-term elections until December or beyond illustrates the political paralysis. That is why “Arizona election officials are prepared to work through Thanksgiving and possibly Christmas as well”.

    garbage collectors report finding thousands of mid term ballots in trash at 100’s of locations…

  8. I am embarrassed to say that I fell for it.

    For the longest time, people would ask me about “the election” and I’d say, “Don’t get your hopes up. They demonstrated they could do it in 2020, they’ll do it again.”

    And yet, I got my hopes up. Like a whig.

    But I will say, that as soon as the counts started dragging out in Nevada and Arizona, I knew exactly how it was going to end. That was pretty damn obvious what was going to happen.

    • In 2000, in Florida, the Republicans sued to stop the recounting process and proceed with certification. Bush v. Gore went all the way to the Supreme Court. The recounts stopped, and the rest is history.

      Where were the R’s in 2020? In 2022? All we got were a few longshot lawsuits in 2020 that went nowhere while the judiciary branch abdicated, and crickets in 2022.

      Something’s not right here. The fix is in, folks. Someone called off the dogs. We’re they paid off? When, and by whom? How far and how deep does the rot go?

      And we’re on our own (as usual, go figure).

  9. Automatic recount triggered in Colorado district 3. The limousine liberal, who got every endorsement from every newspaper, who spent millions on media buys, who had the anointing of the governor and pretty much every other politician in the state, is behind by 1122 votes.

    This shows the power of advertising. Boebert should have been reelected hands down. She’s brought a lot of attention to the western slope. Not the ski towns, of course, but the mining, energy and agriculture cities. Where societal sausage is made. They might not like us, but those deicing driveways aren’t heated with nice feelings and civil discourse. And we outnumber the ski instructors, art gallery mangers and real estate brokers by a lot. The only real numbers of democrats come from government employees, health care workers, and people looking for a handout (but I repeat myself).

  10. Lake lost because:

    1. she was a poor candidate to begin with…focused more on ‘kissing the ring’ instead of what she could do for her (state) constituents.

    2. the obsession with “mail-in & early voting is bad” on the part of Republicans meant plenty who would otherwise have voted for Lake simply stayed home on Election Day for whatever reason.

    heck, Arizona is the “Florida of the west” so medical conditions alone could account for the above.

    • Hi Bill

      On the “mail in/early voting” thing: It’s not the mailing-in that’s bad. It’s worrisome, if you are worried about fraud. I see no valid reason why people without a legitimate reason to not vote in person being obliged to do so, if they want to vote. But the core issue is that these mail-in votes aren’t properly vetted before they are counted. And that is worrisome, or ought to be, to anyone who cares about not living in a banana republic or something far worse than that.

      We (citizens) are obliged to carry ID to do practically anything. It is absurd – disingenuous – to suggest there is some sort of hardship involved in expecting, in requiring, citizens (who are the only people who have a right to vote) to establish who they are before they vote and to have a mechanism in place to confirm the fact, after the vote, in the event there are questions.

      • Mail-in ballots required two witnesses with their names & addresses or a notary.

        Voting in person required nothing more than walking up and giving them a name & address corresponding to a voter registered in that precinct…can’t ask for ID here.

        • Hi Bill,

          I think it depends on the state, but in any case, I think that – at the minimum – no vote should be counted that has not been vetted. I think everyone who isn’t physically unable to appear at their polling place ought to have to show up, show ID – and have their paper ballot be accepted and counted on Election Day.

          But that may no longer matter if a majority of the rightful voters are voting for people such as Whitmer, Hobbs and so on. If that is the case, there are three options remaining: Accept that we live in an overtly socialist country now and just deal with it. Leave it. Or figure out a way to separate ourselves from it.

  11. Michigan had a charismatic woman Republican challenger and Michigan selected friggiing Whitmer again?? For me, Kari Lake losing is really when the mask dropped, even more so than 2020. We ive in a totalitarian police state that laughs at us and as China and the Soviet Union have shown, those setups can last a long time. Now with Orange Turd back in the mix again we get the communist corporate media tear into him for at –least— two more years. Things are going to get much much worse.

