Heroes Experience Blowback

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Russian Heroes experience some of what they dish out:

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  1. Lida Pankiv inserted herself between Berkut riot police and a group of protesters, hoping prevent a clash between the two. One of the police officers overheard Pankiv dictating her number to a friend. A few hours later he sent the woman a text message, asking for her hand in marriage. “I stood in front of you with a shield last night, I realized I want to marry you,” he wrote.


    After a night at the Kiev protest, Lida Pankiv received a marriage proposal from one of the Berkut policemen.

    “First you will have to lower your shield,” she responded.


  2. Photos of the former president of Ukraine’s residence.

    Restoration of 2004 Constitution Approved

    – So let’s see, we roll back America to 2004, we get rid of the Affordable Care Act, Patriot Act, NDAA, and lots of other unpopular legislation since that time. Force the ouster and hold trials for some of the treasonous top members of both sides of the aisle?

    All that just for 3 months of outdoor living and blockading of DC and other power centers? Maybe the sacrifice of a hundred people who die from random sniper fire?

    Might be a plan.

    • Dear Tor,

      Re: Ukraine

      Not much to cheer about. As free market anarchists, we know that no government is “good.” Some governments are merely “less bad” than others — at the moment. Who knows how far they will degenerate in the future?

      For example, even those of us who began predicting Amerikan fascism 20 years ago, can’t quite believe the transformation has already happened.

      The Ukraine government is almost certainly “less bad” that what Washington hopes to replace it with. Just look at what happened in nation after nation after Washington engineered “regime changes.” Iraq after Saddam has been a catastrophe.

      It’s hard to work up much enthusiasm for the fall of one government, if one knows that Washington is behind it, and will without fail, replace it with something far worse.

      • Well the first thing I have to do, is not crawl up into the comfy armchair and wax philosophical like I’m a federally protected spectator or club member. Things are at high defcon for me and my safety here, regardless of Ukraine’s outcome.

        I can stay in my hidey hole, or go out into the Soviet Gangsters Paradise that is this conglomeration of 2 million Las Vegan Zombie Statists. And bow and scrape and paste on my servile grin for all the tyrants, great and small.

        I’m calm now, and can see the lighter side of all these talking animals I live with here again. BBC – Funny talking animals

        I know my place and status. I can be either exceptionally productive and prudent, or a recipient of my family’s largess. Or I can be a debased mongrel and faceless cannon fodder broke ass ho. A plaything for all manner of social engineers. A warfare-welfare animal conditionally housed in their grandiose zoo.

        It’s just not feasible, to relax here, like it is in Mexico, Canada, Australia, Taiwan, Great Britain, Germany, and other places where things are relatively stable and not in currency collapse crisis mode.

        No excuses though, I will make the scholastic effort.

        The latest RT segment I saw, shows Eastern Ukraine as about 20 independent balkanized fiefdoms under local control. And Western Ukraine as unified under whatever Kiev has planned for the future.

        Washington likes toppling statues. They like stealing gold. Both of those objectives have been met, so “Mission Accomplished.” I am skeptical that they have a tailor made reality in store for Ukraine. They’re just going to do their usual, off the rack, machinations we’ve all seen.

        Occupy DC and the Tea Party groups did set up encampments, and demand action by the Capitol and Obama administration. I’ve watched hours of video on it. It was hardly an intellectual exchange. It was the same sort of primate behavior you’re seeing in Kiev. Same Apes, different Longitudes is all.

        Kiev Post Situation Analysis

        I think that Yulia Tymoshenko chick is dangerous. She is totally MUBAR. Monarched Up Beyond All Recognition. I can see the spittle flying as she calls for sealing the borders and bringing the evildoers to justice. She is stuck on Stalinistic Stupid now.

        Fun fact, Iosif Dzhugashvili chose the name Stalin for himself, and Anglo-Helots don’t realize how hilarious it is.

        Stalin, in Russian, literally means “steel.” I mean, that’s a real screamer, calling yourself “Steel” and having everyone accept it with a straight face. Maybe Zoolander isn’t just a comedy, maybe Derek Zoolander is loosely based on Joseph Stalin?

