Another Diaper Departure

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One of my best friends – I will not mention his name, for reasons which will become apparent – just got ejected (almost violently) from the Roanoke cop-op in the Grandin Road area of Roanoke, Va.

I mention their name for reasons that should already be apparent.

My friend has been a long-time customer of the co-op’s and has known people who work there for years, including a woman he thought he was on friendly terms with. He just discovered the true nature of their relationship.

As he walked in the store – his face showing – he was met with a barrage of importuning, directed his way by the woman he thought he knew.

“You have to wear a mask!” she exclaimed.

My friend – who is a medical man and knows the answers to this question – asked her why. “You are putting people at risk!” she yelled.

My friend attempted to explain otherwise, which he is in a position to do, as he possesses the curriculum vitae to speak with authority on the subject. This woman knows that my friend possesses the CVs; knows what he does for a living.

It didn’t matter.

Including the fact – right there on the box – that a disposable “mask” does not serve as a barrier to viruses, inhaled or exhaled. And of course more fundamentally, the fact that a person who isn’t afflicted with a virus is incapable of spreading it.

Fear trumps all.

She followed him all over the store – not appreciating that, according to her own logic, she was “putting herself at risk” by following him and his putative vapor trail of death. He ignored her fulminations, which made her fulminate all the more. Keep in mind this is a person my friend had been on friendly terms with for something approaching ten years; she knows him – knows his profession, too.

But his disobedience – his refusal to let her fear determine his actions – negated all of that. All the putative goodwill of a decade, burned to a cinder over the not-wearing of a Holy Rag, the religious vestment of the Sickness Cult. Which is exactly what it is. Not a term of abuse but rather a definition.

You are a cultist when you insist on a dogma, perform strange rituals and your back gets up when someone challenges your beliefs. When facts that challenge your beliefs are adduced anger you.

The fundamental definition of a religious belief is that it is believed regardless of facts to the contrary. It becomes rabidized when those beliefs are not merely believed but others expected to believe them.

She called the police – who have become the sicknesspolizei – on my friend. The SP are increasingly unconcerned with crimes but very concerned with enforcing beliefs. Throwing bricks – and bottles filled with gasoline – through the window of a business its owner spent a lifetime building is regarded with general indifference but god help you if you attempt to buy groceries while showing your face.

My friend left his goods on the conveyor belt and walked out before the SP arrived, not wanting to experience a Hut! Hut! Hutting! for his apostasy.

He will never shop there again. Not that the cop-op cares. Just as the coffee shop I faithfully patronized almost every day for several years – and made the mistake of patronizing during the “lockdowns,” when only “essential” people were allowed to leave their homes – doesn’t care that I no longer go there.

They both have plenty of followers, more than willing to perform the required rituals.

But the worry is that it will not be enough to let them perform their strange rituals – which the sane among us would happily countenance, just as we countenanced Uncle Fester (who was sane compared with what’s “normal” these days).

The dread is that we cannot any longer live together in peace. More accurately, that we – the sane – cannot live with the insane without becoming insane ourselves, to make the insane feel better about their condition.

The crazies won’t leave us alone. They demand we join the cult. Their leader has just said that he expects everyone to join on a trial basis, at least – for 100 days.

The only answer to this is a stalwart – no.

And the only solution may be separation.

Somehow – the mechanics of it will be difficult – those who wish to live (if it can be called that) in perpetual fear of sickness, imposing their fear of sickness on others, get their piece of the national real estate and those of us who want to live get ours.

There can be no agreeing to disagree with the deranged. Hysterics are by definition hysterical; they cannot be reached (with facts) and so are very dangerous to those for whom facts matter more than feelings.

My friend just experienced this, up-close-and-personal. He called me to express his bewilderment and sadness; he wanted to understand it. I told him there is no understanding – only firewalling.

People such as the woman at the cop-op need therapy but they have been given power.

This is far scarier than a virus that doesn’t kill 99.8 percent of the population.

. . .

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  1. Great article Eric. I have a story I’d like to share…I’m fortunate enough to live in an area without “mandates” (moved from a place that did) and it’s been great living pretty much free again but yesterday I went to adopt a dog at the local humane society but when I walked in and started working on the paper work I got kicked out for not wearing the mask (which isn’t even “required” here) of course I didn’t and will never put one on so I left. You’d think a place like that would be more concerned that there dogs go to a good home but apparently they are more concerned about there mask cult.

    • She drives a Subaru, that says it all.

      Just out of curiosity guys, are these the women that you are meeting on the dating scene? I can now can sympathize on why you hate women.

      • Far too many I meet are like her.


        I don’t hate women. I LOVE women.

        I hate insane, illogical, sanctimonious, shameless narcissists. Of any gender.

        And I can tell you that some of the too young for me ladies I know, say the men between 20-35 tend to be similar to the freak in the video linked.

        Insane is the new-normal.

        • Hi A,

          Ugh! I am sorry to hear that. The sad thing is the woman in the video looked to be about my age. A little too old to be shouting at an intersection in the midst of a justifiable protest. This is what happens to adults when their parents spare the rod and spoil the child. The problem is the rest of us have to deal with them.

  2. I was asked to leave a brand new local pastry shop on Friday after proudly walking in maskless. The girl asked me to wear a mask and then offered me one to wear to which I replied “No.” She asked me to step outside where she would gladly serve me. She came out, I placed my order, and then she took my cash. Before handing her the cash I said, “Sure you want to touch it, it might have cooties!” She looked at me and said, “This isn’t something that I want to do.” Realizing that she was only doing the bidding of the Fuhrer, I smiled at her and said, “Thanks!” I’m glad I let her serve me because I set an example of the other people watching the exchange and also because those were some of the best damn donuts I’ve had in months!!

    • Hi Pappa,

      I have not gone to the “alternative” coffee shop I began going to after my excommunication from Sweet Donkey (Diaper) coffee shop in Roanoke… because I have reached my limit as far as even seeing these Freaks. I cannot stand the sight of them anymore and even though I wasn’t hassled about showing my face at the new place, I’v stopped going because the whole experience is so unpleasant.

      • I agree completely Eric. I have given up my favorite hobby and all of those friends (my best friends actually) because I just can’t stand to be in an environment where people are so afraid and irrational. I do however feel that I need to keep testing the waters, and more importantly setting an example for others to see and think about. Not only that but I want to keep myself bold, strong, and determined by practicing what I’m preaching!

      • That’s my condition as well. Everything is just so damn unpleasant I end up staying home because I don’t want to deal with the nonsense.

        I saw a chart the other day of monthly dead per 1,000,000 people or something like that. It goes from the late 19th century to a couple months ago. The trend is down with occasional spikes. COVID19 is this tiny little spike that doesn’t even make things worse than normal when we were born let alone previous flu spikes and such from that level. I’d have to look at the chart again but I think with the COVID19 spike it brings the value up to what was more or less normal in the 80s and 90s. My chance of dying has increased to horrible year of 1990 or something like that. Right now I wouldn’t mind going back to 1990.

      • I’d been dragging my feet on the genny coupe’s oil change while it’s still under those pain in the ass warranty terms, back in July when I called for something else the dealership was neurotically limiting appts and gave me the “YOU have to UNDERSTAND, we’re in a PANDEMIC!” to which I informed the service desk twit, “IIIIIIII don’t HAAAAAVE to do ANNNNNNYTHINGGGG.” Then when I asked for my favorite old guy service manager (with the chin diaper and no fucks to give about my lack of mask esp. on a hundred degree day in May) the buttmadness just raaaaaaadiated in her voice when she said that he didn’t work there anymore. I was like alright cool, all good, if he quit then I’m done with y’all.

