What’s It All About?

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The question is on every thinking person’s minds – though the answer varies. What is this all about?

The Push for the Jab?

The most benign explanation is that they – the pharmaceutical cartels that wield shocking influence over the government – are determined to use the government they bought and paid for to get a return on their investment, via enshrining mandatory and universal forced-medicine. People are fools if they believe that this is a one-time thing.

I have been screaming into the wind for decades about the importance of understanding precedents. If they can make you do A then they can make you do A1. So, if it becomes a requirement that you roll up your sleeve for this Jab, you will be required to roll up your sleeve for future Jabs – and perhaps much more than just Jabs.

If, after all, the precedent is established that you must submit to a medical procedure because you might otherwise get sick and might otherwise get others sick, then other medical procedures will be similarly required – and justified on he same basis. If the precedent is accepted, there is no way to argue against such an expansion – the principle of the thing having been conceded.

It is like the income tax, or the property tax on your home or any other tax. If the principle is accepted that you “owe” the government a penny because the government decrees you “owe” it a penny, what is to prevent it from decreeing you “owe” it a dollar? If the precedent is allowed to stand that the government can just take your penny, there is no principled objection to it taking more.

What will prevent the pharmaceutical cartels that have bought and paid for the government (as well as the corporate “mainstream” media, which serves as its propaganda arm) from using the government – and media – again? To coerce your rolling up of your sleeve, again? If you accept this Jab as the condition of retaining or obtaining employment, upon what logical basis will you refuse to accept the next – and the one after that?

There are $billions$ at stake – and that alone could account for the fervent push to force everyone to roll up their sleeves, just this once. Because the money (and control) interests pushing it know that’s all they have to do in order to make sleeve-rolling a habitual, normalized part of life.

Like taxes.

There may well be more to it than just money – and the control it will enable over the lives of every American who is compelled to work in order to earn his daily bread. We certainly know it is not about our “health,” a fatuity that would be funny were it not for the tens of thousands of deaths and serious, life-altering Adverse Events (as these are styled) that are undeniably associated with the Jab. It is ridiculous – it is evil – to demand that people who are perfectly healthy and whose health is in little, if any, serious jeopardy from a sickness that does not kill 99.8-something percent of the healthy population take the risk of being Jabbed.

Imagine the government ordering people to buy and drive a car that has racked up a body count even 1 percent of the total reported to VAERS – the Vaccine Adverse Reporting System. Well, take that back. The government has effectively ordered people to buy and drive electric cars – which present a known and inherent risk of fire, due to the nature of high-capacity electric car batteries and the known fire risk associated with “fast” charging them. The government has also turned a blind eye to the known risk of defective air bags, which it recalled but which it also refused to allow to be disabled until they could be replaced.

The reason for that being the precedent that would be set, if it did allow it. The government cannot admit error anymore than Dracula can sunbathe. It would be to concede non-omniscience. That it does not always know best. That its decisions sometimes result in  . . . adverse effects.

This may also explain the Push to Jab.

The government (and corporate mass media) created a mass panic which included a slew of draconian measures, all of them premised on the fiction that a Black Death was circulating. The fact that it was a fictional Black Death is made obvious by the health of people who never “masked” – and who have not been Jabbed. It is obviously ridiculous to prattle on about Black Death being everywhere when there are so many obviously still-healthy Unjabbed people everywhere.

They undermine the lie that the only way to stave off the Black Death is universal Jabbing.

If they are successful, it will not matter that people continue to get sick. That can be blamed on the Delta, Mu and What-Have-You “variants,” which will then provide neat justification for further sleeve-rolling, ad infinitum.

Ka-ching for the pharmaceutical cartels. A heavy carpet over the truth for the government and media that are its bought and paid for adjutants.

That is sufficient – and sufficiently evil – to explain all of it.

Though of course there may still be much more to it.

. . .

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  1. Via Science.org: https://www.science.org/content/article/having-sars-cov-2-once-confers-much-greater-immunity-vaccine-vaccination-remains-vital?fbclid=IwAR1yJSgYmylSNJIUq_SqV7BV5dLfAY0q-kn16Mc6oM4MdEMUSnwezC5-ojI

    “The natural immune protection that develops after a SARS-CoV-2 infection offers considerably more of a shield against the Delta variant of the pandemic coronavirus than two doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, according to a large Israeli study that some scientists wish came with a ‘Don’t try this at home’ label,’ Science reported Thursday… The newly released data show people who once had a SARS-CoV-2 infection were much less likely than vaccinated people to get Delta, develop symptoms from it, or become hospitalized with serious COVID-19.”

    Why would scientists wish for a warning label on legitimate research? They are openly acknowledging that their pro-vaxx narrative should trump data that undermines it.

  2. There is an important clue leading to what this is all about.

    That clue was when Pfizer, during the initial blinded trials for their clot-shot suddenly departed from the approved test protocol, (normally this is a major red-flag) then un-blinded the study mid-way through and gave the real vax to the placebo group thus eliminating the control group.

    I have a feeling that this was done to mask the damage the vax was doing to the test group. Once the control group got the vax then all those incidents could be brushed off as occurring in both the test and the control group therefor the vax was not responsible. The data from the study is worthless and they “lost” a lot of it anyway.

    Many very in-the-know scientists and real doctors are saying that the real damage from this shot will start to be seen 12-24 months after the jab. This includes mass death. Probably not everyone, Fauci and Co are not particularly competent so their virus is vastly under-performing, that is what the Vax is all about, to augment the damage caused by the wild virus. It is basically the second part of a binary bio-weapon.

    Right now, the real truth is probably only about half the country is actually vaxxed possibly less. The governments number are about as reliable as anything else they put out.

    Now imagine after 24 months, people start dying. Lots of people start dying and not just the old and weak but the young even children. How long before we start to notice that the deaths are mainly if not exclusively the vaxxed. (Or those with close exposure to vaxxed person or group – look up “shedding”) They can cover up, lie, fake the stats like they always do but if anything that will reveal the lie and make it even more obvious. They always fake data to cover up their lies.

    The solution? Get a needle into every arm, no exceptions, no control group. They want to make it impossible to pin the deaths on the shot. That is why no exceptions for previous immunity or any other exemptions religious or health will be permitted.

    The deaths will be blamed on the latest “variant” requiring people to take booster #whatever it is by that time. Without a way to separate the vaxxed from the unvaxxed when counting the bodies gives them cover and deniability as well as an excuse to push even more vaccine shots on the people.

    If enough of us stay pure then there will be solid data to prove their crimes therefor all must be jabbed. The elites know how we will respond to the truth; We will f**king hunt them down and treat them like the parasites that they are. No forgiveness. I have already lost too many friends and family from this shot – not the virus – the shot. All inside of a week after except one took 10 days.

    I promise you I will not be in a forgiving mood when the time comes.

    • Same here re those who have been killed by the jab. I am attending a funeral tomorrow for a lady who died after 2 weeks in the hospital. The official cause of death – “covid”. The actual cause of death – self-inflicted wound (the jab). She also had COPD and diabetes, but all we heard was that she was sick with “covid,” then she was moved from ICU (where she was slowly recovering) into a “covid” ward, where her family was suddenly cut off from communication with the attending staff (if they even did anything for her). So, “covid” claims another one, on paper. Meanwhile the actual cause of death is as plain as day.

      • My wifes brother was murdered by the medical system. He had a minor stroke. No COV symptoms, but tested positive by PCR. They stuck him in the COV ward and isolated him form his kids, pumped him full of Remdesivir until he died of kidney failure – official cause of death: you guessed it!

        • Yes, I do. I personally know 5 people who have died within a short time of the jab, and many others who are suffering greatly, including 2 with lymphoma. The common denominator for all: the jab.

  3. here’s an idea: How ’bout Joe ordering no reloads on SNAP cards if the recipient is unvaxxed; or how about cutting off welfare benefits? Oh, you say people would go hungry – this latest policy initiative of his is the same damned thing. Maybe he figures that he’s mostly going to starve the white folk into compliance & after all – they deserve it! /sarc off

    • They aimed this power grab square at productive people, the people the left hates. The left does not care about people on welfare or unemployment because the government has power over them already. There’s nothing to be gained there. It wants productive people to be brought fully under the boot. Debt and tax slavery is not enough.

