Nevada Heroes Get it All Wrong

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Highway Patrol Error Results In Hellish Roadside Experience For Classic Car Owner

Highway Patrol Error Results In Hellish Roadside Experience For Classic Car Owner [VIDEO]

A string of errors on the part of troopers with the Nevada Highway Patrol resulted in a humiliating and frightening experience last year for a couple from Washington cruising down the highway in their classic 1962 Chevy Impala.

Now, the couple, Robin and Beverly Bruins, have filed suit against the troopers and the Nevada Highway Patrol.

Trouble started for the Bruins when they were pulled over by a trooper after he initiated a “routine records check” on the car. When the check did not return a match, the trooper pulled the couple over, Las Vegas’ KLAS reported.

When the trooper ran the registration number which the couple gave him, he didn’t include a “plus” sign. The vehicle showed up as an expired registration for a 2011 Harley Davidson, as a dismissal of charges document explains.

That mistake was compounded when the trooper relayed the Impala’s VIN to a dispatcher who then mis-keyed one of the digits.

When the entry bounced back as a stolen vehicle from California, troopers then proceeded to badger Robin, forcing him to take off his shirt and kneel on the ground before ultimately arresting him.

Dash camera footage recorded the entire dramatic scene.

“Driver! Remove your keys from the ignition and put them on the roof now!” a trooper commands.

Robin complied complied and says he made a joke to his wife but then turned around to find himself staring at drawn guns.

“And I turned and looked back and saw three gun barrels pointed at me. And, obviously it hit me. Whoa! What’s going on here. To this day I have never experienced anything like looking down the barrel of guns like that,” he told KLAS.

Robin was ordered out of the vehicle. And standing between the police cruisers and his car, he was ordered to take off his shirt.

“Go ahead, lift your shirt up,” the officer commanded. When Robin began taking off the shirt from his waist, the officer barked, “With the top of your collar!”


“And it wasn’t until I had taken my shirt off and told to get on my knees and handcuffed and I said, ‘What’s going on? Do you think this car is stolen or something?’ And he said, ‘exactly right. And their car is going back to its rightful owner,’” Robin told KLAS.

After Robin was taken into custody, the troopers zeroed in on Beverly who was still in the passenger side of the vehicle. They commanded her to get out, but she was on crutches and struggled doing so.

As she went to reach for the crutches, a trooper is heard yelling, “Keep — we said keep your hands in the air and walk backward towards us!”

She was then handcuffed as troopers checked her background.

After Beverly’s record came back clean, the troopers un-cuffed her and asked her if she wanted to say goodbye to her husband. She asked why she would need to say goodbye, and the trooper said “well, he’s going to jail.”

“So I went over to see Rob and he’s in the back seat with no shirt on on, hands behind his back and tears are running down his face,” Beverly told KLAS.

The Bruins contend that Robin never should have been arrested, and that troopers were almost certain he was not driving a stolen car when they detained him.

Evidence of that was also captured on the dashcam recording.

“I tend to believe him,” a trooper is heard saying. “I mean I’m gonna run him before I make a determination…the guy comes back with possession…or a history of something like that. If he’s lying to me, that’s a different story. But, as of right now, I mean, he seems to be legit.”

Nevertheless, Robin was shuffled off the Clark County Detention Center, where he spent most of the night in a cell with dozens of other inmates.

Robin also told KLAS that while he was in jail, he asked workers there, “Well I’m past the time for my medications, can I take those now?” he said.

“No, you can’t have anything you brought with you,” Robin says he was told.

“I just think they should have used, that they should have used a character judgment. We live our lives so that we don’t get into situations like this,” Beverly told KLAS.

“To be treated like the both of us were, I mean, at gunpoint and then handcuffed and then humiliated by making you take your and get on your knees on the side of the freeway. I mean, why should that have to happen to anybody?”

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  1. Los Angeles heroes murder a man already down on the ground and not a threat. . The thing is you have to have a designated prison cell address in their system, or they are free to kill you, cage you, beat you, or rob you of everything you have on your person at the time.
    A man in a prison society without a prison address. Without an identifying card listing his current incarceration location. Is subject to holocaust and murder on the spot. I’ve seen the heroes digging through their meager possessions. Throwing them around and destroying their small amounts of personal property they keep to help them survive. The heroes don’t feel safe around anyone who isn’t subject to their total control and animal tracking protocols. It’s best for them if any so called “homeless” man is murdered, rather than remain a potential threat to their mission of homeland security.

  2. Just in case you were wondering what the elite’s Sheriff department is like:

    “I could ignore it, but I’m choosing not to,” he said. “This is customer service. This is what we do. It’s not taking a lot of my time, and there’s the comical part of it, too. I don’t want any unhappy customers out there.” – Pitkin County Sheriff Joe DiSalvo

    (Aspen -where Queen Michelle spends her President’s day weekend- is in Pitkin County)

  3. How much do you want to bet that at least one of those heroes was a gulf war veteran? Who got hired right after his discharge? Who didn’t have to do any of the psychological tests that would indicate he clearly has issues and shouldn’t be interacting with the public? And consider his reaction was much like a military training scenario, assume anyone you come in contact with is the enemy until proven otherwise. We’d all better know who won the 1939 World Series, or else…

    Not to mention the typo that caused all this to begin with. Why would the dispatcher just assume they got the VIN right when it happened to come up with a positive, given the number of cars on the road -vs- stolen cars? Just coming up with a hit would be enough for me to double check the VIN.