        So I finally woke up this morning and scheduled an evening appt with my trusted chain of choice, checked the box that I would wait, and when I got there and the guy pointed me toward the customer area, I told him I’d be taking in the fresh air outside instead. “Gettin cold out” “That’s fine. It’s all on principle now.”

        Packed a warm coat and my video game, dropped some hand warmers in my gloves and toe warmers in my shoes, and sat freezing my ass off on the sidewalk in the name of liberty, sipping my drink and crossing my fingers that I wouldn’t be reported as a vagrant, or awkwardly badgered into coming inside.

        Would’ve been nice if anyone had asked me why. Was gonna tell em I was just practicing for when the govt drives us dissenters to homelessness.

        But I think the image of someone sitting there on the concrete in 30* weather for 45mins, clearly in an effort to spare oneself from their now-dystopian waiting area, should have said plenty to the passers by.

        My buddy said it was good resistance training, if nothing else. Just gonna give the ol immune system another dose of vitamin C to bring it back up to snuff. Glad I got the coupe what it needed and could sit outside in peace, even if said peace was a little frosty..

        • Hi Moose,

          Miserable – but, as you say, good training. I think unless a way can be found to separate ourselves from the Freaks we’re going to have to get used to dealing with things ourselves, on the down low. It is getting to be push-comes-to-shove time. They’re not going to let up. So we have to decide what’s next.

  3. Oddly, in our rural area the only sane neighbors seem to be the “city people” who have moved out here. The farm families I grew up with are trembling, obedient diaperers. Those with elderly parents have managed to scare the crap out of them. One stopped by today to drop something off. She seemed terrified to even make eye contact from behind the rag. She said her daughter, a nurse, has been telling her horror stories. I wonder how many of the patients in that “overrun” hospital would have stayed home and toughed it out – as sensible people used to do with the flu – if not for the political hysteria and financial incentives for the sickness industry.

    • The hospital horror stories… Hospitals have horror stories of people getting sick and dying by their very nature. They don’t mean anything in and of themselves.

      “would have stayed home and toughed it out”
      Given the way some/many of the hospitals treat it my guess is a lot people still are.

    • The thing about coercing people into staying in their homes is..There are plenty of sick homes. Dusty, moldy, poor air quality, etc. The immune system can only take so much of that shit.

      Also no sunlight indoors. No fresh air. Limited exercise and limited motivation to. And they’ve got them restricting their oxygen by wearing and then reusing masks which are also causing them to give themselves respiratory infections and shit.

      They’re loading up on comfort carbs while they gorge on garbage social media programming. Their brains and immune systems are totally shot.

      Everything the government told them to do, has made them sick, and then the government says “if you have these symptoms that we tricked you into staying home to succumb to, that’s the big spooky virus, betcha a free test that it’ll turn up positive, since we go out of our way to pad the numbers”

      Ron Paul Liberty Report had another doc on the show the other week who explained it very well, good video if youve got 20-30mins for em. But knowing how pootube operates..they probably removed it by now

  4. Lost the “traffic tax” lottery on Friday (“rolling through a stop sign”).
    The AGW, a dickless Tracy, was undiapered!
    She only wanted to know if I had any “weapons” in my F150.
    So far not aware of any public statement from Chief of Police here in Corona, CA.
    Our county sheriff refuses to play Gov. Nuisance’s “game.”
    Way to go, Sheriff Bianco.
    Inshallah, I will be voting for you next election.
    Same goes for Orange County Sheriff, and city of Riverside PD.

      • Yeah, we may have more allies than we realize. 🙂
        Locally, I have been able to routinely shop for groceries at a major chain, and buy stuff at Lowe’s and Home Depot whilst exhibiting “full facial nudity.”
        At least some of the employees have been sympathetic, and are only “diapered up” because their employer demands it.

        The employers, in turn, are only protecting themselves, because The Nuisance, a.k.a. Gruesome Newsom, has issued ein Fuehrerbefehl which states that anyone who acquires “Covid 19” is legally *presumed* to have acquired it at work. Which of course puts the employer on the hook for worker’s comp, not to mention potential lawsuits if the company did not follow prescribed CalOSHA safety procedures.
        Believe it, employers fear CalOSHA, and justifiably so.

        Meanwhile, The Nuisance and his cronies in the Inner Party do whatever the eff they feel like, and with total contempt for their own “rules,” which evidently are meant only for Outer Party and “We, the Proles.” Applause to Sheriff Bianco, Sheriff Barnes, et. al., for calling out The Nuisance, and for refusing to become die Krankenpolizei.

        The Nuisance must go.

        • My smaller grocery (Vitamin Cottage/Natural Grocers) went commie with a door greeter and all of it a few weeks ago. They apparently got shamed by a leftish newspaper in Denver (Westword) about their practical philosophy of letting people be their own boss. In so many words all summer they said “Its not our job to force you” without actually making that an explicit corporate policy. Don’t ask, don’t tell of course couldn’t be allowed to stand. The “journalist” bringing attention ended up I guess in deluge of letters and PR they didn’t want from clientele you’d be pretty spot on stereotyping as it consists of a granola-and-soy kind of people. But hey, even anarcho-capitalists can see eye-to-eye with hippies on wanting aluminum-free deodorant..

          We still have Safeway, Kroger (City Market locally), Walmart and I haven’t been hassled at City Market. But it gives me pause because it bothers me to concentrate business to fewer big corporations.

          Maybe it’s a forest-for-the-trees situation. For the sake of argument let’s say it’s not possible to comfortably gain entry to a place with a mask Nazi. In a competitive free market one should one withhold business from them. But what if doing so knowingly will cause a business failure? That would leave the other places who currently are more lax at enforcement. Then with the competition thinned what’s to prevent the oligarchy-approved places from slamming the door shut?

          I’m honestly not sure how far to push it with the face diaper if the Natural Grocers management wants to play the trespass and AGW card. They’re under plenty of Karen pressure and political pressure from our want-to-be California governor and his lackeys in county and city government. I mean they’ve already gone after small businesses so medium sized ones are the next on the list.

          I know it’s necessary for business owners to feel the pain and start to fight for themselves. There has to be some spark in the back of their minds that there’s no room on the lifeboats for the Titanic for every single CEO and executive. You know backroom deals exist for big companies who adore the help of government to put competition under.

          Maybe we need the line in the sand to be contextual. I won’t wear a mask into Walmart and if they kick me out so be it. But maybe wearing one in a place historically somewhat anti-establishment is a necessary thing to prevent complete homogenization.

          • You pose good questions on morals and means-to-not-end here, Anonymous.

            I think it’s gotta be about more than saving the business. The owners appear to need saving as much as the rest of us. If they’re caving to clovers and journalists to keep their livelihoods, then they need real moral support, obedient customers alone won’t cut it.

            The ones that haven’t caved might still be spared if there were some kinda movement going, where their customers and townsfolk have their backs on their decision to leave sane people the hell alone. The law of the land is on their side, unfortunately the tiny tyrants appear to be above that. I haven’t read about any court rulings that even made a difference in it this year. The governors don’t listen and they keep scaring the shit out of everyone.