  4. My wife’s 70 yr old aunt in NY who is way more than 2 weeks double vaxxed and a rabid diaperer was diagnosed with convid while at the hospital for a completely unrelated surgery. Had the sniffles for 2/3 days, recovered, and is now wondering what the fuss is all about. Thinks being vaxxed may have made her case less severe.

  5. Masks for thee, but not me. This really made my blood boil:


    It appears the sheep are being trained to wear masks while the ruling class is exempt (big surprise, right?) I predict we’ll eventually have an annual “masking season” in which the public will be “required” to wear masks from roughly September through May, then allowed to take them off during the summer…but only if the cases are down.

  6. Dr. Shiva said they probably want to inject 2 billion people, and $20 is their profit per dose, so they’ll net $40 billion. Our lives are worth $20 to the pharma companies. We’re not people — we’re just $20 each. Heck, I’d give them $50 if they’d just leave us all alone.

    If they wanted the money, they’d just inject us with water so we would remain customers, but instead they’re killing & disabling everyone so it’s much more than the money.

    If the victims survive the shot, they’ve still got some kind of magnetic stuff in their body… I wonder if the perps can kill the victims by simply telling the victim’s cell phone to emit a specific frequency & waveform of radio waves that will excite the magetic stuff in their body, therefore acting like a bomb inside the victim’s body. Or murdering alot of victims by doing the same thing from the cell towers. So the perps can kill anyone they want because they installed a “killl switch” inside their victims. Also, all the victims are now basically hostages — the perps can use their ability to mass murder people as leverage in negotiations with the few good/honest people remaining in govt or military etc. However if I was the good guy, I’d say “Go ahead, murder them, I don’t negotiate with terrorists.”

    • Exactly. It’s the power. If it was money, I would grit my teeth and pay the bribe. $50 to be left alone, fine. But that’s what makes the USA different than the 3rd world. In the 3rd world it usually is just the money, at least on the bottom levels where it counts. Just pay a bribe and it’s all good. In the USA no, right down to the bottom level it’s this do-gooderism, this control freak mentality all the way down to the very bottom functionary.

      • That’s why I could see life in this country as becoming increasingly insufferable in the last 30 years. About 15 years ago, when the Real ID act was passed on top of the Patriot, I stated among friends that the US will be less free than the People’s Republic of China. That day has come

  7. Moderna stock was at 14.12 USD on July 12, 2019. Closed today at 419 USD, down 29 USD.

    Follow the money. Time to sell, the vaccine is proving to be a devil in disguise, not the blessings hoped for, ain’t gonna happen.

    Get a job, pay taxes until you die, pay insurance until you die, pay through the nose until you die, wear your mask, get jabbed with the death vaccine, be a slave to medicine until the day you die. Be a ward of the state.

    Be a forever patient, be a vaccine experimental untermensch soon-to-be zombie. The handwriting is on the wall.

    Vaccine slavery, it happened to you. The world has become a vaccine gulag, vaxxed or not. The vaccine pall covers the entire earth.

    Have a miserable existence ever after, can’t expect much more, it is miserable enough already.

    They told me, “Cheer up, things could be worse.” So I cheered up and, sure enough, things got worse. lol

    Time marches on.

  8. One of my friends, jabbed of course just came down with “Covid”. Is at home now recovering from what seems to be a bad cold. He is Q’ed for 10 more days. Duh, you were Vacced? So why do you think you have “Covid”? the test said “Covid”. I said “you are fucking idiot”. You have a cold.

  9. Just an FYI, but FakeMaskUsa.com’s web site was shut down last week by its web hosting company. I don’t condone the wearing of masks of any kind–even fake ones–but it appears the PTBs have now gone from “canceling” social media accounts to outright shutting down web sites that don’t line up with the official narrative. I thought of this today when I was briefly unable to access Eric’s site (evidently a temporary hosting issue). I hope they don’t shut you down, Eric, but you might want to have an alternative web host lined up just in case.

    • WHAT? Yeah, I don’t condone adding to the sickness psychosis, but during the (luckily brief) period when my company (really the city) required diapers while working, the Fake Mask was certainly the ticket. It was nicely breathable.

      My GF told me that it was even mentioned by name at the airport, warning that you couldn’t wear it on the plane, haha.

      Yeah, unfortunately, it’s going to come down to people needing to own their servers (ala Gab), or suffer this type of “cancellation”. Then it will come down to ISPs, but here it becomes a grey-area public infrastructure argument. Dark times, but we’ll emerge stronger from them.

  10. If they really wanted people fully vaccinated because of a virus then what they would “warp speed” is an attenuated virus vaccine for COVID19. It does exist. That’s a conventional jab like we all likely had for other things. No mRNA, no adjuvents (sp?), etc and so on. A conventional vaccine would solve the problem. But for some damn reason that can’t be sped up nor are we going to be allowed to wait for it.

    The problem is that it comes from what looks like some minor player, but I haven’t checked if they are owned by a major or exactly who they are yet. They are using J&J facilities. Anyway: https://www.meissavaccines.com/vaccine-pipeline (second one mentioned)

      • Where did I mention requiring or needing anything?
        The point is that if the desire was about vaccination for a virus then using the old fashioned comfortable known method of vaccination that goes very far back would be encouraged instead being placed on the back burner. Many people would choose that type who refuse the mRNA holy jab.

        • You seem to imply/state that there is a need for a vaccine for a “virus” that, if it even exists, 99.8% of those who “get” it will recover just fine. Aside from the outrageous protocol of putting people on ventilators, which themselves often kill the patient, there are no actual “covid” deaths – only inflated statistics. Even if someone was ill from this alleged virus, there are plenty of helpful remedies that are similar to taking a tylenol for a headache.

          No need to even discuss/legitimize jabbing for this nothingburger.

          • I didn’t imply a got-damn’d thing. I clearly stated if their real goal was vaccination then a different route would be chosen. The implication of that is that the government and experts are lying. There’s nothing else to be read from it, so stop it.

              • So now you’re attempting a lame out of context quotation. You couldn’t even turn it into anything that remotely implies a requirement. Go troll someone else.

                • On a previous thread, you wrote, “I wouldn’t be surprised if [the jab] is neither harmful nor beneficial at this point.”

                  You’re in denial, friend.

                  • On what planet can that be construed as saying it should be required? Listen to yourself, you’ve decided you have determined what I meant from two statements that the only possible meaning is that there is a scam going on.

                    “You’re in denial, friend.”

                    First I am told that I need mental help, now I’m in denial. That’s what the communists do. Go comrade with someone else.

                    • I didn’t say you need mental help. Just asked why you think a vaccine for “covid-19” would be necessary.

                      Still waiting for an answer.

                    • I never said it was necessary, required, or any words to that effect. You have simply assigned me a position and demanded a answer. Then accused me of being “in denial”. You’re arguing like a leftist/communist or a troll, take your pick.

                    • On this very thread, you are also speaking favorably of a nasal spray “covid vaccine.”

                      Your responses to me are nothing more than ad hominem. “Troll” and “communist” are juvenile retorts. Not argument, just logical fallacies.

                      Good luck to you.

                    • Brent, thank you for your thoughtful response. I may be oversimplifying my position. I just wanted to know why there would be any need for any type of “vaccine” (traditional or otherwise) for this alleged illness.

                      I heartily agree that there are extremely sinister motives behind this entire scenario, from day one (and before).

                  • Anon,

                    It is common to misunderstand what someone says, especially if you do not know the person’s general views revealed by a long history of posting (as has Brent). But to persist in claiming that your misunderstanding is actually what was meant, and to demand an answer to a statement that was never made, is bizarre.


                    • It was in the initial post. You could have read the it. There are several different vaccine types that work in different ways. I would say 80+% of the people who are refusing the COVID19 vaccination are doing so because of what type they are.

                      A conventional attenuated virus vaccine would likely result in reaching the vaccinated goal government says they have in mind. The fact that these vaccines are all on a slow development track and they are attempting to have a mandate before it could even get an EUA should tell us that the goal has nothing to do with protecting people from a virus.

                      Maybe I am simply too customer oriented and not force oriented it’s something more self serving or sinister. But as someone who has to please customers with products it is very clear that a conventional vaccine would be much more popular and less politically charged. The damage may be too severe now, but that’s because of what has been done politically.

                      Let me put it this way, let’s say you had a choice, fancy new battery EV with all the computer controls or someone who figured out to make a completely clean carburetored V8 car with no or very simple electronics.