        “I guess the look I’m best known for, is Blue Steel” Ben Stiller – Zoolander

        • Dear Tor,

          “I think that Yulia Tymoshenko chick is dangerous. She is totally MUBAR. Monarched Up Beyond All Recognition. I can see the spittle flying as she calls for sealing the borders and bringing the evildoers to justice. She is stuck on Stalinistic Stupid now.”

          The PTB are shrewd to back someone with her outer appearance.

          But discerning people, who hopefully include libertarians, should of course look beyond the undeniably attractive packaging. This after all, is SOP in statist politics.

          Aung San Suu Kyi is another “champion of democracy” and darling of the Wilsonian imperialists. Her attractive physical appearance is also a significant factor in her image and appeal.

  3. @Bevin: re TSA and LEO body cavity searches:

    The new Soviet Americans are blind to their servitude. They are deluded into thinking that shattering their patriarchy has enriched and elevated them when the opposite is clearly true in most cases.

    ‘muriKans cackle about their superior rights and statuses in exactly the same way the Soviets once did. The American ideals and Communist ideals each enjoy the similar stature to the world at large. Both Soviets and muriKans are seen to endure abuses heaped upon abuses such that neither has a shred of credibility whatsoever. Both are seen as systems that are all Hat and no Cattle.

    Under patriarchy, authorities only deal with the head of the family or tribe. They wouldn’t dare lay their hands on a citizen, his womenfolk, or children. That’s a surefire way to get dead real fast. This system is under attack from all quarters of the PTB. Once this dies, they know they can increase their predations beyond measure.

    Concurrent with patriarchy, there is of course matriarchy, where a widow or other woman holds the seat of power, and is dealt with in exactly the same way as the patriarch.

    Also there were free women, usually unmarried wealthy noble women, entertainers, courtesans, and other wealthy women with significant property in their own households who also enjoy the dignity and rights of a patriarch.

    Rape of Lucretia

    The rape of noblewoman Lucretia was a starting point of events that led to the overthrow of the Roman Kingdom and establishment of the Roman Republic. As a direct result of rape, Lucretia committed suicide. And there were no more kings in Roman held territory.

    Rape of Lucretia

    Rape – wikipedia entry

    American governance is a type of sexual assault involving virtual sexual intercourse, which is initiated by one or more persons in power against other persons without that person’s consent.

    The act may be carried out by physical force, coercion, abuse of authority or against a person who is incapable of valid consent, such as one who is without legal standing, indebted, unconscious, incapacitated, or having an infantilized mind which leaves them below the legal age of consent at any age.

    The term staterape can be used interchangeably with the clinical term sexual assault.

    – essentially, Americans live in a Rapocracy. 317 million people under constant fear of how much more, and in how many more ways, are they going to be raped and made sport of by their captors and rulers.

    “I admitted I was a helot, a rapeslave, and that I was powerless over my own life.” That is the first admission we all must make, if we are to relearn how to live freedom.

  4. I am dying tweeted volunteer doctor Olesya after being shot by a sniper

    She has died says twitter

    Olesya would have told you not to accept your slavery.
    She would have asked you to rise up and stop giving 70% of your economic production to your national plantation system.
    Stop consenting to their rules about what you can and can’t do.
    Stop living in fear of their guns, cages, and ministers of lies and deceptions.

    You were not meant to be slaves.

    Stop being afraid to be free.

      • Ugh. The three amigos. Secret meetings and treaties. Dark and evil stuff.
        Prole-itics as usual.

        The Truth About Slavery: Past, Present and Future – S. Molyneux

        In the year 0 AD 1/2 of the Roman empire were slaves. 3/4 of the Greek empire were slaves. As many as 1/2 of the early arrivals of white people in America were slaves. Only 6% of southern whites owned black slaves.

        European white people have been slaves throughout history. The native Americans owned various tribes as slaves before any Europeans arrived in America.

        Perhaps most Americans are surprised we’ve been allowed to graduate from slave to helot status. We’re even permitted to own insignificant consumer goods and slave quarters. And for most people, that is enough to keep them from rebelling.

