Deadly Diapering

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The other day, a Diaper-pusher was shot to death at a supermarket in Decatur, Georgia. According to news coverage, a man attempted to show his face and was accosted by a store clerk, who insisted he efface his face – or leave.

He left. And then returned. Without a Face Diaper – but with a gun. Which he proceeded to use to shoot the Diaper-pusher. A gun battle ensued with armed government workers, who responded to the fatal shooting.

It is surprising there haven’t been more such shootings. It is very likely there will be more of them.

This is not to justify them. Rather, it is an attempt to understand them – and perhaps, avoid more of them.

Most people understand that if you bully someone just a touch too much, there is a good chance the bullied person will eventually – even inevitably – explode. In the ’90s, the expression was, “he went Postal” – a reference to a spate of shootings involving Postal workers who’d apparently been pushed beyond endurance and went . . . Postal.

It seems the man in Georgia went Postal.

And it is understandable.

People have been bullied by Sickness Cultists for pushing two years now. Barely-out-of-high-school kids have been empowered to hector adults – and punish them, for not shuffling obediently in the face of the hectoring. It is like something out of the old Soviet Union, back in the 1920s, when “child heroes” were lauded for ratting out their parents for “anti-Soviet” conduct to the Cheka/NKVD (the predecessor of the better-known KGB).

Expressing sanity has become a kind of offense. By showing one’s face, one showed disagreement with or skepticism of the lunatic assertions that a kind of invisible death fog was everywhere and that it was necessary to put something – anything – over one’s face to avoid inhaling (or exhaling) it. Which was both hysteric as well as absurd, given the known facts about the lethality of the virus and the medical uselessness of wearing a bandana over one’s face, or a neck scarf – or a pair of women’s panties, for that matter.

No matter – so long as you covered your face with a “mask,” which could be literally anything. Just so long as you showed you agreed – and that you submitted. This is psychological abuse of the worst sort. The victim is degraded and told he is being degraded for his own good and the good of others. That to disagree – and disobey – is not merely disagreement and disobedience.

It is a moral affront.

You are going to kill granny! 

This is of a piece with the mind-fuck administered by the man who beats his girlfriend and tells her she made him do it. Only far worse, in the case of Face Effacing, because the mind-fuck is organized and legalized – in a quasi-legal way via dubiously legal “mandates” and “policies.”

The whole country became a kind of trailer park, with wife-beaters abounding. And the cops taking the side of the wife beaters.

There was a movie about this, starring Farrah Fawcett called The Burning Bed.  Only now, we’re all starring in it. Those of us who refuse to efface our faces – and are refusing to extend our arms – playing the role of Farrah, the wife who was battered beyond endurance by her abusive spouse in the movie.

How much more will we endure?

We have been told we must “mask up” to shop, to be allowed to work – in some cases, even to be allowed out in public. The “masking” being both an obedience ritual and a degradation ritual, the use of a visual device to make the wearer appear to agree with assertions made that he does not agree with. To make him look – and feel – like a fool. To make it plain that he has submitted, the most degrading thing of all. And to make him do it by threatening him with the withholding of basic necessities if he fails to submit and does not play along by looking like the fool he knows people who willingly “mask up” are.

The point of enforced “masking” being to efface that fact by making everyone appear to be a fool.

This was very difficult for not-fools to abide. How much longer will they abide it? What will happen when they are faced with having to do something to their bodies that they cannot just take off as the price of being allowed to shop, to travel, to attend school or to work?

When they are expected to prove they’ve been Needled – the proof demanded by pushy little clerks, like the one who pushed the man in Georgia beyond what he was able to take?

What will happen when parents are faced with pushy officials – government school officials, for instance – who transition from effacing the faces of their kids to injecting their bodies?

Will they abide that?

Fire is being played with – over an ocean of gasoline. It may well be on purpose. In order to set the country alight, via a modern iteration of the religious wars of the past that pitted Believers on side and Apostates (according to the Believers) on the other. There is no reconciliation or accommodation possible in such a war.

It is one side – or the other.

May god, if such exists, have mercy on us all.

. . . 

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    • Hi MY,

      That’s exactly it. Of course reasonable people dislike and wish to avoid violence. But violence – and worse – is being done to reasonable people, couched in the most mewly and gaslit “for your own (and he collective’s) good” terms. People tire of it. People are rightly tired of it.

      When I see a Face Diapered person, I understand how a Jewish person feels when they see a swastika or a black person a Klansman.

      • Or a black person seeing a klansman, who was a demoncrap. The party that hates that the slaves were freed and is now trying to impose that slavery back on to the black people.

        • Hi Joeallen,

          Indeed. On all of us.

          And: The Republican Party is “The Party of Lincoln.” Who was the man who enslaved America, North and South. Who shredded the division of political authority established by the Constitution and replaced it with an unlimited (in principle,now in fact) central political authority – by murdering something on the order of 1 out of every 4 Southern males of fighting age and a staggering number of noncombatants, decimating half the country and creating a new country in which rather than inalienable rights, the people enjoyed conditional privileges, to be determined by a government that claimed ownership (in principle) of everyone and everything within its grasp.

          Lincoln was the bean-pole Hitler of the 19th century. It is not surprising that the actual Hitler of the 20th admired him. Nor that the Republican Party can be counted on to support every measure that serves to further enserf the people and never raise a hand to fight any such measure already in place.

          • Well said. More people need to learn of the tool that Lincoln was. Just read his first inaugural address, where he wanted to make sure the southern slaves were kept in their place with support of the fugitive slave act that provided a bounty for capturing escaped slaves.

            Somehow, the government school system turned Lincoln into a hero of humanity, freeing the slaves and just a great man, forever and ever amen. He was a tyrant that created the tyrannical state we have today.

            If you want to know about the importance the state places in the Lincoln lies, just look at where his memorial is. Ridiculously larger-than-life facing the cathedral that is the capital building. On the other hand, Jefferson’s memorial is lost off the beaten path.

            • Zeus on his throne.
              Not accidental.

              Wonder what would happen if some of his choicer comments RE: black race were cast in bronze and attached to the walls of his shrine.
              Prosecution, no doubt. But how severe the penalty?

          • Thank you so much for that reply about Lincoln. Even though this article is older and you may not see this, I had to comment.

            I saw a ton of ‘pro-Republican’ and ‘pro-Lincoln’ comments everywhere during juneteenth, about how the Democrats back then were slave lovers and awful people. I consider myself libertarian, and probably align with most of your politic beliefs yet ironically, I would have more likely been a democrat if I was alive back then, just to spite Lincoln. I definitely would have been in favor of splitting up his-holiness’s wonderful Union, at the least.

  1. It will be interesting to see how this plays out for banks:
    >No person can be prevented from wearing a mask as a condition of participation in an activity or entry into a business.
    Calling all bank robbers?
    Or only the “diverse” ones?

  2. So now a muzzler has been “muzzled.” As the Chinese proverb says—– May you live in interesting times.

    • Antique Muzzleloader for Display Purposes Only. Please Do Not Load.

      Unintended consequences are still being claimed. A living fossil, that. A coelacanth that cain’t abel to see. That un/dermining/natural act must be the world’s oldest profession. Or con•fession.

      When beers don’t cross borders-bars, biers do. That must be rocket science.

      There was a recounting of an attempted forced inoculation way back in Antique Georgia (not the only time/place it’s been imposed before), in Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines & The Forgotten History, by Humphries (I think – don’t have the volume to hand, can’t check). Guy killed one or a few of the syringists, before johnnylaw & the boysenburies killed him.

      It’s always been Ox Bow Incident in humanimaland. Cuz prerogatives are unknown in humanimaland.

      Wm Blake said ya’ never know what is enough unless ya’ know what is more than enough…but he also mentioned how grimy perception’s doors are…so, so much for widespread knowledge of “more than enough” ever being ‘built back better.’

  3. Eric and RG are both expressing valid perspectives here on this thread.
    What we must realize is this is a deliberate scheme being executed against world populations, and just one step in a plan to control everyone via marxist communism.
    Sponsored by a world banking mafia.

    Btw.. The same banking mafia that executed the Russian szar and his entire family after sending agents to Russia with no less than $20.000.000 in gold bullion to produce the bolshevik revolution. Then to spread this hate fueled communism across Europe.
    THIS is what Germany and the Axes Powers were battling against.
    Fascism of that era was originally intended to protect the peoples of Europe and their moral way of life from communism.
    We fight the same enemy today, bankers using the same tried and true plan they used back then to demoralize and bankrupt us mentally, physically and spiritually.

    What I learned from my investigational research in to WW2 is that western propaganda on this subject was complete and utter bullshit. But more importantly, we can NOT fight evil with evil.
    It delivers the bankers exactly what the want.

    We have to find a better way.

    See- EUROPA: The Last Battle

    • “…better way” pretends to transcend reality. Nothing transcends reality.

      You’re 5’2” in a 6’3” world. 1st step’s admit the problem, embrace reality. 2nd step’s quit the force, Electra Glide in Blue Luke Skywalker. 3rd step’s get as fast at “dirty” as possible.

      Heavenly parliamentary procedure with “evil” ~ “people” who don’t know the prerogatives of people, & who almost certainly never will ~ is just foolishness, no matter how adorably cute singing & dancing on the good ship lollipop may be.

      Connery’s character in The Untouchables had a line, “Isn’t that just like a wop…brings a knife to a gunfight.”

