Parrot Stomping Heroes

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NEW YORK CITY, NY — A Staten Island family barbecue turned into a nightmare when it was interrupted by police investigating the improper use of a parking cone to save a parking spot on the street. What resulted was a day the family will never forget, as their home was invaded without a warrant, several family members were bludgeoned, and a NYPD officer sadistically stomped on a pet parakeet that lay helpless on the floor.

The incident occurred on September 2nd, 2012, as the family of Evelyn Lugo celebrated Labor Day at their St. George neighborhood home. Lugo, 57, and her children and grandchildren were at the home eating and enjoying each other’s company.

When Lugo’s son Edwin Avellanet, 26, went outside to dispose of a bag of garbage, he was approached by police investigating a parking cone. Someone had placed a cone on the street to reserve a parking spot without city permission. Avellanet was stopped and questioned about the suspicious cone, but insisted that he had done nothing wrong.

Not accepting his denial, police demanded identification. Avellanet had nothing to show them. When he was grabbed by the arm by one of the uniformed bullies, he broke free and retreated into the house.

Avellanet went into the residence and closed the door. The NYPD did not take kindly to this, beating on the door, breaking through the windows, and forcing their way into the home. Backup officers poured into the house.

Looking for Avellanet — the suspected cone placer — police went around breaking doors in half, attacking family members with pepper spray, and bludgeoning people with clubs.

“They threw me like a piece of garbage on the floor,” Evelyn Lugo said.

Her son, George Lugo, and family friend Luis Ortega were attacked repeatedly with a baton and suffered severe facial injuries.

Evelyn Lugo’s daughter, Alba Cuevas, was attacked with chemical pepper spray and retreated into a bathroom when she started suffering from an asthma attack. Police ripped her out and arrested her.

As officers stormed the house, they knocked a birdcage off of a dresser. The small green parakeet, Tito, was flung helplessly from the cage, landing on the floor. NY Daily News reported what happened next:

“I screamed, ‘The bird!’ ” Lugo’s daughter Anna Febles told the Daily News, “and he said, ‘F— the bird,’ and he, like, stepped on it.”

“I was shocked,” Febles, 30, said. “It was a blue and green bird. It was really pretty.”

Luis Ortega was repeatedly struck in the face with a baton by police.

Pictures taken after the even show the wounds suffered by several family members.

The death of the bird was concealed from Evelyn Lugo by her family until the following day. They didn’t think she could take any more heartbreak after watching her home get destroyed and her loved ones arrested.

“They (the cops) don’t care about us as humans, they’re going to care about the bird?” Lugo later. She said she has suffered from depression and emotional scars since the incident.

Ortega, George Lugo and Cuevas were arrested, but the charges were later dropped and sealed. The original target of the stop-and-harass, Avellanet, was not charged.


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  1. Ass Raping Heroes

    14,000 men in the military are raped each year. 12,000 women in the military are raped.

    US Prison Guard heroes did nothing to stop rape of children

    Michigan prison officials needlessly housed juvenile inmates with adult convicts, where the guards ignored the young inmates sexual abused and their being used as currency inside the facility by the inmates,

    Romanian man jailed for raping an English sex worker

    At interview, the Romanian man admitted he had raped the woman.

    “I paid her. I am not saying that because she is a prostitute, she is the lowest of the low, but I paid for her,” he said.

    “Some people work all day for £20, she was working 10 minutes.

    “She is a prostitute, so she should do her business properly.”

      • I didn’t see it either. Puts the Churchill quote about rough men visiting violence in a whole ‘nuther light.

        “We sleep safely at night because rough men stand ready to visit violence on those who would harm us.”
        ― Winston Churchill

        Without the government, who will rape the soldiers?

        [clip of Bill Murray in Stripes redacted, due to video clip limit]

        More ‘Murican Excepshunalism & Duhplowmuhcy

        “In 1949, when Mao was on the slaughter, killing everyone who didn’t love communism (50 million people), Chiang Kai-shek said “Fuck this” and fled to Taiwan to start a capitalist China. He had to kill a bunch of indigenous people but it worked.”

        – Well, as long as it worked, right? [sarc]

        Chiang Kai-shek a murderer, not a hero, says President Chen (2007),-not-a-hero,-says-President-Chen-8596.html

        “On February 28, 1947, police fired on a crowd of protesters in Taipei. The protest turned into a revolt that was crushed in blood when Kuomintang (KMT) troops were sent from Mainland.

        “Those who violated human rights and committed the crime should be legally prosecuted and receive sanctions under the law,” Chen said, referring to the deaths of tens of thousands of Taiwanese. Furthermore, the dictator’s name should be struck from public places.”

        Private-property anarchism(better term than AnCap?)

