Thursday, June 24, 2021

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    News/Other Stuff

    News, general interest stuff

    Free Shit Army on the Move

    Widespread looting reported in Atlantic City Looters who hit Angela Jones’s house on New Hampshire Avenue were thorough. They took three flatscreen TVs, raided her medicine cabinet and her son’s closet and overturned...

    Obama Supporter Chimps on Romney Sign

    Keep Obama in President! WSMV Channel 4

    Homeowner’s Association Targets Boy’s Fort

    A homeowner's association in Texas is trying to tear down a nine-year-old boy's fort. Aren't you proud to be an American - where at least you know you're free?

    Hero Cop Tazes Ten-Year-Old For Refusing to Clean Squad Car

    Cop Tasers 10-Year-Old Boy For Refusing to Clean Patrol Car Steve Watson Oct 30, 2012 A state police officer in New Mexico is being sued after he allegedly Tasered a child in a school...

    16 Year Old Pays Price For “Officer Safety”

    Tragic story by Curt Williams over at CopBlock: The story of Andrew Messina has been making its rounds via the MSM and it’s about time. Andrew is becoming a household name...

    Free Shit Army Lieutenant Arrested

    After being rescued:

    The Free Shit Army…

    Is surely massing... any predictions as to where it will appear first after Frankenstorm makes landfall?

    Unhappy Porker

    Its porcine primitive circuits get fried by cop-blocker!


    A wrestler takes care of bidness:

    Hero Cops: We’re Gonna Violate Some Rights!

    Secretly recorded audio of New York's Swinest in Action:
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