      Well, how much derision would he have for people who bring bumper stickers to an anything goes fight?

      The matryoshka dolls of martyrdom just keep once more’ing themselves into the breach, “almost” as if by design.

  4. I’m not happy that some twit living a life of quiet desperation, working a crap job got shot in the face. I can however relate to the sentiment that caused it. Almost every day I feel like the main character in the movie Falling Down.

    Hopefully these tyrants will come to rue the day they unleashed this tyranny. What I have a hard time with is the anger control part of the issue. This guy had obviously reached his breaking point. Would it not have made a bigger impact if instead of killing a worker bee he had taken a breath, aimed a little higher? I mean come on man, I’m sure a mayor or some .Guv apparatchik was nearby to go after. They’re the ones who unleashed the wind, they should be the ones to reap the whirlwind.

    On a somewhat funny note (I think) a bank Iv’e been going to for years, I know all the tellers names and they know mine. finally opens up the lobby about two months ago. They all know I don’t wear a face diaper as early on in the plandemic I went in and they told me to “put one on.” I said no, they said “Well you’ll have to leave”. I said go get the manager I want all my money, and I want it right f***ing now. They never bothered me about face diapers again.

    So yesterday I’m standing at the counter, the tellers are both happily chit chatting with me when I noticed a sign on the counter. It said “Please remove your face covering so we may properly identify you” I thought that was rather rich after a year of their virtue signaling to the other extreme, so I picked up the sign and said loud enough for even the manger sitting at her desk twenty feet away to hear me. “Oh well, I guess I won’t be coming in here and holding you guys up now” You could of heard a pin drop. Their faces went from happy to fearful faster than a changing narrative. I was like “was it something I said.”

    Oh well I probably got put on another list. I’m on so many now I just don’t give a rip anymore.

    • Irony. You go into a bank without a mask, and are ‘the bad guy’ for that reason. And then you demand money, legally.

  5. Great post, EP. Encapsulates perfectly why I didn’t – and still won’t if it comes back – play the mask game.

    The only time masks might “work” is if a person is symptomatic and expelling germs. But if that’s the case, then you probably shouldn’t be out in public and – last time I checked – it was already impolite to spit in other people’s faces anyway.

    Telling healthy people to “mask up” was all about compliance and show. Literally reminding people they needed to be scared so that government could more easily wield its “emergency” powers. One person might not be scared on his own, but seeing other people running around with masks on has a subliminal anxious effect on one’s psyche. I realized this early on in the “pandemic” when I went into a big box store and approximately half of the store was voluntarily diapered. There was a feeling of doom in the air without a word being said.

    But for those of us who could see through this farce, it was clear that a.) this wasn’t the plague it was made out to be and b.) the “emergency” was the whole point, forcing us to wear masks was a violation of our respective consciences. It was humiliating and coercive. Were being forced to spread a message of fear and doom with which we did not agree.

    I always thought throughout – still think – that this kind of coercion is a First Amendment violation, but the handful of lawyers I discussed this with disagreed, for technical legal reasons that I think are bullshit. but apparently are the law of the land, based on precedent and case law, that is only a violation of government restrains your speech, but not one if it coerces you into sharing its own speech.

    Nonetheless, I agree with you. I understand the reasoning behind the murder. I obviously don’t condone it, but I do understand it (ask Chris Rock: It’s why I mostly avoided public establishments, even church, and still won’t get on a plane while the silly virtue signaling mandate is in place. I wanted to avoid conflicts and I wanted to avoid being pushed into one by a mask-zealot.

  6. Send this to Dimentia Joe, Camel-toes and Falsi

    Half of the masks were contaminated with one or more strains of pneumonia-causing bacteria. One-third were contaminated with one or more strains of meningitis-causing bacteria. One-third were contaminated with dangerous, antibiotic-resistant bacterial pathogens. In addition, less dangerous pathogens were identified, including pathogens that can cause fever, ulcers, acne, yeast infections, strep throat, periodontal disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and more.

  7. “Barely-out-of-high-school kids have been empowered to hector adults – and punish them, for not shuffling obediently in the face of the hectoring.”

    And because of this very thing the following are on my never-to-return shit list:

    Texas Roadhouse
    Jersey Mikes

    • Ditto, Mike –

      Much as I spent many enjoyable afternoons – for several years – at the Sweet Donkey coffee shop in Roanoke, I will never go there again. And I regard anyone who went there when Diapering was the condition of getting a cup of coffee as a “good German” (or worse) and beneath contempt.

    • Pep Boys is on my no-go list. I was in there recently (after the idiocy had been rescinded), the only customer…plexiglas shield between me and the guy at the desk, who of course was dutifully effaced. He is beginning to answer a question for me, when the Karen mgr(?) walks up to him and says to me, “you need a mask.” Then he says, “Yeah, you need to wear a mask.” I waited for a few seconds to let her get up to me, extending the thing, then said,”no thanks, I’ll shop somewhere else.” Turned and left. Again, I was the ONLY customer, there was no obvious reason to harass me other than that she could.

      Goodwill also on the no-go list. Huge store, more employees than customers (me and my son). Same treatment, again AFTER the idiocy was rescinded. Their response? “It is up to the store.” It is also up to the customer whether they will put up with the bs. I said there is nothing in this store that I want that badly. The employees didn’t realize my son was still in the store while they bashed me after I left. He made sure to make himself known as he walked out.

      • Pep Boys parts went way down hill in quality. I’ve never heard anything good about their service. The only thing their store has been good for in the last few decades is the occasional sale on name brand consumables like wiper blades. They closed the store portion of one of the local to my travels stores and I bought a car wax, brake fittings, and other such stuff on closeout. Haven’t been in one since and don’t plan to be. Then again maybe there will be a sale on wiper blades some day.

        • Hi Brent,

          Mt local O’Reilly’s has been pretty good through all of this. Even at the height, they didn’t say anything to me about my face exposure and I even laughed about it with two of the clerks and gave them Corona Cattle tags!

          • O’Reilly’s annoyed me because an exhaust split flange, a universal part needed here in the land of corruption and rust, was ‘special order’. I haven’t been back there since. Got the split flange at auto zone. I go to autozone for universal things because at least they are still stocked. Sometimes, when another customer hasn’t beaten me to the two they have of anything for regular stock. Everything else is now ordered online or at the dealership. Oil and filters I can get at big box stores like Walmart and Meijer.

      • Pep Boys kicked me out a few weeks ago for facial nudity. Attempted to reason with the parts clerk, but to no avail. Corporate minion, following orders.

        No problems at O’Reilly’s yesterday. Several other undiapered customers in store. Employees diapered, per Cal OSHA.

        • Laughable that OSHA of any sort is requiring this lunacy. OSHA used to have standards for PPE, esp. masks, where a fit test was required, and O2 levels assessed, before an employee could be required to wear it. All of that bs is now exposed as such, in favor of the Marxism of the Mask.

          • Yes, yes, I know (being 40 hr. HAZWOPER trained), and *you* know, but the average schmo has no clue that surgical masks are most assuredly *NOT* PPE. There are videos on YewTube of qualified industrial hygienists laying out the actual scientific facts, but Joe & Sally Public only watch CNN & such like.

            Cal OSHA decreed early on that if you caught Covid, the *legal* presumption is that you caught it at work. Thus, employers are threatened with severe financial penalties if they do not enforce “diaper madness.”

            The idiots are in charge.

              • You may know that N95 dust masks must be manufactured in clean rooms (“clean rooms” in the technical sense). Sally seamstress sitting at her home sewing machine making “cute” face coverings is making Halloween costumes.

                Sally and her friends are also (most likely) unaware of proper decontamination procedures.
                Did you use your bare hands to remove that filthy rag from your face? Guess what, your hands are now contaminated, along with any surfaces they may have touched. Etc.

                • There you go again, trying to apply logic where it doesn’t belong.

                  Can’t you see we’re (still) in the middle of a pandemic? It’s time to panic!

    • Hi Turtle,

      I get the sentiment. Making people obey a rule is one thing; humiliating them another. Diapering involves both – and has consequences for us all.

    • I would NOT qualify this as a good death. Can I understand someone loosing their cookies after more than a year of psychological assault? Of course. Does that mean I think its OK? Hardly,

    • Some lessons have to be learned the hard way. People may think twice about hassling others when the consequences of doing so are severe.

      I would perhaps choose a good beating rather than something so final as a bullet, but that’s just me.

      • But I agree, the punishment for this behavior should be meted out on someone higher up instead of the lowly worker bee.

    • When I was in public concentration camp all the bullies and smug yuppie pukes got real humble when news of the columbine murders broke. Things like this do make nasty people think twice about opening their fetid mouths.

      • >public concentration camp
        The ones around here have 10′ tall galvanized steel picket fences. No razor ribbon yet, but that could easily be added. All that is missing are the guard towers. Children are spending their days behind bars from age 5. Who thought this was a good thing?

        I understand the need for security (computers, etc.) but the place does *NOT* have to look like a prison. Truth in advertising? Apprenticeship for C.I.M. Chino? Pre-built detention facilities for “undesirables” when the SHTF? Who knows?

  8. “Most people understand that if you bully someone just a touch too much, there is a good chance the bullied person will eventually – even inevitably – explode. ”

    I disagree. This society, the USA, is based on an infinite tolerance model. When someone finally explodes, fights back, or simply refuses to cater to the rude, bullies, and worse he’s the bad person. In the schools a kid who is bullied finally beats the snot out of his tormentors, guess who gets punished? This society demands people take abuse after abuse after abuse or else. Most people don’t understand it. They enable this backasswards social construction at every turn.