            People need to put the pressure back on these business to stop enforcing it and join us. They’re gonna lose their livelihood or we’re all gonna lose our liberties thanks to their non action… and then we’re not gonna have any desire or agency left to bother doing business with them, I don’t think they’re geting that. They keep thinking short term to keep getting by “just 15 days, just until the curve, just until a vaccine, just until the cases” meanwhile the proverbial TSA scanners are making themselves at home and there’s coming a point of absolutely no return.

            I wouldn’t be able to support them without some assurance that they aren’t becoming complacent about enabling the selling out of our liberties. If the freaks dont wanna shop there they dont have to. Plenty of rational human beings will. They probably got targeted because they’re the little guy.

            They can tell the idiots shop curbside if they don’t like the face-wearing maskless wild people walking among them.

  5. Hello Eric; I haven’t been mere in a long time. However, when I saw your article on Zero Hedge I was stirred. This article is valid and timeless. However, even you will see that your own members are not free from Dogmatism and even Cultishness.(?).
    I would like you to link the following book to your site and article:
    My point is that even “Independent” Libertarians still seek the cover and exclusiveness of a group and a structure. No human is immune from this! Without a “Structure” we would be back in caves in 100 years. In truth, Humanity would never have survived without a structure!
    Paul Repstock

    • Hi Paul,

      Structure isn’t bad – indeed, it is (or can be) a good and even necessary thing. Coercion – especially collective coercion – is the thing that is always bad!

      Great to have you among us heretics 🙂

    • Hi Paul,

      Welcome back.

      I agree with you. People trend toward other people that think like them and share their same philosophies. I believe that is human nature. Most people do not want to be an island. I believe many people get joy (or at least a feeling of acceptance) in conversing with like minded people. Some people enjoy being surrounded by large crowds of people, others choose to have a couple close friendships.

      Human beings are dogmatic. If an individual is not then that person is someone who is not comfortable in their own skin and can be easily swayed. If you don’t have principles or beliefs then you are influenced by others ideas, which may not be to the benefit of you as a human being. Dogmatism gets a bad wrap (kind of like greed). Both are only bad when you trounce upon some else’s property or convictions.

      I think the people of this website are pretty non cultish (dogmatic, oh hell yeah), but for a group we are pretty welcoming, unless one starts off by lodging Molotov cocktails. I think most are pretty open to all ideas as long as they are fact based. Someone posting that we are trying to kill Grandma and we are selfish assholes probably isn’t going to win many new acquaintances. If you can back that up with studies and a logical conclusion, we will of course listen, disagree, but listen. 🙂

      • RG: I would rather say “Disagree but (Think)”. For most people “Listening” is often only refraining from talking while the other speaks?? Conversation becomes debate when you start from a ‘Pre-determined’ position. A conversation is about Learning, not about “Winning”!
        I’m as guilty as anyone. But, I can see the dangers of associating mainly with like minded people. That becomes as tribal as an ethnic enclave. Pretty soon everyone speaks only the language of the “Group” and it is practically incomprehensible to everyone else?? That is what I meant by “Cult”..
        Though it may be painful, we need to go to other places and listen to ‘other people’, we need to try understand what they really mean!
        Walk a mile in their shoes and run their ideas through “OUR” smell teat??
        Is that enough cliches for everyone..:D

        • Hi Paul,

          If you have read most of the posts on here I think we can clearly agree everyone is not always on the same page on every topic. I, myself, have gotten into my fair share of brow beatings. The one thing we do share is the a fundamental concept of personal responsibility and a wicking hatred of face masks. It pretty much ends there.

          I think listening is important. Thinking is also important, but if you are thinking when someone is talking you really aren’t hearing what they are saying, are you? Debate is pointless unless all sides can be heard.

          We live in a society where all sides are not accepted and it is not due to Eric’s website, but MSM and the large tech companies who don’t believe our beliefs are fundamental are worthy of exchange.

          As I stated in my previous post we are welcoming to everyone as long as it contains factual references. We are happy to have disagreements and look forward from hearing from others with differing opinions.

          Many on here do visit other sites and have tried having a conversation about differences only to find themselves deleted or banned for “wrong think.”

    • Structure is a broad concept. And certainly libertarians (or Libertarians anyway) are quite prone to groupthink, too. But I would argue that one of the basic tenets to living free is believing in spontaneous order. Meaning that society will organize as necessary when necessary. For example take stop lights. Normally we fall into a pattern dictated by red-yellow-green but when the power goes out people can (or at least have traditionally) been able to get into a round-robin of pause-and-go even without them. There’s countless examples similar to this where humans can organize without needing the authority to flow top-down from planners. We in this day-and-age have been drilled that government = order but that’s not historically always true.

  6. Where I live sadly most people think a mask will keep them from catching a virus..They will come right up to a person with no mask and yell in their face,thinking they cant get a virus “if” the unmasked person has it lol..They will even touch the unmasked person with bare hands and then touch their face to adjust their mask lol..

    Yes this all happened to me!! The BEST is when the masked person,lowers their mask to talk to the unmasked person lol!!! Also a funny thing,they lower their mask so that their nose is sticking out!!!! They totally lost their minds and they make no sense at all!!! I am lost for words,its so bizarre!!

    I have 2 sisters and 1 is scared so bad her and her husband rarely leave their house..It’s so strange!!! She isn’t dumb either,she is well educated worked in a law firm for 26 years…You can talk facts with her,show her scientific data and she is glazed over and it seems she doesn’t hear anything what I said or shown her!!! She thinks people are dropping dead when they get the virus!! The globalists really got us now,75% of the people are freaked out and think they are going to die in weeks because of the virus! She also thinks when they hear new cases,she thinks all those people are extremely sick and near dead or will die…Yet 99% don’t even know they have it and show no symptoms and feel great!! AND..those tests are faulty they 85% or more show false positives..All I can say is GOOD GRIEF!! LOL!!!!

    • Hi FourBarrel,

      We are dealing with a mass psychosis now, fomented by mass hysteria – generated by mass media, which is largely controlled by the same interests. There is correlation between “programming” and Sickness Psychosis. As I wrote to another reader:

      I think TV watching (and radio-listening/newspaper reading) accounts for most of the . . . programming. It almost a mathematical axiom. Those who watch/listen/read are programed.

      The rest – the few – think.

      • Eric, you are exactly right. I can find no other explanation as to why otherwise intelligent people would act this way. My degree is in journalism and I worked in newspapers for 14 years, most recently as an editor at a major metropolitan daily. I have never been so ashamed of my former profession. I have not watched the local or network TV news in months; the nonstop freakout literally makes me sick. I can see why if people are getting all of their “information” from that, they would lose their minds. Then there’s the general inability to think critically, inflicted by government schooling. Get into a debate about any subject, and you’ll quickly see that most people have no desire to dispassionately think something through in an orderly fashion.

        • I too have turned it off. I remember a founders’ quote about reading newspapers and being worse educated than reading nothing at all. Nothing has really changed. I believe that is why the founders protected journalism. They knew full well there would be National Enquirers out there as well as real journalists. Somewhere, hopefully, in all the muck, one could find a semblance of truth in the world.