                      That’s what I am talking about here with vaccine types. What is stage 1 trials right now from a couple companies is essentially that advanced carburetored car. No adjuvants, lipids, mRNA, and whatever else is in the mRNA potions. Just a simple vaccine based on old proven technology.

                      Also because it mimics natural immunity it works FAR better than the new fancy mRNA stuff. Much like the weaknesses of battery EVs leave them inferior to even carb’d cars.

                      The point is you’d see people just get it and be done with it on their own accord because of the increased comfort level. The goal of X% vaccinated would be reached and the political figures could declare victory. But then it would also make the leaky mRNA vax look silly by its lack of performance.

                    • Brent, I must have lost the thread. See my response to you (above, I think).

                      Thank you for your thoughtful reply.

                  • Anon,

                    “Else why even bring up the allegedly “existing” “covid-19 vaccine”?

                    Umm, for the reasons Brent clearly stated.

                    “The point is that if the desire was about vaccination for a virus then using the old fashioned comfortable known method of vaccination that goes very far back would be encouraged instead being placed on the back burner”.

                    “I clearly stated if their real goal was vaccination then a different route would be chosen. The implication of that is that the government and experts are lying”.


                  • Ummm…this is not a response to my question.

                    I read all of his posts, including the part where a “vaccine” already exists in a traditional form for “covid-19.” Why imply/state that ANY vaccine exists for this alleged illness?

                    • Anon,

                      Brent never said there was a need for a vaccine (let alone that one should be required), he said that if there were a need, and if GovCo were honest, a different approach would be taken. The point being to highlight the fraud of the whole thing. As for his claim that a vaccine exists, I believe, but could be mistaken, that he meant the technology exists to create a traditional vaccine.


                    • Oh I am supposed to believe there is no virus at all. Meh. I doubt that. There’s been a nasty cold or flu virus or viruses circulating for some time before the official “pandemic”. At the very least that was capitalized upon.

                      I know people who had bugs that produced classical COVID19 symptoms like loss of taste for months something like two years before the pandemic. Yes, I was exposed to them when they had it, nothing happened to me.

                      “need” for a vaccine is a person’s own decision. Again, I am market driven to serve customers so if people want something for a nasty cold bug why not provide it?

                    • Brent, I am not asking you to agree whether an illness called “covid-19” exists. I am trying to be consistent in my own beliefs, that there is no new virus, when I state that it is alleged to exist. Whether or not there is a new bug, the end result is that “covid deaths” are manufactured from statistics, which have been contorted and inflated. The “diagnosis” of “covid” also hinges on the notoriously misused PCR tool. So I do not personally believe that there is a “new” illness that justifies new interventions. However, if there is a market for such thing, there will always be someone out there who will want to buy the magic elixir.

    • I would maybe consider taking such a vaccine, maybe, but only on a voluntary basis and only if it offered clear benefit to me & my health. Other people’s health is not my responsibility.

      • RE: “I would maybe consider taking such a vaccine,… only if it offered clear benefit to me & my health.”

        Imho, more very dark thoughts. Two negatives.

        The more I read about virus concepts and such (que: Jon Rappaport) the more I think less of a whole group of supposed ‘experts’ and their high technology which ain’t. Each to their own, though.

    • Brent,

      Yes, and also, there is still Novavax, which is yet to enter the market. The Novavax vaccine is based on SOMEWHAT more conventional technology; at least that it isn’t based on mRNA schemes. Instead it uses S-protein wielding lipid nanoparticles and saponin adjuvants.

      I have thought, however, as in your link, that a nasal spray vector vaccine would be the best method, if one were to be used. SARS-CoV-2 doesn’t normally just enter your blood stream, dodging all of your other innate defenses. It enters and incubates in the nasal cavity, and this is likely why all of those taking the mRNA jabs can accumulate quite a viral load before feeling ill. Having effective IgA antibodies in your nasal secretions is a much more valuable defense in this case.

      • RE: “it uses S-protein wielding lipid nanoparticles … a nasal spray vector vaccine would be the best method”

        Imho, those are some dark thoughts, very dark. Especially when combined with General’s dreams of vaxing troops on a battlefield, and citizens, too. Add a dash of geoengineering, and that’s some spooky stuff, the dreams of mad scientists.

        I’m reminded of the phrase, “Don’t fix what ain’t broken”.

        • Tools, Helot. Every tool can be used either righteously or nefariously, it’s just a matter of intent.

          I’m not an opponent of bio or nanotechnology in the least, but I am an opponent of its misuse. I’m also a proponent of honesty and accountability. With those intact, any technology can be used for good, but people need to understand the dangers, and those who cause harm need to be held accountable, just like anything else.

          • The road to Hell is paved with good intentions and it’s the driving force of every great Communist rub-out.

            There’s something about labeling nano-tech as tools that just isn’t right but I can’t put my finger on it right now.
            Sorta like a big heavy thing swinging your way. Could be a clock. Or,…

            • The pendulum? Yeah, without doubt, I’m not advocating anyone be too trusting, though I don’t think this crowd is going to have that problem. 😉

              To be clear, it is without question in my mind that attempting use of time-tested therapeutics such as HCQ and/or ivermectin to quell a case of the ‘Rona is infinitely preferable to trying some of these wildly experimental approaches at vaccines. Or, of course, other historically doubtless techniques such as keeping in prime condition with good nutrition and exercise.

              But yes, all tools. You could use a grandfather clock to keep on schedule, or drop it out the window on someone’s head.

          • The problem is, BDO, that the people developing and wielding the nano- and bio-tech have plans that are VERY different from anything they will ever tell you.


            All nano- and bio-tech is designed to and will be used to assimilate humanity, not “heal” or “serve” humanity. If you trust Them to inject anything into your body, you better be resigned to the fact that it won’t be what They’ve told you it is, and it won’t be for what They tell you its for.

            • Freelance,

              This looks both fun and terrifying. I’ll be sure to read as soon as I have time.

              I have little doubt about the veracity of your first statement, at least in the case of some. People can conniving monsters.

              I disagree that ALL nano or biotech is to be used for evil. There are many good scientists and engineers in these fields, just like any other. Now, the benevolent ones might not receive the funding that their more devious counterparts enjoy…

              And nope! I’ve been bitten many times trusting people. It is in my nature to do so, but I’ve been hardened and am now quite resistant to grifting swine, especially when it comes to my health.

              • “There are many good scientists and engineers in these fields, just like any other. ”

                Like all the good doctors in the field of medicine, for instance?

                All industries, guilds, and fields are incurably infected by the deep rot of government intervention, and they are all funded by the government, and part of a weaponized hierarchy that is controlled from the top down. People will do anything to keep their paycheck coming. The fear of starvation, penury, and marginalization is what fuels Arendt’s “Banality of Evil.” When the Beast System wheels around on the people and bears its fangs, none of the little fleas on Its back who depend on its Blood can hold It back.

                • Hi FP,

                  What you say has a degree of truth.But it is not entirely true. It is premised on the assumption that everyone lives in the city/suburbs and has a McJob at a McCorp, lives in a McMansion or McTownhouse and is in debt up to their eyeballs and has no capacity or interest in being able to take care of themselves. This is Blue America, certainly. But Red America still exists – and it is arguably the more vital force. I live in a rural Red area and the people here are very differently situated than the people in Northern Virginia. Most of us have the ability to grow/raise our own food and already do so, to one degree or another. Almost everyone here knows how to shoot/hunt and has the means. We all have our own water (well water, under our control). We can and do heat our homes with wood cut on our land.

                  And we will fight to protect this life.

                • Freelance,

                  Yeah, there seem to be few good doctors, as most seems quite beholden to Big Pharma. But there are some.

                  Also, I’m a scientist, and decided a long time ago to build a business the RIGHT way, as in little-by-little. Don’t go get a bank loan. Don’t get any government “grants”. Don’t cede ownership to anyone else. So, it’s coming along very slowly, haha. But it WILL come along. That is, unless the whole shit house is about to burn down. Then, well, I’ll have to shift the business model a bit.

                  Science isn’t owned entirely by the state. Fauci isn’t “The Science”. I’ll reiterate that there are many good scientists and engineers, and even some doctors (Frontline Doctors, for example?), and we won’t be controlled or silenced.

      • And what if the spike protein is itself a toxin and, for example, causes blood clots and other tissue/destroying effects? Then what difference would it make if it is produced via RNA, adenovirus, or just injected as a protein?