    Time and time again its practically impossible to explain to ordinary people how people go off on the final straw. They can’t think in terms of the build up. Not even Jesus had infinite tolerance but in this society people are expected to.

    • I agree, Brent –

      I also think this latest stuff is extraordinary. One thing to pester someone to “buckle up.” Another to literally deny them food if they don’t perform a sickening ritual. Though you’re right that both – all – are of a piece.

    • Brent, it’s the same thing with “gun control”. The people in most of the cities and many of the states are rendered powerless to defend their persons and property- In many places one can not even legally possess pepper spray(!!!!) -It is “sero-tolerance” for the innocent- while crime rages and all of the once great cultured cities have been reduced to filthy violent chaotic slums. And after more than half a century of “gun control”- and yet the pols not only refuse to acknowledge that rendering people defenseless doesn’t work, but they continue to pursue their disfunctional and evil policies even more heartily.

      I guess that is to be expected, because we know that the true goal is not to ensure safety (for anyone other than the state’s actors and mercenaries)- but the really scary thing is that so many people willingly tolerate it; stay in these horrible places; vote for those poles, and pay top dollar to live in such places where their most basic human rights are denied, and where they are thus rendered helpless.

  9. The clerk died. Good. Partial justice for once. The clerk got comfortable with the power of the entire system entirely on her side, enFORCING her desires upon those artificially weaker than her and her allies. All that artificial power didn’t save her though. She didn’t count on the victim martyring his life for the greater good. She thought she would show him. She thought she would get another hit of her undeserved rush of pleasure from inflicting torment and misery on a weaker being. Thankfully the tyrant can no longer create suffering.

    The only way this truly stops is if the cretins enforcing this evil face risk/repercussions for their evil/stupidity. So, while I may not have the balls to enact such justice myself, it sure does bring a smile to my face.

    • Sorry, Brandon, but your post is pretty dark. I don’t think any of us should ever wish for the death of another human being. None of us were there to witness the interaction or what was said. The man may have had psychological issues and was just looking for a fight. The store was not his to do as he wished. If a mask was a requirement of the store and they asked him to put one on and he refused he should have left. Period. Other than self defense there is absolutely no reason to kill a peer. Ever.

      • Hi RG,

        The times are dark. Brandon is simply expressing what many of us rightly feel about it. What’s happening now is what happened in Russia 100 years ago and in Germany 80 years ago. Many of us can see it – and understand it. And resent those who cannot see it – and especially those who are participating in and enabling it.

        In 1938, a German diplomat named Ernst von Rath was shot to death in Paris by a Jewish teenager, enraged by the Nazi regime’s treatment of his family. Including the forced wearing of an article of clothing.

        It is not quite the same today, I grant – but it is also not entirely different.

      • Therein lies the question. Who is “they”? by what authority does a clerk expel a customer from the store? Unless that “clerk” also held a management position, or had extensive shares of the corporation, NONE. The clerk could just be inflicting their own view on the customer. I would not abide by anything a “clerk” told me to do. Only management is a qualified representative of the company and its policy.

        • Nowhere does it state she wasn’t management. We have no idea if she was or wasn’t, but does this give the culprit a right to shoot her, hence, ending her life?

          • RG,

            I don’t think anyone here says he had the right. I said I understand the rage. Not necessarily his, specifically. Generally. I feel it.

            Don’t you?

            • Why are we holding this man in high regard? He is a murderer. Do you honestly believe he was an anti mask crusader who was fighting against fascism?

              • No one – no me – is “holding this man in high regard.” I am expressing my contempt for Sickness Kabuki and my understanding of the righteous rage it provokes.

            • Do I understand the anger that envelopes someone when someone feels they have been “dissed” and the solution is to take someone’s life? No.

              If some on here feel that this is a logical conclusion in dealing with “the man” then we are in deep shit. Then a powder keg is about to explode throughout this country that we will never be able to put the lid back on. Masking requirements have about ended except a few who refuse to let go of their safety blanket. I am not foolish enough to believe that there isn’t another plan in play here (the jabs and passports), but if we lose our cool and nothing but rage fills our body then we are doomed to lose. Cooler heads must prevail.

              • This goes beyond “dissing,” RG (a loathsome, ghetto term, by the way). What we are talking about is a concerted effort to tyrannize the population and – worse – to not merely make the population obey but to humiliate and degrade in the process. The Face Diaper being a kind of dunce cap – only much worse because it is not merely stupid. It is evil.

                Calling me a dick – or whatever – is one thing. Forcing me (forcing everyone) to submit to the wearing of a Face diaper is no different than forcing a bit into someone’s mouth. It is loathsome almost beyond words.

                Cooler heads? Yes, I agree. Heads that no longer bow to this evil. That refuse to abide it and who will resist it.

                • I have asked those in my family who want me to submit to this degrading ritual if they think all dogs (and cats, etc.) should be muzzled. One response: “If the dog is going into a building and might bite…” that is the essence of the problem, we can argue ad infinitum about what “might” happen.

                  Meanwhile, I see no dogs nor cats being muzzled, only people.

                • Eric,

                  Are you dissing my grammar? 😉Fine. Herabsetzend. Is that better? 😁

                  We are going to find ourselves behind the 8 ball. The mask mandates are on there way out. I do not see them returning. The enforcement of the jab and passports are the next tools in their ever loving toolbox of psychopathy.

                  We are harping on the wrong thing. We do better producing a plan and establishing protocols that will allow us to live within society even after these tools are mandated, without subjecting ourselves to the use of them.

                  We know what is coming. We need to act. We can get around most of the mask mandates, because we have. Will we be as fortunate with the jab?

        • By what “right” does anyone deny food to another human being?

          >The word Holodomor literally translated from Ukrainian means “death by hunger”, “killing by hunger, killing by starvation”

          Because someone refuses to wear a “medical” costume that is, by any objective standard, emphatically *NOT* “Personal Protective Equipment?”
          Ich bin kein Artz. I refuse to wear a “doctor costume.”
          What’s next, a Krusty the Clown outfit??
          Sit up and beg?
          Wear the “costume of the day”, or you will be denied food?
          I think not, comrades.

          Since we are doing costumes, I choose “Black September.”
          “All the world’s a stage, and we but players on it.”
          Ergo, all clothes are costumes.
          Which side are you on?

      • ‘If a mask was a requirement of the store and they asked him to put one on and he refused he should have left. Period.’ — RG

        Ditto. Any mature, mentally stable individual, no matter how insulted by a verbal request, would simply leave … perhaps with a ‘parting shot’ remark or rude gesture.

        Returning with a gun to wreak vengeance is straight-up psychopathic.

        Were I on the jury which will consider the charges against the shooter, Victor Lee Tucker Jr, I would not have the slightest problem sentencing him to die.

        Hell, I’d volunteer for his firing squad, if Georgia offers that option.

        • Thanks, Jim. 🙂

          Unfortunately, firing squad is not an option in GA, only lethal injection. My guess is they will charge him with murder in the second degree and he will wind up with life in prison, that us, the taxpayers get to pay for until his remaining days.

          • > lethal injection.
            Death by doctor.
            The final humiliation.
            Euthanasia, like “putting down” a “dangerous ” dog.
            (Not shedding tears for the convicted, you understand. PMO that Charlie Manson, e.g., was not executed.)

            Interesting to note how means of state administered killing have changed over the years.
            1. In the age of mechanical engineering, we had the guillotine, later improved as das Fallbeil. Invented in France, improved in Germany.
            2. At the beginning of the age of electricity, we had the electric chair. You can be sure, if it’s Westinghouse.
            3. In the heyday of industrial chemistry, we had the gas chamber.
            Better living, and “better dying” (not!) through chemistry.
            4. In the age of industrial biology, we have death by injected poisons, administered via pseudo-medical ritual.

            Whatever happened to good old hemlock?

            • That’s too kind, turtle. How about eye for an eye? I always thought that was pretty fair. If I was the court system Susan Smith would have been strapped in a car and pushed down the boat ramp. Jeffrey Dahamer hacked into small bits, Ted Bundy strangled to death, etc.

              We let killers go much too easy. There are no repercussions for terrorizing people, taking their property, or their lives. When one instills penalties that does not involve three full meals a day, a gym, a basketball court, a family room, clothing, and a bed to sleep at night one will rethink their actions.

              • >How about eye for an eye?
                I am OK with that, RG.
                My only reservation RE: death penalty is real possibility of executing an innocent person. There is no “undo” button for death. Not yet, anyhow.

                >We let killers go much too easy.
                For that matter, why should we pay taxes to feed, house, and clothe thieves, etc.? Pay back should be the rule, not “penitence.” And pay back *should* be a real bitch.

                If the dirtbags choose to “find Jesus,” let them do it on their own time. Meanwhile, their sorry asses belong to their victims.


                • I have no issue with putting someone in jail for life is their is susceptible cause that they committed the crime, but not 100% proof. The death penalty should not be used in cases like this. The last thing I would want is for an innocent person to die. But, there are also sure fire cases that we know without a doubt that the individual committed the crime. David Berkowitz (Sam of Son), as an example. He killed six people. NY gives him six life sentences. It is a freaking joke.

          • Hi RG,

            This is an honest question.

            “No death should ever be rejoiced”.