          As to your former profession, not that long ago, I was stranded in Austin, TX due to a flood. Flights canceled. Ran into a journalist at the rent-a-car counter. Same problem as me, needs to get home NOW!. His problem was that he was in town to receive an award for his journalism (which he seemed to boast about as if I would think it cool) and now he wasn’t going to make it home for his kid’s birthday due to the flight being canceled. He did not like my reply when I responded that missing your kid’s birthdays are ‘times you can’t get back’. That smug, “award winning” “journalist”, gave me a smirk and turned away.

        • I went to a discount grocery chain today in a previously un-shopped, post-covid store. I didn’t know the “sickness-level” of the area. Sad to see a 95% sickness rate. I did finally see 3 people un-diapered but I noticed we had something in common. We didn’t look like “conformists”.

          Back when this all started, you said you might grow your hair long. Understood if you didn’t, but I did. I still shave my face so I don’t look homeless, However; there may be something to being a middle aged man with long hair that folks may not want to mess with.

          • Hi J,

            I always at least smile and thumbs up people I see without the Holy Rag; I try to say something, if possible. I have – so far – always gotten positive responses. I think it’s really important to buttress one another; to express support – and let the Freaks see us smiling and laughing and being normal. It may get them mad; it may get a few thinking.

  7. the guy is both a liberal and a homo.

    you should have known better in the first place.

    what did you expect?

    we have to conform our whole lives to what homos and trannies and every other minority wants, but then he tells you that you have to conform to society.

    that is liberalism in a nutshell. that is the totality of liberalism.

    how could anyone not understand that by now.

    i want no liberal friends. period. it will always end with them saying you need to respect their rights but they should absolutely not have to tolerate your rights.

    you didn’t know that?

    • They are the same people that say your productivity is the human right of someone else and then they have fits about physical bondage slavery that ended in the mid 19th century in the west.

      And then there is their attitude that people who don’t or have difficulty developing economically viable skills should be helped by those that do. Where social / political skills become paramount but those who have difficulty with those? Though luck, pull yourself up.

    • Hi Make,

      This ex-friend was a neighbor in my old neighborhood; that’s how we met. We became friends as we shared in common a love of cars and (so I thought) live and let live. His being gay didn’t bother me because he never made an issue of it; I found out he was gay incidentally, when I happened to be talking about women/dating. It was never an issue between us. He seemed like a good dude. Now I find he is a sick dude. It’s not unlike that TV series, The Strain. Once a “worm” gets into you, you’re done for – and so are your friends, if the newly wormized person can sink his fangs into them.

  8. My neighbor told me she was thrown out of the doctor’s office yesterday for coughing and sneezing after some girl snitched on her. It was a thug in a white coat (hEalTHcARE HeRO) that told her she needed to leave the premises. She said it was the face diaper that made her cough and sneeze!

    • So they don’t believe the holy rag protects them from sneezes and coughs? That’s what they tell us.

      It’s like none of them actually believe it works when push comes to shove.

      • They’ve all seen the silly Facebook meme with backlit pictures of people spitting at each other with and without masks. They have no clue how respiratory viruses spread. If you could only get a cold from somebody sneezing in your face, about six people a year would catch one.
        Another of the dull-minded “Now do you understand?” memes is about somebody peeing on you with and without pants. I want to ask, “But what if your pants are made of chicken wire?”

  9. That crowd right there.. generally friendly folks as your buddy understood..I wanna say good people..but when it would come to sociopolitical philosophies, if you’ve got a dissenting opinion and you don’t want them to distrust and talk shit on you amongst themselves over it, you know you’d best keep it to yourself cuz it’s not worth ruffling feathers. Up until now, of course. Ruffle away. They broke their own stupid social contract the minute they expected to have the right to demand compliance outta their fellow serfs.

    Now the lines are drawn, we’re all divided and they’re gonna have some uncomfortable truths to face further down the line.

    Roanokes always been a hard place to socialize cuz of it. They look down on the podunk diabetic masses and the prejudiced hicks and biblethumpers, and all they do’s go and cling to statist TDS nonsense as if that’s healthier than the XL Dr Pepper with a side of Extra Extra Sweet Tea that the dude ahead of em in the drivethru is having for breakfast. The illusion of chill, right up til you trigger em by suggesting they follow shit to its logical conclusion.

    Think they even had a little Monsanto protest on that block when that whole thing was happening. It was goofy.

    The media tells them to get up in arms and they do it. However well-read they may be compared to the guy on the Hoverround in Walmart, they’re not pausing to think about shit before adopting it as their own belief and dancing around the echo chamber. It’s sad because again, as humans go they’re not assholes. Just willfully misled.

    • Hi Moose,

      “The illusion of chill”- I really like that. It perfectly describes the ex-ambiance at my ex-coffee shop hangout, Sweet Donkey (now Diaper). It seemed like a cool place for all kinds of people to hang out. It turns out they only want one kind of person to hang out there…

      • Yep, all cool and carefree until they’re interacting with a free thinking individual, and then it’s nevermind how much sense you can talk to them, all that shit bubbling underneath is programmed to rise to the surface and a rage fit will ensue..they don’t wanna hear your perspective, they want you gone. Which is why I had a tednecy to say very little around them lol.. took this year for me to process and reconcile that experience myself. It ain’t you and it ain’t your friend, it’s just how those folks roll.

  10. It is a religion. Why do you think there’s been such an anti religion campaign going around for decades now? One of the first things statists do is try to eliminate or at least drastically reduce people’s religion. That way they can replace it with the religion of the state. The sickness cult, just like the climate cult, is all part of the statist religion. The supposed science is intentionally flawed, because they want to see how indoctrinated the sheep are. People accepting idiology are doing so against the very evidence they see with their own eyes. It has the added benefit of breaking down the non believers. All these policies that make zero sense just slowly work at destroying the sanity of those of us not part of the cult. I haven’t been able to sleep completely through the night since March for example.

    • Hi Mattacks,

      You raise something important, revelatory. Destroy people’s faith – which people need – and fill that need with a new religion of your own contrivance. It’s brilliant, really. I will concede that much.

  11. Micromobility, Canuckistan style — Dr David Williams, chief medical officer of Ontario, said:

    “What may be mandatory, is proof of vaccination, in order to have latitude and freedom to move around without wearing personal protective equipment.”

    House arrest for the unvaccinated: it makes perfect sense in a socialist peoples republic.

    It’s only a short step to mandating permanent ankle monitors for vaccine refuseniks. That’ll keep those sickness spreaders on a short leash! /sarc

      • “He gazed up at the enormous face. Forty years it had taken him to learn what kind of smile was hidden beneath the dark mustache. O’ cruel, needless misunderstanding! O’ stubborn, self-willed exile from the loving breast! Two gin-scented tears trickled down the sides of his nose. But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother.”

  12. Sad but not surprising.

    Unless you have a properly fitted respirator, with the accompanying clean shave to keep it sealed, a paper mask is less than useless. And even said properly fitted respirator does zero for “source control” (for the whole “your mask protects me” morons) since the “exhaust” is completely unfiltered.

    But we all know this has zero to do with logic.

    Restrict oxygen

    Re-breathe CO2

    Leave a breath moistened perti dish on your mucous membranes for 8 hours a day.

    Great fucking plan

    I’m just wondering when people are going to finally say “enough.”

    Submit. Conform. Obey. Comply. Go bankrupt at our command. But still pay us property taxes on your businesses that we’ve shut down.

