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Classic Cars

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Ode to the Carburetor

Once upon a time, there was a simple mechanical device that fed fuel to your car's engine. It had no electrical hook-ups, was not dependent on sensors nor controlled by a...

Numbers vs. Names

New cars lack a certain something. But what is that something? What's changed that's made them less emotionally involving - and more appliance-like? Herewith some thoughts along those lines: * Liters vs. cubic inches...

Some Things To Know About Muscle Cars… Before You Buy One

Owning an old muscle car can be a lot of fun. But it's not all fun - and you ought to know what you're getting yourself into before you get yourself into...

Doomed: Lincoln Blackwood (2002)

When something works once, it's reasonable to assume it might work again. Then again, maybe not. Back in the late '90s, Ford's Lincoln division managed to outsell crosstown rival Cadillac almost entirely on...

The First is Last . . . Again

In about two years from now, the Ford Mustang will be the last new car of its type still on the market - a fitting thing, given it was the first...

Why Muscle Cars – The Original Ones – Still Rule

A new V-6 Mustang or Camaro gives you about 100 more hp than the V-8 in my Trans-Am put out when it left the Norwood, Ohio line back in the spring...

Manual Transmissions: Tomorrow’s 8-Tracks?

There are two things pushing the manual transmission off the stage - or at least, off to the sidelines: First, there is government pressure - lots of it - that's got the...

Great Engines of Yesterday

Modern car engines are hard to fault... objectively. They start immediately - even when it's 15 degrees out. They rarely stall out - leaving you dead in the water in the...

Muscle Car Classics of the ’80s… Get ‘Em While You Still Can (Afford ‘Em)

Back around 1980, the now-legendary, much-coveted and Big Bucks muscle cars of the 1960s and early 1970s were just tired old cars; common sights at seedy used car lots - and...

Premature vs. “Planned” Obsolescence

You may have heard the term, planned obsolescence. It refers to the policy of General Motors (and others) back in the '50s and '60s to egg-on the purchase of new cars...
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