  4. Step away from the crutch. It’s a potential deadly weapon and we will kill you otherwise.

    Daily Mail article

    – For profit policing. For profit soldiering. These windup toy soldier Blackwater Merc types are working for the banksters of the world now. The cold war was always a war against the whole world and it’s dropped greatly in temperature into all of us against THEM.

    It’s a frozen war now. Don’t make any sudden moves around authorities. Just freeze like a statue. Shit, I’m no poet, but it sucks when you’re the Soviet Schmucks everyone else is laughing at all the while living better than the Soviet Amerikans with a 20 hour of work a week, a month of vacation a year.

    9 American Habits I Lost Living In Germany

    How To Speak Germanian

    1. A German doesn’t “cut school or work…he “makes blue” (Blau machen).

    2. A German doesn’t “beat someone up”…he “mixes someone up” (Jemanden aufmischen).

    3. A German doesn’t “make fun of you”…he “pulls you through the cacao” (Jemanden durch den Kakao ziehen).

    4. It’s not “all Greek to a German”…he “only understands train station” (Nur Bahnhof verstehen).

    5. A German doesn’t “turn you down” if you ask for a date…he will “give you a basket” (Einen Korb geben).

    6. A German doesn’t have “a skeleton in his closet”…he has “dirt on the stick” (Dreck am Stecken haben).

    7. A German woman does not have a “nice rack”…she has “a lot of wood in front of her shack” (Ordentlich Holz vor der Hütte haben).

    8. A German is not just “slow on the uptake”…he has “a plank in front of his head” (Ein Brett vorm Kopf haben).

    9. A German doesn’t “bite the dust”…he “bites the grass” (Ins Gras beißen).

    10. Alternatively, he “hands in the spoon” (Den Löffel abgeben).

    11. A German doesn’t “get on your nerves”…he “gets on your cookie” (Auf den Keks gehen).

    12. A German doesn’t “commit a blunder”…he “steps in a bowl of grease” (Ins Fettnäpfchen treten).

    13. A German doesn’t have a “sharp tongue”…he “has hair on his teeth” (Haare auf den Zähnen haben).

    14. A German husband is not “henpecked”…he is a “slipper hero” (Pantoffelheld).

    15. A German doesn’t “overcome his weaker self”…he overcomes his “inner pig-dog” (Den inneren Schweinehund überwinden).

    16. A German doesn’t make “a mountain out of a mole hill”…he makes an “elephant out of a mosquito” (Aus einer Mücke einen Elefanten machen).

    17. A German doesn’t have to “chose between the devil and the deep blue sea“… he has to “chose between pestilence and cholera” (Die Wahl zwischen Pest und Cholera haben).

    18. A German is not told to “go jump in a lake“…he is told to “go where the pepper grows” (Geh doch dahin, wo der Pfeffer wächst).

    19. A German is not “friggin’ blind”…he has “tomatoes on his eyes” (Tomaten auf den Augen haben).

    20. A German is not “deaf as a doorpost”, he has “beans in his ears” (Bohnen in den Ohren haben)

  5. So the pheroes are human and make mistakes. (cue Gomer Pyle) Surprise, surprise, surprise.
    Yet we are still expected to obey them unquestioningly and worship them, licking their boots, no matter what crap they have been walking through.

    • Incidents such as this one ought to wake more people up. The couple – elderly, white and obviously no physical threat to anyone and (to any half-bright person with any moral sense) almost certainly not car thieves. How many 60-plus white couples steal 50-year-old antique cars?

      The treatment they received was gratuitously excessive – arguably, sadistic. See earlier points about “elderly” and not fitting the profile.

      Those cops are pinheads and scum. May they find themselves on the receiving end someday soon. I’d cheer if I heard they were ass-raped by skinheads, then left to bleed to death in a sewer.

      Imagine if this had been done to your parents or grandparents.

  6. Unbelievable how they harassed and humiliated these older people. Unfortunately the taxpayers will pay the price for this Brownshirted behavior, and these goons will be free to hassle more innocent citizens.

    • And it ain’t gettin better either. I’m amazed more people don’t die in jail, either from outright intentions of killing them to total indifference or perhaps more accurately, sadistic personnel(I hesitate to refer to them as “people”).

      I was once incarcerated in a holding cell that was simply a torture chamber, probably 120 degrees with no air circulation. If I could find the trustee who probably saved me I’d reward him some way, however he’d like. It was state and feds who arranged for me to be in a dangerous county jail in an effort to kill me. I had badly injured my back and was on pain medication which they were glad to deny me along with other necessary meds.

      It’s a small world and the trustee was the son-in-law of an old high school classmate. I had no idea who he was but he knew me we by reputation. He saved my life and got in trouble for giving me water, iced water in fact, more than once.

      After I pointed out to the sheriff their attempt to kill me would probably look bad for him also, he got worried and consulted some medical advice. My bailbondsman and nephew evidently made the right threats and they reluctantly relented and allowed me my meds….finally. Without the means to arrange bail from outside I would probably be dead now.

      I swore revenge on the entire bunch but the sheriff fell ill to lung cancer that metastasized into full body problems. I heard he was so despised the nursing staff ignored his pleas for pain meds.

      Of course I now bear no ill will to any of them now. I also have some premium beachside property in west Tx for sale too.

      • Eightsouthman,

        How much is the west TX beachfront property? Perhaps I could trade you a bridge from NYC for it (If you consider the trade equitable, of course). It connects the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn. It has a classic design and was completed in 1883.


        Glad that you were able to get here, in spite of others’ efforts to prevent it.


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