  12. Eric – I remember you wrote a column on non participation around 10 years ago. I did end up voting in 2012, but for the first time I left the presidential slot blank. The way things are going now, I will likely resume that pattern after the brief interlude with voting again (because of Orange Man) My reasoning was that Orange man was different enough from Killary and the RINO’s to make a difference. And he did. He took the persistent, but ignored trade issue to the forefront and as a result, temporarily stopped the manufacturing hemmoraging. His 2024 announcement (I didn’t listen to it all) outlined some of the same ideas. I will vote for him in the primary again, with all of his flaws.

    On the other hand, it doesn’t look like he would survive against the strengthened RINO onslaught, therefore, I withdraw my vote and consent for this system from this point forward.
    (I believe that it is going to be DeSantis versus Biden or Harris or that California Asshole.) It is wholly illegitimate with the illegal (in some states) and immoral ballot harvesting and election month voting.

    What happened to us was nothing short of theft. The most sacred secular event has been turned into a Democrat orgy shit show. I refuse to participate barring a revolution

    The can go and fuck themselves.

  13. Who didn’t see this coming?

    The republicans have only themselves to blame
    They didn’t learn the new rules from 2020
    They went along with the covid voting rules
    They stuck too close to the orange guy
    They allowed their primaries to be bought by democrats
    The establishment cut off their nose (pro trump candidates) to spite their face

    • Hi Dan,

      Ironically, it was the Orange Man himself who set up this fait accompli – or at least, enabled it and then did nothing about it. He let the Left establish the precedent for mass absentee voting and for Election Months rather than day. And he enabled all the foregoing by doing not a damned thing to counter the Faucian narrative that a “deadly virus” was on the loose that threatened to kill all of us if we didn’t “mask up” and “social distance” – and thus affirmed that one was on the loose – giving the Left the justification it needed to enable mass absentee voting.

      Some of his defenders will say that we are “falling right into their trap” by criticizing the Orange Man; that the whole point of all the attacks upon him were intended to discredit and neutralize “MAGA.”

      I submit he neutralized himself. Has discredited himself.

      The Orange Man talked a good game – but his actions when it mattered most were disastrous. And he refuses to own up to any of them.

      • Eric,
        I have strongly suspected for several years that any new POTUS gets a visit from the CIA , and is shown the entire Zapruder film, without comment. Don’t color outside the lines, or else. Trumps choices in his cabinet and advisors certainly suggest he got such a visit. Or, he really is an imbecile.
        Regardless, we have far too many octogenarians in office, elected and otherwise. Nearly all of whom suffer both mental and physical decline. Pelosi and McConnel leading the way.

        • “Not to be a republican (French meaning) at 20 is proof of want of heart; to be one at 30 is proof of want of head.” François Guizot

          Of course in the case of the United States for the last 50 years the status quo has been heavy control from Washington, in an extremely progressive manor. Progressive at this point is neither left or right, it has become a political philosophy in itself. Wilson’s dream of a meritocracy has been so manipulated that it has created experts regulators, who are unable to tell the difference between shit and shinola, but because they possess the correct and proper credential that is enough.

          As people age they tend to not only cling to old ways of doing things, they also deferring to experts. This is a horrible combination when it comes to governmental leadership, especially when there’s a lack of comprehension.

      • 2018 was not that long ago. Yet nobody comments that we saw then one elected Republican after another turn out not to have been (s)elected after all and Dems retain control of the House. It was such very obvious vote fraud. I wondered why Trump and the R’s kept their mouths shut. They should have been screaming from the rooftops. What did Trump do about it? He emailed Republicans for financial support. Gimme money. NOTHING about any other act of citizenship.
        Today’s nooze are saying Republicans get the House. You are going to see 2018 again–one Dem after another will turn out to have won after all and TRAITORS like Dan above will react by making excuses for how the cheated candidates were at fault. (Actually, Dan is probably a paid troll–still a traitor for attacking our Republic at its foundations).
        After Dems take the House, will rank and file Republicans–and any Dems who put their freedoms OR nation ahead of their party–FINALLY wake up and realize that this is not going to be fixed by SOMEBODY ELSE, nor by voting harder?

