NC Heroes Speeding 90-Plus MPH on Public Highways

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An intrepid citizen took the following video of a pair of NC Hero Cops cruising at 90-plus MPH for miles on US 64, near Rocky Mount, NC:

They were not “on a call.” Just in a hurry. Which makes it ok for them to drive at speeds they’d likely arrest any of us for driving. Or at the least, hand out a ticket that’d cost us hundreds in fines and even more in jacked-up insurance premiums.

The arrogance – and sense of entitlement – these Heroes put on display here is both startling and depressing. The latter because of their obvious nonchalance about driving this fast, this long, in broad daylight, blatantly – and knowing they were being observed by many people. As the guy taking the video explained, this went on for 17 miles or more.

Of course, there’s nothing at all “unsafe” (as such) about driving a modern car 90 MPH on a highway designed for such speeds (which American highways, patterned on the German Autobahn, were). The point is the hypocrisy and arrogance of the system – and those given power over us.

These Heroes know perfectly well it’s not “unsafe” to drive 90 MPH.

But they spend most of their days (when they’re not out “speeding” themselves, probably to the donut shop) waylaying citizens – at gunpoint – and carting them off to jail or stealing their money on behalf of the state for doing the same damned thing.

Lecturing us about “safety.”

But – as with the handling of firearms – many citizens are safer and better drivers than most cops.

Present an SCCA road racing license, for example, to one of these costumed thugs as proof that you’ve got more (and better) “training” than they ever had, probably – and see how much ice it cuts.

Present your decades’ long record of accident-free driving to a traffic judge. See how mitigating it is.

But Heroes like these – given a fast car paid for by our extorted tax dollars – are free to drive as fast as they like, without consequences. depends on you to keep the wheels turning! The control freaks (Clovers) hate us. Goo-guhl blackballed us.

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  1. Gotta give the person credit for keeping up with them that long. I guess they were lazy heroes for not noticing the tail. Lot of heroes would notice, pull YOU over and harass YOU about their hypocrisy.

    But this happens every stinking day on the I-294 tollway in the Chicago area by cook county police (who thankfully don’t patrol the tollway). They been doing it for twenty plus years too. Yup 90+ mph too in the left lane.


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