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Spring Bike Pre-Flight

Motorcycles have something in common with lawn mowers and weed whackers: It's common for them to just sit for months during the off season. This makes them all vulnerable to the...

Do You Miss Steering Wheels?

Modern cars have their (many) good point, but don't you miss - just as an example - the different steering wheels cars used to have? I don't just mean model to model,...

A Sabot in the Gears?

People sometimes accuse me of being a technophobe or even a Luddite because of my critiques of modern vehicles. But it's not fear of technology that drives me. It's cost-benefit analysis. Increasingly, the costs...

Some More DIY Don’t Do’s… Learned the Hard Way

Maybe you are thinking about doing some of the upkeep your car needs yourself. It's a great way to save some money - and can be very satisfying, too. But it's...

Good Car Names Gone Bad

Here are ten good car names gone bad - ruined forever, through no fault of their own: * Chevy Cavalier - This name summons images of gallant horsemen protecting their monarch - though...

Making Your Car (and Bike) Ethanol-Safe

I wrote recently about the damage done to older (carburetor-fed) vehicles by the alcohol-dosed "gas" that's pretty much replaced the real deal. See here.  Alcohol, in addition to impairing your judgment and dulling...

More News You’ve Probably Not Heard

It’s hard to know what’s really going on when it’s not being reported.  Much less explained. One example of this is the not-reported news - which is big news - that Honda will...

Another One Bites The Dust

Some unhappy news came in the mail yesterday. A notice that my favorite car magazine - High Performance Pontiac - will be ceasing publication after the October issue. Pontiac itself, of course,...

You Meet The Nicest People on Hondas!

My friend Graves owns several antique bikes, including a very nice – and road ready – ’67 Honda Dream. Many of you know about this bike – it’s the one Honda...


For about a month now, I have been trying - like Dr. Frankenstein - to breath life into something inert: The cobbled-together corpse of what was - once - a 1980 Harley Davidson...
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