Steroid Jacked Chicago Hero Brutalizes Girl

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My roommate was the victim of police brutality last night in Chico, CA. They were sober and outside her home. The officer abused them, both verbally and physically, and then sent her to jail for a “broken tail light” that wasn’t broken at all. It’s one thing to see this on the news but it’s another to have it happen to people that you’re close to. This officer MUST have his badge removed at all costs. If ANYONE knows of a good lawyer/a way for my friend to receive legal aid I would be so incredibly appreciative. Also sharing this video and making it go viral would help enormously. Seriously, just a share is all I need. Please help.


According to testimony given in the video, the two young women were on their way home when they spotted a police interaction. The girl seen being abused in the video decided to stop and film it, as was her right and moral duty.

However, the Heroes do not care much about rights or morals. The Hero followed the two women home from the scene of the interaction they filmed. Upon arrival the officer pulls over and attempts to detain the victim against her will and with no justifiable cause. He continues to escalate his violence as the woman filming sobs and begs for answers and an end to the violence.

A second officer arrives to handle her while the first officer finishes abusing and then arresting the victim. At the end of the video he tells the crying lady that this was all over a broken taillight. According to Genna, the taillight was in fact fully operational.

The motive for this violence is obvious – retaliation.

Violence is blue privilege.



  1. Hi Sic,

    Bike Clovers (usually Harley guys, typically with flags and teddy bears, etc.) particularly pain me. A biker ought to know better. And it’s so easy to just wave someone around.

    • eric, in the movie Bad Grandpa(Johnny Knoxville) he goes to a hotel/bar where this group of Harley riders are riding for “chilluns” of some sort or affliction, negligence maybe or the ones that didn’t get a little Harley for x mas.

      It was typical of what I’ve seen. A bunch of old guys and some not so old guys(virtually no young guys)”riding for a cause” but with full regalia Harley style, full big gut, beards and vests and jackets with “good” names. Most look a few heartbeats away from cardiac arrest but it’s clearly the old man version of dick measuring they should have grown out of decades ago, no doubt lots of embellished Harley stories and probably some with six figures tied up in bike and regalia and mods, etc……not counting the Class A RV ‘s with trailer the wife drives infrequently when the old man unloads the bike for a while.

      Somewhere not far away are probably most of their wives and the hotel staff is probably increased to get them to their room when they’ve had too much and can’t make it on their own. These are the riders you’ll never see alone. If one stopped and his bike fell over it takes the rest of them to stand it back up. I helped do this one day at a stop light. Probably somebody makes a hidden outrigger that comes out each side at a certain speed and retracts upon takeoff, just like the pickup steps that come out when you open the door(those are nice nice nice)and pull back to the cab when you put it in gear.


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