        When people hear that 1947 Taiwan was made capitalist they automatically assume it is a good thing. It is why I am hesitant to get on the AnCap bandwagon, and create a “new box” to replace the old box based on force and guns.

        That is why AnCap “may” be vulnerable to attack. (just musing here)
        I wonder if PPA is the better term, and that indigenous people (and communists as well) have some kind of residual property right.

        Were China’s rulers to be defeated and the nation made into a voluntary society, under PPA, aren’t those who wish to remain in the Communist Faction to be accommodated, and retain their property as best as is feasible, assuming they cease their use of force and aggression on those outside their Faction?

        Voluntarists have primary, old Chinese nationals have secondary, and other previously disenfranchised Factions have tertiary claim to the territory. Not necessarily in the land they customarily occupied before advanced society encroaches, but some kind of equivalent property where they can retain their communist, or traditional ways. Perhaps to join the advanced society at a later time, according to individual preference?

        • Dear Tor,

          It’s the problem isn’t it?

          There are no “good governments” on earth. There are only bad governments, and even worse governments.

          We have to jettison the concept of “higher authority” altogether. That is the only root cure.

          • As you descend the root, one finds that it is the Holy Roman Empire, monarchs and the Christian Church who created and promulgated the concept. It is the Majestic Maggots and their spiritual and secular religious fiat authority that must be completely jettisoned.

            – There must be only nature and commons, with no law. And private property, always with an identifiable “author” of record, who rules over his private property as he sees fit.

            A city filled with roads and real improvements, cannot be nature or public commons. Every concrete slab, every wire, every sewer pipe must have a private human author. And a living human individual owner. Anything else is inhumane and intolerable.

            In 1850, authorities “those in charge, those with police powers” is recorded.
            In 1610, authority meaning “people in authority” is found.
            In 1500s the Latin “c” was dropped to imitate the French.
            In 1390, authority meaning “power to enforce obedience” is in use.
            In 1210, authority (noun) meant – autorite – “book or quotation that settles an argument,” from Old French auctorité “authority, prestige, right, permission, dignity, gravity; the Scriptures” (this word survives in Modern French as autorité),

            In the Holy Roman Empire – it was Latin auctoritatem (nominative auctoritas) “invention, advice, opinion, influence, command,” from auctor “master, leader, author” (see also author (noun)).

  2. Heroes Cage Free Bird Amanda Billyrock

    Amanda Billyrock · 3,110 followers – 8 hours ago ·

    I have recently been released from the jail in Laconia, New Hampshire. Home now.

    My inexpressible gratitude to all of you who called the jail and spread the word about my sudden and violent kidnapping. I had no idea that there had been so much support – I teared up when I logged onto Facebook and saw it.

    My deepest thanks to the Free State Project community, without whom I would still be in a cage right now.

    The details of this incident of unwarranted aggression will be released after I pull myself together and sort things out with my attorney Seth Hipple.

    Thanks again, brothers and sisters. The free society is us.

    Kimi Phan Weaver, Brent Sickmiller, Melissa Newell and 1,017 others like this.

    50 of 207 comments

    Jesse Reyes Haha O Amanda , you’re awesome

  3. Jade Rabbit Driving Heroes

    The era of the Chinese Dream

    The Chinese have exercised the greatest influence on the world stage in 2013 with their visionary leadership

    In October, the shutdown of the US federal government forced the US to cancel a series of trips abroad. In the American absence, at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Bali, China was de facto the most powerful country in the room, the US “pivot to Asia” ironically reduced to a mere rhetorical posture.

    It is indeed China who most influenced the year 2013. On the global chessboard, the constant movement in China contrasted with the lack of leadership in the European Union and political paralysis in the United States. The West lost the advantage of the initiative; it simply reacted to China’s new moves and rapid actions.

    Within the year China introduced a powerful narrative to express the new Chinese zeitgeist, the Chinese Dream. China managed to reconnect with Deng Xiaoping’s spirit of reform and, from Sunnylands to Bali, occupied, without departing from their natural modesty, the center of the world’s political stage.

    The Chinese Dream is a dynamic synthesis that can be presented as a triptych of the interrelated visions of “modern China”, “global China” and “civilizational China”.

    “Modern China” summarizes the achievements since the republic of Sun Yat-sen and the quest for even greater socio-economic advancement. The People’s Republic of China brought hundreds of millions of people out of poverty, liberated Chinese women and extended life expectancy (41 years in 1950 to 76 now), while Deng’s reform and opening-up remain the catalyst for improvement across Chinese society.

    At the Third Plenum of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China in November, in a direct reference to the historic 1978 Third Plenum of 11th CPC Central Committee, Xi reaffirmed Deng’s spirit of reform with the notion of “comprehensive deepening of reforms”.