        Also curious is that studies seem to show that the natural antibodies produced in response to an actual infection seem to home in on the nucleocapsid protein of the virus. Counter-intuitive, since it doesn’t seem to be an accessible site for neutralizing antibodies, but the body seems to have figured it out. Strange, then, that the natural immune response doesn’t focus too much on the spike protein. So why make a vaccine out of it? Also explains why the vaccines don’t prevent infection or transmission, but can make a person less sick by at least maybe neutralizing the spike toxin. Still, in retrospect a very poor choice for immunogen.

        Did they rush this and just pick the wrong thing? Or was it deliberate?

        • BAC,

          I didn’t say that using Novavax was necessarily a GOOD idea, but perhaps preferable to the mRNA schemes as one dose of spike-laden nanoparticles seems better than converting your own cells into spike producing factories and sending them freely about your circulatory system to cause havoc. I can’t say that for certain, but intuitively. Speaking of…

          “Counter-intuitive, since it doesn’t seem to be an accessible site for neutralizing antibodies…” That was my thought as well. So why the errant target? It seems like a mistake at this point, but then, wouldn’t some research be put into successful human immune responses, and attempt to make a vax that emulates that? All good queries.

          • BAC, Bad – an interesting thing I have noticed is that all the non-MRNA Jabs are being maligned in the media for causing all sorts of issues – strangely which the MRNA ones do too ! Take the AZ or J&K one.. or the chinese ones. Now I dont really know one from the other, and think they are all dodgy – but the MRNA ones do sound the most crooked in terms of what can be done with them (as I understand they can reprogram your own DNA). but slowly everyone is being pushed into the MRNA jabs…. and even those who didnt have an MRNA one – the boster will be MRNA…. I have a feeling that is the reason for this whole thing…. something they want to do to the human race as a whole on a genetic level….

            • “…All the non-MRNA Jabs are being maligned in the media for causing all sorts of issues… ”

              Yeah, that’s more at my point. Maligned or ignored completely. Understanding what is so special about the mRNA jabs might be a big part of “what’s it all about”. Then again, it might be that assholes like Fauci bet all of their chips on these jabs and don’t want competition.

              • It’s because the so-called “mRNA” shots are two-injection series. “What It’s All About” is not just to get one shot, or even one round of shots, into people. It’s to put people on a permanent, recurring injection treadmill.

                The two-shot series sets a much firmer psychological precedent for recurring shots, than do the one-shot varieties.

        • Early attempts at targeting the nucleocapsid for shanks were problematic with ADE… Hence the focus on the spike which it turns out, is highly toxic itself. The “spike” created by your cells from the shanks also isn’t the alpha variant spike found in wild virus. They modified the shank spike programming it in several ways. It’s unique and entirely made by humans.

          What could possibly go wrong?

  11. A path to consider, and as a result, perhaps others will come to see the error of their ways and past perspectives?:

    “We don’t need societal change. We need you and me to change. We need you and me to be able to assert our rights in our own lives and in our own spheres of influence. That shifts the world around us, the spheres of influence around us. It makes that world around us more free. A few people like that in every community grows into a few dozen, and maybe even eventually into a few hundred. Tyranny cannot handle dozens of people in each community who are each capable enough to say “Show me the writ,” “Show me the policy,” every time they are confronted with an order they find unjust.” …


    See also:
    F Joe Biden chants explode at college football stadiums across America…
    Tennessee, Alabama, Michigan, Carolina…
    Yankees and Mets fans join in…

    The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

    • They’ve faked going through processeses for over a century. That’s how we got things like the income tax on ordinary wages. Then when you say “show me” you are shown a piece of steaming garbage and then derided as a kook when saying it wasn’t arrived at properly etc.

      • That comment makes it seems as if you’ve given up, BrentP. Living on the wrong side of the river, I suppose I could see why.

        It could be that, that Solzhenitsyn fella didn’t know what he was talking about when he wrote his stuff, how he worked the system against itself. …Could be.

        • I used to think the government was the enemy. A few skilled sociopaths and manipulators. But I also knew that a lot of things are the way they are because people want them that way. Last week I realized that is also the reason sociopaths run things. The vast majority of people want it that way. They like it this way. They even enjoy it. Watching the perverse joy people have over denying other people their preferred medical choices and being effectively forced jabbed has crossed a line with how I view society.

          People by and large aren’t good people that were manipulated and seduced. They pretend to be good so long as society requires that but the very moment they think they don’t need to hide their real selves any longer it comes pouring out. If the enemy was a bunch of ultimately cowardly sociopaths afraid of a bunch of disorganized protesters following a guy wearing a buffalo hat that’s one thing, but it’s quite another.

          Now I know why it never mattered when I would tell people the details of how something was a scam. I was probably the last to realize it. The bulk of people know it’s all scams but they enjoy the contact high of power it gives them over their neighbors. They like it this way. So anything won by ‘show me the warrant’ or whatever only makes them find a weaker target at best. That’s why it doesn’t ultimately change anything. People want things the way they are and worse.

          • Hi Brent,

            Many people like drama. I think most people actually see this for the BS it is, but they thrive on the panic. Everything in the news I take with a grain of salt. When Yahoo posts the same story three days in a row and only the names and faces have changed any person with an IQ over 70 has to smell a rat.

            What I don’t understand is the constant dogma and rooting for people to die, especially from the Left. Why would anyone want someone else to die? Why take such joy in it when it happens? My spouse’s former boss just texted out to all employees “Vax it or casket.” Hubby held up his phone and said, “This is why I left, because of this sick shit.” I stand by him 100%. Nobody should be forced to work with such delusional people.

            • Morning, RG –

              Authoritarians regard disagreement as an affront; that’s why. They hate people who do not agree with them. And they become furious when people do not do as they believe they should. Hence, the rejoicing in suffering. I think all authoritarians share this psychological problem, which is essential to their worldview. After all, if they accept that opinions vary and that people have a right to live their lives as they see fit then their entire moral-ethical system collapses.

              There is also an element of sadism as regards what is going on now. The “maskers” and Jabbers resent it that they are “masked” – and have been Jabbed – and now want to make sure everyone else is “masked” and Jabbed as well.

              • Agreed and this is coming from a conservative, not a liberal. That is even more frightening. Many people are drinking the kool aid, it isn’t just the left.

                It was a wake up call, but looking back at history I can see how so many tyrannical governments were able to take over without even a shot being fired. It is so scary on how quickly people will lay down their rights and their guns when it is nothing more than fear that has gotten a hold of them.

  12. Eric, you are right about the “A to A1” sequence. And, it didn’t start with Fauci or even Nixon. It began over 100 years with “A” being the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906 that began the concept of “prescriptions” for certain chemical compounds; specifically opium.

    Over the decades it has been expanded to include many more chemicals and plants but, the idea that GovCo could tell you what you could and could not take, when and in what quantities was set in place way back when.

    As far as the latest, “take the jab to keep your job”, well, for decades people have been forced to fill up America’s [specimen] Cup to obtain employment. Entire industries have grown up [e.g. LabCorp] to make sure your Precious Bodily Fluids have not been contaminated.

    So now the script has been flipped. If they can tell you what you CAN’T take, they are now telling you what you MUST take. You’ve been dropping your pants now you have to roll up your sleeve.

    And, to all the “conservatives” who have been supporting fundamental basis for all what we’re seeing now, the Drug War, I don’t want to hear no whinin’ and snivelin’ because Brother, you asked for it.

    • I’ve taken a lot of pre-employment drug tests over the years. I never used illegal drugs, so of course I passed, but that doesn’t make them not annoying.

      However in my experience they represent extra expense for the employer, and eliminate too many potentially good candidates. So, a lot of times the employer doesn’t want to know, and keeps the policy on paper but doesn’t do anything about it unless there is a serious accident. In which case they test and fire the schmuck (for liability reasons) if he fails.

    • I keep pointing people to the events of 1906 and 1910 but they don’t care. Almost all our major problems stem from things done between 1905 and 1925. They don’t care. Patch it now. Double down.

      • True but you forgot FDR.

        If it weren’t for that rat bastard, most of the other stuff likely would have died out, or remained quite a bit more limited.

        • I didn’t forget FDR. FDR was a consequence of what happened earlier.
          No federal reserve, no interventionist hoover, no great depression, no FDR winning on non-intervention but then doing intervention on steroids.