        • LadyLifeGrows,

          What also didn’t help was that, in 2018, 55 Republicans RETIRED from Congress! It was a record number of retirements. Why is that significant? Because it put those seats in play. Congressional incumbents enjoy a 95% return rate. Compare that to the old Soviet politburo, in which the members enjoyed an 85% return rate. That enabled the Dems to take control of Congress in 2018.

          Now, had there not been record Republican retirements from Congress, the GOP could’ve kept the House; they’d have had smaller majority, but they’d have retained that majority. Had historical patterns held, the GOP should’ve had about a 25 seat majority in 2018. The Dems would’ve picked up seats in keeping with history, which says that the party in the White House loses Congressional seats. There’s no way that the GOP should’ve lost though.

  14. The last time I voted was in college, my candidate didn’t win, and from that point on I never voted again. I had been raised in a very strict religious household and was indoctrinated that voting was my civic duty. But something in me snapped, why in the hell was I doing this, if my guy didn’t win it made me felt like a loser – and I didn’t want to feel that way – so I never voted again.

    A few years later I found myself in Guam as a young USAF officer, a flyer in the bomber squadron, and I was required to vote “voluntarily”. But I could not, because I had already made a resolve not to participate in such foolishness, and by this time I was far more conscious of this voting scam, and I did not like either candidate, so why would I go vote for the one I detested least?

    That is like going into the shoe store and being offered the choice between two pair of shoes you neither like. What do you do? You leave the store and do not purchase either. Freedom is the freedom not to buy the product, and that is true for shoes and political whores.

    What kind of putz votes for the lesser of two slime balls, if you are of integrity, and not a slime ball, why would I ever vote for any slime ball? So not voting was a way to maintain my personal integrity. (And back then they were not nearly as slimy as they are now, now the candidates are downright evil)

    Well, that got me in trouble, because I was the only person on Anderson AFB who did not vote. I got called in to see the squadron commander why I didn’t. I can’t remember what excuse I came up with, but they made me the base Voting Officer as my punishment, and I was required to go around and speak on why voting was crucial to the American way of life.

    It wasn’t until many decades later, after I had consumed mountains of Libertarian literature, read every Ayn Rand book, did I realize why the military found voting mandatory – they were trying to justify their existence in this fraudulent system called government.

    One of my flying buddies would cajole me, “tough titty said the kitty, but the milk tastes good”. Apparently, the smarter ones knew it was a game, and if you want that fatty paycheck, then play along.

    When I finally got out of the Rothschild bombing duty, I moved my family to the farthest point off the map, the wilderness of central Idaho. I built my first house for cash, put in a wood stove, bought a wood getting truck and Stihl 066, a Remington 30-06 and lived off the land. Those were the days, idyllic, living by my sweat AND NEVER BEING COMPROMISED by a completely insane society.

    It wasn’t until a decade ago that I had a personal philosophical revelation, it dawned on me that all government was fraudulent because no person has any authority over another. I can not order another person to mow my lawn. I can not order Eric to hand over the contents of his wallet for a war I started. Only government can do that, and they get that stupendous power to steal from hundreds of millions by the magic of voting.

    Voting legitimizes the existence of the state. But no one has any authority over another, so no matter what sham reason a politician claims for their legitimacy, it does not exist, it never existed. And if they cheat at voting then they really don’t have any legitimacy. The illusion is shattered – because they never had it in the first place.

    • Yukon,
      I’m about to re-write a thing many people here are likely tired of hearing. Too effing bad.
      Each and every government on the planet is founded upon its assumption of authority to kill you if you don’t obey. No government can function without that assumed authority. This authority does not attract the sane. It does attract socio/psychopaths. Which is why all governments are saturated with them in short order.