    As stated in the plenum’s declaration, China is embarking on a new course: “In the face of new circumstances and new tasks reform must be comprehensively deepened from a new historic starting point.” The choice to clearly allow market forces to play a decisive role in resource allocation immediately won the support of enlightened reformists.

    The abolition of the laojiao system, or re-education through labor, the change in the family planning policy, the constitution of a leading group to conduct a wide range of economic and financial reforms, and the establishment of a national security committee form a series of well-calculated decisions which will perfect the way China is governed.

    “Modern China” is interconnected with “global China”, the most significant factor of change for the world. Chinese goods, technology, businesspeople, students, tourists, capital and culture are reaching every corner of the globe through countless 21st century silk roads.

    In an upgraded version of the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907), China, literally the Middle Kingdom, is becoming increasingly cosmopolitan, but it also projects itself globally with the awareness that interdependence and cooperation characterize the 21st century. In the Chinese Dream, peace is to “global China” what progress is to “modern China”, a conceptual reference and a project.

    The expansion of “global China” is not accompanied by any missionary spirit. Its horizon is not hegemony or even global leadership but the return to the Middle Kingdom’s ethos of centrality.

    The announcement of an Air Defense Identification Zone, which covers the Diaoyu Islands, indisputably the property of Chinese Taipei, should be interpreted for what it is, a defensive mechanism already used by the US and Japan, and certainly not an offensive operation.

    It is obviously a masterstroke altering the Asian geopolitical status quo, since it invites the world to gradually recognize China’s mapping of the East China Sea. The US administration has already asked US commercial airlines to abide by Beijing’s new policy.

    “Global China” is not only the increasing Chinese presence abroad, from stations in Antarctica to the North Sea route of the Arctic, but it is also an age of space travel and discovery. The Chinese decade started with the launch of the Chang’e-3 and its moon rover, another significant step in the Chinese exploration of deep space.

    The contrast is striking between the West’s attempts to preserve the status quo and China’s making of a new world. The former believes that the post-global financial crisis period can be a copy of the pre-crisis situation; the latter anticipates a future that will increasingly conform to its interests and intentions. As never before, globalization rhymes with Sinicization.

    Distinct from the American Dream, the Chinese Dream cannot be a narrative of pure newness. It is the imagining of a better future with the memory of 4,000 years of history, a movement of renaissance expressed in the vision of “civilizational China”.

    In architecture, design, fashion and the arts, a renewed Chinese aesthetic is gradually imposing itself. From tea to calligraphy, the Chinese flavors and forms are being revitalized. The opening-up of the Middle Kingdom is not the dilution of China into a Western-centered order, but a reaffirmation of “Chineseness” and, therefore, entry into a multi-polar world.

    “Civilizational China” aims to re-invent Chinese classical culture, but it is also the reinterpretation of traditional notions. While quantitative growth is transforming the life of the Chinese people, harmony has become the imperative to take into account the environmental factor, the call to maintain the equilibrium between material development and sustainability.

    Progress, peace and harmony are the principles that substantiate “modern China”, “global China” and “civilizational China”.

    But it is in reference to Taiwan that the year 2013 might have been highly significant. When China met senior Taiwan official Siew Wan-chang at the APEC gathering, he explicitly signaled to the island and to the world that the next decade might also mark the end of the Chinese political divide.

    If Deng’s political genius was at the source of Hong Kong’s “one country, two systems”, China’s new president is ideally positioned to design a framework that would take into account the specificities of the Taiwan question. After spending 17 years in Fujian, culturally a mirror of Taiwan, President Xi has gained unique insights into Taiwan’s economic and political dynamics.

    He certainly had many occasions to reflect on the historic Chinese Dream of unity and to meditate in the opening of Luo Guanzhong’s immortal novel The Three Kingdoms: “The world under heaven, after a long period of division, tends to unite; after a long period of union, tends to divide.”

    Easy Chinese – With Aurora

    Chinese Dream

    Chinese Media

    • Puppies and unicorns from our wonderful Maoist brothers. So then, the puff piece means no more war with Eurasia, I mean East Asia, I mean Eurasia, no East Asia?

    • Dear Tor,

      Just like the “American Dream,” the “Chinese Dream” is a mixed bag.

      Both are confused mixtures of social, economic, and political elements.

      Both the “American Dream” and the “Chinese Dream” can be good if they can be “privatized.” If the political elements can be excised, and the market oriented social and economic element are all that remain.

      No human society on earth today fully understands the distinction between “countries” and “governments.” To the extent that both dreams include government, neither is an unalloyed good.