  13. Well, it finally hit home for me. Stepdad in the hospital with covid on 100% oxygen. He’s 61, fairly healthy, maybe 20 pounds overweight but no overt metabolic dysfunction. Mild untreated sleep apnea. However, his lungs did develop in a smoker household through adolescence and he has had a propensity to hack and cough much more than the average person. He’s unjabbed

    It still does not occur to me to insist anyone mask, lock down, or take a needle for anything. I did ask him to get the monoclonal antibodies when he was still well-ish but he refused. In that vein I believe it’s about money.

    Regeneron is very expensive and if you get it, it all but cures you. So, why the push for the vax so hard? Money. Why is Ivermectin, which is at worst harmless, evil, but regeneron ok? Because they got the states to pay for an expensive drug in regeneron. Still, I note the advertisement and propaganda for the antibodies is still maybe 1/10 that of the vaccine or less. It should be the exact opposite! It doesn’t work if you are already very sick. And of course, the vax is a useful tool of control and the antibodies are not.

    • Hi Zach,

      Very sorry to hear about your stepdad. And I am glad to hear it has not changed your views. Sickness happens. It used to be considered a normal part of life. It didn’t used to be considered cause for shutting down life. I suspect you are right about your stepdad’s lungs being vulnerable, compounded by his being in the older demographic as well as significantly overweight. The latter being, in my opinion – and supported by much evidence – the real pandemic. Being significantly overweight strongly correlates with chronic sickness/vulnerability to sickness, especially if the person is also sedentary and (I suspect) is probably compounded by eating crap food (e.g., processed/chemical-laden).

      I hope your stepdad recovers, soon!

    • Work environment can play a key role in one’s health. Many jobs are rife with chemical pollution. I worked construction for 25+ years and practically everything except untreated lumber is chemically poisoned. Not too sure about the lumber. I wore gloves every day, all day, for my entire career for just that reason. I may have been breathing it, but I wasn’t eating it.
      Highest hope for your stepdad’s recovery.

  14. What’s it all about? The weaponization by the gov’t of two things that inhere in your humanity, sickness and death. Things you can’t refrain from so you can be targeted at some point. Many agendas are flowing from this, much wealth and power for the few while the many get less, much less, including starvation and death. This tyranny flows less from doctrine than from their fake money and electrical technology. Read into that what you will.

  15. I think drug tests for getting jobs has already set the precedent for the jab. You are locked out of a lot of jobs if your not willing to (or can’t pass) a drug test.

    Even though I don’t ever take “illegal” drugs, it’s a line I haven’t crossed for a job. Guessing the jab is going to be even harder to avoid. At the moment the place I work is well under the 100 limit that the psycho in the white house is decreeing test or mandate. And that decree will stand no matter what a few republicans crowing about it.

    The payout for big phama is huge. Since the majority of us have passed on the annual flu shots, they went for the fences with covid. And they will probably get that home run and win that game too.

    • The psychos in the White House are the ones standing behind the demented old man. None of this is coming from Biden. Matching socks and correctly reading a teleprompter, most of the time, are about the extent of his cognitive ability. We need to keep the blame where it belongs.

    • I plan to continue doing my job, as well as I possibly can, but I refuse to disclose my vaccination status, I refuse to submit to needle rape, and I refuse to submit to nose rape.

      I plan to continue this until the day they walk me out the door. At which point, I will proceed with legal action if possible. Several of my coworkers plan to do the same. If everyone follows through, it will be enough to seriously damage the company. It remains to be seen what the company will do about any of this. I don’t know what any of us will be able to do for employment after that.

      Hopefully we can delay matters long enough for it to go down in flames on its own. If not, well, I’ll be able to make do for a while anyway.

  16. What’s it all about? Two things. First, they are lying to us (so what else is new?) about how many people have taken the jab. I’d bet dollars to donuts that it’s a minority of the US population. Probably a substantial minority, but a minority nonetheless. Why else would they be so desperate to make us take the jab? (Lotteries, donuts, lap dancers, now mandates.)

    That leads to number two – they know damn well these jabs are harmful, but if they don’t have 70% or more taking them, it becomes very hard to hide that fact. The propaganda teams are working overtime already to try to convince people that we have a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” when it’s really those who took the jab filling the hospitals. More desperation.

    Resist! There are more of us out there than you realize. You’re not alone.

    Would you trust a shot that’s being pushed by known eugenicists? Didn’t think so.

    • I wish I could agree with you Jim. Not trying to be negative here but I’m pretty certain we are in the minority now. Everywhere I look I see another Stu Pedassel flying his dirty freak flag across his ugly face. Being in the minority doesn’t bother me though, I’ve had a lifetime of practice.

      Their desperation stems from knowing they have run out of low hanging rotten fruit willing to do whatever the authority in the white coat tells them. Even if it gets as low as 20% un-jabbed we win if we stay the coarse and retain our resolve. It seems a lot of people, even some here, have decided the battle is lost even before a shot is fired.

      I really enjoyed your ‘Men who want to be left alone’ comment in the other article. It sums up nicely the predicament for the needle rapists. They cant win if we don’t play. And when we decide to enter the arena they will finally learn the lesson that its only fun and games til someone gets hurt.

      • Hi Norman,

        I think often of what it must have been like be alive in the colonies circa 1775 – or in Germany, circa 1938. We have been blessed, most of us, to have been born in a relatively free, generally peaceful era (in America). Most of us have never had to deal with the kind of hardships – the choices – faced by the colonists in 1775 or the Germans of 1938. We are coming to understand what it was like for them. We mourn our relative peace; we get depressed, thinking it is hopeless. But it isn’t. If only we don’t accept the fait accompli. I am no Pollyanna. I understand we face a hurricane; it may indeed overwhelm us. But if we retain our integrity, at the least, they don’t win. And if we do retain our integrity, we may well beat them.

        • It’s truly amazing what one is capable of if one has no choice. Whatever hardships we face, they can be overcome. They have been overcome before. So what, we get shoved back a 100 years? End of the world? Hardly. Many won’t make it, me among them being old and broken, but many more will make it, and be better for it in fact.

        • I never got to anywhere I wanted to go by being anything other than stubborn and persistent.

          This is no different than anything else in life, except that the stakes are higher for everyone else (personally, I’ve staked far more on far less, sometimes without even realizing it until later. This is old hat.)

        • Hi Eric,

          You bring up a good point. The people that came to the new world yearning to be far from the injustice of King and Crown faced brutal hardships. Even those during the war of Northern aggression had a life we can hardly imagine today. Standing our ground and saying ‘NO, your tyranny ends now,’ seems the least we can do.

          Also your turn of phrase ‘needle rape’ is so effective against the mentally ill Kabukians. If someone starts arguing with me about ‘everyone doing their part, getting the clot-shot to protect all of us,’ I sometimes call them needle rapists straight to their face. Sometime I have to say it twice for it to register. You can almost see smoke coming from their wiring. Point is some of these phrases you and others come up with are invaluable. we will place them into the public discourse until they become common sayings. Its a small thing we can do to destroy the sickness narrative, with derision and scorn. They don’t like their beliefs being mocked anymoar than their master does.

          • I Like your attitude, Norman Franklin.

            Also, your comment reminded me of a novel I once read, ‘To The Far Blue Mountains”


            My recollection of what his main characters faced, in a way, seems quite similar to what we are dealing with today.

            As Eric has often written, there’s no where else to go to, ‘cept maybe Mars?

            • Agreed helot, Even if we did go to mars we’d have the same fight on our hands. Might as well get it over with now so our grandkids don’t have to fight them out there.

    • They are definitely lying about how many Americans have been jabbed. Biden claims 75% have had at least one shot, but the statistics from Our World in Data (the daily vaccine tracker used by Google) says 63% of Americans have been single vaxxed. It may not even be that high, but 75% is an outright lie.

      • Just as a guess, let’s say 5/8 of those with 1shot also took the second one. That’s roughly 39 percent. I’d say 30-40 percent is a good estimate for the “fully vaxxed”

      • Hi Jim,

        Two months ago I would say that you were right. Right now, they are falling over themselves. My posse (the Familia) are some of the very few I know that have held out this long. My husband’s job (he is the last one standing other than his boss….who refuses to push it). His previous job, which he left knowing what was coming down the pike were all vaccinated last week….due to the “mandate”. Out of my clients I would say 85% have it. I only know of four that have not rolled up their sleeves, but I am certain there are a few more rebels out there. Even my sisters are contemplating it due to their jobs and the never ending scare tactics. It is closing in on 70% or it will shortly.