      • Hi John,

        I never tire of it, this point cannot be repeated enough. Every government on earth has a “death penalty”, no matter what any statutes say. No other human institution claims the legal “right” to kill for transgressing its’ authority, no matter how trivial. A little over a decade ago, a lunatic New York assembly member, Felix Ortiz, introduced legislation to ban salt in food preparation in restaurants. “Violators” would be subject to a $1,000 fine per transgression.

        Thankfully, this idiocy did not become law, but imagine that it had. A restaurateur could rack up hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines and, if he refused to pay or appear in court, could face an armed raid. Further imagine that the restaurateur defended himself against the armed thugs. Well, he could be killed and many would accept this as “just”.

        The point is that any transgression of the “law”, no matter how trivial, could escalate to death. State apologists would say that he shouldn’t have resisted, or should have challenged the law in court, that his death was his own fault.


  15. in G7 elections are rigged…in brazil the same problem….but…arrests are being made now over their recent crooked election…so the G7 is far more crooked then brazil….lol…

    at 3:08 in video see…….
    Brazilian Military Arresting Traitors who stole the election, reason Chief Justice fled to NYC this week

    • I love it. I hope the military takes over the country. Not this one, though. The US military is no longer on our side. I trust the police in foreign countries a lot more than ours, or our military, which is a killing machine waiting to be deployed against us.

  16. Eric,

    Ever see the press highlight what percentage of the electorate actually votes? You can find it, but it is never highlighted. If the liberty-minded just stop voting, they will simply make it appear like the whole country has “turned blue” (poignant) and its time to celebrate “unity”.

    I think individual counties need to look at ceasing, or at least leveraging, their relationships with their states, and forming alliances. Stop sending them (generally the large cities masquerading as states) taxes. ACTUAL tax withholding, haha. They’ll need to consider resources and logistics, as not to have supply lines cut, etc.

    This could be fun.

    • Saw this comment at thegatewaypundit:

      “… My theory is that when the ballots/envelopes were scanned at the printing company, Kari Lake ballots were replaced with Katie Hobbs’ ballots. Soros/Hobbs only had a 17 percent Democratic turnout. No way would Katie Hobbs have 52 percent in her favor on Election Day with a 17 percent turnout. I was a Math teacher for 35 years. No way. Hobbs/Soros cheated because they knew no one will do anything about it.”…

      • Dems HOPED no one will do anything about it. But the real test is now. Kari Lake said they were watching closely and would prosecute criminals, etc. Thousands of Kari votes were found in ravines, etc. An honest judiciary would either award the victory to Kari as it was obviously hers, or else require a do-over with new people overseeing the polls to insure integrity. We really do not know yet how this will turn out.

        • A, “do-over”.

          Now there’s a phrase I haven’t read or heard in a long long time.

          “with new people overseeing the polls to insure integrity”?

          I don’t think that qualifies as a “do-over”.
          But, what do I know?

          Lotsa other loaded ideas in that bit, too. …I’m outta time though.

          … “An honest judiciary”
          … You don’t say.
          I’m trying to imagine that.

          I certainly like that you’re at least paying attention a bit and your fired-up some.

      • ‘you don’t have to be enthusiastic about tyranny to vote for it’ — BaDnOn

        In the ancient days of citizens actually schlepping themselves to polling locations, partisan turnout was a big factor in election results.

        Mass-mailed ballots nearly erase that critical enthusiasm factor. When an engraved invitation just shows up unbidden in the mailbox, why not vote for any purple-haired, poly-gendered flake on the candidates list?

        Easy-peasy! On the Highway to Hell, you don’t need EeeVee charging stations. It’s all downhill. 🙂

        • In my opinion, people’s level of motivation to vote, i.e. enthusiasm, is as much a part of the vote as the actual ballots.
          As you say, mass mail balloting erases that and thus invalidates the results, as far as I’m concerned.
          Elections should be one day, in person, with limited absentee options for unavailable absences (and I’m not talking about just being out of town: if you really want to vote, you can reschedule your visit to Grandma or whatever).
          To hell with weeks of early voting, mail ballots, counting for a week or more, etc. What are we, a third world country? Oh wait, even third world countries manage to hold elections and count the votes in a day.

