PA “Hero” Murders… Cat

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We’ve all read about Hero Cops murdering people’s dogs, but now they are gunning for cats, too:

 This incident was reported back in January of this year by WFMZ news:

Members of the community protested because they say the cat wasn’t sick or injured, he just slipped out of the house and when a neighbor called police to help get the cat to his rightful owner, they said the officer shot him. “Justice for Sugar” is the name of this Facebook page and what a packed house at the North Catasaqua council meeting is demanding, after they say Tom Newhart’s cat was shot and killed by a police officer in the borough. Protesters stood outside holding signs, while others inside voiced their opinions at the borough’s council meeting Monday night. They are urging officials to fire officer Leighton Pursell and they want the chief of North Catasauqua’s Police Department to step down. District Attorney John Morganelli has opened an investigation.

Open an investigation is exactly what he did. Putting off the public and the family till today. Strangely a mere week after he was up for election for attorney general of Pennsylvania (he did not get elected, thankfully). Despite an incredible outcry from the public and even more than double the number of signatures needed to get an official response (100,000 needed, they got 244,000) .

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Well finally today it was announced that no charges will be filed against the trigger-happy Hero. Instead, the Hero will receive a citation equivalent to a jaywalking ticket. He will not lose his job or even face probation for opening fire on a defenseless cat in neighborhood, a few feet from houses. The Official Justice For Sugar page has made a full statement. Here is a quote from the full response:

First, the stories of those involved changed significantly after the investigation started and the case gained a lot of attention. When the neighbor who called the police initially spoke with Mr. Newhart and the local news, he stated that Sugar did not appear injured. He said Sugar never made any aggressive movements towards anybody. He never said that he saw a blood trail, or that Sugar was unable to walk, or that she appeared to be in pain, as he later told the investigator and as DA Morganelli said at the press conference. His account of the incident was drastically different when he later spoke with police. One has to wonder why it changed so much, and why it changed to be so similar to Officer Pursell’s version, and what the real story is. It should also be noted that, despite mentioning injuries on more than one occasion, DA Morganelli again admitted that the veterinary examination did not find any significant injuries to Sugar, other than a gunshot wound.



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  1. What a libertarian blog owner will someday look like to emerging hypothetical future non-statists still in their infancy who never imprinted on the state like we all did thanks to pioneering people in the past like us. We didn’t know it at the time, but we did it all for tomorrow’s chilllllldren…

    “I love fast vehicles and blogging from my Mac at Starbucks and dancing to Mencken throw me in the woods woohoo!”

  2. There is hope for autistic statist borg machinists.

    First stop beating your head against the statist machinery.

    Then find your suppressed emotions and humanity and unlock it piece by piece.

    You do not exist for others. You needn’t concern yourself with what other autistic miscreants will say if you stop hating other autistic tribes that venerate Bernie Sanders and socialism, or whatever else.

    When the wealthy, learned, accomplished autistic savant tells you what to do so you can be a free and happy autistic savant, just smile and nod and be patient. And throw a few bucks towards the cause and be of good cheer. Because even a being who is only far less autistic than the average, is still as good of a starting point as any.

    You know that you needn’t be a Borg at all. That you needn’t care how you measure up to the diktats of the Borg collective of any kind. There is no good cube worth your time and effort. The way to be free is to stop being a Cubist altogether.

    Sure be a Cube Critic if you like. Be an expert and appreciative fan even. If possible, learn how to solve each permutation of the Autistic social borg cube, and teach others as well. Just always learn how you yourself are flawed. And don’t fall for the trap of grading yourself on any curve. Because accepting curve coordinates instead of absolute objectivist coordinates will mean you never transcend and emerge from the cubic construct itself.

    Carlys Story of Autism is a lot like your Story Of Autism-Statism Spectrum Disorder

  3. It’s evident nobody is trying to understand this from the occifers view. First off, he was very disappointed it wasn’t at least a dog and preferably a pit bull but the disappointment runs much deeper than that. He’s had his siights(sic)set on a human for a long while and hasn’t really had the chance he desires to kill one and be the clearcut hero. He’s just a lonely cop, from out of town, just needing to shoot something no matter it’s just a few feet from homes. When all you have is a hammer…….

    • With all due respect, you don’t know what it’s like out there for our brave badgebearing bluebloods. That might have been one of them pitcats.

      – – –
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      Although she made some progress after years of intensive behavioral and communication therapy, Carly remained largely unreachable as planned. Then, at the age of ten, when the Medical Mafiosos had made about 10 million off of her condition, she had a breakthrough and they had to transfer over to the Media Mafia, so they could make more millions talking about her unexpected “cure.”

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      There’s always more than one way to skin and fleece a cat.

      Young Autistic Pakled Carly says I is smart.

      Be sure to pity her unthinkingly. And keep in mind all the brave medical heroes who work so hard on her behalf, because they care. This is a special case, autism can’t be mostly a contrived condition, because science.

      Carly’s Blog

      Autistic girl’s adorable talk with millionaire autistic celebrity Channing Tatum


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