Heroes Just Make it Up As They Go

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Belligerent Heroes hassle and threaten a man for taking video on a public sidewalk:

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  1. Yep – they do make it up as they go. Last night (against my better judgement/better shows as it normally sickens me) I watched Highway Patrol, which tends to side on the police.

    They pulled up a guy near his home, against S. 92 of Oz’s Constitution (Free and unhindered travel). Although video wasn’t shown of the actual stop, the cops reckoned he wasn’t complying to their orders and maced him – all for “unregistered vehicle”. He was surrounded by at least 4 cop cars.

    Then the father came over and interjected and correctly told the cop he had to have a reason to pull him over in the first place. The cop said he doesn’t need a reason! I got rather miffed because certain judges in the Melbourne Supreme Court have recently set precedents otherwise. It’s a 798 year old principle of Common Law Rights.

    Private conveyances have no requirement of “registration” since roads are constructed under “Fee Simple”, monies come from all public taxes and therefore roads are owned by the public.

    “Vehicle” is a purely commercial term and “Driving” as per every law dictionary on the planet is defined as a paid profession, which on publicly owned roads are enforceable and therefore require registration, licences etc.


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