  17. It isn’t hard to see the goal of the game, when Democrats want fewer voter qualifications than your cell phone contract. So, either elections are not as important as cell phones, or the democrats have no interest in “your democracy”, only “our democracy”.
    I’m long done with this game. It’s rigged, and the rules keep changing, even during the game. The only way to stop the game is quit playing. Just like you did when you were a kid, and you saw the opponent was cheating. After you called them out and they smiled at you. “I’m taking my marbles and going home.”

  18. I find it hard to believe the people of Michigan would actually give another term to Whitmer, who was the most tyrannical of the many petty tyrants in decreeing lockdowns and face diapers. Now that the (s)election is over I’m sure another round of “emergency” mandates is just around the corner. Time for everyone to follow Nancy Reagan’s advice and just say NO!

  19. TRENDING: MORE ARIZONA DATA: Only 17% of Maricopa Election Day Voters Were Democrat, Only 23% of Primary Election Day Voters Were Democrat — But Democrats Are Winning 50% of Delayed Election Day Totals? IMPOSSIBLE!

  20. Gary Gensler warns on crypto, happened in July of this year.

    Then days after the election, FTX implodes, mark it zero.

    Good thing it’s only 32 billion dollars, it could be worse.

    Some folks have nothing thanks to the shenanigans of another financial crook, so they should be happy.

    Never mind that Ukraine is involved and Biden regime support for the Ukrainian gov. then money flows back to support

    40 million dollars was donated to the Democrats to campaign to be elected in the 2022 whatever they are now.

    There is no country when voting is corrupted, cheating allowed.

    All you hear is a cacophony of cackling from the clueless obstreperous Demonrats.

    You are ruled, not governed.

    Someones will be looking into the whereabouts of Sam.

    • Zelensky Calls for Peace

      Just Days After FTX Is Caught Funneling Millions of Ukrainian Aide Dollars to US Democrats

      The CEO of now-bankrupt FTX admitted that FTX was nothing more than a laundromat for the Ukrainian government.

      TGP previously reported that the now-bankrupt FTX was transferring international funding to FTX and then laundering money back from Ukraine to the Democrat Party.

      On Sunday The Gateway Pundit posted an interview where Bankman-Fried admitted that FTX was laundering money for the Ukrainian government.

      TRENDING: MORE ARIZONA DATA: Only 17% of Maricopa Election Day Voters Were Democrat, Only 23% of Primary Election Day Voters Were Democrat — But Democrats Are Winning 50% of Delayed Election Day Totals? IMPOSSIBLE!

      Sam Bankman-Fried admits that FTX is a crypto laundromat for the Ukrainian government.

      — Bob Bishop (@BobBish40288847) November 13, 2022

      Bankman-Fried was the second largest donor for Democrats this last election cycle, only behind megadonor George Soros. Bankman Fried gave at least $38 million to $40 million to Democrats, leftist causes, PACs, and candidates, Fox News reported.

      Bankman-Fried floated the idea of spending upwards of $1 billion in the 2024 presidential election if Donald Trump is the Republican nominee.

      The billions of dollars that the US sent to Ukraine over the past two decades need to be audited and investigated.

      And, just like that… On Monday Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky called for peace with Russia.

      President Zelensky: “We are ready for peace, peace for our entire country.”

  21. ‘The cards favored.’ — eric

    And the Lügenpresse: today’s Drudge Report plays the same sleazy trick that the Arizona HillaRepublic has been doing in recent days: posting an unflattering photo of Kari Lake, in harsh lighting, that makes her skin looks unhealthy.

    Unmentionable in polite Woke society — but we’re gonna go there anyway — both media outlets chose photos that emphasize Lake’s darker completion, compared to lily white Katie Hobbs who resembles a smiling Swede.

    They’ve got plausible deniability. But the Arizona HillaRepublic has mostly stopped publishing arrest mug shots, because too many minorities were featured. As their discolored and dreary shots of Kari Lake show, they still enthusiastically play this subtle looks game with political candidates.