            “Unfortunately, firing squad is not an option in GA, only lethal injection”.

            Your apparent enthusiasm for the death penalty seems to be at odds with your previous claim, is this not an imagined “rejoicing”? Many who support the death penalty openly rejoice at the death of someone deemed evil by the State, some argue that such rejoicing provides a necessary, and justifiable, catharsis. FWIW, I do not celebrate the shooter, nor rejoice in the death of the store employee. But, I can understand a person driven mad by witnessing the ongoing destruction of civil society, made worse by the fact that those who cheer, and participate in, this destruction are celebrated and considered virtuous. Likewise, I can understand, and even sympathize, with those driven into a state of irrational fear by the non stop fear porn campaign.

            I do not know the motivations of the shooter or the employee, I will not celebrate the former, nor rejoice at the death of the latter. I can, however, imagine that both were driven mad.


            • That is not rejoicing, Jeremy. That is eye for an eye. Mr. Tucker shot Ms. Willis at point blank range. He should have the same fate. That is why I am upset there is no firing squad.

              Mr. Tucker will live in a state pen in Georgia for the next 20-30 years (maybe life) as he receives three full meals and a bed. Ms. Willis will never see her children walk down the aisle, know her grandchildren, or sit out on a front porch holding hands with her husband after retirement. He took that from her.

              • Hi RG,

                I don’t see it that way, an eye for an eye is rejoicing, it’s just considered righteous. Note, I didn’t say that no death should ever be rejoiced, you did. Nor did I claim that some people don’t deserve to die (some do). I consider Mr. Tucker’s action reprehensible, but I can understand someone driven mad (I do not claim that this is what happened here, I do not know). Understanding something is not the same as condoning it.


                • Hi Jeremy,

                  Eye for an eye isn’t rejoicing it is just. It is pay back for the crime that this individual committed. I am not happy when an evil person dies. I would prefer the person never commit an evil crime. It is cause and effect. You do thing, this happens.

                  Personally, I am tired of “insanity or madness” being a deterrent or an excuse to justify evil. One has to be insane to commit such a crime in the first place. Sane people don’t go around shooting people (I am disregarding calls of self defense, which to me is a valid excuse). Madness is not a valid claim. If one cannot control their emotions and actions they really should have no part in society.

                  Mr. Tucker has a long rap sheet and quite a temper. He has been in trouble with the law about every 18 months over the last decade. He just didn’t snap one day.

                    • I disagree. I think I addressed your entire post. You mentioned understanding (but not condoning) his madness. I call BS on madness being a justifiable excuse to killing someone. Do I comprehend that understanding is separate from condoning? Yes, but I am afraid you veered off topic when you no longer believed that to be part of this particular situation. I am addressing the situation involving Mr. Tucker and Ms. Willis. You stated that you could not claim that in this particular instance/case. We aren’t debating any other instance so condoning vs understanding another situation is irrelevant to the topic. 🙂

                    • Hi RG,

                      “Madness” is not really the right word. People are being pushed… and some are reaching the end of their tolerance. That isn’t “madness.”

                      I’m not sure how this debate devolved. The article used a specific example to make a general point. That point being – as above.

                    • Eric,

                      Here is my issue with the situation at hand (Tucker vs Willis). Could I sympathize with someone breaking down due to the lockdowns, social psych ops, loss of one’s employment, mask wearing, media indoctrination, promoting of jabs and passports, etc. ? Absolutely. Would I understand killing someone in this scenario that caused the individual no physical, mental, or financial harm? No.

                      The problem is you used the shooting at Big Bear Grocery in Decatur, Georgia, as a example of going postal. Note: If going postal isn’t madness then I don’t know what is (so I believe madness is the correct terminology to use).

                      You assume that this was Mr. Tucker’s reasoning for shooting Ms. Willis. I am debating it was not. Mr. Tucker has a history of temper tantrums and run ins with police that date back a decade. This is not the first time he brandished a fire arm or lost control of a situation. He has a criminal record that dates back well before COVID and the pandemic. This is not a man pushed by mask wearing. This was a guy looking to be combative. He is a man angry at the world. How can I tell? His criminal history, his anger management classes, his assaults on children, his domestic abuse charges. Unfortunately, it was Ms. Willis who was the wrong person at the wrong time. She paid for it with her life. I am pretty sure if she could go back she would happily let him wear his mask under his nose, chin, or not at all if she could have gone home that night.

                      Some on here are insinuating the victim was the perpetrator. I will view Ms. Willis as the victim (since she is the one dead) until all evidence surfaces. Maybe I will be wrong and she had this coming to her. Until then though I will give Mr. Tucker zero credit for the hell that he caused because he had to “make a point.” He could have easily said “FU” walked out and one person would not be dead and another would not be going to jail.

                  • RG,

                    I was never talking about the specifics of this case, which I made clear. I never claimed that “madness” justifies anything, yet you keep suggesting otherwise. I’m pretty sure that reprehensible is not a synonym for justifiable.

                    I began by suggesting that your apparent enthusiasm for the death penalty is inconsistent with your claim that no death should be rejoiced. You disagreed, and explained why. Fine, I accept that, but still believe that many people do rejoice at what they see as justice (the death of a bad man). I never even claimed that such rejoicing is a bad thing.

                    You then went on to describe the crime and the horrible consequences, none of which I challenged, and none of which were relevant to MY post. Further, you wrote, “I am tired of “insanity or madness” being a deterrent or an excuse to justify evil”, and “I call BS on madness being a justifiable excuse to killing someone”. I never made, or implied, such claims.

                    Finally, “condoning vs understanding” is relevant because you repeatedly characterized arguments attempting to understand what might have motivated the man with condoning his actions. Here’s one example, in response to Eric, “You are condoning the death of a grocery store clerk…”


                    • Jeremy,

                      If we are not arguing the specifics of this case, then what are we debating? Philosophy? Psychology? Hypotheticals? I thought I stayed pretty tried and true to this case, which was the case that Eric composed.

                      I did veer a bit into the death penalty, but I do consider it a potential charge against Mr. Tucker (although unlikely).

                      I don’t know if others rejoice when it comes to the death penalty or not. I have never felt jubilation when someone died. Maybe if that someone had caused me personal harm I would feel some sort of elation, but I have been lucky and have no personal hatred toward others to wish an ending to their life.

                      Your post above does state that you understand madness

                      ” I consider Mr. Tucker’s action reprehensible, but I can understand someone driven mad.”

                      My argument to you was I don’t.

                      Obviously, we are going to get into technicalities with condoning and understanding. If yes, we can debate this, but then it becomes a philosophical discussion and my goal was to really keep it to the storyline that was written.

                  • RG,

                    “If we are not arguing the specifics of this case, then what are we debating?”

                    The point of the article which, as stated by Eric, “…used a specific example to make a general point”. That point being an examination of the “psychological, philosophical and possible hypothetical” consequences of enforced sickness psychosis. You veered off track by falsely, in my opinion, characterizing much of this discussion as condoning the murder of Laquitta Willis.


                    • Jeremy:” I can understand someone driven mad.”

                      RG: “My argument to you was I don’t.”

                      Which in my mind is a failure on RG’s part.
                      Understanding and condoning are NOT the same thing. I can understand why a sociopath wants a government position, I certainly don’t want them in one.

                      But if you get on the wrong side of RG she will hound you until you agree or quit.

                    • Dad, is that you? 😉

                      Yowie, John, brutal, my dear, brutal.

                      I know it wasn’t a compliment, but I will take it anyway over being labeled a doormat or passive. One doesn’t stay in business for almost 20 years by being a pushover.

                      I have said all I can on the subject. Have a good evening, everyone. 😊

            • Personally, I don’t care about the State’s opinion if someone is deemed evil. The State is insignificant to me. I am all for letting them (the accused) be convicted by their peers and handing them over to the victim’s family to deal with. The State coddles terrorists, killers, and, psychopaths. Hell, sometimes we even elect them and allow them to serve in Congress.

        • This makes something else come to mind.
          For how many decades now have we been told ‘just let them do it’ because you never know who is a psycho. At every turn decent people have to back down, to let basic rules of decency slide to rude a-h*le types for this that and other thing because we should be concerned they aren’t a psycho. But with these new religions this concern of who might be a psychopath disappears. In fact it has never existed for anything regarding anything that the control freaks demand.

          We can’t socially enforce good behavior because someone might be a psycho, but we are supposed to socially enforce the will of the state and busy bodies. Interesting.

          Just an observation.

        • I don’t have enough confidence in our so called judicial system to support the death penalty. There is no reprieve from death. “Whoops, we killed the wrong guy. Oh well”. Even in this apparent iron clad case, do we know for absolute certainty that he didn’t lose his mind from having it constantly under assault for more than a year? How might one of us react if we were unable to properly feed their children for over a year, and they were showing signs of it? I’m not excusing his action. Far from it. But understanding is needed, and is NOT the same as accommodation.

          • >There is no reprieve from death.
            Perhaps the “Halo Gallery,” as in the movie “Minority Report,” would be the optimal solution, if it were technically possible. If new evidence ever comes to light, you’ve lost n years suspended animation, not n years off your expected life span.

            Eventually, we “clean house,” because you could not relate to the world of a distant future, innocent or not, so “new evidence” becomes immaterial, of historical interest only. And remember, you *were* found guilty in the first place.

            Just sayin…

            [big P.K. Dick fan, here]

      • I don’t like the outcome, but I think it’s high time they started to pay a price for what they’ve done to the country.

