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Tyranny begins with abuse of language. With evasive language.

Talk of “contributions” that you are forced to make; of being forced to “help.” The forced  element never mentioned – but defining. You are not asked to “contribute” or to “help.” You are told you will – or else. But without actually saying so.

It is the language of the thug without the forthrightness of the thug. It renders a vile act – theft, coercion – something even more so, by veneering it with a chintzy patina of voluntaryism.

And now there is “guidance” – which of course you’re also forced to obey. As for example in the state of California, where the tyrannizers decreed they will force every child who is forced to attend a state school to wear a demoralizing Rag of Obedience or submit to being experimented upon by the pharmaceutical cartel that might as well be the state, since it essentially controls the state.

There will be no asking. Just telling. Without the forthrightness.

It is of a piece with prior “guidance” mandating – that is to say, forcing – the ongoing mass wearing of Obedience Rags and the performance of degrading Kabuki rituals meant to not merely to humiliate the individual (by making him behave as if he were literally suppurating disease, a hugely insulting implication when he is perfectly healthy) but also to drive a wedge, both psychological and physical, between individuals. To make them alarmed about the presence of others and constantly obsessing over it, something only sick (in the head) people did a little over a year ago.

This is being done as well with regard to the forcible violation of other people’s bodies – a thing formerly considered rape – but now considered a legitimate act by some, most notably (and cognitively dissonantly) those who fervently insist they have a right to control their bodies – when it comes to the extinguishing of the life of another body, within their bodies. But they see no incongruity in the holding of this view and the assertion by others of the right to control what is done with their actual bodies.

More mauling of the language.

Whether you consider abortion to be a morally acceptable thing is one thing. It can be debated. But it is another thing – a greasy, evasive thing – to speak of “choice.” You mean like chocolate or vanilla?

Why not be forthright and assert the right to terminate the life growing within?

Perhaps because forthrightness makes us uneasy. Some of us. The ones among us who do not wish to forthrightly face the ugliness – the couched-in-euphemism violence they approve of, the tyranny they support but don’t wish to acknowledge supporting. Such people are a paradox in that they seem to want to be perceived as “nice people.” As reasonable people. But they are only reasonable so long as you do not insist upon your right to reason differently.

Then, they become angry.

But they rarely act directly. That would be too . . . forthright. They are not the sort to pound on your door, a gun on their hip, demanding that you “help” them pay for their kids’ education. They will not be the ones threatening to inject you – or else.

Instead they will quietly vote for the same.

Perhaps there is something to be said for ending the secret ballot. If you’re going to be robbed – or jabbed – at least let the robber-jabber make himself known. Make him say it, openly.

There is something that sticks in the craw about violent people who are afraid to “man up” about their furtively violent tendencies. Who want to be regarded as people who would never harm anyone . . . themselves.

Tyranny requires such people. It cannot exist without such people. Such people are enabled by the warping of words, the effacing of plain language – so as to pretend that horrible things are not being done officially, legally.

We are just “asking,” after all.

The same people who vote furtively to rob you will cheer when you are forcibly evicted from the home you paid for because you did not pay the “property tax” (more evasive language for the rent in perpetuity you are forced to pay that obviates the very possibility of property, as one cannot meaningfully own that which one is forced to constantly pay for and which can and will be taken away for failing to cough up) they secretly voted to increase.

They will say nothing to your face about you showing your face. But they will vote to have proxy goons force you to efface it and to be needle-raped, too. It will make these timorous tyrants “feel safe.” Until of course the tyranny wheels ’round upon them. This is something these people never understand. They imagine that violence can be controlled. That it will only be used in ways they approve of, once officially approved and used against those people – the ones they want the violence to be levied upon.

Never themselves. Until it is.

The classic 1972 movie adaptation of James Dickey’s novel, Deliverance, is a very forthright movie. “If we want your money, we’ll take  your money,” says the shotgun-pointing hillbilly.

“Now get up against that tree.”

This is the nature of government. But it likes to wear a suit rather than dirty overalls and style what it does “guidance” rather than what it actually is.

. . .

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  1. I think it was Frederick Douglass whom I’ll paraphrase, “The amount of tyranny you will tolerate is exactly how much you will get.”

  2. The theft of my money for the education of other people’s kids has been a primary concern of mine, but even though many can agree on principle, they cough up when I suggest that MAYBE other people’s kids should be THEIR responsibility, like their pets or cars or lawns, and I owe them NOTHING. Sometimes “The Social Contract” is brought up, as well as claims about how horrible an uneducated populace would be, neglecting the fact that I didn’t sign any such contract and the populace is being made into unthinking tools by their “education”.