        As hubby and I discussed tonight, I can’t say that I am making the right decision, but I know that once I have the shot I can’t get it out. All I can do is trust in my immune system and if it is my time to go, it is my time to go. I am comfortable with that. This gal ain’t budging. The more they push the more stubborn I become.

        • That’s depressing to hear, RG, but I’m glad you and yours haven’t capitulated. I’m with you; the more they push, the more I’m determined not to get it!

  17. ‘A heavy carpet over the truth’ — eric

    Here is independent, third-party confirmation of an exasperating truth that Eric has written about again and again:

    ‘Copart specializes in auctioning wrecked cars that insurers have totaled. CEO Jeffrey Liaw said that insurers are totaling cars more quickly because technology has gotten so sophisticated that it might be too expensive to replace and recalibrate sensors in a minor fender bender. The current rise in prices gives insurers more incentive to total a car and let Copart auction it off rather than fixing it.

    “When it comes to insurance vehicles, more wrecked cars are drivable today. A car can be totaled because a rear sensor or front sensor or lane departure warning sensor on the mirror is knocked out, but the replacement and calibration is too expensive.

    “If you visited some of our yards, you would be astonished by some of the high-value Range Rovers and European vehicles on the lots that at least on their surface look perfectly good and perfectly functional — and in many cases are,” Liaw said.

    Source: Bloomberg via ZH

    A drivable car that gets totaled because of a damaged sensor is like a steak knife that needs a battery, an internet connection, and daily calibration with an oscilloscope: it is unfit for function.

    The auto industry has designed itself into a ditch of its own making. With a Big Gov monkey on its back, likely it will never drive out.

    Let it bleed.

  18. Next generation “vaccines” will be a narcotic guaranteeing total dependency on the part of the serfs. Drug addled violent criminals passing fake money -the usg fully becomes George Floyd.

  19. United Kingdom FOLDS on vaccine passports:

    Sajid Javid told the BBC today: “I am pleased to say that we will not be going ahead with plans for vaccine passports.”

    The Health Secretary said it was “absolutely right” of the Government to have looked into it, and that the idea will be “kept in the reserves” rather than implemented.

    Javid added that he “instinctively does not like the idea of people having to show passports to do basic things.” — thesun.co.uk

    The UK sometimes is a leading indicator for the US, as in the Brexit rebellion preceding the Trump rebellion in 2016.

    ‘Biden’ is going to fold. Sentiment is turning against him. We can kick his scrawny, senile ass to the curb and walk away.

    • Better tp kick his psychotic handlers to the curb first. None of this came out of what’s left of Creepy Joe’s mind.
      He also said this “So many countries, at the time they implemented it, was to try and boost their vaccination rates and you can understand why they might have done that,” which means he’s still playing the game. Since the vaccines don’t provide immunity, nor prevent transmission, there is no justification for such passports. The vaccinated are just as likely to be carriers as the unvaccinated.

  20. I think it is greed for the companies selling the poison and power to the control addicts. There is a thing called by some “the lust to govern” . Why else would we have so many rich old people in politics? It is their heroin.

    • France is a piece-of-shit Country and I swore never again to cross the border into that sump when it established an 80Km/h limit on all of its B roads. I may visit if Germany liberates the place again but I don’t put too much faith in that with Herr Merkel and her 4th Reich ruling the Fatherland.

      • Hi Doug,

        I will give the French credit for actually resisting the Sickness Tyrants. There have been massive protests, defiance of the “vaccine” passport regime. I wish more Americans would follow their example!

        • I think if Americans were a little more tolerant of being inconvenienced from time to time general strikes and protests might be more effective. As it is, if the protesters shut down the road to the Walmart shoppers are calling for the governor to call out the National Guard.

          • RK,

            Gotta disagree with your comment about protests shutting down roads…..the protesters doing so are cutting their own throats because that is how their food is delivered. Same for burning down one’s own neighborhood to protest AGW abuse. Useful idiots for the real fascists…..for protests to be effective, individuals must maintain the courage of their convictions and not give in to the constant hectoring by the media and politicians. Rational discourse has been rendered impossible. And BTW, for those of us who support the NAP, the current group of tyrants have already initiated violence, fraud and coercion. Just something to think about. When one stipulates that nobody wants violence, I think that is naive. The tyrants in power definitely want an excuse to round up all the productive, but independent, individuals who oppose the current junta and murder them all either in the ditch or in the camps. To quote a very old Frank Zappa song….It Can’t Happen Here…..(but it is).

  21. What’s it about?

    Total enslavement through incrementalism. One inch at a time then you’re at the edge of the cliff with nowhere to go. Well, we’re not there yet, but just the loss of freedoms I’ve witnessed in my lifetime is substantial.

    Then of course we have increased in areas of home schooling, gun ownership, homesteading, underground economies, nullification of federal laws at state and local levels. (Think medical/recreational marijuana laws.) The reason the DEA hasn’t steam rolled these dispensaries is they can’t. So all you back pillers who think “they’re rolling in with Abrams tanks and nukes, EMP strikes etc. if people stand up” are wrong.

    It’s not hopeless it just takes effort, courage, and working through the fear of failure. I hear so many worried about “false hope” whatever the hell that means, but seldom hear the same level of concern for false despair or fear. People are “getting it.” They are fed up with compliance to immoral orders from the fake masters. Maybe it’s a slow process but we didn’t get here overnight and I don’t expect it to correct any faster.

    All these fake elite special boys have is fear, trickery, posturing, threats. Don’t give in, ever.

    A Larken Rose classic worth looking at until it sinks in.


    • “It’s not hopeless it just takes effort, courage,” and sacrifice. We may get pushed back 100 years in our lifestyle, but my grandparents lived through those times. All four of them, and all died in their 80s. It can be done. Probably a lot more easily than one might think.

  22. The reasons for this circus have not the slightest thing to do with our health. Money for Pharma, and control by the state. The money for Pharma is obvious, the control by the state disingenuous. The vaxx passports have nothing to do with the vaxx, and everything to do with tagging us all with a means of control. The state would probably prefer to stamp our foreheads, if it wasn’t for that pesky Bible thing.

  23. I think you’re all giving them too much credit. I work on the edge of a huge multi-national bureaucratic (some day I need to get the spelling of bureaucracy right without autocorrect… must be a mental block) corporation. The problem is the mid-level “leadership,” they’re the true believers. They are the ones who keep those all-inclusive resorts in business. Their spouses or close family members are in the health care industry. They spend all day pouring over spreadsheets and adding “me too!” comments to the endless email chains. Then they go home and spend weekends out at the lake house or up at the cabin (that their parents or in-laws built back when land was still affordable). They’re the ones who constantly refinance their homes, have the giant campers, boats, and over-the-top holiday displays in the yard.

    These are the people who post the “Trust the Science!” stuff. They’re the ones who are happy to be told what to do, even when it is in conflict with what they see with their own eyes, because they gave up critical thinking (if they ever tried it) when they signed on. The job of a supervisor or manager is to implement the plan, even if they don’t agree with or understand the implications of it.

    While I do have some specific people in mind, I have to believe that all large businesses are full of these people. It seems to be the default. George Carlin’s obedient workers, people just smart enough to run the machine. Give them what they want for a low monthly payment and they’ll do anything. But deep down I think they are aware of the fact they’re all plate spinners, and any hint of a breeze will throw them all to the ground. So just do whatever needs to be done to get conditions back to where they were when they signed the loan paper, when they joined the rat race, when they made the future plans. Because it took an act of Congress to get forbearance, and that just pushed the last day even further out into the future. The bill is still due. The world was perfect before, and now it’s not. Make the world perfect again!