    • Drudge is now theeeee most -propaganda-filled “news” source out there. No question it’s been taken over by the deep state.

      This is where midwit non-leftists think they’re getting an alternative source of information. Instead, they’re being fed the same narrative, but just in a more deceptive way.

  22. I have no quarrel with people who vote in local and state elections. Go right ahead because those folks are upstream of you and you want to have moral people in those positions ensuring your garbage gets picked up, clean running water makes it to your house (we have a well and a septic tank) and the police take care of the criminal element.

    But federal elections? No. That rotten, corrupt system is being endorsed every time you vote. You ratify the legitimacy of mail-balloting, ballot harvesting and other corrupt chicanery every time you cast a ballot. It’s like playing in a game where the referees are wearing the colors of your opposition. It’s a fool’s errand. What killed the Soviet Union wasn’t our troops in Europe or the economy or anything like that. It was a complete loss of legitimacy in the eyes of the people that system ruled over. The more we delegitimize this system, the closer we are to its hopefully peaceful collapse.

  23. ‘Until there is election day, again.’ — eric

    In 2020, Arizona’s U.S. House delegation was 5 Democrats, 4 Repubs. Now, in 2022, the partisan split is flipped to 6 Repubs, 3 Democrats. Republicans also retained a majority 16 of 30 seats in the state senate, with two seats not decided yet.

    Redistricting makes a direct comparison of 2020 and 2022 results impossible. But in state and federal legislative contests, Repubs held their ground or gained seats. Why did the governor selection go retrograde?

    Fraud is certainly one hypothesis, especially with the winner’s sleazy failure to recuse herself from her conflicted secretary of state position involved with the vote counting.

    But Kari Lake — a Great Communicator in the style of Ronald Reagan — outshone her Democrat rival by light years in sheer charisma. How did it go so wrong?

    One hopes her campaign will take a hard look at post-vote polls. Maybe the relentless vilification of ‘election deniers’ by the Lügenpresse took its toll.

    OR — a sensitive subject for a divided R party — maybe ‘never Trumpers,’ which include both D’s and some R’s, treated Kari Lake as a proxy piñata for their hated Orange Man Bad.

    For her sake, especially before deciding on a possible federal candidacy, Kari Lake had better find out what just happened here.

    • Jim,

      I had to go see what you meant, though I’d seen the tactic before, Hadn’t been the the Drudge Report in years. It reads “Lake Runs Dry”, but if you look at the amount of content on that side, it looks like Drudge runs dry. It looks skeletal compared to its former self.

    • What happened in Arizona was pure election fraud. Pure and simple. Add in the media gaslighting to “solidify” it. I don’t buy any other story. Kari Lake needs to take a break from this bullshit and relax. She won the legitimate votes. Period.

      I’m not too worried about her. She will find something else to do.

      • Swamprat, why do you think Kari Lake should TOLERATE immense fraud and go find something else to do? She had about 70% of the vote, near as we can tell. Add in unequal treatment of Ds and Rs in some precincts where D’s could vote, but R’s couldn’t, and whatever else we discover–she’d have to be pretty unAmerican, I think, to shrug and walk away.

  24. Hi Eric,

    It doesn’t matter if you participate or don’t the result will be the same (except) will it be close or a blowout? I will continue to vote. Why? Because if I don’t show up they have the potential to use my vote against me. At least I can take it out as contention.

    Ballots can only be created by unused votes. Sometimes these people are alive, sometimes they are dead.

    There may be a solution to this madness though. We keep hoping voting is going to make a difference, but what really would? How about becoming an election official? How about working (or even volunteering) at the registrar office? Not to cheat, but to make sure cheating doesn’t occur. A thorough clean out of each list of registered voters would do wonders for fair elections. Remove the dead and those no longer in the district. Only have a roll of true and eligible voters. Inactive voters (someone who hasn’t voted in eight years are more) can be contacted if they wish to remain or wished to be removed. It isn’t hard to verify people. The SSN is a good place to start, the county real estate and personal property records are another, the DMV, a copy of a current utility bill will suffice for those that rent or own no personal assets. Have an ID with a picture and an address for anyone that votes in person or by mail. That isn’t a hardship to anyone. We need it to get on a plane, to start a job, drive a car, to buy a beer, or even to pick up curbside at Michael’s.