        • @Tor- Our massa’s have learned much over the past few hundred years. Now they make us pay for our own clothing, tracking devices, room, board and healthcare while draining out our production. It is the Wall Street way.

          • Dear Garysco,

            The massas are having a field day. Everyone’s a nigger now. Pitiful self-loathing niggers too. They’d rather find reasons why they deserve to be slaves, than to make the effort to rebel.

            They actual imagine they can make their slavery more equitable and just. More healthy and sustainable. They fail to see how English is a commoners tongue and slaves language, and that the purpose of every concept and word is to restrain and incarcerate their minds.

            If Obama passed an executive order saying everyone had to suck dick on command of any bureaucrat or first responder, then they’d complain.

            But Obama tells America smoking, junk food, promiscuity, illiteracy, truancy, and gambling is bad and is being restricted and taxed at a higher rate. Well that’s great news to them. It’s about time the good slaves are rewarded and the bad slaves are punished.

            As long as their slavery involves something that’s sold as being for their own good, they fucking love it. As long as they’re first world slaves with a higher purpose than the lowly third world slaves, they are glad to submit to tyranny.

            Personally, I’d like to burn such massas and slaves homes and businesses down to the ground Ukrainian style. Force them to spend their time on themselves and survival. Take away their leisure time which for whatever unknown reason, they want to spend worrying about what everyone else is doing.

            They are all too happy to inform on their fellows and to comply with the fugitive slave acts. They now accept that there are terrorists, child traffickers, and bullies. Things that were invented only recently.

            They are proud of being conditional slaves, where when they fail to live up to massa’s arbitrary ideals, they are punished. Next year they’ll be so proud of not being fast food junkies and happily do their part in the war on junk food and the battle of the bulge or whatever new BS they think up next.

            The New Slave Masters – Welcome to the new, more egalitarian America: we are all niggers now.

          • Dear Tor,

            “If Obama passed an executive order saying everyone had to suck dick on command of any bureaucrat or first responder, then they’d complain.”

            I’m not so sure.

            To wit: TSA and LEO body cavity searches

  5. I apologize for the emotional flavor, but that’s how it really is, first-hand experience:

    Just a moment from yesterday, daytime: riot police cheers over the bodies of people they’ve murdered

    Police proceeds to violently disperse crowds in one of the Kyiv central streets, pushes into Main Square (Independence Maidan) and “gets some” during evening offensive

    (Just to remind, they arrogantly claimed that they would wipe Maidan in 20 minutes)

    It’s been a harsh night, be we held our ground at the Independence Maidan. We, the people, repelled the enemy and we still hold our ground.

    Reinforcements from other cities arrive, despite the Martial Law, hazards and threats. Ukraine is rising.
    We stayed peaceful in unprecedented stand-off for 3 consecutive months, suffering threats, having our men kidnapped, killed, or held for ransom during ”negotiations” and being taking in by false promises from government, again and again… only to find disposed bodies of our friends with signs of torture.

    But now it’s over, we have had enough.

    All of that because it ain’t no civil war. No west vs east bullshit, despite that’s what they want you to believe! It’s war against corrupt government, police, and government-hired thugs, all of whom are entangled in one rotten net as they harass, murder and mutilate innocent people, their fellow citizens.
    And they will perish, because WE ARE THE PEOPLE, AND WE ARE LEGION.

    It’s a bitter feeling when you cry for help and international community mostly responds with ”we are deeply concerned” and ”we strongly condemn”. Anyhow, our fate is in our hands, we realize that.

    Yes, we lost many of the best of us during this hellish night. Hideously, they kept striking at night, shooting protesters and bystanders in dark valleys, and streets surrounding Maidan.

    But as we stand united, they are terribly afraid. And it’s already dawn in Kyiv.
    Our independence, our freedom is at stake.

    And today, WE FIGHT FOR IT.
    More to come, and stay put, world!

    Crowd Funded independent civil TV

  6. Titushki – the Ukrainian president’s hired strongmen

    Plunder Play by NATO Pirates Real Reason For Invasion of Libya

    Ukraine, Lybia, Venezuela, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, so many Plunder Missions by the NATO Pirates.

    Somali Savages in Suits – NATO Ttushki Navy world wide tour


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