    How does this end?

    The more dangerous man to those in power is the one with nothing left to lose.

    Those in power are creating these by the millions.

    • Hi Blake,

      The aspect of all this that bothers me the most is being told I must visually affirm agreement with the narrative. It is like the IRS demanding we wear a badge that says, “Taxes are the price we pay for civilization.”

  13. The delusional psychosis is in full bloom out there folks. I’ve lost friends and business relationships over this shit as well. I say fuck ’em! This phony sickness stuff didn’t suddenly cause these people to become detestable; it revealed them as the detestable and weak-minded people that they’ve always been.

    On a positive note, Eric’s comment sections are truly a wonderful “virtual” place to be. Except for the occasional clover or two, it’s always filled with intelligent people of good will (and a damn good poet as well).

    Eric: It’s also time I send you another C-note. Please look for it in the mail next week.

    • Thanks, Mister – for the kind words and the rest!

      I agree with you in re this business revealing the true nature of things – and of people. Perhaps in the past we were able to maintain friendships (sic) by avoiding touchy subjects, leaving lie things that we probably knew amounted to serious differences that probably ought to have been examined long ago.

      This whole thing has made vividly, personally clear to me what it must have been like to live in Stalin’s Russia or Hitler’s Germany. It’s not as bad, yet – but the underlying architecture is in place.

      • I recently attended a course where the premise was that we should now ignore the old advice about avoiding taboo subjects such as religion and politics – at work! The speaker lady said this will improve productivity in the workplace because otherwise employees who are bothered by something will just bottle it up, causing loss of productivity. She said managers should be trained on how to handle such situations, and encourage people to open up. That they need safe spaces (she said this).

        What fucking psychobabble! Now leaders and managers can’t focus on the business but new to devote time to dealing with people’s neuroses. I guess our businesses will all need to offer safe spaces, puppies, and coloring books. Talk about productivity loss. And I’m a businessman, not a counselor. These people need help.

        More to the point at hand, is that politics and whatever human defect that is underlying covid hysteria is now invading the last redoubts of sanity, such as friendships, family, church, and now the workplace. Nowhere is or will be safe. We are going to have to deal with neurotic diaperers and these detestable personalities and behaviors in the workplace too. And our employees are being encouraged to bring it to the workplace, soon to be under legal penalty to or lawsuits against us employers.

        • Well now this sounds like they just want to encourage the individuals to reveal themselves to expedite their doxxing.

          It’s not about taboos, it’s about what’s appropriate professionally. Time for people to be responsible for their own emotional state and check their bs at the door like the rest of us. Workplace is for working, not for crossing personal boundaries and starting shit with the sane people around you. The drain on everyone elses emotional availability in an environment like that would be enough to put a business under.

        • “…politics and whatever human defect that is underlying covid hysteria is now invading the last redoubts of sanity, such as friendships, family, church, and now the workplace.”
          Well said. The root cause of the nuttiness is that this was immediately dragged into the sewer of politics. At our church, I can feel a massive change since the county imposed a mask mandate a few weeks ago. Now they stare at me like I’m a leper, as if the mandate makes me a thousand times more dangerous than I was before.

    • Come visit. The emerald coast has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world-with free and easy parking. It’s hugely conservative. The unincorporated areas are mostly unrestricted… And wild! People are generally friendly and mind their own damn business. It doesn’t feel like you’re getting stalked by the stormtroopers when you’re out and about unlike the frozen north… In a place that feels like everybodys having a nonstop party. No vehicle inspections. Modified cars and trucks everywhere. Ethanolfree gas at nearly every station. It’s heaven. Get here before the blue refugees do. Though, I think all the flying rebel flags and other such severe redneckery round these parts scares those dildos away quick.

      • The irony is if Bubbas in lifted douche canoes with Gadsden or “rebel” flags kept WuFlu tyranny at bay, VA and NC would be some of the free-est states in the nation. But they’re not. The only thing keeping FL somewhat more free at the moment is the Venezuelan, Cuban, and other Central and South American ex-pats who KNOW what communism means and vote accordingly. Especially in the major metro areas like Miami-Dade.

        • Thats news to me considering the counties with the highest cuban populations voted for gay meth fuckfest Gillum. This includes miami dade thats about a third cuban and has had the hardest and longest lasting lockdowns in the state.

  14. And now a poem:

    The deranged and diapered masses,
    fear the naked faces and their trespasses.
    By decree from the queens,
    Stretch out thine arms,
    it is time for vaccines!

    Usher in the new order,
    a world blackened moreover,
    by madness, lies and propaganda,
    the naked faces shall run in horror!

    This was not supposed to be the end!
    Oh, but it is my naked faced friend,
    Satan rules from behind,
    toying with the deranged and diapered,
    as they pranced with closed mind.

    A critical mass in
    an undead black mass,
    death is the future they wrought,
    the naked faces shall be caught!
    Sacrifices shall be made,
    Masks, shots, barricades.
    Good-bye Americans and peace-loving naves,
    you are all now new world order slaves.

      • Thank you! It’s not William Shakespeare…more like Billy Bob Hemispeare.

        An ode to the V8 is in order,
        as they ban the I.C.E. in all four corners,
        across the globe they do squeal,
        petrol fuel will be taxed hard
        as to no longer appeal!

        ICE is melting the ice,
        Such a lie they say it thrice,
        CO2 is bad so just
        ban the autos and
        ride a camel like a nomad.

        Ride a bike for the sake of the earth,
        matters not if its colder than Yakutsk.
        Just remember to wear a mask and get a shot,
        Don’t want to catch the flu,
        or was it Covid, I forgot?
        Either way freedom dead,
        don’t you worry,
        Santa Elon has your new sled.

  15. She gained power without earning it. Which means of course she abused it. In my experience, such is the case with women especially. Many seem to have a desire to “show those nasty men” what they’re made of, which ain’t much.

    • I have seen that problem with women too, (way too many times).

      What they are showing “those nasty men” is that deep down inside, they are completely psychotic. The Bible refers to them as the weaker gender, but this also applies mentally, not just physically.

      It’s probably one of the reasons why most US women have married/shacked up with/depend upon the government and still call themselves “independent”.

      • Sm777, the main flaw with women is that they think that they’re always right; they think that they always know better. We see that going back to Adam and Eve…

  16. Does anyone care to wager a guess as to how long Biden’s proposed “100 days of masking” will really last? I’m guessing that by the end of April, he’ll claim there still wasn’t enough compliance and that he’s extending the dictate for yet another 100 days. Any takers?

    • It’s odd and definitely random in context but ties in with the whole 1st hundred days of an administration that is for some unknown reason is spoken of reverently by news hacks and court historians. Could be during that time they dial down the absurd PCR test sensitivity or slow down the other testing shenanigans in order to show how Plugs’ firm and steady leadership “crushed” the number of “cases.” The media cuts the hype and new era of Commie Kamalot is ushered in to great applause.

    • After 100 days there will be no effect so they will most likely double down in some manner. Either vicious enforcement on those who don’t mask or two masks or some other totally off the wall authoritarian BS.

      No engineering standard for masks means they won’t work. It’s a virus and thus the masks have to meet a minimum level because their droplet theory is bunk to anyone who understands filtering. Even if droplets are captured new droplets hit the old ones and on through something goes. Anyway the engineering shows these random material masks can’t work. Then observation shows they do nothing as evident by the cases. The cases the cases!