    They have a right to their “free” education, and I have a right to pay for it under duress, as shoddy and worthless and mismanaged as the publik edukashun system is. “Home schooled” people have been some of the most brilliant and successful people I know, and go uncorrupted and unassailed by the horrors that would’ve been brought to them in public schools.

    • I submit the population is already uneducated.

      My school of that is that there is no such thing as a positive right.
      Read a book on the “publicification” of education (can’t remember the name) and, per the book, it was all about the $$.

      Rent seeking educators supplanted family and local education and expanded it to 18 years old.
      And what do we get for it? A giant bill every year and an increasingly stupid populace.
      We have been turned into serfs on our own property for the good of the “social contract”.

      Never heard of a contract that one never agreed to, isn’t fulfilled by one of the parties, and you can’t get out of unless you leave where you were born – if you are able or allowed to.

      The whole thing is a racket and a scam to keep the tyranny by the minority.

      • “Never heard of a contract that one never agreed to, isn’t fulfilled by one of the parties, and you can’t get out of unless you leave where you were born – if you are able or allowed to.”

        Hahaha, yes, exactly. It’s so unabashedly preposterous that I don’t know why “The Social Contract” hasn’t been laughed into oblivion, save for so many have been educated in public schools!

  3. In the EU they’re killing an average of 145 people a day with the kill shot. In the US it’s 30 a day. More have been killed in seven months then killed in Iraq and Afghanistan wars in twenty years and twice as many that died on “that day we were attacked” allegedly by OBL. What do we hear? crickets….

    Do you see those numbers scrolling along the bottom of TV screens? Oh, no…. it’s safe and effective!

    If we don’t man up,,, and soon,,, all these other problems will be the least of our concerns.

  4. In re violence used in ways they approve of: just one of the many reasons I can’t abide the “law and order” republican/conservative types. The same dimwits who countenance bombing people in countries they couldn’t find on a map, “so we don’t have to fight them over here.” That which planted the seeds of the war on drugs and the war on terra, because it was directed to “those (brown) people over there.” Whose chickens are now coming home to roost, couched in the new war on domestic terrorism – meaning whatever they don’t like. Soon to become a war on wrongthink.

    Because such morons can’t and won’t think in terms of principles, they will soon find the cannon pointed at them. And to the moment the door slams on their prison cell or the bullet enters their brain, they will never realize that they have only themselves to blame.

    • > countenance bombing people in countries they couldn’t find on a map

      So some of them will want to come over here and pay back the U.S for F*ing up their country.
      Pay back is bitch, eh?

    • If there is anything I can’t stand its a law abiding citizen. At least pertaining to the “laws” written by politicians, aka professional liars.

  5. RE: California schools “mask mandate:”
    In addition to the criticisms expressed here:

    I would add that imposing ridiculous behavior on children *might* lead some of them to question what else they are being taught in the public schools is BS.

    Most of the public schools where I live already look like prisons, due to very ugly security fencing. I understand the need for security, but it does *NOT* have to be ugly and oppressive.

    So, let’s see…
    Put the children behind bars, starting with “preschool” indoctrination, forbid them from showing their faces in school, and prohibit physical proximity, let alone physical contact, with other students.
    Who thought these were good ideas?
    More importantly, what is their actual agenda?

    • And yet every one of these kids willbe diaperless and all over each other durring sports, clubs, scouts, etc. It’s completley asinine.

      • Thanks for the link, James.
        One quibble about Gary North’s conclusions.
        “Good people” appear to be those who can steal from others without getting caught and sent to prison. They are usually called either “businessmen” or “politicians,” and are considered to be “pillars of the community.”

        A friend tells me that in Pakistan they also have black buses, which are headed only to the gallows.

  6. Shouldn’t all of the ‘guidance’, propaganda, bother the consciences of those who promote the deadly vaccine?

    Pass laws to be free of the guilt? Shouldn’t bother their consciences then, I suppose. Maybe they, the culpable, don’t have one, I’d believe that.

    What is being created, strike that, concocted, is an entire population of chimera humans anthropogenicly mutated.

    An immoral act to dispense a vaccine that kills. It is wrong, a crime against humanity.

    At some point in time, the perpetrators, the culprits, will wish they hadn’t.

    You don’t have to lift a finger, they will still live to regret it. Much to the chagrin of those who tried to pull a fast one.

    Forget about the crazy bat eaters, the wet market in China, whatever that is, the evil, wicked, mean and nasty soulless goons harsh your mellow severely.

    They make ugly look good.

    • Well it didn’t bother their “conscience” to suppress treatment with Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, which would have ended this long ago. Hundreds of thousands dead? “Well, I didn’t know them”.