        They could have stopped at “optional” and things could have been fine, but nooo.

        Sadly, I think it is likely to get a whole lot uglier before it gets better.

      • Oh there are times to wish for the death of another. Like the gang that rapes your daughter every night on the way home from school. This is not one of those times. I do understand how one could be driven to this after more than a year of economic, social, and mental abuse. Understanding and approval are not the same thing.

      • Yeah I know, private property, they can do whatever they want.

        Morality always defends them, it never defends us. They can do whatever they want to us, and any retaliation or defense against such makes us wrong. I only have the right to liberty on my own property, apparently. (As long as I pay my taxes of course. And don’t grow certain plants. Or disconnect from the power grid. Or I don’t get eminent domain-ed. Or any other million things.)

        Property rights is never sufficient to defend my liberty, but it is always paramount above all when it takes my liberty and/or enslaves me.

        Feeling relief or glee when a parasite or oppressor no longer afflicts you is normal. Healthy. I’m not going to pretend I mourn for or feel sorry for the death of someone enforcing my slavery.

        How can anyone be mentally stable with the imposition of this psychotic cult that has been empowered to suffocate/inject/enslave/kill us as a condition of life? How can anyone be rational when a “peer” is relishing in and executing their artificial and undeserved power to inflict pain and misery on another peer? Who is the mentally stable individual? The one reacting to injustice or the one imposing it?

        I can argue that coercion is the act of aggression. Compulsion. From submit yourself to my cult, to inject yourself to death in order to transact/live. Do what I want or you don’t get to live. Or leave and die. That is the initiation of violence. I can argue it is self defense to kill someone who is preventing you from making a transaction needed to live. Yeah I know, private property, they can do whatever they want.

        “following her employer’s protocol” / Just doing a job is either a moral defense or it isn’t. It either works for her and all other historic order followers, or it doesn’t. There is no distinction between a “private” and government order follower. If there is, then what the government should do is outsource all of their functions and public property to private contractors. The unidirectional Libertarians would love it. Everything would be private property. Then when they ban us from such things, like roads or sidewalks, hey, private property. And it’s justified, since rights only apply with government, clearly. Not that that even matters. Nowhere in the bill of rights does it state we can’t be forced to mask up. Guess that right doesn’t exist since it isn’t written on the paper.

        The only thing I can morally do is curl up into a ball and die, as long as I do it on my own property that is.

        • >“following her employer’s protocol”

          “Just following orders.”
          a.k.a. the “German defense.”

          [vox Ed Suillivan]
          “Well, now you know…”

        • Excellent, Brandon!

          The “private business” thing is specious because these aren’t “private businesses” in other than a legalistic sense. In operational fact, they are the property of the government, which allows them to do business to the extent they obey government. This is inarguable. Their “private property” rights are impotent – as you say – when it comes to any assertion of them contrary to what the government says, which uses these legalistic facades of “private businesses” to get around the aggravation of having to pass an actual law that affronts people’s rights and to enforce such affronting policies universally, or as close to it as possible. It also works the other way – to the benefit of these “private businesses,” which use the government to their advantage (as in the case of “stimulus,” eminent domain and regulatory capture) when it suits.

          I regard those who defend the use of “private business” to oppress/degrade the populace as proof of Lenin’s dictum regarding capitalists and ropes. They are suicidal, in other words.

        • Brandon, I don’t recall seeing you in any prior articles I have seen here and I don’t know if you’ll see my reply based on the day this article was posted. However, your posts were some of the most brilliant, expressive, prescient words I have come across. You’re a guy who GETS IT in the big picture sense.

          I have a word document where I store the best of reader comments. Yours will be copied.


    • Most of the time, people who get shot in the face were usually asking for it. It is a bad idea to provoke strangers. A lot of women simply don’t seem to understand that reality. Oh well, maybe others will learn…..

      • So this also works in reverse as well? The state that I live in has recently rescinded the mask mandate, which means it is now illegal to wear a mask. If the cashier had asked a patron of the store to remove his mask and he said no, they got into an argument, the mask wearing man decides this can only be handled by the 9 mm in the holster on his belt. This is perfectly acceptable because the bitch was asking for it, right? She obviously provoked him by asking him to remove the mask.

        • Morning, RG –

          Everything is upside down. In a sane world, a person who entered a business wearing a “mask” would rightly be assumed up to no good. Thieves – armed robbers – wear “masks.”

          But the world has gone insane and now people who just want to buy some food – or withdraw some (of their own) cash – are compelled to wear a “mask.” This differs in another important way, too. The armed robber is wearing the “mask” to avoid being recognized. He is not making a political statement nor imposing his politics on others. The person being made to wear these “masks” is being degraded – made to perform a disgusting ritual, in public, to give the impression they believe a lie and support a mass panic based upon it. The Face Diaper is the symbol of all the tyranny that has been imposed – and is being imposed – on the country. No different in its essence than a Nazi armband. Expecting people to wear one is a provocation.

          Plus, it is everywhere – not just “over there” at the “kooky” place, easily avoided.

          And, yes, I know – the “mandates” are disappearing and with it, Diapering. For the moment. And replaced – soon – with Proof of Jab requirements, made possible by Diapering.

          • I am sorry, maybe I am misinterpreting your post….is it acceptable to kill someone because they ask you to wear a mask? Most places are undiapered now. The majority of GA (where this occurred) has not enforced mask mandates since last September. There were plenty of stores that this guy (who has a long rap sheet) could go and buy food. The Big Bear grocery store was not his only alternative. I am wondering to those on here that are elated that someone’s daughter, sister, mother has died would be as accepting if the tables were turned and she is murdered by someone who was a mask supporter and she herself was an anti masker.

            No death should ever be rejoiced. This creep took away a person’s life. When did this become a cause of celebration even if we may disagree with their views?

            • Hi RG,

              People aren’t being “asked.” They are being forced. It is an important difference. And the “mask” is merely the superficial “ask.” It is the symbol of a vicious lie that people are being forced to participate in.

              I understand the the “mandates” and enforcement are waning – for now. But the pent up anger remains. And the same cretinous enablers of this tyranny – the ones who “ask” – will be “asking” about Proof of Jab, soon.

              I don’t know the facts in this particular case, so I won’t rejoice in the death of the person killed. But I disagree with you that it is always wrong to feel joy about death.

              I clicked my heels when McSame finally died – hopefully in great agony – from the cancer he had. I will pop a cork when Soros dies.

              Would you not rejoice in the death of a Hitler or Stalin?

              If you haven’t read HST’s eulogy of Richard Nixon, I recommend doing so. He captures my sentiments exactly.

              • No, I do not rejoice in any death for someone who has done me no harm. When we (libertarians) start becoming jubilant because those on the left “have what is coming to them” we are no better than they are.

                • Completely disagree –

                  There is a difference between aggressive and defensive violence. Both in fact and conceptually. You and I want to be let alone; we aren’t harming others. But others very much want to harm us. Some seek to enslave us. (I understand they don’t “see it that way.” Irrelevant. “Seeing” is beside the point. The fact just is.)

                  You make the mistake of moral equivalence. That there is no moral difference between “those on the left” – i.e., those who wish to harm/enslave us – and those who do no wish to be harmed and enslaved by them.

                  I rejoice when tyranny dies. I lose no sleep over the death of tyrants, great or small. Indeed, I sleep more soundly, knowing the bastards are gone. Do you light a candle for a cockroach?

                  We suffer tyranny because others want it or enable it by not opposing it.

                  20 years ago, I urged people to stop flying unless they absolutely had to, as in the case of a family emergency or their job absolutely requiring it. But no. The majority decided that a trip to Disneyland mattered more than taking a stand to stop their wives/kids being groped by government creeps at the airport. I despise these people. And I despise the people today who actively push and enable the weaponization of hypochondria, which is just another variant of the same tyranny.

                  • You are condoning the death of a grocery store clerk who probably made about $10/hour and was following her employer’s protocol. She was not an AGW or military. The shooter was a thug with a temper and a history of violence. That we somehow think this is “justice” is sickening.

                    • Hi RG,

                      Hold on… I pointedly said I did not condone this particular death as I do not have all the facts. I did say I understand the anger which may have led to it and which may and likely will lead to more such. It is an important distinction. And an important point.

                      In general terms: People who are militant Diaperers are a threat to us. Their demands that we wear a Diaper are fundamentally as obnoxious and evil as demands that we wear an armband.

                      Not calling these people out is the same as being one of them.

                      Are you familiar with the “case” of Pavel Morozov? It is instructive. He was not an AGW or military, either. Just a bratty little twerp empowered by a tyrannical government. And he got what he deserved.

                    • You stated that you rejoice when tyranny dies. Are you now stating mask wearing and the enforcers of mask are not tyrannical?

                      Also, as you stated, we do not have all of the facts. The write ups on this have been consistently inconsistent. Some say he was wearing a mask, but not properly, other articles stating no mask. For all we know these people could have known each other and their history is turbulent. If they didn’t that makes it even worse, because no one should have the ability to play god and choose whether an individual has a right to live or die based upon what they consider “moral.”

                    • Hi RG,

                      I’m not following…

                      I do rejoice when tyranny dies. And “masking” – put in air finger quotes to emphasize the vile nature of the thing – is tyrannical.

