Hero Doesn’t Like “Squirreling”

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You will respect my authoritay!

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  1. NY Heroes Piss Off India – All diplomat IDs are to be turned in. Family’s privileges canceled. US Congressional delegation will not be met with.

    NH Grandma killed by heroes

    San Antonio Student Killed By Fatpig Chris Carter Update

  2. All of these “hands on the wheel” & “hands on the seat” demands are an attempt to keep the victims off balance under the guise of “officer safety”, and the heroes increase their chances of making more money along with an ego boost to enjoy among their fellow bullies.

    In the plethora of videos I’ve seen thus far, the heroes never seem to be concerned about being attacked by a random passerby. In many of these videos they will turn their backs on others in the group while they focus on just one person of the group. It reminds me of what happens when someone runs from a pack of dogs; the dogs will cross a seven-lane highway with tunnel vision in pursuit of their quarry.

    What goes around comes around. I just hope I live long enough to see it come around.