AGWs and the Pederast Priest Parallel

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An ABC News affiliate reports that an armed government worker named Michael Pessoa has been indicted on various criminal charges relating to abuse of his Authoritah… and it only took 17 years.

Pessoa, an AGW in Fall River, MA has been “serving” for that many years – notwithstanding the multiple complaints and “incidents” preceding the ones that finally resulted in something being done about him.

Once again, note the Pederast Priest Parallel.

Like Father McFeely, who gets transferred by the bishop to a new parish after being caught with Little Johnny in the confessional booth, armed government workers are shuffled around, placed on “administrative leave” (paid vacation) and otherwise mum’s-the-word until everything quiets down.

Once it does, they’re back on the streets.

It typically takes something especially egregious that can’t be shoved under the rug before a serial abuse  – either sort – finally results in these defective humans being taken out of circulation.

This Pessoa creep is charged with filing false reports – i.e., framing people for “crimes” they didn’t commit –  and brutalizing people, three of whom had to be taken to the hospital to for treatment.

It’s great that Pessoa has been indicted. Finally.

But it’s a shame that it took 17 years.

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  1. Eric, in my view, your analogy fails.

    Little Johnny is not forced to be associated with Father McFeeley. His parents do not have to push little Johnny to be an altar boy or otherwise be in the presence of any priest.

    As an empirical matter, how many priests do the following:

    (1) beat boys to within an inch of their lives;

    (2) administer billy clubs upside the heads of boys;

    (3) taze boys;

    (4) taze boys with death resulting;

    (5) beat confessions out of boys;

    (6) deprive boys of their constitutional rights;

    (7) prevaricate, with impunity, and under the color of law;

    (8) feed at the public trough;

    (9) enjoy immunity; and

    (10) become a public employee union member

    Just because a priest played with Peter’s pee-pee does not thereby ruin Peter’s life. We all know what can happen when a cop plays with Peter’s life.

    We should understand the difference.

      • How are doing? I have not visited in a while.

        My view is informed by my intense disdain for our snowflake society, victimization as status symbol, and the enemies of the Catholic church. Mix in my “appreciation” for the AGWs and there you have it.

        The enemies of the Catholic Church tend to be the enemies of liberty and progressive fellow travelers. The enemies? The Boston Globe, the NYT, the Washington Post, the LA Times, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, HuffPo, the academy, the first, second, third, and fourth waves of feminism, the metoo mafia, et al.

        The only other thing I can remember where we have differed was O.J. (it was only after his acquittal and his descent into self-centered decadence that I became convinced that he was a murderer whereas, IIRC, you thought that his frequent beatings of his former wife, coupled with the brutal manner in which she was killed and the evidence promulgated by the MSM, could lead to only one conclusion).

        BTW, I am a retired Catholic who, as a boy and young adult, served as an altar boy, CCD teacher, et al, and never once experienced or saw any funny business. To be sure, I did not fit the profile as both parents were at home, my father was active in the church, and he was a prominent businessman / lawyer.

        • Hi Mike,

          I used the pederast priest scandal as a reference point; to make what I hoped was a worthwhile analogy about an organization covering up the deeds of insiders. My attitude toward the Church per se is ambivalent. On the one hand, respect for learning, the worth of the human individual, freedom of conscience, beautiful architecture and tradition. On the other, suppression – torture and murder – of “heretics” as well as the deliberate attempt, at times, to keep the masses in a state of illiterate stupefaction.


          So many shades of gray…

          • Yes, the parallel to which you advert, i.e., the organization covering up the misdeeds of its rank and file, works. Its just the pack of pachyderm in the parlor that must always be noted: the application of the NAP to the subject at hand.

            Father McFeeley “making” little Johnny watch him wanking off just can’t hold the athletic supporter of little Johnny being beaten by an AGW.

            In the summer of 1995, I remember reading a Boston Sunday Globe magazine story about a “victim” of one of the Massachusetts priest pederasts. The man was 15 when the priest “forced” him to touch the priest’s pecker. No sodomy, no oral sex, just two incidents where he stroked the priest’s penis.

            At the time of the Globe article, the man was 45. He insisted that his life had been ruined by the priest and that he had suffered irreparable emotional damage. Is this the timber of a well adjusted, mature, rugged individual?

            Sorry, no tears.

            • Hi Mike,

              I hear you. And I have a story, which will probably get me in trouble… again. But what the hell!

              When I was 14 and in 9th grade, a very hot (and appx. 26 year old) Earth Science teacher made it very clear she was… available. I wish, wish, wish I hadn’t chickened out. And I assure you, I would not have been “traumatized” by the encounter. I would have been the envy of all my friends!

              • Did this ‘nice’ ES teacher have, er, good geology? Did she come with uh, NATURAL wonders in the right places? Sorry, I couldn’t help myself!

  2. Comes a day when it ain’t gonna take seventeen years. A cop flucks up and he taken out soon by pissed off victim or their family and friends.

    • Ron Paul’s been warning about “blowback” forever. I don’t think it’s a stretch to apply this to cops.

      Of course, blowback is exactly what the neocons want, throw Trump in their with them since he surrounded himself with such. The rest of us don’t get rich off foreign wars nor bad cops.

      Jesse Ventura has said forever seems like, what I have said forever, voting for a Republican or Democrat is the same thing, you’re just feeding the fire. If you look at the laws that keep other parties from forming it’s not hard to see they have a lock on the entire system, just like judges, cops, and prosecutors not to mention bailbondsmen who are the worst offenders in trying to reform the JustUs system.

  3. And cops are only one type of government employee that victimize kids. At least most people aren’t Catholic (or other denominations) or have contact or run in’s with police. But almost everybody has to endure some time in a public “school”. The number of victims is probably many many times both priests and cops, just because there are far more of them.

    A principal in a school that I know calls it “passing the trash” when it comes to teachers moving on after committing crimes (but not being caught). He claims he hates it, but he does it too. Teachers are rarely prosecuted too.

    There is a reason why so many criminals end up in government “work”…….

  4. And the numerous other “good cops” that knew about Pessoa for all these years (these characters do not operate in a vacuum) and did nothing, is proof that there is no such thing as a “good cop”. Actually, they are worse than Pessoa.


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