                      There is no such thing as “wearing a ‘mask’ properly.” Such wearing is always improper – outside of a surgical suite. And then only by a doctor, who doesn’t wear a bandana or a neck scarf or a dust “mask.”

                    • Eric,

                      Holding this man up as some sort of “anti masker” makes as much sense as the black community viewing George Floyd as their savior. That this guy was even wearing a mask proves he wasn’t one of us. Putting him on a pedestal believing him was an instigator against tyranny makes us appear foolish.

                      Where are his writings against masking? How many events against government authoritarianism did he attend? This man didn’t give a shit about masking or the government’s boot on his neck, but was looking for a fight.

                    • Hi RG,

                      I wasn’t defending this particular man; I was making a general point about the obnoxious – the evil – Diapering regime and everything it represents. Are you not sick of being looked upon as some kind of disease-spreading bacillus – and treated as such? Sick of people asking you whether you have “had your shots,” like a cat at the vet? Sick – of whatever threadbare remnants of your ex-rights that remain being torn completely to shreds for the sake of “public health”?

                    • Eric,

                      I have no desire for people to ask about my medical welfare nor do I care about theirs, but I have yet to feel the need to pull my concealed handgun out of my purse and pop them for asking.

                      One teaches by educating, not threatening.

                    • Hi RG,

                      How will you respond if – in the name of “public health” – it becomes a requirement that your children accept the Holy Needle? What will you do if someone accosts them with a Needle?

                    • The only way that will happen is for the Brown Shirts to come knocking. At that point I consider it self defense.

                    • And that’s just my point. It has already happened – as regards Diapering – in countries such as Canada. Did you see the arrest of the pastor? Armed goons came to his home for not wearing a Diaper, among people who didn’t care that he doesn’t Diaper.

                      This is what acceptance/toleration of Diapering leads to. And it can happen here.

                • “We” libertarians? Last I recall you decided against using that appellation. That being said, I don’t believe schadenfreude in this instance violates the NAP.

                    • Non-Aggression Principle.

                      It is the core tenet of libertarian moral philosophy. It means that aggressive violence is immoral. But the corollary is that defending oneself against aggressive violence is moral. Indeed, morally obligatory.

                    • Hi Eric,

                      Unforgiven is more my husband’s speed. Personally, I prefer John Wick. Someone killing my dog is worth seeking revenge on.

                    • I like both!

                      Because both are about legitimate reactions to abuse. I think this appeals to our sense of righteous justice. I am not a worshipper of “the law” – of procedures and process. I leave that to conservative Republicans. I grant such things are generally – on principle can be – sound and even necessary for civilization to function. But when they don’t, when “the law” is in the wrong – then screw “the law.”

                    • I have no problem disregarding law, I have been doing so for 14 months.

                      When you emphasize that moral equivalence should be disregarded in the debate I argue it should not. Our sense of morality is the foundational make up to allow us to live their lives that we do.

                • Legends of the Fall


                  Libertarians pretend, & then insist that it’s a higher standard. (And they pretend “in competition with” people, ultimately, who do not pretend.) For the private property argument to hold – “this is my bar & I don’t serve Indians” – the private property reality would needs be aligned. Dunno if private property reality aligned in the flick; probably not (even if the scene had been pre-Volstead act, which I don’t think it was).

                  The private property reality is that there is no private property. PP’s as unknown an ideal as Rand titled Capitalism was/is.

                  Since “This is mine & I decide” is a figment of “good old days” imagination, “I don’t serve Indians that don’t wear masks” is just as imaginary.

                  Punks don’t like being punks. So psychological compensation to the rescue. “I don’t own this store, I don’t own myself, but great father in Washington-Corporate permissions me to own *you* along whatever shifting lines – & I’ll take it, pretend to save face thereby.”

                  Imagination’s more important than knowledge, Einstein said. False distinction. And sometimes slaves rebel. That rebellion – go figure, but circling back to imagination – looks better on silver screens than it does in real life.



                  Most all the world’s a stage, chock-a-block full of props, not a few of which resemble people.

                  • All imaginations are equal, but some are more equal than others?

                    It’s just not that mathy. It’s more mystery than mathy. Way more. Irony skewers all, iron pyrite pirates, too.

                    So don’t worry ♪♫♪ be imaginative…would it were so free willy as that.

                    Instead, it’s mostly eyes screwed shut, hands groping, claiming to be trying to get to first base, whilst all the while claiming home runs.

                    The locker room brides & grooms & “3rd party” prison institution-structure triadulation is one big misery loves company e pluribus unum marriage.

                    “You will own nothing & you will be happy.”

                    That central casting character is more than a little late with the dialog…the action spoke it long before he did.

              • Hi Eric, I think we need to rejoice when a personification of evil dies. I can’t believe Kissinger is still alive but I have champagne on ice to celebrate his passing into hell; also looking forward to Cheney and the Chimp joining him although being 74 myself I might not be around for that celebration.

                • Hi Mike and Eric,

                  Here’s a clip from the brilliant Stave Hughes that I think you’ll love. “Hate Positively”.


                  After admitting that he likes Enya, a large geezer stands up and says, “I bloody hate Enya”.

                  Steve Hughes:

                  “You hate Enya?…That’s a bit intense…George Bush is alive mate…George Bush, Dick Cheney, Condoleeza Rice, Tony Blair, Donald Rumsfeld, Henry Kissinger, see these are globalist demons…, and this is Enya”.


            • Frankly, I’m a bit surprised we haven’t seen more of such incidents. When our economic, social, and mental health was being destroyed over a slightly more dangerous than ordinary virus, people started going nuts. Alcohol sales went up FIVE HUNDRED PERCENT last year in the US. To inflict such psychological damage upon so very many people, expecting them NOT to act out would be stupid. Given the mental damage, I wouldn’t expect them to act out rationally.

      • Hi SM,

        Yup. Imagine if we not only had to pay taxes but were expected to express how much we believe in taxation. As for example by wearing a very visible article of clothing affirming it. One thing to make people do something. Something else to make them do something to indicate they agree with you.

      • This video was posted on LRC the other day: Jordan Peterson on why cancel culture is feminine bullying:

        He goes off on a few tangents but makes some interesting points about feminine bullying that correspond to what you’re saying about some women not understanding the reality of provoking strangers because much of what is being done via cancel culture, and I would add diapering to that, is done via modern tech which is not in person. As such, they may feel falsely emboldened when in person, potentially leading to such a dire outcome.

        • Feminist “logic:”
          1. Mess with a rattlesnake.
          2. Get bitten.
          3. Blame the rattlesnake.

          “Men bad, women good.”

          • Turtle,

            Liberals in general have taken this approach. They have learned well. Look at pantifa, they love to provoke but the second someone defends it’s that person or group of person’s fault. Same with the commiecrats and the republican wing of the commiecrat party, they allowed blm and pantifa to get away with litteral murder all through summer and fall of 2020. We were told they were “mostly peaceful” or just an idea. Then when conservatives push back about as mild as it was, since it seems there are almost no abuses conservatives are willing to take to stand up for themselves, it’s called an insurrection and people have been in solidarity confinement for at the most what could be described as misdemeanor trespassing for over 6 months.

    • Brandon, your post reminded me of that old quote by Bette Davis, in response to her nemesis’s Joan Crawford’s death:

      “You should never say anything bad about the dead; only good. Joan Crawford is dead. Good!”

    • I’m not much for political correctness so I’ll say I loved your words and feel no sympathy for the clerk. More than likely they did what they did with an attitude and in a demeaning, authoritative, muscle-flexing kind of way.

      There is that expression from 80-100 years ago where someone said, “what if police, when they left home for work, wondered if they might not return to their families?”

      This reminds me of that saying.

  10. I had a meeting with a client this morning. Client greeted me at the door unmasked, neither of us mentioned Covid, until I was heading back out the door an hour later. The client, point blank, asked me if I received the Covid shot….not the usual “Are you vaccinated?” I didn’t know what the reaction would be, but since we were done with the meeting I answered honestly, “No, I haven’t.” She answered that she did receive one, but her sibling (who is also a client of mine) had not and has refused to take it. I mentioned that I felt the jab was processed too quickly and I was not comfortable with it. The client then surprised me and said that she wishes she had not gotten it and did not realize until afterwards that the she was part of the experiment.

    I felt sympathy for her. She got side tracked by the fear propaganda. Ended up getting the jab before doing an adequate amount of research and then learned of the atrocities later. I have a feeling she may be one of many to feel regret.

    • Raider Girl,

      I’ve never been asked, but I’m going to stick with “I’m part of the control group”. 🙂 As a scientist, that appeals to me.

      As for your client, that sucks that she fell for the propaganda. I think this will be a learning experience for many. Unfortunately, whatever might happen to you when taking the jab can never be undone.

      • Someone asked me a week or so ago- “Did you get your shot?” I replied: “Hell no. Someone else can have [air quotes] ‘mine’; I don’t want it”.

      • Best to answer such questions with questions of your own. “Do you know what the long term side effects might be?” “Has the FDA approved it?” “How does its record of adverse events compare with other vaccines?” etc. If these questions are not answered, then ask “why did you take the vaccine?”

    • RG – I think I was mentioning on an earlier post – this is why its very important to come out and tell people why you’re not taking it. Many are simply not aware that this is an experiment, and the real risks and unknowns of the Jab, whereas they have been feared into thinking the virus is much more deadly than it is. This is why I always just tell people – hopefully it will help people think, and make a better decision.

