Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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Abuse people and they tend to get angry. Abuse them long enough - without repercussions - and the anger eventually explodes. It is an old lesson, often forgotten. And which must, therefore,...

The Evil Has Died

A bit of good news: George H.W. Bush is dead, finally. At least he'll do no more harm. But the harm he did do was enough. Like the Nazis his father did...

The Mantra

Sun Tzu counseled that it is madness - because pointless - to directly confront a superior foe. A costumed goon with a badge and a gun, for instance. You will lose...

Laws Don’t Apply to Heroes

Here's a video documenting another case of law enforcers not enforcing the law... on law enforcers. A man who had been issued a ticket - that is, ordered to hand over a...

Does Biker Deserve Death Sentence?

You may have seen the video below that documents a road rage incident which occurred the other day in California. A motorcyclist is riding adjacent to a car. We don't know why,...


Woody Woodpecker (the classic, pre-politically version) would cackle and screech, Free! why that's my favorite price! as he made off with someone else's stuff - pecking them on the head first. That's how it...

OK Heroes Beat Man to Death

MOORE, OK — A family’s night at the movies on Valentine’s Day turned into a horror show when a husband and father was beaten to death outside a cinema by police...

Houston AGWs Murder Couple on the Basis of “Untruths or Lies”

That word - in the headline - is harsh. But it's editorially honest. A middle-aged couple, Dennis Tuttle (59) and Rhogena Nicholas (58) were Hut! Hut! Hutted! to death in their Houston,...

Sail Fawn Big Brother

I probably won't be able to write new car reviews come next year - or the year after. Because I probably won't be able to drive the damn things anymore. Maybe...

CA Heroes Explain That An “Inspection” Isn’t a “Search”

In an enraging display of government double-speak, disregard for the Constitution, and deflection of personal responsibility by police and other state enforcers, a California family was arrested and their child was...
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