    • Dear Tor,

      I am of course hoping that mainland China will gradually move in the direction of a reduced governmental and increased social and economic composition.

      Until a critical mass in all societies awakens to market anarchism, optimism will be premature.

    • Dear Tor,

      The good thing about the Neocon’s dreaded “rise of China” is that the social and economic components are responsible for that rise.

      How do I know that? Because politics is never responsible for any society’s rise, only its decline.

      Amerika today is in decline because of politics. Mainland China is on the rise, to the extent that one can agree that it is on the rise, due to social and economic factors, to the marginalization of Marxist ideology in Chinese life.

      If the intelligentsia the world over can only learn to see this, there might be some hope of constructive win/win competition in the market place, instead of on the battlefield.

      To wit, the recent brinksmanship surrounding the Diaoyutai Islands in the East China Sea.

  4. MIB, you’d do that, I’d do that….if I lived alone. It would just be what they needed to kill everyone else who didn’t fight back and that’s what they count on. There’s a guy here in Tx. who’s been holed up on his small ranch for nearly 10 years. Why? Well, there’s a warrant out for him but he’s well armed as is the rest of his family(think young men, well trained in firearms)and ostensibly(nobody knows)others who are crack shots. The local sheriff doesn’t see the need to sacrifice his own porcine to take this guy and says so. Good for him but the guy hiding out will never had a minute’s peace. He and his family are supported by outsiders but now his boys are said to be wanting to leave the place. I doubt they can do so peacefully. Even though it’s an explosives charge, the BATFE doesn’t comment. Hmmm, reckon they don’t want to take on somebody waiting for them as opposed to say, a large group consisting of a great many women and children? And that POS Sheriff Smith, formerly of the WACO BATFE gang has taken up residence and controls Smith county. Now that’s a cruel twist ain’t it?

    • Eight – you are unfortunately correct, you need to be a hermit to beat these bastards. My kids are long gone so it’s just me and the wife and 2 cats; been retired for awhile now and didn’t expect to spend my twilight years living in East Germany…. that said I would definitely visit some payback on any pigs that hurt my cats (and the wife too, i guess :-))
      Not wanting to confine myself like the gentleman you mentioned I try to stay incognito in my daily doings but if they ever push too far I’m glad I’m nearer the end of my life than the beginning. Really sucks for young people today though, they have no idea Amerika was once free.

      • I’d wager you could do well as a nomad, too. Though the ubiquitous security cameras might be an issue…

        Doesn’t hurt to try, when you’re out of alternatives.

      • Mike in Boston, East Germany is so close to the truth of the situation. I found out living low key and not rocking the boat doesn’t do any good if you have something they want. Just my wife and I, old enough now to not really give a shit. We’ve talked it over and decided we won’t roll over for them again. What a deal. Just living the American dream ha ha ha. A friggin nightmare but I never expected a great deal after catching on to Vietnam in the 60’s. I could never play the game and act like nothing is wrong. I always let the other guy salute the flag, pray for “our” team and all that bs. I got beat on as a kid for not being a team player. As I saw it, I never signed up for that team, just had it forced on me. My downfall might have been being able to read well at a young age and that Soldier of Fortune mag at the barbershop. I was able to read between the lines and rooted for all those people fighting their masters. It wasn’t like the barber didn’t see through it too as well as my dad who never said anything. He didn’t need to. I think my whole life was summed up in a poster on the barbershop wall that said “In case of nuclear attack, bend over, place your head between your legs…..and kiss your sweet ass goodbye”. Finally, a realistic scenario.

  5. This was nothing less than a home invasion by a gang of sadist thugs. I’ll put my 12 gauge to good use if they ever bust into my house; of course then the swat team will roll up with a tank to blow me away but will be worth it if I take out a few of those dirtbags before they get me.

  6. I guess this is just another day in the land of confusion.

    I would hope they (the family) succeed in suing the individuals (and government entities) responsible for this action.

    • My biggest disappointment in reading this is that there were apparently no porcine fatalities – or even injuries. What a pity. Hopefully New York’s Swinest won’t be so lucky in any future confrontations that they instigate.

      • I expect that as these stories – which are becoming routine – percolate through the culture, more and more people – middle class, “law abiding” type people will come to understand that they could be next – and will perhaps react less supinely when dealing with these bastards.

        The anal probing example is arguably more than sufficient to justify fleeing – and (if need be) defending oneself physically against any cop in that state, even over a “minor” traffic infraction.

        It’s getting that bad.

        • An attack like this could only be of use in the ’50’s when a little girl says: “Mom.. There’s a Brady in our yard!”.

          Jokes aside, those pigs need to be locked up in max security and forced to mingle with their inmates with “convicted cop” printed on their overalls. It’s only logical.


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