      • Hi Nasir,

        I am happy to discuss this with anyone who cares to, but honestly, I keep my political views (and health concerns) quiet unless someone asks. Believe me, I will sit down and talk to anybody about anything. God, knows, I have an opinion on everything. 🙂 A few clients and I (who are in agreement) have burned more than an hour or two discussing the masks, the jabs, and the previous and current Administrations, but I really try to keep business and personal separate.

        • I have considered buying some Face Diapers and soiling them, as diapers… then leaving them on the ground at parking lots of businesses that have Diapering “policies.”

          • It’s amazing Eric that all those libs who demanded we stop using plastic straws have absolutely nothing to say about the amount of disposable face diaper litter there is everywhere including in the oceans. I guess the turtles only count when there isn’t a mild flu virus with a 99.8% survival rate.

          • No need to pay for them, Eric.
            There is an adequate supply of dirty, discarded, light blue “medical” face diapers littering parking lots and other public places which are fit for your intended purpose.

          • LOL. Okay, that is a pretty gross.

            I have said it before, but I just don’t patronize businesses that push masking or jabbing. The jab has me worried because they will install gadgetry that will automatically tell if you have been “vaxxed” or not. It will be like going into many office buildings. An employee has a key card (or fob) that unlocks the door to the office so they can work. I see them doing something similar either via an electronic card or your cell phone to allow you to access a store. I think Amazon is already setup for something like this with their new grocery chains (pun intended).

            I expect this to be the wave of the future, which will also force people back into the cities to live. I read an article the other day that 25% of all homes in Houston are being purchased by investment firms. People are so excited about selling their houses for top dollar that they sell and then have no where else to move. Guess what they have to do? Rent. Guess who likely owns the home? A large corporation.

            Cancel culture is a red herring. Its intent is to keep the public’s eye off the ball. They are so worried about offending someone or something that they are not paying attention to their surroundings. By the time the system is implemented, it will be too late for them (the public) to change course.

            I expect about 15% of the public to push back, but the majority will already be had.

            • RG, I have been following how large corporates are buying up homes and have been very suspicious as to why. The official narrative is to make money off the potential rise in house prices, but these guys are too smart to know house prices are at the top currently. Also, they must be aware how much operational risk renting on a large scale involves… fine they have free money to play with, but still one bad tenant can wipe out years of rental income. I do think something more sinister is at play, but just cant figure out what…. maybe its what you mention, the ability to control people even in their houses (i suspect many will be kitted out and let as “smart” homes, with the company having control of all the kit, and you sign a long terms of service including the ability to harvest your data).

              • Hi Nasir,

                I’ve heard an explanation for this buying up of whole neighborhoods that makes some sense to me: There is apparently legislation afoot to apply a a federal “net worth tax” – rather than (or in addition to) the income tax. This “net worth tax” would encompass the value of assets such as real estate. Corporations, of course, do not pay the same taxes as we do – or can avoid them, at any rate, in ways we cannot. So this would be a tax shelter for them and a way for the government to further enserf the population.

              • A guess:
                In some locations, e.g. California, there is pressure on local governments, coming from the state level, to build high density housing, including subsidized housing.

                A corporation with the capital to buy up an entire block of older single family residences might be able to aggregate the property (merge parcels), get the single parcel rezoned for apartments, and build rental units which would be subsidized by taxpayers. “Battery cage” or “stack a prole” units, in other words.

                Another possibility in some desirable areas would be ultra expensive rental units or condos, w/ all bells and whistles (so-called “amenities”).

                I am guessing the long game involves upzoning and redevelopment to higher densities, in some form.

  11. The bio•fix biopic continues:

    “Ochlocracy in the 19th century was indeed sweet & persuasive & capitalism helped it to spread its ideology by advertising & propaganda. Freedom, menaced by sucj honest radicals as Robespierre & 80 years later by La Cecilia, seemed to be restored forever. The masses in their naïve enthusiasm & optimism were still far from seeing the demoniacal qualities inherent in either in majoritarianism or in the rule of the machines. Capitalism & “democracy” shared the technics of the art of persuasion; they are both essentially anthropocentric in this pretentious going to the public, as well as in their undignified, megaphonical appeal to the herd. Yet there is more than just accidental coincidence in the sharing of the methodical approach between ochlocracy & the two forms of capitalism; “liberal” private capitalism & socialist state capitalism.

    In the remote background there can clearly be seen Johann Gutenberg, father of mechanical writing, the innocent promoter of the “intellectual,’ or rather semieducated masses, grandfather of the press. The blind, awe-filled worship of the printed word was to be initiated a century after Gutenberg by Protestantism with its bibliolatry. The printed word is highly honored in all Protestant countries & the “Book of Books,“ the Bible, ranges there as primus inter pares inspiring respect before its lesser cousins. It is therefore in the Protestant countries that we see the worship of the printed word which developed into the “science” of advertising, & the religious veneration of the daily press by the masses.* If we compare the South German with the North German, for instance, we will see all the difference; the former remained always skeptical toward anything printed & expresses his distrust in the current phrase; “He lies like print.” (Er lugt wie gedruct).

    It is, of course, in a way more human to believe the wildest rumors as long as they go from mouth to mouth & are told “into the face” than to trust a printed, usually anonymous piece of information. It is therefore natural, even if amazing, to see in Anglo-Saxon countries a tremendous amount of money spent on advertised articles which are only worth a fraction of the price asked for them. The wretched customer simply forgets that he has to pay for the millions spent on advertisements covering houses, streetcars, newspapers, magazines & highways. Needless to say it is only in print-believing Protestant countries that people fall under the spell of advertising campaigns; the manufacturer or seller who would spend a proportionally equal sum for advertising the same merchandise in France, Italy or Poland as in England or America would simply waste his money. This truly arch-ochlocratic way of influencing & hypnotizing people, who often fall victim to gigantic frauds, does not only require print-believing beings for victims but also an ochlocratically inclined culture – a homogenous sand heap – in which the necessarily uniform appeal reached mentally uniform human beings.**

    * “The Protestants, having established the sacrament of the word & thereby killed the Eucharist, proceeded to chain it to the letter. They started teaching the people not to listen but to read.” – Miguel de Unamuno, La Agonia Del Cristianismo, Buenos Aires, 1938, p. 43”

    ** Advertising seems to add a specific value to goods in the American public opinion, otherwise advertisers would not point out that their merchandise is “nationally advertised.” People are sometimes even inclined to prefer inferior advertised goods (suspecting their inferiority)to better nonadvertised brands out of a deep fear to be in the possession of things “not generally known or valued.” What they possess they want to have ( at least in their form) in common with others. This picture ought to be supplemented by those freakish human beings who read publications for the sake of their advertisements without an intention of buying. The general optimism spread by clever advertisement is probably only part of their magnetic attraction. On suggestibility & herism, cf. Boris Sidid, The Psychology of Suggestion, Preface by William James, New York, 1903.”

    ~ The Menace of the Herd, or Procrustes at Large, 1943 (Erik Ritter von Kuehnelt-Leddihn)

    • Pavlov’s dog rang the bell in hopes of having something to eat. Just kept ringing the bell, didn’t matter if the drooling dog got anything to eat, ringing the bell was all that mattered, to the last breath. Conditioned to death.

      McDonald’s M tells you to go to McDonald’s and buy something to eat. They’ll advertise McNuggets night and day, you know they do.

      They’ll do it until the day you die all because it works.

      Taco Bell even rings a bell, dead giveaway right there. Scary stuff. lol

      It’s frightening! Diapering is more surreptitious, more sinister, more evil, more bullshit.


  12. In re the cops taking the side of the wife beaters – this is the crux of the matter. The victims are all being told to degrade themselves and self-flagellate at the feet of empowered low wattage functionaries, on pain of otherwise facing down armed, low-IQ, roid-headed order-followers in black ninja suits. Such a curious inversion.

  13. The last in depth study of the effect masks have on transmission of a virus, in particular influenza, was done by the CDC a few years ago, and it determined they had no significant effect. Now at least one person has died over it.
    In the first place, a “store clerk” has no authority to ask anyone to leave the store. They are not a direct representative of the company. Only the store management is. You can’t charge trespassing on property you don’t own.
    In the second place, we are not privy to what “conversation” the two may have had. Threats may have been made, with only one party willing to back them up.
    If you don’t establish a line in the sand, and dedicate yourself to it, you will have the chains laid upon you. Perhaps this was his.

    • Hi John,

      “The last in depth study of the effect masks have on transmission of a virus, in particular influenza, was done by the CDC a few years ago”.

      That study was released in May of 2020, you know pre history. Here it is:

      The money quote:

      “In our systematic review, we identified 10 RCTs that reported estimates of the effectiveness of face masks in reducing laboratory-confirmed influenza virus infections in the community from literature published during 1946–July 27, 2018. In pooled analysis, we found no significant reduction in influenza transmission with the use of face masks (RR 0.78, 95% CI 0.51–1.20”.

      Since then, one RCT (the Danish mask study) was conducted and produced the same results (no statistically significant difference).

      Of course, almost all of the media rushed to explain away the results, emphasizing the intentionally misleading difference in relative risk (imputed 46%) vs absolute risk (observed 0.3%), and failed to explain what statistically insignificant means: the observed, slight reduction in “infection” (42 in the masked group, 53 in the control group) is likely due to random error or insufficient controls, and cannot show causation. I put infection in quotes because PCR tests were used, in part, to determine “infections”.