  7. Every single government on the planet, form your local town or county, to Washington DC or Beijing, is founded on the premise it has sole authority to kill you if you don’t go along. Without that premise government cannot exist. And they have to use it at least once in a while to make sure you understand precisely where you stand.

  8. I remember back when Ron Paul was on the finance committee, probably the only time I ever watched CSPAN for any length of time. Recall that “Auntie” Maxine Waters was also on the same dais. Dr Paul would ask a well thought out question on FED policy with follow-up and comments about the non-answer from Greenspan. Then Maxine would ask about credit reports or some other nonsense that had absolutely nothing to do with FED policy. When Greenspan would attempt to explain what the FED does, she’d interrupt and complain again.

    This happens in every committee in Congress. It’s all theatre and grandstanding for the cameras, even Ron Paul did it. But if legislation gets out of committee and Congress no one knows anything about it until well after it’s taken effect and we see the real work of the “people.” And try to explain to Auntie Maxine why (for example) making violence illegal probably won’t stop someone who’s already knowingly broken 10 other laws.

  9. Property taxes are like Paulie from goodfellas, oh you lost your job because we shut down you place of business? F you pay me. Oh your wife is sick from the jab and you are spending all your money in doctor and hospital fees? F you pay me. Oh you haven’t received rent on the property in 16 months because your tenant refuses to pay because we by holy decree have banned evictions? F you pay me………

    • Hi Antilles,

      Yup. At some point, I intend to attempt to speak at my local government theft-shop. I wish to ask wether the $40k-plus I have paid – so far – in property taxes is enough to cover the costs I haven’t imposed on the county, such as the costs associated with the warehousing and indoctrination of other people’s kids – and when, if ever, I will stop “owing” these people money. Eventually, I will have paid at least half as much in taxes to remain in the home I nominally “own” as I paid to “own” it.

      • But you don’t “own” your property, Eric, the COUNTY does. They granted you a DEED when you bought it, and, of course, the holder of the mortgage, when you had one, was also on that deed. Try not paying your mortgage, but especially not the property taxes, and see how long that it’s “your” property. The simple fact is: The government is ultimately the landlord, and our ability to enjoy our “property” is subject to payment of rents demanded (i.e. taxes), much akin to peasants having to pay literal homage to the feudal Lord of the Manor.

        It doesn’t matter what the Government wastes your hard-earned tax monies on, though I agree that you didn’t sign “no steekin’ contract” to defray the costs to baby-sit everyone else’s brats from ages 5 to 18. That you must pay a fee to own your property negates the very concept that its YOURS in the first place.

  10. The 3 basic steps to tyranny is; they take your property/money, they take your rights/freedom, and then they take your life. If one were to reflect on this past Independence Day, it would be depressing due the fact we are losing what’s left of it.

    • Indeed, Allen –

      When property is no longer respected, rights are no longer honored. Everything tyrannical we’re enduring has its origins in the wasting-away of property rights. If, for example, people actually owned their businesses then this loathsome regime of Diapering & Kabuki would never have gained much traction.

      • Indeed Eric, property rights and personal rights are directly connected. One cannot exist without the other. Which is the fact socialists just can’t accept.
        Gang rape is democracy in action.
        May I suggest one invest in KY stock or similar.

          • I used to be quite fond of its Bourbon, then one day I woke up and didn’t like it anymore, after 40 years of drinking it. I’m neither a Basket ball nor a horse racing fan, so I suppose that applies t me.

      • Once those well-intentioned “equal access” laws were passed under the guise of “Civil Rights”, it was “amen” to private property. That ANY government agency with enforcement powers can tell me with whom I shall admit or do business would be abhorrent to the “Founding Fookers”. Sure, my reasons may be capricious and/or odious, but is that not for the marketplace to decide? Shrilling declaring “it’s the law!” is to ignore that any such “law” is inherently wrong, against the Constitution, and has greater adverse effects than what it’s intended to remedy. The “law” once obligated sheriffs in “free states” even those that had always outlawed chattel slavery (contrary to popular notion, only a few north of the Mason-Dixon line prior to the (un)Civil War, completely outlawed slavery and always had from inception, there were over 250,000 slaves counted in the states that remained in the Union in the 1860 census) to apprehend and return fugitive slaves to their owners. The “law” in late 18th-century England, from which most of our “Common Law” derives, called for capitol punishment for petty theft, so as late as 1791, a ten-year old BOY was HANGED for stealing a loaf of bread! If a “law” can dictate to me how I utilize my property and conduct my business, then another “law” could be passed to simply confiscate my property at bureaucratic whim. My property does not enjoy significant legal protection, and I can reasonably expect that soon my very LIFE won’t, either, especially if I actually commit the “heinous crime” of actually wanted to “eat what I kill!”.