    As for the puppet masters, I have no idea what they’re about. I think they were pretty happy with the world the way it was too. They see game changing technological advancement as a threat to what they have. Especially when they want to roll out their version of it. Back in the 1990s everyone was going to have an “interactive TV,” where they could order Dominos and get baseball stats while watching. They all blew off the Internet as a kid’s toy. MTV online was an AOL keyword, not a domain name. Newspapers never recovered. Radio stations never recovered. Music labels are for musicians after they’ve succeeded. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are media companies with no content creators on the payroll. There’s a real threat to manufacturing with the rise of “desktop” 3D printing and affordable CNC mills. There’s robotic welders, and robotic concrete “printers.” This stuff is getting affordable for small businesses. If I can crank out replacement parts in my garage, why wouldn’t I? With screwed up supply chains the time advantage of mass production might not matter as much. So maybe along with that new brake caliper you get a little customization that makes it work a little better. That’s got to keep Daniele Schillaci (CEO of Brembo) awake at night. But what to do with the old factories? Can’t sell the tooling to China or Viet Nam any more, they’re building their own machine tools now. Latin America isn’t stable enough thanks to 100 years of screwing them over. And you can’t retool without risking the dividend anyway. So you’re stuck in a rut of your own creation. But oh, hey, there’s this chest cold virus that got out of the lab…

    Geez, that’s a long one.

    • OK ReadyKW,
      Here is my take on those sophomore managers with MBA’s your dealing with, I wrote this out of frustration many years ago:
      Twenty-seven years old with an MBA,
      The pedigree demands you listen today.
      Commander-in-chief of all they can see,
      With little respect for time and money.

      Pre-maturely promoted by managers,
      Now reaping the results of this disaster.
      Know-it-all planners and second guessers,
      Always complaining of the lessers.

      Claiming credit for all the success,
      Blaming others for the perceived mess.
      Micro-managing all the results,
      All the while casting ego filled insults.

      Threats and accusations are the tools,
      Used by these immature fools.
      But someday they will learn life’s lesson:
      How to motivate people in their profession.

      By treating people with respect,
      And working with them- not with neglect
      Allowing freedom to explore the boarders,
      Through creativity, reward and mission orders.

    • The result of a lifestyle financed by debt. One that they can’t really afford, as in beyond their means. “The way it used to be” no longer exists. The debt financed lifestyle is no more. As soon as this bubble pops, we’re on our own, as it should be. Your credit card is not a means of financing your lifestyle any more. You will have to produce, and sell your product.
      Having been in a supervisory role a number of times, I always considered my purpose to be making my subordinates job easier. Materials and tools on hand, prep work done, with clear instruction of the goal. It’s so simple even a college graduate could do it. If they ever managed to get beyond their own self promotion.

      • My current boss, while an incredibly toxic asshole, has that attitude. Problem is he’s showing up on enemies lists across the division. We’ll see if the department managers will continue to protect him. For now he has the upper hand because he has the knowledge to back up his attitude. But a year from now, when we’re finishing up the hardware upgrades to equipment that theoretically someone with a 80 IQ can “fix” will he still be needed? I’m fairly certain I’ll be looking for my table in corporate Valhalla by then.

      • There is a certain kind of person it will be very entertaining to watch when, all of a sudden, they are forced to learn to become productive members of society and do everything for themselves for a change. I hope to have plenty of popcorn stockpiled for when that happens.

  24. I believe there is more to it. By mandating the clot shots on Americans, the tyrant wannabes hope it will reduce the adults in the population. That is those who seriously believe in limited government (got to get rid of the trouble makers). I do believe that the so called vaccines will over time destroy one’s natural immunity and will make the common cold lethal. But in the end will solve the Social Security & Medicare looming financial crises ( if you know what I mean). BTW, all those illegals and so called refugees being flow in from Afghanistan and other 3 rd world countries, who do not have the clot shot required of them, they are our replacements. Because an ignorant population is far easier to RULE over.

    • I’ve forgotten where, but I read that all those “refugees” and “asylum seekers” are getting a dose of Ivermectin when the come in. May or may not be so. But would build upon your premise.

  25. The Income Tax is a perfect example of the if A then A1 conundrum. If the state has authority to tax your income, there is nothing stopping it from taking it all, except friction and gravity. Which are the only two reasons they haven’t taken it all. Both are prime functions of being hung.

    • A successful parasite is one that doesn’t cause undue harm the host. In fact the best parasites are the symbolic ones, like our gut bacteria. There’s a finely tuned relationship between the little critters and our intestine lining. When it gets out of balance (like when you die) the gut bacteria consume the host, but then die as well. If the IRS takes too much it will kill the productive economy, which is basically the only thing keeping the Republican Party in business. It is basically the mucus that prevents the bacteria from getting too far out of control. But then America eats Mexican for dinner and the bacteria get rowdy.

      • I think you meant symbiotic? In any case, we have more symbiotic bacteria cells, which are quite small, than we do human cells. We cannot live without these ideal parasites. We can live without the IRS. Much better in fact, for they are far from ideal. They are killing the host, it’s just a long drawn out death mitigated by debt.

  26. Besides precident and getting lifelong customers, a plausible explanation is this is a softening o the USA fora Chinese invasion. Medical system is breaking because doctors are quitting over the shot and some 30-40 percent of the military is going to quit or get court marshalled without a shot fired. Mass death this winter perhaps? Good time for them, and they already gloat about it. At least Jeff Nyquist and Joel Skousan are saying something to that effect

    • Hi Anchar,

      I don’t believe we have to worry about a Chinese invasion, they are already here. They control our airwaves, our sports leagues, our real estate, and our movie industry, not to mention the trillions they make a year selling their high priced junk through Amazon and Walmart, which Americans seem to eat up. Why pay an extra $2 for the Made in the USA label….hell it is just our neighbor’s job. We are truly some of the dumbest people on Earth. People are worried about a land invasion. Pfft. Land? They already own it. Take a look at the NYC real estate market and follow the land transfers.

      Pay special attention to the Chinese market. The numbers that are being reported are not aligning with their advertised growth. Their junk bonds will begin defaulting as the yields are pushing just south of 10%. Due to Trump’s tariffs this hit the Chinese market pretty bad. Many US suppliers moved their manufacturing to Vietnam, a country that does not have the infrastructure to take on the amount of business that they did. We are feeling it due to the mass of amount of backlogs for global supplies. This will take 3-5 years to improve. Americans need to reopen our manufacturing plants pronto if we hope to feed and supply our citizens.

      • Youre right 100%, but those 2 people mentioned advised China wants america with no americans. I dont think they will have success, especially inward of the coastal mountains on both sides but they may also make the majority of a un peacekeeping force as well and do it that way. They have been noted training with canadians and massing equipment in mexico some of which is crossing the border so who knows. Just something to keep in mind and be ready for anything! This winter will probably be wild if lots of people become allergic to regular cold and flu because of the clot sot

        • China wants America…and Americans.

          Invasion isn’t their style. They want a pliant, social-credit-dependent Herd of slaves. In particular, the CCP chiefs want a mass of on-demand blonde girls and hapa girls and other exotic varieties that aren’t so prevalent in the PRC. They just need to make sure the parents of said girls are entirely out of the picture, and that the girls have social-credit “kill-switches” implanted into their bodies, in order to guarantee unqualified obedience.

          The die-offs are only incidental to the primary purpose of the injections: to bottleneck the population to keep around only those who can physically tolerate the injectable tech, and who are psychologically amenable to slavery (sexual and otherwise).

          • ROFLMAO

            Yes, the Chinese men are attracted to an average size 14 girl with am American Boston, Southern, or Valley Girl accent and an IQ that corresponds to her boob size and a sassy feminist attitude to match. I am sorry I can’t stop giggling.

            Don’t you think if this is what the Chinese men wanted they would look in other countries, namely Sweden, Denmark, France, and Iceland?

            I cannot think of one Asian man that has any interest in an American woman unless she is from Asian descent.

            • You keep giggling, Raider Girl. Just getcho giggle on.
              Get giggly wid it. Sex is funny, and Asian people are too. They talk funny, huh? Teeheeheeheeheehee!

              • I have nothing disparaging to say about Asian people so stop insinuating that I do.
                I think it is funny that you think the Chinese wish to take over the US for our women, when there are significantly better looking and brighter women out there globally.

                • “when there are significantly better looking and brighter women out there globally.”

                  As with the value of Dollars, that’s subjective.

                  • I am not stating that there aren’t pretty American women out there, just that we are not known world wide for having them.

                    Ranking after ranking it is usually Russia, Japan, Sweden, Brazil, and France. America isn’t even in the Top 10.

                    I just felt that FP’s post was a bit off when referring to a Chinese take over for the reasons he declared.

          • The modern CCP is an outgrowth the technocratic regime, the company town system, that is desired by the Rockefellers et. al. What is being done in the USA is being done because the forces that have been with us for a 120+ years want it done.