      As part of the ongoing assault on science, perpetrated by those posing as the saviors of science, poorly controlled, highly selective observational studies, along with mathematical models embedded with unverified assumptions (neither of which can establish causation), are “definitive”, but RCT’s (which can establish causation) are dismissed and obsolete.


  14. I can identify with this. Luckily, if we just exercise a little patience, the reprehensible diaper-pushers will likely expire due to their adoration of Billy Gates and Tony Fauci, who instead of injecting them with lead, convinced them to accept a far more nefarious injection.

    Interesting side note: This whole scamdemic has been a perfect illustration of how easily a conspiracy can executed on a massive scale (worldwide!) WITHOUT having to have thousands or millions of people in on the scam. It just takes a very few powerful people…and media -and VOILA! All of the others assume their natural places, not because they are “in on it”, but merely because they believe…and the more who believe, the more it spreads and becomes pervasive, to the point where those who are capable of discerning the actual truth are seen as deluded!

    • The snot-nosed nya-nya-boo-boo attitudes and behavior of the anointed kind-of makes me hope their just desserts come to fruition. I hate that I feel this way. But the hideous things they advocate and demand – diapering and poisoning yourself – to be enforced at gunpoint if need be, show their contempt for respect, civility, and humanity. The Dude does not abide.

      • They’re no better than Nazis. When people adopt such attitudes (Not respecting the right of others to make their own choices over their own bodies and property) they essentially cease being human. They must fancy themselves as gods, thinking that they, as mere men, have the right to dictate the terms of others lives, so long as a majority of their fellow lesser-gods agree and are aligned with the greater (elected) gods. They are waging undeclared war against all who do not recognize the authority of, nor worship those gods.

        There’s no reasoning with these people; they are essentially waging jihad against any who will not submit to their cult.

        • Correct Nunzio. They do fancy themselves as gods among men. They believe they have the power to make up what is right and what is wrong (moral relativism manifested in contradictory man’s law. For ex, in 2019 it was ILLEGAL to wear a mask into a bank. In 2020 it is ILLEGAL to NOT wear a mask into a bank).

          As gods on earth, they decide what is right from wrong, and ultimately who gets to live and who dies. And the thing is, the masses of numbskull dumbfuck morons go along with it!

          “The whole human condition can be summed up like this: Psychopaths believe they are gods on earth, and morons believe them.” – Mark Passio

          • Exactly, Michael!

            And thus, every government that has ever existed has seen itself as, and has had the intention of becoming God/replacing God….just like government’s progenitor, Satan. They want to be the supreme law-giver, savior, healer, punisher, fount of knowledge, etc. The ultimate idol.

            And all who worship the true God are therefore the state’s avowed enemies.

  15. Conversation monday night, since i knew my son was going for a checkup on Tuesday.

    Me-we are on the same page, right, if the doctor demands he take the jab you are going ro say no.
    My wife- correct, there is no need for him to risk that vax, but it’s just a check up, i bet they don’t even bring it up.
    Me- i’ll take that bet, you cook dinner and clean up for the next week if they bring it up, if they don’t i have to do the same.

    Fast forward to tuesday night. Me- did the demand he get the jab?
    My wife- yes, you were right, they were pushy about it too, also the gardisil shot as well. I slapped them down for both but we may have to look for a new pediatrician soon, i was uncomfortable with how insistent they were for both shots.

    • About 10 years ago, we had the same experience with our family peds dr. They didn’t ask, just told us (our son) he was going to get “three shots” – and when the dr mentioned “gardasil” as one of them, that was the last straw. No jab, calmly got our family’s records at the front desk, and never went back.

      The gardasil shot is yet another example of a pointless jab, which can cause harm and provides minimal (if any) actual benefit. The type of dr that pushes this poison (and of course, the latest jab) is hoping that their customers are ill-informed and/or obsequious enough not to challenge them.

      • My wife has researched and seen the same thing, absolutely no benefit and a lot of risk in gardasil. She also tried in grad school when we were dating to do a study on a link between autism, vaccines and a link between autism and artificial insemination. When she worked as a social worker almost every kid she had seen on the autism spectrum the parents would either swear the kids were fine until

        • Didn’t finish- all parents either swore the kids were absolutely fine until one of their rounds of vaccinations or they volunteered that they had used artifical artificial insemination or fertility drugs. She was shot down so fast because noone wanted to risk pissing off those multi billion dollar industries

          • Hi Antilles,

            I am glad it went well. I have found doctors to be very pushy when it comes to the vaccines. The sad thing is I have found many of them cannot explain the ingredients in them and have no idea what the hell they are recommending. My OB/GYN (the only doctor I will go to) has stopped asking me about the flu shot since I provided him a 15 minute lesson about the flu shots available and the ingredients and/or cell lines found in each one.

            The HPV vaccine has over 100 different strains, but the vaccine only addresses about 8 of them. It debuted in 2006. Over the last 40 years cervical cancer has been decreasing due to many women getting annual Pap smears, not the vaccine. The earlier the detection, the easier it is to fight the disease.

            My concern has always been the chicken pox vaccine and the ingredient of urea which is found it, which also is found in fertilizer and hence, the food supply. The Varicella vaccine did not become widely available in the US until 1995. In my analysis of it this seems to be when the cases of autism began skyrocketing and have increased tenfold since.

      • Gardasil is particularly pernicious in that it assumes everyone is a skank. That’s today’s “morality”. I guess that is to be expected of a country whose two main exports are killing machines for war and porn.

      • A lot of Dr.’s are paid on the sly to give these things out. Since there is a financial incentive, of course they are going to get pushy. They do know how risky their BS is, however, money!

      • Ridiculous to be pushing Gardasil onto boys, since it’s supposedly for cervical cancer, and last time I checked boys don’t have a cervix. Guess Big Pharma figures they can double their profits by not leaving out half the population.
        Everything I’ve read about Gardasil shows it’s playing Russian roulette with your kid’s health but gotta keep the money flowing to Pharma’s billionaire executives.

    • Phew! Good job Antilles and Wife of Antilles. I was reading the original post with trepidation for what “Tuesday” would bring. Thank Goodness all is well.

      • Thanls Michael,

        I was relived myself. I wasn’t sure what would happen, but i had a talk with my son as well. This is probably the only time i will ever be happy he has his own cell phone. He knew to call me if anyone came close to him with a needle. I’m guessing there is some sort of bonus or kickback for these docs to push this poison. Thankfully the younger boy is still too young for either jab, but i’m sure that will change come September.

  16. Anger is a tough emotion to control when it seizes the mind.

    Drove past a free vaccine site out on the highway at an old rest stop.

    Kept driving, no way will they be needling me to get the jab.

    The Ace Hardware employee in Seattle used a bat to remove a customer with no mask and then a fight took place outside the store. It’s at citizen free press.

    You just can’t be too careful when someone refuses to wear a mask, mask-less humans are a threat, existential, even.

    Fauci et al are to blame for the madness.

    What goes around comes around.

  17. The press release says the shooter is in stable condition. So many times the shooter is [conveniently] killed. It will be interesting to see what he has to say for himself. The lying media can’t drive the narrative if the perp is able to speak/contradict.

    Hope he doesn’t take an unfortunate turn for the worse.

  18. Solzhenitsyn wrote:
    “It was clear to our jailers and to us that justice, length of sentence, formal documentation, had nothing to do with it; the point was that once we had been declared enemies, the state would ever after assert the right of the stronger and trample us, crush us, squash us, until we died. And we were so used to it, it had become so much part of us, that no other state of affairs would have seemed normal either to the regime or to us.”

  19. I think “they” — the elites, the powers-that-be — WANT to incite a reaction, so that they have a pretext for a massive, violent crackdown on dissidents.

    We actually saw this with the Capitol fracas. What happened on Jan. 6 was a rowdy protest, far, FAR milder and tamer than most of the stuff the Left gets away with routinely. Yet “they” spun it into an “insurrection” and a “deadly attack” on “the temple of our democracy” and claimed it was as bad as 9/11 AND the Civil War. They subsequently tracked down and arrested HUNDREDS for simple offenses like “trespassing” and put troops into the streets and had military checkpoints for six months.

    The problem is that they are a) either going to keep pushing and pushing until they get the reaction they want, or b) people who refuse to take the bait are going to be have to accept constant submission and degradation.

    It’s a lose-lose game.

    • I had this discussion on a forum here in the UK – and this is what they said, that its really bait to have a more armed crackdown which people dont want. Now I dont know if its the Brits (who happily handed in their guns when their Dear Leader told them), but always though the Americans would take it differently….

      • Mandatory jabs is when some Americans will take it differently.

        Right now 80% lowers take 4 weeks to ship. Most complete uppers are out of stock or weeks away from shipping.

    • They also lovingly used deceptive photos showing the event to the world:
      – The shot of the Capitol at dusk with the darkened sky, with the lights inside the building looking bright orange and the smoke from the tear gas or whatever it was, rising it up, making an initial sock impression that the building was on fire on the inside, lol.

      Moment of silence please for the two windows that were broken and the five water bottles that were left on the floor in the most deadly attack in the nation’s history…

      Have you seen any of the vids breaking down the footage of Ashli Babbitt getting shot? At one part there is chaos and yelling for a while, then the camera pans over to a “capitol policeman” who’s looking bored. He sees the camera on him, snaps back to life yelling “HEY GET OUT OF HERE! EVERYONE OUT NOW!!”


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