        We pride ourselves on having laws, and believe them to be sufficient to protect our properties and our very lives. We should remember that the erstwhile Soviet Union ALSO had a Constitution, modeled very much on the US one, and a system of courts. Anyone remember a prominent Soviet jurist named Andrei Vishinski, and the show trials famously conducted in 1937 to give a legal ruse to Stalin’s disposal of his political rivals? Or how most of the Soviet jurists at both Nuremburg (“International Military Tribunal”) and Tokyo (“International Military Tribunal of the Far East”) were selected from the Military Coleigum of the Soviet Union (their high court for courts-martial in the Soviet Army), who simply rubber-stamped what Stalin wanted: a guilty verdict and a death sentence for ALL the defendants. At least their version of “justice” was “equal”, if not equally brutal!

        • It escapes my how compelling one to perform a service for anyone that one does not wish to, for any reason, no matter how bizzare, is not involuntary servitude. AKA slavery.

        • “If a “law” can dictate to me how I utilize my property and conduct my business, then another “law” could be passed to simply confiscate my property at bureaucratic whim. ”

          That law already exists. Its called civil asset forfeiture.

          • I bet the “legal” argument explaining how that doesn’t violate the 4A is so circular you would get dizzy and fall down trying to read it.

            • And then I remembered what the argument is. Asset forfeiture is civil action taken against the property, not the owner. Which still makes me dizzy trying to figure out the difference.

              • It’s nothing but legalistic flim-flammery designed to deflect a lawful challenge. If we had a court system that actually upheld the Constitution, such a pretext would have been tossed long ago.

    • Three basic steps to create a police state:

      1. Have plenty of police.
      USA? Check.
      The “U. S. Capitol Police” now have branch offices around the country.
      How many “law enforcement agencies” (AGW hives) are there, exactly?
      Perhaps no one really knows…

      2. Make nearly everything against the law.
      USA? Check.
      (There is even a book titled “Three Felonies a Day.”

      3. Selectively enforce the law against your political opponents and the “little people,” who must be kept in line.
      USA? Check.
      Search “Gavin Newsom French Laundry” for one example.
      “Nancy Pelosi beauty salon” for another.
      The list goes on, probably to infinity.

      • Why the U.S. “Capitol” Police would have any AUTHORITY to operate outside the grounds of the US Capitol puzzles me, Talk about “mission creep!” Is not their charter to protect the US Capitol building and grounds, and the members of the Congress and their staffers while working there? Is there not also a separate policing agency that deals with security for members of the Congress while they’re away from the Capitol itself and/or the House/Senate office buildings? Also, US Marshals can and often are detailed for specific details to protect the “Congress Critters”, so why the US Capitol Police need ANY “Branch Offices” should raise an eyebrow or two.

  11. ‘Tyranny requires … people [who] are enabled by the warping of words, the effacing of plain language.’ — EP

    An example from January, after a notorious mass trespassing, comes to mind:

    ‘Magistrate Judge Deborah Fine dismissed [a release recommendation] and ordered him held. Part of her reasoning was that while Jake Angeli had been highly visible, it was only in his painted face and horned hat. Fine said the man on the video monitor in the courtroom, with no face paint and wearing orange prison garb, was unrecognizable.

    “He has made himself notorious,” Fine said from the bench at that hearing in Phoenix, “but he also has the ability to be anonymous.” — Arizona Republic, June 30, 2021

    George Orwell, Lewis Carroll and Franz Kafka ensemble would have been hard pressed to pen a more absurd, menacing scene.

    Big Gov feels mightily threatened by a bare-chested, soi-disant QAnon shaman in Hollywood-quality face paint (probably where he got the idea– Braveheart?)

    But Big Gov — in the magisterial personage of one ‘Deborah Fine’ — feels equally threatened by a diminished gray man in nondescript prison garb because, in her perfervid imagination, Gray Man is capable of even greater subversion of the Democrat party’s electoral coup d’etat:

    ‘For the most part, natural and neutral colors work best; browns and grays. Nothing to create a memory like a T-shirt with a saying or photos. Style of clothing tends to be very conservative. Nothing showing skin, nothing too fashionable, nothing to out of fashion. Ordinary is the key word here.

    ‘Since the gray man attracts no attention, his mannerisms must be small and discreet. No sweeping gestures. Energetically, the gray man is withdrawn. He does not project confidence. He does not look around much, he avoids eye contact.’ — itstactical dot com, gray man strategies

    Go big or go gray, so to speak. If you’re the unusual soul who can do both, a fedgov ‘judge’ may hold you in solitary confinement indefinitely because you seem dangerous to her illegitimate authority.


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