Navy Environmental Hero Threatens Kids With Gun

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But Obama doesn’t want to take away his gun:

A senior naval official is under investigation after pulling a gun on some young men outside his home, CBS News’ David Martin reports. One of those men recorded the heated altercation on his phone.

Karnig Ohannessian, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Environment, can be seen in the video pointing a gun at young men he says are drunk and making noise outside his house in the Washington suburbs.


Ohannessian tells the boys to get in their car, to which one of them responds: “You’re pointing a gun at my friend. This is a criminal offense, so please stop it.”

The men taunt him while one of them records the incident.

“Be thankful you have a gun man,” one of the boys tells Ohannessian as he continues to brandish the gun. “It shows what kind of a [expletive] you are.”

A woman seen in the video talking on the phone is apparently Ohannessian’s wife. She later pleads for him to let the men leave as he claims that they are on his private property.


Ohannessian’s wife apparently tried to calm the situation.


It’s unclear if the gun is loaded, but in the footage Ohannessian threatens to use it.

“I can shoot the [expletive] out of you guys right now,” he says.

Shortly after the incident last month, the mother of one of the young men filed a complaint. Ohannessian, who is also a recipient of two meritorious civilian service awards, was briefly taken into custody.

The Navy learned of the incident on Tuesday when shown the video by CBS News. It says it is working to understand the full details of what happened.

No charges have been filed against Ohannessian, and the investigation remains open.

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    • I’ve run from cops many times – because the cost of pulling over has become so extreme that it makes sense to go for it.

      Now it’s literally a matter of life or death, if you are armed (as I often am – legally).

      It gives me pause to think I might be shot to death in my car by a Hero who “feared for his safety” because I had a gun on my person, legally concealed.

      Better to just take off.

      Most cops are shitty drivers, in addition to being cowards and poor shots.

    • Morning, Tor –

      If the facts are straight on this – if the guy was only reaching for his wallet after having told the Hero he was armed – and the Hero just opened up on him – it’s another case of Summary Execution by Hero. And if so, another log on the bonfire.

      • What’s amazing to me is the complete lack of an adult out of all those people.

        No one administered any kind of aid, they just let the guy died.

        I started out life kicked out of the parental house but still allowed to work in some slummy rental properties my family owned.

        One of the worst units was a 6plex, which originally had just been a large single family home. Upstairs were 3 single rooms that shared a bathroom, and there were 3 crusty old bachelors that lived up there, and it was always a hassle to get the rent from them.

        When one guy didn’t pay, I entered his unit when I knew he wasn’t there to make an assessment of how much work I’d have to do, if I moved him out.

        Boy he was pissed, how dare you enter my home blah blah blah. Neither of us mentioned his collection of young boy nudist magazines he had in his bedroom. Right next to his photo of his daughter he was always blathering about who attended Northwestern.

        I’m the polar opposite of a clover. As long as you’re not forcing anyone and pay your bills, I say do whatever you will, just do no harm. Didn’t see how just some photos really hurt anyone, they were just one more way to make a buck off some schmuck who believed all the gonzo drivel they write next to all those nekkid pictures that even today constitute 50% of the net traffic.

        Anyway I was downstairs when everybody crammed into this building started hollering. I go upstairs and the old pervert is in full on cardiac arrest. sitting in a chair in his room.

        I immediately started pushing on his chest in my best impersonation of CPR or whatever it was called back in those days. He just lolled there and his head was flopping. I decided to go for it and even breathed into his mouth, which I guess you’re not supposed to until you get a pulse.

        He was all raspy and crackly and he tasted like the oldest most expired sour milk I had ever tasted but I kept at it for maybe 10 minutes until some guys came and took him away and got his heart jumpstarted, or so everyone said.

        He made it a few months in the hospital down the road, then they moved him and we never did hear back as to what happened to him.

        I guess I just can’t stand to see suffering. I’ll even grab a bug and escort him back outside if it isn’t necessary to smash the thing. Life is precious and we don’t really even understand how it emerges from all the various organs and tissues and its a huge miracle, and probably its the only thing worth all the fussing and fighting over that mostly gets done about things written on paper or war tokens and shiny armaments that somehow couldn’t be more beloved, and who knows why.

        I did a shit job trying to help that guy, but I had to start somewhere and I got smarter and smarter about health and medical stuff as the years have passed on by.

        This is a great video. I like the way no one over reacts about a gun which is really just a tool. And if enough people could start doing that we might get somewhere. There is the issue of property rights and to be left in peace and quiet so this might not be especially illustrative because of the flawed circumstances.

        But even so, fish heads for all the heroes all the time. Semper Fish heads authoritatem infidelis.

  1. Is it a job requirement for government “work” to have really bad judgement? Sure seems like it.

    And wtf does a “Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Environment” do all day? Must pay at least 6 figures to boot.


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