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Conspiracy . . . or Merely Convenient?

Many new cars are optimized for ethanol - "flex-fuel" compatible is how it's usually described. The problem, of course, is that a majority of cars in service are not optimized for...

Another Measure of How We’ve Been Gypped (and Fooled)

Before I write a new car review, I like to do some background research - which helps provide context and hopefully makes the published review informative. Well, I found some interesting...

Pontiac GrandVille convertible, 1971-1975

The sudden demise of the Catalina convertible in 1972 left Pontiac with just one capital ship convertible in its inventory - the mighty (but short-lived) GrandVille. It was basically a two-door version...

The Electric Suicide of Harley-Davidson

Imagine a Harley that doesn’t vibrate. No bark through the straight pipes when you push the starter button. No nothing through the pipes - which aren't there anymore. There is no starter...

Retro Review: AMC Marlin Fastback Coupe, 1965–1967

Pontiac's GTO, which appeared in 1964, had every other American automaker rushing to cash in on the emerging youth market for big-biceped intermediate muscle coupes— including AMC. AMC, however, decided on a...

Pepe le Pew . . . On Wheels

Other than the captive nations of the former Soviet boc, no one built consistently awful - or downright bizarre - automobiles better than France's Big Three: Citroen, Renault and Peugot. Thankfully, we've...

In the rearview: Pontiac Aztek

Well, it wasn't a bad idea. Then again, neither was the Titanic. The great ship ended up at the bottom of the ocean as the result of a lethal combination of bad judgment,...

A Sabot in the Gears?

People sometimes accuse me of being a technophobe or even a Luddite because of my critiques of modern vehicles. But it's not fear of technology that drives me. It's cost-benefit analysis. Increasingly, the costs...

1974–1978 Mustang II, Cobra II, and King Cobra

By 1974, the muscle car frenzy of the 1960s had petered-out like an all-night kegger at sunrise. After a ten-year bender with 100-octane leaded premium and 300-horsepower V-8 engines, Ford Motor...

When Clovers Kill (Or Try To)

You may have seen the video. A guy on motorcycle, girlfriend riding along, blitzes by some cars. Well, he tried to. An aging psychopath in the lead car by the name of...
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