Florida Hero Shows Who’s Boss

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Cell phone video captured at a Florida bus station reveals the shocking treatment a man received from a Broward county law enforcement officer.

According to the video’s author, the man, identified as Bruce Laclair, was sleeping on a bench when Officer Victor Ramirez began demanding he leave the property.

While being escorted off the premises, Laclair started heading towards a bathroom, prompting Ramirez to immediately shove him to the ground.

“Relax!” the officer ludicrously states after the man’s face hits the brick walkway.

Laclair can be seen lightly moving the officer away as he attempts to regain his composure just seconds before Ramirez brutally slaps him across the face.

“I’m not f*cking around with you!” Ramirez says. “Don’t f*cking touch me!”

The remainder of the video includes endless claims by Ramirez that Laclair’s initial profanity somehow justified his violent behavior.

Laclair, who appears intoxicated, could have been affected by a recent hospital visit according to eyewitness reports.

“The guy had a hospital bracelet on,” a witness said. “He didn’t fight him at all.”

The Fort Lauderdale Police Department has reportedly suspended the officer with pay and opened an investigation into the incident according to Local 10 News.



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