Hero Sadists Laughing About Their Deeds

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This one’s for Common Sense:

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  1. I doubt that people such as the guy going by the nic, ‘Common Sense’ can understand what’s going on in this video, the whole “us” vs. “them” mindset which comes across really well under the tent when the copHead is addressing his ‘troops’ in contrast to the lady in the red dress.

    The conditioning the guys under the tent have gone under to get to this point – to be able to laugh at shooting at a woman – is the same conditioning soldiers go under, only less so. Which is kind of scary.

    It’s likely you won’t Ever hear an ex-soldier or cop stand up in that tent and say, “No, that was wrong.” Their conditioning just doesn’t allow that to happen.

    The more conditioned they are, the more they go along with it. It’s human nature, just like Pavlov’s dogs. That whole The Milgram experiment ya know?


    • That video very nicely reveals the way cops, like soldiers (increasingly the same things) regard us as “indigs” – shit on their shoes, literally. They hold us in contempt.

      It’s become so obvious you have to be deliberately oblivious – or some sort of willful apologist – to not acknowledge its reality.


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