      Now there is another possibility. What may happen in a 100 days is that we’ll be into sunlight months towards the end of it. Which means the cases will naturally fall off. 100 days from jan 20th probably isn’t quite far enough to get a good drop off but it will be beyond the peak. Of course the credit will go to the masking. Same way people have been ruled for thousands of years, slight of hand.

      Somewhere around mid summer 2021 they will claim the vaccines and masking has worked. (never mind that they didn’t do that with Trump in office) COVID19 classification will quietly get a new definition and the cases and deaths will fall away. Biden will be the great hero. Maybe. But there’s also the great reset. In which case they trot out the new bug fall 2021 or they never let go in the summer.

      • Another think to consider. Late janurary will probably be at the peak or shortly after it. More and more sunlight each day. Thus Biden’s masking mandate will come in on the natural downward slope.

      • The case count can be quite easily manipulated, but varying the amount of testing done. Why do you think there was such a spike, just about election day?

      • Oh, the vaccines will “work” but not in the way they are lying about. The covid-fraud vaccine is not to protect anyone from this scary story. It is intentionally designed to protect the world from over population in the future. It does not contain any cure for the corona-hoax. But it has been designed (back in the 90s) to cure the over population problem. Don’t let your families anywhere near the needle. Let the lefties die from it, which is part of the elites plan once their usefulness is over.

      • BINGO! Even if he makes it in (a questionable proposition now that the mass fraud is ging exposed), he’ll step down soon after innauguration. I could see this going a couple of ways. One, The Party leaders persaude him to leave, or the 25A gets used on him.

        Under scenario one, The Party leaders will have a sitdown with Creepy Joe soon after innauguration. During this sitdown, The Party leaders will explain to Joe that his usefulness to The Party has passed; they’ll tell him that it’s time to go. They’ll thank him for his service, of course, but they’ll try to persuade him to resign.

        If he doesn’t resign voluntarily, then the 25A will be used on him. Shoot, Creepy Joe is the 25A poster child! He wasn’t even fit for campaigning, let alone holding office. If the 25A were made for anyone, it’s Creepy Joe. The mass media will hype up any gaffes he makes, so that his obvious decline becomes obvious. The Party will take whatever steps they need to take to remove him. Kamala Harris will become POTUS-a SCARY thought!

        To continue on that vein, remember the brouhaha Nancy Pelosi caused when she talked about doing a 25A proposal? People were thinking it was for Orange Man, but it wasn’t; it was for Creepy Joe…

    • Given that “15 says to flatten the curve” has lasted ~9 months or ~270 days (270/15 = 18), “100 days of Diapering” will last at least 1,800 days, or ~5 years, give or take a decade.

    • Jim he won’t make the 2nd 100 days. Camelhair will take him down and then start giggling her way to power the chinese invasion of Amurica.

  17. All your friend had to do was politely don a mask and all would have been well, the world would not have come to an end. Now the friendly terms are toast all because your friend wanted to confront the mask mandate by refusing to wear one.

    That’s selfishness and you can’t deny it. Only thinking of himself and not at all concerned about the welfare of others. Shame on him for such disorderly conduct, it is an outrage.

    You don a mask under all circumstances when told, no exceptions! There will be consequences.

    Achtung! Arbeit Macht Frei!

    No doubt you and your friend are domestic terrorists, you and your friend need to be apprehended and spend a few weeks in the hoosegow, just to teach you bums a lesson on who is boss. Better late than never.

    Maybe a few years of solitary confinement will cure what ails you both, defiance is a disease too, ya know.

    Dissidence will not be tolerated!

    No more tolerance! No more raising awareness! Tolerance must not be tolerated! Ever!

    Just kidding, never mind.

  18. OMG!!!

    “And the only solution may be separation.
    Somehow – the mechanics of it will be difficult – those who wish to live (if it can be called that) in perpetual fear of sickness, imposing their fear of sickness on others, get their piece of the national real estate and those of us who want to live get ours.”

    Congratulations Eric!

    After an infinitude of complaining about “government this” and “government that,” (especially THIS,) you have Finally…FINALLY put forth a practical, proactive solution re “what to do about it.” For what it’s worth, I agree with your suggestion 100%

    Hope this isn’t a One Hit Wonder for you. 😉

      • I agree that peaceful separation is the best solution, but the geography is agonizing, and like Abraham Lincoln in 1861, I doubt the other side is willing to let us go peacefully; their likely response is to try and crush us. I’ve personally emigrated, but that’s no an option for everyone.

        • And for the same reason as Lincoln’s refusal to allow self determination to the South. Tax revenue. The Blue zones are already in failure mode, even with access to Red zone tax revenue. The Blues would collapse in short order without the Reds. When the Southern States first seceded, the Northern States were all for it, until they realized that tariff free Southern ports would put Northern ports out of business. Those Northern tariffs were the by far greater reason for Southern secession than slavery was. They were being sucked dry to finance Northern mercantilism. Just like the coastal Left is sucking the flyover Right dry.

      • Couldn’t we just show them our undiapered faces and that would terrorize them enough that they would willingly let us go? I am guessing there is only about 2% of us with any brains so 2% of 332 million is about 6 to 7 million.

        The question is will the USSA be willing to give us a small piece of land and we can setup our own reservation? Think about it….no masks, no taxes, people with the capacity to think. A little libertarian utopia.

      • South Dakota would I think thrive if they decided to invite people who simply wanted to live there to live there. The only stipulation is you must live and let live.

      • eric “how do we set about this peaceful parting of the ways?”

        This is why the ‘liberty’ side is doomed. If your enemy has no morals and will use violence against you, peace only comes when they kill you.

        This is war and it is total war. If you won’t draw their blood, it won’t stop them from drawing yours.

        That Ghandi shit won’t work against an enemy with no morals and no conscience.

        • It’s impossible for an ethical and moral person to win against an adversary who has no lower bound. How can we prevail against lying, stealing pedophiles who have no qualms about poisoning minds and bodies, quite literally? It’ll be a scorched Earth win in that case since in the course of the fight they’ll have destroyed everything anyway. We have to be ready to risk losing everything, even our Trans Ams, if we want any chance of winning. We need to be Project Mayhem and dictate our rules that occur on our timeline.

  19. Exactly where in Article II of the U.S. Constitution does the President have the authority to make 320 million Americans wear masks for 100 days? My copy says that he shall be commander-in-chief of the Army and Navy, grant pardons, make treaties with the advice and consent of the Senate, and appoint ambassadors and judges and the heads of executive departments.

    Says nothing about ordering the people to do anything, let alone cover their faces.

    Any why 100 days? Why not 99 or 101? Does the virus magically die on the 101st day?

    Fuck this, people. We are NOT living is a “free country.” We are living in a dictatorship of superstitious morons and idiots, made possible by the sheep-like herd of morons and idiots who surround us. “Land of the free and the home of the brave” my ass.