            • I replied to your comment earlier with an affirmative and a reference to Dan Smoot’s book “The Invisible Government”. This comment seems to be gone now. I can’t believe Eric would’ve moderated it. Did you see it? Weird things have been happening to me and my internet facing devices lately.

              • “The Invisible Government”

                While formidable, surrounding us, and successfully convincing most with their Grand Illusions, The Bastards are not a reason to stop trying.

                Insert video of the woman who survived Communism in Europe, motioning a boxer, saying: keep fighting.

                Or, something similar to that.

                Turtles, all the way down.

              • There was some sort of glitch or crash. a bunch of comments were lost.

                I really don’t need to do any more reading on the forces that are out there. I got the gist of it all pretty good by now.

            • Absolutely right. The CCP was built up by the Rockefeller network specifically to pit against the US and advance the gang-countergang dialectic of statecraft that the Round Tables and Milner’s Kindergarten exacted to a science during the colonial era. Selling the U.S. body politic out to the CCP is just another step in the overarching plan. Just as the greed and venality of the U.S. government is being used to decimate the entire thing now, in the not-too-distant future so too will the Chinese system be corrupted through its functionaries in order to be subordinated to the Zionist final world-state.

        • It will be hard to take the mountains, but especially so in the Rockies.

          However, in between is mostly flat & mostly open country, rolling hills, very susceptible to tank assault. Could come up from New Orleans, and work their way north from there, or come down from Canada.

          Best defense against that would be to blow up the bridges on the Mississippi, Missouri, and Ohio rivers. This will slow them down & force them to choose to split their force, concentrate on one side, or build huge bridges on the fly, but the problem with that is that you also cut off your own supply & communications from east to west. If there is a simultaneous assault along both coastlines, this could prove to be highly problematic. Best hope there, is that they don’t actually have enough men/weapons to do all that at once (that would take a LOT or men & weapons, all at once).

          • China won’t invade. It won’t be necessary. The US masses will all be made dependent on the Social Credit Hive, and sold wholesale to its new Chinese masters. The US Internet-of-Bioslaves will integrate seamlessly into the extant Chinese Social Credit control grid.

            The US Herd will be China’s data colony, with the quisling domestic police state infrastructure enforcing the NWO’s commands on the ground, while Israeli Signals Intelligence manages the Hive-Mind Smart Cities from comfy chairs in Tel-a-Viv.

            It won’t take any men, or weapons. The handover won’t even be perceptible to most people, who will be so addled with injected chemicals and Augmented-Reality nano-bio-interface tech that they really won’t be human by the standards of you and me. If there are indeed holdouts and armed refuseniks in the Rockies, they will be besieged by the US Army and police enforcers (not a foreign invading force), who will be following orders coming down from an unknowable number of layers of chain-of-command.

  27. What is also serious is that nearly all of the medical “profession” has bought into the fraud.

    Recently, my primary care doc retired, and so far I’ve not been able to get a replacement – unless I’ve been jabbed.

    • However, health care workers are among the most vaccine resistant demographics. Perhaps because they are eye witnesses to the adverse events, which in many cases, if they don’t kill you, are quite horrible enough to make COVID comparable to hiccups. Doctors, on the other hand have mostly sold their souls to the Medical Industrial Complex, given little choice to do otherwise. A private practice is mostly a thing of the past. One or two doctors simply can’t afford to jump through all the hoops required to be jumped through.

  28. It’s hilarious in a sad kind of way to see packed college football stadiums, with 1% of them masked, and *statistically* one-third of them Jabbed (though definitely less in certain areas). Yelling, screaming, high-fiving, hugging, with complete strangers at their shoulders… Packed crowds at concerts too. I’m willing to bet Jason Aldean’s first concert since the plandemic in August had crowds of 90% unjabbed.

    It sure looks like a pandemic out there. We better force people to get jabbed…

  29. Before The Plandemic I tried enlightening some young adults about the concept of regulatory capture in the economic & health arenas, it didn’t take. They were convinced goobermint was all-serious about looking out for their best interests, the university system had done its job well.

    “The government will take care of things.”

    Regulatory capture, it still amazes me so many find that to be an impossible concept to grasp.


    • Indeed the government will take care of things, in its own favor, not yours. Medicine has been used repeatedly and extensively by incoming tyrants. And why not? It has been the recipient of accolades it does not deserve for generations, which all transfers nicely to Pharma. And Pharma and the state should demand testing of each other for STDs, they’re so close with each other. Medicine has been given, and taken credit for “saving lives”, which it has never done. It may lengthen one, or shorten one as it too often does, but nobody is getting out of this game alive.

  30. This is about coercion on a worldwide scale. And how do people feel about it? Most think it’s just fucking dandy. I 100 percent agree about precedent. If people can be convinced to do A they will do A, B and C.

  31. “People are fools if they believe that this is a one-time thing.” – EP. Absolutely!

    Thought experiment:
    If I can order you to take a medicine, why can’t I control your diet?
    If I can order you who to fire, why can’t I control who you hire? And in what quantity? And how much to pay each one?
    Why can’t I mandate how often to visit the Dr? And what type?
    Why can’t I mandate your amount of exercise?

    This is all predicated off the idea that you have a positive duty to others, which you do not.
    But if you did, I could come up with a theoretical reason to control every aspect of your life. And they will.

    • Damn right Dan!
      The syndicate wants a big prison full of downtrodden slave labor to serve their whims and wants.
      Ring a bell, the slaves get their overlord approved meatless rations.
      Ring the bell again, the underclass line up for their prozium II injections or whatever sick experiment is next on the docket.
      Ring that bell a third time and the eloi toil away at their assigned tasks to serve master.
      On and on it goes, the slave race destiny is fulfilled.
      Now pick up that can.

      • “Totalitarianism is not “down the road.” It’s not merely in politicians’ dreams. It’s not merely something one administration wants that can be undone by v*ting in a different bunch of liars, thieves, con artists, and slave-masters. It’s not merely a temporary condition that will be lifted once the current crisis (whichever current crisis is being used as the excuse) has abated. It’s here. It’s the new nature of our society and the everyday practice of our ruling class.

        The Encyclopedia Britannica (which I’m always surprised to find still exists) gives the cleanest, most straightforward definition of totalitarianism. It is a “form of government that theoretically permits no individual freedom and that seeks to subordinate all aspects of individual life to the authority of the state.”

        Benito Mussolini invented the term in the early 1920s, and further defined it as “all within the state, none outside the state, none against the state.”

        Read the whole Britannica entry. It’s short and very worthwhile. Its only great shortcoming (and it’s a doozy) is that it focuses solely on historic totalitarianisms. It doesn’t touch contemporary realities. It doesn’t address the role that technology plays in enabling total control.” …


        • I think I’m paraphrasing Frederick Douglass, “What tyranny you will accept is exactly how much you will receive”. It’s the nature of all government to seek tyranny. It’s perpetually ready to inflict it at every opportunity. The ink was barely dry on the US Constitution before the Sedition act was imposed, limiting free speech.
          What has baffled me for many years is that if asked, most if not nearly all will agree that politicians are liars. And yet will vote for one, and if they win will believe everything they say.

  32. Event 201 – October 2019 – the “war gaming” of a global “pandemic”. Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Chinese gov’t officials, et al. It goes WAY beyond $$. Most of the attendees probably wipe their butts with 1000 dollar bills.

    They even gave out cute stuffed toys!


    • Hmmm….once again I cannot ignore the coincidences. Oh…and since its the 20th Anniversary of 9/11….it wasn’t A-rabs that did it. Ask old Lucky Larry…he even admitted whodunit. That’s right…the 2 percent. Oi vey!!! Can’t point it out or be an antishemmmmmite. Please. Wake up!!! The Rothschilds rule the world through the banking system!! Even out Founding Fathers knew this…and wrote a Constitution to help guide the future. Heck, there was even a few Founding Fathers that wanted to ban the 2 percent from coming here. Call me an antishemmmmmite at your own peril you ignorant sheep. They want you all dead!

        • Hi Anon,

          I defend individuals; whether someone is a Jew or a Muslim or black or white or male or female is incidental if they are sound, as an individual. If they are humane and reasonable and rational. If they want only to live – and let live. I ask no more of any individual and expect no less. As a white male, I feel far more kinship for Larry Elder or Thomas Sowell than I do for Gavin Newsome or Ralph Northam. As someone who was raised Presbyterian, I feel far more in tune with someone like Murray Rothbard.


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