    Now is the time to do this, before the next election. People will always have the incentive to cheat let’s make it harder for them to do so.

    • Vote, don’t vote…. jackoff, don’t jackoff… I agree, it can’t hurt, go right ahead… as long as you don’t let it make you feel like you’ve actually done something, so that it prevents you from actually doing something.

  25. RE: “how about we stop voting in selections – until we have elections again?”

    What indicators would there have to be in order to know that there are elections & not selections? What does a win look like?
    How do things get there?

    “Never in modern history have the polls been wrong by FAVORING Republicans heavily. […]

    Unfortunately, we’re not hearing about this from most in conservative or alternative media. Instead, we’re hearing excuses.” …

    • Vote fraud is not an excuse. It’s a fact. We were defrauded openly in 2020, (I contend that it started in 2017) and again in 2022. Period. No bullshit articles will convince me otherwise. There are simply too many irregularities and inconsistencies to believe otherwise. Going to Florida, I beleive that those machines were rigged. “Conservatives” want to say how cut and dry the result was there. Bullshit. No Republican int he last 20 years has won Miami Dade County and there is no way that DeSantis won by that big of a margin. I believe that that particular election was rigged to prop DeSantis up as a presidential trojan horse contender.

      This country is a mess and at this point, I am not going to legitimize it anymore by voting in a major race dominated by RINOs and Dems. Fuck them all.

  26. Good article Eric. I agree completely. Was talking to my financial advisor yesterday and he was like me. It was a complete waste of time and there was no choice. Don’t know if I will ever vote again. I am totally disgusted with that fake, crooked process and ‘our’ country. It has been taken over by foreigners, imbeciles—all crooks. None of them represent me.
    Fetterman can be the poster child for a good reason not to vote. The only way these creatures get in, is as you say, they are selected.

  27. Oregon had a similar situation with its gubernatorial (s)election. Only about half of the votes were “counted” when some media outlets called the race for that detestable politician who was running for governor, Tina Kotek. Last I checked, she couldn’t even reach 50%, plus independent candidate Betsy Johnson somehow only got something like 8 or 9% of the vote despite polling at 19% in polls during the campaign? That whole thing sounds fishy.

    The people of Oregon were forced to endure 2 1/2 years of COVID tyranny under soon to be ex-governor Kate Brown, Portland was infamously in the news, and the state itself was turning into a $#!+ hole under her reign, which likely led to her being the MOST UNPOPULAR GOVERNOR in the ENTIRE country. And yet, we’re to believe that people WANTED MORE OF THE SAME under a Governor Kotek? Either the people of Oregon are THAT STUPID, or there was some cheating going on. I suspect the latter, as only a handful of counties voted for Kotek while the rest voted for Kotek’s Republican opponent, Christine Drazan.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the same sort of shenanigans was going on to get that HORRIBLE Anti-Second Amendment measure 114 passed, as only a handful of counties said YES to that.

    • John B,
      As you know, Oregon is run by Multnomah County (Portland) and Washington is run by King County (Seattle). The entire rest of these states are then non-represented. If these outlier counties vote to secession and join Idaho and start sending your tax revenues to Idaho would be one way out. Another way would be secession to create the State of Jefferson from eastern Washington and Oregon. If the Demo-Marxist move forward with making Puerto Rico and new welfare state, then Jefferson should become the new free state.

      • Yes, we need to split off Eastern WA at the Cascade / Pacific crest and join Idaho. The lib centers of Western WA control the entire state and their decisions are not to our benefit. From carbon scams, to water and land use regs, and now tearing out the Snake River Dams we’re hosed here in right side of the state.

        I’m hoping there are enough moneyed interests here that will fight this before their ox is terminally gored.


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