    • It’s in the same place where a governor, mayor, judge, or legislature can force you to do anything against your will. It must be there since they’ve been doing it for my entire life… and remember, I’m proud to be an Amerikan, where at least I know I’m free ™

    • Hi X,
      “Exactly where in Article II of the U.S. Constitution does the President have the authority to make 320 million Americans wear masks…” – Nowhere

      Tenth Amendment: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

    • Since you brought up the subject of the Constitution, did you know that there is no legal requirement for a popular election of POTUS? The Constitution grants complete and sole authority to the State’s legislatures to select electors. The only reason there is a popular vote is because those legislatures collectively said so. They can legally say NOT so, discard the election results, and select electors as they see fit. With chicken entrails and astrology if they so desire. Can you imagine the caterwauling the left would put forth if they were denied their “democracy” in such a manner? Never mind that the purpose of the electoral college is to PREVENT democracy.

  20. I just really don’t get the adherence to this mask thing. So the belief is that masks stop this virus dead in it’s tracks….95%+ of people wear them….and the virus is still getting through to supposedly record CASES CASES CASES!. If these things worked as well as the cult members propose, then how is the virus supposedly being spread around so much. A 5% population not using them definitely does not explain the situation. I would really really like for them to be able to explain why we are not seeing these things work as expected.

    • An honest question you’ll never get a straight answer to. I think the templates for the war on a virus are the war on some drugs and the war on a tactic known as terror. The “tells” are the same. The obvious failures are meant to make the they win you lose grift perpetual. The obvious propaganda, lies and 180 contradictions are meant to confuse, sow discord, and humiliate. The creation of a non-compliant “other” is meant to deny their humanity so as to allow the commitment of atrocities against them while claiming such action is right and moral.

      • I think you hit the nail on the head, here. The War on (some) Drugs and the War on Terror are both winding down. Much like after Prohibition–they didn’t disband the booze police, they gave them a new mission and the ATF was born…

        Apparently TPTB were casting about for a new enemy, and settled on the common cold. That enemy should never go away…

    • I think their stock reply is “the 5% non-compliance is what’s ‘killing’ us!” Actually, I’d put the percentage of non-compliance at closer to 2%, but even that wouldn’t deter them from insisting that it’s “the non-maskers’ fault!”.

    • Doug, the cult just wants you to wear the mask. That’s all they want. Nobody cares about this fake virus. They’ll say they do in an attempt to rationally defend it, but if you fight back with your facts and data, ultimately it’s just about you submitting to the mask. That’s all they want. Then the next thing.

    • Here it was blamed on private citizens meeting each other in their homes, when it was obvious that “The Cases! The Cases!” were “out of control”. Previously, it was “so obvious” that diapering worked, because the governor shut down bars, gyms etc. while finally allowing all the (Dem controlled) cities to make diaper decrees. “The Cases!” then decreased as the college kids ceased their dance-club orgies.

      But now that it’s “so obvious” that diapering DOESN’T work, people having little undiapered get-togethers are the new devil.

      • We had a small undiapered event at my home last Thursday…only about 19 people. I am happy to say I have checked in with everyone eight days later and we are still here. Whew! We had the same result last Thanksgiving and the Thanksgiving before that, too.

        • RG,

          Thank the gods! I believe we had 11 here in total, and they’re still doing just fine, though I’m sure we violated SOMEONE’S absurd dictates! (Thou Shalt Not Travel, Thou Shalt Not Gather Greater Than 10 In Thine Home)

    • Masking has nothing to do with a virus so dangerous you have to be tested to see if you have it. It has a couple of other aspects driving it. One is the religious or cult aspect, wherein it involves belief/faith, since there are no facts involved. The other is forced compliance with the edicts of the collective. Socialism can’t even begin to work without such forced compliance, regardless how insane the edicts may be. The Kulaks did not voluntarily starve themselves to death. Stalin forced them to it. All 20 million of them. Curious how public education left that part of socialism out of their propaganda.

  21. What is it, exactly, that makes a store a “co-op”? I’m pretty sure it’s something that acts to deny the inherent aspects of a real capitalistic business, similar to the insidiously named “non-profit.” Anyway, the place will likely be out of business soon. The purposeful destruction of small/medium independent businesses will leave only fascisticly controlled oligarchic megabusinesses. Those places are so far away from the “customer is always right”, it’s scary. In the past, the employees of such behemoths, even the actual communist unionized ones, had to at least pay lip service to customer service. Since March you can almost taste their acting out of resentments real and imagined via the diaper kabuki. The last straw was empowering them to call the po-po.

    • The way I understand it, the Co-ops are kind of like a grocers group even though each store is independently owned and operated. What makes them different is that you can purchase “ownership” in a particular store, so they are often subsidized by their so-called best customers in that way. Otherwise, they usually remind one of a Whole Foods but without the selection and with higher prices. The Co-ops also are represented by the very types of virtue signaling folks that are thriving in this covid nonsense, so I’m surprised that anyone would even attempt to go into one of them without a face condom. Relationship or no relationship, it’d almost be as futile as trying to line up in front of a Trader Joe’s with a naked face.

      • Thanks for the info. I figured it was some type of halfway collectivist type situation that appeals to the crowd you mentioned.

      • I’ve been minimally complying and minimally shopping at TJ’s. After my last experience there, 3-4 weeks ago now, if I go back I may use the P100 and my welding burka and some safety goggles.

        These idiots would not let me look at the screen on the credit card scanner to see what came up with each scanned items. They acted like I pulled out a knife when I tried to. Then said I could scroll through when they were done. So I get up there, I go to scroll through and the screen changes. No access. Now I pay and I can read the receipt. I make a point of standing there reading it gumming up the works. I spent more time standing there and speaking more than if they had simply let me watch the damn screen. If they are going to LARP this at least have rules that make internal sense.

        • TJ really does have some good things and they don’t shove the expensive vegan stuff in your face like Co-op. But on the other hand, TJ has also proven to be the most restrictive grocery store I know as they started out with the strictest capacity limits since the beginning of the scamdemic. The site of the mask guard and six feet apart cattle line in front of every store I’ve seen, and at all operating hours, really disgusts me. Sadly I consider them to be the gold standard for SJW operating procedure, yet none of my acquaintances can see this nor do they seem to mind.

          • The last time I was there it was cold and damp. As I got in line I said fairly loudly, now this is good for health or something along those lines. Nobody said anything back.

            Yeah standing outside in cold damp chicago weather is going to prevent people from getting sick said nobody ever before 2020.

    • Have watched this one a few times already this week, Pollys so good. She actually posted another one a day or so after this, where she brought out her own emergency face covering in order to purchase a couple items she needed badly enough.. with hilarious results

  22. As a business owner, I’m trying to understand the idea of excommunicating a loyal paying customer/client, or worse, calling the police on them. Acting against your own interest. Everything is turned on its head.

    • Hi BAC,

      I agree with you. Why would one want to tick off a good paying customer? My clients and I have had to tread this carefully. Some won’t leave their homes, others of us won’t wear masks, but we have been able to work around it. We have moved a lot of the stuff online, or they mail it, or I make a special trip and pick it up. At the end of the day they need me and I need them, so we compromise.

      • Hi RG

        Absolutely, we tread carefully and respectfully. But my clients and their work are my meal ticket. You work so damn hard to build these relationships and their trust and loyalty, why fling poo on them?

        It sounds like we are lucky in that we don’t have to deal with volume, but I still say so what. I sympathize to a point, that a volume business like a store needs to weigh and balance their risks, of Karens and the polizei alike, but the key is you ultimately make accommodations, you work with the person, or you come to some understanding or a workaround such that you both stay happy. You NEVER accost someone, and you absolutely never call the police on a peaceful customer. A place like this co-op isn’t going to get a meaningful (any?) bailout from Washington. They should think hard about what they have to lose. As I advise clients – think twice, act once. Cuz you can’t pull it back.

