Horrific Sow Hero Does Not Like to Be Filmed

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Wait for “her” (loosely used) to appear… it’s a few seconds into the video:

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  1. Wow, just when I thought my opinion of cops couldn’t get any lower. I am not advocating violence, however, I would not shed a single tear to find that each of them were ventillated while conducting traffic stops.

    Nobody would argue that folks should’ve cried when Nazi occupiers were killed by the resistance in WWII. Today, it’s no different.

    They are nothing but occupiers, made worse by the fact taht we are forced to “pay” for the privilege of being subject to occupation.

  2. Sheez, that’s what I call a:

    1) fat ugly cow
    2) fat ugly sow
    3) no shortage of beef there
    4) pond meat
    5) one fat piggie ready for the abbatoir (for the perfume factory, doncha kno…)

  3. Ow dude, my eyes!!

    “Officer, can you step back please.. I don’t have a fisheye lens.. Nor do I want to become trapped in your gravity field and achieve orbit..”

    “Officer, I’d like to write a scientific paper debunking Milankovitch cycles and propose that you are the sole cause of planetary wobbles. Could you help me?”

    “She’s” an obvious tax feeder that’s been doing it on a professional level. Hope the sow moves south of the Equator so you guys can experience summer again.


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