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Why Are New Motorcycle Sales in Freefall?

Harley sales are in free-fall - down 9.3 percent in the U.S. for the first fiscal quarter that ended this summer - amounting to losses of $258.9 million. The company has...

Motorcycles Can’t be Automated

What happens to motorcycles in a world of automated - not autonomous - cars? Don't you hate that slippery shuck and jive? "Autonomy" means independent; free from external control. We are talking...

Little Stinker in My Office

Recently divorced guys usually go out and get themselves a young girlfriend. I decided to do something different. I brought Little Stinker into my office. Little Stinker is my 1975 Kawasaki S1 250C....

The Not-Disposable Bike

Just as there was a sweet spot for cars - a moment in time when they were just modern enough to start perfectly every time, never stall, last almost forever and...

VW May Dump Ducati

Apparently, Volkswagen Group is considering selling off Ducati as the automaker seeks to streamline operations to fund a strategic overhaul after the emissions-cheating scandal, two people familiar with the matter told Reuters. VW has...

App Before You Wrench

Back in the day, when your bike wasn’t running right, you had to wrench to figure out why. Now, you can tap an app on your phone. And know what needs wrenching......

2017 BMW C650 GT

It’s hilarious that they get away with calling something like the ’17 BMW C650 GT a “scooter.” Please. Ok, it looks like one. It is a step-through and it doesn’t have a manual transmission....

You Meet The Nicest People on Hondas!

My friend Graves owns several antique bikes, including a very nice – and road ready – ’67 Honda Dream. Many of you know about this bike – it’s the one Honda...

2017 BMW R9 T Scrambler

Have you seen the Steampunk BMW? Yes, I know - it's the "scrambler" version of the R 9T. Which means it has high-mounted pipes and higher bars and fat tires with John Deer-esque...

Exotic Performance, Economy Car Price

Lots of reasons to love motorcycles, but the economics always make me smile. For less than the cost of the least expensive new car you could go faster than you could in...
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