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Your Carb on Ethanol

It isn't pretty. I hadn't done more than minor adjustments and external cleaning of my '76 Kz900's carburetors in probably ten years. The bike only sees about 500 miles of road time in...

Some Therapy

Sometimes brakes stop you - from going. It happens when the brake calipers clamp onto the rotors and don't let go. This happens, typically, because the pistons inside the calipers have gotten...

Rx’ing the REX

I bought my ZRX1200 brand-new, back in '03. It seems like yesterday - but it was a lot longer ago than yesterday that I gave the front end a good going-over. Thank...

An Ode To Two Strokes

Regulars here know I'm in the process of restoring an old Kawasaki motorcycle - a 1975 S1C Triple. I love the bike's lines and looks - but I also admire its...

1975 Kawasaki S1 Rebuild: Installment Six

The Triple is back on its feet, so to speak! After a lot of scrounging, I was finally able to locate a set of tires for the bike. One thing I...

Safety… Defined For You By Someone Else

One of the problems with "safety" laws is they amount to someone else's cost-benefit analysis. Someone else's favoring of more this vs. less of that. Someone else' determination that the Pros...

I’ve Got a Golden Ticket

I use the bike as my Willie Wonka golden ticket to get me away from/around anything annoying – and to a better place. Nothing – nothing – beats a speedy bike...

Poor Man’s Chrome

Chrome is pretty - and pretty expensive. Especially if you're paying to have stuff plated vs. just buying chrome-plated stuff. Go price what it'll cost to have a cam cover or...

Reader Question: Home for Old Kaw?

Here's the latest reader question, along with my reply! Fred asks: I've been a reader for years (but a slacker on donations). I used to have the handle 3DShooter somehow it got...

Making a New (or Just New to You) Bike Your Own

What are some common weak points of the "as it sits" new bike? And how do you go about making a bike right - for you? * Factory seats - The stock saddle...
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