  23. It’s hit critical here. I’ve been excommunicated via trespass threat by face (ironically) from my main grocery and am now hounded ceaselessly in the two others I use. They’re very close to winning for it’s been well over two weeks since my last resupply so fresh foods are needed. This is the downside of living in a small town where anonymity isn’t a real option.

    Side note, if your assumption is a local community will embrace and get your back you’re likely operating under false hope. Even decades-long friendships and families are turning. People are more willing to believe the idiot box than their own mother or child.

    I’m at my wits end being the last person standing. Even my family hounding me since they’re they just want some damned food that isn’t pasta or left over turkey. The loosely coordinated anti-maskers have broken down due to knuckling under (psyop and hunger will do that) and being cut off from our various tools (such as Farcebook locking accounts).

    They’re going to win. Which when you think about it was inevitable. The face diapers were a small brick in the wall built on a foundation of slavery to which we’ve all been subject for decades now. Choosing to fight here and now over them couldn’t win. The programming is too pervasive and not enough capable (meaning willing to sacrifice) people are able to hear the truth anymore.

    • Jill,

      As Eric has often pointed out, the time to fight was when the DUI checkpoints were instituted or when the TSA started groping people at airports. I think that you may be right in that it’s too late… 🙁

    • Hi Jill,

      You mentioned that you are in a small town, I am as well. Do you have local farmer markets or farms you can shop with instead? I haven’t been inside a grocery store since March. I do get curbside pick up every now and then, but mainly for toiletries. I have yet to figure out how to make my own toilet paper. The farms and markets I have encountered no problems. Some of the owners will mask up, but they don’t force the rest of us to. I usually only go about every two weeks and I drop a couple hundred at a time, but I am able to get all of my major items – meat, seafood, chicken, milk, eggs, cheese, fruits and veggies (whatever is in season). I don’t know if you are in Virginia or not, but if you are I am happy to provide you a couple farms and markets that will not remark on your lack of mask.

      • It’s a smallish town in a place with a relatively short growing season. Farming and markets wind down in September so the year-round stores are bringing food in from down south. We have always had a small garden and we put up some food and would have gone in on a 1/4 of a side this year if there was money for it (he was furloughed from the oil fields so it’s been tight). I did not fully anticipate the run on lids last spring and getting enough to put up a whole winter’s worth was not possible. So it’s not strictly about starvation yet (at least for a couple of months, we are far from totally self-sufficient) really more than just not having to live in a Soviet dystopia.

        • Have you tried ordering online? I am not a big fan of the large corporations. I am pro small business, but I realize not everyone in the country has these options near them.

          Wally World and Tar-jey both have good prices for dry goods (e.g. flour, rice, oatmeal, etc.). They also will do curbside pick up. A few online places (e.g. Thrive Market) will deliver frozen meat that you can buy several pounds at a time.

          Do you have Instacart in your area? They are a delivery service for grocers like Aldi and Lidl. There is a $9.99 fee, but it may well be worth it not having to visit the grocery store. I would also see if you have any local butcher shops and bakeries in your area. If you can find a couple friends to go in quarters it may well be worth sharing a cow. You can get a good variety of meat and it can last months.

        • Hi Jill,

          I am glad to hear about this; I think it’s very wise to be as self-sufficient as possible given conditions – but also just because doing so is liberating. The less you have to depend on “the system,” the more free of it you are!

          • That’s true Eric. However, without commerce the standard of living will take a nose dive, and stay there. The division of labor is a fundamental of what used to be western economy. The ability to focus on what you do best greatly increases the value of your labor. Not saying one should not do so, just be prepared for the results. We’re most likely on the way to a severely lower standard of living anyway though, since we no longer live in a western economy, so carry on.

    • Sounds like your dark northern town was filled with henpecking stalins before the fake crisis started. City people are paying over top dollar for country property. Sell high and get away from those people. Floridas governor declared the state open without restriction, vowing to never lock down again and declawing local hitlers if they attempt to violate the peoples rights. Come on down. Plenty of fresh local food and you’ll never freeze to death. Lots of friendly unmasked people in NWFLA.

    • Don’t give up, Jill – I haven’t. Others haven’t. It is hard, I know. I am battling with bouts of extreme depression. I make myself get out of bed, get to the desk and work. We are tougher than we think – and this isn’t as tough as it could be. The fight isn’t over until we give up.

      Let’s not.

      • Eric,

        You have your feline masters. How can you be depressed when you’re privileged to serve superior beings? If I didn’t have my two cats, I’d be a lot worse off…

        • Hi Mark,

          This is so! And I have a new master, apparently. A huge white/black-striped stray has been hanging out lately; he sleeps in the garage most nights now. I can pet him but he’s still a little wary. One car just leads to another…

          • Pretty soon your new master will be in the house! Oh, and my late mother gave me a refrigerator magnet that says: cats are like potato chips; it’s hard to have just one!

            My life more or less revolves around my cats now. I got rid of my scooters mainly for them; I couldn’t bear the thought of passing before they do and leaving them all alone…

            • Hi Mark,

              Fuzz is now fully indoors; he so decided – and so it is! This actually worked out well because the new guy is a big Tom and likes his territory. He used to just come in to eat. Now he sleeps on the square of carpet I put down for his bedding. I open the door to offer him the option to prowl around; lately he just looks – then turns tail and heads back inside!

              • I domesticated and brought back a street cat from Peru. He’s now a total BIG BABY house cat! You’d never guess that he was a street cat-not when he curls up on the bed or sofa! He has no desire to go outside; he doesn’t try to get out or anything. He’s been there, done that, and got the t-shirt. Just give him an open window he can lay in on a nice day, and he’s a happy camper… 🙂

                Yeah, when the feline master decides something, so it is; so shall it be. I used to like seeing Fuzz in the videos though, because he always had something to say.

                Your new arrival came for a reason; he’s not about to go back outside when he’s gotten in to a nice house! Looks like he’s decided to stick around. I wonder how long before he’s inside full time?

                We don’t really have strays in our neighborhood that I know of. I’ve seen a couple of cats outside, but I think that they’re just out of their homes exploring. I’d help any stray I see at my house.

                I saw a stray downtown though, but it wouldn’t come up to me. I saw it eating by the building, so i brought extra dishes to leave food and water out. SOMEONE is eating the food though! When I visit the parking area downtown, food is usually gone from the dish. Is it the cat I saw? Is it another cat? Is it another animal? I don’t know. In any case, someone is eating the food, so it’s doing someone some good… 🙂

                • Hi Mark,

                  I’ll have to include Fuzz in an inside video! But expect to see Big Boy soon 🙂 I’m going to get a flea collar on him – assuming he’ll let me and maybe a spritz of Revolution as he has bugs. I really want to clean his ears (mites) but one thing at a time. He is the biggest cat I have ever seen. I estimate he weighs close to 20 pounds…

      • And we thank you for doing so. Reading you, and participating in the comments, has a normative effect on my own depression, which occasionally requires an increase in Gin consumption to tolerate. We get your voice, and a platform to use our own. God bless you.

        • Thanks, JWK – and, good morning!

          I’m grateful in return and thank god for the circle of sanity here. Without it, I’d probably be living in the woods by now…


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